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Monday, March 12th

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We're very busy show full of stuff to get to gala out of stuff to get stupidly had a great weekend we do the keyword cash for you as we do twelve times a day yet. Iran can be easy the word is. In side I and as ID. 72881. And Avian afterward an element and another nude wanted. Two and parks far actually Michael is that it's intimate unions. And he's quite excited about it. I imagine so. A lot of stuff to get to obviously we'll talk about the brackets and Jamie's gonna fill one out you do so well last year you new method. Point out manned ship it to him on YouTube that's what I'm fearful ot know. Not so well last year because I went with the cities that I'd like that's its bets that went in just happened. Not gonna want to win to knowing about that I'm not an expert so you know picture. Ticket from will that. Later on Jeanne will fill it out throw them the the show here today. What are the things that happened last night it was so much on TV last night and I don't know you chose to watch if you did there was the OJ interview over on fox. My wife wanted to watch American idols we watch that two hour season premiere of American Idol icon up and doesn't get you caught up on designated survivor people into watching a bunch of college basketball stuff the Walking Dead was on last night. Catch little Betsy the boss the United States education secretary had to say on and CBS. If you didn't you will. You're gonna hear recap here because there's a lot of that that we need to mention on but I don't know if so I heard about the interview first and then heard. After that about the announcement that. A federal commission is being established that is going to make recommendations for how to add and school shootings. Betsy to Voss is going to head up that commission old and so that we also learned over the weekend. About on kind of the White House is blueprints for the recommendations for will power and stop all school shootings and one of the biggest things came out of that was that. They're kind of walking back president trumps support initially you for making the age 21 instead of eighteen. To get assault rifle whatever assault style thank you and rifles I knew I was gonna get Iran right I've ever had here on the but the point being there are no longer looking. His support was below premature. Maybe prompted by the fact that the Harry now is suing the state of Florida over its sign that into law can't say will let. States make their own laws and when a state decides to make its own law then you're gonna sued the state could you don't like the law that make it. You can tell. Yeah that's bats and that's how you look like hypocrites that but there are but why does not the same as the hour. At which is what they were telly that it's at were suing a state of Florida. And we are serious and put the NRA has so much influence especially within the Republican Party that any change to that law of age requirement is gonna get a bunch of angry NRA members. And that money mean outflow wind is much to candidates are absurd congressman like Roy Blunt out of Missouri board to the president Donald Trump. So Betsy divide us education secretary. Who. Is not a former teacher. On she has no business being in the position she is in and is a big mega donor to the trump and Republican Party. Trump campaign Republican Party. That is how she got this job. So she did an interview last night on CBS with Lesley Stahl who is. Why I mean she's been or Leslie Stiles been around forever mom and she. Didn't literal heart that none of these questions were incredibly difficult. Nor were day unexpected. And that's it Abbas didn't do a great job. And I think I'm being time yet you are I think and I think Ambien and I Betsy to Boston barrister self last night's. So we're gonna play you on some of the cuts and what we don't have an audio we will we will recap for you on. It at the news is that it's hard to. Disagree with a lot of what she said because she didn't say a lot that was concrete. It's it's the lack of answer it's the fact that when asked some soft balls she didn't have a good answer formed I think it's frustrating more than you out. So it's like to again. Let's begin with her thoughts on. Reducing funds for public schools because she is a very big proponent of school choice she wants she she doesn't. Like the system we have right now and is pushing for school choice. And Lesley Stahl asked her about how that is going to help by. Not allowing as much money to go public schools are not pouring money into public schools how that is going to help the public schools. Why take money away from that school that's not working. To bring them up to a level where they are well that's who is working well. We should be funding and investing in students not in school school buildings not in. Institutions not in systems. Anti adults should be kids who are back at the school it's not working what about it skids well in places where there ban where there is a lot of choice that's been introduced. Florida for example. The study show that when there's and large number of students that opts to go to a different school or different schools. The traditional public schools actually when the results get better as well now has that happened to Michigan. Where in Michigan in your home state. Mission yes well there's lots of great options and choices for students or the public schools in Michigan gotten better. I don't know overall I can't say overall that they have all gotten batter the whole state is not doing. Well there are certainly lots of pockets where this as did students are doing now argument that if you take it finds a way. She has no idea she's got a clue she has no idea how things are doing in Michigan which. On. Fine I didn't is it her class or not I don't know buy it. Pass some clue of how that state is doing given that that's where she came from but she has no idea. No idea whatsoever and answered and and he's not doing a good job trying to figure winning answer no she. She can't think on around here. Go back to where we. That the schools would get better is not work in laws started over. Well there are certainly lots of pockets where this this did the students are doing the argument that if you take that finds a way hey. That the schools would get better is not working in Michigan where you had a huge impact. And influence over the direction the school system here I hesitate to talk about. All schools in general because. Schools are made up of individual students attending now the public schools here. That they are doing worse than they did Michigan schools need to do better. There is no doubt about it have you seen a really bad schools maybe try to figure out what. What they're doing I have not I have not had not intentionally visited schools that are under performing and maybe you should maybe I should yes. That is the woman who is in charge of that. Your kids' education nationally your children's education nationally. Being led by that woman right there. It is on a very popular idea. Amongst conservatives. To not even have a federal Department of Education on and that's it. Because it just goes that whole idea that the state should have more control the federal government should last a lot of people think that the federal government should have very little girl and an education. And that state should control all of meetings state should have to pay for all calls out so her idea although I don't. Like it and don't agree with that product of public schools right here Tom public schools on that's really common theme and and it's on here about more through the inner. There's more to get to. Will reach a few more for quotes including her thoughts on what to do. When it comes to sexual assault cases on college campuses and her response when she was asked why have you become the most hated cabinet secretary. She's one award. One hour it's at 1013 to give you more of that but. I don't want this to turn into only a dual boss bashing segment because she said something on The Today Show. I think most people would agree with a couple things she's. I assume you're talking about which she set about teachers and guns and what she said about president Donald Trump and his language. You hear that coming up next got to do is text this word is 72 ED one. In side of I an ass I. The secretary of education who resigned on CBS yesterday. With it and I but ramblings of a woman who had no idea. You know some of the questions I'm guessing that that Leslie stalls going and askew. Wooden shoe kind of. How answer because this is not her first interview since you got any answers stall is not the most aggressive interviewer either you know she was on. Shaq she didn't it's not like she was attacking her you know she wasn't asked and she wasn't. Interrupting her she wasn't you know this was this does not mean interview by any means he's calmly ask questions. That we're kind of soft balls. Yeah kinda. Like what do you and it was everything is on the table everything it would we'll have a look at that NC which appropriately I don't need her to lay it out step by step but have some of these answers. And I have to imagine that women watching this yesterday. When. The conversation of sexual assault on college campuses came up I have to imagine that. A lot of the women did like the answers that were given. It definitely made some headlines on her frankly it was the first thing about the interview that I saw. That on Twitter last night that was the first comment that I saw. Was when she was asked about us so. This is one of the questions was asked while this regulation at some and there she's on fire for changing her title nine guidelines on handling sexual assault on college campuses. Lesley Stahl Astor quote are you in his anyway do you think suggesting the number of false accusations are. As high as the number of actual rapes or assaults. And to Boston ball one sexual assault is too many one falsely accused individual is too many. And stall says yes but are they the same the vause replies with I don't know I don't know but I'm committed to process it's fair for everyone involved. It it would seem like she it's she again she doesn't have a specific answer for something along those lines. On initiatives going and and to be here. I. And I'm okay with her answers. It's if you just take them for what she said she's right one sexual assault Gianni. One falsely accused individual is to Manning on. She just she handled the question while the question from Lesley Stahl again wives are you in any way do you think suggesting that the number of false accusations is as high. As the number of actual rapes or assaults. Her answer to that needed to be. The weight she answered the question made you think she thinks that the number is the same that the number and love. False accusations is as high is the number of actual rapes. Because she didn't say they weren't you know when she said yeah out aren't they when Leslie is also gather are they the same set I don't know I don't now. But I'm committed to a process that's fair for everyone involved the bottom line is you just kind of wonder on. Kinda where she where she stands on on because in the past she has taken some heat. Fort giving the accused a greater benefit of the doubt and allowing colleges to require stronger evidence and accusers. That's great let's let's make the process fair absolutely you know innocent until proven guilty. On lets you know any false accusations are wrong and any rapes are wrong on the problem is that. There are men who have the idea that on. Sun there are some men that have this idea that as soon as you mentioned false accusation. They hear any accusation and they think well maybe she's just line right and by her saying that. She's not doing anything to fight that perception and I do think she has a role. As one of the most visible highest ranking female members of federal government. She needs to she can she can be more of a leader on naps and and her responses to those questions were not just a little disappointing but she's not. She's not wrong she's not well liked on the case she doesn't have to be well liked but she could live on just committal Lamar progress. On us and she's not well like over. A number of reasons a lot of people like myself. Think she's completely unqualified because she's a mega donor. To the Republican Party that's how she got this job I mean vice president pence had a comedian cast the deciding vote during her hearing. After hours of being grilled. And she had really knowing answers then either when she was trying to be. With the were looking for had. Confirmed thank confirmed as this the secretary of education. She's the item realizes she's the only cabinet secretary protected by a squad of US marshals because she's received death threats. That's a bit far I would say. So Leslie Stahl asks her on why have you be calm people's say the most hated cabinet secretary. And that's it Abbas as I'm not so sure exactly how that happened but I think there are a lot of really powerful forces allied against change or light against change. Lesley Stahl asks does it hurts. Sometimes it does and then I think and I think and then they kind of sat arts and come up with an answer yes and have an answer again and that's a bond says I'm more misunderstood. Than any. But in that she didn't say here's what I misunderstood about you know she could have sat here is what I really want people to know about me. You know here's what people don't realize is Vince Vaughn and she thinks the criticism is unfair because of her well. And and she's got a question about it from Harvard yap when she did a speech last year yeah I and. The question was your billionaire with lots of investments in the so called school choice movement as a way to open the floodgates for corporate interest. To make money off the backs of students how do you how much do you expect your net worth to increase as a result of your policy choices. The moderator told her she can choose not to answer that question she is the richest member tribes cap room. You want him I'd I'd she between she and her husband billions and billions of dollars. An and she lives in Grand Rapids she's from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Apparently she's very charitable which is great her name is on a couple of things like the civic center Children's Hospital. But you know she. I think a lot of people go after because it is a rich privileged white. Woman who's now in charge of public schools which by the way 90% of kids in this country go to a public school and she seemingly is trying to wreck that. Well she is very much in favor school choice mom on and and has spent a lot of her career at that I just look at her and I think. Of anybody. Who could avenge US Department of Education secretary. There wasn't anybody more qualified. There wasn't anybody with credentials with more experience in the classroom. On. She doesn't have to be a great interview to be good at the job. But being a great interview helps to communicate trust and credibility and she didn't accomplish that here now. I don't wanna just bash Betsy Ross for a minute would put item there and I wanna say something nice about Betsy boss she was on The Today Show today. And she was asked about some of the language from president trump. The language from president trump. And language he was using. Mobile president of Pennsylvania rally and I happen to have the audio president trumpet if you're a child in the car immediately here with the president of the United States had to say because. He went after Chuck Todd from on Meet the Press. So I'm going to Meet the Press. I showed now headed by sleepy eyes Chuck Todd. They're sleeping his side of the bed jump. I. He called Chuck Todd a sleeping. Son of a bitch and the crowd went wild. This is the president of the United States by the way and say. There was a 1999 Meet the Press in your view that. Aired over the weekend or came to light of the weekend about Trump's comments from an 1819 years ago. Concerning North Korea and how they get them and get after room now and he referenced that. That that interview and now Chuck Todd host Meet the Press not whoever the host was back in 1990 and it Stephanopoulos I don't know what was. So that's the boss was asked about that on The Today Show. Well I I would probably use different language myself and I think we all have. An opportunity and responsibility to be examples to our kids Whitney includes the president. I'm that would include the president as well. That's a great answer that's the right answer to a great answer that's right answer yeah you know it's funny she strikes me as somebody that on. Really wants to say more than she is saying about the job that she's and and her boss. Why she's in a weird spot because on president trump could just fire her for saying things that he doesn't like and so I like that. Wouldn't given the opportunity. To kinda speak which she thinks yes she does a job any answer your question. They're sleeping beside the bed jump. That's the leader of the free world that so your kids should look up to in the White House in the Oval Office is the president and he uses his platform to. Go after a person in the media. And called an SOB. By the way one other thing she's a real quickly on she also said she does not think assault style weapons in school is the appropriate thing she thinks states should handle it. It's significant because again she will be in charge of this federal commission looking at how to stop school shootings. There's two things I like about Betsy between two and after some covering answers that we end unto good notes ago started 1033 on Monday I 767798. A phone number. Trends come back right to where we say that like fashion trends and stuff like that always comes back. What about this for making a comeback. Abstinence only education. Encouraging adolescence to wait until marriage for Sachs is making a comeback under president Donald Trump. On so it's something that they are gonna start to opt push and focus on a little more we got those on the hill but it was all over the place later last week but conservatives at the Department of Health and Human Services. Are putting an emphasis on abstinence in order to reduce teen pregnancy rates now let me point out real quick that 2015. Is the most recent years the numbers are available for teen pregnancy rates. And as of 2013. We were a record low for teen pregnancy rates in the US. As of 2015 or 23 births per 1000 girls aged fifteen to in nineteen. That was compared to 41 births per thousand girls just eight years before so it has dropped dramatically. Now let me point out that that only accounts for. Births to girls ages fifteen to nineteen and not younger than. But that accounts for pretty big section Abbott and those numbers are according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It's important to point out though that and among the CDC's website on that as we've talked about before. You can attribute that number declining to a lot of things if you want. But the CDC points out. Evidence suggests that the declines are due to more teens abstaining from sexual activity and more teens were sexually active using birth control in previous years. On they also attributed to fewer teens just having sex on and we've talked about that for that teens are just last. Social and person. Than they used to be that is a good point and so it's not just as a result of teens using birth control it's also just a result of fewer scenes having sex so you can argue that what ever has been done up until now. Is working to reduce teen pregnancy rates so would you save and ain't broke don't fix it. On to say about it it's. It's not absence is not at war. On encouraging teens not to have sex is not a bad thing and and I say that because. It is good to have fewer teenage moms on and so if you encourage kids not to have sex. Then great if we if your teen pregnancies because of that that's great the thing is is that the reason we don't want teens to have sex is because we don't think they are mature enough to be parents. And the way that you address that is US are about them being parents Pennsylvania teach them about birth control which fights against abstinence so I don't like abstinence only. And that is nine youth I think that is dangerous and think through are going you know when you. Are reusing example lot. As soon as you tell kids they shouldn't do something the first never gonna wind it was gonna do that. And by teaching abstinence only you're not also giving them the tools they need to keep themselves. 5767798. What do you think of abstinence only education. Making a comeback under the current administration 5767798. Texan at 22980. I wrote down a bunch of notes over the weekend left and home this or try to jog my memory. And you what you just said rings the most true. Nothing is going to make something more appealing to a teenager. Then if you tell them don't too don't smoke pot and smokes cigarettes don't drink alcohol. Kids are gonna be curious about all of that don't bait they're gonna be curious about all that. Don't have sex well dot only do I know boring here that it's going to be great. Eight titles of the five my parents. I I mean to me you're putting a restriction on something that. It would be smarter to educate people ought to be smarter to teach them and makes except he's scary thing. I don't I'm not pushing for fifteen year old to a to have sex no I think usually I wait until I was twenty. I I feel like the week what we're doing is. And trying to make kids afraid of having sex. And I believe the answer will be the exact opposite the outcome will be the opposite of intention. Yeah. Also I mean. Kids are hearing about sex for the first time in sex and so telling them abstinence only isn't going to make and I'll sexson never before and now that you mention that I shouldn't do it on and I don't find out with acting as. They already know what it is. And it just it and maybe it just needs to come off the right way it's just you can't saying. Gone. Sex is bad don't do it yes you've got to get into some of the bigger implications London. And stupidly to it you know maybe we were kids where a lot of our sexson came from was school. The kids and our lowering it sooner they're getting it online they're learning you know they're getting that information from multiple sources hopefully including their parents act that would be nice. On so. So that. Now schools are not the only source of information the messages got to be more comprehensive and what they're looking out of the drug administration. Plans to release its first report early this summer as part of 810 million dollar research project looking at ways to improve sex Ed programs. Where the focus on the impact of sexual delay. On. Which as I never heard that term before and earlier sexual delay. And I never heard that one hi yeah I. Tear to your question of it's not broke don't exit. It's the teen pregnancy rate is down know what I don't know are the rates of teen as TDs. In now on because and this just accounts for teen pregnancy so we don't now. The rate of teens. Getting us to Isa we don't know if it's a birth control thing or if it's not protection thing. Going. Understandable. But if if the teen pregnancy rate is down. That's a good thing. I think if we continue with what we're doing and look at that shows sixteen and pregnant that was so popular. I think people often looked at that assume that glorified it was on MTV and teenagers watching. I think some people believe that it was glorifying. The idea of being sixteen years old with a baby. I also think it has the adverse effect I think kids some kids looked at that probably and said whoa my life completely. Changes and I would include. Again I know the show sounds like it's like hey look how great being a teenager with a baby years. But I think if some smarter kids were watching that and I believe they work that added to that that the decrease in teen pregnancy and I really do I think between that. The education school like you said at home. I just think that the generation growing up right now over the last ten years. A lot smarter than he wore I'm surprised. And just glancing at tech's final scroll back here in a minute but I'm surprised no one is suggesting that school is not the place for sex and to yank accent on the school's entirely on confusion we talk about those. People say parents should be giving a sex act because that way parents can control whatever message they want their kids now. On households that might go. More on a religious routes in Allen and kids that are getting some of that education from church anyway. Might just want that abstinence only message and parents that's for whatever reason have more progressive views for their kids and and are more open about sigma birth control. Might say yeah I you can reinforce. What I'm already teaching at home. Of the promises schools have that one curriculum you know that usually set went by the district about a state or whatever so it's hard to pick one message that would apply to everybody. I'm I'm waiting for the suggestion it less does not happen in schools I'm. I'm wondering what if but if you're looking at things that you need to correct and I understand her life problems in this in this country. And funding certain things in people's minds will will BD. In the right answer. When you're looking at the teen pregnancy rate as it goes down in its lowest it's been since 1990. Who in the federal government said look at this problem we have we have to fix. I mean. And put money in attacks in any read this that's I think 2007 there were 41 births per 1000 girls was the number 1232. Years ago. It's a record we are record low for the teen pregnancy it's a waste of money to to spend time doing this it is a waste of time and it is a waste of effort it's. Dangerous I just think it's dangerous I again abstinence is not a bad word telling kids not to have sex I think is good sure absolutely teach them about the dangers of sacks. Teach them about the dangers of teen pregnancy explain the STD's. Make that you know that impact very very real. But you can't ignore the fact that kids are going to do it anyway regardless of what you teach that and if you don't also teach them how to protect themselves. You are being you're responsible you are you are not teaching your kids everything they need to. You can read about it about her FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 91 K eight MB easy. Coming up the next time you get pulled over. You may not want to do this we'll tell you why next every Monday you. We'll have another keyword cash for you coming up just before 11 o'clock. Now I am about a judge to bracket out of mounting bracket to bracket out of ballot not so that's so that's going to really well. Here. Not as and well not as much dot as a viewer opening and buy it as an I actually looked up the schools that I'd never heard of see where they were. When you just are rampant because last year it was you you pick based on your favorite places and travel spots in. Really hate I so floor. And no matter. Texas or Texas wasn't gonna win any. I'm as she did at Kansas State like in the final four last year at bat that well yeah now. It wasn't good puck yeah me they wanna game in the name. Exactly like I think as you like Manhattan. Here on Gary now now I decided. To pick on do you know I don't volatile. I answered a little bit. You know I'm I'm I'm look a little bit at the school might be but aside from that man in the numbers mean anything to next next to their their name their records and on the record kind of is that the number like the one through sixteen that they get does that matter a little glance a little bit and only. Just her on from six tan and those are sports your tweet yesterday something like just so world clear sixteen has never beaten one that's true some like that. I didn't. Don't ever think the sixty out at some. Point I'm not I'm a big believer in the upset. But yeah team two's have been known to happen in fourteen threes 61. Never decide and that it would -- that's all. And I bet you ever you'll probably do better than both me and Travis you know I'm Heidi I've a look at actually. You know why it Travis did you watch the selection show yesterday now but I heard it was terrible it was terrible the change before. And that story and SN does story about Lawrence police yes meeting about. The show it was funny. What Lawrence. Foley he's funny anyway. We and Twitter pretty often. Because the way the format used to be in the NCAA selection show and you know the the Big Ten championship would be the last game it would air on CBS mini would go to the selection show. And they would give the number one seeds you know and and they would go through the region they say all right playing in Wichita and it will match up match up match up match up. And then they would show some of the teams that are on the bubble. You know their reaction when they got in. Yesterday. It was first of all they then moved every TV asks that idea. Then they put it in front of a studio audience not a big studio audience at a small studio audience it's somebody on Twitter said. Just big enough to be terrible. Republics. 6070 people. In the show that as soon as they start talking in its hosted by two guys on the on one side of the stage in the other and the other side of the stage. It's Greg Gumbel arms yet it's Greg Gumbel and it's Ernie Johnson. The audio is not sing too so they're talking and the words are at least on a 32 delay. And I was just me because I am selling and I cut the cord but it was an Internet think no everybody. Everybody was talking about the the audio problems. So that instead of going to the match ups. They spend it for amber. Going through all 68 teams. Alphabetically. Alphabetically. So they put in the Geisel teams in the conference tournaments the automatic qualifiers like like Kansas who in the big twelve over the weekend at sprint center. And they do that they go one to 32. Alphabetically. And then they do the other 36. Of the peak of the teams that came in. As at large. And it was painful. It was absolutely painful as a matter of fact I used to think of that it used to be one of the best TV traditions. In sports. I'd stop watching I looked up stop watching busily and I had other stuff did you used to gripped me for about forty minutes. I gave up after thirteen and I just later out of it I wears his new plan aren't there and eight they got for a state to use a one in Wichita. K State's playing all right where's Wichita State article I got two teams around here have to keep an eye on. And I I it was I think you that they realize they should what a disaster that this was and they need to. Go back to the old format. This is going to be my first year old now why. I because I want to actually paid his into the games and have fun cause normally idea to stock into the bracket in real worries me. I've done it since I've been in middle school elementary school that's the first problem. Please fill and I'm just CLU do against Jamie in a you'd go. I'm frustrated that I didn't beater or I've lost it. Because that has happened I brackets that I in Philly and now it's been and it doesn't look today each one CI I only do the one. I only do the one bracket and I hate that one year he had the one that's down the hall for entertainment purposes only of course. But rarely do the one that'll do it in six different brackets but it's always the same I hate to guide the bar was like. OK here but I had a blues here at Whittier go to the sweet sixteen year get knocked out here it's like. Do you can't root for every team every game well see that's me I die in Ohio last year I joined I think six different. Like league congrats again and each Brack who was different. Travis I hate I went to them well yeah and we'll get some it was like they'll be like I did maybe one or actually thought about it. And then went right wing crazy with a bunch of upsets bright eyed I could which are rooting for both I hate that. I hate that part of the top the first four. The games will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday those of the teams that are playing the playing in games tied to pick winners out of those. Check most times Travis he'll pick of the plane winners you wait till then you wish you way into Tuesday and Wednesday and then you polite yeah. And now you can't if you want you can do it now you obviously now it's fine. And whatnot but it your story or in his normally your sixteen seeds yet so you can fill out though rests your stuff but just wait for those that one of the game that. For the eleven seeds seem bonnies UCLA. Terrorism amnesty to answer he's pretty usually you just wait till when till Thursday morning. And and then make your final selection or just do it now. I might forget by at and I've I've are. Pleased for sure Italy's interest by Thursday I know that now. Yeah I believe that almost. By the way too and no came back K used in Wichita. And they'll be playing against and at 1 o'clock on Thursday. Also seasonal o'clock on Thursday that it is and yeah 1 o'clock 1 PM on Thursday and the K you will play. Are there games and all yeah well the the four teams are all spread out. And for no I'm not Iran's president to update on what I need to care for starting Thursday you've got to hear from me into the in the march. At what you'll bracket. No Travis. It's. You have and NKU plays on Thursday at one NC where is everybody else it has talked to keep track ball it's. Of the four and on Friday. Hi you have Wichita State played its solidarity. Right thank you of Wichita State played at 1230. Non they've got Marshall. In the NCAA tournament policy K state plays Creighton at 550 on Friday. It and pictures one more zoo plays Florida State Friday nights yet. Four teams for fan bases going crazy for the next couple days and all of a really good chances especially K you obviously of advancing. Is this the time a year where men and get on. Vasectomy he likened to get the word this popular time for men to get the sect breeze because they have the time off to watch basketball. Eight basic legally in Thursday morning and gates nipped early and then you spend the next that rest of that Thursday and Friday on the couch with peas are your junk. It's his fifth and that is and it's a good time to do you know for good reason to miss work together so much productivity and there'll be. The good news for most people you know the KU fans your game is in the middle of the day on Thursday. K state and is to play at night. Reply if your Wichita State ban on Friday it's Mittal today. Collins at the work that we tell people to console babies but we have Super Bowl right exactly yeah interest. What you set to start doing now is like. Right now you you begin to have the signs of a cold. You don't I don't full blown cold worked today got it you begin to have the signs of a cold. And maybe tomorrow. You bring the box of tissues. And and a bodily date will and then you you you extra sneeze prosper off. Yet you Wear an extra sweatshirt pitcher always cold. And then by Wednesday. Your full blown sneezing and coughing and you got no other reason to call in sick because of your cold on Thursday. I. Some on Friday we need to be different. Covers for reveals when it. The rights. Isn't accurate yeah Richard it I've ever going to be sick for summary. You just have to due to date don't blow early as you can get over cold in two days you don't go to work today just. Customs. There is no progressively get worse through out the week and by Wednesday it like. The Ree o'clock your job. You argue optical homesick if overly basically you tell your boss we got to go homer early. And I don't the public to be in tomorrow on Thursday president east basketball I don't know if you heard it right I just got an ad it's the big. It's it's an epidemic. There's a whole process to us. Trust and it on equity heavily at all Miami Miami. Barrett and but I think if I think. What's the number next to Miami and 66 and I could see it. I I a couple of teams all you deal about what we're a party of K you know. Not that far and then being beat early but I have Woodstock gallon better which of the beautiful basketball team Washington. They are. A good job right so you've got the UN's Miami is the U. That you that's there. Well that's their yeah they call it rock shock him around the zoo the U got it got it like floor. Right Mike Goodson. Hey why not right. James go with Miami. Ease stress about the so much the easiest thing ever I will be a wreck until 11:30. On Thursday morning break. Crossing off starting it bracket. Of known good on that it.