Midday with J&W: What items have you brought back to the store?

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Thursday, March 15th

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Keyword cash for you right now you can 1000 box like I just shock you and I said I don't we have keywords. I. A moment of anxiety to make sure that I've got the list with her. So is going to be in charge of this tomorrow oh god says so he's aware like I'm relinquishing the list so that it's not my problem and this responsibility. Dividends to act. I think I think she is accomplished a little more responsibility at the second time dat. That's you know that's just first time responsible for an end for a babe yeah she's in July and even different thing. I think is has gone wild pig feed yourself and stop nature I think keeping the baby alive and fed is on par with making sure you do about the rightward. For the keyboard it's exactly there's a death on earth hour is vacant BAC ENT vacant text or 7881. We will give you another word in which means that is how long you have to text that sport and this hour. Story and it's on FaceBook and Twitter to if you wanna follow along and work you make some confessions here about the things that you return to store. Even after having used it. Okay because there's a story out about something I was not aware of on and it's not a designer business insider and it's a unfazed by. About people who return things to the same store are. For that store considers to be too many time it's on and I'm sure that that you all have things that you you news. That you felt like we still OK to return. Five never done tests on you've never got a TV home like the size. Tried it out for a couple of days and return it. I time I think now that I term policies are for sure I'm tired and I get that and trying to think of stuff that I have taken back that I didn't love. I don't have to think about that ion. Clothes that you bought to match a certain pair of jeans that you will go if I where once I'm keeping it. But I but I know women. You you'll Wear a dress like a wedding or an event and that it get back the next day so that's why a lot of stores will have yet to attack. They want him back and answers attack on but for electronics are really coming to mind for this because that's the stuff some times. That you take armory Trout for a couple of days and you have you did and you opened the box is still think that return and and the degree of use that makes it's still OK to return to zero or 576779. I don't I would I'll bet there are people who of one. Who have done the the TV thing. Is there anything you have tried multiple versions like you bought in return but a different version you returned it. And is taking advantage of our house CI I guess it. You're doing the TV thing you want us yell it looks in your in your room you wish it fits the spell yeah I I understand that but I think when you're you if you buy something to use it once and you know you're only going to use it once like address or something on any link you. You know guys are buying it that you're going to return it yeah that shady but I know what happens a lot with close and it's usually you win in with your dresses to. And that I've never done it I don't and I don't think it's as common as you think it is I don't think the vast majority of women are going to bite to grass. Where once and then return and I think that's a career by it okay and so were the story because business insider did a story and something I did not realize they were doing and I don't how I feel about it. On so best buy Home Depot Victoria's Secret and a host of other retailers. Our discreetly tracking how often shoppers return purchases. And in some cases are punishing people who are suspected of abusing their return policies. And most customers don't know that their returns are being tracked. Here's a story that dead on the Wall Street Journal says after returning to resell phone cases to a best buy store in California. A 41 year old guy named Jacque was told best buy had bar him from making any more returns or exchanges for a year. The best buy employee referred him to a company called the retail equation for further deet tails. Jake told the Wall Street Journal I'm being made to feel like I committed a crime when you say habitual reach irked. I'm thinking 27 video games and fourteen TDs he's he's exaggerating all he did. Was returned three cellphone cases. The retell equation is based out of California and a lot of companies used as a whole list. Or they keep list of customers returns in reports intended to quote. Deter and detect potentially fraudulent customers while not affecting any others. Somebody who works in retail to explain this line to me. It says fraud costs retailers up to seventeen billion dollars a year in the United States. So I. What you mean by fraud because. Sunnis. It's only okay to say what you are returned something X number of times in your barred from returning anymore. If your return policy explicitly says here the number of returns we give view within a year. By fraud using mean stuff that's like open box that they and can't resell because you opened it and now we can't you know now we can't do anything mart that. On so other companies that abuse the retail equation we JC Penney's a for a Nike and Bath & Body Works. The company says its services enable retailers to offer more lenient return policies by targeting the relatively few shoppers. Who abused return policies but customers are raising privacy concerns. On somebody sat there people were saying I'm buying my stuff elsewhere because I don't like you to track. How often emirates and stuff but isn't their right. 5767798. Should be allowed to do this should should they be able. To deny you a return. If you're one of their serial returners. And again I'm curious about the stuff that you has gotten used. And re just the story yesterday on bass I. For the brief time that I consider by benefit that. That was something that I was really particular about and and needed to play with for accuracy I understand so I bought one from best buy because I I think they always know what they're talking about got home and just didn't like the fit. That was something that you know you're not wanting to put you right. So return got a different one didn't like that would instill in finally just add him again adamant that an attorney did not want to. They all but I wasn't aware of any limit the number of times I can return something I 767798. Let's go to Lynn and Kansas City on KM BZ lived. You think that story should be able to did not you'd return as soon. And I really think that they. I work out. And I know that someone not being. Able pilot all purple yeah. Body. To be back yet. What have you taken back. Walk out bit by. I'll end and I'd say it is where Al and we needed a big Dolly. All we definitely like I want to return after the. That is fantasy I'll bet that happens people like I got to move but I don't really needed Dolly public we're live how much it cost. Yeah oh yeah those things are not sheep. OK I got to ideas that are coming in frequently on the tax line I assume these are man because women wouldn't do this with these things you assume tools. Not on house I own tools and I'm not you know the big tools that you need for a project. A guy you take it back claimant doesn't work. Doesn't do you say you know as he could always it just be me maybe I just too stupid to use the electric Sander whatever wives but you guys are not getting you returned it. And said people buy big screens for Super Bowl yes and then return on the next day. That happens I want more. Story that happens that people are buying TVs to date to return in two weeks or whatever the policy you know over the and that window I mean watch out Nebraska furniture art and right I there are tons of people would do those kinds of things 5767798. Should stores be able to deny you. Robert term if you're one of those people that returned too much and what have you bought. And taken back it would not take it back when you knew what you were high and that you're bringing it back at 576779. Make your calls that. Don't forget got a kubert cash for if you want to when a thousand dollars he can buy stuff to return stuff at Texas were to seven to 81. Vacant VA CA and C vacant text that word in the 7081. To the just asked can we play. Our little president trump clip from yesterday. Because his wife and eager and toppled parent if we can do that later we do we'll do on Earl I'm doing it's gonna make people mad bridled at it for you I mean don't you later we'll also get a little not to mom manner and. Mean I have zero problem playing anything from from the leader of the free world you know that I'd I'd absolutely. Hi can complacent in for a little tends to get our Rodham naval director again I mean united narrate space tourists. Setting the tweets yesterday. Hostages two words or is sports. By the way in the studio before we go right to the phones Jamie has turned off for TV that was on Fox News what are you watching here's Chicago PDA's. It's not all right. It's a marathon five apparently every must retire every Tuesday and there's Ayers and well. As we counter program the NCAA tournament what it start actually don't are known to have. Breaking news faster on Twitter and we deal on whatever news channel and they're very true. I'll ask you right now we should storage and I returns for those that return too much. Act as we've got a story out of business insider about on this company called the retail equation that'll retailers are using. Best buy JC Penney Victoria's Secret about it and one of the Bed, Bath & Beyond stores but it's a lot so many of them that support and Nike Bath & Body Works a lot these companies use this thing called the retail equation it's a company that. Secretly tracks your returns and after a YL. Companies would you retailers we use that information to punish you if you return something for what they perceived to be two off and which I think it's fascinating. Especially when it comes elect receipt or not recede but we're asking you asking you to fess up about the things that you every turned. Mean knowing you like to but knowing growing use at once and then return it. Push in the land it a bit. In terms of returns rich in Kansas City rich what have you bought Billy you're gonna return him. Oh deal associate it to work in manufacturing. Forgotten until there are issues that you and a go to Wal-Mart and grab. And repaired and put people on the bottom and and and return them here or. No questions asked you scuffle month. Now now it but I I didn't even notice say I didn't even know they checked the bottom of the cute I just. Put a mock put the tape on the bottom just in case and I would I went and and that's the first thing you look at our this year there's. There's no under and so that particular what's. Wal-Mart and now I'm actually worried though that there that you. So well up up. I returns and in a Wal-Mart for with the receipt and on a lot aren't the stores that you need speaker's seat for because they'll just run your credit card. They'll yeah I'd like target is great for that and I'm sure there sores are too. But let's target because that we you don't keep your receipt they just. Put everything on the same card and they'll just run your card they'll scan the item in front receive free which is grim but I see people return things to Wal-Mart without a receipt and I know they able limit on the number of times. You can return an item to the same store without a receipt. After wildly each to have receipt about it because they don't have a weight approved. On what you pay for the Albanians get it can tell you what's going for now but they don't know what you paid for it. Somebody walking around as of steel toed shoes they bought a Wal-Mart they used to be in run and richest feet. Thanks for the call man Ashley in Kansas City and KM BZ good morning Ashley. All of a sudden they have always had that rule at Wal-Mart for a really long time I had to return something to Victoria's Secret I about a Bora option. And it broke within about eight months and I returned without a receipt they are. Oh. Yeah it was that sports programme that burden on and it. There's not a lot of things can break it right out and makes and if and that. At Victoria's Secret it batter in eight months last awhile thinks the phone call actually appreciated. Let's go to his loss that caller bill in Kansas City here and KM BZ. Oh it real. You're on the radio. Are we just gonna offer some insight from a law perspective you guys are probably the support what you need to understand is that brought return to the big business. Were. You know in the very activities like. You know drug abusers and things like that track you have pawnshops that brokered offensively. In that get cords so I mean. The sport have to track it they were full ago. So our understanding about fraud is that. On that the definition and and why that would ever billions of dollars it is is because people will steal items and return them to a store where they didn't purchase. Correct. Yes they you know. It is just another example more they'll they'll still pumping problem or picture in a virtual memory is looking to get court and then turn around and sell your car. It's absolutely a thanks bill 5767798. Or taken a few more your stories of what you've bought in return that you knowingly went in and even bought it. With already your head I'm bringing this thing back in every day's examples for him from the tax line and it looks like game on have you done some have you bottom luck. Read it and returned I couldn't do that is that when they read a book. When I go I bet I'd run on it I break the the middle the binding you know I mean I've had not break it at a break it and I thank them I wouldn't do that. Never done that I have done and I've only done it at a store that I know. Where that and other okay with those but as a woman a lot of money maker yeah you do and it marks you know those on the number bottles that probably exists in your bathroom it's ridiculous the older you get the more bottles you have an MR expense of those bottles become and so it's important to eventually find the right. And so there is a particular make a story that I'm aware of where it's not like a Wal-Mart ending but they have to see that if you don't like it bring it back because ultimately what they want to do is by the things they care. They're counting on if you'd like that color you're gonna come back a different color or the very least you're gonna buy something else. And that there are I have tried an expensive moisturizer. For a couple of days and didn't think it was effective and brought it back. But they tell you they have that policy for that reason that's the only time I returned Emeka is at its in store. We're right now explicitly. They're OK with it but I feel weird about that. You feel the need to. To over explain it yeah like I tried it didn't match their day they don't care they really don't they're disagrees that we just bring it to us with a receiver good or not they're not and we sell it but they don't care by the way I would read. Turn the book because of one of those people that I don't read. A bunch of Smart books itself I do read a book I put it up for people to see when I agree they are pretty late and you can't get Eisenhower book. Was afraid that it's even junior and justice you can be against but don't count out okay and I can totally they'll send this copies of books offering different self publishing companies and that Eisenhower book makes me look really Smart it is displayed prominently on my bookshelf. Like another one like I have one of the Chelsea handler books. Probably a display that one as. As prominently as he was Smart as the Eisenhower were booked like the Wisconsin run to the final four but from three years ago. That's displayed probably not the smartest both in the world that I liked to have that went out I I definitely displayed the Smart books. The 5767798. Kelly in KCK and came easy out what you story Kelli very. Did it and I let you know I'm radish pilot and I'll. Mind my daughter in the upper twenty years. My daughter were talking about this yesterday. She you know ladies that live at Wal-Mart got wanted to really supersize. Bottle that laundry detergent. And used all of it built a bottle of water and ticket back. Government that comment. I'm 88 yeah that. Opening scene. I guess you know maybe they shared open it make sure that it built oh yeah. Don't let the water and took it back with our money back. Shady and wrong. Lee Roth I mean like we all drank our parents alcohol and filled up the ball with water right in the liquor bottles thinking they would never know but did you that would laundry detergent at historic. Right and they gave Rebecca Manning. Carvers and he karma ever come around divider. Not I don't know it. Will karma will find a way Kelly thank you for your kind words and thank you for your phone call we'll take a few more of these. Show. Dean and Max. That you thought you you've dug something back that you fat don't. Continue to act now don't like your pain and so much store people in a note got it. Now I know I go to Amazon with you people did ask about Amazon actually and about because you know Amazon sells stuff from so many different sources all that could sign put a limit on it when you're dealing with 101000 different sellers. What does Amazon to. 57677. Enabled it to more calls what have you taken back. That she winning knowing you're going to take back when you bought it we're looking for you shoot eighty shoppers. Who is gone into a store you knew. You're gonna return something after you bought it 576779. Nader texted at 22980. Talked to dean in Kansas City dean what's your story and a friend. Well actually. Public nineteen you know worked in Maine is that an apartment complex. And we're going to move out are clearly apartment or whatever there is a blunder in there that look. Practically brand new but promoters and work on and and so I've found out that it was sort of warmer so one of warmer. Spot in the long and they're not took the broken one put it in boxing when it returned the next. And you found a blender and took it back at what what did how much money you get back. Oh about thirty bucks and actually ended up keeping the working under renewed for a number of years. Okay it's easy to kept the work he won here I mean you're not as bad as it pain you. Miami IV it's. Thirty. I mean. The former right they can afford it. I just. At that these ads and then suddenly your prices are Elena thanks for the vote called dean let's talk to the mat in Overland Park on KM BZ go ahead Matt. And so where is like Arnold early twenties I was broke in as a kid I used to play with slot car track you know and I had weakened all worked so I would Wal-Mart and Obama's slot car track. And played with a for the week in around christmastime. And then there was gently. But back in the box but it backed the Wal-Mart to vote for and needed the money back so. It was like entertainment that we incur pre. But he could be votes. Weird but yet but over the weekend though I hop head brittle again that the thinks of the fogleman the text line has the story that I bank is not uncommon Woody Allen said my air conditioner broken I wasn't getting it fixed for a week. So I got a window AC unit. Has a Wal-Mart. Used it to get back east to toughen their return policy that all they might need to do all this stuff. I. I mean as long as an issue wipe off the dust and need you dry it out in case there's any moisture right I hijack your beautiful Wal-Mart. About. Let's go to Jack in Kansas City and KM BZ Jeff what's your shady shopping story. This would actually appreciate the discussion of the other side. I put just a truck several years ago it was in 97 model that a friend mark bought new and edit trailer which installed. And the two years ago which was quite a year after the truck was bought. The trailer hitch broke and fell on the ground with our trailer attached to a thankfully we were running. But there was sticker on the pitch. They're gonna article appeared in the cynical act weak call that was honest with a city like I do think in my I didn't even quiet from the right electorate did. It was in 1997. An engineer called me back. And he said much about it they obesity is rusted knife should now. But he says would you please replace it actually that woods would anyone hurt and I action now. And you can if you bring it back will be brand new. Immediately immediately with all these centuries to hook it up. Charge that's a really good company ER it correctly Merrill. Time he told that story so that was good for them. It was amazing I could mean yeah I I never never figured I would get money back I was just you know I thought it would wanted to know. And now they jump deliberate they were Al just absolutely outstanding. It's strange to whatever Stuart thanks Jeff appreciate it. Let's talk to Brian in Kansas City Euro 91 KM BZ Brian where did you used to work. Or church years and air network along regard to our. Mission and in a village snowstorm. In Europe bunch. Oh. But you know the league is still on the tree approach went skiing down people came up much change. I don't really give Chet. It and about and later reached or are back and make you know those actual gear. And injured. But are getting back within a short matter aren't that good payback which. Terrible. I wouldn't you go you go from making to lose it. Remember I was art trying to marry anyway urged apple are my other match position. You know I was just short Lou waters April oh era. I quit but is terrible has gone public dart at a great pay check and I'll certainly people are referring back but it sure Internet in the applied. They're burning man this guy I would throw me in by where. And he would come back about it September October bird back as people. Air ticket back you know yeah. I you know trash can you talk about economic retired right now I'd do a lot of repair it you know it'd be strapped. And he talked to a job and high rollers that's what they'll grow it back I don't eat bow and you know I would do in store credit to promote commit to another jumpers and so. I hoped or not track to meet. The. A Brian thanks to the fogel men. But that happens to like let me get a big like people people go by generators. Right after a big storm and take it back snowblower. And I thought is gonna say lawn mower yeah you know something like that so that seasonal stuff I can totally understand 5767798. This is a good one Travis in Kansas City aren't KM BZ what have you bought and taken back knowing you're going to do it. Well. That a construction site on our way home. Got to nail in the tire at the site. All tire pressure low. Reject it out pretty much slack that role and O'Reilly. Saying packet fine. Try to retire that Jack comes with that truck while electric trucks so it didn't quite reached. I walked into Google Writely and a founder Jack is tall enough where outside right now parking lot pretty much our center of the earth or. And that my truck with spare tire put that Jack right back in the box. Walked in return to it that manager looked at me like are used here. I got there and I'll. Who. Had eighty dollars you just cost that's two hole record the into your phone call. About other people of done that with like tire irons and stuff like that we heard his side of the road he would change tire I get it. Costs. Let's go to Ike in Kansas City and KM BZ what have you returned to you knew you were going to when you bought tonight. And so me and my girlfriend recently moved and instead of buying a bunch of boxes. We just went to Wal-Mart and got those big toe. But like I respect them. Of course our look at it and how unloaded and then to the box and create back. All you needed Iverson. What we're not more than. It so did they question and yet. It. And it was Wal-Mart. Yeah see everybody and even the regardless so Wal-Mart somebody right now is got some of their antiques or their kids' toys. Wrapped up in York used moving jobs. Well it's not like they were damaged or anything image syndicate them and reusable. What about the bottoms only if you scratch if you put the bottoms and a moving truck they would get scuffed I would think. Yeah but they didn't they were all folded in together it was like there where there are fitting together yeah and in the bottom of the law then. Your shady like your shady banks of the phone garment that was so. Know certain she now I went iBook but we would use him like if I thought that I would have it's like we have so much crap what you guys have. KM BZ what's your story Margot. Well I teach for. Thanking their school district and we had great great in every year. And it's one. Chip that's walking across the stage to get is little certificate and all protect opt out on (%expletive) and we really tackling. Going and make at all. All handling really couldn't. Now for like an off is that there is actually gonna Wear the suit they wanted to look good for his for his graduation. Thanks Margo. About other people done that do for graduation now error or some tired house and special events in choir concert or some billing plan. Yeah out find out if you were all landing last won it goes to Bruce in Kansas City Bruce what are your shady shopping story. Well it took a lot of big no one. I actually was water bottle back tightly. And particularly you bottles back. And then I'd get in new ones off the shelf and that the rubber seal law. And then pick in the carrier. And tell him that I'd read so to have them myself that your machine in the back stores do that and and they actually pay me thirteen dollars. Effort for thirteen and it got really. Hungry so I got I got really good in the school we learn odds aren't in the room for. I didn't know that was the right thing to be science yeah it was it was easier and they actually don't. Gary Cole again water anymore. And you gave I'd ruin the auto industry. Fine thanks Bruce appreciate the phone call then something is Texan I found it funeral program in a new suit jacket. Meaning somebody bought a suit or to a funeral return it. And I hope the cap opts. I'll shoot search. Suits are not G a month today and yeah failing pictures several people are talking about buying clothes for Finley pictures and returning him. Apple and nice Dresser for family pictures Coles or senior photos at the yeah. Have you policing your photos welcome back there's a little bit later round will be the severely got to find out just ran away. Wal-Mart is listening very closely right now they have to face. You know all and it was money they would toughen their term als Lou you know so that I guess they figures lines are coming back as a customer which you walk. Then maybe it's worth and eat not cost. The big toy store giant officially calls it quits. Toys 'R' Us in the news. And also. Big powerball controversy from a couple of weeks ago the judge has ruled whether or not the woman is allowed to stay anonymous swiftly with the judge ruled next coming up just before 12 o'clock gonna bring you the 12 o'clock news we have a Twitter polling on how party of KU going in the NCAA tournament Kansas plays later on today one and done sweet sixteen final four. Or cutting nets down that you can vote on Twitter at KM BZ radio right now 45%. Have the idea hawks going to the sweet sixteen just 16% of you voting. And won it in your office Travis where you have can you go in and year in your bracket. Hypothetically like if you words I've been asking Travis who he hypothetically the pick for every game trying to get Travis to fill out a bracket who which he's not doing this year. If power to pick I'd being. They lose news Eckstein such date in one and lose and when to and then they lose next weekend you are now. You're with 45% of the people who of attempt at an opening. And and you. Too soon. To suit goes by quicker big house and I think though like the guy you want to hear those off. Not long enough in Ford is not days we go from 686 months ago was 64 to sixteen by Sunday night. But then and then it's and then and then the next weekend or weekends so yeah of this weekend next weekend and in the following weekend as the final four. Large all the way that it brings to people at all the happiness that it brings to your co host its mind it used to bring joy to your producer but he has always sobering story does not playing pool it's gonna he's enjoying it takes longer for me to answer phone calls because almost every game is about the start brought. Up. The phone is ringing off the High Court right number line is Travis east we. Take them like this is not Dina and partially oh yeah don't I am not oh new. A few. We'd hoped that of this program hall and car. And would would answer the damn phone drama at eight seconds that's a. That so many times. To keep saying it doesn't. Ran into trouble yeah both it's who callers had never done for the day this week or sound idea what it's turned into watching him. You'd have a conversation but yes. We've already talked he says purpose he's not only to rally Alice watching games right now. A I got it in the door closed more news yesterday is very important meeting exactly. So. It's odd head announced back in September that they were filing for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy which meeting wasn't a huge surprise that a toy company. Was it was having some trouble. On that happened was the holiday season really stunk for Toys 'R' Us people went to Wal-Mart and target and Amazon and stat and didn't go to Toys 'R' Us to buy toys. Which kind mayor's way it listeners but all of you have told us as we talked about where you're fine you're toys. But anybody else but it came to a shocked to meet to find out I guess we've been warned may be on Friday of last week that this might becoming but. The CEO of Toys 'R' Us has announced on an aid they didn't call I guess where they said they are closing. All 760. Toys 'R' Us stores in the United States normally it would it would kind of come in phases they would start to close underperforming stores. I guess it was startling to me to find out they just decided in one feels slipped just closed mall at one time and liquidate them hall and it means. 30000 employees are at work as soon as all that happens on with the toys are distributions that are believe it Lee's summit. That will close as well on we have several Toys 'R' Us stores here that affects us also mean their toys. So there are questions about your gift cards and and the online registries through babies. What we've heard is that your gift cards are probably good for the next thirty days on and they go to bankruptcy court today. To take an sects next steps toward liquidation. I would say though if you toys or get twitters gift cards use of this weekend because you never now it. The bankruptcy court judge has to give them permission to keep honoring those gift cards and and wheeze and that's gonna happen but if not I would go shopping this weekend SC week. Yeah I mean it is so I go into a Toys 'R' Us does that mean in all of this the three around here in the 800 around the country is emulate everything all of a sudden I mean it's. I am really good deals generally. Liquidation means we need to hurry up and get rid of stock in so that we can close up shot. There are there were some details about may be they're gonna try to take a couple hundred stores in and tried. Try to resell on somehow in and try to get some interest from a bride. In terms of purchasing the stores but. It really sounds like all 760 source the United States are closing. Yeah and amber in CNBC the liquidation will begin as soon as yesterday GAAP and discounts will start. At 30% off. And I'm sure by next week QB look at it how percent off. I mean they show video games and at at Toys 'R' Us. Travesty he quietly aims at Toys 'R' Us I can ross' I've been to torturous but I wouldn't be surprised if the if they did I remember. My dad took me to a suit to go by. And it was like probably fifty dollars backed Andersonville like that. If as if they sell video games toys around still and I haven't been in one in years. And that would be a good place for our listeners that are gamers if you're asking her to go and check out you know apple video games 30% off video games. To the people asking on a Tex signs yes babies. That is still in question I did a little bit of couldn't find an answer to that right away about what maybe I don't know that yet about what happens your registry. Particularly if you're like half we throw it yeah and Allen and people bought some things but not others can you transfer that you might be a block I don't now on. That stinks that that there are not that there's not a bigger window of time. You know in which it's so it's happened so fast. So that if you had a registry on how long before you have a baby Sherri opened their registry but if you're dead you know two months or something you might be back in trouble there. I'm looking at CNN dot com or the story. And is the headline is don't blame Amazon. For the death of toys Iraq's. It's true didn't help much for the struggles for toys arrest predate the boom in online shopping CNN rights. The company's biggest problem it was saddled with billions of dollars in debt. So nobody could envy you couldn't invest because you owe so much. And one of the other problems too is if you went into. A store twice arrest wasn't always the cleanest place. Well I guess and realized I mean that was off it wasn't always the clean install in the worrying prisoner you want that much doing a lot of people are telling us on that they do so dad yep it's the spot to go to the discount on a video games AGCO clean up. Go and guns that they've got they're done on. What some asking a great question what about lightly a waste of the Toys 'R' Us. That's a great question I don't know you'd you better. You'll probably get it at 30% off right now that helps your lately plan fragment of it and if you so low on it that's a fantastic question I would say pay up. If you can if he can't do can't do you lose what you RD. An inordinately awaited can you just get in now works in bankruptcy maybe they can refund you what you have paid off already. And they put that money toward buying some awesome mystery around here with these of that out. That's her her news that there were three and others ones like I can picture several titles pictures of babies. On it just is I wasn't surprised to hear they were having trouble. With some stores but I guy. They've got to have some stores are performing better than others and and you know maybe by malls a rapper but I guess after coming through the holiday season if you don't you while there that's her bread and butter. You're not yeah a better time a year than Nat on true and it there it is I mean he's got to go there and play with the toys to you know. That was out of the appeals of a gun to his arrest how kids see him on YouTube and see they were there for you watch another kid play with a write your answer realize that.