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Tuesday, March 13th

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We give you twelve chances at age two and a thousand bucks here on KM BZ this is your key to cash this hour. Checking my aunts. Not through Texas and 78 at one you have all hour to do so so we can't do it right now you're driving weeks that you get. Wherever you're going in text mug to 72881. So. I certainly is. Anger and then frustration and then saying you know there really should be a line we talk about the next story and what family is going through in rural Missouri stories on the Saint Louis post dispatch. And it starts to milk time fractured his skull after falling about thirteen feet during a camping trip with family and friends. In the fall of 2016. After racing in the town of sells signaled the family finally reached an ambulance by phone. Upon seeing any injury to family was told the unconscious boy who was bleeding from his ears and was having seizures. Would neared I need to be airlifted to hospital in Saint Louis more than a hundred miles north by car. Is then survived and he's doing okay now. But the fate has been caught in the middle of a billing practice. That has Ben causing horrible financial consequences for patience. So the family had health insurance through anthem blue cross blue shield through healthcare dot god on and with the feeling didn't know at the time of the accident was that the air ambulance was out of network. Total bill 42000 dollars. Families on the hook for 32 green and they tried to appeal with anthem blue cross blue shield the insurance company that covered the family time of the accident. Families tried to get the insurance company to pay a larger share of the bill but anthem has refused. On it's called balanced billing and it's simple. It's went out of network insurers. Stick patients with the difference between what the provider built for so what anthem blue shield built for and what excuse me what's. Air eve back billed for and what anthem will the provider. So how does sources air. Cents and the blue shield aid bill for 42000 dollars anthem says were covering ten or eleven. An air reback says fine our rates are what they are the Stanley get stuck with the rest. On some other sources that the reason it's a problem is that to be considered in network means that providers and the insurance company have agreed to certain rates for services. These two entities didn't come up to an agreed rate for services and so because of that kind of fighting back and forth. On some states have passed legislation to limit balance billing to limit what they can charge but misery has not done. And you can't have federal protections that ban a practice because. Air. 1978. Bans any states from regulating the price around to air carriers got that. Some may stay with can't do it because basically they say. That air service a federal thing. States can't regulate states can't put prices on that so the state of Missouri can't pass a law. And there are no federal protections so it would be it would have to be federal law and there's a federal protections in place. So and done has. Balked at the prices being charged by your. X bottom line they shouldn't cost you 44000. Dollars to get your son who is unconscious and bleeding from the ears to a hospital. And the Finley is right when they say this is why you have insurance yeah is to covered this kind of thing and in the moment. I don't know how many. How many air ambulance services are where they were probably not many as rural Missouri that really sparked an ask in that moment. Well RT are in networker network. By the way your access as on that most of there patients and that coming from things like Medicare or Medicaid. And so while layered present the majority of patients that are you back transports have Medicare or Medicaid or are uninsured. So because of that air you back makes up the difference kind of and one of them changing for those that insurance. So if you private insurance your pain got more than. You feel for the family and I wish I hope I don't know this that there's a go funding set up somewhere in and people can rally mean I give we don't know exactly where this was the story of the dispatch we don't 200 miles. From Saint Louis so go and draw your radius outside a Saint Louis wherever that would be. The question we have for you though 5767798. Have you ever had some like this happen what are your struggles. Big time billing wise. That you have had with insurance bills by 767798. Not you're out of pocket luckily because you love or hate the Affordable Care Act but we're talking about. If something was a loophole you were uninsured I mean this is. This prize charge disputed now 32000. Dollars. I mean I don't know how much these people make better where they but the situation is. But she eased it in part because of a fight between and then and the company that runs the air ambulance you know it's it's sort of air impacts as you know no it's their fault an anthem says no they need to cover more they need to charge last an area that says you need more. So on. I and in and in the end because it was out of network the Finley gets stuck with the bill. 5767798. I am fortunate that I don't get very sick very often I don't have a huge outstanding medical history knock on wood. I I've my wife tonight. Right now it's expensive when you're using the hospital and science. To try to get pregnant. That's our struggle right now but we're paying monthly. The next step may be even more expensive. But I don't I don't I don't have a whole big history on this having to spend a ton of money on medical it's. West yeah have you ever considered buying helicopter insurance. No never in my life but but I can deduct it really because you can get a membership. With something like your eve pack for fifty or sixty bucks a month really that would cover you. And we reduce your cost in something like best I can do that it's kind of like remembering to play every writer in your homeowner's insurance. Just like on in the islands part of the reason that a lot of people got stuck was because. It was storm surge that caused a lot of problems and that was an on people's collars and my point is. How many people are really going to get the sixty dollar membership fee a month for helicopter on the off chance. That your hiking and you fall and he really out of network that's what insurance is supposed to cover you know you shouldn't have to get a special membership with the club if this falls in network platelets for exits. It's me and I happen have a big I need to be airlifted and I am. Here that wrecking on the admission and they pick me up in front of KM BZ. And fly me over because they have to just hypothetically is covered by networks and no veto and I mean I would I would have to look at that fifty. Fifty or sixty bucks a month almost seems kinda worth it in case of a 32000. Dollar one satellite time bill. I don't know how many different writers see any death for various different things can happen because as a people and point out you can get. Like an ambulance membership also won his last time you were in an ambulance. Oh for five seconds because Lee was in a car accident last April I would say it one. As a patient. I've never been when a patient either and so as a nation at the ambulance membership on the opt to enter going to be the an ounce. Those I hit a money ambulance right are so expensive so expense of our 576779. They were asking you right now. Was struggles have you had with huge. Insurance bills. The Stanley Missouri is out 32000. Dollars. We got some good ones that are on hold a home ward we'll get to all your answers I've 767798. Text into 2980. It's 1113 here on 91 came easy all right we're asking you right now I'm 576779. Aids. What struggled have you had to be huge insurance bill we're not talking about your monthly premium there was a boy that fractured his skull and rural Missouri. And after. What the insurance company covered the bill still faces a 32000. Dollar payment. For being airlifted in a helicopter. It's because or even back the company that was called to provide the helicopter was out of network and so. Vague it's charge whatever they want an anthem gets to cover whatever they want and the family is stuck dealing with the difference on. Yes I. OK thanks everybody who is texted and 75 texts about time Ron about the amount of money that a membership will cost to my an air ambulance like those. The bottom line is and I and I think you got my point was that most people are not going to get to most people unless you. Regularly hike in remote areas you're not going to pay what Everett is. To get a membership to a club to have an inlet at to have an air ambulance come get you just like if you're wicked night and are generally pretty healthy. I'm probably not going to pay the fifty a month or fifty a year or whatever it is. To belong to an ambulance service because I've never had to be in an ambulance before so why would I throw all that money away. For some it's probably not going to happen but that's what are you back is saying they couldn't. 5767798. Were asking you about the struggles you've had with huge insurance bills and start with Jason in Kansas City I'd KM BZ. Jason what struggles of you add friend. Well there's been here are almost certain older so like this speech. Mark on the board here and it is third at all. Insurer pay you make me. Doubt. It that got built certainly read outs. It. Didn't hospital. Al. Did you say 308000. We ordered. 383000. Yeah and did change but I don't really don't doubt it what. You know I'd let it out where it didn't you know. It is note it is money. Well. It. Is the law. That. They can do. Payment at that. Hospital like well you get up here. No you don't. Go to make money. He thought if you've got to look at issue is light. Or. You don't. Pretty good and as you can just the area. You. All and be a debate you know eight birdies. It GQ you knew. That he got a yeah well. Is worth making. Hit list. Or is it as an urge. All of you here. You are. It. AJ so what what did you do with your 383000. Dollar bill. I bet I set it on and Andre. Are you put them will keep law and it did help. You finally. Got it. Basically it goes a bit lower. I agree okay well you're seeing what it is so much. Harder room right in ports and out. You go off like there's. It. It's already been bought the argue with it out of energy it. You know. They got down two. They can do about 200000. After arguing with you about the on the champ. Eight years old. I don't like it at all here. Man. In any. Public public it yeah I pay everything. It's been happily hit you. There's no doubt I mean here you're right about that Jason and and I. Andy the phone call and they'll be the last time caller but he. To get it down to 200 Korean and I mean I understand. You do whatever you can for your kid I'm not saying you make the choice do you pay for the next 910 years. Or say goodbye to your short your child. It's ridiculous that you have to pay 200000 dollars after the first milled your insurance company cover. Right again this is why you have insurance. Or is it. You know like what what's the point we have an insurance a vitally covers. Elect still owed 200000 dollars after the first million. Right and I guess I know you didn't insurance wicket but I'm generally pretty healthy I mean it's it's knock on wood so I pay for the cheapest insurance I. I actually gave the most expensive because I. Your your role in the dice and you know you're taking the chance that I don't blood pressure and don't have any of those factors that might make it more likely to be sick. So while I'm not rich I'm gonna take. Rolled the dice that you know that the lower plan is going to help me and so I think to a everybody has to by the highest planet Dan what can afford it and just to avoid something like that app. Absolutely and you know Leslie and I are trying to get pregnant or using that as the basis of course for what happened at the best insurance that we can possibly get she added a few extra things that. Are available for me because I'm Amanda yeah we. We go the other way just in case could Amy in Kansas City. Amy what's the most you've ever struggled with financially when it comes to a medical bill. Well I struggle at Everett and mile I had about a 39000 dollar bill. Several right now for my son and he is waiting for his third kidney transplant each 28 ha. I actually do insurance credential laying contacting for doctors for a landing. Fellow IE and at the end and in very well versed in. This whole thing which is a pilot crap. And the majority what I have learned through my experience as a parent and let. Emergency. Services like in violence in there and not contract with provider. And they will be contract in primarily was Medicare Medicaid. Said earlier that that is the majority have to think they leapt. What happens then EA. Out like he said earlier all of that have insurance. They are not likely that American air to make its way not a contract. And they do in the balance Ellie and and in my particular. Circumstance with a bill that I have. It just because the hospital did not get a higher opera's patient. And eight now health service even entered camp he'd go back to port and back and forward. And into Atlanta for what I do for a living. And would probably have. Million dollars or. Goodness bad. You know the east. We have a cap legislation. On. So. I don't want government Eleanor everything like to do you are taking a lamp right through anything like as. That might and is currently waiting for his Medicaid to get straightened out he has Eid Al. Black college we're not in the month. Medicaid and flat June. There saying well he we have an intern so I'm not a day. So for the last three months we've had to pay out of our pocket. A neat idea and that's it yet it's not easy to veto. When you make thirty by about nine year. Oh my lord thank you for your phone call we appreciate it Amy that is that is brutal and and again I. And I wish I had the right answer wish we could say you know we waved the lawn of the government will pay for everything. And he just hearings committees I've 767798. Linda you're trying to KM BZ Linda via restore a little debate got insurance bill. No but you've moved on our. I am air act. Like green. Insurance. Or not. Council which is Obama and and and call at eight dollars a year. And they're covered in thirty. It companies there in connection. 65 bucks ears and sound too bad. I didn't think there when when her. About being 42 out there and a we may not all year bottom but here. People should know more about. Ocean earned I mean it's a it's a good I didn't realize it was that that much thinks the phone call Linda and your helper they're sitting next deal. But a final look at the list you know it happened to check boxes during open enrollment figured out what I'm campaign for that campaign for that. On the eve for the four times a year that I may go hike. I just don't yet you can't afford to to add everything at some point you say OK I don't in now. That something that I'm gonna take a chance that I guess the next major charge 32 and. In a bit of UQ when you stop the elections of everything right yeah point do you say OK that's that's enough I can do 37 bucks out of every check I can I do 51 dollars out of every check and I do 57 dollars on average it does you know you're relatively healthy ads. Which is where your phone calls I've 767798. What other stories do you have about out of control insurance bills this story about the boy Missouri. Is up on her FaceBook page to check it out an air ambulance bill of 32000. Dollars right back to the phones at 576779. Gates we're asking you about ridiculous insurance bills you had after incidents or or maybe just care that you needed. He doesn't texted at 22980 Casey in Kansas City here on KM BZ what you story Casey. And a half hour why try and how bad it can't. Bad ambulance came into. I. And look at the court. I. Hate it. Just comment. On the UK. And then catching up. At. Eight PR the other part of it according. To our. Wow so if it's just calling 91 line to make sure that your husband was okay cost you 500 dollars. I'm in shock at Beijing tried to get up at. Eight I don't know what creates. I'm really looking I think calling him and I would get a call I don't know. And you know I hate it as as much as that's probably financially smarter isn't that scary it is sailed just get the car so there was a Grey's Anatomy episode. At that no I'm serious column on a because there there's a case where. It was her hiking and they were used at wrapped hiking. And they were at an area where they couldn't get good cell service or something and so instead of waiting for the ambulance to com. Dad drove the kid and hospital instead. And doctors met them there and the reason they don't want is socially you have some kind of injury the reason they want an ambulance to transfer UN this is where insurance comes into play. Is that you could end up hurting. That patient mole and by transporting a minute that case that's what happened dad moved the kid the wrong way. And left and Harold as I believe it yeah and so Daschle earned him. Let's doctor Randy in Kansas City and KM BZ what's up Randy. Bay Area there are doing okay. This this is something that's really. I'm just now beyond what that that I had what was your beat the blue. Need to go back to work thought he'd checked out lectured about promoting or went to the immerse your. Doctor listen to me breathe. Nature sounds okay but Hitler probably below at least equally actually get a chance to break. All he didn't listen to agree I got to build the other day from the ER doctor not pick it out. 950. Dollars given sure. And Sharon in yeah a good insurance. They'll pay a 147. So a year out they hear about 800 bucks. ER doctors according to my insurance spent most of them will not join the networks. That are out of network. So just like the other guys said they and balance bill you. Big bill you have about eight iron to it but first. Right at a burn him with into registry. As ugly as hell yes. Yeah yeah. Do not reveal them by them then they won't let you bet my insurance go up even called down which means. All they would say it's wiwa. They are the phone call Randy polyps are you to go through that. Let's start to Mike in Kansas City on K and easy Mike what's your story of a bum insurance bill. Well aren't actually have the benefit how that a about four years ago I had my appendix burst. And here Russia closest hospital because burst there talk. Brett. But. Because of hospital alerted to create portrait others it's. And be able to cover absolutely and about 40000 dollars were first and. 42. Thousand dollars. Yes sir. And it Zetterberg didn't go without that they were took it to the piano player died. Oh gosh. So I mean what what is your payment plan with that might get a yeah I mean what timeframe they give you pay 42 grand off. Lombardi years and counting now until slightly. The lawyer. She's been like team man thank you for your phone called for your service 42 grain for having your penned experts from. My dad is on the my dad and the VA is is messed up there there's some problems in my father. Is on that insurance and they covered nothing they they don't cover in anything. NC it's it's it kind of depends on the experience that you have that's different. My dad was also an VA hospital for several months free guide. And they covered every dime he was just in the hospital to recover from haven't heard before removed and that was a 100% covered that was fifteen years ago sixteen years ago but at the time they covered everything. It's not like that would everybody now I'm glad stuck to Martha in Kansas City or 91 KM BZ Martha what's your story. Where Al. I believe we went to the hospital by ambulance several times we were in the middle of a bankruptcy we were paying back. And so we have no extra money. And my house and actually add it insurance I'm on is insurance. Or pretty decent but anyways the ambulance right. We both can't re ambulance right at after the bankruptcy but we could incorporated into the bank that we were saying back. Anyway the 45 minute right it was like 650. Dollars. And our insurance only paid 300. Although they ambulance right we have 2015. So we're self saints can sum up that it is it's elections so. We're still saying I'm on the ambulance right. And then I'd get insurance last Lee and I and meet my deductible insurance. Surgery last week and I have hey. 885. Dollars that they are going develop 125 dollars for the rest will be out. Very year in history would check out was very nice. Well at least they are does. He didn't that favor. Are there are people won't work with you. You know if you explain your circumstances let other people while. Understandable I think you for your phone call Martha we appreciate it's let's talk to Billy and Lee wood on KM BZ go ahead bill. It was a car couple calls ago about go into the ER as my listeners just to see if he's cleared to go back work. And you know. People have to become prudent. Choppers. Healthcare services why would you go to an ER yeah equate them back to work. I understand correctly whether your own doctor or were damaged goods so locked in Eric center. I think ERE or not the character or emergency room that. So I feel for his need that he got it pays 900 dollars but it pretty good quality that you are really eager. Decent idea bill appreciate it let's sneak in Maggie in Kansas City Maggie what's your story. I am actually mean it impact my second child. And them I gave it to him naturally out of Medicaid then I can't just get out I'm upset I'm back in the nineties. They charge Medicaid. Actually I never had any operations and much I'm Scott everything but in my medical records. Doctor that would open and that. It's after I hit it to my second. That doesn't run through about it. That access to practitioner check my intentions but actually it's medical records and that's what charge to medicate. The state Medicaid. And it's to say I mean and listen and it has been and mom and I don't know what can tell me extra. I have absolutely no idea Maggie and I'm sorry you had to get through all of that. Hopefully you're doing a lot better these days final part of this goes to Gail in Kansas City guide yield the floor is yours. I I had a comment concerning Lee insuring you can get for the helicopter. Yeah what some people are not aware of this that there are multiple helicoptered. Out fair. And they are not all interrelated. And labels and the closest one that is available. So it's and the insurance to 59 dollars a year are like 12100 dollars like. Yeah we actually some people call with with what those numbers get we appreciate the other focal thank you so much. Odds are FaceBook page you can go ahead and check it out there FaceBook dot com slash 91 KMB easy and just some of the numbers people are thrown out. I guess lucky the only time that I had a genuine medical emergency was planned Saturday morning gallbladder attack and on this is where. I'm calling my mom has been an. Hung out like six hours and we waited and the closest hospitals and he was seen near Ponce from where one has. At the time I didn't think it was Saturday morning I didn't think about whether the hospital was covered. I knew to go to the emergency room based on I knew that was in the earth and I am not an urgent care thing. By the way my mother used to run an emergency rooms at ER. That was why it was an honest or just a but I do an ace you're gonna need surgery. To get this out I ever asking multiple different questions about are you sure that's covered. Usher in surgery is covered because I was where people would act gallbladder attacks where they treat the pain. And sent home and I'm not necessary and remember the doctor saying to me. The term was like this is the island. This is the the treatment for all you know if you look and it's this is the treatment for a dollar attack is to Abbott yes it would be covered by insurance. But we're thinking should be calling somebody's getting clearance department ER and it's. It's kind of amazing number of hoops to jump through just to be treated yeah right and just. It's messed up in general at the right answer is in Canada who is right and we don't make it political but oil boys and a FaceBook page glad and check it out. We've been the key to cash or you'll give you two and up next. And Travis just through this to us. Imagine what you would spend on a pet what this woman spent on hurt seventeen. Year old cat. Will blow your mind. Also play about a woman who doesn't or about medical bills ever again. And and because she wanted to hunt money and the judges ruled under anonymity and I'm batteries you have line. I don't know. My alike get. I'm now. Teacher know that a puppy now to. Know and article ex. No I don't coming out that's a wrap this hour. It's human it's in his day. Just seen a reader Karen Travers and ABC with the latest. On a Rex Tillerson out as secretary of state will hear from ABC's Karen Travers coming up after the nude news also under the keeper to cash for you coming up shortly elected now. I don't like the story that you word and teasing going into the commercial break. Is that we're saying. Well yeah it's it's just say what you got and I'll listen to it as long as I possibly can there and I. And that point Travis can just maybe cuddyer had yet that's by that point honest at a time dot com a teacher junior high school in Preston Idaho. Has been accused of feeding puppy. To a snapping turtle headphones off in front of a class. Prosper Rosalind is a biology teachers being investigated falling he reported incident at Preston junior high. Local superintendent mark disease said a statement that he regrettable circumstance involving some of the biological specimens. Had occurred on March 7 during an afterschool animal feeding session. The sheriff's office there is investigating him after reports of animal cruelty as well. He is still working at Preston here hide pending the investigation. And they put out a statement saying. Members of the community Yzerman patients on parents had said the puppy was deformed and dying. Adding that the session was very much the circle of. Would you like to know more. Have to Dowell. I'd have to do with a okay. More warm there's so that was the that was the brief version. They are emphasizing that at the time. None of the safety or students who was compromised. On. It was unclear if the dog was dead or alive when Crosslin fed it to the turtle and although it did happen afterschool hours some students didn't witness the feeding. He has a popular teacher has exotic snakes and other animals and tanks around his classroom. Three former students who asked not to be named said they were called Crosslin feeding Guinea pigs to snakes and snapping turtles during classroom demonstrations. Some students said they thought it was cool because he brought science to life. And yet despite that superintendent says they're taking action to make sure this never happens again. Just go a little too far this. It's going too far because it's a dog and we look at dogs differently new militant hamsters and mice and he said it. The story said it was a deformed dog that was dying anyway act. And clear of the dot was alive or dead at the time put your child psychologist hat forming in tell me what this does does this mess up a kid. Strong all so these. Our eighth graders I believe kind 9 AM and I don't know about you but when I was an eighth grade we dissected frogs I did that and I was in high school chemistry or biology we dissected cats. We did not do that so old although you could opt out of that if that was something that you couldn't handle so it's common. To see animals a little more close up. On it and they do you this lesson line you know the cycle of cycle of life it's the circle of life and the food chain. It's black I'd tell you I don't I don't even want the imagine. No all of that. And there's something to me that's different between opening up a fraud. And I and seeing. A live animal consume another animal yet in a school that's to me that's a little. It's it's the fact that were witness saying what if it was a snake eating amounts. I think excellent trouble with it if this I have trouble with the wide animal eating. The other animal and I guess I'm a little more OK as long is the animal being eaten is dead. In this case that is unclear. Renewed the dog was deformed. We don't know if it was dead or alive. On if it wasn't. It was soon to be probably. And I assume that this kind of thing would have been approved. Somewhere in the that I would think. And here's not banned. And there have been no consequences for him and a police report was by animals team possibly is what he will be facing it'll be interesting. If today how that how this plays out because if he has done a war. Get a hard time charging him this time because he'll say have done it before and nobody every complaint this is the first time. The school there's a better. To do something if he's charged an animal cruelty. There's a better way for that deformed puppy to end its life. Then to be fed. Two was snapping turtle. And thank you to the texture a mouse is a part of a natural diet of this day right diners that would be a natural thing this is. Snapping turtles don't eat dogs this feels like it at all about teachers being creative and doing things to keep kids' attention this feels like something that was done more for shock huh. But even though it was done after school. So was not done as part of a regular class and yet there were students that witnessed it of course is he wouldn't do for himself right to complain if you just from Zell. So are of oats sadat's. The visual of an and the audio in my head of a crying puppy being fed to waste snapping turtle up. Is awful yet detector that's all alcohol but it cricket to the snapping turtle yeah but alas traumatic experience. And move on from from that to a better story. I. What would you do with 191000. Dollars but sag and say you won the Lotto and I gave you nineteen tax free dollars. Coming vacations. It in a lot of career forward. Yeah realists are real good pretty good spanner ends up like a University of Baltimore professor use that money to save the life of her cat her cat was seventeen years old. In the ended professor spend. 191000. Dollars paying off a kidney transplant. Quite the darn. I do I I I'm not a big cat fan but I don't ever want to see are brought to cats. Put 191000. Dollars on a seventeen year old cat kidney transplant wow. Because what's life expectancy of a cat eating seventeen years fifteen years Max. Cancel them 1415 will be lost rivers a week and a half ago. We spent a lot of money trying to get him well knew we spent. And around 3000 dollars and in a matter of like four days and we would've spent more. Had he survived and he did not. With nineteen grand for a 73 rivers was nine. This cat is almost twice as old. As a rivers was when he passed I chest oh lord. The professor at her husband paid for the surgery out of their limited savings they had to ditch plans for a new car. That just seems like a lot free nineteen year old cat. That's just allotted go but if it's your if you have the money and answer soul mate and that's your best friend link is sadly and I. We've racked up some pretty X extensive credit card bills tried it did to keep rivers around and I I get it. But nineteen. He'll blow away. Is there are a number. Where you're in the of that and it would've sat CU and. What what's the number that you would've sat in the weekend I'd I'm not making that that mean I'm not ten. Mean we have back up credit cards for emergencies and probably would have gone into that I think in nineteen was too high. I'm thinking nineteen was to lie leads probably would not a spot there was a number that you could have put on it. And how we decide about the that the price of medical bills for people. The price of medical bills for animals is in were incredibly high it is incredibly. High.