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Wednesday, March 21st

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At that. 1108. Its premium like that you have made it to Wednesday where the sun is shining. Advertise couple days here I'll wicket as hot today and in some very important isn't Jason Evans 99 Iraq afternoons on the hall. I have to spend another day I love. That's great but it's great there's a handful of. I've ever I'm a good. Taxes that have commented that I look I'm I sound like the guy that must have gotten. A lot of participation trophies and ask all of you to look like that kind of thing I could place now. They got at and by the way and that is it that is sure if that is your back if that is your. Learn I know who you are you lack some serious mental firepower for a battle of wits and before you run out of ammo. You might just want a bag of your your your little toys and head on home okay it's good I'm not a guy you wanted and and threw it on the and in his house and a gutsy. I'm one of those people and me and my wife my wife has is gotten through the point hours record I like conflict. I don't mean like on octopus like him again but I mean I'd love. I love me wince like I don't like you know like I got a body mind is this an right now camp and he just got back from doing some service in Guantanamo Bay he was there for your right. He puts up some and it's nobody's means ever and I told once impact is scrapped and you can use your smarter and it's like he's like a fifth generation armed service member. Michael and act like one of his Graham pause and Russia that so far. So he's like I used to select what you'll get a rise like you're Smart you have you have to bring some notes. And whereas only that but. I'd like giving in those conflicts about like having the conversations like hearing alternative points of view. I know I know it's worked for me I know it's allowed me to succeed really well in this world without you know like many of folks out there listening probably straddled the credit card or. Oh over inflated school loans or you know trying to keep up with the Jones is like many you do but I don't do that which glance pretty print it on the prepayments right now. I was sitting Indian style in your chair which is for cameo supplement that I can't. I. Cast this hour is key KE EP keep text Gordon seven to anyone for your chance to 1000 dollars if you're driving don't tax it like. It's time to get that orient. I think it's interesting to get into the mine Jason Evans which is whine about it or talk about these DNA testing kits which you have taken guy. Adopted son you are yeah and some of the ethics that are involved there but the stories out this week about whether it is something you would do and if so what would you want an elevated that and bet. But why the story about the rate town police stuff continues to fascinate me maybe because it feels a little. Small town back and forth now kind of thing on but we and it is a little bit. Fox sports and Allan what's happening right now if you have bad particularly if you live there I would look to your community uniting zero or 576779. Yet Tex it and it's a question of who should play who should be on the puck. If it requires more police in a city. To handle calls to a particular business get the business is bringing tax money into your city. But is causing more tax money to be needed is basically we're talking about the stories out of fox four. May change out Wal-Mart a division of United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. Once right town considering a proposal to declare Wal-Mart a public nuisance. The issue came up last year when rates how was forced to layoff seventeen police officers and fingers were pointed at the store. Where 30%. Of the city's crime occurs but it does not pay property taxes into the general fund for police or city operations. My understanding it's in the story as well is that under the 2017. Tax increment financing deal. Wal-Mart property taxes can only go to pay off debts and it can't go into the general fund the general fund as what the city we use to hire police officers. So. This says it is cost the city an estimated three million dollars in the past decade. Now let me point out that that people are paying sales taxes in going to Wal-Mart and the city is getting kind of so the city is benefiting from having Wal-Mart there financially. Alterman or team and who has who would later resigned to go to Destin where education has proposed. Charge and Wal-Mart for police calls and a what you think about that on. That does this give and take between the city and businesses is really fascinating to me. Some may change at Wal-Mart says 812 police calls occurred at the store in the last year. Wal-Mart sad 90% of calls him a buy off duty officers working security for the company. That might be true but let me just add at some point. You you need police to be involved means security private security can only do so much at some point you're gonna make arrest you need to be involved in. So the complaining that they are being cut off by re town leaders the mayor Michael McDonough the group on Tuesday night at the number of calls Wal-Mart. Are not a priority to police or the city. So now the organization is asking aldermen to look into an ordinance that would limit the number of calls by Wal-Mart Horry minimum loss. Before calling 91 on the ship shoplift because call colonel one that's the most it is cost the city. It's mostly shoplifting and every town city administrator Tom Kobe's gonna save you when it's still sending and a hundred bucks come to Wal-Mart. And taken Evans gonna happen to you he is he's basically saying like that's not that's probably we should handle this right it's Wal-Mart it is it is massive I. It's like Abbie Hoffman steal this book you know like. It's Wal-Mart night it's a blunted cheap crap are shipped in from China anyways for the most part I. I'm mart shopper right here. You are. Yeah because because I guess Jimmy convenience or give me death right a legal and how many tires when he gets in new underwear I wanna get I wanna get. Two pounds of meat to cooked up tonight I get you want and it doesn't curse I assure you we were rarity all right congratulations. You work you don't go to that when you're at you moved you moved in with this boy Norton a income before marriage. Morton knows what you're doing both farm marriage. And there's no Lamar near me now site at a target to. That's it's it's it's giving inspectors to the largest massive. And soul soccer of small businesses mom and pops across the country. All right but the question is the same if there is an additional burden being put on the city because a business exists. The city is benefiting from having business there but is also having to pay out for the USI crime comes with so who should be so you're you're benefitting by a hundred dollars. Which are paying out eighty. Is that twenty dollar game really worth it. Does benefit we've seen the city and the city benefits from this let's taser if it's a hundred from it. No I'm does that amuse and some very small my brain can rap brown arbitrary number and it. So you're that this city benefits by a hundred and then it pays out eighty really no game two but they're still. There are still ahead of the game so she say it rates and I nearly that far ahead of the game because of the fact you'll Wal-Mart there. And so look and act is. A couple of different things in terms of ways to raise additional money we've known for a while the rate towns got financial troubles and they've got troubles getting enough police and the reason anymore police is because of Wal-Mart so a couple of ideas are on the table. Look at an ordinance that would limit the number of calls by Wal-Mart saying you only get hundred a year or whatever number you want to be. Horry minimum loss before you on Lima won a shoplifter that we you're not a drain on city resources especially if shoplifting is the problem there have been and you deal with it isn't that. Which for a lot of stores do anyway whichever it was before that a lot of stores a lot of retailers won't call police about shoplifter. Because of that because of what's involved because it's easier to deal with an internally and you'll want citizen times of bankrupt. I think it's I think but I think it's a give your repeat offender because I know a friend of mine. Tracy used to be one of those undercover shoppers you know I would catch shoplifters and yeah I. Feel like it's maybe jury maybe it's you know. If your repeat offender and maybe get nabbed. So do you do that. Org you do one of the things that the city is looking at they're looking at three different taxes that can go on the ballot in August that would raise property taxes fuel tax and an Internet sales tax. That would generate about two and a half million dollars some of that to go to pay for more police what do you think about where the money should come from from us. It's your calls and attacks coming up next keyword to cast this hour mystic I was TK EEP keep text that word in seven to 81. It's 1113 and came easy 1118 David Jamie and wicket would Jason Evans on the other side of the studio today. All right so Jay-Z or biggie and you've done both now. I don't be don't don't give okay biggie. Might it became first. To park before big you know I know I knew gonna Sabrina to pocket there's some talk and be big and I'm colonies costar right. Jay-Z or big year on B why does he came first. I just his music is just a bit more better for me have you have you seen the documentary about stretch embodied a now do you know about searching by via via okay there is that there's a documentary about stretch embodied there are really totally squirrel you realize. That that is when it's all about the early hip hop days because of who they were up over and and you know in New York City and in the Bronx in all I'd check it out it's fantastic as you probably know those guys are backed up podcasts and MPR yeah for sure. And PR. Flag. And steer them. I. Our. Just hours keep KE EP text organs 7881. Hour about what's going on and rate town and we're financial responsibility should be we have business in town. That brings in sales tax money go out by by being a we're talking about on artery town halls and is costing the city money. Because of the high number of police calls in his case shoplifting that are needed there and that takes police resources in great town. A couple of ideas have been put on the table wine is that they are looking at a few different taxes that can go on the ballot in August the support Alderman there. Raising property taxes fuel tax and an Internet sales tax that could generate two and a half million dollars that's according to fox for. What they have realized is that the cost to the city was an estimated three million dollars in the past decade for Wal-Mart so that kind of makes and a washed. Others an organization that is asking aldermen to look into an ordinance that would limit the number of calls by Wal-Mart or minimum loss. Before calling 911 on the shoplift or James in Kansas City on on their through the break James and he think about calling police on shoplifters. Not thank you but what he meant when our men. And it just happened to I bought it these people Wal-Mart it was that that your if there are apartment animated and street and. You automate aided those. Our corporate and I. Invert. The I walked back in the Obama and opened more. It and I go to that because you look like you're it and repeated it looked like no problem. But they are not. And I couldn't find the curtain. Curtain. Stop now. How else are. All an act and the matter and I look. Number match stick a match that my spot by the I. At least market that the police got there and I had a like I mean Mike and mark. It well. And court and at that go to the court and it a little lower than what you would expect and what. And I locked ballot at a after. Played in all our government right right not finally. The couple later. Godly really I would like to say the city government at work very hard to come back into. And help out the whole outlook and data on that while we talk about. But puppet like it shouldn't. Accused the battle and not. Okay us like that James let me I'm second let's let's stick on the story go let's not make the assumption that Wal-Mart always accuses people Republican don't shoplift let's let's. Let's call us second. Paula let's assume for the purpose of this story is the question we're asking is who should bear the financial responsibility now you're gonna make the argument that. That and let's not. Tag on Wal-Mart if you're gonna make the argument any retailer accuses some people of shoplifting and their Forte should they should bear the financial responsibility for calling police OK fine you can make an argument. But let's not to accuse my accusing deeply shocking and down. Are part were living in it and where. Stroke public about what are not. I bet nobody here on the pitch like opulent while mark is definitely more than double. In June. Went. Out earth hour in the other night our economy. Like. Got it all right thanks a lot for the called name. Yeah you definitely have a story to tell their old its mark calls on here 22980 or 5767. So somebody somebody it's accident. It's kind of I was quote. But the once it's not it's not wal mart's fault it's it's rates might make this is this is not me I'm not I'm not gonna back hundreds and this is about it so many calls are happening there yet is that it's gonna examines quote it said it's not Wal-Mart what it is is the change of society and citizenship and the rate ten area for the last 1520 years in about rates on his mom is. We can't let anybody else that was a great town Doug is in Kansas City and has under the sand is up. I. He's been important are account Wal-Mart and you know we're always being in town and sneaky people shot at being in the labor doesn't that mean. So did well. Load. Don't call him and. Mean in the kingdom. In the sand. In. There and weren't pregnant so. Cutler and then India meaning about it. I as a what do you think about should bear the funny I don't I don't wanna get into making a bunch accusations against all market can't defend themselves into outright. Packed the ammunition. And count and trying. Thank. I'm not a bit in power companies that now. Money city to you I mean let's not forget that people shop Wal-Mart they pay sales taxes and listening as the largest the largest retailer and riots and how does it stack up now the Amazon in terms of comparison and and and at all and I were talking about convenience factor. You know because it is you know and that it's a modern day bizarre we can go and get everything you want underneath one roof right but now with Amazon you can get I mean almost date. Date one hour delivery I was reading something recently that said if if Amazon buys up I think CBS is a possibility to move where you're talking about getting your pharmaceutical needs and everything. Delivered to your door within an hour that is way more can be and as someone who's dealing with having a little bambino and home. I mean the first two weeks I think I told you like I left I think twice because added ten or my wife as we do the homer on stuff. But having Amazon does air dropped those things right to house so much easier. Who is cheaper is my question and Wal-Mart has has noticed that on Amazon and now you can do pick up a Wal-Mart to meet warrior urge you immediately apparent you can do you pick up right you ready to every. I don't know Wal-Mart is but I know that we've gotten like. You know from Prodi's box before you write healthy Prodi's box or is gathers prime can't. And and there is in the end if you look a lot of these cities that that the the strip malls are being annihilated. You know these these make mr. mosque some of the smaller ones will survive the duke it like no if you look at meg Johnson drive for example here mid. Like a main street a main street drag on exactly those those and to survive okay it's these mean and to the equivalent of the malls you know you make of south of pulled Bannister mall full. You know how old park mall is able to kind of continue to reinvent itself ends and survived yeah I don't know on you know but you've got like. But I know like a decade ago they were talking about crown center being sort of this. Unsavory. Mall downtown now it's hotter than most the other place because the fact rob and obviously the streak ourselves into an activity. But because it's all all all right there you got the crossroads you've got Union Station you've got the slow this morning and very good eateries you got. Theaters for the kids to go duke but I think that Wal-Mart is Wal-Mart especially. I'm surprised that the durability tests to continue Ford just because they have rolled back prices the best prices because of the fact that the art. A mega chain. With meg aware houses that have everything and then again and and you've Carrasco and seen so Betty I'd be anxious to see how that it shakes out because yeah I mean yours. Convenience factor there or convenient than having your robe on and slippers and walking out your mailbox does not. Shops online I mean I'm not the biggest shall I look at statistics look how it's almost you know look at how it's changed do you just forget a decade let's just go three years yeah you know let's get another clip colony for we got a news aaron's spinning and I'm from Kansas City Aaron should be paying a Wal-Mart needs more police. Well Wal-Mart you know. If you build it they welcome. Him you know that were much smaller you know people shop that are looking at the lowest prices and particularly because they don't have much. All you can see. Where it. And I'm not gonna say it's only or people that sap alert. Now. That was ordered it looked is that typical wall. Business mentality they go and smoke around me tribal competition is yes. You Gingrich or replaced you shop. They also recycle all the resources. Or or criminal great peril. They're built right across the state or during the during the line pretty liner in the next area in and still fight and all those coach then there. You know this is the closest we'll work for a lot of the sillier than well. Yeah and at the same problem an article or whether it was their own brain you know. They would bring one of them pick from charter is an insurance. So you. You know one of the big downfall I was put. Cured -- hours keep KEP texted and a seventy lady why you got another half hour in which another new word just over we get to news at noon Jason Evans in Iraq is in from my wicket I don't we're continuing to talk about great town and about the Wal-Mart there and the problem every time continues to have with a number of phone police calls mostly because of shoplifting. Want claims that they handled the majority of their problems with security or off duty police officers but still rate town claims it's costing them some money. More importantly there's a group that's tied to a union that is looking for Wal-Mart kind of makes some changes in how they handle it. My question is who should be paying for it if Wal-Mart needs more police to respond to calls because they exist. Some Wal-Mart paying for it or does the city benefits so much for having Wal-Mart there that the city should be eating that cost. It's a couple calls here I Tiffany is in Kansas City Tiffany undermine. Or enhance it and I. Rate. And you know we know an. Hour and I. Tell my. To the illusion we had a monster grow Tiffany's. And sent it sound like the zone Aaron. All right call back Tiffany bowl gets back on your comebacks he can finish your story in the meantime we will talk to earnest in Kansas City high earnest. Hey guys wanted to question directly our so which certainly should pay for. I think at law forcibly for but it darker matter. Or script you get this. Wal-Mart got a text to get to be put there so asked to send you to actually. Give into the you know already Carol you know put this all are here and leading Lucas or you vehicles where there were. Maybe you're also called security like. Any day you know direction help. Because we got down to it I think if you still are about knowledge yet that's that's only matter if there are almost sure maybe just dealt solely about Wal-Mart. I mean that's just waste the resources. That were biggar said the rest our beat trying wouldn't that wouldn't be able to spill and that their best resource breaks it. They Alicia storm out there you know OK Pete still and we think he still and it. Now we wait a child already in his armor rolled into this bill would be virtually a popular stroll inside that we are you still are. You're what that you resource that's a special. Thanks for the visitors just timely I'm gonna write email and I believe and I keep track of with the candidates kind conversations and in America and this just -- I just happened on it on Wal-Mart announced earlier in the week they made a deal for distribution with the Denver based American candidates company's American Candace company produces product design for the candidates industry without actually ever touching the physical liked. And went on to say that this and amber is in and went on to say that net last year alone American consumers spent 454. Billion dollars of online retailers such as Wal-Mart and Amazon. So I mean RAZR there's there's usually people for the right there. Okay legalize not miss out like that Al legalize it Missouri. Put it in a Wal-Mart and you might you you're gonna desperate need to have more security there at the migs whose they'll they say Iran is testing. Yeah answer these figures figures don't get the sticky icky. But there that's all of our problems rectified in America. You sound like like mountain and others Libya. I mean I think that Diane and indulges our eyes. Game activity has re joined us from Kansas City Tiffany remind you again you support the constitution there. And you know march. And IAA. In it or. Not. Well I. I'm. Mark. Any. He got a good drive and I'll tell me that's that's part of the problem. Can't we lost art your call writing maybe a year and a bad area so we got our point yeah Wal-Mart should be bombers should be on the Hattori and just to reiterate the legal business of candidates x.'s it's expected to be fifty billion dollars by twenty point six. It's a big industry lots and lots of money I'll. I don't just talk about this Ricky Williams former NFL player Heisman Trophy winner has is is is busily working to do it to him by marketing angle for. See the sticky icky now that's a car pulls in Kansas say hi Paul. They aren't great what do you think about those. Well I think you know Wal-Mart should be held responsible he nearly you know blame anyone other than I guess you know the big box store that better. I think they've got enough to cover it. Barely see commanding. Big box stores in great you know there's no passed by there not a whole lot of core restorers. I don't think those are restored at the same problem with that and what Concord you know they have mostly current trees. Oh. Wal-Mart and and that issue. So. So long paying for. Yeah I think they'll recover it should be expected you know that are. Yeah I kinda comes with that kind of comes at that territory I think cycle let's debts one more on here before we move on. Terms you can drop that farming for some reason my button that working thank you very much thank heavens up right now we finally breaks on resident I haven't. Brent work. Don't want war no doubt it was a former Republican consultant who was there working and I mean I'll put it other than it would be good I know a bit more and more time directly department of it himself slipping back. If wore it for a great if not I mean it's just been running gambit. It down to me and and thanks for for Colin and actress Maria I think a city. Benefits from having any retailer and and so it's it's just part part of the game if there are more I mean unless. Unless there is a particular problem and less that retailers doing. Not doing enough to prevent people from shoplifting or something I mean at at analysts are not announced the can be done I think it's kind of density to sort of now unfortunately it's gonna commit on the back and if they have to raise taxes to make up for it to hire more police officers Bennett's taxpayers benefiting about. She states the city of a Wal-Mart where some are saying it's a Wal-Mart every city that that is that. Yeah that amount Iran is sore yeah I think so I think because they decided to allow Wal-Mart to movement and it is Saturday given details right breaks and decided that this is needed they agreed tentative agreement was going to be the money was gonna go to pay off debt and not going to the general fund you know if you're gonna have a big retailer moving and that you're gonna have more crime than. Any rate town didn't account for that or or sales taxes need to be increased to account for that somehow on. Because then how about sales taxes is that it's not dispute that glittery town the payments were shops at the store share those where they live. I just part of doing business. And but that I don't hate the idea of limiting Wal-Mart. Two calls it I'll only call us if it's over this or Alter you know here's a certain number of calls that way it's not Wal-Mart is called them on so. So could you may be manager of Wal-Mart of their rates on and you got you know some people that come to a decision first time offender it's that's a trying to pocket maybe a couple of dvds housing CDs out there on the customer so when you catch him. Do you just do a little snapshot of the picture and put it right there revenue walk in so that when you've got 87 when you get the 87 year old or reader you can look at it maybe you know temperate together. Or at least become that guy has a ball a same like this person. Is a noted shoplifter. Because I I know that I'd seen I've seen in different spots in downtown might have gone into like a gas station it's been you know it's like it's gotten and I don't you know it there's a there's a someone's picture there it's like I suspect him. And I was a kid grocery stores did that happen or writing checks if you had people that writing too many bad check yet they put up a list and that we do not and the names were public like by the and thank coach mr. Garcia they put us and say we do not accept checks from these people stretch writing and it was it was just it wasn't fair but don't write add tax. It went up to steal stuff and you gonna do about it you know house now that's bad that way for them the police. Themselves in the moment you know or hire more security or improve your camera systems or. Whatever the security systems markets and none of the doctors and yeah yeah on the other hand. One of the ways to skirt had them down shoplifting is by calling on either if they think they can just get away with that they're gonna continue to do it. If Vick and the police are going to be called are gonna continue to do. So I see why they call police. Say yeah. This is kind of fall in the first world problems as the it's a snow like this this kind of put your toe in the water. Live rates because if you literary town I would be upset about about your resource is being taken away about the police resources that need to be started at my house to deal wit. It would ever calls are going on neighborhoods and fighting actual crime in stat Wal-Mart being in town means rate town is having to all the police officers. So to me it's a real problem if you live there especially if you're gonna start paying higher sales taxes or recover. In response to on the hand you get to have a Wal-Mart in your backyard. Well you know. You look I just improve but for some people aren't you want to convenience and want the lower prices than your benefiting from rising moved there in the first year. So I just think it's an interest in. Anderson a little bit our Jason Evans before. My click next fascinated by the Wal-Mart and talk about your experience with DNA testing on because there are several stories out today experts warning that these DNA testing cats these these junkets. Where you putting your DNA putting your slimy send off and then we'll tell you and what it yeah basically about what you might be genetically pre just as a in fort. Could genetic make up ads and make up yeah but also I mean. And it ended deep state world and the scifi this could just Nokia. Basically Gergen used deeper gunning Hackett you're gonna get this DNA they're gonna know what exactly. Chemical will kill each person to help wiped out some of the planet thus let the the the the that that's the planet of the apes writes I think that's Republican. Another concern is outlined is that now you're DNA exist somewhere sir that that a private company has because they tested it for you. Allison some of the concerns with what would happen if police were to get access to talk about an axe it's 1143 and candies. 1149 mid day with Jamie and wicket with Jason Evans and for my wicket who returns tomorrow on so we're talking about some local. Economics. Let's get to the story about Zona Rosa required because. As evidence this morning it's interesting I think some of the details about this can make your head spend but the point is guys both the. And it comes out that run out of the back in of what we were talking about was sort of like the downsizing. Of the strip malls I mean it. Look I know the plaza has its legacy but it's just it's just it's just a mall it's a big outdoor mall right so as star of the story and an aunt yet start of the story and and Zona Rosa is the plaza the north plant and it but it is just an outdoor mall because. It is an Oak Park mall. Just outdoors it'll lifestyle. And and it says and it Steve. Backtrack and starts out another troubling sign for bricks and mortar retail Zona Rosa so this is this is the situation you've got and basically they're struggling to make ends meet. The Zona Rosa development LLC failed to obtain a new. 500000 dollar letter of credit so that that failure trigger a default. So now zona rose. Again sees. That not gonna full I mean I can have this abandoned area there are you but there are in trouble in the mortgage and delta deal and taxpayers might be on the taxpayers are gonna go on the port because they so there was don't know for. Where it with an extension and 07 where they gave out bonds. And the guess was bonds are following into the fall in this thing has been on offer on the market for sale. But here's this we talked about this is it is it trying to be and is trying to is it trying to cater to people. That that is fancy like the plaza where the applause of when the people up in that area would be mourns mourns are going to Tractor Supply company and Wal-Mart amateur and I'm not knocking it I'm just angered when you're when you're talking about a guy. That's more country vs someone that's more. City. You know because I mean I've been up there's a rose it's okay but it's not that super it's some of its occupancy rates are stacked out there yet so when you're looking adds onerous according to this the odds owner focus is on brokers. Zone rose has. Occupancy rate for has fallen from 85 point 9% which is pretty good that was in 2014. Now it's 60% in 2017. I think again. Three years and what's happened three years with online retailing right and we with Amazon the drops of the convenience factor so is. And I and I did like what zona roasted exact iPhone is getting built hey you're doing something that was that basically crippled Madcast. And that it's a live work play you right there you command apartment I don't think the of their hotels where but I can't or call exactly there's a think about like an extended they were ever but so you have that ability we you can no wake up in the morning walked under coffee get your card good work whenever might be. But I but I do wonder if it's because it is an in this spot in the north and that is. TV. No it's gonna some suburban it's explosion to it than you also point out like dairy road there's this maggots everywhere so. Well for you. And an a lot of eulogy of early on time if why the occupancy rate down onerous to me if you're occupancy rate is down it's because people aren't shopping there enough or you're not getting the right stores and filled spaces to make it profitable. So what's the problem why are you for those are familiar it's Rosa and the stores that are up there what's the problem. This do this just came and detect signs from an Andrea and I'm seeing it that's what if I'm 33 it says I live up north and go design often there aren't that many empty stores there. And the article said there were 6% vacancy rate in this first said it's just not true. I was there not too long going to drop off a friend at the airport and then I came down and did pick up something from my library surprise really give to whatever. And I in the but I do feel like I saw a bunch of I just like from the time that I went to the last time whenever that was to the most recent and I did see a lot of reduction in storefronts. But I mean I I I understand what you're saying but it is why I mean obviously they're not doing well there there on defaults they're due. Something wrong. And so you just mention us in this is always an issue was somebody out with peoples and insects and night 9662 I live up north. It is a pain to go to Zona Rosa it's very packed in tight it feels like there's one way in and out and it's hard to find parking. Okay there is there is pretty much that has multiple ways in now have been there before. There's a massive parking garage is I think I think we we have is the epidemic of Kansas City ends which is that when it comes to driving and it comes to these places we get to park right. Use it at target you have multiple spaces apart after the person is waiting to get as close as possible the front door yeah leg bag and as the owner Russell went to make it like that the committee downtown. Basically when mechanical movement downtown where you park your car you get out walk around. I understand like. Aspect of it it's hard to find parking they build a parking garage to accommodate all you people back in this weeks there's been expansion in a parking garage but his. Not and maybe is that the problem or was that parking garage such an addition on the debt you now on. So why are you going and I'm an area now where does just into the north plant where. So is it is definitely an option where it would either be different if we wondered out to dinner in Arizona roses and options there was applause it would take about the same and it's time to get either one right so errors to me is on I don't. To me driving through there is is kind of a pain in the neck I agree when you say it's it's kind of packed in tight. It's a lot of little streets that are packed with cars that's that's just so. I got some us on the weekends when it's nice I think if given a choice. I would rather go do the plot to meet its and yes I don't I don't I don't. But does much of. Now I'm sitting I. Mercedes I'm a full blown raise my hand city for me. The farthest south I go is Westport right and I and I am totally fine that I'd I'd I have ventured up in the north when now because while the breweries I'm Daryn I love that right across observer on highway nine stuff. But I am a full blown city and I do not hide but I did not China from that it's a I just you know. What I would do is for shopping. I would go to Zona Rosa. For anything else I'm going anywhere else it's too far surely it's just for for the vast injury the city it's too far so it doesn't appeal to the masses that don't wanna drive all the way up that way since it would elections there's a lot of people under the the last but. Didn't we didn't they build sorrows and hopes of bringing people in from like St. Joe LS and bring people over from my leavenworth in Lansing because it is closer than drive and all is it. But then again I think that's where your. You you build something. With the impression that it looks like something else in the city but when you come to the tenure of up applause people like that people the little river walk if they're people like to go and check it out so. Yeah I really does view I know that if you just right around enough you'll figure the in and out out but it can get a little confusing as far as knowing. Just speak and but that was by design a little bit it was designed to be lifestyles and it's designed to have done that the neighborhood feel a little bit so that you parked on the outside in the U. You're supposed to war instead of driving all the way through as much. Which people don't like is my I I get if you say it feels tight. We are talking after your little bit about whether they need to re do their business plan in terms of how they make money. Isn't there be more entertainment options should there be more nightlife options so that it's not just. It's a shopping center with a few restaurant yet to be flipped to. I don't feel like there's much I mean you've got the M prop up there and I know you've got a few bars you cars there but for the most started to me it does not seem like a nightlife place like plaza. Is a shopping district but there's the nightlife there you can go in and getting some trouble on the net I want to applies. Apparently he's you can wander around the block brush creek there are some bars that are going to be open. Pass when restaurants are open is it may be offices at the plaza is connected in the cities everything else. That's cancel part of it you know you can always go to dinner and one part of the city in and out due in town nightlife and another part of the city where is. If you're doing his own resident that's your evening you know you're not gonna start is on the rise and then go somewhere else that's. And at any clothes at the article in the same thing started within that might reflect broader pressure on bricks and mortar retailers consumers continue to shift toward online purchasing that's from the cancer he starred business thanks and so. I mean yes. Why you yeah why would you if it's a destination. That. That's an offer up a whole line yeah I got does is. There's a lot of stuff there had been their and but someone said the rents to I don't know what the rent it is but in Iran may be tired after really hide and so it's got to be Ivan maybe it's not worth that anymore.