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Wednesday, September 12th

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Keep it ion and a hurricane Florence while the latest for you coming out. But says it is lunch hour and you're probably dining out this is a public service. Yes appraisal as this list of 24 things you shouldn't order when you eat out it's out of health dot com you're gonna all of us because of balls that you love Al god but that is lines as the noon hour and we'll get back in the storm coverage just like that but on the numbers also list there's a Twitter account that I follow called Trent Hunter. And it's funny just kind of scam through some times and so they've got a list now of takes inspired by cocktail is free to text him actually think would make it could K okay because why not repeat a lot of it. That is not on here as one of the ones they offer that I can that's a fantastic idea Pete a lot of cake because it's it's. Yeah coconut pineapple right that's that's you on the only time I like coconut. This is why we are part right now and coconut tire Ruble to staying for coconut on and I can handle it. Just a little bit. But a 52 she won appease a coconut tells goth that's if you put out the worse than even that shavings on an disgusting but you give me some rom coconut cream. And pineapple juice can put a blender. Let's go are so we'll do the will Woolsey you first about the study shouldn't eat when you order at this is a long list point four things you should never order when you eat out. Take uber medium. And I mean he might be okay medium rare they say is back on. When ground beef is not cut to the proper temperature under sixty degrees on nasty bacterium may well remain. And under 'cause they say don't order medium rare sometime. Hank SP OK ask for your bird become too at least medium I'd I always go medium there's just I like to paint a little bit red but there's just something about him being who ran identified by eating and it's still mulling it might texture yeah that's a text with it it's I. So I think you pick up the eating habits of what your parents had when you're kid and so. My mom never really ate meat and executed and so I don't either and when she did she ate her state while Don Don yeah it was like the first. You know the first major offense some of chef line you know don't every day or state law that says it is my mom's hairdo or shaft. Who hated that but over time as I've become more adult now I can do it. Medium well no medium it's texture now I don't actions anymore we're going to be pawns for the highlight. But it's texture with it but especially with the burger that better be well in fact hockey packet well god you're good char on the outside and get rid of all the flavor it's our allies. It's legal wrote snow medium for most Travis. Travis is a medium medium to wire haired guy. You rock. Going to be cameras just like a little bit of pink right. Immediately and nobody seems a little bit of paying paying senator. Medium rare is red setter pink on the outside rear is now I don't like that hire more vehement rare is blue. Still audience. And our rights. Rob or vodka and diet soda is something you should avoid. Hearing boos and a diet drink actually enhance the health effects of alcohol. There's a small study that found that subjects who drank the combination had a 25% higher breath alcohol concentration. That when they drank cocktails with a non diet makes a lot of people do Bacardi and diet for or vodka by two dot advice and Diet Coke yeah I do not consent from Annika healthier just about concludes a lot Cuba also do like a. Whiskey and I coat. Like the federal like Wimbledon whiskey was at least do whatever whiskey wasn't mentioned only vodka and rove was mentioned in that study you have Europe Yankee drinking whiskey. Art something that I actually drink a lot when I go out because I grew up on well water and that maybe. Naturally hate the taste the water always has always gonna have that small to be so I put lemon and it to make it. Just tolerable and nice day. Order the water that you might wanna hold the citrus and I didn't have to read this to know why it's because a lot of restaurants don't watch their alignments. And old yat researchers tested 76 London's with 21 restaurants and found 70% of them were contaminated with actor seventy. Washington. Odds to wash its those wealthy going to be a fancy restaurant that serves me water with lemon wash your limits I generally don't go that route. Cucumber water though only cucumbers okay. And less important slices in my eyes I don't like it's generally don't like cucumber effort like that's why I get all these actors violent threats. Sorry I'm an out of my stuff to that's cool so I also. Don't really care for tomatoes even though half Italian and it's because my dad I can. Would slice of cucumbers like slice a tomato. Put some vinegar in there and eat that as a salad yeah. That is nauseating to me that's really good at smell with the cucumber combined with the acid in the vinegar and it's made now makes me gag or some mozzarella some fresh mozzarella and there so I don't go to Jasper is happy and well that's different and out tomato and mozzarella that comprises I'll be that I can do. But I I would add cucumber that in this is a different it's a watery thing. And it's disgusting and so that I'd tomatoes cucumber forever here's one that I love bread with olive oil this was the lines and bread with olive oil if you can dip responsibly. Which most of us down whole field for us to. But most of us are mopping up olive oil with hunks of Brad polishing off hundreds of calories before the meal even begins and because olive oils good for your health and you know that. You might think that is a free food I'm and it's not. On the go out on a limb and bad chips and salsa is on this list I haven't seen it but it's probably the same thing you load up it's a lot of salt and an. And who who launched this is never eaten so reach its insults you don't even want your Mexican meal and the best part of about the bread and olive oil is being the last person. When they say oh are you going take alas it's a break and you do is mop up ball long and Julio. Take out the Ohio. The mass. What's next. More than one Margarita. Well. My entire day this is it right here javy got to go home and drink water no evidence that side just and just. Eat lettuce until you get physically. Lettuce entrees salads are on your what's I don't order entree salad it's amazing what some restaurants can do to anyone's innocent pile of greens especially when they serve your salad with the dressing on case in point. And or you know grilled chicken salad at a popular chain clocks in at thirteen hundred calories. I think big Mac is 600. So you're eating the calorie content of two big acts out the worst offenders are usually Asian chicken salads Cobb salads and buffalo chicken salads. Because the president has dressings. Going over 26 things you should avoid when you dine out this is what days today the experts. Or to the recipes coming up. On and give us your suggestions of what cocktail would make a good case. I think the pinnacle OK Ingrid and as long as Internet actually eat the coconut we're see it. I'm all right when it. Text into 298 terrible start reads of your answers and even the rest of these things you should never order when you eat out. According to the experts. And covered up next. Smoke brewing company 209 SE main street in Lee's summit will be out there for part of our Lee's summit city spotlight will be on the air content until tune. Gain and parks broadcasting live this Friday as well from two until six stop on out have some drinks they have plenty of beer on tap obviously at. Smoke brewing company all different kinds great menu as well will be up to this Friday. Look at the truth man your real fast and were talking about food it's smoke brewing co dot com gonna check out the menu at a time cynical just got my attention at Seoul yak. The guy GAAP and let's see gap. Turkey pesto club rose eve we got kind burgers laws are talking from our own. Now here's a thing in the scheme of everything that's on here I don't think and don't murder. Know why I think about my other options I bet they make an amazing burger I'm sure it's I'm sure it's incredible yes. And what I need to venture out there are other things on here that look relief and pickled eggs. The interesting. A price of gas I thought out and see us tomorrow and Friday. So I'm gonna do this for the next two days as a British guys just make an immediate job I know you're today I can not you're gone tomorrow. I am I have in my head at tomorrow's Friday. And I forget that most there's tomorrow's Thursday. I'm gonna keep doing that I'm gonna keep saying we're going to be Lee's summit tomorrow just knowing you for example we don't won't do we will not be at least seven tomorrow now but if I say that has now. I head can't remember that your off tomorrow and that. I'm here and that that shows for. I'll be back Friday gas in Lee's summit for the city spotlight and will not be back tomorrow. Eileen that Friday series spotlight Friday in Lee's summit will be out there as well as the unit and parks. A regularly to shows that will be out there on Friday smoke boring company release its arts or gone through this list of 24 things you should never eat in restaurant when you're out. Yes number thirteen on here is chips and salsa and a I get Natalie. The problem is an eating a few chips or dipping Evans also which is actually loaded with healthful antioxidants it's that. And many restaurant the basket is bottomless and we don't stop. That's the thing man how many people have I've done and have them. You eat the chips insult suddenly heard years chameleon at taco burrito a stock and you'll like box. Eight box please let me tell you when I was. Just don't have a lot of will power and so what I was really in the throes of losing weight I didn't go into a Mexican restaurant for like a year. Because I love margaritas. And that's bad. And I have no will power for out of is all's not. Just bring it to me all of the chips is also in the land and I well optic Europe I hot deal like yours also pretty. Pretty hot hand at the Travis Travis Travis Texas Travis and I went spicy hijacker Knoll. Like I understand that they look at they need to get to block of cheese dip in the block we talked about that by the time you get done with it all like ally that three taco meal beans and rise in late idea the box please as I can't eat any of it forges manned up the need. Man up unit along sorry I'm bad and it turned out seven times. And a day. Whatever you do OK so I talked last week about how I did for numerous times over the weekend well them why is on curl in Lee's summit right by some fair. And one of the things that I did while I was there was an oyster shooter. Which is a raw oyster I'm not it's not and it's rock that comes with like a cocktail sauce on top and serve with a shot. Ron Mercer on this list of things to avoid when you die gas OK I. Love oysters but I like them. I've tried one it's like give me two or three. And look at the texture doesn't bother you dies okay it does not too that's why its territory okay not many more yeah I did one and I'm like no doubt he would ever do that again right users can carry hepatitis day in a bacterium called something I can't pronounce. Which can make you sick vomiting in dire. Okay thank you for that on years ago if your going out to eat right now we don't get the raw oyster your suspect is ordered him it's okay. Down. Gregory out she's Fries with ranch dressing you shut your mouth salt bomb. Use shut your miles the American Heart Association says most adults should get no more than 15100 milligrams of sodium today. Those contained nearly 5000. Not what I mean are you. But they said blood vessel function is impaired within thirty minutes of eating high salt in the oh man so it's not good. Harry let's keep going here a bowl of creamy soon. Chris like potato calories. A bullet creamy soup is a meal together and green can rack up as much as 500 count so all basically were allowed to do O salad is go home and eat salads but the bad about the countries now but not an entree Salant and okay now it sounds. Vital don't get the breakfast special. A classic diner breakfast eggs bacon tows potatoes of the senate pancakes that's awful lot of car Everett for just one meal. Plus those foods make for a pretty base plate designed you're missing out on vitamins now in its final battle like this list anymore I mean. There's not that it is there's nothing on your that's good I think. The chicken dance I've heard this before. Shas criticized chicken entrees is being overpriced and the least interesting menu choices but here's another problem people think chicken as a free food. Because it's healthy to rest LT Wright but sometimes that size to get to nine ounces and you're supposed to have four to five. Not even they say two to three suites two ounces. About the size of Decker car okay. So you're eating three times what you should be and that it's no doubt covered with up and stuff that you shouldn't. Still like this list sound now there's not that's about it there's nothing on here that's got an understanding on your enemy camp that I see the all you can eat spaghetti list or spaghetti bowl is on there yes let me go well I want Austria. Hungary while let's eat frozen on your ticket a frozen yogurt has a reputation as a healthy alternative to ice cream. And you can make it Smart dessert if you do it right no the serving size is eight is four ounces. But generally people will eat a lot more than one time. So. I he won the all you can eat. Op cost. And cost us hunters as I do love me some all you can eat soup and salad and pasta or write a book that you are violating the. I'm already had the salad and soup is probably going to be creamy and just give me the only team possible on top gas and how much computers are control. He entered the computer I've two computers now that it ceased to work that's not an I think all technology in front of Libyans be careful about bargains pasta is inexpensive. And it's easy for restaurants make a profit that comes at the expense of your waist. If you're tempted to get a refill avoid restaurants that offer that deal. Still any place orders the gate a portion will likely be huge it's calories. It's calories so no matter of no no not I I I. Here's what I've got to eat and that is always a phone number text in 22980. We're talking about alcohol and Kate. These cocktail cakes have been unveiled. By a kick company is a new line of desserts that are sure to be hit amongst consumers who enjoy the classic favor an iconic cocktails. The cakes come in for flavor varieties. Including white Russian. Strawberry Bellini. Blueberry Hugo and Jan oh. And I'll lemon at the time which are all inspired by classic cocktails the triple layer cakes are sold frozen and free proportion in 214 slices. To make them easy to serve or distribute to pass. Everybody wants to know do these blues cakes have booze and and their frozen my guess is now at at and I didn't realize they were frozen dad says he sold. They're just alcohol flavored. What's the point like what's deal lovable he told that much Regis want the flavor of the ball he tell. Well. Now I have questions can you get. Sorry and the Taj suffers she's thinking on it did economy that there wouldn't be real alcohol. And so that you would I just just get the flavor of roms because my brother in Toledo would be and there are. Major Bob retreat there's not actual alcohol because if they're selling them for president he does alcohol it frees alcohol unless you. And reduce the alcohol like a duck as of wine get to with wine and you simmer it that cooks off the alcohol but it still tastes like wine. Maybe they're doing that on a plan for the freezer so that it still is like whatever year. Whenever you look at them on the cakes are made using free range eggs and come and packaging that is 1% recital. Well let's assume there's booze in them let's check out for the for the joy of this conversation. What would you what kind of booze cake would you want by the way I will the four choices they went with I want none of them. Maybe the strawberry Bellini I don't want a white Russian cake I asked definitely don't want to make blueberry much Ito did she in. Some hero likes Russian is the most obvious. Because it's naturally creamy. A one out Russian naturally already has cream and it and so you can imagine that Kate and what is the limit in line is that that is our communities are and in Europe right yeah Alaska Jack. Wait let's go to a lemon and lime flip what is that the sprite did you do to. I mean let does not an unusual flavor for Cano lemon cake is pretty. Really pretty you know do lime flavored cake and have equal right green and do London frosting or something and that might V. It would be incredibly sour yeah buoyed by a bite out okay. Yep I hate I would I would do Pina colada cake like I said then would you want a Margarita cake. Like do you want the lasting flavor of tequila in your mouth like I'm not if aggregate tequila I'm shooting it. I'm by its its got to be a good tequila I prefer cold. I I I don't like mark readers because I don't love the taste of tequila I love margaritas okay would you want tactic a Margarita cake. Dumping me. Like I had Margarita candy before like chuck. I'd get up things that Margarita flavor that I am a McCain went I don't know how well Q would work okay. A pace and right. So people are saying alcohol is baked out so it's a taste like alcohol soda because with the alcohol the alcohol part cakes are saying that. Reminding as a mean you can free shops and resentment for alcohol sound that's. You business. Beta now he's Kate are right now we're talk and fireball apple. You hot cake a spicy cake so I mean people cook with like red hot yeah you know yeah I mean again I I enjoy fireball. Anybody thinks you're shooting real whiskey you're Don but does it it's okay as a bad mudslides cake reminds him outside chocolate. And rom I think so I think that's done and Turkoglu you probably would like that. Yeah it's that allows that TGI Fridays but that's. That's the idea was collude Bailey's Irish Cream Bailey's vodka cola I agree and add have booze and make a cake I Bailey's now Elin somewhere. Mean he's cake. And see what else. So visited trees latest Margarita cake. Don't mix and a lot there don't wanna mark I'd get out not tequila slavery. But you can add alcohol to date trees which is cake could have that be delightful. And was traced late today three notes. Kate and so it's. Note you would like this are. I have trouble with the because the texture because it's cake that is soaked in three melts. So when you quit your fork through it there is milk you know I mean it's a very wet K okay by it's an audio it's a little moist cake. Beyond voice it's wet out candidates is beyond its voice it's soaked in. Now it's really sweet it does Wimbledon testicle and and on top I don't even mind that the cake is amazed. I mean it's just it's it's awesome sucked Marla Marlee you're on KM BZ look at a cocktail to make a good cake. Well my a Americans live in Kentucky and Arie trying to take him back for. Thanksgiving or Christmas. They bring him urban decay. And I don't like bird and then everybody Oliver. What is it a Bergen I mean obviously it's cooked with berg what does it taste like. Well. But that's the dumbest question of the day I guess at the half. And that you know like that I don't like Burt and so I 81. Try and. And I think that the stakes are OK appreciate it capsule like upper and that's. Somebody sent in Bergen cake with. And so that would. Be very close to. Let's see here Bergen reasons she candied cherries bought her. Sugar eggs. That have suburban cake according to all recipes that any answer for questions house are somebody's password again great trees which is taking Kansas City. My favorite bakery in town is called isle virus and it's a Mexican bakery and independence avenue and they can do no wrong in my eyes and sorrow at. Date you going there and they have a wall. Of pastries and they're cheap and it's it's it's just one of those great places that. You have to be told about but it's under the technical editor Eric 767798. What cocktail would make a good take a look at the foul line and L now and now. Socket. Can coveted also texted at 22980. Run China is a good idea. Yeah that's gonna get some said tears guardians up on get your I'll only go back and run shot didn't. As like I think of the taste of her job I've had a lot of Ron Ron men and its its design is kind of a rice. Milk you kind of a thing to me it's a lighter blue lighter Bailey's if you put it with the whiskey it's really it's real it's really good Leo restaurant you import and your diet you're Golding grams cereal as well disorderly. I'm just take you could have run shot with breakfast and I will not looked down upon. He gets it put it with your belt. You put the milky and you know leave little room in and run job on top. He grasshopper. I wouldn't know by the name on it is right green. It is ice for it's an ice cream drink with mint julep and. Maybe current account I can remember but it's bright green and excitement you know I told you that I wanna one Taylor's. How to drink whiskey straight gas I also would like to be able to handle a mint julep. Because of that lake mint julep. I watch the derby in my you know go to Kentucky Derby party preference government to make them I can't imagine a mint julep being refreshed. His name is refreshing but it just whiskey and some simple syrup and sugar and then. Mint and it sick. It does it doesn't sound like I have a cocktail generally it's going to be something I'm thirsty for now by the beer it's gonna be refreshing from. Amid jewel does not sound like it's bitter moon I feel better I I abide thirst is clenched when I've never had one. I don't love Jesus meant. And things I drank it and I'm do admit it it's being gone like mosquito pizza or not take I mean no now you now that I can totally you know meet cake you know. Not in the heat it was not meant I'm like is dazzled in a minute I mean it was Ron I mean he'd I was not. There's a little bit amend and it's but to me you're going for the run play repair mix with the molds stop and and the flavor that's and I. Academia and it's one that aperture rubber sugar lime soda and mint the no I don't wanna Minty drink. Had it won the heel of my life no thank you everyone is telling you do run shot and fireball and it tastes like Simmons has producer done. That yet yet done that for sure I get to your answers coming up Jeff can Diana. I loved Diana's answer so you are very creative and we love that 5767798. What cocktail make a good cake text in 22980. Having a cocktail with lunch maybe a cocktail at lunch and dessert what if we combined of what cocktails would make for good speaks. I'll get back to hurricane Florence the bit about 1 o'clock news but to 5767798. Or text in 22980. Eggnog cake. Lying and two. Like eggnog that makes a lot of sense I think there are two people two kinds of people in this world those that like eggnog and those that do not like eggnog hum and there's no gray area known several like I'll have a little bit but I and that's probably enough. You either like it or you don't. I know you buy it. Is to traditionally have prominent community are with alcohol are generally speaking at a at a party it's gonna prominent or whiskey. Or whiskey and Alec it would whiskey more I select programs to sweep. I suspect I would like it was for ski cross I think we should go get some eggnog and some whiskey for opera is wrote this the 1 o'clock hour uh oh I've. Yeah except. While you're thinking a little more long term I was thinking a little more median one of us was following the rules set by the bossa one of us didn't care look right that it. But Iowa and I did quick little knocked me out to have to be awake for three hour drive that dome ointment and read it went off the air and yeah. Oil guy that only. She drives and honestly I just want to cocktail and out of illegal about like drinking from my car recognition by the time did I park. Let's go to the phones. I know what you think can look at a cocktail would make for a good eight. Or have a couple wanted to Jager bomb cupcakes. So so eight a Jaeger Ed Red Bull cupcake. You made that before or is this of the you'd want to try. I'd try that and then the other one would be so no cookie. And a tax line. Our approach blogger daily Inco Lula. I like to get drunk with you can you sell it wild man. Heck of a by the way there's a reason why that drink difficulty Jager bomb. And Audi Jaeger cocktail. That's supposed to enjoy the flavor of Red Bull and Yeager Meister again Jones. Does anybody like the flavor you acre Meister now I think you sipped tequila or use of whiskey and be able sip wine have a beer whatever. I don't know anybody who's like. Taking Jaeger on the rocks and Travis probably does Travis out like the taste of Jager bombs but right now it is Jaeger alone rightly know what it's like. We get some of that Jaeger on ice because to me the Red Bull app that I drink all the time all right and Assad had it but the Red Bull takes away that like black licorice taste remember the last time it wouldn't you know some years for me to take a shot Jaeger Meister drop it in half a glass or whatever red bowl crush it but what. Maker. Diana your I'd KM BZ looked at a cocktail make a good cake Diana. Well. I saw the insurance. Time and then I think it's forestry lands. Are in your packet is angelic. Which is hazel like her. That it also has got content from. Call or. Angelic no end in a kick in the batter. And then I think with. Oh. If you ever make those bring into. Well like aliens should ever make they're literal can. Hollywood glamour women and she did Q and those are right here. And I said you know and an eighth person. And I've stamps and go to their own. But I did make him and I did it earlier and there Jerry. Sounds dangerous. And Diana thank you for the phone call. Jeff you're in KM BZ what's up Jeff. Hi this is not actually take rest he'd about it at yeah I'd ever done itself rising flour and a bottle of tanks seven. Self rising flour at a bottle of tanks seven note but I would like to drink with you Jeff. It's the most simple bread you'll ever make that that that's the only two ingredients. Ounce bottle whatever the bottle sizes of up on the bottle of tanks and and that's where the east and stop it and the self rising flour. Mix it together not too much just kind of mixed with the other normal government told the government omens good bread. But anyway. About at night I heard both of you sound like you like Bailey. There's been new and I'm not associated with it I'm just passing on information this is not a commercial. There's a new Irish cream available in this area called five farms. It from the that the distillers I think up in Weston. But it is actually from county cork and Ireland. And it's only available in misery in grocery stores and liquor of course it's up. But it is so much better tasting than Bailey's it's pathetic. Wonderful if you ever get a chance that ought to try or seed by arms or Arafat a like the western Irish bet that coming up pretty soon I'll bet he'll be up there I I was introduced to it at the Kansas City Irish best and that's stuff was dynamite. Good to know thanks Chia. Appreciate it. I don't. Other than act Christmas and Lee Bailey's person in its rarity for McNabb then anyway my mom does it in coffee. All on weekends if I go to one miles leader couple weeks on. She will she keeps pace is in her friends and pours coffee in the morning and I really liked that instant Kremer. I used to do lack and Bailey's and costs and cream. As a black Russian. White Russians bog right black okay. And a time when I was different kind of drinker I would do Pepsi cola and milk. Which is to add that separates. Very quickly and she comes very horrible Pepsi cola and mill Bailey's I think also in and milk and what. What drinker was it you say you're a different kind of drink a bad drinker. Like I don't mean heavy drinker I just a bad bad. I've never had a little obeys act like a milk is authority now it's coffee flavored colas coffee flavor Bailey's are kind of like milk mr. separate. Daley's. Yeah dailies is not commission and texture mono and Pepsi now and I've gotten to an offer that are ready on day. I don't know I don't know what it was and some suggested Ameren have. Which is a really good idea for Kate because it's already isn't isn't common. Sense labor room is girl thing in college when you do the amorous hour. Our I Ameren island sprite. I don't everything basically I. Liked it I like it camera sour I remember the first time I ordered one in front of my guy friends certain mandate idea crush Aggies Shannon Travis Travis it would an actor again denoting amber analysts Eros our. That's why wouldn't drink it I don't know what it is. It it I didn't realize what I was doing in front of my boys like this girl like 21 and it was you know drink is many Beers as we possibly can yeah I ordered an amber goes sour and the waitress didn't care. The whole table just like a record scratch a spotlight on emulate what age you just. Or Kara. Might hear on you're a former college girl in college featuring cameras hours we drink emirate with everything will suddenly. So parents I didn't drink with everything but I am a sour today. I wouldn't I I would eternal and down at the end and now now now I'd rather have a whiskey sour but I would say no to a camera as anything with our exit. I carry you know that when I do margaritas I'd. Can't handle I don't likes RX now is they're both awful and so it margaritas no imminent and I think when you go to those places and like we of one dollar margaritas now and it's 90% sour mix. I'm asking I'm that obnoxious bar patron at a pricey Margarita and the menu and it doesn't explicitly say what's and it I'm gonna ask and say is there sour mix and it. And a lot of times they're happy to tell you know there's no we we make our OK that's OK but if he's not bottled. Electrical and stuff. Somebody on Twitter sent me a tweets I just made pumpkin pie with fireball whipped cream. That would be interest there because it's Kerry is in now by the way the thing I was talking about has a name. On Coke cola and cream is holly Colorado Bulldog and everybody knew at that me. But that's what it's called although some people think it's called a bull frog and other single dime either add it to be the same thing that the toll later cream Colorado. Vodka coffee the core milk and a splash of Coke down part of Bulldog you know. Colored bull frog could edit like I drink at a guarantee is drinking. Yeah.