Midday with J&W: What is to going too far when taking baby pictures?

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Wednesday, January 10th

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What's Kansas City talking about this this this is what's trending producers what's true and funded day was Jamie implicated on 98 winds KM BZ. Some reasoning and number one trending topic. In Kansas City is still the national championship game two days ago would ban but came back to beat Georgia. But after that. Nick Saban head coach there's rumors he may be going to coach the New York Giants. As a head coach of Alabama's now won I think six national championships. What Gary Cole is turning. The Astros are trading Francis as a mark has hammered us. Derek Fisher well and your calls trade Gary Cole's picture for the Pittsburgh Pirates he was a former number one overall pick it was very good a couple of years ago has since been pretty mediocre. If the Astros are able to pull this deal off and I've seen Jeff passing from Yahoo! whose lives here in Kansas City. As of three minutes ago said that his sources tell no deal is done. So it it's one of those where you're probably jumping the gun a bit but if the Astros confined whatever made Garrett hole good three years ago. That would be huge for the defending World Series champions. All right. Dare eyesight is trending he is a California GOP congressman who announced his retirement today. Up first elected in 2000 confirmed he will not run for reelection. A couple of different stories out today about the number of GOP retirements there are right now being announced going into the mid term elections. He what is seat by his last letter reelection see that the by 16100 votes are very very close he's in the San Diego area California. And Jones is trending and this is I I don't know light training here than it's a big twelve guy he plays cards for the University of Texas. He has been diagnosed with leukemia. And obviously won't be playing basketball for a while if ever again hopefully he's able to beat of a Texas sophomore guard in drew Jones diagnosed with leukemia. Of course thoughts and prayers to interest him. Sneaky Dianne Feinstein is trying to make it it it it adds that. Because of a tweet from president trump that's where the sneaky comes from three hours ago president trump tweet and the fact that sneaky Dianne Feinstein senator from California. Who has a numerous occasions stated that collision between trump and Russia has not been found it would release testimony in such an underhanded. And possibly illegal way totally without authorization is a disgrace must have tough primaries. It comes Adori action because she has talked about wanting these things released. It it does. There's this idea that everybody especially pushed by president trump. Nobody everybody knows there's no collusion there's no collusion there's no collusion while the investigation from Republican Robert Mueller. Is still going on. Diane finds being released the full transcript of the fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson's testimony. About the dossier and it's 312 pages long. I didn't read it yet. Let and I probably not going to read all 312 pages but they got released yesterday as this investigation. Which president trump says is away China. Is the investigation still continues to go. Kept gates is trending. I'll be honest I didn't know who Kevin gates was a travesty and he told me. Kevin dates walked out of prison Wednesday morning is scheduled no surprise warns this time around teams he has learned. Gates served nine months of age thirty month sentence and was released from an Illinois state prison on parole will be mandatory supervision can't have any guns. He's a rapper who was released from custody last year in Florida. After doing time for kicking a woman at one of his concerts that was immediately rearrested for a warrant in Illinois a weapons charge. The big deal I've never heard Kevin gates neither he's not from here's I don't know what it's trending in Kansas cities from New Orleans. That's all I got. Protect my vote is turning. Has checked protect my vote wise what's with his people are responding. By number one requiring valid picture ID not letting dead people vote that's the ballot in Indiana that's that's the four lawmakers in India you shouldn't allow did people to vote I will agree with that it's the bill that's an Indiana is where you let if they voted absentee. And then they died you still at their absentee vote count. Probably shouldn't. Not destroying voting records five minutes after the election closes not letting residents from Tennessee vote Alabama does go on. So protect my vote train resentments and about it. That's all I've got a much less that's pretty much it. Coming up a little later on we'll get back into our conversation about what constitutes something to be child porn tight about a story coming up. Involving a seventeen year old Missouri boy eight. And why he is in some serious trouble. Four for child pornography play about that gonna Dexter and anyone came easy. Strongly Tina's always a phone number 5767798. Text in it took 2980. But the sum on FaceBook earlier today and had a pretty good conversation earlier for those who wanted to get back in now you can because the question is what constitutes something to be child pornography. Those of you that have taken nude pictures of your children because we know you have because what I talked about it this morning and and there are pictures of us as baby with snowplows. What makes that child porn at what point does that become child porn that's what we're asking you because of a story out of a Fallon misery. And as you the details the story I think it's gonna become obvious why this teenager was charged with possession of child porn. The father and a Fallon Missouri teen turned his seventeen year old son in police. After discovering new photos of a toddler on the suns found what happened here was IDF seventeen year old Andrew Spence Berger of Fallon. Who have a cell phone that dad took away because the team was being punished for something. His dad looks at the phone any fines a few pictures of a nude two year old sleeping. Her son and police for bats and when asked interest an expert told police. He took closeup photos as the two year old girls slept on the floor was bedroom he also admitted to taking the photos quote. So that he could sell them to a classmate whom he believed to be a pedophile and would be interested in young girl doc. By the way that's what makes it's how important is that intent he hoped the photos with that's 350 bucks he told police. The little girl in the pictures is not his daughter it does appear to be on a relative of his dad's coral and so it's a toddler that he knew. But was not his trial. And initially the first few versions of the story we have this morning work kind of confusing wanted to Reggio. Is on the Saint Louis post dispatch which was asking when he brought into the story he said. What and why is this crime because we initially didn't know the stuff about him intending to sell it right to the had a file friends. But initially it got us talking about at what point. Is a picture of a new child. Just Q it's a war or appropriate and at what point does it become criminal or is there ever time. We it's our people earlier that sad it's never OK to take a nude photo of a trial. But I have I can picture there are pictures of me and my other cousins as. Year old my grandma had a really big kitchen sink and their pictures of us sitting in that sync with bubbles sitting on I'm a little foam mattress thing. You'd in those pictures and other bubbles covering up the important parts but we're obviously mutinous pictures. Why is that not child porn. And I know that some of this is obvious but there's a lot of gray area here and that's or asking. 5767798. Is the phone number jump on in 5767798. Or you can text in 22980. At what point. Doesn't nude picture of baby your child become child pornography. And I think become a child pornography you know when we get to that. That that the intent part like this story gets real bad real quickie to the pictures sound a classmate is spread was at a file NYU hangout that. And it's got to be harder today because it's. We live in a world where. We Earl taking photos and sharing them with the world and you take yourself in front Kauffman Stadium or you you know you wanna sell you whatever. I don't know people are hurt. Our right to share at the photos of their naked BB kids which I see from time to time on FaceBook and I'm thinking of myself. Are you sure you wanna share that. But again I ask on China it's like obscenity like the courts have said basically you don't know obscenity when you see it. And it's sort of it's it's kind of in the eyes the right light on I mean that the posting canceled a meeting as a whole other we can do five hours on that on. Because of people in my opinion sometimes way over sharing yes just like that but. But what one person may perceive to be just a cute nude picture of their child someone else may be really offended and say that is child porn. As we are as a little bit. To me this is. Different than if it'd been an infant. Because if there's a scale of words I can't believe I'm saying but if there's a sexuality scale. That increases and by the by the age. It's creepy free to your world it's creepy for someone who is not that child's father to be taking a picture of that T girl sleeping nude. Could still be cute don't what if the father of that child had taken that picture and it's on his phone and it's not intended to sell you had to file for us it's just. But somebody else would say hmm that's creepy it doesn't matter where your intent is that is not okay. What is it important child pornography and what is it just you having. Cute pictures of your baby your boy your baby girl. I 7677. Attic was a candy in Kansas City eye candy thanks for collier on KM BZ. Relating to hit that little. Bit it. It. Tank all right I I I agree very aware. I know. You tell me candy do you think it's not. Why not. Because they're. I expect it but it's so I can't tell you that the pictures of the two year old in the story are cute then that I could. I don't know the pictures look like obviously but it you can a case where the two year old kind of curled up on the floor so what is Al what's the difference and two candies point. What is the difference between taking pictures of cute little babies and ABC but whatever and you put the book to make money. And to sell verses this story where this sick twisted seventeen year old was selling the pictures allegedly. To a classmate. What's the difference let me ask us to help figure that out what is this kid has lied about the intent for those of you that are screaming its intent that's intent what if he had set I just thought it was cute. Does that make it not a charge of a crime I. What if you didn't admit that he was gonna solemn what if he just thought it was cute. Is it okay for seventeen year old kid. You think a two year old new sleeping on the floor is Q it's not it is a picture is what's wrong with that what is anything wrong with that. That was my initial question until I got to the heel to set seller what's wrong way at. Let's say you have a seventeen year old kid and on their phone. Dave got year neighbors two year old curled up in a ball or six month old and what's it is something wrong with that. It feels weird to me. And that's not enough that's not legal definition but it's creepy to 57677. Nanny or back of the phones Julian belted and KM BZ hi Julie thinks or call and. I witnessed. It will not to. It's like tiger so back and it paid. They had like that one hour photo places and at that cup. Before ending the Castro like turn the trick is developed and that. Eat annexing a long ago that. And you take a picture of your head of the bat that can be an issue shell equipment went out and that is why. What she'd make it community completely naked. Two to being gay it is a little strange someone said it's possible he Easter turning again. I don't know. We don't know all right well we're theorizing on because someone asked that earlier did she fall asleep. Close and he stricter or her down naked and he just took pictures and exit in its natural state. Is it normal for a two year old to just lay on your floor naked with a diaper without indict firm without a short about a one Z. Is it normal. Now I don't think so and I'm not as a I don't know I don't think so either. Julie thinks the phone calls that Brenda and Overland Park next up an 81 KM BZ hello Brenda. I am. An. He had a I'll -- it felt that picture you yeah. I can't get help are typically well like people. That weren't there typically other. I think and so pointed that out earlier and Brent you we bring a really good point. I were you felt this kid the kid that took the pictures it was air quotes selling them I feel like there's a possibility that could either be. A lie to try to get out of himself looking like a had a file or is this now a network. Of had a files in Missouri in old Fallon Missouri over on the east side of the state. A lot of us are asking did he do something else with this kid. And an order if it's somewhere. In his impulsive mind he thought oh no I can't admit you. Touching this girl there wondering where I got the pictures he thinks it is less horrible if he does is an asylum somebody else. That's got you a child porn charge I don't know. What's worse I don't know if it's worse to be the father of pat at 517 year old kid likes child porn. Or to be the father of a seventeen year old who's selling pictures of child porn to his buddy they hangs out with in school. I don't which puts horse neither one sounds good David Bell you're next up a 91 KM BZ. I don't want at some discretion it's like they're missed some one point. Is that your definition. Of our. Pornography. And the pornography at stake and final word. That means prostitution. It's such it's associated where. Prostitution and pornography. Is not associated with. Prostitution it's not pornography that's why. Art can be Newt and still not be pornography. Can you tell me the difference in a book of cute little babies. Naik at or near naked verses this one. He kept well one it if if not used for parking now that. Seventeen year old he turn something that wasn't where are goofy into the. The court are when did it becoming your mind. The. Get credit and make money are younger than that crotchety hadn't done it yet but what he was going to go ahead and Donny and let the Dave though my. My same question comes back what's the difference between the photographer who takes those pictures to deported to a book to make money turn a profit. Is that pornography because it stems from prostitution. Well it could be yes I mean that was activated turn determined by you know judge. That's that's where you draw the line I mean people are trying to enforce their own consciences on other people. Some people that wouldn't be caught dead without actually gone and now. And you know other people it's no big deal so. You know people have different opinions as to what constitutes. Even nudity. About that hey David thinks the folk Amanda appreciated I just I know there are thousands of books out there that have. They'll babies that are photographs and I don't look at that as or prostitution are either those. Stephen stick right they are gonna get to you coming up next. You can jump in behind him 5767798. Text in 22980. Heidi you know and what you're seeing in his child pornography. 5767798. Text in 22980. Got an old Fallon Missouri man who finds himself in some hot water so. If you taken pictures of 82 year old that he knew it was the child of his dad's girlfriend or a relative of his dad's girlfriend anyway. The seventy year old enters spends Bur I had taken pictures of a two year old nude sleeping off our. He didn't tell anybody about the pictures and dad found them on his phone when his dad had taken his phone his punishment was looking through the phone found the pictures. And reporter assigned to police. We still wondering what what made it child porn while what made a child or was. The seventeen year old admitted to taking the photos of the because cell under a classmate whom he believed to be a kind of file. And would be interested in young girls and he thought the photos with a 350. Dollars. For the less obvious cases. Where pictures are going to be so old you are going to make money on them or their pictures that you have taken of your kids and nude. What's the difference of what at what point does it become a crime. I 767798. I think there at the end the easy answer is its intent I think it's an easy answer but I don't think we got to get more specific about. Go to Steven in KCK thinks your patience Stephen you're on KM BZ. Don't you should know. What to order. I think it becomes child when I'm in weren treachery to cheer child's gym at turtle. Until that. They're all here and there are about song by fog or electric to particular cheered probably achieve true Pritchard. Bet she'd ever so immature outlook for a while that would Richard Grier so mobile. Our soap like they're they're they're the seventeen year old was innocent. You what about the child's mother charm here ever shot but it but it that he would try to you know particular war. But it book or opt out of social. Ball over top. A Stephen let me ask a quick question before ultimately it went a bit let's say the baby is photographed like laying next to a cute puppy when those books and you see its bottom is that genitalia. There and Steve thinks the focal men appreciate it it's those kind words I've 767798. Go to Kevin in Kansas City and KM BZ. You know I wondered a Porsche that count that picture a little. I'll blog Google a tail and got all laid out opt out at all or not. I asked. I'd have to see it. Would you you do you happen to know the brand that I can look that aren't. I sure don't remembered you know it all opened exists and is this recently. Now a bit more art. Hole. I hate I'm gonna have to search for that one OK it's Coppertone RI just found it right Jamie. It's an animated photo from the one I've found. That child port. Babies and being first of all it's not. It's on. It's a dry it's dry it's unreal maybe it's not a photo right so now that's not child porn yes it's it's dry it's dry and but I really can't it's a baby. Like you said blond hair pig tails standing up she's doing of those poses re turn around like your game is over your mouth with the back camera element and the baby's hand. On the beach standing up and the dog is pulling down and you see both cheeks now to draw lines and real thing and there's a reason it's drawing and at a real baby. Because I don't think you could do that with a real maybe they called a little this Coppertone count it they're they're showing too much for that to be real Kevin thanks to the phone call Jessica Overland Park here in 91 KM BZ. I would just commented chairman and when I eat yeah. Ever give me that that photographer and began copy. From their parents or their. To appoint the releases a great point. And what the other way they are not even mentioned that they are our current city. Give right about that thanks the focal just got me at that's a great point at least in those books the parents have said. Photograph my at oracle EB. And is bottom. But it but at this point. We as far as we all don't think that this seventeen year old kid got DO Qaeda photographed naked two year old. I need to ask this question as we takes more calls here a listener had texted an end sad. My family and my children and I do not Wear clothing. It's not the first text today we've gotten really acts when we talked about this earlier a listener said that we don't Wear clothing at home none of us to. And I've heard some families that we'll do that's. To make the kids more comfortable in their bodies and to not make nudity a weird thing like we have made it in society. And that that the texts or the sex and abetted I was sad and I told my sons to start wearing pants now because other people think it's weird. I assume they take pictures home right. What about that that's an interest John Allen got an interesting Christmas tree Toto down out of them standing around the three buck naked. I'd that's different. What you do in the privacy of your own homes a did you do to you and as long as. No one's being touched inappropriately. As a result of the excessive nudity. There is it is not a crime to be nude in your own home it is not a crime for your children to be nude in their own home even at whatever age. But that gets me feel a little like. Then. It would knock into the door. It are else like that. If if you're not alone I I wanna know more about we we actually had some who were here there families were nudist. You weren't here but I'm very open about it. I'm gonna mess I can't tell me and says. Attack and ulcer just look at Susan newscaster yeah newsreader and she was open about our parents they you're. Newt is that walker on the house naked as he did the same thing. I mean the jets but Jeff I think also there's plenty of name artists and I'm in Kansas Missouri yeah plenty of neighborhoods that are nude in your I hear about that and I don't hear about that year California has plenty of hi I want to know more. And I series last names used to be of that on the air with weir. Yeah yeah yeah cause there's Austin I. Gosh I'd ask that person a Texan but they obviously didn't have the opportunity by. Doesn't that kitchen we're to potential crime. Walking around Newton's but isn't when you have more nudity isn't their potential for. Touching yeah things to get a little. I'm sorry that I feel that way it does is afforded video tips or questions you can ask you now that's a strange thing to me it would. Delivering a pizza you know where you go to the door do you answer the door naked. I gotta tell from that person or I'll I'll bank ABBA song girls Jodie Foster a liked that Coppertone sun sunbathing suntan lotion grow as thirty boss as a baby yes. It okay get it to us. At listener just exit 22980. We're an account. My wife gets out of the shower is naked in front of our six year old boy and girl six I don't agree with that but she considers it to be a natural thing. Are there other parents they're going to be. Who are naked at home in front of their children and at what ages that no longer okay. Oh is always okay. How quiet. How old are you walking around older you. Letting your eater you walking around your your kids like what age you stop walking around naked in front of your kids and some people like twelfth. Eighteen. That matter. I my family. There was an attendant Dayton's. Request and not at putted naked is going on. Call and call and in it tell us your naked right now 9363. My wife is naked in the house all the time in real meet personally I don't mind it's a much but I have I have two male children. They are adults now when they were young it will be nothing that she would be walking around naked. It is not normal from in my head now but it's not mine life is not the normal life either. I think it's not. On. People is it a day or two like I gotta think. What they're gonna get used to it like maybe it ends up being a good thing Eric Collins because they're gonna get use to call their no longer gonna think nudity is a weird day by as an age where were all here to. Those kids are gonna do your. Right. Lately and I are fortunate enough to have regular little locker room how snake and all that much. And if we do it's obviously just Dotson. But we got windows in its here's to wrap sometimes like I I got. I'd I'd like to go to we've never talked about this on here now but now I'm fascinated by 767798. Do you walk around naked at home all the time give kids how old are your canyons. Texted too to know any easier or your calls next me. They did not believe this was on our list of of ways to go that's why a live radio so much funds. Organically we call that chat about a seventeen year old I audible Fallon Missouri who took some pictures of a toddler is dad's girlfriend's. It's niece nephew whatever. And may face in child porn charges and then this conversation. Went to what constitutes child porn and then others. On the tax line and think he wall. It turned into what about nudist or people who live at home and walk around naked I opened the text line for just a bit here. I had no idea how many people we have that. Walk around naked most of the time at home. With with various ages and we'll get your phone calls a beautiful port calls your don't want that because this is just an unfamiliar right election and I and I got out passing judgment I don't know enough know I. While is it more common and I thought by 7677. At nine A also did wind Bob is in your did why did you wanna jump in here from when newsroom I hurt you guys talk. Look around naked well yeah like committed to that is is something that you do you do this. Yeah are you make it a lot at home. Yeah topic son is a way it is a way he's gone south. Variety the the age you're talking about the age. Well what we did. In our house with a our son was just. Let him be that guy eight. Of way and he felt awkward ones who. Knots see. You know boom I mean we're nuts new artists in our route like you know draw the lines of word. Shedding our clothes for the next twelve mountain is just you know from the bathroom and show our you know walking around. And the thing has were teaching re taught Ers on that. Our bodies are our bodies there's nothing wrong with them it's completely normal and natural. To seize. Another person's. Nude body especially family how does he let you now. And an at what point that he was walking your way and a crack and your dislike the idea he he he doesn't stand there in the bathroom. Wall of lewis' is using it spray anymore he wants no way. I'm a and that that just evolves over time from you know look at that you know when he was rear axle elect. Would you please leave the bats are not a little bit right it's right but he's curious. And that's how children learn so he ask what more because he's Zamora in Europe. And science can't say is you know stuff like well what's that yeah well that's an opportunity to teach a child now the human body. That other people have human bodies and their gonna be different look different. You know and it's all normal and natural. Let's talked tee shot in KCK and KM BZ a lucky shot. I. Have. I implement beta I walk around naked give it to. Get like there I have for an eight year old. Have you always watch her on nick at home and is it all the time it's just difference between. Like well wait it was just I am and it's you know and at a bathroom. Maybe in rats. You marketing analytic on what the blind clothes and. Do they really did do the kids ask questions. They do their curious about the body merit at age. Don't I mean I'm trying to do it's like him letting them I mean obviously if they say mom put some clothes on I'm gonna go and close now. It's gonna be the guide through there comfort level. Of. Now you. It out exactly. I mean they don't think mine and now that are. And I am the other you're here and I mean I hit it guy at one time when I was probably about sixteen. And his parents were chronically. Make it on. I mean it like that Morton make it right well my portrait appetite. It would then I thought that was awkward but now I gotta get a premarket some like maybe as well now like I don't think it was a little weird but they did it. Goodness that H thinks he's just in our house it was just. Moving through the house it wasn't the thing of okay now we're getting kids. And we will now operate now it was just normal life you know get a shower lowers my close votes in the dryer and a walk to the Dreyer get my clothes and you see somebody make Tim does difference though between walking between the bedroom and bathroom naked and just being naked all the time. Comfort level yeah. Could anyone except any next up a 91 to NBC. At eight are you let you walk around naked. Not me is that I have the story about different mind it's all. Any solid. I I believe it I've known her for very long line though I've watched they're completely bald. And when this is happening I thought it was. Dairy weird because life and kept walking from the hour. To your bedroom intriguing quote connecting people they that would if they affects how light there's no problem at all. But I do think that there is an issue when that child is 89 and because that's when they are sexual hormones kick in. So her son on the through high school and everything so now he is an adult man and I actually a couple of years ago asked him about that. And he said it was very very confusing. Because you know he's not part that his mom that really a husband should only see yeah he had he even saw her. Little things. You know that he asked about. Like what that. Like hearing me mom I mean that's something that you know I don't think. A child from the opposite sex need to. Have to deal without that aid. It it absolutely makes sense and your negative things stand well I've got that does some a little bit extra. He may be for that one family I think Hugh let it be you know you evolve. Normally. Given questions and and be appropriate with their age and of course as they get older especially the boys and girls. You know old wondering and and and guide them through it it's. Hollow tree people walked around naked in their house by 7677. And it it sat. Honestly it is seems like it's a lot more common than you and I thought about gas. It really does any event for a long time based on the stories go to Lansing talked to Mike and KM BZ I might. Hey yeah. Now that you walker and make it in a lot. You don't have. Did you elect if you admit. Com. At the end they got really you got to be collectively you're negative growth like let's say. The mormons or the duo who witnessed under the door I discovered that door naked and they try to run walk off. But what it looked at it it I'm a good idea what about the peaks against his house alarm system. Where they'll open the guys. On our I don't worry about we care a yeah ago. But let that it is. I got him and my thanks Laura in Kansas City and maybe disease as a weapon Laura. Why or how or you're the yeah you're acting I think my daughter air. Oh well hell. I. The nine TO. I wanted to dispel some messed that aren't we are not well. She. She was claiming you guys were straight up nude just like everywhere you tell your naked. Now know. That he. And am I mean we live and that they're all out and had one big back here at fort yet. There are people going in at bat and at that might be an hour now and then not make or whatever so yes. Within our family out there at that time people were partially and it. And as that kid battled their son of a more modern. Art or acted back. One back and that people will attend and we're walking around partially closed but. That's set up downstairs not meet the pizza pie. Two hours now I don't know Tulsa and I it was weird yeah it was really strange and I came in my first day eggs are Serra do in the news naked in the came NBC news I don't drink. Shortly I'll just popped up. Thank you Laura and you know I think -- a for a lot of folks we start innocence in the wrong premise assuming that the nude human body organs that human bodies that something's wrong with them if you start with that premise will then you Ehrlich who we've got to we can't let anybody see read the think of the children will you know we are all humans we all have our bodies we have since the beginning of time. That's the that's who BR. What's wrong with all that well. Because we've been so trained to cover up months male and female and route in public now right to privacy of your own home. Yeah you you can do it every among your own family care archer. And obviously I'm sorry for whatever is about time is now okay how much do you apple picking Paul walk around naked at your house yeah that was going to be her and her. Isn't quite. As for other people it's totally normal is being taken almost yeah I have this thing about being cold I hate being cold and close Howell as a practical. Why doesn't lenses. Printer. You give them. It isn't going to be the top of the gotta France's now there's there's not there's a conference call them prancing Paul Michael apple picking is its effect if I may when about a child you know will you the journalists in three months all around the child or tall order. And I am happy to honor yeah exactly and thank you Dan I'm sure appreciate them and run. Let's let him talk about via the photos of Meehan and a cowboy hat and boots when I was like 45 years old Q you mean for five days ago not four or five some of those two from the tax line I was a right god now I know more about came BC that I should.