Midday with J&W: What is wrong with being a gay teacher?

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Friday, April 20th

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We are talking about a story in the Kansas City Star. But Michael hill a former teacher in Seneca Kansas. Former because after getting several threatening letters. After he came out as gay he has decided to resign from this districts out earlier than expected and moved to a a more welcoming environments on the first one that he got unease you concede is on our FaceBook page and a weren't there some language in these that is pretty rough. On the last line of the first letter I think sums it up you need to be fired and you can take your day ideas with you facts are not welcome in our schools. Let's see mr. bill our school board don't got the guts to do what's necessary I've said bags are not welcome in our schools you're not a good role model for kids and are you live and a lot about your schedule you to watch your back as I ain't alone we want you gone that queer. The third one I clears will burn and so will you don't take my friends and I. Eight's what after eight still after a year and yet don't think my friends and I ain't still after he'll. We don't want fags in our school. 5767798. You also heard it called we played there from Joseph just before the break who won it gays to die. Because that's what god wants or something along those lines. 5767798. Take a few more your phone calls and and switch gears coming up a debate Bob in Kansas City your first up this hour on KM BZ happy Friday about. Thank you. I I strongly that call that reality is at Indian guy OK but so is that type of hatred Ngo. I'm I hate that god doesn't want that burn in hell he wants. Because spectrum and you know. Acknowledge that there are simple and act of forgiveness I mean secret like that hatred no not curtain. It's hurting everybody. In Indian school teacher they keep in good teacher and not try to beat my children that he is it's okay to be that way. I have a problem. Ferran I don't bet Bob well said thank you for your phone gold and we appreciate it let's talk to I'd June at. In Kansas City on KM BZ I June. Like the reform mean what he was saying is exactly right I'd bet that hate any thing about but everybody. Architecture. And I don't agree with contextual but it's not my way of life they don't tell me how to live I'd tell them how to live. Got a lot of bad that we and other people and I just think that what they said got a bad guy. Hate anybody no matter what chair like silent and I at this. That I was just ridiculous thing that went on to them in jail. But it is in jail. Yeah happy I architecture and that and I mean have been interred my entire life and we are taught that. And not did pay you. For forgiveness and I'm on my blood pumping out my heartbeat and not say that trip back and made me so that because that's not it. That's our bit of everything except it was at that teachers out there. If he's not forced from Atlanta Plantronics children I don't see why he was it at a town. There's nothing wrong with them being a teacher just like everybody else for homosexual or. Thank you for your own gold you and stock to Scott in Kansas City on KM BZ I Scott. But he lets undermined today's air. Roy under reaping what they did yes you read it could call it bewildered fine. He you know they'll come out wide view epic. Is is coming how wrong is being gay wrong. What corporate. I would I would I would I would agree with you exit of course it is but you feel being gay is wrong. But it is that the that the wrong got the wrong. It's hatred wrong. It will be lectured there Greta but what went wrong yet. Big hypocrite they're definitely don't know on a tight. And my only weapon against the look actuality it my boat that the coal. Other now I'll Autry with that will be treated well whenever I don't like. I'm not an usher can understand you conceal tree so with respect but don't be you it you know like Scott and and what I mean if if if if someone is gay. Your mindset is treat them with respect but don't come out and don't tell anybody don't you and live a sheltered life. And are now using need to declare welcome. To. You know don't do that to keep your belt. I ask a question. He didn't come out in the classroom and he came out on national coming out day but it's not like he gave a speech to his students about. You know whatever sex life is like a home run and from what I heard from what people said it was pretty common knowledge already in this town that he was gay. So does they're being day the question asking as having taught the schools I think it's pretty content common knowledge. If they heterosexual teacher is married because he or she will reference his or her wife and a classroom does he get to do the same. Gordon Roy with the consequences. Before it shouldn't people thought about it though are people want back good jobs will wit your okay what the work. You know what the consequences. That are coming out and get in applaud them back packed their credit back. I don't think he did it for attention. No well then what does a backpack was a backpack and a. I would say maybe you don't get OP. Population now speculate on gold at us as we. Yeah I'm ready you don't do it maybe by now I'll feel better are they brought me my shoulder. What is the reason he came out was. He has students in his theater program. That he is aware our gang. Or want to come out but don't have the courage to you because they're worried they're not going to be supported and what if he knows he's a leader in that school. And if he comes out that it will teach those kids it's okay for you to be who you are. I think you just nailed it I do I don't think he was doing it for attention I think he definitely felt some relief when he came when when it comes out especially in a conservative place like small town Kansas. I think there is so much pressure on you to be straight and if you are gay you grow up that way. And you report that much pressure that much thumb on you it's almost like you're being viewed as an and I don't you know. I understand people have their religious police like Scott doesn't like others do but you are being taught that what you are is wrong. And and I don't think he was looking for a pat on the back and it was looking to breathe a really good he was looking to great. And given frankly and and were realizing it today unfortunately. To a certain degree. I can't believe that being gay is a choice that anybody would make given the degree. Of discrimination and grief and hate that they still get. What you need to get a called. Cleared of back all the time you know you get yelled at people saying no real live and know your schedule all the time for being a straight woman you know it it it seems like a lifestyle that comes with alliance. A lot of people not like you simply because of a choice that you make. And I can't believe you are are you arm via site I don't know who would who would choose let's go to Debbie in Kansas City Denny your 91 KM BZ. Well thank you. Element. I think. The comment that. How irony. That I didn't let opera. You got angry. At your party are very is really and a lack. Point out that it typically speaking there are in that oil and come out and he should be able. To be a bad. We streak people who are not sure about. Color pattern back again that out or eight people. You know. On TV. And here. Oh people at a man and a woman holding him wanting it and and children. And I meet here. I'm a majority. That you're at BUR and let. Hi art yourself. Try it. Eighteenth debt. LA belt and it not to change it but it. Went. In the art I. I. And it did it. It out and Alan Dell out. Pat them on our debt there and count me and you aren't really sure it straight and let. Do you other people. Now Debbie thank you for your phone call we appreciate it final word on this goes to mark. In Kansas City might go ahead in the floor is yours. This afternoon and Britain aren't there quick as. No law was not for nine to secure that remote spot on the tenth amendments that would Christ came he brought the new law. Which in Lubbock neighbors about him. I had come to Jesus moment where it's militia. And I gave them aren't. He's the judged very harshly. Very critical by the likes you. I am a Christian. And but. Long story short. I was posting pics could that had gastric bypass surgery. And he's. Although post and like FaceBook page and confidence or use in your wiper that such so good news you guys put tremendous out. And that little bit. Not judge me for war auditorium now. He didn't judge me and so might come to Jesus moment is. We are who love those people. No matter you know there structural you know preference. In the first couple of one another I might not agree with that is what style. Which is my own up to you know choice. Bet you or me. But I am in love that person that's like you know Chrysler what I do is love one another and we just need a little bit more data or remarks artist of the mark standing. Thank you for your phone call mark we appreciate it. Conversation at a pace of Beijing go and check in FaceBook dot com slash 981. KM BZ it's therefore you have you can read the letters that were sent to this teacher Michael hill in not in Seneca. So coming up we need some insight from those you view that have served in the military or currently serving we have an incident. With a that was at retaking of the oath for realistic re enlisting. And the post that someone took in the Tennessee National Guard and what she did. In the swearing end and the taking video that has gotten her into other people in a really serious stroke. We'll tell you might you'll hear it we'll do that coming up next here on Kate MB easy 57677. A bit. I. I was bad. I tried it I. Okay this Nissan as you can your finger on India ya I like to cut happens trying to cover my mouth and hit the cloth but at the same time mommy birthday alleged that happens when the first time that opener here. 576. Fits the fact that. I'm so sorry if you if that exploded through your radio might mice and what this up forced it out islands to. Exact number that. Our ID zero or 5767798. We would like to hear from those in view. Anybody can golf course but those of you currently or had served in the military. In response to the punishment that was given by the three people involved in this incidence stories Odyssey in Emmerich play the audio here in a second. And the air force is making it clear that dinosaur puppets have no place in its time honored military traditions. Levying tough punishments against three members of the Tennessee Air National Guard. Involved and viral video depicting a realist cement ceremony all three of the individuals involved in the viral video. Or removed from their posts on the video shows a female noncommissioned officer. Taking the re enlistment oath with they dinosaur popped it on her right he. So I'll she doesn't trouble. The carnal shown administering the oath was immediately retired at the rank of lieutenant colonel and a senior and CEO who recorded the event. Was removed from his position as a unit first sergeant but will be retained the Air National Guard the senior and CO featured in the video wearing a puppet. Was removed from her full time position with the Tennessee joint public affairs office and other administrative actions are under way. So we're gonna play for you just that picture is a Tampa yeah. People move their hand when they're trying to box them is talking too much about black and register your you know yes that's she's doing with that puppet she's dinosaur as if it's talking. While she's being given the other hand is raised he's doing. Exactly as as explained. Foreign that's why this. They're true OK. Okay you're okay and religious liberty. All orders this movie orders president of the United States. It saves and the governor of Tennessee yeah CE and the order of the officers. Viewers of the officers appointment or me. Me or according to Laura Bush according to a lot regulation. So yeah got. Murderers. He. That was the oath for the re enlistment into the air force National Guard and a question is. Was it an appropriate. Was it classless. Or. Have you seen this before you find it funny 5767798. I was not in the military you are now out of the military we'd like to know people who have been or are currently in the military what you think. This how bad is that's how bad is it because that seems pretty severe and EDI adage in general put out a statement. Defending it explaining at major general Terry Kasten the ads in general from the Tennessee National Guard came out and said. I am absolutely embarrassed that a senior officer and senior and CEO took such liberties with a time honored military tradition. Not taking his oath solemnly and with the utmost respect is firmly against the Russians and sanctity of our military family. And will not be tolerated it. 5767798. Even if George in the military we'd love to hear your opinion of this as well like Indiana and Kansas City. As Dallas update and or you in the military. Yet a lot and I both retired the active duty. Enlisted. And we get caught in Yuba. Re enlistment ceremony we've seen we just thought it was a complete mockery. Of all that we sort of armed are disgusted myself. This guy what Braintree and by the way what great great United States navy will thank you for your phone call India more portly thank you for your service. William in Kansas City was this. All well and good or is this an embarrassment. That's compared net it was mocking the the opening com. Oh in the army for twelve years. We've been multiple special. Everywhere go directly when the world he's Barack. People. Army meteor. Like at that and an off the ball helicopter. Earlier. Regularly. And we had. Quite match I like remembered regret what. I. While the commander in the co pilot seat in Leo. Now that looked like partnered probably like what we're expecting at the airport now regard. It was a mockery. Buried there they would and. Thank you for your phone call William thank you for your service what about John. You're on 91 KM BZ. They all. I felt saint sentiment the I think it was a complete embarrassment and a mockery. Of time and tested in true tradition of vote realistic in the military. And it in the shape of our politically. Correct in. Right apart people's feelings climate that we live in a under longer and bad singers did recently decked out. If you're right now are no it's my Gator below certain runoff but also in each site may go cry. See that to me it sounds contradictory John I mean if if why would you be so offended me to save space if you're what does field doesn't get offended and it is safe space. And your feelings were hurt it almost is it it and I I have no dog in this fight other than I respect our military and everyone who has been in it. But is this really that big a deal Europe set about a job I mean couldn't someone say you were being offended by something that is just. You know a re enlistment. Now saying happened that that lesson. In advance by you know and it about people. That are better. Mean apart or fate will be former United States of America. It depend. And be a part of and then put up an owner I'll. Or who knows what reason because it was Q wondering I think you about signing up to dock for your country. There John thank you for your Oklahoma for an appreciate it 5767798. It is interesting to hear that when we talked about this earlier and we took fifteen phone calls thirteen were from veterans who said. Not a big deal and I laughed I've seen things like this I saw storm troopers take the oath and now word the first three up. Have gone the other way it is and it's funny now it to me to see the difference 5767798. Tim in Kansas City sim thanks for Colin. Well. It's here in the air force and all mayors I don't have an issue at all where they are here and there are in talks are wondering that since ceremonies on. And all that thing into the job in the days and I'd hate to building stuff like that. The HE wanted to make degree or kids that school at all. But it works hole. And almost elite agency is here and these are pictures in a year or. Don't post on line that they issue the order. All of dispatching a post promised that they post on line exposed themselves and you know at the end date it's what public perception that all that matters. Understandable Tim thanks for your photos better curve saying I'm OK okay and religious. Liberty. All yours that movie orders president of the United States and it saves and got her Tennessee yeah there CE and the order of the officers. Whereas FiOS actual formed over me everybody bullhorn who Laura Bush according to a lot of regulation. So. Nervous. It. That was they will they re enlisting in the air force National Guard that she did so taking that oath with a dinosaur puppet on her hand were asking you especially if you're in the army. Navy air force Marines Coast Guard. National Guard was that offensive. She was removed from her full time position with the Tennessee joint public affairs office other administrative actions are underway. Other colonel who administered the elf was immediately retired as the rank of live lieutenant colonel and the senior currency over the whole thing. Was removed from his position as a unit first sergeant Boe will be retained in the Air National Guard what it punishment and how about wasn't. 57677987. Kansas City thanks for hanging near I 91 came BZ. Definite guys. I think that doesn't and his William please sign a contract we signed an object you are now government property. You you're so technically dogs and even up and he could be used DMG. Did you order you universal. That it just. The biggest cause domestic post posting online the seat. That's the evident that the got beat United States. To prosecute them and to understand. Now the as the punishment child that's that's a matter of opinion. I see worst punishment for a lesser crimes I've seen harsher punishment and he thought the punishment course and so. I mean again it's on your opinion my ideas I think that is served in the. Thank you for your phone call appreciated Sam. Thank you for your service. Led stock to Brenda you're a 91 KM BZ hi Brenda are you veteran. I am I'd. Coming up front on Lanier's. A National Guard. I'll wonder we thank you for that what he's in the video and the audio that you heard. Well liked her. Shop. No it was a high. Has shocked it make now I think it ate at me and JER your comment being hit and the you know it took it and you know and it really paying. I don't know I it's not punishment or eat. You know when you get down Jarrett. There may. Pat. We cannot say that in to question their leadership ability. And will not only. Can't they make that decision. People are seeing them in that help reassure people that hate. And you know it sure you'll see all your leadership takes like that so lightly. But questions. How will people all of them. Good question we thank you for your phone call Brenda and for your service Shawnee Kansas City aren't KM BZ is this big deal shot. RBE Gilbert and actually get kind of people some of my under there but. So I'm actually universe urgent now. Yet 200 young voters that he be now. I even had a folder that. Meet the film. Something as. Ridiculous as what that would. They would have gotten in trouble that maybe they're at the. Deep they're oil oil oil in their face would've been beaten into the ground. Does that mean that you push. Oh OK I I don't speak military I'm glad you clarified that a Mike while that really would have been a little harsh in my market. That just are acting that would have been that Russia would but what people are getting the last line video. The last few lines of the have to view it. You Obey the orders the I think that they ignore governor and the officer's point of being officer was. You're videos. That you comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the uniform code of military. Both of those were disregarded. During the service. Like. There to guard because the court is administered their regulation for everything in the world. And energy regulation on how to administer and let him and reimbursement. Oh. And that is not part of very scripted it very. And it's very sacred. And in order you. Invalidate. What sure what sure fermented to. She proved that site. And she's been making me able. That was there curl administer the leader lieutenant colonel you lucky ticket bought it out to look at. First certain what he's eating right take it away. Many lucky of course our production. That the war should have been polished probably don't. Is the soldier herself. Because they're sure that leadership and that'll I'll hurt you. And you know if if leadership that Beltre. And why wouldn't you think it's. Chunk think over the phone call I am blown away by the reaction in this hour and and I don't know the difference because we talked about this about three hours ago. And it was completely. The other way now we have veterans of all branches. Calling up air force Marines army navy calling in saying. It's not that big a deal I've seen this before people need to lighten up and today arms are in this hour Jamie we are seeing completely the opposite of that. That's down. Yeah on and tax on penicillin that to her although a lot of people are saying it's disrespectful. On. Most is respectable thing and overseas and slower. Disrespectful thing you've ever seen. Austin for US Marine Corps texting and give a response to the video must respect disrespectful thing I've ever seen swearing in on the oath is no joke just sickening. Look I did. I've never taken it and I I'd that's why were asked in military vets encourage members to call. How about Mike in Kansas City Mike was this a an embarrassment or no big deal. It open over the great I don't think I'll make it. I'm not saying that they have put up with a bit under the that I accept that labor that's what I think. Did you or did you do this. No now there are here. However look at Kremlin and or certain in the 101 airborne. And he went during the first gulf war came back with a new disease with an awful lot about in a word mortar are yet they weren't. One of the anger and apparently he actually there attic I would give courts say. Was down. And the first let that happen they had a general commander pirate off certain public debt. A group of guys there would not shut up. I mean. You know they could fiesta and a crowd which two or three times and finally my body went up to the mark on and he starts to occur well. It is the best impersonation current draw you'll ever year. Stuart thank. All playing in people's Kirkland potentially everybody start laughing. And then he would hand the Mike over to somebody ill. Well from then on out there the meaning officer had him do that every time to hold liquor and now he would like he would now from then on out. No and first to go. So I don't I don't know I mean. A little bit of disrespect that. IE. I think duplicates and that's about it it is. I think we've had a lot worse I mean they're. From the general public yet. What they're. People underneath them hadn't affairs. Remember the the thing with the year. A pilot took up like it was a sky hook the word call that number that at all of that. They like better or more disgraceful that's right here I think Pete we're trying to be cute. And. The military's. They'll like cute. No it it it would not appear that way. And Mike thinks your phone call and for your service and a friend final word on this goes to can in Kansas City guide to the floor is yours. Afternoon people yeah I was in the air force toward reporter's diary listed for our. And I've always do the right way you do your commander's office where the flag there and witnessed and you say get. Just like Expos beat certain book. And any deviation from that you're out in the big picture but. Yet. I got in trouble district instrument both wrong when they had she cute duty. And they got I was picking up cigarette butts for a month after my regular job. And during that term is cutesy cute beauty like water. Squander mascot policy out toward the border first circuit and they got more trouble. So yeah you've got to watcher base and do a piece that you belong to them seriously. I know that for a fact. Ken thank you for your phone call I am blown away by the contrast from earlier if you believe let's go to KM BZ dot com and podcasts whose. What what do Howard we do daddy right at 11 o'clock we talked about this. And this that that the calls could have been more opposite that are who's right who's wrong adding both are right both of. This is why it's fun to do a topic twice yes. Yeah 'cause the odd you don't realize how different the audience is between those two hours and some people don't like that but the audience is vastly different between the two. Just warming yet for Dana and parks. Coming up next straight ahead it's your first oral problems and personal Friday is next text demanded 2298. Year old so yeah ours. That the real serious stuff the stuff we're gonna mocked the stuff we're gonna laugh at the stuff we can have fun with Anna the other. A problem like you don't know what whisky to drink text that into Jamie Lee only help I without public or problems at 229801. Ruled Friday is next. It. I guess. We'll start at what's coming. It's sad that this is. Lean on me OK no. You can. They need to man as the IP I'm I'm. It's. Let me. I'm okay. I AM you need no. Attacked him in 22980. Your personal problems. You know we just heard of Oprah Weatherford dean and parts they're gonna be the 54 street grill coming up today starting at 2 o'clock in a late. So head on out there and I'd recommend their how they tend to fill up they tend to Philip birth of problems I got to pass. These are very first world tomorrow is Dina and parks bowling bash him. And I have been known to procrastinate. And procrastinate. In grass today and I'm mad and I'm proud the bowling bash tomorrow is to benefit Casey police. It's a great charity at noon to four and it's fantastic to raise money. I waited until the last minute and they're sold out which is great because they're sold out but I have to figure out a way to get. To bowling tomorrow. So a little bit upset about that and I also got a new car this year or this week I should say it's basically the same car like it was a way mentally fifteen cent on and I got a point fifteen Sonata hybrid. But I headed back down the unit the goodies the inside a little bit. I don't have cooled seats anymore. Themselves when I drive and it's having Travis you understand rightly not having cooled seats and it's it's rough it is rough era I also don't have the the adaptive crews that keeps me at an equal distance. Anymore now I just have regular cruise. So I happy. Peril part and it doesn't parallel park itself now last known actually with this one as opposed to my prior Clark. Now we've put it Revere reverse the mayor's go go down and so I actually have to like. And it's it's rough being mean it is but those are my two. I'm I would start last weekend and entries for this to you guys say my music's next Friday and I just remembered it so I used my 65 year old mother. Against her better judgment to replace a regular TV they smarty. She wanted to just get one that just got the satellite TV as a mom I'm like why don't we spent the extra thirty box and we'll get to the Smart TV don't real steady at a news. To her credit she got I mean really she I drew diagrams and and it did not acquired Flickr and she probably got it. The problem is that she. Gave me the wrong email address to register the Amazon prime stuff she gave me a dot com when it was supposed to be dot net that's funny as a result of that mistake I literally spent three hours on Sunday chatting with Amazon prime. As they continued to try to convince me the email address did not exist as a prime member and as I continue to tell them yes it is. That we figured out the run. But you succeed and I was happy as her daughter to spend so much of the weekend setting up for. These are first world problem definition what are yours text him in 22980. Responding a lot of liquor liquor question your big men but you're the best. First when it came in and that's a lot of them right now was like shots so I asked to be smooth going down have been drinking the American honey I think it's wild Turkey. Or various brand of honey whiskey any suggestions for something new oh. I would've been like hey you know you can try this Jamie's cancer switch to cocktails or learn to drink regular win he. It's because I don't drink honey I don't drink flavored whiskey and so to me it's time for you to move on and so so first is. There so. Lesson everybody starts Franken sweet white lines yeah eventually it's cavernous. You're in the sweet white wine phase of drinking whiskey the title not to drive. Slightly Jamie got me a bottle Telemar do for my birthdays I think my favorite I do like that size is what's tales of wonder and regular whiskey like Jamison and ginger. Is kind of I started drinking Jamison and then you slowly add lest it derail an Travis that get cry crowned green apple and. Chaos. Yuck. Some of the techs led to their Xbox update took five hours I don't know if that's normal or not Travis is that a normal time for an Xbox update sounds you know that's very long and must have been of pretty big guy gigabyte or a bad a bad Internet connection. Potentially in every semi swipe my credit card they always tell me to insert it. I still do that sometimes made even though it says insert card. Absolutely. It's in the landscaping guy that and you tree in the backyard instead of the front yard. I took out trees grew up my new sod my new house is that Sox. That's really rough. Going to see date and parts of it before street girl this evening but I'll be working with clients so I won't be able my hair out have a cocktail. Whatever. You let your hair down and ability whiskey like that other text or if I'm. Let's do I upgrade my data plan from six gigs to a limited because they ran out before recess tomorrow who. You couldn't wait one day. One more day for your data plan that up there to reset. Fish are biting and I have to work. I couldn't find any of my 3 iphones this morning and had to use my Samsung which I believe is what you and I go yeah we'll good your iPhone sucks yeah. What welcomed in Atlanta this. And let a city so I ask you don't have a suburban you can it's Holden about I'm not only of urban girl. It's not. Yes sure I could name for you half a dozen that I own home but really. Iris was is I think somebody says a wanna play it. My garden but it's been too cold plant anything. I agree it's like it's that up it's that doubt. I think we're about to stabilize this week. Like next week supposed to be in the mid sixties for most of it like we probably should be eaten. But man this weather just unbelievable. Accident to do not easier what are your for several problems. Busted by finger is hard as they could any real world desk while playing new. A V what I don't understand that text messages that's one of those are you might have been voice to text. A look at those first breeze and yeah please feel sometimes there. Yes I have at the Pendleton whisky I don't remember a lot of Johnnie Walker black or blue in either trap and I agree on tennis yet to all of the above. Right which is that Johnnie Walker stopped paying attention to rob Babcock and pay attention that is oh yeah rob. I have one more minute left in the damn shell Travis. Johnnie Walker black blue 99 not to dissect your parents or something else. To talk entering bad things Tibco. Somebody says late in the ice machine is broken quick trip and have to walk all the way across the building to get ice and then all the way back to get my teeth. Ball. As to. It adds to ban. Magnetic strip on mice are smuggled debit card is going bad slant to going inside gas stations gas that's the worst. Some of my son was flying jetBlue to Vegas and was denied his ticket because he did not check in an hour before the flight departed no reef under anything. Even we bought insurance real and I'd love to know more of that story. It sounds like there's a more of that story kind of got a entail going the bowling event tomorrow like kids with me so I can't have a beer they can. If I get in I'll watch your kids will be fine a person instead ceiling exit lights. Dealing with these two night on honor TT lenses do not gone. Aren't severe text messages to get a little weird which is a good time to end this here. No no no no we'll get to news here coming up. Apple code for there's no and in the news. How you have she had me she just looked at as at the window and said relay as she watched he's. I know I know I could I could literally see the words coming out of her mouth really. Number I thought it. As I mean that's his thing that I notice we have good news given notice we have to its knees earlier than we used to go at top of the hour yeah. And we're doing our our best to get there and if we go and you're not there are too busy then really yells in the newsroom and on here it's time.