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Wednesday, April 25th

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It's the 11 o'clock hour we are chatting about. Story at a Tennessee. Where there is a school bus driver. Who caused a crash. In November of when he sixteen. Driving twice the speed limit. The taking a cell phone call just before the crash. And now we have six dead kids. So it happened November 21 2016. In Chattanooga Tennessee. And the guy was driving a school bus 37 kids on board. He's gone about fifteen miles an hour and a 2.5 mile an hour zone and he's on his phone and he loses control the bus words and a bus crashes into a tree. Six kids on the bus died 31 kids survive and there was just a sentencing in this case so he was convicted. Two dozen counts against him but the jury decided to not convict him. Of what he was originally charged with they can always convict him out of a lesser charge and they did. The toughest penalty that any one of those single charges came with was two to four years in prison. And because he has no criminal history because he's never violated probation because he's never on probation. Because they don't considered enemy have mental health issues. The judge had to give him a concurrent sentences not consecutive sentence. Meaning so what if each of those twenty charges came with tears appease that would at 240 years. The most he can actually be told to spend behind bars is four years this loss socks so then he gets credit for time served. Because he did a year behind bars ovaries able to post bail. And he'll be eligible for parole after he served 30% a sentence so it's possible he could be out in a year or two. What I don't get is why the charge is it more and I'm not a lawyer. I I don't get why the charges have more severe and I really don't get the Tennessee Lotte because he has a good history. That. Should keep him from serving forty years in prison for the death of of six kids and being found guilty on 27 other counts I know it's the law but the loss sucks. I'd be mad at the jury because he was facing tougher charges and the jury convicted of lesser charges in that Gary can't the jury can say. We know you're you know do we know you've been hit with first degree he wasn't vehicular homicide and yeah. We know the prosecutor says that that's what you're being charged with but we're gonna convict you of something not as bad. And so as a result he will be out in a year or two. An act of that would mentioned there's a civil suit that's been filed on behalf of one of the parents against Durham school services which is who he worked for. That show Walker's of this great lawsuit that Walker's bus generated hundreds of speeding alerts before the crash. And that those alerts when its rate to Durham school services and the question was the question parents are asking my as if he has a history of speeding why was he pulled off around. It's a great question. 5767798. It's gonna Charlie you're at the Euro 91 KM BZ does that seem right to you Charlie. Does this seem right deal. No. It is so so wrong. Beg god they would vote ambitions are so kids. Among these records and look good situation. Choked older totally out of control. Double. Or other low budget every day. They come at a record comes announced that GAAP special or I thought I would. Under driving by and let it out of control period. I feel chart that sent our review. The just a should be changed step back and they're a good look at it it is so long. Feels that way absolutely feels that way Charlie. And over the phone comment appreciate it so just texted and my question is did the jury know about the law concerning concurrent sentencing will here's the thing. May be nods and again not a lawyer but it's not to the jury. To sentence somebody sold my guesses that. You wouldn't tell the jury about that aura or the jury couldn't take that into account because it's not the jury's job to decide. How long he should spend behind bars it's the jury's job to decide what laws he broke and it jury decided these are the laws he broke by the way they didn't. Allow it Chattanooga Jerry Rice does not out of time did they went for my Ian Montgomery County jury. And I honestly. I don't know and direct I don't know they knew they knew what they were doing. Like that do they know the difference. You don't take into account sentencing guidelines when you're deciding what were what want appropriate person broke you can't say it yourself. While we think he deserves to spend ten years behind bars so let's convict him of these things because the judge into every watts I went to the original charges brought to the table from the prosecution. It plays you know and mainly was vehicular manslaughter was where were those surcharges hopper Topper charges on the table or was this the best case they thought to convict him. Was this the best the prosecution could go out there we cover chart that then this or did something wrong here the jury has the option in any case of convicting a black can't convict a tougher charges but a jury in any case. Can convict of lesser charges. Because they still they still think he did something wrong but not bat and sort of convicted of lesser charge so he was he was hit with. It was a different level of felony it was a tougher felony that would have carried a tougher penalties. A. Amanda done his lawyers said that this is not necessarily an open and shut case we presented evidence to the court this morning is during the trial. That we think calls into question criminal liability in this case. Then why. I don't know they what does and a I'm just reading the quote from the Tennessean. From when this all went to coach this was back I'm in February. When indeed the jury was getting ready here this I just I can't imagine how that jury is sleeping. Time but the jury. Yeah I don't yet it's not convicting him of the tougher charge but the jury. Cast to work within the framework of the law and and the jury's job is to decide. Was he guilty of the things that the prosecution says he is guilty of according to the definition of those charges. And maybe the prosecution didn't do a good enough job making its case. And the defense did a better job shown prosecutions or if that's the case it feels like the the. The prosecution to use a sports term ruled the helmets out there and said look this is open and shut indeed do an incompetent it's like you know like Hillary in the election just how does it like Wisconsin and Michigan refined so executives expect kids expect it right and that it'll be as easy as that and and and and props to the defense for for figuring out a way to mean. This guy is responsible for the deaths of six children. Six kids Japanese minister may be a year so yeah for those are having trouble with the math he was given for years that's the Max he concern if he gets credit for the year that he spent behind bars before it posted bond take that down a three and he's up for pearl after he serves 30%. So he's up for parole after yours. It's wrap this up a pack team in Kansas City biking. Was gone all the morning I got don't do that and I ordered its ranking opposite situation thank you right order that it wouldn't be given sent an. Opt for use in the world. It's called a full rich who got into. We we seek Groce. So that the dirty here in share which was Smart. We all the people throw people feet apart to only accept them. In your probably right that they will be ugly I mean I would guess your correct because of it that the parole officer would say. Where oil and anyway the theater to serve a little more time here. It beat her been in that situation can carper Parker's triple Berry street eat in. In his back number full. The very least we know he's not serving any more than three. Yet but it's been paying. We're Nagle the seat parole. Parole bowl it would make them. Four years old not Kabul road. Yeah no doubt a team enemy the math makes cents amid if still gets credit for time served if but if the the pearl is gonna look at this and say. You got a lot for killing six kids you're not getting off a temporal you are not leaving this jail. Or he's a model prisoner. Model prisoner and makes his case I mean he apparently gave a pretty impassioned apology during the trial. He's got kids of his own he was working two jobs he had no criminal history I'm I'm not in any way. Saying it was okay to be going twice the speed limit in being on your phone when you responsible for 38 lives 37 other lives. But maybe he's going to be the model prisoner again you would have thought the only would've gotten you know of these convictions so. Maybe he'll make his case. If I'm on that Parole Board he's not seen a late day until his Max amount of time behind bars because I feel strong that it should have been. The much more are ridiculous and is more severe sentence this is just ridiculous. I just about a FaceBook page you can checking out FaceBook dot com slash 91 KN BC are also on Twitter KM BZ radio coming up next. Some planes there there's a study about planes and the way we sit on planes should we flip around we'll explain next. Jamie's had a mild breakdown during the break I need some time night night. I have no idea why this is it's just causing you such strife it's different which it looks different she says more complicated and look you'll see what. You can see would southwest is done and this has nothing to do with our travels are right and right hands and that's fine. Mr. research and start a zone zap this sets up a CS yeah to see the southwest site. Go to I don't wanna give it to them just this computer or is it really could kick my computer's dead so my life is just not in the same accounts used to shape he's having a rough two days. Because the computer won't turn on computers. It they than the southwest is rearrange some things on their website yes and I can quickly rearranged like. Everything when you go to book a flight at southwest.com. You you type in you know Casey I'd sue wherever. And it's the same now being with I am looking at it right now to me is exactly this and. It looks completely different everything is bigger. The duration category does does that do a column in the middle takes up space is not necessary and the old site. The duration was to us like. It's not need that and this is. What's going on here there's a whole lot of first world praying going on when that happens this beat the website is is is changed at southwest aka fear not beat the app is not change it looks exactly it's. It's a completely differently now are is completely different places he's still able to book a flight. I. Be efficient about these things and this is not as efficient they're just tell you click on the flight to return flight is scrawled out. Which is. Student. Everything is different place. They need exits like would never ever be hesitant to. I don't you don't use FaceBook all that up and a member when they were always do FaceBook updates every six months or eight months of people would freak out they would hate it in the two days later everybody got used to it you're gonna get used to change there's too. I finally changed there that a ready user that much I use their news tab is pretty get back for just because it brings in stories all over the place them and it's. I just don't I don't I just be condensed and efficient and to a small space as possible to look in first. Southwest and looking for stuff but credit to dissing right this is it. Like the world it was most interesting. But it was all. It was very basic and is married to ask site. Into it and complicated what they think the top that says what you don't like our read it here you go back to old form of the site. And. We'll never allowed that once FaceBook made the change like every eight months or whatever when FaceBook updated stuff they would move your news speedy move this. And everybody I hated it two days later everybody's used to it yes text or I agree with you too I like the similar layout also less is more right. Any first world problems right here. Speak to move things around this out of the New York Post. According to choose some. Surveys some Smart people out there are. It turns out we have been sitting in planes wrong and fortunately there's not a lot we can do about it. In an emergency landing passengers would be much less likely to suffer serious back and neck and head injuries. If they were facing backward according to the telegraph. Backward facing seats and it makes sense if you think about it backward facing seats would provide much better support for these areas. If sudden deceleration. Heard David Lara Mott is the operations and safety and her flight global dot com and former royal air force pilot in the UK. Told the newspaper lots of research has been done into it. The royal air force has rear facing seats on its transport aircraft because it's proven to be safer however while passengers could soon be sleeping. In the holds unlikely it'll ever be offered backward facing seats. I mean I guess you think about it. It would make sense that if you eat if you'd leaned forward in. When there's turbulence or via after decelerate real quick your head kinda snaps forward like when you get into a car accident. It would make more sense to turn this sheets around because you would have the full support of the of the chair in theory right. Easy to deal. I mean I don't mean just turn pitchers but if it was that simple if it was it was it. If it really was that clear that just turning the seats around wade make you safer crash why they don't I don't know some people like we have you been honest and Amtrak recently up and they I've never taken and really opened up. Travis you're taking a contractor Brent train. Okay intermittent street car. Out of that guys that industry card giver write it backwards or the L insure. I don't mind right. I. I mean that shorter travel. I mean I've taken the Amtrak. A lot in my day from here to Chicago in a Detroit whatnot. And I don't mind sitting backwards some people get sick doing. Some people can't handle why asks of go the other way to rain is just not. Now wired that way but in theory it makes sense but also when I start reading this and I read. Backward facing seat to provide much better support for these areas of south sudden deceleration. Occurred and I read. Emergency landing. I'm thinking and I'm not surviving anyway leg of the. Planes going down. Does it matter which way I'm facing. You know depends on how at the impact is and in house so what does that do if you. Well also dented a plane into the seats around what else does that cost is that a fact I wonder it affects your view out the window. Any time Max I mean I guess when you take off your leaning forward is just going to be kind of a mind yeah I think. We and you take off we need to plan he'd be falling forward. You know because we need you lean when you take off here illegally backwards certainly is not really gonna change that really you're not seen in the cockpit any literally now Kmart out of that or more so leader not your your view you're just gonna view different seat when you're in front of you is going to be a different seat. Instead of the other one now it's going to be the other. It would make sense but it but again your take off would be he'd be definitely leaning forward and when you lay ahead. Yeah you know it would it would be different. Their minds says during an impact this passengers center of gravity would be higher in the seat would be taking. More of the strain their for the seat itself the fittings in the floor of the aircraft. We need to be strengthened. It would also says that would increase the weight of the aircraft which that would increase the weight of fuel consumption. Or increased fuel consumption went that would put people. Also in this study. The best place to sit on the plane if you wanna avoid getting sick. The giver intersecting travel so much I doubt you'll forget that now I actually really have you seen me. I'm not talking escalators but it never see me go upstairs and you're watching it happened well yes I really bad motion sickness. Uncovered the first time when the first times Allen are bias was gonna greet me at the top of the stairs and coming up the stairs looking down the whole time. What the hell is wrong with wire if you look in his integrity and it is a vital look down my head. I think is a lot but I don't currently get and it's the kind dress do you get. Motion sick when you fly ego do that now not all roller coasters either of you row right roller coasters cheering like I did then I sort of get sick on one banner. 567 years ago have amendments and I'm terrified of him. They say according to this study. If you wanna avoid getting air sick. That you should avoid the aisles seats because you see people walking I guess I don't now I've no idea why. A new study confirms what experts have been saying you should avoid aisle seats if you wanna stay well. Also it says you know for somebody doesn't wanna get sick get the window seat and don't move what are the other reasons is not just air sick but sick sick. Because if you're the idol. More people walked by users more people around you more germs around you as opposed to your confined windows secrets his view in the gross ness of the window so. I'm not a doctor and can't attempt to explain vertigo and how would be floating your ears affects balancing your brain procedure the physical part of that but yeah there's a reason why. You're more likely to get motion sickness in the backseat of the car than in the front seat all because in the front seat. Your your you can watch the road. You can anticipates. The motion body is going to feeling you're less likely or our balance wears a beard backseat and you can't see what's happening you just feel it. And can anticipate at some gas and Melinda Lee. Always has to sit in the front seat she generally drives fishing it's harsh excel. We easily act but she if she sits in the back seat it's over. Is there over she has to sit in the front in the passenger seat if she's. By the way how often do people move 80% of people sitting in the I'll move at least once during their flight. A 9% of I'll sitters move at least once 62%. Of middle seat. Flyers move at least once 43%. Of window seat flyers may feel bad move at least once you get bad talent to the people America. It is 1133. Nasty outside at 767790. Is the phone number. We don't generally. Want to go Downey trump angle here but this is interesting and important from the trump administration. I yeah I don't think this is necessarily a political question but the thing I'm curious about is and as we shift gears into your health your a little bit on. So hospitals have certain rules about providing a list of their standard charges and their policies. For the public to view the prices pays hospitals. Already have to have that. And if you ask for they have to give it to the standard was prices and to know if anybody has ever actually asked for. We have a luxury in and medicine is one of the few times where we don't have that luxury of getting to price shop and other ones like your car breaks down. He's got it to go to the nearest place. But if you're I have you know hip replacement or some kind of elective surgery or something where it doesn't have to be immediate. Does an Eddie actually go is it done that and gotten the price list and price compared from one hospital the next. I like about that the stories at a CNN money. Cost may soon have to post their standard prices for patients on why underage proposed rule unveiled yesterday. By the trump administration also the administration is seeking comments on how to stop so called surprise billing. When patients are charged after unknowingly being seen by out of network providers it and how to give patients better information about the out of pocket costs they will face Saudi proposed rule. Is the centers for Medicare Medicaid services' latest effort to give patients more information about the cost of healthcare. They're guidance applies mainly to Medicare patients and providers but officials expect it will influence practices. Across the nation's health care system keep in mind. The post prices might not reflect the actual amount the most patients pay because insurers and the government had different rates and often cover a bigger portion of the battle. I get into CNN money the initiative builds on the Obama administration's efforts to increased transparency and shift toward paying for the overall health care value. Of the services provider provided rather than just the services rendered so again services on hospitals already have to put out a list. Of either their standard charges or their policies for allowing the public to view the prices. Track officials wanna put it online that they want to force hospitals to put an outlaw and again this applies mostly to Medicare patients but it okay. Expand from there. It would seem. Obvious to me like that seems to me that if I if I'm. Need to have like YouTube by a during the break knee surgery and I can go to I I needed to figure out where to go. Hospital a hospital B and hospitals see in and did forgive me if I'm simplifying this like wicked wicked cult. Wouldn't I wanna go to the cheapest place or what I wanna know like right hospitals see. Eagle there at their lot cheaper than the others but let me take a look and read into them before I make the decision as opposed to well here's right got to go regardless and here's what I have to pay. I'll be honest I think it if I were to be in that situation. My first thought would be. Or can I insurance company and see if they can tell me like you know and call them and say hey. To go with any replacement at all you know call my insurance company and say hey. I'm gonna have knee replacement surgery. Can you tell me Fisher insurers gonna decide what they're gonna pay what you're gonna write you know ultimately and they're going to decide and they often do decide. If the hospitals prices are. Al kind of in the right range or they're charging to spewed out because they they think it's cost this amount hospitals charge and does not. I would call a hospital and say hey are seizing call the insurance company and say hey. In a choice between court where my hospital options on AB NC. How many do I have and can you run through your system. And tell me what now the problem is that the insurance company has no idea what they're gonna end up tacking on what additional tests are going to be there are complications are gonna have. But there needs to be away. For the consumer to make an educated decision. About finances when it comes to mess them and right now you can ask for the price list but I don't know it's always representative at Israelis and it's hard for you to get. And if I have if let's say there's you know my network is this and I go to this hospital here to go to babble about the hospital two hours away. Still in network but far away but it's gonna be too that 2000 dollars cheaper for me like I would like to know that option. Does that seem like we're simplifying it too much Jamie because it seemed well I guess they know health care is very complicated. And there's a lot of lobbying money involved in you now on SO and attacks on mrs. Andrews and again we are your stories. Because we know you half of them of when you bank you know when you were overcharged. But I'm curious to know did anybody. Check I had likes. I think having babies a great example is that something you that was coming out yet and you have many options for where you can go and and go through your labor and and be treated afterward her pregnancy section. Today compare and make the choice based on prices that you got hospitals. And I that maybe that's not how you're gonna make the decision maybe you're gonna make the decision based on where you feel like you're gonna best care but it seek out that information. On into the tax line somebody said I would love to have been down. This last fall I had twins a local hospital they receive the exact same labor and delivery care and treatment. To the state hospital can't explain why the bill was 300 dollars more for one baby. Why is the exact same shed Atlanta's liked and the bill was 300 dollars more for one baby. You get. Billed per maybe we you have twins like would just be our birth pair of 5767798. Yeah price shop when it comes to services needed at hospitals 5767798. Mike in Kansas City on came busy winning this idea might. Well I. I'm gonna hospital last year. Talent they let us immunity give me great here and everything that we received. My bill. And there are some charges comment that I couldn't believe why haven't I was absolutely ridiculous what's called a concierge these. The guy I plain old actress and GAAP. It was a concierge ski and water line. A fee that doctors charge just to be here. And I never saw these doctors. And I called off I'd like you who are the people like over there maybe two doctors and fiber optic. Network or need for and I was like what are these other four doctors of apricot spiritually that's war. The doctors that are there sure that they need to see you urge that you need to respond we have black. And I saw these people and they're charging me and I believe happened ever see that my insurance and charge for. Why. Do they ever explain what those work. Now. I'm still blown away by this. Pensions company called united appeared in you do realize they charge you. Sliced from right that I don't I don't. The reason why my premium that's why my insurance goes up is because you're actually on out I mean for our. Or things or that or paid twice. Still blown away by the fact that there's a concierge speed that you had to pay for doctors just being there even though you never saw them and this is why people are so mad about health care be you're getting charged for stuff app Demi are they they're on call in case something goes wrong is. These concierge. A lot of you were pointing out that those of you that have had more medical procedures than what I have that. You choose your doctor Anna you have to go to the hospital where that doctor has privileges which I would imagine is very much the case when you are pregnant. But let me give an example I had on a gallbladder attack on a Saturday morning and if you've never had had that happen it was it was some of the worst in an ever felt in my life share. So it doesn't today. In pain and pain and pain finally act on my mom who has spent a nurse and hospital administrator my entire life he's like doctor says that'll. So I went to the nearest ER where entity. They go in and base. It was not. Immediate that I had to have my gallbladder taken out that week and they were like we can treat pain because that's that they do sometimes but you'll be back. But I left it wasn't you know life or death that I state my gallbladder surgery that we. I didn't have a doctor at that hospital didn't have a surgeon at that hospital nobody I was loyalty I could've at that point. Figured out the hospital because the doctor I didn't have a doctor anyway you know so like I I would have had the opportunity to shop around that. 5767798. Hospitals may soon have to post their standard prices for patients on line this. Under proposed rule and bailed yesterday by the truck administration do you think this is a good idea as anybody shopped around and found the value. That they want it for medical procedures or is it just like ask you signed up like like Mike did. Eagle and for whatever and he had you're just forced into it 5767798. Take more your calls border or your stories. And hopefully we'll figure out a solution next benign aid. Hospitals might soon have to post their standard prices for patients on line under proposed rule unveiled yesterday by the trump administration this from CNN money. So in the past hospitals have to have that list of these standard prices that they charge for things the difference now is that the trump administration. Is pushing for rule that would force hospitals to put it on line. And it would mostly affect Medicare patients initially. But if it proves to be something that is popular than I could see other hospitals taking on 5767798. What about you we'd like to mill have you ever shopped around or even a lot to shop around for services you may need. Let's go back to the phone's talk to Becky in Kansas City Becky thanks so much bang into the break. Hi hi. I. And that has 38 surgeries and the last one year. I've also been a lot of time hospital with my parents. And you cannot call any hospital in the metro area. And get a prize on any procedure. And Wayne you'd do they get give you that right. Also like to add that recently had a heart procedure. And they charge you 900. Dollars or one ask for it. We say that again. My daughter just had a heart procedure at a hospital out here in the metro area. And HR. 900 dollars. One aspirin. That seems a bit excessive to me eat was there any justification. In the tour or they just say hey this is our pricing you have to pay it. The data is the prize. There was no justification at all. Well my whole life as millions of dollars or cents surgery and I can tell you. I am bit lenient goal insert every line I am on. A bill that we proceed. And I think bill for a month and month and it will be a different cry. Every other month. For the same procedure. How much money be spent on this I know you said millions of dollars twenty years 38 surgeries a 900 dollar wrap aspirin. I mean have you and and your son gone into debt. I mean what we're or you guys that financially. Well this was when he was a baby we were. Very much in debt I've worked two jobs might work three jobs we shouldn't take it. Medical bankruptcy but we didn't we were great work and pay your bills. And we may payment that payment after payment back then. And we pay everything off we were out of pocket about 275000. And at that time. Both of us together was may we may 28 cells. Yes Becky I am sorry did thank you for the phone call thing to but the story. Geez let's go to Tom in Kansas City Tommy at a price shop I've been able to. It. Eight. It out. Cardiologist. And they are wanting to do it at that dot that'll. But in the hospital wanting their co pay up front and being gone to that. It check it check. Adam could and aimed at the time that we're procedure on. So my cardiologist rectum and OE eight yeah. That'll arts a little in line that county being not being. And referred me tired they did it we've worked at a game and then. Though that's kind of how I've been able to stop the report coming in the city there. Several other top of that used when I was living on the East Coast near fort bit injured that. They didn't chart to cope and it is that you're incher. What he made. I'd. Say they were a hot little little little. The companies that are art that should be that pot belly or are. Started happening that's. But they have. They charts. Okay. And it except you didn't call based on Rick for rural. I'm from your doctor. And if you don't have insurers they still treat you had the urge. Interesting and Tom thanks a folk Amanda appreciated so he did little pressure now. As people are pointing out the only way that posting the information online is if it's the full price on because. Your insurance company might negotiate different things and so. There's no way that these standard price not necessarily my answer would be what you are going and it depends on what you're. Insurance and insurance company has to figure out. Go to Jennifer in Kansas City banks college in a freer on Camby C. I am I could just talking about. Your bank and got to be. A better than it is for people them out exactly are getting and you go. Hospital or doctor or whatever and a cold when you earn our kids. And we take you are on our. And I ask them are and I got better idea how much it was an icon like any kind of ballpark in her back. You know unfortunately can't really give you. The mentoring thing. What you know about. Getting built between the emergency room and the church and built for now in dollars. Yeah jump start taking them into the emergency room for all we want them one of them all and then I'll. And we're now paying for all of. Oh my goodness Jennifer thank you for the phone call. Your initial comment is right there needs to be a better way for that now. John on FaceBook we were talking about those hidden fees and whatnot he writes U of MD's working behind the scenes all the time you don't see micro biologist and elaborating your results radiologists reading your X rays infectious diseases. About how to get treated specific or organism X setter it's a great idea but remember you're gonna get which pay for ego GB get less fair enough. And that's what concierge V koppers. Mentally sound. Let's go to Sylvia in Kansas City aren't KM BZ Sylvia did you get a chance to at a price shop anytime recently. No I did not give a price shop I did have my gallbladder out. In December. Sure all the world like that out. And my diet by the economic times. And I just strictly by bill form my December surgery and the hospital part went a little over 60000. And it that outpatient you know surgery. And Medicare. Medicare part is only fifteen under that's bad negotiated price. So it. Forgive me I sometimes get confused file these numbers or what what do you all. No laughing because they have a secondary insurer. Action but but but but hat. Let's say you didn't have insurance you be out 161000. Dollars. 161000 dollars that I had nothing. I can't I hit that we are the rock rat get Jami we heard the wrong. Racquet. Greg in Kansas City on KM BZK Greg. That Greg is gone all right we got this one on Twitter from Matt who says that worked for insurance company and what a hospital or doctor charges doesn't matter. They can charge whatever they want in it does not matter what matters is the contract it rate with the insurance company. And that rate is not available to the public. So this might act as anywhere it's probably won't get us I mean to us all I don't know if it really matters you know it's it's a nice idea. Two to say you got to give the post all this online but isn't it a matter the end of today. I don't know probably not you know if it it it's just another. Neither. Feather in the cap of those of us that are just get screwed over by by health insurance. It's expensive it shouldn't be. But it is and just hope he never got sick as the only added that it apparently aren't mentally get a dudes hope I don't oh but don't get ill they can do that. Right coming up after we get to news here. There are seven at new schemes. To steal your money seven new ways. That you are being scammed. I don't know I've never heard of any of these these are brand new as is. I've heard versions of that a couple is or different comedies are the ones that are emerging to warn you about this isn't just like somebody from Nigeria emailing send me year. Your bank account that I have a ten million dollars in Nigerian points to sell you know but I mean that's still out there Angel series as just because there is scams doesn't mean he'll ones are still mean years.