Midday with J&W: What scams have you been fooled by?

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Wednesday, April 25th

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It's 1207 and would this have on FaceBook awhile back and would love to know if you have fallen victim to any of these scams actually. Any scale and if you ever succumb to any scam where there was the Nigerian prince email scan now more or anything like that. Wicket what was the wine that you mom so and hey here's this email. Is at a scanned. And three words I said yes and this damn why are still reading this email and still aren't sure what was that. I was trying to sell an item on. Craigslist I believe aren't Craigslist or FaceBook live for her FaceBook art market place or something like that. And the person wanted the I would send you would Shaq and they would be the idol it was so generic and Matt correct it look like Ed. A moderate bot hey we'll pay you more than your asking Friday I'll pay you double here's the chance and you you can just said the item once you receive the check. Yeah yeah I'd I'd I didn't do that in fall for it it's too good to be true mom. Ask some questions I don't know if is anybody ever actually fallen for seventies what scams have you fallen for. Yeah and so what did you wonder you know Lamotte. What was the thing that was like well maybe it's plea deal sounds legit on because CNBC's out with a new list. On. Experience and as their list of the ultimate scams out the consumer credit report and company put the list together based on complaints filed with the better business bureau's scam tracker. And a lot these are new these are new methods that scammer is are using to take your money. A cut these are obvious some of these not so much the first is Jack pot Aaron hit me if you see an ATM spewing out money. It's probably not yours it's probably been taken over by hackers. Did with that gap we did that story we did a story like some woman went back in like four times over a month ago like at its. Or some like oh that was land the rotten thing was yeah that's right out of this aren't yap this is just literally hackers and bad actors disguises repairmen install malicious software in an ATM. Causing Sheen to dispense all of its cash really others and honesty in that pocket the money. So somebody can I feared as a repairman or. This guy is as a repairman rigs it sort of spent out money you go in whatever code you we put it it's your drive and I think. It's not yours this is actually happened called jackpot at and it's one of the biggest ones that is catching on bonus in case of you try to keep in DC a bunch of money being spent out. And you didn't play coded to get it and you don't have that much money he's not afraid it is not a science era that's your honor I. Another one of these is death threats via email the FBI's Phoenix office is warning evident Creason people reporting email threats. Demand and that they pay a son in virtual currency or prepaid cards or else I. If you. Get an email like that demand at the and for anything on big. What ever they say you owe money to but if you just get a threat saying give us money. Or. You know we're gonna cumin and do something a report that. If the act that kind of seems like a no brainer yeah I give fewer than there should not least help with. Yeah if if I mean. Well it may be Asher report some of the messages I get on the text and outline on after the authorities but if if somebody threatens you via email to take your life the less you pay them money any prepaid. Visa card. They just immediately forward that to the authorities. Seem like a no brainer right. Somewhat packed Yasser here's another one the email from Rex Tillerson. This note for secretary of state Rex Tillerson is not emailing you about one point 85 million dollar payment that you're owed because an investigation by the FBI and CIA that is another scam and now one thieves impersonate government officials. And tell victims that there are eligible to get an ATM card with a large sum of money on it or buy they sent along cash and personal information first. Here's a tip the free advice yeah if you are asked you gay and it you should pay money to get money. Yell at me in the lottery. You don't have to you'd have to sign over FISA ready in order to collect that money that's one of the first things that the FBI and stuff and please we'll tell you that. If if somebody tells you you just wanna million dollars but first you have to give us all your personal information and it now a feed a collective. Rarely if if you're winning money when I rarely ever do you have to pay again. You know. And it would love to hear your stories of scams you've seen and fallen four Il admit to my funny you. Much 5767798. We've got over three of these so far which I can't believe anyone would fall for but there's a reason we're telling you about these and there's a reason CNBC its listing it's a. OK so here's one that I had never heard of anger and probably the one that most of us are most likely to fall for okay in this reason why a lot of us don't answer our phone of it's a number we don't now. And I'm among those people that I was a boy I don't know the number. Just how hard I talk to people on my phone that's a number I don't know yet here's why. It's the can you hear me skate. Last year was topped by the can you hear me scam according to the Better Business Bureau here's how it goes you get a phone call you answer it. And the person on the other end of the line asks can you hear me. You say yes the color records you saying yes and that's all they need. They can use your voice signature to impersonate you an authorized charges via phone. Are you kidding me 101000 complaints of the scheme last year I'd never even heard it. Don't answer your phone if you don't know armor or let it go to voice I don't know the number will give you the other four or the other three that are on this list and would love to hear from you if you bit a victim of a scam. Maybe somebody Yunel. And we got some guys that do some security. That have seen some scams what's your story 5767798. Tuck and scams right now from CNBC the top seven new scams schemes are using into a snatching cash we're asking you what have you or maybe somebody you know been a victim of when it comes to a scam 5767798. And yet we've heard of before the plumber talk about now I've heard of before but these are the ones that. Consumer fraud experts say they're hearing more about. Fake vacation listings this one's pretty simple somebody puts a vacation home online theater doesn't exist. Or isn't for rent you Renton site and seen you in over check in and it turns out it doesn't exist. It feels like air being NB would be a good place to weed that stuff out but if you're easily Craigslist recently and I can see scam non-GAAP. This is where they cease to this is. I don't debt. Admittedly bit client and crypto currency dollar kind of saw some readers -- Israel. Out for a phony an official calling offerings or I CEOs in those arrangements scammer seek investors are willing to pony up some virtual currency to start us out to back a start up. An exchange investors get a token issued by the company so that's that scale. Yet basically it's like hey Jamie do you wanna buy afloat though it's with a new crypto currency used to be a thousand bucks also knew. A thousand dollars with the flow well guess what there isn't something called flow well it's made up completely made it out. The last one on here in which your calls is the shim her. How is thieves skimming your ATM card and stealing your details magnetic strip in is bad actors shinning the embedding hardship in your ATM card. Fry answers are using devices called shivers in card slots at ATMs to snag your card data from the Chet. Thieves can use information to create a clone of your car and racked up charges. I thought the chip was supposed to prevent this stuff that Ali all right that's all we that the reason we switched to that gap. And then we'll calls and then there's just we just haven't had five minutes ago the Kansas they start poses a story about bone scans to KCP and all that we need to warn you about. So take your stories here on nine time accusing funerals are let's go to George in Kansas City thanks rang in Georgia 91 KM BZ. Yet what the show you. So about a year ago our work and the results are local racket called an app they had. Figured out that they receive felony. US. Postal money order or also checks. And that I got the toggle with a record that's why would this be so interested. In I'll. Obviously you could be true in the guys we'll pay you bought a forty dollar check. Of course fort checks for 250 dollars. And and I'll start short I'm able to recover the money but after I gotta put money back and a kind of browbeat the person that. Had try to cap the well paychecks because it was a scam or people out of the United States would contact GO LU peaceful future. It cheetah catch our. Liberty they keep 10% 40% of whatever it. Goodness. These come from Joker which. Well I lose I depend importantly product that banker I don't. We're a long time you don't disperse it in early had much financial. You know I ever probably have a thousand dollars and it lives all the set to double B checks in egos war. Animal all her collective topic like that about a 160 election checked dash C. Her prepay a George thinks the focal a man we appreciated. A stock to Mike in Kansas City on KM BZ. Hello land of show you. Well I would look to completely generations old school. You know like trying to please grade my mother and also about current or inspectors are growing up by it was critical care and demand and also working your computer and get in security. Also pretty and my job he. Gets away from someone may not the mission mentioned or via. The granddaughter grin on in jail but he talked to elderly people claim to be in jail he'd failed like that money. All him you know there at all sort of counterfeiting counterfeiting of checks money orders. You know I think longer applies. You know they can with our ID cards used it all up to the beeper you know the war. You can have a backpack with an RFID reader that that chamber and and they just walked by an NBA Europe because the rigor power power. You'll power that are court in the and you get their core inflation count it's our we don't be pin with virtually it was counterfeit bullet. In the email. Com to really tell it's one of the big numbers he has of course this year while Gmail that looks like it's coming and Gmail or most people are Gmail. Someone a friend of yours has probably been called by liturgy mail and they say they're here's our. Widget you click on it in and ask you to log in which should be article in in the cheese and perhaps work. Com am there's also you know the atmosphere are what go from. Like you were you bought the pops up you know they're just they're such and such there's a problem just to show up here. Yes it is still chilly and you know a lot of those others gave a law on the phone you know a lot of phone scams one thing. I. Just do sell like brought back from like the old days security. Is that if you call from number you don't know immediately its own and say secure line when the color today. Because back in the day but he had a caller please day and that while they were recognized of course on the other line you know look legit. And so when you have any of these people what you know color eight years old to keep talking like look at the current well I cannot. Talk to you without the color of the day and I think yeah like me get yellow light on an injury. That you know another thing mobile phone but it's like if the if that ever important would ever banked their record court ever like that. He will most likely come in the mail you know it it's really important and you owe money or something wrong they are real. Bite me. But you know like if you search ordered the help number of FaceBook problems the numbers scare you call they're little money you know and you know I just always go to the direct secure site. Called purple number correctly don't Buford hang. If it's an email you don't like just make sure deleting off on it's really important it will actually you know oh well. You know. But. It's just about life you know if you don't know who it is just you know just hang out. GAAP pay it in the phones cameras were people get like the yes beat the the yes Guinea's cent earlier. That would scares me also that one's been around awhile I sign it but these are the ones that. The consumer fraud that the FTC and irony says there are re emerging or becoming a bigger deal. Mike thanks for your phone calls go to Darlington next on 91 KM BZ Darlene is anybody that you know ever been scammed. My. I'm my grandmother. About security negotiate now 96 as she was about ninety. Received a foul ball. Supposedly extra might turn over great grandparents. Saying that he wouldn't tell our Coastr Rico Warner Jules and had gotten in trouble achieved. And she wouldn't chew western union. And now wired 5000 dollars. And the woman western union worked leading let her plea on your granddaughter. Please call your great grand. And and I mean people diet told her don't call mom. But thankfully she didn't and we told her it was SK I am that he was on costs. So. She stayed the lot of cash you can ask my panel and find out and now my hand you needing any. Which he couldn't. Yeah I just thought it was horrible. So evidently there's all kinds of people out there trying to. Well thank goodness for the people western union Darlene thanks for your call Jeff in Kansas City I do you BZ what's up Jeff. Are right now demand but your story. And independents. Mine she passed away last year which at the end of the story that won't be I Iraq War was over. She called me 1 morning that you like about 300 dollars. Op I'd say you know no problem I'll need money what is born she started telling me that debt. If she sent these people 300 dollars should be inferred trying to win like anywhere from 10100550000. Dollars. JB you're talking about is that you don't. I was gone and they're more questions than it issue is different answers everything up I'm like all right since sunshine. I'm pretty darn thing and it was sunshine. And I don't Wright said this now Pakistan's enemy that you need to call the police and they aren't pleased and I think we ended up calling FBI. And they finally Albert the witness stand that when he was doing lies. She was supplying the Taliban. Oh god. This wouldn't totally different direction. Teacher. In every time I went over for error and would not her estate so I'm sure it was that. Oh lord this our thanks Jess. At late we aired a minute when inappropriate things in the column and we appreciate it we'll get to have you or your stories Christi Steve John. Hang right there is to get to from Euro at 5767798. What he been scammed on what is somebody you know maybe. And I know that this is you know. Seemingly obvious but it seems like scammer is prey on in this information age those that are the old older generation that may not be terribly familiar with the Internet and things like that that that's. That's where it seems most of the scams are done. And people that just. To their detriment sometimes. Believe everything they're told and too often does give people the benefit of doubt you know when when someone calls screaming that it's your grandchild and there. They're behind bars in Nicaragua or something. A lot of us would say hey wait a minute. Maybe I should check first and make sure that I have a granddaughter and make sure she is actually there before I just hand over money in a panic. On and it's I don't know what you do but my mom and I have this conversation on a regular basis like hey don't eat out draster personal information if if you're asked to pay money to get money you know they're just things that you feel like you got to remind people not to do. Hi my twelve year old grandson get in Nicaragua I went to that cap would be dual I would've known about that trip that the 5767798. Let's go to John in Kansas City on KM BZ what's your story job. Yeah so I'm in the military have been been a couple times now and every time call. Our pick your payment or go through like a briefing about what can happen not. That I'm up the look out or not stop on social media. One of the reasons is. Because there are gamers out there that surf the web. Or those people like their families are quote and things like that are new practice and or Iraq whatever. You love the dollar broke don't do social and lose their court saying their underdog. And they will blame because their their Greek or not paying attention trying to get a court confirmation Social Security number. That hey hey we you know wire. All of them money you know like future. Bet you're going to be paid now what they'll view it'll go and open credit card. Banks and buy up on my information. And get a wake up very. Preying on the weak John. Preying on the way up. Saw it at a likable and it is a jumping your phone call they can be your serviceman we appreciate that very much Christie in Kansas City on KM BZ. Connecting. Say sell number years ago fight started and in the rental business. And this is this required number of years ago I got a phone call from a gentleman who oversees. And EU would interest similar properties. It is in a money order the deposit and the first year a rant all I got really. Well this really cool all veterans and your great OK I get them in order at all. Dan. Call little time and he says oh my gosh I've added a tragedy like gambling. Did you get that money order as well. Worn out view. But I can't change the old you're can only eight murders because that will direct the money and you. Deposit that money order your bank account in the right near checked for the did different. No the yet the answer to that is no. Well Alan in my hands down or alt Ria. We're going on right at age ailing members who was tech savvy at the time and I told him outside Atlanta Kyra that you're in advance. And that actual stories that eagle as I would have done I didn't know any better. I'll. Would not now and now you know better right Christy. Absolutely. It can't it. I didn't I didn't know about gaming at all you know everything. He might members wanted to wait a minute maybe check this. And sure enough money order or the boat order. If it. And I am glad you got to got it all straight now agrees because I could go on. Really awry and now you're woke so that's good Christie thinks the vol golf Lenore in Kansas City thinks collier on KM BZ. Hi there guys haven't. Been seeing the phone call him grandpa who would in Mexico in jail and needed money. And my husband and Gary expanding their needs. Are more. And he tell me what you need money call your mother plant page they'll support. It better. I. But an and that was a scam he wasn't actually in a Mexican jail he does that that was a good line for the scammer. Correct that I wanted to tell it might have to wait and maybe I learned later. Start getting some calls. Him. Showing up on my screen on our own him. You were getting phone calls from your late husband. Supposedly get on the score on my TV screen pass I've cable. And am Ochoa kidney and my home phone number that I shift in the camps. That is weird did you ever answer to see how what would the with the end result that was. I didn't it was particularly creepy but I ended up calling aspect germ and they block. My number and all 800 number my phone and I've never had a problem. Good for you that aura around him and getting a phone call for remind my late husband. Yeah hikes. Could 5767798. Let's go to Steve in Kansas City things Collins Steve you're a 91 KM BZ. Afternoon. I don't ordered more revenge story. What like quit or most people like game honor cream ML. Pay in real life. There's an element honor. Well all over all the all day is called the camera back. And point fingers and wait no upward of 23 hours. Of their. So cool that body you like or are all. And how how little they are trying to kill old people. In the game completely out gift card or work a rock corridor import of cart. And just in paying that people will call for. It is ending to the phone call I did know that about which interest and I did not know about that on facial vocal Steve appreciate it out so quick we've mentioned those about KCP and I'll yeah. Now the start coincidentally just for the center site 45 minutes ago and it's for Casey penal customers we only did notice. A new wave a scam calls targeting customers of KCP and L led to a 76%. Increase in such attacks this year. I KCP NL cents gamers hit 326. Customers. In the first three months of this year. During the same time last year 185 customers have been reported scam calls. They say technology allows gamers to appear to be calling from KCP and L but the custom the companies that it's it's not us a statement says. With the most current phone scam the color is Albany live person posing as a KC PL employees. Who notifies the customer may past due bill and demands immediate payment to avoid service does connection because you freaked out you don't want to be turned off. You think it's real I KCP and also as we do not we do call customers. We use automated and live callers but we never demand immediate payment. Keep that in mind and that's. It adds importantly it's a common. Of the Casey details as we may call you it may be automated it may be a line but we never demand payment. KCP and I'll says. Spammers also were telling targeting consumers to pay their bill by buying a green dot money pack and give them the information about the prepaid card Casey can also as we would never do that. Or ask for payment with any kind of prepaid card. So and and you know you can always check and see what you uh oh you know you can always go online and and check that out. But they say if you think you might be the target of a scam ask the caller for a number to call back write it down Paul Casey PL give them the number of person. So remember that if KCP and L calls you. They're never gonna ask for payment right right then and there nor are they going to ask you do it on any kind of prepaid car we need any prepaid visa or not. How many prepaid visas you have a home. It's that's really uncommon engine totally stick out. As odd give us your stories on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ it's also up on Twitter if you had read about the seven new scams. That are out there from CNBC. Coming up next one of our favorite beverages and it's a while to get much more expensive we'll explain next. Made no secret on this radio program about our appreciation of one right. YouTube is up on a regular basis like I prefer red to white. Steeper for red light Travis. They have read read over like I did that I. The other thing and why why he's horrors and OK but I'll. Tried to space you read their white in the summertime let's you know cold made little cold but yeah I don't like I don't like cold red line. Content so tell me once while on my hands up like a dork czar figure out just a second. And sites like when I was in my twenties or technical classes just to know what I was talking about became the winds I knew how to pick up stuff I liked. And somebody said people drink their reds to warm and their whites too cold see it that there's really not a huge temperature difference between them. Im im if I am doing that wrong I'm OK with that because I have gone to what's there's a wine bar downtown and I've got a cannon. The eyes apparently that the wanted like 8000 different winds I think you probably read about what got Saddam Baltimore yikes sixteenth and some summer honor. So every time I've gone there and another several times it's a great restaurant he a lot of interest in food. Com I always will order a red and I'll always when he gets that are all pick up the glass and it's like. It's cold again and I did and I have to put both hands on the glass for about two or three minutes to warm it up because I'm the guy that likes. Room temperature red wine most people. I think most people like that reds to be on the more room temperatures but that's enters but I was told is that it's appalled by these people who know all help a lot more about wine and I have at least Somalia eight ask people. That it's supposed to be colder than the way that we drinking that red is supposed to be colder and I just. I don't get it I don't prefer it that way so for sure. You like his money even if you don't care about wine for sure you want money and if you are needing to buy wine as gifts even even if you don't drink it it is going to cost you more out of MarketWatch. The price of wine is likely to go Lott as global wine production has crashed to a sixty year low last year. I keep in mind Europe makes up about 65%. Of global wine production. The Paris based international organic organization of fine and winds said Tuesday that the world's wine production fell. About eight point 6% last year from 2016. And the lowest level since 1957. Global wine consumption. Is up a little bit so keep that in mind the group blamed the production slumped on port weather conditions in Europe. Including a late winter frosts that hampered the harvest. Wind production in Europe dropped 15%. Last year Spain's wind production fell 20% last year these are hoping areas for wind. France has dropped 19% Italy's fell 17%. I US mine production was. Largely stable despite the wildfires last year in California which is rising which took less damage to the figures than they originally thought also was stable in Australia. And south American harvests have recovered from past whether disasters. It's still gonna make a difference though in the price of wine if you like Italian liner Spanish or French wine and again 65% of the wind in the world comes from Europe it's going to cost you mark. And it's gonna make a bigger the cheaper the bottle. The more than a gallon per percentage wise proportionately because any cheaper bottle they're not make it as much money off that to begin selling got to raise. Silicon nine but dollar bottle of wine let's say uttered is Matt Dodge it while made in France that sounds French. Let's say that why is who knows so my nine dollar bottle wine is not gonna go to eleven box and the alliance is line I had a. In my predict Tom but how much it's a lot and but they say. Mid price bottles look up it's gonna hit the cheaper in mid price bottles marked team because on a more expensive bottles there already make it more. You know they've they've got a bigger margin there to deal so. After cheaper wine drinker I am you're gonna have to and drink much that's over ten or twelve bucks a bottle right it's necessary. I feel like an end might Pallet. I know what I like. I know they don't like. I feel like if you play eight and nine dollar bottle line in front of me and a 25 dollar bottle line. I don't know if there's a huge difference I probably could see a difference in a 55 dollar bottle line in a nine dollar bottle wine put. I'm not sure if I can do that we can go online right now are right please call cellar rat seller he LL AAR. Profits to r.s one cell. Line shot. In a crossroads bank. I used to do a class. Cult attend dollar bottle vs the hundred dollar. Mailing a ten dollar bottle they give you a hundred dollar bottle and they teach you first AC if you know the difference and -- teach you the difference they did X class for a long time I don't know I see if they do that is that would be great anniversary because it's interesting to to learn the difference. I can tell sometimes if it's just sometimes you can tell rightly partners have used that I play now on that but I don't think you're mean and and I'm I'm thinking about it but I don't think you need to spend more than twelve box to get a really good bottle line. For most of us it's not gonna make a difference. Unless you are a wine expert you're not going to be able to. So this calendar at least a calendar yeah. And they do it a wine classes there a look at edit write about it and I'll have to go through these classes of anybody that does that and it's just a really interesting thing. A lark to learn what taste alarm what the difference would be and what would make it more expense. Interest itself I mean there's a hole that they get ten dollar that this is a whole calendar to have to go through and yeah where's this place it are rat is. It's not far from tan it's it's like one block over. And and got a couple blocks away it's very it's in that same part of the world in that same part of across well that's cool I've ever heard of that so if you're a wine. And let's talk about the beer industry for second this is a CNBC. The British pop industry. Is in decline. And you can blame technology it's according to the British beer and pub association which is trying to put the brakes on the industry's near forty year decline. A quarter of the pubs in Britain have disappeared in the last 35 years. I director of public affairs for this group says people are spending more time in their homes and the technology and the environment at home is more comfortable than it ever won does. They also said the indoor smoking ban in 2007. Resulted in a rapid decline in pub goers. While changing tastes toward wine has seen beer consumption falls in 1979. People stay home they're streaming they're drinking supermarket booze and knock on pubs and clubs. Is that. And here is anybody notice that if that's happening here because I know that a lot of people. Would like I at 37 now. Would much prefer to stay at home and have some Beers with friends over go over to my neighbors. 25 year old Lee was at the bar. Often so I I don't know lake of the autumn Saturday included the Blue Line after we did. That the bowling bash predate our parks. That Mike let's go home and I did neither we were gonna go out that night discipline to stay in the Travis. Both spoke more than likely scared now yeah yeah yeah because it's cheaper. The DP because when you would stay at home before. He didn't have all the options you do now you know what I mean. We do more and more breweries here. So I'm not sure what it's if that's true if if what you two are saying parallels what's happening in town are we just going to breweries more were doing bars last. Because we have the culture here like we've never had. Yes you did we share a story that there's ten new brew is opening up in the Kansas City Lawrence area all from here to there we can't even keep up into your point Jamie I guess when I though one might ask you do we go to bars more stayed home. I think we do more of like. Places that have a whole bunch like stuff on tap. Like that's what mattered not a typical crazy bar you know behind you're trying to privacy or to some place to stand by it's more like. Hey let's go to this place that has. Fifty different Beers there or fifty different wines let's go there and try. I've not yet the club is 1 thing I am I'm a man I've been to an instance this club and a long time. But going to. A restaurant bar lake at Applebee's or your neighborhood died it has two dollar taco night that I'm down with that bullet. I mean I. That's where the game wise there's not else to do any did but now you can watch the game at home all the streaming services that so many movies somebody shows. You know you'd it to me at 37 I would much rather stay home they docked to the bar. But again brewery with the the interest in Beers there I guess we just wanted to experience it differently our experience at batter you know we there's a new omelets and wanna to strange days have enough room and we've got neighbors that open all the time so. Re defining. Puzzle but I'd rather go to strange days. Then go to Lou with all due respect to. Some packed bar at power and light for sure because it's it's more control it's quiet Eric and he actually talked to my friends and and try some different and then at all I don't mean I would I would rather act. Boulevard just opened up some new billion dollar ten million dollar canning thing but there. They're eatery whatever it's called the boulevard where you go to eat the tavern or whatever it is that to me is still really cool again for sure like to check in that place.