Midday with J&W: What type of cut fry is the best? Obviously curly fries!

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Friday, August 17th

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Or let's get to this what secured cash. Record or record are gonna say it RC ORG record texted him the seven to 81 for your chance to 1000 dollars. There's some restaurant name. But that's another but this is almost as sort of oral fast download it and sort. Or ST what's the best style of French fry. Is it straight cut critical cut lawful fry or state. We'll get to what's missing coming up in a moment why did we have this gas. Story out of Fox News restaurant made it responded to the harsh backlash. They say they received from customers after changing the shape of their French Fries. From critical cut to straight cut. Bali is famous franks and Waterville. Is getting a lot of angry feedback including exit physical the rats. Just because they recently changed their French Fries from chemical critical cut to straight cut the owners of Bali say customers have been supported the change. But some have yelled at them in the store. Threat to fight them and shouted appropriate at a public restaurant over the change of French press. They say the cheese a fried cut was due to the cost of the blades needed to make eight cuts. Which I didn't realize was a problem co owner Jim Parsons told the Bangor daily news. The blades are extremely expensive we spent about 2000 dollars last year on the blades. When you look at the profit margin on French Fries you take 2000 dollars out of that it really hurts they say they are small time business owners. Who give back small portions of the proceeds to various community organizations and is ridiculous. How he did people are getting over this issue and wanna remind people it's just French Fries bright it's it's just potatoes cut in a different shape and I'm not into surprise given the debate that I have seen on online and go on to each ball. So when I first read this story out OK he's bugler despite overreacting. I mean they're getting food crazy. But now that I see in our poll with him I've. I didn't physically on with Mike right now for putting big prize but I curly Fries so I if you read the article. It's under FaceBook page in the middle of the article Fox News. Has a poll question on Twitter are right on Twitter just like a couple question on Twitter off. So I just took their eye just literally stole their question fully admitting so your defendants. For. Is that I didn't think about this thing that I put on social media to vote on I just stole it from somebody else I actually just thought to myself Fox News is always so fair and balanced and accurate the president tells me sell. So Travis and I had the exact same reaction. Which was not to ice or you need early for options and I just think at six Fries billionaire is pretty. Useless and curly Fries you ignorant people question is what's your favorite French style of French fry. Straight cut. Wrinkle cut waffle. Or steak Fries. I had no re no idea that the omission of curly Fries. And the addition of steak fry is. Going to make so many people so mad. And it's so I didn't talk about this before and like you commented on the story on the air not knowing how I felt about early for that and you said these acts and just so mad like our arrive at right now why are over the lack of curly Fries and as Paul so free republic dot com and to the list of these styles of French Fries ranked. I'm okay right for the record what would you vote of our poll or you can say currently is that your favor fry regular curly Fries me and I'll stick to the rules and vote in the poll. Because I have to stick by the rules as they waffle waffle Fries Travis. From this going all the poll probably. The critical cut Pringle got price. This poll we got a ton of votes. It's a split 303030%. Restrict cut boring and critical cut. Waffle Fries a 25% which is what I voted for that to correct answer. And steak Fries getting 15% and I think I think straight cut. Is a lot better than Shuster. I would I agree answering in the same category street. In that same there there I mean there at the same army there cut yes straight the same shut the shoestring being skinny is just. But why even make and a Fries. Yeah that's like there used to be shoestring potatoes that war potato chips kind of you came in about what to do just that by the government shoestring potatoes. That they're very. Early just very very skinny and very very little you they're not good for dipping there just to gather ten of them I got. As wine I and I and depth. I blame Fox News so I blame Fox News blame lack of I blame Fox News well almost a Fox News as a lack of independent thought oh here we guys are here republic says and they rain it's. Eighteen of baton on here eighteen gallons I. I don't like it name eighteen styles of French fry so they include teeter a couple things I wouldn't it or touch and different they're not that they come in at number three. As the number one is in fact waffle Fries seed that's the right answer on weird people. On number two is something called Belgian Fries. Irregularly sliced double fried potatoes served in common with man is another prominence they look at you lost me mayonnaise that's all there after an aide says it on Belgians Europeans and grows and sizes and stupid Europeans number three is tater tots. Not a French right number force and cut boring but OK I get number for garlic Fries which big fan. It's not our slate act. I think it. And Richard have garlic Fries I feel like I want more as garlic like there's not enough of the seeds of forget it got goal garlic on. Number six is the beloved but omitting curly Fries sixth sixth Travis spice ads. It's notice I have not mentions to president well on number seven is the issue stirrings latch slash Matt stick potato on the nation be that. Number eight is critical cut about number N nine is cheese Fries. Who that's a low ratings she's right should be higher than I off argue that's a standard cut from. That you're just at we can have discussion about what to put on French. Car or whatever the Belgian Fries in a hole with Mayo chili cheese. No that's still a kind of fried the man not. Chili cheese rice up later to. Steak Fries common way out number ten top ten that answer right their state prison great but still come behind a prized. Number eleven is chips which is what the British call French Fries where you are doused and that irked. An amazing I've never had that it costs highlight vinegar I might like not an anchor. Did to put about who's gonna make myself and as you can Beimel and her now islands port on different is there. And number twelve sweet potato Fries should not be that idols are overrated no there there are literally got. Argue the reason it shouldn't be on this list is because that is not a cut a French Fries that is a different kind of tape that is a different potato doesn't belong apparent number thirteen is potato wedges I would argue that's not French Fries that's a different cut a potato but whenever. I'd number fourteen is chili cheese Fries number fit is hot Fries. I don't know what that is which are circles basically they're they're like taking a potato and cutting it into thicker slices. That can't bath and that's a cut a Frye that's not that's not back. Probably he transports. Your dipping sauce quite Reynolds and it would it probably does I don't understand what number sixty is that it's French. Promising players. Potatoes sliced mediums than in fried once upon oil that again and hot oil until they pop that pop up pockets of the like empty. There airy talk about number seventeen now and maybe after the okay so are you blown away by I. Before these okay coming up we'll tell you a number seventy this is far too low but this can be tough to eat. And their only seen at things like state affairs I would really like when I never seems. Only been a couple stickers but I've never seen a sport tell you what it is coming up next don't forget voter poll question please. What is the best style of French fry and if it should be something at some analysts feel free to tweet that us. Let us again going into week early. Go ahead I'd I'd love curly Fries I'm just saying they're not as popular steak Fries on. What they're not about us we're never gonna now I mean if you go to a barbecue joint. There's a better change it fine steak Fries at a barbecue joint in you're gonna find curly Fries at joint is wrong. And it never said that if you know places and out re occur prior to Texas where it's curly Fries. Happy Friday to you I don't forget about your keywords cashes our record RE CO RG at record text the Romans seven to 81. We're talking about French Fries and one at fifth and bright and they're there's a story out about some restaurant main date changed their French Fries from. Curly or no wrinkle cut to street cry now people have gotten that got limited. Haaretz. Throw in dregs of the restaurant yelling obscenities people are not happy so we ask you what the best that the French fry was. Straight cut critical cut waffle Fries steak fry. I did not put curly on the list. I don't know I've I've anger a lot of people ask a question about curly Fries before we get to the French right you'd need to try and I've never even heard of before. If the front of the currently fry. At RB's which is the only place anybody ever gets currently. But it places text and if that doesn't have the seasoning on it. EGU would you go by the or right froze in curly Fries the island season rate lake. Isn't this the flavor of it or is it the sheet of why someone to describe the season and to me because to be honest I've never thought about that to remember even what the seasoning tastes like. To know if they're okay without. So what's the seasoning. Salt garlic salt garlic powder onion powder cayenne pepper and flower. Beat the by those that the frozen gross section right and you could make Betsy but what I'm I'm an okay about it I don't know because I I've never thought about seed that's my point it's like I don't know. Garlic Fries are not are just regular Fries with seasoning curly Fries. I've never had them without. Have I I I happen without seasoning and they're just as good. And there are a lot better than steak Fries. Here he got a big prize appears yes. Because I've felt like. Those Fries. Are just so much like potato lead that it becomes dry after biting into him here's the other problem they race. Because they're long and flat. And so they break it they tear apart when you try to dipped that like there's not a good weight distribution bright in who'd like play and you know courting with your Fries. And that I like half break on that job and that had to go and go fish for your fry that fell in the content not a pleasant. You know. We've got proof that they prizes last in our poll question about the way besides Arby's Jack in the Box is unpopular please read and parties as well I. And in a Jack in the Box and like. 25 years. Parties here go to who differ reprise their I don't you know that's why go to hooters for the curly Fries why go for the wings right yep it sure did and read any articles Playboy to archer actually doing fracture league. Let's say OK so Jack in the Box and then thirty people wrote told me hardee's parent so it'll instantly to all parties don't where's there birdies and others Jack in the Box on Johnson driver down the road violate. The IKEA and Home Depot down there aren't there have been hardee's once and it was headed back to Texas and like you know how they have those stops in between Wichita. Emporia and all that they have parties heard that some on isn't parties just Carl's junior but out of the last I know she's there altogether is that the same Yang. Okay when I was at we have parties we never had I don't know Carl's junior Angela came here I Carl's junior in California and it was okay. South and through republic to the list because there's also a thing called national for Friday it was like we can recently as we are you about. So they came out with all the styles of French Fries ranked Venus at lawful Frye was number one. And the ones that we talked luckily Fries number six standard that was number four. Primakov summary steak Fries went on number seventeen something I've never. Before maybe I haven't done state fair enough but it's called a potato tornado yeah Ali now so it's described as being a whole detail on a skewer thinly sliced to make a spiral you basically do one long spiral of holt to the rotate out. Fanned it out yet so that it fills you know like size of the cucumber and and deep fried and missed the last. Right it's it's pretty cool. The only thing is that's not the easiest thing in the world to eat spotted getting out sauces. Because it doesn't stay on the it's this stick like travesty that you've seen these things are at state fairs straight out. What I normally do. Is you're you're trying. Not to dip its obvious you keep on the stick yeah this one ketchup that's when you do the right you know. Zigzags buried at the top of the state. Ketchup on a but it I don't that it is dipping this is not a walking retain any of the sick to eat this ego I I would to treat this and like court. Yes I would play the catch up or whatever your on on it. And then now and then just unit instead dipping into but the dip on how totally like you're like domesticated. What you look like. I don't think I can walk any one of these things it's just it's a big giant spiral in eventually like you know it starts weighing down and it comes apart like this is. That's OK it looks amazing that's what you are sick when you eat that's down and decided he went a bit with its in my. I have to actually put on gloves so I don't get like the answer so I want to act now I wanna go to I think that now what is the state did there is gonna I was sick yeah I ate a ton analytical back. Now now we're talking about corn dogs in a stickers attempt potato. Tornadoes. I'd never been to the speaker here what are onward it's an absence substances act. And onto them. Instead. She Kansas state fair. Is September 7 for the sixteenth and take a ride you've never been Hutchinson I don't I don't know how far is it to get down to three hours the make it three hours no problem at all. Long time how far not ours is nothing civilian how far is that drive three hours. To our cares. Delegate you arson is the deal that aren't mountains beyond the Iowa or the absurd Missouri State there is going on for another two days. Pride twenty. Now we're talking at the ticket what's your favorite kind of French fry off. Think Kara is brilliant tour here the likes to prize tick by and and though that runs are fine. She didn't say wilder amazing she's at a fine but it tower five fry curly Fries Caron currently. He likes. Fringe right it's right yeah you can't get out and you can the early frightening shoe string there's no point it's worthless. There's no point in shoestring the tables turn. It's to get the dipping at stake prime lies don't matter wait hold on all prize matter a. A year according to Kara curly Fries what was your reaction pat yeah now. The second I don't know if into the news do you like curly Fries that they were season the way that. Different always are now that we are eased as would you go lie or hide a regular curly Fries no seasoning her. And did an insult and whatever and dvds and C what's that that's my point if they're always season you never have to worry about that's like we're which would take cheese Fries or early for and it's got me out because. Yeah sometimes goes on French Fries but not always what you're telling me is that it always has the seasoning on so you never have to worry about it not it's not the same if it's cheap round option that if you go to ivy and buy it frozen and make them yourself who does that. I'm out cool I'd you know I'd just an. I think it's not then garlic Fries should be ahead of steak Fries. That the the of the story is the cuts of the tape that we're talking. And so that's why curly Fries make the list because it's the it's the style in which the potato is slice I don't think you like curly Fries veteran seasoned. I would have no idea because I've never had them because he makes that without the scene and go to go to ivy. I don't Dana your rights have yet or not. In my great public face that god should have concern and I should hit this button faster. Hold on a legal lives here yeah so on. Give us on happened during the break it act gives security cash burn ten seconds were up. If you were you cash this hour their ego is record are EC ORG record texted in the 7081. For your chance to 1000 dollars. So here is news I get from your husband Paul saying. I downstairs can you come let me yen because I'm here surprised here. Sunday right at the nineteenth and so pulse error and you've never been on here except by phone before you know we went on me. You let so you can got out of town here for a few years back yeah from work and when did you brewers and. Okay. So we and they're they're very pretty and and so she was on the air and he just doesn't space in the window. She looks over iron. So you never been on the air here before. Not. Well I'll be. Sure and so he's doing anything to me got. If not gonna early efforts at ninety more minutes here man was that a I. Me too much credit now I don't think about it that much now and and also another question is what you do. By two brings of course. You offered three days and later after three following a girl who buyers so how was that noise it. Wonderful idea it up. So if I actually am so. That's. Super nice of view how you know I've I think they should change your nickname at least apple picking pol anymore and why I'm literally one time and I will never get him to go back and because of that. I think they've actually changed management at all right I'll tell you come back but it always comes back two years. I think it's nice guy husband perfect it guy of the year Paul with the flowers for your pregnant like that you just abandoned property and bare eyes Celtics call the pro I mean you should say things and thank you. What are your plans. Let's and have me thinks some videos and get Newsweek our meat out of the doors yeah so recently maligned by. Them away and from the year or. Europe. Or. Might return what do you wanna now's the time that ends well I have no idea because I've figured out yet there's I know I have no idea. And even thought about my birthday is your be honest she wants a foot massage and all alone on a pedicure be lovely there though it requires no. Some audio student. Our guys thank you family was adorable. I was super notes dorms. Ask somebody on the other FaceBook lives that hint hint wicket. On. You did just lecture I did Michael good stuff like pac. I Italy hours from the time that you're just a little surprises for the I have learned that the little surprises he'd become more regular when she's sept seventeen weeks pregnant. They'll take those little thing or any time yeah just when she's pregnant yeah any time. Isn't yet you gotta do those things when you have the pregnant wife tonight I can relate to Paul again somebody's a perfect husband Paul is a pretty catchy nickname typical perfect husband well. Wonderful surprised osment and that's its expert Kevin and Paul was elect I gotta go poll just text me downstairs that help when I mean I don't know a lot and I'll be right. I'm not get to see him. Absolutely it is our right. Completely changing niners how media become there's no good. Transitioning going back to this conversation we had the 10 o'clock hour that led off the show. And if you are a lot of people living it chains getting 'cause we ran out of time. But the phone numbers 5767798. You can Texan at 22980. And we're still learning more about the terrible duck boat tragedy. That happened on table rock lake and now we have to. It's so stories at fox four a whit who jumped into table rock lake when he saw a duck boat take on too much water and started to sank. Is suing the company has filed the lawsuit the guy's name is Gregory Harris he worked on the Branson Belle which as the river about sitting in the water nearby. Claims he was injured when he jumped into the water to help rescue victims according to a lawsuit. He saw the duck boats struggle in an and heard someone say it has gone down and to grab life jackets. The lawsuit says. Heat close of his own safety Greg jumped into the wind driving wind driven surge of the late to try and rescue anyone he cut. The first woman Harris got to was face down in the water he pulled her head out of the water in swimmers of the nearby Branson Belle where people on board helped to pull her out. He then helped people on the boat pulled man out of the water that man was still alive. Unfortunately he did not get to the next manned fast enough odd that man was already dead by the time they got them on a boat. He continued his rescue efforts and the next women he helped survived. And and things again tragic turn when he tried pulling child out of the water. That child was already dead by the time Harris got to hand I'll velocity says despite the growing horror and anguish he tried to continue. But Greg and others were told not to try and risk another rescue attempt as those individuals. Had already been determined to have died out of respect for the victims Harrison tried to find something to cover the bodies where. That they had pulled from the water according to an attorney representing him he hurt his right arm lower back and knocked a crown out of his mouth. In addition he has survivor's guilt and is battling PT EST he also had to quit his job Branson Belle following what happens accurate Kolb. There were 31 people on the boat when it sank seventeen died fourteen were injured. And he saved four of those fourteen who. Survived the tragedy. At a Los southern part the duck boat sank only a few minutes from land and safety. Had defendants and or each of them made a decision to turn back soon they would likely video to save the lives of passengers and avoid injuries there's not on. And a monetary amount specified in the lawsuit so we don't know exactly what he is suing for what and how he is suing for. But he is suing for the emotional distress and for the physical injuries but so. And 67798. He jumped in to help the victims on table rock lake about a month ago and he got hurt and now says he is suffering from PT SD and survivor's guilt. Now he's suing ride the ducks will he win. Should he win should he be compensated for that 5767798. He jumped in on his own accord. Should be compensated 5767798. I don't think this lawsuit lawsuit should produce a nickel for this guy he didn't. Have to jump in and what was the if he was trying to jumping in. To make money for jumping in that's horrible he was trying to jump in his save lives that's the reason you do it. I don't think she jumped in the water thinking I jumped in the water and save some people I'll be able to sue for millions I don't think that was going threw is hat. Keep in mind there are a lot of other people who act that had the opportunity to jump in and save lives and they didn't. This guy didn't have to go and keep people alive but he chose to and he could die I mean he risked his life as a result. I think you used to to me UCL because somebody has done something wrong that you know you you don't expect him to do to do wrong to you. He wasn't supposed to jump pit he did it out of the bravery he's a hero and it will be coolest that it if he got some sort of compensation for being a hero. But a lawsuit to me feels very wrong I don't think he deserves a nickel. I think the company's gonna tea because it doesn't look good for the company that has been accused of negligence and and and are facing multiple wrongful death lawsuits. Because of the stories that we've all heard about how that boat should not have been in the water. What he can say is and what his attorneys will say is if you had not put the boat in the water in the first place. He would've been in the position to go save lives there's no way that companies gonna say. We are not going to compensate you for helping you somewhat minimize the tragedy that we created. So they're gonna pay him something on it firm have at the very least from a PR standpoint they're gonna pay him something. On and he deserves it you know he risked his life no no when asked him to. But you have for people who are alive today because this man jumped into the water and rest his own life and that is worth something. Jamie says he's got to get paid I don't think he should see a nickel from this company what do you think 5767798. It's your phone calls everybody on hold coming up next and anyone came BZ keeping this guy has a case. He is now suing the right deduct people after he jumped in the water at the table rock tragedy and save some lives -- put got hurt now has PT SD. Gregory Harris is his name he worked on the Branson Belle which is the riverboat that sits right there on table rock lake and he heard people calling for help and said hey the vote's going down and so he jumped and I he ended up saving four lives member there were off fourteen people who survived he saved four of those people he also reached a child. Who was dead when he was able to reach that child but help pull the child out of the water. You're just back on had a couple injuries to land hurt his arm in the process and is stopped working at the Branson doll who can blame them to go back. And is claiming emotional distress PT SAD and the physical injuries that he suffered and so he is suing. The companies that own the boat in rank about that. Let's go to Bob on KM BZ Bob what do you think of the other lawsuit now. What does well and a touched base would be I was one of the first responders and quiet scuttle talks collapsed. There and after. After that was all over several months should later of the insurance company example I have no I can't remember which. Well offered to pay a thousand dollars to anyone who was on the scene thought I had. For either. Stressed that in college he gets in that part. Let's go it's pushed restaurant for any type of injury long has they would China labor rights to salute. So do you think it'll take place here. All right I know I didn't think that was a long yeah. But I just from an historical perspective that you it's not a murderer. To face someone for their emotional distress even if you know they were acting has first responder. Earth disposal volunteer trying to help. Understand all about thank you so much and we appreciate that let's go to hell and I'm KM BZ what do you think Alan. How am I got blessed that mean I don't know that I could then he bit arrogant. But I use it in titanium at an addict you know eat or live. It yet you know he hit nine about a court and it probably. Their employer protocol might not but it. I mean how how you can have cried on and I mean he they're just doing what he I was a right to do it went right ear and and currently be compensated and I. Okay thank you Allan let's talk to chuck on KM BZ things college I can't be Friday. Or. It. They're good guy and I think the issue you're award for his actions. But what. Actions result. I. Add in your appetite. And watch it that well the company. I don't recourse actually. Sit back and well I'd get cut they should work. And and I I assume the reason that he is suing his visa because the companies not jump and sent to pay out more money than they're already asked you for the wrongful death lawsuits that have been filed. By the way they have for fewer wrongful death lawsuits to pan out because this guy jumped in the water into the phone call chucked it over to the line for you at 576779. Eights go to Charlotte on KM BZ was a Charlotte. Well my might not done that it. Had an act of moral value will not get. Want to see you online. And you think you can help and I don't think that monetary issue it was a moral issue and. He will heat heat jumped in for a moral issue and now that he's been hurt. It's a monetary issue in his mind. Apparently so hot I think that it attempting ball side to it. It. That would be up by I think they'll get right if you really early that chart but I think that would do real I don't. And that I believe is what is going to happen here's why I think it won't be a fight in Charlotte because. He wouldn't have had to jump in the water. If the people involved with that boat had made the decision they were supposed to make and not with that boat in the water in the first place the only reason. He ended up with the injuries he has is because of the negligence on the part of that company. He's not happy we don't know what he's asking for but if he's not asking for hundred million dollars it's easier just to cut him a check and make this go I believe they will cut it I think you're right. I don't think they should but they're going to but I causing the right thing to do I think they will. Because it'll be good PR but it's the right thing to do. Day made the mistake the fatal mistake that cost so many people their lives that day. And he ended up in the water because of a mistake they made a heated up the heat. The heat OK so was he supposed to not jump in I mean for and then for people would die do you sue everybody else who didn't jump. Yeah he's not go after a body else those other people didn't talk about the walker he's going after the people who dead but it. But in your mind it sounds like you know he'd try to do something that wasn't required and therefore now is is legally. Supposed to get paid back for his injuries. Because he save lives of the people that stood and watched or they know law or they legally responsible. For not jumping in and not saving more line. And those people did not with the boat in the water that cost those people paralyzed he is going after the people. Who are responsible. For putting that boat in the water because of they hadn't done that he would've had to go into the water in the first you have to go in. But he did it for people are alive because this guy took that stat. I I I'm sure his medical bills are not huge because Ali it was hurt his back and hurt his arm so he's asking for. Is compensation for medical bills and hail and I'm taken some time off work because it was pretty traumatic to hold a dead child and my arms and it's a lot to ask the company. I think he gets medical bills paid for and that's it. And yes you'll get 30000 dollars at the lesson you don't wanna give to people is don't jump in and help the lesson you you can't. Get that lesson to people in fighting this lawsuit you're saying to people. Don't get involved and try to help when there's a tragedy like that and that's the last that the last message wanna sat. But if let's say he's suing for it's not a hundred million let's say suing for 2000002 million bucks this companies were like a billion dollars or was. Is this opening up pandora's box to say are right we are going to settle with everybody who ever brings a suit against us now but that kicks in everybody just filing let's get somebody sitting there that would lead didn't jumping in say I watched people drowned and therefore I am PT EST and because you put the podium that caused people to die. And float on the water that I side not a solid now I'm suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome. Not everybody else jumped in the water and save lives not everybody else has the story that this guy has this guy has a unique story. And a unique case. I don't know about everybody else they're all gonna super PT SD that this guy definitely has a better case than those other people I talked to Tom on KM BZ thinks Colin Tom. There are. Okay shall. I told him so they're just sort of just like if a guy set fire to a orbit building. Could somebody go in here what I broke to try to arrest somebody dies. Is going to be charged with the murder also. Got a murder. Not following example I don't so if he if this guy would have died. Does the duck boat people are due to duck boat people another death on their hands. I mean just because he didn't have. To order here it got it wouldn't bark in the orient. You guys start their work that got charged with this girl show me in my current. I don't I'm not a legal expert. I would. I don't know I'm not considered speculate I don't know the answer to that. So if this guy would have tried this go to jumped in the water and died would they be held responsible for stopped at his family be filing a lawsuit on his behalf. Yeah I would say. Yes I'd say no over the same reason that I say those guys lawsuit is ballot the only reason I might listen to a yes is because he was employed. By this company.