Midday with J&W: What do your parents still pay for?

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Thursday, May 24th

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It's 1133 were asking you. What are your parents still paying for. Or your Payer what he still pay for three year twenty or thirty year. Forty year old children by 767798. Right back to the phones. Russell in Kansas City are on KM BZ Russell what do they still claim for. Remain out I mean they're. So my current players and being expand in order that'll help applied. Flight line at. All I got a body back home who. Even two years after his divorce is in law air keep the action in launch were still playing first cellphone plan. And goodness say. That's a common one though I mean a lot of people are still on the same cell phone plan I think that's all that. That that we are to mean. You get on the hot you know the the fourth line planner would every save money. Smart then you should start paying for the family planets that are parents paying for the payment plan well it's maybe you should take over the payment will they step out. Instead of the parents ignorant thing for the whole thing Tom Almonte and plans do you archer 37 so's my sister and she is. They're ringing. Three do you pay it no my mom buys my dad pay your galleries or my sister and sending residents and being on the plan and paying your portion of the plan as opposed to being a plant like trapped gases and your pair of cell phone plan man. Ornery kicks you know. And that's that's the one thing he says he's arc and take a soft he said there's really no point does is more expensive to take us off than it is. You know beating Arnold planned so he's. I pay for everything else beside myself and go to it week in Kansas City anybody came forward your parents paying for. Do you or any other. Leaders are lots inner my mom of course it will each. Pay. Or her. Whenever we go to. The G-8. And even. They want to let. Yeah Google by the and that's why I'm. You know. You. Our air. And how to eat my. A lot. Out. Mary and me at one another. Course. So I don't know if they. Make more than they do. It's your turn. Actor. And. I. Again I think is that way grab the Bill Miller and what are Rio seven dollars a I did Coke and I had cheeseburger and an itemized. I'm just like that it's painful thing it's fine senate deal. You know maintaining George in Kansas City what he's still playing for George. Well party markets go is that we dollars paper that right by our guest is art there are many. Are there are that's been dead or yours pretty stoked compromise step because these are my chances. But I think there are more important thing mark there are certainly down one time because I was so that we gators. About the only Joker it will buy all the presently. Expressed the bar. That might be straight face says. He says that your only child you're gonna get everything our argue that you. Why can't I am joy. Our grandkids. In web watch them enjoy what I work hard work and I've thought about that for awhile and Russia and a lady who ordered it. But the thanks George appreciate that you know I. I assume that if we and I have a child that I will spoil them until the point where they say stop it but then again at work and radios are not gonna have early nest egg. It's like okay now. Don't. I tell. Only child it's possible that an only child not to spoil them is that what happens is. I think I'm spoiled more now because my mom is light. You're gonna get everything anyway when we're going through that phase of the aria yeah it's easy. You've got to keep the kids on the other side you step father's side that's not that they don't get anything while they do with batteries and as but my mom has a lot of stuff that's from the family like it was from her parents that the stuff that will no doubt that to me. And she's already like white Knight is that you now or why because you're you're gonna get it eventually anyway you may as well enjoy it now. Sound I think I'm at a benefit more from that now. Did you see your parents will that you have you read your moms will you know yes because I'm the only child and her four younger it will all be unease and gosh idea I handled an idea what might add items. It's out of all those Ali and I. It's a little handling of the estate will stuff. How boomer with we talked about this couple of months ago and finally. And an ever remember everybody was saying you just have to sit down and talk with your dad about it fought. My dad finally this process started at Thanksgiving. Two weeks ago he finally finished his will and testament and now he's got to get to quit smoking. As some so my dad when my socks went into my aunt passed and he was engaged at the time but not married and I was of age at that point and the only will that he had. Was the will that he had when he was married to my mother. Let me just tell you get your will the other get two will run its amazed how complicated stuff can get when paperwork not story. And all it takes is for the paperwork to be updated to make things at full of life easier. But man does that not having a well straight and not having your paperwork straight that. Let's whole hell of a lot of additional stress on a situation that's already really unpleasant. That was what I was really worried about my dad. Just thought. You know I'll get to wit and my dad is not the healthiest in the world he smoked for fifty years. So is like dad you need to get this done I know it's it's hard to talk about yeah your death. But he's seven. He. To be one then and he you know is it smoked his entire life so I I've I hope he's one of those guys that can smoked at least 95 gas but. He'll never quit like that you have to get it that my sister like at a quarter amid city got to get this kinda stuff Don. Yeah it stinks it's not a fun conversation to have my mom and I. You don't wanna sit down and say some of you die yeah. Not the right way to approach it and I of the coin collection. How steep price who is the question I'd ask author and was whose name is on stuff yeah where is stuffed kept where are your accounts work. The basic question of what do you have you know where what. What you have that I'm not aware odd like I don't need to know chapter and verse I need to know why where I need to go when things happen Hoosier what. We're counts or stuff like that helps. This is going to be a dark and morbid question but. Have you in your mom already figured out funeral plans and those kinds of things because Lee's father just passed recently and they had everything prepaid for everything was already set like. Almost weirdly set now and again not a morbid about what how it's him it's a more calories or you're irony conversation recently about who are parents are going to be there way and and we can go there and I'll make it I think Augusta because of the weirdness of that conversation BM well. And I wish it's something that we need to talk about at some point you do 'cause my dad died of a heart attack very unexpectedly at fifty. We had no idea what one and you don't have that conversation your parents are fifty and so we had to gas. I was young and a little too young advocates for what I thought I for what I thought was the right thing and like kind of just went along with what everybody else wanted. And again it makes things easier even if you just asked you on recruitment fair where do you replace that one you know just get some of that stuff on the way but no we've never talked about it. It is expensive. No joke I mean look no joke at Jack no doubt we. Should have all I mean if if radio ever fails fingers crossed in Aurora fire brigade sickness you're talking a microphone if you Jamie. Order funeral parlor because the well. Now I mean that there's everybody dice. You always need a funeral parlor and they can charge and the thing. Unfortunately. Part of the reason you wanna get stuff done ahead of time is that that's a real vulnerable moment. And your not gonna questioned the cost of things now you know you're just getting too we didn't mean the guy just said here's what those costs and here's a pack costs like the idea. You're not gonna go funeral home shopping after the person that your bearing his debt at no time to do that you you pick is close before you put the available to pick the one that. The hospital says here this one the one that you happen in now's the time to do this before and so. Audio that bills have to go through this in a rough way like I just I've never had two examples you then had to go through a real quick is your your father passed fit. Lee's father was seventy something and went through six month battle with cancer. And it was we kind of saw it coming. How hard is that process we've ever gone through 5767798. Feel pretty joyous you can buy it's a morbid conversation we are aware of that. And my advice to you is this get that stuff prepaid four before your time is up on this planet. Do not put that burden on your kids. Because. Right now I of the my dad's done it. My mom's got it all paid paid for my dad does not and it's like god we get to. Beep beep you know foot the bill for an 9000 dollar 141000. Dollar whatever. You can text to 2980 to make it Jamie wicket will also give you your next keyword to cash. Coming up next 98. The morbid dark conversation but it's an important one and we were. Some really got into from what your parents pay Ford to the talk of funerals and having those things. You know prepared and how hard is it love to hear your stories of of going through this is Jamie lost her father at fifty but it sudden. I just watched my father in law lose his battle with cancer over six months and the preparation for death was different for both. Yes on. Yeah out my dad had no plan. There's a will in place but it was one that was written when I was six weeks old. And a lot changed he'd been married to someone else at the time so it didn't it it's still plot it was complicated. On and so. I know where I don't know how and why not it everybody has gone through this yeah lawyer another hopefully it doesn't seem like gloom and doom and we'll take your calls on us. Seat I wanna plant because why not this happens we talked politics to start out. I anywhere but rob yeah so. What I when when you got back from being gone for at least and I am funeral we were taught about. On couples that are married for awhile married for a lifetime once and then won that one person in the coupled as answer the other person becomes it would work. And who that we had a word decides to be buried. On because I know I have friends who. Let's say were friends that were married that long like five years that they were married later in life and I'm one of them dies. But the surviving. Spouse still plan to be married. With the first spouse and I thought what you re married later in life. What do in case it's it's just interesting to me that there on hubble's who will play an online and being buried with their first spouse. Without considering the possibility or meet with considering the possibility that they might get remarried later and might want to get married to that person. And if you're the second's house and you know the person you're just married plans to be very. House that happen in my family my parents were. I've my grandparents had purchased for plots to themselves and to my mother and my father and my mother a father reached. And my parents got divorced. And that happened back in 1992. Were seven or 1990 whatever it was. And since then my mother is remarried. And now of that plot which was originally scheduled for my dad. Is now all being reserved for my stepfather down it's just it's. What do you do now now I don't know my dad has figured out that situation in in Michigan. And I don't it what do you assume you're never gonna get remarried. I don't think I think my dead at 71 will never get remarry. I I know you just never know well on hold as Lee's mom. Seven he three yeah. Should I mean you never know what's gonna happen where they are life 52 years I don't think she ever will but you never know it ever going to be saddling him and the weird way you know that the world works. 5767798. Doctor Marion Kansas City Mary thanks for call. Merrier on the air. Mary Joseph. I'll mark this all right that the wrong but mark my apologies mark there's a market Mary Mary you hang right there mark your on the do an hour idealistic your name right. Power right now from forty years ago mark password from brain tumor. And we do you know Russia about our plan to vote for his funeral and like you circuit experience. Branded that time. Our kids. Went ahead and would my mom's originally set up. Errors. Funeral arrangements are when something did happen to work. Which happened two years ago. We didn't have to worry about anything. And my wife and I think that both decided to be cremated. And went birdie bomb plot. Orders kids. Whoever actions that to him after the plot. Pandering paid orbit are worried about it it's been done. Yeah that that's something to mean that is so dang important because I just I mean. I've seen on the side of the freeway in my life flight. Thousand dollar cremation yeah it's not that it there's a heck of a lot more than that I mean we're talking over 101000 dollars for perfume girl might that's when my dad's funeral was not that was seventeen years ago but yet ten grand plus probably mark thinks your phone comment. Let's talk to Marion Kansas City. Marry your year. Art and right. Well we knew I had better quite a while back and gave up a lot and I'll read that when I get. And it'd seem art call them it burial. By that everything you need to do a book or the guy. And lay it out in you don't have that conversation with your yet. Not or if you don't want to. And then all right here. For your family members and it all right there and an ear for it plan everything out. Right at all down and it's right here for your it it at all right they what is the rate that it can't read that went on yet. Read this when I'm dead. That's great but it is really get pre because a lot of people don't look at that they need it before they're fine. For their family they don't know about it yet aren't they don't know about the fact they don't tell it will I don't know a lot of they don't know what they eat it. It takes that light through all of every bit. I would've thought of that book. Merry think with a phone call I mean it's a brilliant book to write again is called read this dot dot dot. When I'm dead I decided I Amazon a guide to getting your stuff together. For your loved ones that's a great idea Mary thank you suck it Deanna in Kansas City welcome due out morbid talk radio Deanna. Yeah. It is that. A lot in the last fall and directly fourteen. Achieved. Stroke then let the biker or years about her or her right eye. Add that. Went clear actor actor Errol I attic up a lot of orders. We didn't know it hurt like he did have a that the backpack walkers are more eager to keep it. Out. That battle actually every act like that I think you know a lot and it out of any. And he would make a trouble spot went out against it earlier. At 818100. Dollar in the end as a lucky or what could it. So yeah but yet we got a lot a lot out a lot of which is yet here are so it's a bit in the. Turk it is Emmitt it's a hard conversation but you gotta have it in I think if your phone call. We can let us know texted too to not any easier or should this tweet at KM BZ radio. Mean that that the name of the game is be prepared. I don't know when you start doing like you said at fifty you had no idea. I'm going out you don't think of that right and my parents I think a lot of people think about it when they first have a baby because that the idea is who's gonna get the baby. And then later in life when you don't have young kids anymore you don't have to worry about something like that people often don't revisit their plans and down. On don't think they have a reason to when in reality you know you might not be thinking about. Stuff later it's just how successfully meet and on the go through your garage full of crap. That's how close. I had that conversation false goes through your odds all the boxes and all the stuff that is so important to you and get nervous or your kids oh kids is in my case doesn't have to. Man I mom populace has said that information to my mother her basement it looks like an episode all orders Jack it's to hear my grandmother was the same way she passed two years ago. And man I saw some of the pictures and stuff from my mom go into that basement whole life. At ready your crap. Is gonna lie ballot. We don't want it and deal with it. I don't admit. I don't stuff that she's saying you don't want like that your babysitters club collection when I was a kid now don't want it. The Washington DHS election know your guild report cards from sixth grade I Hillary through those.