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Thursday, June 7th

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It's a little side don't forget about our keyword to cash. Swine SWA and swan sex the were in the 72881. All right Al -- and recover station with you right now at 5767798. About the elementary school. The weary mother walked in and this year her kids could be an elementary school this fall. And there's a sign on the door and it says to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star lockdown lockdown locked the door shut the lights up saying no more go behind the desk and hide wait until it's safe inside locked out lockdown it's all done now it's time to have some fun. Obelisk reason if you I have written three different nursery rhymes to elect I would like to have them out they're seeking time if we should throw these in the these kindergarten classes maybe could help. But first wanna get Alex up real quick Alex thanks much for hold your 91 came easy. Are. Being in that streak and and do you think that one thing that most parents drop their kids it is it is then I'll hand I I really agree with the previous caller yeah I. Kids that when it's definitely that. Even here in the and I think that that. You know we all. In danger our. Not cried at our order. Even women being hell you know hot and all the hot people not to beat them. And here. I. Because dirt schoolchildren doesn't mean we're not gonna teach them how to defend them out. And so I think differences here is that the as a particularly. The tidbit you because it does pack did you. Lauren I think part of the problem is. We're one of the reasons why or it's because. We don't really want to pay. Actual problem nobody can agree on a problem. It's about 900 things wrapped up into one giant conundrum. I think that we can actually pinpoint. The problem Robert and it it'll. So everybody is can you include the hit and though his two adult correction. And so I think he's in the coming from needles that hit it. Using that can't defend them. In any situation where there are coming to. Though we only say. And I couldn't come into the car and that aren't you you you into the and then. Some call. Them out by the street. Tell your hit you hit. Read and what that we. All are. Out there. Thank you for the Alex appreciated and and I just having my. And having a hard time wrapping my brain around and I'm not apparently Alex one day hopefully but I am having a hard time. Wrapping my brain around twinkle twinkle little star mashed with. Shooting drill down you know and I mean yeah like I wrote three more and these might all be terrible but I've spent some time this morning. Writing my own nursery rhymes some kid friendly gun safety nursery rhymes. Lake Mary had a little lamb did members Mary had a little lamb I call this one Mary had a little gap Travis want you to tell me which of these your favorite are right. Mary had a little get live look at little gat Mary had a little gag her guns as black is nights. The farmer the Dow number the farmer in the Dell armor in the dental. I'd call this one big gunman in the hall key ever heard of armor in the bill we will follow now. Okay continue black and we got it back to that farmer in the Dell is now gunman in the hall. The gunman in the hall the gunman in the hall run run dot denied the gunman's in the hall. You're itsy bitsy spider Travis OK I've heard of that OK I didn't know it was Paul Farmer in the Dell what you think it was called. It TBT spider well now now I don't know if you heard. The president outline the activities fighters different remember this thing yeah I know now on with it decent Google in quick primer without any arena we play. No I mean. Now I wasn't when it came to kids' stuff like I wasn't the biggest but it really lots of black cartoon you like fourteen when you were six red. Nursery right reasons like that farmer in the don't. This is from YouTube thing my knees watches this all the time yeah. The farmer in the Dell this farmer in the Dell. There are real the farmer in the Dell around the farmer takes a life the farmer takes a life. Any hope there we know that farmer takes a wise. Travis you've ever heard the farmer in the Dell I've heard the tune but I've never heard I don't think I've heard of the tactics the wife. The that I've learned this having a niece who's about to turn three. Every so every nursery rhyme is basically the same right it's all the same tune it's all this it but you never heard this on the farmer in the Dell. I've pretty sure I've never heard of yeah how. Now. That's the Texas the that is S do they not teach nursery rhymes in Texas. If they do is not that lame one. A line. I now. Know what Travis. If trap just doesn't know it's right if Travis doesn't like it like cheddar cheese on the apple pie it's the name of Reese never tried it. Yes it's a lame. It was about sum it up. Travis that that right. Yeah. Bob Hope you're listening to farmer in the Dell currency by Noah Al I've never heard I got the IR BI got more. I don't know where I got this from my. Life takes the child. The white takes the child. The day every you know the wife takes the child. The child takes the nursing what the child takes the nurse it's paying hope that day every you know the child takes. And there are some. Ideally but the first verse so does that only really ever heard of this summer for the text I never heard of it either I don't it's a relative of heard the tune but that's a different words alright okay might be with different words in my. Beginning here on YouTube you. This is a real. This is traditionally the armory in the dim and the farmer in the Dell. Danielle the farmer in the Dell the farmer takes a life of the farmer takes a life. Page hope that there you know the farmer takes a life. Well I thought it was hi ho the area and it's when I was growing up maybe they changed it I don't know maybe they're worried about people thinking that. Hi maybe the farmers stoned I'm not sure. The debts the first part of actually heard or this is on my list of what not to teach my kids of what the are you not be taking note you with us. You will I've learned is you will throw on a one hour YouTube video or whatever and your kids will sit and watch it you actually can just. Relax at so I baby I'll guarantee you know she's a teacher. Yeah she goes OK I have never heard of that version of formerly Elena never talented that that version I will get Melissa. Most Melissa right yes guys exit malady. Melissa I don't that version is weird that you build this song we're stepping difficult Mel. Nets. It's your answer yeah. Look at thirty that's an excellent time. Islamic let's see here there's 90000 versions of I just click the first one on YouTube people who and the person company to say back Spotify use. It. Another good line. All right we got this. Dad and a lot of parents are like. Why all of all the all. The town and. Here again. Time. It's. I that's another guy that is the one that Tyler's figures that one Travis. Still plan also somebody Texans and I remember the wine and iron this too about the mouse takes the cheese in the cheese stands alone okay thank. That it adds that way I mean it it play conceal it and get this good to go here I think we can go over quite a while it is by. Our boss is that built the likes what how does that happen and I believe that there is a mother or father who's like listen. I just drop my kids off the daycare and listen to that seven hours a day why in the hell are you playing the farmer in the Dell talk about anything but it's remarkable that that. Has survives. At that still. And and those before us by our I mean twinkle twinkle little star the ABC's of farmer in the Dell it's he bitsy spider all that stuff yeah. All the stuff there's a part that goes the cat expertise shared Aaron I look at bottom most of the cheese in the cheese tick in the end the cat to the mouse. Act. Our trucks and yes I crisis this next segment is for you buddy about and it has nothing to do with your lack of knowledge of simple children's nursery rhymes no but we're gonna get back in the three. This has to do with your home state of Texas and why you're weird. And they migrate native American veterans now here we go I they're denying people income they can be making at farmers' markets the farmer in the Dell twenty minutes after eleven and don't forget about our keyword cash. Salon SWA ends one text the word in the 72881. For your chance to 1000 dollars. So yesterday we talked about the idea of cheese on apple pie. And we actually ate some cheese on apple pie and Travis wouldn't touch it but you are like. And I even liked it but hasn't delivered to try you guys ruined apple buys what you did is fine. And your apple pie. Still fine because America. Yeah I love America I don't think you to really do well. I love America as a matter of fact Abbott as American as apple pie and I moved here from Wisconsin the land of cheese and we just put two things together. That's true he didn't hear from the land of cheese them yeah so what's up Travis Acer now that we're seeing those words you move from. The great a state of Texas which is the best state of America school shooting capital of the United States darn right wow what else happened. Like dark what else happens in Texas by the way Jamie very narrow definition of pickles. Taxcut. And 'cause problem. For this couple named a new ads in Keeney. Who live and hurt Texas were harmed. Her in Italy they are anti near causation where it takes an immense. They moved to a ten acre farm in Hearn Texas after retiring in 2013. The feel worked for also they were able to break their approach used to the local farmer's market every Saturday this well. It was every time. Dream fulfilled. Its Asia one of the best ways they tried to supplement their hope was to tackle leftover items like beets and particularly. In between market days and during hot Texas Summers. But when they went to a class to make sure they were do everything right when it came to farming and selling their products they realized their farm was facing a big problem at least when it came to pickles. So the state department of health services and forces the cottage food law which allows sub types of home production to be exempt from requirements of a food service establishments to follow the same like health and safety rules assay arrest. The lot tables mom and pop businesses and farmers to make and sell certain food items without having to abide by commercial kitchen regulations. While a lot updated at 2013. To include a bunch of farmers market friendly items its definition of pickle included only one thing. The vegetable. They key excuse me the cucumbers are ready cucumber cucumber aren't they can't cucumbers there the heart that this couple cannot grow cucumbers on their land. So they can't make pickles at a cucumbers they want to make them out of other things. On and so it means that. Some farmers like the cheneys who can't grow cucumbers because of sandy soil means they're not going to be able to make the content. I needed told The Today Show that selling only fresh produce at the Saturday market does not allow them to break even and heckling is a common solution. But the only thing they can pickle is a cucumber. And if purveyors cell pickled vegetables that are not cucumbers of farmers markets. They can get fines of up to 25000. Homeowners so they wanna pickle other stuff other stuff can call. And call it pickles which is not I you know and and you can wait a few like I have pickled carrots. You can all kinds of its of X credibly simple process and it's a good way. To save vegetables man you don't wanna go. Can you. Break this down in simplified to me what they're upset about they have they cannot. Yes. They have vegetables they wanna sell to farmers market tanked and sometimes they don't sell everything or sometimes on they just have extra vegetables home. And they can't wait until the market on Saturdays and so something they can do with those extra vegetables. Is pick them and sell them as pickles let me stop you real quick as a guy who was never pickled any thing. What does that mean water. Sugar. And maybe a couple herbs in a jar from that you pour over whatever vegetable you wanna pickle definite vinegar on the other might be that are there to a maybe it's better. I don't ever yeah it's a bigger share. There everybody I'm sure you now feel for text and text and I think it is that are shorter but the point is you slice a vegetable you put that container doesn't mean jar. To put a container cover with that liquid. Put your fridge or I guess sometimes you don't but for a bridge. And then it that the point is that it keeps that vegetable good for really long time like. Like cucumbers or care it's our or beat Siegel onions and whatever but the point is that the vegetables not gonna go bad. And so it's a wait user vegetables without them going to waste okay but the state says you can only pickled cucumbers they can't growth numbers they can stuff. They can't call Hulk like column Pena whose. Wreck they wanna pickle I'll Pena is by putting this vinegar sugar salt combo and Intel salad as tickled with olive Pena says you can only pickled cucumbers are is wasting a lot of vegetables and not making money can be making so they're suing. I don't think there's other customers that they're just making distinct separate what's he hears that they did a file lost arts. It's eighteen ECB. And now. They. Don't actually necessarily agree with the lawsuit but the law as kind of stupid because people pickle all kinds of things. Not just cucumbers and zero. Yes they sought the help of the Institute for Justice in Austin and they filed a lawsuit against the states. And it law firm took the case on probe. A told today were pretty conservative people will seal laws were to break it we try to get a change to be rational. That's what we're trying to do here. She thinks a change a lot would help a lot Texans especially those that are stayed home moms are single moms. Who can easily pickle birdies and make a little extra cash and not throw away we have so much food poisons country. Heckling is something that you can do to save. The vegetables that you otherwise are way. Keep in mind you can still pickle stuff for home and it's on the states and China. You just can't sell. And I tried to sell and make money seems like Texas is worrying about too much. All of the the Texas lawmakers that they could really easily to broaden that definition and people can't because. You buys other things that are pickled in other places and so why not just say. You can pickle anything that you can put through the process not as cucumbers. That opportunity they're from feels like it's a waste spill over Lincoln like who cares some but it's easy a lot of X rite shares as the people that can be making it and Germany back right. That's my point I really lawmaker who gives a ramp at oh what people are calling people whatever. You were so you do pickle off I don't do often but it's. Something I have died on. I don't know how to say this about sun pickles. Out their five pick my wife loves that she she opens up the pickle jar. And drinks pickle juice out of the jar that's I had to be vital discussing L. But I will say. And on to manifesto whatever favorite cape bars and they have a whiskey pickle shot to give you shot of whiskey and the shot at pickle juice. Go back to back that tastes amazing. It doubts. So you can and it's just an easy thing to do that went their pickled beets and effort to save stuff. We'll use them for salad you citation. Eats its right to beat them I'm not surprised I was at a at a sandwich or beats on and over the weekend it was gross. Com and it's I can see evidence texture thing heckling makes them. More flavor. Texting and about tickled at this. Didn't say. I'm I'm Margaret Sanger grade I know how do you pickle and you'd same thing hard boil it was horrible person that we do too hard boil it in the or do you. These are the things we don't know about a little bizarre. 1134 year on KM BZ don't forget about kubert casts its swine SWA and text and in 272881. For your chance of a thousand bucks. Would you try other things yes. I I tried a lot of us so I'll try a lot of stuff once I a habit I have to interment of I would try to second finally tell. So we're talking about oysters earlier didn't somebody oh let me ask somebody had a record record for oyster eating I've had to oysters in my life they're both of the same sitting. And it was it a seat dressed like a Rea good seafood restaurant. Before I moved here it was. They're famous further there's he put it was. Weird to receive the plate of oysters. Come to the table because my friend loved them. It was really cool if you know they come with a little. Sox to recover an on men in principle but in ourselves all little's Clooney and if sometimes you crack and some Democrats or Yahoo!. And you just swallow it all know yak it's the reason I don't like jello shots. Because I just. Others say it had. I mean I'll take them they're fine. I just I have a really bad gag reflex her right and I there's something about text. Text your in my wrote. I don't do I do not do well. When it comes to speed like 12 ready. Swallow the oyster reef to swallow the jello shot or whatever I have a real bad gang ex. I can't the rest of how this is gonna sound don't worry about the risk Jamie just say it it's if you don't know whether to chew or swallow it. You know one thing to do pretty much of limbo area yeah hosted shoot the oyster down right. And who choose jello shots that's strange to writes is it like he'd let does that if it if their strong the taste of vodka lingers in your mouth for the taste of whatever lingers in your mouth. I'm not having that deep today yet Alexander mailing day today I'm on talk trumping guns it. Odd that an oyster is a food that is considered to be a delicacy. I mean really oysters are like your if you get him well then there's you know an expensive and it's it's supposed to be amazing. It is strange that such delicacies that you're not supposed to really taste and you're just supposed to swallow them very quickly. I'm 480. By the way is the number. Oysters that a Virginia man eights in how long. That's the question is is the oyster eating championships in New Orleans it's eight minutes. Odd. Your joined multiples of the time for Huntley you are not. Stopping. Are you sure many ways it's the perfect thing to try to do and I'll petition right I would throw up so quickly as a ears and out and about eight minutes and it's so about 4000 south Louisiana oysters were prepared and shuttled trade by trade to a table laid with hot sauce beer and other drinks. The seven contestants hunched over the checked tabletop as judges and striped shorts kept careful account turning over new number with each doesn't consumed. As time ran out the stats is as important. Darren Darren greens as I ran out and these matters is who he stretched his stomach. Which would soon be encircled by the champion belts. Defending champion Michelle Alaska and Arizona. 12 place with 27 dozen oysters. A third place was when he success he 40000. 400 such won it that's one per seconds is what that is one oyster per second for eight minutes I would be doing multiple time I would take both hands yet about millions and and just kind of keep. I keep movement who died IA could not a magic like I watched. The hot dog eating contest Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest on fourth of July I don't ally watch it. By the end of that I really feel gross like I watched that. You know it got hot dog or bonds guts just. And then they're hot it's looks awful. I don't understand how you make your life. And your life's goal to see how many hot dogs or chicken wings or oysters that you can eat in a set of. Time for you to website how likely not no Major League eating dot. For a yes no yes no you lets you would come up Knoll. So today to Nathan's Famous hot dot right contest is this weekend. It's got its fourth of July. This says June 10 2018 the finals then they met might be qualifying but it's always in other there are many of them yeah the big winds us the big one everybody these are all the qualifiers in the big one is on fourth of July because it's an American tradition so it's awesome god strawberry short cake eating championship. All right I wouldn't mind a slice of strawberry drop it but if you're have to have a lot of it that would be of pizza. That's in July comedies slices of normal sized pizza could you eat in a sitting like if you are we only gore and what we talk let's just do regular hand tossed her right. If I did not eat all bank. And I was stressed out. That those of the two companies has gone I can do quite a bit like what's your Macs especially if there's not a lot of stuff on it just kind of purist like to cheese let's just do. I just she's probably do. More than you think really Travis. Let's say it it was that you're hungry how many slices of normal thickness crust pizza with nothing on it. Could you eat in a sitting. Nothing on it just crap is just she's she's just she's now top. What that looks like Millard Drexler played a sport like at fort every pizza as say they eight slices a fourteen inch pizza cut an eight places to large wheels I could probably eat two largest myself. Tool. That's sixteen slices of pizza in a sitting. Yeah I don't believe he'll. Wanna sounds like it's idols bullet to Matt I'll. Definitely the most heat I've ever eaten at CC's. Was 32 slices. I think this is a challenge waiting to happen I think this has got to be seasonal many can you do you wicket like of a normal pizza. Just she's just she announced it some thought the other stuff three. Why did you born Henry I can do more than I'd probably do at least half a large maybe 45 I've hung over. Or you know they mean orbits it let. Three year or Max ally sixteen. And he gets real on days Sunday has been apple it. With nothing in my stomach in the first thing out orders the pizza I can eat the whole large so what if it's an how long. I partied it and under and around thirty minutes maybe lessen that less than the time that it takes to get delivered yeah by companies without a crappy. And that's with the crossed a whole pizza with the trust you and you give me a thing of ranch and I'm good. Seen tiger amid last guy in Boca midwesterners like ranch on everything not use that. Remember the Michael's dressing that was sent to us in the red crescent app that especially again and kept me under stress. And and I have any other and for sure mark oil. Quick question for anybody you'll looks like you enjoys a slice of pizza there till. Absolutely. PGE is sitting like what's the most you can crush regular size regular crossed with no topics just she just again. Would be your ideal beats that we understand. Yeah I mean anymore I'm such. You can until deceit babysitter select three slices what I would eat but back in the day it would be like UV. Adding pizzas he wouldn't that the unit of our business license I think. So I probably a large in I should have back in the day. That's what that was like he'll do and sports and whatever just very very active when I used to work very physical job ya like it put it away. That is amazing and and stuff on your did you Wisconsin state fair street and world she's her eating not surprised by that that's an artist. We've got the buffalo the face of goal for buffalo cuisines we got buffalo wings. Tamale eating took dual role eating not to act. Want to be around any of these people after they've devoured now pounds and pounds of Winamp or. But I really wouldn't wanna be around tamale eating guy yeah that to me is a terrible guy to be around. After you'd say needing. A 127 tamales and four minutes of the hour. The worst is easily the cool hand Luke challenges summit eats fifty boiled a stay away from him for six months. I never heard of the movie cool hand Luke I've never seen it but I heard of it yeah. Fifteen Paul Newman the you know crash Denton actually happened I chassis pay martyr you don't canteen sandwiches now never hurt that's a thing. On a look at now conscious of people of one. OK so the Salvation Army national doughnut day world eating championship was last week. The winner was Matt stony congrats Matt 48 doughnuts and eight minutes. Diabetic coma you want 2000 dollars. And we. 2000 dollars to surely get diabetes. The hostess don't the Democrats the small donuts only talent eating championship Joey chestnut with a world record of 257. And six minute American hero Joey chestnut and a half I have six of those from the from the kick company kitchen thing we've got good for a lie. Hot dark dot it's not that you festival. What they're well buttons salmon's. Mutton is grown up lamb a bank. Joey chestnut -- 81 of those in ten minutes. Some more. This week on. A lot of work the national sweet corn eating championship was won by departments in the body of Florida. 815 years of sweet corn and twelve point eight minutes. And never pooped again a lot of work that's T hear horrible I mean really that's what's hot dog record at its chest now right he's an American here on what's it. There're many okay. It's. Got to get to mark here you can see it this because they're forty of these when it comes. And you know it's super hot. Travis tell me if you agree with this the women who any like 47 my sandwich out. Just gonna say dude resent wings eater was a woman I'm pretty sure the wings champ yeah dual wing bowl in Philly every year. That's in debt they I think they think they invented the wings or whatever occurs at buffalo either way. They do wing eating competition in Philadelphia every year I think it's on Super Bowl Sunday. And I I believe a woman like yeah a lot of efforts to do just literally in your mouth and go out GAAP and does whatever goes whether I was whether it. What yet they only do legs and on the flats. All's they only do small okay the the the better ones that makes it easier not the ones that to those the little disgruntled as the ones and actually the other would to me would be easier to it to put it in pull out but it now if you just got one bound. This is gonna get weird that's fine it's gonna get weird with beat it beat district front and god said I had a recordings would track it. Expect to bite you later it's what that is cousin out once it is 1145. We've got more coming up talking about. Eating randomly and world records of foods got the hot dog eating contests Nathan's Famous in about a month from now on a fourth of July and it's disgusting to watch. I've found out that Travis says he could eat sixteen slices of pizza on a really really hungry day. I've met swore Max Jamie. I think again it about and let's say half hour it once it would sit out sitting down and not really taking a break I think on if I was stressed out. Hungary. On and and not worried about being judged I could probably do half half a large probably pretty easily and it just goes. ATP asked for an event that it but I knew that was that's about four pieces I think I could easily do for easily do full Sicily it's just a thing crossed. With not a lot of gunk on it. I think Eckerd act. Yeah pride maybe more. For sure the thing that I can do the most of though is pasta. Because back when I didn't care back when I just it would ever the hell it wanted a back up those days. The good old days jab back what I really pay attention and never weighed myself ever. I make a pound of pot you know box of pasta which is pound NE. At least half of that maybe three fourths of that setting. Without it without even blinking I'm weird with. Pasta like I feel like I eat a lot of it at a time. And I am only. To me actually Chinese food I don't stay full on Austin normal wolf for me the reason I will eventually stop is because I feel like my stomach is going to pop bright likable on goal and go until I get falcon lake to one minutes later after it had three plates of it I'm hungry again so that's me with Chinese yet most people that sixties since they have a cameo appearance this issue is wonderful but as I've never been full on sushi in my life I don't know CGI and the texture thing a go back to it it's like the oysters and jello shots at a bad gag reflex I'll office unique indeed Ohio. Inside plastic suck with Chinese sticks Chinese chopsticks I suck with those things man I'm bearable. Lakers Skelton auto what did you call them Chinese I screwed up I got it right shot politics Chinese sticks like album Chinese sticks sorry I didn't offend anyone immensely jobs to Chinese people are buried and I would like to drive her car with chopsticks. Is out and she's so good with them are you good with that travesty of Chinese sticks. I open shots a lot better than I am but I I can at least pick up the sushi but sometime I'll drop in these grew up ago Marion and that's it. Noodles and soup. No I did that toxic soup if I try to use chopsticks to pick up anything it's like a giant crane arm was hit and I make a giant dramatic process out of it evidently put my head underneath that site. I stink but I drugs that you could eat rice with top stick note that I can pick up sushi but sometimes the drop but if I pick up Bryce on him on his scrutiny. It's easier to rice sticks together. That your eyes like life and you can kind of divide your stick on your fine you divide your stick it out by the two and then kind of it's a good thing we're not too because the motion is required murdered demonstrates equities what you're. You divide your chopsticks in and kind of shovel them devise a plan can you divide and conquer. Asked am I mean I I delegates at getting back to however we got started on this and watching people eat that much it's. People eat ice cream sandwich as doesn't seem horrible Joey chestnut got that record for 245 gonna have ice cream sandwich is in six minutes. Does a lot of milk the problem is that to your brain freeze in your stomach that too but that's a lot of deal and assuming are made of real milk mania. And doesn't matter like I have. Two bytes of an ice cream sandwich gonna get a brain freeze yeah and you would yet you're right you need to do that very very quickly and you have to cross through that lake I eat my ice -- green vote sharper last night got a brain freeze after like three bites wicket. What did you just rainbows server. Travis studies an outward. Herbert. Okay. Good pretext and so here's what I do well that'd and are you batted in are remote server sherbet. Thank you my saying it wrong about it survival is sure bet. Everybody says Iran everybody somebody wants primary common put an extra are an outward. Is not there and people started pronouncing this word is server where there is no our. Second I think I knew that obviously yes OK but everybody does it Travis and you don't obviously. He calls on the ground is up and there is a big debate on merit but the scoop on her trooper. It's spelled without the other are buying it. I don't know what the history is that somebody added the art started pronouncing it depends how everybody says it. And there's a lot of spellings to. You can either do castle RB ET you can do as HE RBT what is organic RB yes sort of saying different things notch barber which apparently is not a thing where does that server either. But survey is of you know different food I had rainbow assure Bert last night of all the things I thought GB was gonna pick on before. He issued of the urged her Burt wolf personal former. Former embassy to read the rise particularly sick and I thought it was because I was eating rainbow sugar. Because it child Lee rainbow. Pretty delightful but he's confident your honor rights but that analysts note you know coconut and rainbow sherbet or cool. Sure bet to. Sure that his serve service its service urge your bat I don't know and that our day. Those are two different food or eight. I still I believe the fighting took a picture of it last night and Lee was eating tonight though. And we are comparing who was better whose eyes it was better to seven Ben and Jerry's tonight though and I was having the cheap Albie. Rainbow effect three sure bet I'll throw on the threat for UTU. The difference between sorbet sherbet and server from pops or. There are a multitude of web sites dedicated. To this topic of the things I learn of this and then there's that line it's sure not server Dylan tolerance that other Smithsonian magazine's elect odd numbers and other word I don't understand. Sound and well. Thank you I learned something that sailors and the every day on the show.