Midday with J&W: When should we just make it Scouts?

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Monday, February 12th

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This one Ellsbury coming up an hour from now Dana and parks. Hey over the weekend I posted a story and got a lot of reaction and wanted to bring him back with you if you hadn't seen it by now. It was from on our friends over at fox four as the first. Or girl's. Join the cub scouts last Thursday it was 308 celebration or some like that and four girls joined. The the cub scouts we've been talked about this before because we knew it was going to happen. But I bet there are a lot of people in said ad how many girls are actually going to do it. We know the answer first was four Boy Scouts can start accepting girls next year and an Independence, Missouri. There were four that decided to join. 5767798. Is the phone numbers Danny what's the buzz is in Virginia today. I guess the question is why people mad about us. Com or. Are you mad about this because there are some people that would say. Danny de. And those same people go and then the boys are over here in management positions in the girls or here making seventy cents on the dollar. But if I mean I think I can take a different tack and I took the first time we talked about this because I feel like I might have been a little divisive you. Mean never devices and amber what if we looked at it this way. If people who really want the girls to say separate OK because they're worried about the future. Of the Boy Scouts organization because they care so much about that organization they are very strong opinion. And and desire to see is succeeding continue to grow. Oh what is the only way to save the boy scouts of America because of declining numbers. Was too makes it would girls. Seem to me and this is this is the way I've always thought about it when it comes to that you know the numbers dwindling from Boy Scouts cubs got. This seems like the really simple answer to make. A lot of people happy and I know there are those men and women who feel they should be separated. What do we just called them scouts. Well I'm Americans scouts. Or whatever. And you have all different kinds of activities and the kids can choose the ones that they want to if there are. The girls are more comfortable with doing air quotes girl's stuff but still wanted to try and do boy stuff. They have the option and if there's poison there that are more comfortable doing boy stuff but maybe they wanted to try. Doing stuff that is girls' stuff then they have that option and Mike Parisi. I'd. Took my sons I sensed each stint one toward duty through Boy Scouts TrueCrypt. And there's nothing boy about the Boy Scouts a kid is not being. Manly or doubted when you first start out there is there there there really. Isn't a difference and I don't understand and that's why go back to. Let's king Solomon's choice this apparent. Do you love this organization enough that you realize that the declining enrollment they must begin allowing girls to survive. War do you love it so much you wanna keep it pure. Even if it means it will go extinct faster. This is the question that really should be gassed. Because the answer is you wanted to stick. I would think you probably want if you're you're very pack. Should it about the boys being separate from the girls because you want boys beatable is and you appreciate the tradition. And the lessons learned from the Boy Scouts for your side and then you probably would would you be. Which could be more set of girls were allowed to join the boy scouts of the Boy Scouts faced such funding issues. Data that you had to start paying more or chapter is closed to. Troops closed and is that the Marine One and only thought what an Overland Park and one in. You know Kansas City, Kansas. If all of a sudden you close to those and everybody had to meet admission. You know it's it's a good point bring that to you because in today's environment in these economic challenges consolidation in efficiency. Are truly the things that keep organizations. 5767798. It happen. Boy Scouts. Have begun to accept girls four girls join the cub scouts last week. I'd of independence you're gonna have to start running the Boy Scouts like a business. And now. That's what they say let's talk to Mike in Kansas City Mike your first up I 91 KM BZ. My question do you guys if you other Olympics are going on right now mega man eight skating and the women eight stating it. Man there's some women bad. Why do they have that aren't just makes it all together and let the women buried them and rank in the mandated limit. I love Ali answered for in thank you for your phone call like. We don't have. Women in the W a story in the NBA we don't hand of women skating with the man at these at the young Chung game is right now. Because at. Peak physical condition. When you become an adult. Women and this has nothing to a Boy Scouts but I'll just answer it women are not as physically strong as Madden it's just genetics now there are some. One out of thousand that can compete. But. Women are not as physically strong ads as man. It's not a knock on image is the way it is man can hit the golf ball further man can run faster and can tackle. Horror. Man can skate faster. Bring back Boy Scouts. I have no idea what that has to do with Boy Scouts accepting girls and last there are physical demands. Oh Boy Scouts that I don't know about unless there's a push up challenge. And you have to run it a mile in eleven minutes. And you have to be able to scale wrote. Faster than everybody else maybe naive I don't see there being a difference when you're ten when your eighteen. Or you're twenty or your 25. There is a difference there's a reason why. The woman last night for the US saved figure skating team was the first woman from the United States ever. Two lane and eight triples some that are rather. In the history of our skating program when men do quads. Because were stronger. When that has to do it the Boy Scouts I have no idea 57677981. Thing you said he said. Oh and I wanted to point this out because if you said that's you know one of the thousand women gonna you know you you were trying to like not women it was like a statistic it was just like you were saying. It is more of an exceptional. Woman competes at the level of mammoth one out of the house whenever I mean look and the only reason we think like. For men okay the only reason we think pitted I don't like threatens us but like only one out of how many of us make it into the pros none of us got close that's why were. Here Jack about that but like this. An asset up to exclude women inmate cannot compete at a higher level with people that could they could improve long. You can take give me the best player in the WNBA. Has no chance of making an NBA roster disagree. No no chance physical. I will tell you this as an avid sports and a guy was covered sports and watch a lot of sports lives in person gone to the locker rooms talk to people. A real dismay this off some people but a real good. High school team from Kansas City would be needed WNBA team though I disagree well. I'm telling you right now gimme a real good team out of the city. They will jump higher they will be faster able brass they are tall woman is 511. That's a short guy fair or right. Whose plane in the paint against a kid from from Kansas City or college kid from. I'll take give me UN Casey may have to give him zoo can you work a state older respect your forensic AUN Casey. They got hit 67 that can they can do a hell of a lot with a basketball. They don't have that in the WNBA and the consistent basis which a promotion like over here. What's your promotion but like oh I have zero idea really what is all. Feel five women for the Kansas City metropolitan area and we can take on any five did you wanna put together. You're not gonna win. Don't matter you're not gonna limo and they will win day long iron ore and every night. All right Bobby Riggs marbles will be attractive for now here not. Happening now it's just lately it's just the way it is eighty is too because he. I don't I don't wanna send it to sit here and and trash women's basketball because I could. I do not enjoy watching women's basketball whatsoever. With all due respect. You can always you can say that in the nation not a jerk right you know I say I'm not trying to no offense. But it's a different product it's played below the rim and you know what they play well. But the game is different when it comes to guys but bring it back to the conversation about what that's the problem that we're not talking about the boy scout we have a talking about women vs men right we're not talking about little children want to participate in the same thing that somebody else does one. Problem. 57677984. Independents girls or metro girls have joined the cub scouts. Next year in 2019. The Boy Scouts will be accepting girls they plan to enroll. 57677. And eight what do you think when your premiere next Danny boy from the buzz in Virginia mother Sally today 5767798. Getting your reaction. To the first. For metro girls to join the Boy Scouts they join cub scouts last week on Thursday. 5767798. K is it Overland Park your 91 KM BZK thanks for calling what do you make of all four girls sort of the cub scouts. Now a couple of being and that is that in. Mind that. It yeah I think. You know. Maybe get together. Up scouts are by the way first through fifth grade my eleven year old nephew is currently in fifth grade that's always my point of reference. Okay are you thinking and that they're okay. Maybe the first cut your thick immediately and they need to be it but if you took this situation. Andrea first. And cat. Boy out chilling he's been girl scout you have mother all of the world in that environment that we green means you are. And boy is doing my girl I don't know what the girl and you end up in it when you're fourteen or fifteen going eagle out on that. At what mothers yeah it just doesn't work it doesn't or shouldn't be made to work. Did you say unwed mothers scouts. How come when men and women get together they always have to have sex why can't we just treat each other as equals. Do you think they well seriously I seriously do you think fourteen and fifteen. That they are well. I mean all I can do as a parent I have both boys and girls. Is look at them and send amounts of the world's with the lessons that I taught them and they make their own choices I can't control. And I and I. To ask will day. It's not like the only place fourteen or an and who knows what's gonna happen in the future. Commodity well. I I don't an NK brings up a point that needs to be addressed. It's not. Boy Scouts if they were to have boys and girls are when it does it's not the only place where boys at fourteen and fifteen and thirteen and fourteen. Are going to be interacting with one another you know and there ain't like. It if kids are fourteen and want to have sex. It's not just because the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts like they can go anywhere. Where you art as a parent and like you said Danny. You just have to teach them well like that's what my biggest fears about having kids. Is if they girl to be twelve and thirteen and fourteen of their having sex before they get the high school good god I will lose it. I probably won't know about it but I would absolutely loses it. And that has nothing do with the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Has everything to do with UBS I opened my conversation with your kid but what is it about what she had to say of cub scouts are fine but then by the time they get through the fifth grade. Separate them what do weird message to send to people that it's okay to hang out when you're young but because your carnal instincts are cells. Unavoidable you must be separated at this age we need to stop making weird we need to stop making sex weird. And sex cannot be the reason we don't do things go to spark in Kansas City and KM BZ Sparky what do you think of the first four girls from independence joining the Boy Scouts. Yeah well my man like the other lady that Indo. Down you know point out what got back. Yeah good how are only good you know they I agree. Learning what it can't be claimed as being a girl like it'll. The girls need anymore now bad boys out it'll. Girls are horrible like taking Girl Scouts want to learn more I'm not oh no. It's like not doing it. Well old Sparky this gives the opportunity for girls now we're like you that hated it. To join and learn about knots and fire making or whatever the hell they're doing these days. Witten always. I'm other girl at school girl and they talk about girl. Yeah no I mean they're all. You know man I'm going need and they ended the talent or. You know in boys and need to be around it sometimes schooled they began their. And the Israelis they speaking out together making it school together they need a place. I don't sell without her on there so thanks. Talk to about. You know that they do whatever. I have two beautiful girls and what they want to learn about. Inaugural label Corel stuff I'm going to say they can learn about whatever they wanna learn about. And anybody suggesting that there's girls often there's a certain privileged area of may and stuff that they shouldn't be accessing. Is we Hubert. Why would you say that about children don't you want them to be happy and everything that they wanna be a life why do you restrict them. If they wanna hang let him and what do we can let's talk to Joseph in Kansas City next up a 91 KM BZ Joseph what do you think. You know I can't I agree with the last two it was spoken. But not quite for the same reason battle they get to what does that. Reason. You know I would and I'd been put out and I got I doubt that you're under and you know. If you Atwood eight PL. We will look at women Tuesday may or that aid terrain. What else is there to. Trained young men to be leaders the world in the future and I'm not saying that women shouldn't get the same opportunities. But. That the kids are going to folk is often. Learning the lessons and maturing and becoming the people we want that should be and that they need to be. Because there's girls and because girls are trying to learn the same lessons to met boys can't is that we yourself. I'm not saying that because of the girls what color it bad. It's at the attraction thing they're going to be less spoke is Austin learning and more focus on trying to impress. It is the at that age ranges. Year one year main focuses is on the opposite gender and though. I I personally feel that. If that was doing it. The kids are learn as. They're not gonna focus as much on. Learning and becoming the future leaders of our country. I just. I guess I got ceremony if you weren't here but I'm not say when a cameo leaders of our country about their training meant to be the future leaders of our country I I don't wanna mock what he had to say but that to me is. Hard to understand that. Women are too much of a distraction for an eleven year old boy who is training to be the leader a leader in this country like I. I don't understand. The comp. It's sex argument that really gets me I don't I don't it's like you really are you really act carnal inside of yourself I mean I feel like some people who are against this with all due respect are looking at this saying. Opening the floodgates brings in thousands of women to the Boy Scouts MS safety organization and that only. Can lead to sex. Between twelve year olds with the boys had a sex problem without the girls being their guys I don't know if you know about that let's go to. I do I have two boys. That green is the caddy program started they say about all of what if we get to become an eagle school. It isn't bad in that program. And you know. Our is it that they may or did it anyway. Then missed it and all and to be there so why shouldn't they be areas with all the reward. Forward. When did pay in so I think. Well when they came in to point out. That eleven year old a middle school age. When he handed the ball. And we never stop. Oh. Yeah but that they are needing to be here in the air. And you know and and then why. That that would cap program is. A lot of it has to do you think you know when it. They have been I didn't mind. But they've already they've already come out and said it will not camp together. Oh really I met that. Yes and I don't we that was in part of the story from fox for me initially sort of talking about a they will not be camping together. Even even during an unexpected path. As far as I've known and everything I've read. Because of concerns like yours in our previous caller. And a lot of people actually who have the you know that are hanging on all the wanna get in. They they won't be camping together. If if that is true woods is that change your mind Emily. No I think and Erica White Ford girl. That I think that there could be. And I can you know especially with the leaders. As. You know while there are in. Leader in light and did the right anyway. And all the males are as strong male leadership. In. Eagerly. If they're pointing one girl in a true. It can be shaky and you. You know I'll leave union leaders. Even though they. Judy leadership protection. I think that is. Kind of the media and then problem. We got what. Eat that cheese that type of situation. Hey Emily think of your phone call appreciated lead to more calls including Larry to be our our leadoff hitter will get to Russell will get to Eric. Boys. I'm sorry girls joining the cub scouts for about where the first to do around here last Thursday in a problem that. For you cool with that Danny boys in for Jamie today. 5767798. So right to the phones as we're getting your reaction to the news broke late last week about four metro girls joining the cub scouts. Generally great salad first through fifth future plans for girl's to a role in the Boy Scouts won't happen until next year this is off from fox for you can read on her FaceBook page. Go right back to the phones talked Larry in Kansas City Larry your 91 KM BZ what I think about the decision Larry. I don't think the world and let a girl and there a pop bang as the girl. They say they wanna do it because eagle scout matter. Are from the girl out change adopt from the boy scout way. And right there are more or Asia. For the girls that app nurturing for all all. Mean everybody ought to know why they're bad. All they just because. The more top reason that it changed all the oil market we've met the girl out better for the girl that Michael Moore. We all bear. Thank you America and for the phone caller. I I see he's saying and maybe that would. I did cost in doing so this system is already set up the boys gatherings are having this conversation. Is because the Boy Scouts have declining enrollment and the need girls. That's why this congress has happened along with the are out Eddie eagle scout and people say they have the gold. Award the gold member whenever the equivalent it's not though it's not nearly as recognize. As the eagle scout. You know level Google that of the female of the Girl Scouts have some it's the cold. It. Opens up and go now it's not it's. I don't want gold award go old war I think that would apply if I just hours theory if the highest achievement. Four girls. And some say most say it is not on the same level of you know eagle scout and the eagle scout achievement and opened a lot of doors really there it gets beepers. That it let you go. Out it's a and M and he said why not just make that award better I mean from one from around about way to get there he said. Just make them the girls more prestigious. You can't just come out and saying now we're more prestigious. Race. It's. It's like that seen in the office. Where someone tells Michael Scott to declare bankruptcy. And he yells out I declare bankruptcy. That doesn't mean it doesn't need any day you know and I've read. So it's it's not a success like if you put that it if you have two candidates in you're looking at a male and a female your Harvard. And you see eagle scout in gold member award gold award. Then you know. We that the person trying to figure out after looking through all the qualifications well that's an eagle scout and that's what that's part of the reason why. Girls want to join the Boy Scouts is to obtain that highest level of achievement which is the eagle scout. That's one of the major reasons for having this conversation with doctor Russell in KCK and came BZ how Russell. We don't then it's up. Got a couple point one I hate to burst anybody's bubble I'll buy it girl had been an end. Boycott to America. For a long long time through venturing crews. And through export out. He tells more about those to I have no idea what the weather when it went on new. Now venturing and exploring art to different kind of option to scouting. They start at fourteen. And go to 21. And export post usually connected where. Fire police department and sheriff's department in that. On couple of other things Morris. Career exploration thing. But it should run very similar viewpoint. But adds that sounds like Albany's Israel Wikipedia description of an the good at putting an end and Russell. That's the point what you just said there it's very comparable or very close to scouts but it's not actual Boy Scouts and and there. Hold on and let all alleged he's one of throw this out you if those are there and they are so widely known. Then why is this a big deal and wire people freaking out about it. Part of that I thank you guys are tired out earlier in the eagle scout carry a lot of weight behind it. I know it the Marine Corps and I'm pretty sure where all other branches. When you unless. You automatically get promotion where he eagle scout. One thing that I never got unfortunately. Thanks a lot of the club but he let us a broad broad program. Powell and the unit really positive experience with scouting. Yeah well and durst now a lot of girls are interested in camping and the more outdoor yelled according quote mentally. Now that they don't do and a Girl Scouts because it's a different program aimed more towards. I hate to say more feminine by its. And more toward your typical girl yelled that Europe more tomboy at shore. Yes eagle soar more interest in outdoor and stuff aren't going to finding girl got too much. Now they're definitely not and Eric thinks of the phone call I appreciate it and again if it if it venturing and and things of that nature are. Available only venturing starts adding he said it to their fourteen years of me like that. Bend and what do the girls do for the first thirteen years the first eight years. You know or six years or whatever their scalp life. Think you can join is venturing program which got pointing at the high school and by the way by the time we get to high school I will bet. Just again it's that that is when scouts. Drop. Outs of insurer high school. Will be. Scalp enrollment alive. Does handkerchiefs. Night that anti south and I'm just saying it's not cool. In the by you and by the way by students members by students ideas it's not cool to be a boy scout fifty. I'll say this stuck to that because I wanna stay consistent as much as I can even though I'm a huge hypocrite all the time all the time all the time I am brought to 9 o'clock thing is that this is one where I feel like it's kinda you can say. If I really wanna make sure that just but just because kids don't think equal that doesn't mean it is if it's W that's all that matters and who gives a damn about what anybody else right now how I I I Todd Anderson it's a sand. Totally not pretend I don't Clinton or. Right by the time you get to school high school. It's about clicks it's about friends about what's cooled to about wearing what's cool about being cool to be accepted. That's why has the Sox this year inking badge in the boys stop aids let's go to Eric in Kansas City on KM BZ. Eric what you think above four girls to the Boy Scouts cub scouts. Oh well I get some peace. I'm OK with that or control and curls. What they don't want to. It. It what is the girl would have boys don't wanna join the Girl Scouts also environment out of there I've finally that to what they live but if they opened the door and they said all right any boys don't wanna join the Girl Scouts and none did then you would have a problem with. For the treatment Larry Larry Russell people like them by saying it it if it. Boycott social healing and technical optical co. Then the Girl Scouts should make it go up more appealing. Wouldn't take to get people quickly on the report that worker though. Even the quote saying well here too typical of him here doable whistled toward them the other guy out or are. It would make personal battle or are they now what we can't feel like you or. So what flow being exclusive I mean an exclusive apparently now. What's wrong what I I I would rather teach a message of inclusive to be a set of exclusivity to my kids. But I won't accomplish a lot of a ball so what's a ripple all the more difficult. And the school is a rare. There ever be happy with what they'll do like it we have club. Voice you'd have to ask the Boy Scouts about that and actually the Girl Scouts have I think there was at three letter organization that was founded on that Barry. Same ideas why can't we have separate clubs. You know I'm talking about what club but I don't want you to it's there's a lot of parts of the K and then now and is another day. That's why would I have any Danny you have jump the shark when my time when you have an organization. That is exclusive based just on the characteristic characteristics. Of that person that you are no bigger you are engaging in some weird spot gymnastics. There is it the store I'm just gonna go right back here to answer to answer the call us at the same idea when this. Broke. Last year that Boy Scouts were going to accept girls. USA today did this story may ask you know why should you should the Girl Scouts start accepting boys and this is from. Andrea Bastia Lonnie Archibald she's the Girl Scouts chief girl and family engagement officer. She says quote our experiences are created for and with girls I think that's important when we consider what appeals to than what benefits them most. The Girl Scouts are saying now we're good we don't want to the Boy Scouts like you said are losing members there enrollment is down. It's a March Madness bracket waiting to happen we can sit here and can fight society moving forward all we want but the fact is enrollment is down eventually they're gonna need each other and they will become the same organization market out lets get Cameron Casey upon came BZ. Amber good morning our good afternoon how are you that the. They don't. Oh my god all bent. I don't understand why day. Everything would be equal our men and women obviously like our paint should be equal all of those. Like in gay rights should all be equal but. Wink and I mean we would you rate. How caught me is that we get for. Rainfall that I and different from a good laugh about that and growing all I would envoy. And I wanted to be there kicking. Match and my current work by. And at that grow IA has become about her and why and how I love. What I been out for with being. He will now and being. An extra long and in my life. You'd be equally strong poll. Who he is key. And they are world. That we're different and I real. You know my family life and Q nine Mary in my bank. What people out of work I have a place where he will go with an L leader. And be linked to court and while and become. And B album. Like. And that and you think that it allowing girls in in to the Boy Scouts and I don't put words in your mouth to amber right. Would you think of putting allowing a couple of girls to join. Is going to hurt the innate rights of your child your son from learning and being meant toward by a man. There ain't hurting the sport idol girls to all be together and Corey. Are all important. Actual he'd just have to point B employees and the growth at the boy and a ball cap batten down into our. Leading up my front that's out and he's on track to get an eagle. Well meeting. It meant how do you respect women. They pick how you become a core rate. In as Britain and hear how this is how you become a great. Now leader under god. He that her where he. You can't learn how to do. Become his best male self as an awesome has been taught from father in Kuwait who nail leadership at future. Police are. I got to get to a break amber and I appreciate your folk on because of the Mossad the committee heard screaming. And I hate to cut shop like that. But I have no idea. Why a Mae and can't learn to respect women and be email leader. With girls in the same club why do we have to decline gender leaders why why. I mean I understand some people want to guide timing girl time and I look lord knows I love it when I am my guy time with my bros and we watch football and far and drink. The year in speed you know whatever. But why is it or girls like to do that lie is it that guy a boy. Can't be taught lessons on how to respect to women if girls are allowed in the Boy Scouts. That makes zero sense to me. Zero. As a matter of fact and on I have to get to break but it would make sense to me that having girls in the room. Would be a better opportunity. To learn more about how girls feel and women feel at a young age for that. Child that boy that soon to be team that soon to be young man for him to learn. And to absorb the others for other side's perspective. On how they want to be treated. Will wrap it up after this. Per our conversation real quick with a a couple of calls on the Girl Scouts and try to Boy Scouts allowing girls bursts we bring in John in Kansas City. Hey John thanks so much for a hang and we appreciate your patience the floor is yours. Well. And I didn't. I think it's time that we are. All admitting. We start tearing our he had. It airborne. And by. Me. But. You can hear Edgar you know hearing you. You trained. To do good hanging tree and boy it is only saying. I mean you wonder. Why you all. Get along or candles each other and they grow up. Do you worry why well and now. I don't start our Q and what color. And it or being. I. I don't care or want. Girls are. I don't care appear black. Or do you. All. We think here at the point you fearing he nectar you know yeah we could treat. Oregon plan. Oh. Big. Iron right. Yeah mine. And go your rep yeah. And. I. Editor they give the vote gone below hole not the act I did not on these slit your throat drop couple that has the lead that was the he's still better off. That's called Reagan a drop but yet you know sometimes when the highest being called that'll tell me everything all of those lands. She's region. Eggs. I expected this. Year I know let's look wrap this up with Christine hi Christine you get the final word on KM BZ. Arm I. Or violence and I like all it. While it is you know when it up too quickly. And then they'll go into an art well while we. Over an hour on it and what we did the whole. Yeah in the iron. And it is the reason epic account yet did it. And it on the green boy girl. Aren't. Good at what the believe that grow the beer and possible. I don't really really really. Fattening but as our mayor partner Barry. Boy. At all. It'll turn out the purple belt. Like there are. You're able and that human being Eleanor. And I was out there. And then take that big pot. Third in the old man and she she was not named lake there'll. On them. Out in the evening green she had been rather than. I was there. And it. I haven't learned a lot of like nick. I happened at. And it's really very minute and actually. Blake to blog girl call it has it play. I like investment and I like an hour then I totally rehab out at the it. Christine think I'm the volatile stock from the last caller I am sorry. Nine doubtless I was beautiful I know how he acted all I play that Adam morrow began please. The woman says. And remember that. Remember that happening. Is child actors so they become something. I have I have no idea an inmate. We'll have an idea and I mean we of all today. She will we get races we've been racial profiling. In. Sex is we talked about snow flakes. Got a got an alternate a man offended people Allard she talked about allergies. Opted for the army with somebody referred. All black people as Afro Americans three times in the same phone call I was. McCarron you missed a well rounded showed today. Sounds a bit. He's going to be back tomorrow. Thanks Travis walker did he look for the bus thank you man thank you aggregate time I may or may not invite you back that's fight elsewhere it's funny just got a text and the boss be in my office at 202 and though I have to get the guy up. All right four Danny Boyle might wicket Jamie's back tomorrow.