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Friday, April 20th

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Happy Friday. This next story. I'd get outraged by Jamie and I would like you to explain it to us of the inquiry arable outraged should. Tick only those of you that are currently serving or have served in the military. I think this particular story will hit a nerve with you but we'd like more explanation as to why. Streak comes to us out of CNN. The US air force is making it clear that dinosaur puppets have no place and it's time honored military traditions. Levying tough punishments against three members of the Tennessee Air National Guard involved at a viral video depicting a realist in realist meant ceremony. Or a play for you the video here in a sack but let me describe she what you're gonna hear. All three of the individuals involved in the video which showed a female noncommissioned officer taking the re enlistment oath. With a dinosaur puppet on her right hand were removed from their house the colonel Sean administering heels was immediately retire to the rank of lieutenant colonel. And a senior and CEO who recorded the event was removed from his position as a unit first sergeant. But will be retained in the Air National Guard the senior and CO featured in the video wearing a puppet. Was removed from her full time position with the Tennessee joint public affairs office and other administrative actions are under way. What I need a second what the Air National Guard said in a statement about this let's go ahead and play you. The video light at the audio what happened forum. Bitter truth OK. Okay you're okay and religious. No order that you. President of the United States. Space and governors SEC. And the order of the officers. Orders FiOS actual warrant or me an e-book or law regulations according lot inflation. Yeah. You nervous. So she's standing there with a dinosaur puppet on her right hand as were her hand would be raised. And as she's talking the dinosaurs opening and closing his mouth. So she's kind of it's sort of like what you would do to mock someone who's talking you know you're kind of like if if somebody talks too much. That's yeah with your your people do that to the radio from between Senseo you know. Now like you're like oh my gosh talk talk talk talk talk that's kind of the handsome offer talk talk talk talk. Air National Guard director lieutenant general Scott rice put out a statement on Monday. The oath of office or enlistment not only signifies our commitment to our nation that pays respect to our fellow service members and to those who came before us. We as military members answer to a calling of service and present the profession of arms. This action goes against our very foundation. And and we and we had a couple other statements by the way as of Wednesday the video tallied 2.4 million views. I here's here's the thing. I know everybody complains about everybody getting offended and there's always that persons and I never get offended by anything I'm going to benefit you this might be the one thing to get you offended. Is because you when you watch this but you when you see this woman in her re enlistment ceremony wearing a tyrannosaurus puppet on her hand as she's taking the oath. I would assume that if you're a military man or your military woman that this would offend you. Can you explain why this is this is getting so much negative attention. Here's a deal I debt especially when you look at it not as a dinosaur puppet but as I. Not making fun of somebody talking. If you're taking it serious enough on and so does the punishment fit the crime I think is what are wondering to those of us that are not as familiar because this is getting a ton of attention. Major general Terry Kasten who's the adjutant general for the Tennessee National Guard sat. I am absolutely embarrassed that a senior officer Andy senior and CEO took such liberties with a time honored military tradition. Not taking this oath solemnly and with the utmost respect is firmly against the traditions and sanctity of our military family. And will not be tolerated. And I get that. I I I under I absolutely understand that. A couple of two comments going either way on FaceBook and would love to hear from you. On if you wanna see the story it's a butter FaceBook page you may have seen the video by now 5767798. Would you fire everybody or punish everybody in this video or is it not that big of a deal and especially if you're in the military we love to hear from you. I just get why she did I I don't either we have not heard from car. But I would love to know if and concede. Aside. Even if you don't agree with that to why she might have done it some said they thought she'd made the putt for her kids. And that's that's why she put it as part of this really big moment. On I'd get that it's it lacks class in taste and and and honor. But man the person taking the video. Is gone is gone. So give us some insight and phones are ringing off the axle will get it. 5767798. Shannon writes on her FaceBook page people get upset by the dumbest things. That's just a statement I'm mistreating. Meanwhile Matthew writes the military prides itself on standards and discipline these two and the airman take into video broke those standards. And any viral video no less shaming themselves and others I totally understand why they have man. Dismissed 5767798. Filling Kansas City your first up still was so good to get upset about or was it a big deal. It's worth the concern that is being brought to bear on it to discipline is so super important to maintaining our ranks and are. Our ability as well fighters that you have to actually for service as sacred. And furthermore if you're wearing a dinosaur. Puppet on your hand and your uniform you are and you form your brick regulation. So this and you a veteran. Of which branch. Arming the army and this would classified to US or I should say clarify is there are no class this is classless in your print in your impression. No question about it by shock remarks were permission without I would have been browbeat ever given. Probably. Nonjudicial punishment for about a quarter two weeks extra duty all that. Now they've Phil thanks for the phone call more portly thank you for your service that everybody we've got some military members we got a marine Corvette on the line. We got some people go both ways what do you think the woman did. Her her realist it's ceremony her swearing in a while wearing a dinosaur hand on her right hand and as she spoke. The dinosaurs mouth opened and closed I'm doing right now in the studio and in 5767798. Was it disrespectful. Was this. Blown out of proportion. Would you who would you punish if anybody in this video 5767798. It's. Foreign and domestic. Better curve saying. OK okay and religious. Oh orders that will you. President of the United States. Exe and got her SEC. And the order of the officers. FiOS actual court or me it me or water English. A lot relations. Journalists that is. Master sergeant Robyn brown reciting her oath while mouthing the words with a puppet on her hand it was a dinosaur we're asking you right now at 5767798. Should she as well is the colonel who is leading the re enlistment ceremony and they guide that was filming it. All of been punished because they did it. That the kernels shown giving the host was immediately retired at the rank of lieutenant colonel. These senior and CEO who recorded the event was removed from his position as a unit first sergeant Boe will be retained the Air National Guard. And she is reformer post on the senior and CO featured in the video wearing a pop that was removed from full time position. Any Tennessee joint public affairs office and other administrative actions are under way. So many questions we don't know why she did it we don't know. We don't know her reason. But to put also re. I need someone explain to me punishing the person that was administering the. Growth of the first caller we took said completely disrespectful he would have been in trouble had a he is an army veteran. 5767798. Let's go to the Marines and talked to Justin and Kate MB easy just he were in the Marines. Yeah Eisenberg over fighters vertical well one start here. Well we thank you very very much for that we knew her the video or and maybe you've seen the video. What was your reaction to it. I do I laughed. That. I think it effectively punished everybody is absolutely ridiculous. There's multiple pictures of many people read what you various ways. Bill got outraged over the last couple. Key people in the army in what seems storm trooper out its Iraq. Some people on the need be realistic cools a rubber ducky. No doubt about it that just that are sure the thing that bothers them or. Wow okay Justin thank you for your phone call. So who. Is an interesting so the adage in general ban would ultimately make that decision against a desire to. Because I've from following the line of politics to me that's that's where it goes so army. Just keep score army upset. Marines last static and then 5767798. Tyler Euro 91 KM BZ Tyler are you the military. Yeah out in the marine Lee's army National Guard as well I think parents are marked the tiebreaker. Heck apple what do you make of this guy or this woman with the puppet. I could hear that properly did you or in the repairmen aid everywhere and it was more or the first three I think that what that are bigger. So are you ordering and let what black or said that or we're out that you care or serve your country epic proper. And it goes back that you Marie ever in the military I emerge from the very. Tyler thank you for your service and for your phone call let's go to meg getting Kansas City mega Rio the military. For you were in the air are actually the army and Marines yet National Guard what about the the air force what did you think of the video. You know honestly expert called I was pretty upset about it when I want to but after it looked into your black color I mean it. He you don't see people reelect our ability of so. So I know they'll they'll they'll let it wait wait wait wait wait wait wait Magid you'd had your mind changed on the radio you can change your mind. I know crazy. Am I mean yeah I think that initially get it I. Respect to appear yet they keep. It LL. There's a media have been app and a litany of the last caller like that I mean the last caller cursor at UIQ are located at the. The how Longoria the air force mega. It. Won't catch a ball we thank you very much for your service and for your phone call 5767798. Savard just one person. Find that finds this to be pretty disrespectfully can also texted at 22980. A lot of heat on attacks on her finance and disrespectful really people are mad on the tax you don't give the oath when the person you are giving it to you as a puppet on her hand that's why the punishment was that way all the way around. With that person a veteran they mentioned that they didn't but I don't know rated text back on I think somebody else that I think it just implies the oath was not taken seriously. Filming it compounded the problem. Have got some reason I I've administered the oath of re enlistment many times the first words I do solemnly swear. Hard to be solemn with a hand puppet 5767798. Gel in Kansas City Joseph things are calling on KM BZ. Most pro had a doctor or lower that uses some time we depend on and Q. And they're looking out for legal rights are protect them and doctors to look at or held Thursday at. And to think about it you require doctor lawyer fees so. Cavalier. Irresponsibly sorts here in the military commanders. Protecting you. And also exit their lives on the scene and most of us on jobs and keep something in Chinese Egypt and it lackadaisical broadly true. And right it's. We yeah. Taking a joke about it or the person just like Cuba. Partitions or can corners that you sort of body in the river as upload or burn victim as Christie won't. But they were never seen that in public and so posting on video ports understandable question to a decent thing like this that it really and defense types of we should also note that the Clinton line wouldn't you publicly vs privately. And once that doesn't try to reach and Arabs and the options as far as what their superiors have you're they've got a core Mac they can just don't. Gotcha I think of the focal Joseph appreciated. It seems like some of the common themes rearing is on the phones there has to be a little levity in that there is a little levity when you're in the military again. Never member of the military Jamie's. Comes from a military family but never in the military scholar we got to know from you at 5767798. John in Kansas City Iran came BZ is it harmless or is this disrespectful. I. He could do a lot worse things than that just. People just taken. A consultant Victor bout. You think did the people that are seeing this out of the air force National Guard or just. Easily offended. I think I've been in the eastern just great nineteen year. Hall. And now. I've seen an agreement on. Many many ways. That. Person. Degree and what. If it's not disrespectful to any particular. Group. Nationality. Sex whenever. I make make you ought. Exactly is your question why are you sticking with the military for nineteen years I don't find anything wrong with that I just we don't hear that very often. Armed. My grandfather it is the Korean War. I grew up around M. Am. It's a fairly tradition. Understand the plight. I under I told myself I was gonna do twenty years. Am. I've ban him and a lot of different situation. And it's. Given other there's some talk time part time to abandon. I've been licked my favorite for what I've hear of a shift in the blood and I could your uniform. John we thank you very very much for that. Nineteen years in the military and he's got one more and then. Who knows button that is unbelievable job thank you for the phone call me and we appreciate it and thank you for your service Bob in Kansas City. Are you of a veteran Bob. There. It carper stretch out well in the marine during Vietnam. But. I find it humorous Russia personally. That the same as saying yeah military. That crap broke down L. And into the general that it. Edit it out. I believe that. I believe that Bob thank you for your phone call. Thank you for your service we appreciated final word on this goes to billing Kansas City bill are you a veteran. Yes I am. I'm Laurie or. Well thank you for that car do you. When you turn the video you saw the video you listen in the comments where you fall. Opt opt opt out but we note that any period and more I'm all in all that take. Very proud of the beach and art by. Now you don't talk and really it in jail. And a cork young nobody. I mean when we don't take everything there. I'm. Over it doctor Clark still paying an. Arm. The black one. Oh yeah I'm how about that what they when it here. On now. Bill thank you for your service and we appreciate it thank you for your phone call. You can check out the story in our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 91 KMB easy. It is also up on Twitter a couple of tweets to get to in spades rights act to dig around but. At a picture what do my soldiers re upping next to the sphinx in Egypt. Let's see here vex rights I think is that he was stupid but to be honest it's the air force. He put in parentheses army vet I was like when we get branches of the government represented and take shots at each other. And the text line I am a veteran I can see both sides of the story I certainly don't think the punishment fit what they did they should have just been slapped on the arrest. On I I'm surprised me people in the military and this is no big deal. And yet look at the severity of the punishment now again and. Are coming up next. Just for Travis. We're talking guns and it's your birth so Ryan Mack and you know my favorite topic Dillinger you know that travesty is for you on my birthday buddy we're talking guns I love it. Happy birthday to Kansas senator Pat Roberts. Is you can't well at that we've done and the more important well. And of many more or less important to senator but it is birthday is today two you know well says birthday on now for Tony. Adolf Hitler. I've shared a birthday with Adolf Hitler my entire life but again it that's it to meet meet Pat Robertson Adolf Hitler anybody be proud. Share that Earth's violent nothing against Roberts but anybody not. Like Hitler. This or not I'll cover Electra. Is on my birthday school actress Kirsten I Crispin Glover is a member paying. Luther Vandross. On my birthday he's. George killing Turks Chicago Jessica Lange is on my birthday. I. He does not bad Steve Spurrier the all coach football coach. And that's not that's pretty much allied and bucket list of bad I'll take it looked key leaked from the NFL is on and Robert and Patrick. Is there on the barest. I am not a fan of that woman I have seen her being nasty to fans and on grateful for the that I would even say success the fame she's had I am not a fan but only because they've seen it okay fine Joey Lawrence better. There you go back to Danica very. I cannot go. Delist. Any more than Joey Lawrence go Pat Roberts that the senator I'll stick without went today. Because we love Travis Yang has your birthday were attacked on his Friday gunned day why not. I have an ally and the state journal register there. A central Illinois couple and several gun rights groups have filed a federal lawsuit challenging a statewide ban on handguns in home day cares. Arguing the ban violates the Second Amendment Rights of the operators of the business. The state was as it was filed Monday against the state Andy on my department of children and family services. Which sets licensing rules for child care facilities. Since 2017. Jennifer Miller is operated it licensed daycare out of her home in Shelby now that's about sixty miles southeast of Springfield. She husband Darren Miller both have their firearm owner's identification cards and concealed carry permits. But they told by DC FS employee that they could not keep handguns in their home while operating a licensed daycare according to the Los. My computer let me scroll down instead of and act upon us for sec because my computer and balances and feel free to jump and back away at 5767798. Can hear us. The law says the mill would possess and carry loaded and functional handguns for self defense and offense in the family. But refrain from doing so because they feared Jennifer's day care home license being taken away from them by the states. I think home day care is the critical parts down all day care wasn't in their house. They can carry a means to you can carry a gun in your house it's the fact that that same structure. Housing home daycare. Jennifer Miller said owning a handgun is her Second Amendment right adding that she and her husband have gone for the background checks. And a stent and accents of fire arms training she said we are just average law abiding citizens tried to make our way in the world. The Miller said any handguns would be kept in a storage inaccessible to children during day care operations. On the agency's rules say other types of firearms such as rifles worst or shotguns are allowed. As long as there kept disassembled and and locked storage without ammunition and accessible to children. Parents must also be notified that guns are an an ammo are stored at home and lawyers ninety CF rules are restrictive banning handguns at home day cares. Except when in possession of law enforcement officers or other adults were required to keep the gun as a condition of their employment. The lawyers says this is not a lawsuit about keeping guns in the toy box are keeping them on coffee table. This saying we want to behave safely but we also want to defend ourselves right. I don't have a child you don't have a child new I 767798. Like to know if you were right parent abate to your world. Horry three year old and you were dropping him off the dispersants daycare how would you feel about knowing they had guns air quotes locked up in a guns locked up. In the home while your kids are there 5767798. Because this goes back to that guns everywhere bill we were talking about in Missouri. And there were some people on both sides with the thought they should be allowed churches or schools or. Day cares came up and and some hardcore gone right people came on the ear and said look. I own a lot of guns I'm a veteran I'm I'm I'm. Well I am well educated on how to handle guns. But I don't want them in blank and a lot of those places that people had an issue with or daycare facilities so this is somebody's home. Pete that's there's 58 kids that are dropped off there and mom and data that the the daycare providers and they keep guns in the house are you cool with that 5767798. Jamie. I'll be honest I get this'll that. I'm not which do you get the lawsuit I get colossal battle that I I understand. Don't necessarily agree with that but I totally. I'd get it on and an answer to if if you're kids were at this daycare. I understand some some parents. Might feel better about them having gone there to protect their child if that were to happen as long as that guy is secure. Is not anywhere near its all one structure so. I'm gonna go back and forth or for second thought Russell makes some odd I get. Because it is their home. And state law says and federal law says you can keeping Don in York on it just so happens that their business. Is in the same structure. And so log gets tricky here right because it's the same building it just happens at their house the day cares in the house. I also get so I get where they're saying made the loss in now the laws bad year. I get if they say if they want to make the argument I would you should want to have a guns like can protect your child at my daycare. On the other hand. Why can't they just keep that guy and this is again this is where state laws problem on couldn't they just keep big guy and in their bedside whatever locked up or or whatever it is. Is it the fact that it's the structure that's the issue but but I get there I get their side do you think at this daycare should be allowed to keep guns in their house. I think defined in their house I think if it somewhere in the vicinity of the walls that encompass the house I think if you put them. Do is that I don't ask do we know exactly where in the house the state are located. Like is that in the basement. A. Is it possible to keep the guy and in the building. Two stories away from the daycare yeah I mean is it possible to keep a gun in a part of the house were children have no way to get there is a lot of people at home based jacares. Or home based businesses. But like they live on the the upper two stories or something that this is the first level and the living spaces upstairs and they have locked doors that keep patrons their business. From getting to their living space. If that is true and I and I mean they have they've wondered they have kids you know and so there. They're gonna lock up their guns to keep the guns away from their own children. If you can prove to me that the guns are being cat. In a place where the kids can't get them. And your your business license depends on that you know Mickey conditional on the business license you lose your daycare licensed if you're not following these. 89% of accidental shooting deaths of children occur in the home. 89%. Of accidental shooting deaths of children occur in the home. No you should not have guns in the house when you have four and five and 68. You deport five or multiple children running around the house. Your having conflicting laws here than because the law says they can keep a gun in their house so if they wanna run daycare does that mean they can't have a daycare in their house. You know it's like the lot is punishing them the last as you can have guns but if you have a daycare at your house or what have they can't predict some silly you lean towards the family I yeah I gently confront okay yeah I a the lot. The laws bad here I go towards the law. And the law abiding citizen 5767798. David were you come down. It I agree with gave me of I agree with that people made a rookie again house. It would if the parents of the children in the daycare you know it. And hoped they would. And that they should be able deeply involved it. You know locked up here. Paired up. Dave thanks so much Dennis you're on KM BZ debt Dennis do you agree with David that they should be allowed to keep guns in the house with kids around the daycare. I do not and let me explain. The you know. Many people are considered responsible adults in today's society. And responsible adults were guns. However. You are responsible. Adults make mistakes. All it takes is a war and mistakes. Per child pollution it's slightly net home. And I I had an experienced what this as a young adult. Young and cable over. You know what it's forties. I had no likely had a gun on him. But he did it evidently it was uncomfortable for him so he slipped out of his pocket and into the ocean and Al. Well. My three year old boy must've seemed to get. Because a few minutes later come walking on the call and here's my three year old boy old handgun. Walk and torched. Hi. I was shocked I was appalled that there. And I didn't allow a man in my whole again. Arm but even responsible adults make mistakes. So many children are shot now. Just because of the 01 careless action. And all Texans want it's. And it's. It's such a tragedy. That I really believe I agreed that they should be kept out of their daycare. Dennis thank you for your phone call thank you for sharing your story. It's more your phone calls coming up 5767798. An Illinois couple is suing for the right to keep guns in their house while they run a daycare center. Do you believe they should be allowed to with kids around 345 kids 34567. Years old 567%. Fit. 5767798. Again the phone number 5767798. In texted at 2298067798. Illinois couple is suing for the right to keep their guns. In their house they run a daycare center 5767798. Do you think they should be able to. But so is this and battling dozens and Shelby bill Illinois it's an hour outside of Springfield and Gaza south central. And I agree with Dennis who called last by the way. You know responsible adults make mistakes and I think about is not the adult that I worry about it's the six kids that are anywhere between the ages of three in eight or oh overall they are in this particular daycare running around finding a gun just one incident is all it takes. I do not believe this daycare should be allowed to have. Guns. At the lot it's tricky here on an as somebody pointed out if you're having home based business you have to follow business law which is probably why they can't keep the gun at home because of the daycare center the end of that. That's the supreme role players that. At a daycare center in their home. Though. You know what all of the parents of the kids who go to their daycare like the idea for having gone and now that yet but let me ask the parents. That's the interesting part of like if you're a parent would you I wouldn't bring my kid to this and if I had a challenge completely and I will one day. I would not bring my child to this daycare some people would avoid beat I went that and some people would feel better. What about you by 767798. Next up Alex in Kansas City Alex should this daycare be allowed to have guns in the home daycare that they Iran. Egg I'd like. Well. We're used to work for the Irish myself and even have a home office designated as business. In the home what it's only in that portion that is it business you can keep your home and office separate and now. And Jane you made a point about. Sure sure he didn't put that structure. Which means one of somebody have an apartment of the other day here I mean they can't keep it upstairs now. I don't think so and every bodily and it's there are responsible adult did not keep a gun in their pocket. I'm just saying that he took effect at about pocketbook in the capture a matter awful about it. Alex and fear no comment we appreciate it let's go to Rachel in Kansas City Rachel be like this idea or should they be banned from keeping guns in their own daycare. I think. They're. In need now and it between our that they hear you know. I can I can see where parents are pressuring it cork hit Earth Day it's frustrating being. Diet does captain does that but it partner. And an eight. Advance from second and I think the laws are badly who. Shall. I am. G and a six year old. Hiker. Would you leave would you take your kids to this day care. I definitely have bought it like it see you know it say hey you know how we how weapons on there and how. I'm you know leave on earth and that than to show proof that there air lot biting sense that I don't see. Why I would worry about it. Thanks the focal Rachel appreciate it 5767798. Robin Kansas City you're next up on KM BZ. RA I completely agree I think that should be allowed to have guns in their residents especially coming. Up with the technologies. That they have for bio metrics and gun dates and everything else. If they had it you know say that haven't it's prudent and layered it back and her nightstand. And nobody could see it nobody knows it's there but them. I I don't see a problem with the especially lit the term that they can't on the stand at saint. To where nobody can get it but I am. I would deadly that much out there. Fair enough thank you rob for your phone call 5767798. Airing your on KM BZ what do you think Aron. I am completely. Against I had children ranging from nine point one. And it argues that it picture that I would you had a gun and I would. I'll find another danger and the problem I've had a blanket wall saying that they can allow them I might eventually get there. Cannot find a cure. The problem. That. IP is that everybody is trying to come up with a perfect scenario where that person is responsible in the got to make everybody happy. But that's not how we're gonna work you're not gonna get by a metrics on every course during a day. So we'll have to have a point on plate and I like you got. Thank over the phone call appreciate it let's go to Jeff in Kansas City and KM BZ what do you think Jeff. I think it's the best selling point of the day when you go to daycare you're looking at stake here if you wanna know what are your means to protect my child. You have gates yet our suppression system do you have and not attendance. You know that god forbid the worst what happened you know an intruder some angers somebody. You know Ole nuts walks to work. How are you going to protect my child and they show me your birthday. Here are our alarms and over year in the lock box with a firearm in it. A worst case scenarios and I'm sold great. Your bring your kids there. Sounds good Jeff thanks for your welcome and have a great weekend a Latino Euro 91 KM BZ. The Allen answered. I don't know what America does from the past he would continue to make this if you regret never treat it is. Including opiates and toward. And then two weeks ago a parent. I'm proud we have kids Wes salmon now did die or nine. That certainly don't feel that nice daughter because of the game and among boys in the house. That was near and delegation. Not to try to chart the mama that. OK I mean big big guns well what they did could be in to it. Armageddon. I Dublin that he. Has and debate goes. On the month of something happens. Did yeah I am business owner and jumping up and yeah reliable. I've done and said. That would trying to make them. Duplicate medals. Soared and the wind into Asia and now I have Greg did I'd tell them where you go to somebody's talented. Go lower and trick to gave them begun. And and W air I don't know underground pop and mom and yet we're now because. Something hamburger. I didn't look why don't like it Gary young kids. In the video game and somebody wants a bit so that life on continent. They didn't think it makes the volt comment we appreciate it let's get one more final word on this goes to carry you know Kansas City and KM BZ glad carry the floor is yours. Yeah I beat her art that I got our our. Our. Act it at. I. I went. And I. Or are. All. How are. Not caught that act that app and she'll end up. Are. You. Children. Chat. Or tell. Karrie thank you for your phone call the conversation continues on her FaceBook page go ahead and check it out also there we wanted to know if you have a dress code at work. We don't really have won here.