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Thursday, January 11th

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Art is 1104 hour. Phone number is always 5767798. He can always text didn't add 22980. Let us know by the way we know the roads are bad we know the weather is changed twenty degrees in five hours. Tweet this pick. Of your frozen over decked maybe some in your front porch may be your cars one big block of ice tweeted to his at KM BZ radio also there's a spot for you right on the at the top of the KM BZ FaceBook page of deceit. The hell that is this weather. Antics your nannies or was that Tex lines feel free to let us know which are out about we know that saw a lot of employees were told to go home today and some government offices Asher on your way home feel free to let us know the really bad spots in town frankly. We will use some of your input kind of as we go through the day today to now how much we should be checking and around the town. Joining us right now from the Kansas City Star lead political reporter Brian Lowry is Lowry is with us on the news like Brian we appreciate the time so much thanks for coming on the out. The governor write the story bombshell last night your initial reaction let's say twelve hours ago he found out the governor brightens admitted to cheating on his wife and allegedly blackmailed the woman. Well there are significant that he admitted to. Fair. Which. Is that he wore many people in this case has not shared this yourself. She's not commented to the crowd that actually our ability who surreptitiously. According to try applications may. Well are fair few years ago that are decided to. Present the media. Team now look after the governor's state of the state address and has sent shockwaves. Through Jefferson City. Lawmakers have concluded their business very early today I'll largely completed storm but also probably a little bit because of that. You already have many democratic lawmaker calling for his resignation he handful of Republican lawmaker. All our asking proper term regional drops only to investigate people black metal arms allegations against the governor. And the people who lawmakers are calling for investigation over the creation they are not exactly committee by the governor to be keeping. A distant very well a number of Republican lawmakers who have refused to comment and we've been going error. Are the buildings today or they've just kind of urged caution. These allegation soul. You'll know what's really rushing to defend the governor a year you can't GOP governors today but he kept patient. Not likely that Opel if not felt that step down orchestrated impeachment. Frank. You know about the campaign fund raising that he wouldn't be public about and about the app that deleted old taxed. Now look at some of the other stuff that you kind of forgot about. It's a little dignity could bring both the governor penchant for secrecy. And it's fractured relationship. With his own party. Some of protection over our money have been and we are members of the wrong party. On an older currently the governor politically speaking with beachfront. He doesn't have a whole lot of certainly have a superstar has reported. On the governor's staff use of an app called plotted. That it is that allow herself destructive. He trigger old already. Investigated that we little. Commentary general prosecution against governor questioner Burgos were able to extract. Right allow relief political reporter for the Kansas City Star joining us here on 91 KM BZ. 01 of the big questions that comes up and I'm sure you may not have the answer but why did this come out now why why from something several years ago. Did the now ex husband load the tape up and send it over Victor Campbell via saint. I can't I can't speak for game will be a little bit from the star if you saw referenced in the east are story. We teach people error. That particular week. I think the timing of dispute it is what it is like it was circulating. All these are increasing political dispatched. Chose. Not to publish. Without complication. That later happened with occasionally story. Because of concern for the community alternate excuse. Who really want that material out there because it will look different and communicate we had it in the creek area. We had picked up. Steps forward. To use powerful people of sexual harassment or other former conduct. On the market what are. You'd beat the car then that little woman her well look let's strip her. Bra. So Brent I asked them and on a couple of questions like sort of from that journalist's standpoint because you Izod that you as a mountain does not pose dispatched to that story saying exactly what you just said that they weren't going to get the story until governor crichton's came out in and kind of made it more of a story. But I'm asking questions apple about the ex husband's motives for being public about this tape now. When he could've he's gonna come out with a during the campaign and there's a good chance crichton's would've gotten elected. Can't they can't really speak to why he didn't until now. I think there's. This circulated bit up. Within you know political misery for it and as far back as campaign to do to people today. Told Howell optimistic that the governor probable remember he really has obviously. Given it weathered that storm. As the governor. Egypt probably complicates his presidential campaign can. He had really the governor great to really conceived as a rising to at all our. Actual Republican Party somewhat. That people thought would be a national candidate outpost prompt. And he looks much more vulnerable. Today that it did a week ago. Wow. I I guess the next question would be then. You know your best guess in this climate of allegations Roy Moore Al Franken John Conyers all these people that have stepped down. Do you think knowing what you know about the story here this morning. Do you think he stepped down. I don't think you've got that down immediately think if you look back at what the governor about what his attorney put out last night. The governor vehemently to mine these deep black male ultra patient. It's felt he'd done is meant to me conceptual. Error that happened. Quite false put out statements. They're asking for privacy and I think the question really becomes. Probably legislature and also I don't think the governor. Wilson stepped down own. All of his own but he could create pressure particularly if there is some sort of investigation. Here in Jefferson City. Is that he makes that more likely he's he's he's definitely condition. But it split step down. But the fact that you have lawmakers openly talking about it that's never a good sign for a couple of. Brent husband imagined a part of the breezy came forward was because law enforcement was involved do anything more about that you. It can't speak to that claim that this question. The governor's attorney columns. The guy is it is not equally I see it firsthand evidence to verify it's okay to. Jack is we're asking ourselves what would they even be looking into. From a crime. It's happened exactly so I can't technical director and can't speak to which jurisdiction. Would be up to currently. Brian we appreciate the time Europe maiden voyage here on mid day was successfully come back and do it again some time. Cheryl do it again. It may electric. Can't believe the door. And took longer than planned. LE BR. Ever make it back here to Kansas City bright who stopped by the studios out your mission okay. Eggs and Brian Lowry on Twitter Brian Lowry threw immediately political reporter from the Kansas City Star joining us on the KM BZ news line. We are going to get an update promote dot coming up yeah. Yes I we are working to get that again as we got through the day today. Or around when he won twice three degrees depending on where you are in the metro that's about ten degrees lower than when I came in three hours ago September dropping through the neck. Straight ahead district to make this engine maintenance engineer Lionel Luthor is gonna join us from mode dot and then coming up at the bottom of the hour wriggle to Saint Louis and talk with whenever sister stations a morning show. Host Charlie Brennan from Kia blacks gonna join us. He had a chance topped the husband's lawyer this morning so we'll get more background on that that's coming up at 1130 but we get should update on traffic as well as what to expect. Threw out the day next of other traffic update for you here in Kansas City coming up at 1130. And this weather is going to cause some Havoc on those roads and actually right now we are pleased to be joined from the Missouri department transportation mode not district engineer. Lionel Luthor is where does look now think it's much for the time we appreciate it. Well thank you for having me on her busy dad to. Alia that very busy day. So you all well yesterday that this was gonna be heading overnight last night in NC today so what preparations did you guys have underway before the salt Cayman. Well we can't truly dead overnight. We were limited on what we could be because of the rain so fleet pre treated. Too far ahead of time it would just be watch stopped so we did create doubt monitoring conditions. Through the night in all morning. And then at the point where things were breaking over we were treating where it's mostly rock salt. And we continue to be that street today. Objecting Tammy. Seems to be improving. North claimed is still a little bit tough because the feeling picked precipitation has hung on longer. Preparation do you go into when it comes to coordinating with weather services and all that and how what is the process like did you get ready for a day where normally gets warmer. But today it's getting colder as we move throw. Great bowl. We watch. Forecast certainly look at multiple sites. Filed in they days leading up to it and we Jarrett says dial in those forecasts. And maker planes on. You know. Let letters staffing levels should be in order plan of attack should be. It's mentioned to us earlier on that those materials that you guys put down like that rock salt only work if there's traffic. To help. You know grind that into the ice and I haven't emails on my way in this morning 635 or on the natural element. Doubles no traffic I mean people stayed home to everybody listens about the ice and they stayed home. So how well is that salt working on the ice and how well will work today. It works best if there's a little bit of traffic that they're bad it'll still continue to work even with lower amounts of traffic. Having lower traffic volumes helped us because our. Plus tracks can get out there and you know it's spread the material or. If they kept the pilot something eat you know they aren't impeded by heavy traffic so you know it's a given takeoff. The next few hours for you guys like you keep three treating you you try to wait to get closer till the other big rush hour drive home. No we're monitoring through good day and will apply material where we needed. Most dreaded vote really already has been treated at least one now. There are some areas where we're going back in putting some more material there on. Bridges and overpasses are probably the most vulnerable areas. We watch the ramps also brand silence the highest priority so we come back again it goes. We shifted some tracks. Further north. As firm Jackson Tammy T if this was third north pulling into areas because. That freezing precept hung on a lot longer than it did saying around. Checks and Tammy Lee summit area. Finally an OK anybody do anything out there to help what can we as Joseph public can do to help you and your crews on the roads. Drive safely. We can't expect that you might get some slick spots because you just never know where they'll beat. And we'll have crews out this evening also teased. Try to take care of but they re trees so. May have been good you know during the day there's retreat overnight so we'll look at creek that and I also. And get your truck somewhere around. You know the eagle did them some space to work so that they're not feeling crowded that we if you happen to slip a little bit you're not gonna help on. Yes than those. Down tracks have a pretty good sized flying spot so yes give them pulling your friend. Let out thank you so much for the time we appreciated hopefully we don't have to check in with you again anytime soon. Karrie thank you so much. Take care that is of O'Dowd district made into engineer Ledell Luther joining us here. On at 91 KM BZ a sport that adding handy dandy little guy this morning for tips for driving when the roads are pricey because it's almost nothing you can do you poll you know ice is different and yeah how you deal more traction but ice he wryly. Can't see it as well and then it's it's tougher to get traction on and so so this is common sense or natural quick anyway. Experts suggest drivers even eight to 102 driving distance between their vehicle and that vehicle in front of that's pretty series distance between you and the car how much to essence eight to 102. So while connected on networks. I've never seen that car past the spot it take you eight seconds to hit that same spot that's how far behind me should be in Brooklyn here's a long eight seconds is ready cargoes by 82. I was at my blood pressure as the. Got angry at a downer that's where train not to have that that's eight seconds and without a sunny day in July we don't give that much base ever but seriously it's one thing for you to start sliding. But the last thing you want is something to hit team and so them the less that's around you the better that situations gonna end. They also say don't forget accelerate and brake gently on and you know I'm one of those people probably that panics a little bit when you start to slide a little that you don't know what to do and the first thing that he was just take your foot off the brake you know just to take your foot off stuff don't down because that critic Roger vehicle to move more so if you lose traction ticker for up to gas. Then steer the direction that you wanna go. Survival kit car. When a light test I don't either don't we anymore. As we are so is this happening this license but it did occur to me this morning before it was leaving. I do keep a shovel in my car and I there's an ice scraper there and I did bring in although I didn't put in my car I did bring in plastic crap from my windows down. Put it on now built on the net and it's not gonna do a lot just bicycle. Rating I got here and EJ immediately wanted to meet a lot of talk but the fact that dragon on 635 was bad and sounds like -- on a ventilator but they do you say I do a jumper cables I of that and it's nice recurrence novel idea. On kitty litter for traction extra blankets I don't have the nonperishable food the first aid kit to candles know on the tow rope or chain I don't. Meet luck here here's the that. The survival kit that means you and I live and UConn if you're with all of it from here Lawrence and Fareed if you make that drive to Lawrence for you to go. To Columbia or whatever. I get it you could be on the side of the road if something horrific happens but from here to downtown. There are nine billion cars that drive by me if I'm on the side of the road and I can any to survival blanket and canned food critics. A camp with Yani can I am tempting fate like this side of of the right FO. All that idea to have a blanket. Because if you ran out of gas or for some reason here won't work or your car ones starters stuck in the snow for awhile man car want start. It doesn't mean it's your local communities it doesn't hurt to have a blank we haven't lost up your car as I moved recently he might. Teachers and stuff like I. Bags of clothing my backseat and eavesdrop on New Year's donation bin your body so yeah. I'd. Like for the backed I am really good to now. We're gonna give you another update on traffic and weather coming up after we get to the news plus we're gonna go to Saint Louis. Charlie Brennan host the morning show on KM a lacks her sister station on the other side of the state spoke to. The husband's lawyer this morning in the air Brighton situation it's 103010301132. You just said earned the break and they show is flying along in the wanna I wanna set that back. But got talent go back the other way that's not or wait on Charlie Brennan from KM elect's radio in Saint Louis to join us. I and we will get the latest he spoke to the husband of the woman. The lawyer in this whole situation for the husband of the woman who had the affair with the governor Eric brightens. That he has admitted to and we will get back to back him up in just a bit once Charlie picks up this phone which would be nice. She would. Wal mart's doing. It this is great I mean people think that you know that people are gonna report this kind of stuff this wonderful. Ball wal mart's gonna start paying people more so is this response to the tax breaks OK I didn't see how much my I didn't see how much more but I did see the word bonus and girls out. Wal-Mart chief executive Doug MacMillan said in his statement where in the early stages of assessing the opportunities. Tax reform creates for us to invest in our customers & Associates. And a further strengthen our business all of which benefit our shareholders however some guiding teams are clear and consistent with how we've been investing lowering prices for people yeah idea idea ya ya. What they're going to start doing is raising the starting wage for the part time employees. So according to opt for the different sites I got to sort of politically community of FaceBook page. I'll Wal-Mart is gonna start paying there are part timers eleven bucks an hour. But the much less and guessing. It up but do you feel like this is I'm sure this was not included in the statements but I think the last line was cut off wise take that Amazon rock. I I don't see that in the state it that you might be your likes altruistic it's great employees are gonna make more money that's what it's also really good PR move to make people want to buy from Wal-Mart instead of Amazon as the war between the two continues. The wage goes up to eleven bucks from wal mart's beginning it in February full and part time hourly associates in the United States will be eligible. Also bring one time bonus that could be worth up to 1000 dollars. If you bend their for a long time now to get that thousand dollar bonus at Wal-Mart you have to work there for twenty years sound nights this is not G is. You know every run of the mill reader bad boy stock boy getting a thousand dollars. But dale get something. The really long tenured people there get about a thousand. Yes that's seems like a bit of a waste. The bonus for the people that have been there a long time. Just because you probably don't have that many that are gonna that a vendor twenty nobody I say essay but yet it's something they can say it doesn't benefit. The vast majority of workers is just kind of you know little thanks for working here for a long time thing. I'm sure those people rather they're waged a lot. But. But it's. It's a good move were gonna hear it for more about a couple other airlines doing things but yeah a lot of the major companies are gonna saying okay. You'll like us better if we start doing stuff with this tax break I. Like the move. By Wal-Mart more than I like some of the others you know everybody's saying look. AT&T gave about bonuses 2000 boxed everybody a thousand dollars is nice I would love to have her come come and say hey Jamie wicket. Because the president truck in the GOP tax plan you get an extra thousand bucks I wouldn't ever seen noted that for Orton but the raising of the wage that's the one you know to let maybe it was 750 your nine boxer would ask. The raising of the wage to meet is is more important. You've just that adds up to less than a thousand dollars which it might over certain amount joined but eventually but that's a real. On especially if you leave that in effect for Robert that some it's going to affect people forever is that we're not gonna get the fifteen or whatever it's not a 1000 dollar bonus that's going to be taxed really high that there you know the early and get part of that somebody it's actually going to affect that fur is why is it worked there and affects everybody not Smart group of employees. Also Wal-Mart going to expand its parental and maternity leave policy. Allowing full time hourly associates ten weeks of paid maternity leave. Up until a recent merger we can even have that here we have that around here what they couldn't afford them. I do not know what it was before and I get a ten weeks of paid maternity leave and six weeks of paid parental leave I assume that means maternity leave out on. If they're taking a lead on paternity leave that is something that we just don't get enough of in his country not at all on and maybe just notices more and Adam were my friends here are having kids I'm seeing more of these. My male friends becoming dads. That is just as important for dad to be home and it is for mom to be home and have that on time one more note by the way this is cool what else Omer is going to do they're gonna start offering financial assistance to associates. We're trying to adopt the child. Because that can be very very tough to do and if you are able to conceive or whatever. And you won it would like adopting a kid is show dang expensive yeah on yet especially. If you wanna go through really reputable agencies that that's gonna cost you mom now it's it's it's amazing it's. Aside from the medical costs for each has got a baby on your round but when you decide to take some other routes it can get pretty costly see that's very very cool Wal-Mart joining others AT&T Comcast American Airlines. Giving bonuses but the more important thing to me is they're they're raising minimum wage at Wal-Mart to eleven mocks texture force expect to dissent decent increase their 401K match because the taxer who that would have a huge impact on retirement accounts. Yes I liked that better if it's easy to just shell out the one time bonuses. But these are things that will affect people over or more money but it more money you're gonna get back at recent match at school. You know when one thing though I gotta say and I'm a big fan of the twelve or thirteen or fourteen dollar minimum wage and and you may or may not be it's about time Wal-Mart raised their minimum wage and that is the biggest money making company in this world leading money out of it makes more than Amazon what's right error it affects. To hunt people down you know raising their minimum wage affects a lot. Minimum wage workers on. Now to free market your favorite too much of an increase in the minimum wage or maybe it's because of my daughter business owners. But I think a business should pay their employees what they feel that job is worth and shouldn't be told by the government how much that job is worth and on there you know you can always go to different jobs somewhere else that pays more but I you I problems with with. With two time a minimum wage to a certain degree yes but but being forced to raise that to hide but sometimes. It was Seattle it's fifty bucks an hour because it's incredibly expensive the NC troop. You know so that there is that it's on it's it's nice to see some. Oh and again that's great area yet you know people always accuse us of being so anti trump. He signed this tax letting people are seeing money back right now and we all well at work right we all want to attack explained to lead to more financial security forever and a so. You can read about that just put it up on FaceBook dot FaceBook dot com slash 91 KG MB easy. It would give weight pair James Taylor tickets to do it right as we wait and I guess from Saint Louis who is now in nine minutes late. We will give you chance to win some tickets to go see James T Adolor. Coming to. Oh are songwriters hall of Famer. I'd James Taylor and his all Starr band along with special guest Bonnie rates when they come to sprint center but may 22. You can buy your tickets Friday January 19 the week from tomorrow. At 10 AM at spring senator dot com right. I have no idea. If this is going to be a hard one or not. The so instead of playing well my replace song that name where we give you 12 to the song. And you got to figure out what song it is. It's just a I think they did tickets what. Every time I think I've done something difficult we have such a history with the schemes people come up with the right that sometimes I think it's very very easy it takes nine minutes to figure it out the differences we don't just give your song second we give you a second and perverse. Sort of you're ready. And you think you know at this on is people dialing already. Or people violated already given him given the second at the side but I will right now. I've no idea of unity again. One more time. A little tough I understand that this not obvious there at 5767798. It. Missed the CB can figure that one out and song that name again I wanted to make it somewhat tough. James Taylor tickets here Jamie I'm not rated this game I'm much better who am. I and that's not my favorite song that name 5767798. Your calls coming up next it give you chance Winston James Taylor tickets coming to sprint center. In May I got to do is figure out. What song we got today plain song that name will give you 12 of a song backwards you got to figure it out. Here's your 12 of today's song that name. 5767798. Let's go to bounds junior on KM BZ or jail are not sure which one you're on can be easy can you saw that name. And I do remember it. Is it love the one you're width and not love the one your width 5767798. Tracy around KM BZ Tracy's son that name. Is heart soul and is not about Eric and KM BZ Eric song that name different. I do not know. Is it closer. It's not about Greg on KM BZ. Rock arbor day is Iraq Amadeus yeah. It is not as tough as little tougher than we thought was once 12 one seconds to put about who sect what do they eat those seconds. Song that name. Dole have edited it right there. That might have done it. You're trying to make this typical. By 76779. Eights. James Taylor tickets on the way. I I figured that once we got in at two in three seconds might have been a little bit easier surprised you picked asking for to panic as you sort of have had an emotional roller coaster with the scale of. There are no errors the day that somebody got it literally on the first note. That we thought was gonna happen now and then as the day that we are out remote that we almost had to save it through news Diaz nobody was getting at five seconds and yes. Now some there's a predator does this give a lot of ups and downs it's. Let's read on KM BZ that Fred. Moody's ballistic for Iraq. Is it Moody Blues yeah. Is not how about Sean is Sean can you shots on that name. Under is it imagine dragons done. It is not does that that's on yeah that did it done because I wouldn't I don't know that that's what they're saying and that so warrant thereby. That now you've learned something today on his cult that idea. I have all three seconds maybe 23 seconds will help people out here at 576. 7798. As we place on that name is three seconds. Okay that had to be at right analog. They didn't do much for that didn't happen by wartime. About Kathy and KM BZ Kathy can you song that name. Britney. Is in need anyone mark is it Britney. That is not about is here on KM BC butchered it. Here are well I've never heard that before right here to continue song that name. I hit it militantly and right. All they want. The figure with the weather today was going to be kind of an influence. The ethnic as it was that close out sellable felt that second note helps you need and a third didn't really. Now zone today it was this on right here. I'd love them and I was rushed in like the fourth grader whatever was overruled we were when we found out that Robin fab. Or liars. That. And we knew. A lot of us do. That lip synching was a thing on albums before you know I had I think most of us were not even just didn't think anybody did app that we you performed live it was all alive and you need help lyrics or anything. Crash going to be. I young one and then find that out and not only were they he knows blitzing and a concert for the whole it was garbage the and that and yeah it did what comes dead. One of the team members pleasant I Robert fab I can't remember I watched like the behind the music on them. And it was in for a whole other choices to watch when you chose that one I'd probably. Between that basketball game or something but I wanted a lot like don't you like learned about. The music we grew up where I do. They didn't have enough of a career for me alert about. But they're. What they were the spectacle that their career wise like. Aerosmith. You probably can't re read enough books about Eros or. Conway Twitty your George Strait as their careers are so long. Milli Vanilli had that year and a half where they now that they won best new artist and all the heavy everything. Kept just rolling and if you watch it they couldn't control it anymore like they wanted the bad news to stop. All the popularity. And they were just mean there'll. They're a drop in the history of music but it's because they were falls there were liars legal one concert the CD's started skipping so it was blame it on the blame it on and they ran offstage and came back and just went with it. Until the CD got it right. And they just didn't keep rolling with the Unser. Call happened it's crazy. Our eye on that note yum to other possible really quick stories a one of these is about IKEA. This is one that we I intend to get to yesterday and I hope is he's making some changes also bent at the time courtroom clicked. On so excited for life I clip also and basically my soda drinking before but Diet Coke was mine was my thing back then. On Soka most of Wednesday it is adding a slimmer twelve ounce Diet Coke can out and logo. And offering a drink and for new flight hours and I'll tell you about your second. Other taste the plane Diet Coke will stay the same so they're doing and he slam and he sees these. And its partner but they just they saw on the narrative that the department scans and their allotment. And so today is if you want so they look like the Red Bull. It's anchoring cooler to have that hand styled in the regular twelve ounce can I. Yes I guess either gonna do the slim twelve ounce cans that are the same ones used for their design sparkling water. On arts or hear it in flavors that were talking about for guys kind of diet is broad but for the record Diet Coke taste awful. CI for much Robert Reich and I don't like any diet during whatsoever you. Yeah further evidence of your fifty boys and it's his robes and it's not the same thing as regular token though is a hundred whatever calories a serving down clothes are so before we. Cot too we got forcibly taste tested thirty flavors. And they picked four. Or some guesses at objected flavors if you like in attacks line cell may. Is the first one that does that anger though. Which should not to flavor of mango is not identifiable. Is it all the time I ever eaten mango. Is at a buffet at a resort. I never have idol I've ever bought a mangle in my life I make a scallop yes it has dice mango should as a Sox have mangle missiles. Yeah I'll do that it's it's really good on but I know the flavor of mango. Generally that's for sure so. I didn't line not a big surprise because Limas for some reason a popular flavor to put in so as we've seen before ginger lime ginger lime. Cherie. Capture Coke how does that new wire. What it takes along to get to cherry Geico why did. Before and it just your I don't think that we seem cherry Coke zero. Okay I V never I don't di Leo I don't know apparent item that. And don't I would be most likely to try to sport is blood orange. Or just use or purchasing power to block orange growing. Be willing to give that world and see see how that is on his that would be to states. And it's got some of that you know linemen the sisters evil line goes while Diet Coke and some orange would team well I mean you're actually after you can get some of these flavors without this release of nick and did you ever go to the movie theater. Or anywhere that has the big giant. Thing where you you want to. Yeah she's different kinds of every kind of soda had no idea there was like a cherry doctor pepper you know with a Vanilla twist it all idea those kinds of things so like you couldn't make. All of a sudden you could because when I go I can to make you can test how can I get cherry Coke with. Lake three quarters of the way cherry Coke in the in the last quarter's line suicide squeeze. Every yeah that's appropriate to report Barbara Lee that was like you get one of everything you cutesy or big issue re just got to take up in the Phil was sixteen different things yes the other charge at the same cell. And I wasted my used to buy bottled the analysts are. You can spineless it's not designed for coffee and think an ad that soda and that's are at a sprite or something like that and so. It's negative narco aren't yet on so you can take it dike at that you don't like. And a habit in differently what was rejected. I don't know I'll play but you say it so 26 flavors didn't make it probably might war other but would work out what might work as a die cup flavor that you think they sent out there fruit probably may be a banana or pay higher law but Anna di I'm just people and and a candy and I think it's discussed I like. I can't like the taste of banana but it's neat like banana Bryant's a banana Laffy half the early on every grossed an emirate is that ever. But that's a really rich flavor. So. Apple there's Apple's soda that excess. That's it like Hispanic food plain and that line of a supermarket and that's. I think a lot of different fruits probably are on the list of stuff that that didn't pass banana error. Kiwi is might be on their pineapple is very popular chocolate chocolate Diet Coke you my chocolate. Chocolate peanut butter. Travis has got it under Diet Coke. There's crazier things out there is just where you put the peanuts the bottom of the Pepsi bottlers and inject an epidemic you drink. Peanuts in their Pepsi really yes Google I feel like now I'm gonna asked a it's a peanuts in the bottom of the back of your Pepsi in. And and it adds a salty as failing to some people peanut Diet Pepsi or regular Pepsi my regular Pepsi there's something happening peanuts in the bottle shake epidemics and explode. Well it makes it explode act is the pressure and a bottle somebody said it's Coke went on every episode every wanna look at that and I now. It will not work out that's that would make it shake up and explode. Can you take two liter bottles that that's gonna explode anyway shaky push and I go to cnet's right now in the vending area and a Coke and make means hello does that for Coke met Austin is that why peanuts.