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Wednesday, January 31st

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Once Kansas City talking about this this this is what's trending losers what's trim. Funded day with Jamie and wicket on 98 winds KM BZ. State of the union trending not a real surprise after president trump spoke last night but eighty and half minutes. Very partisan as you would expect he called for unity. As he as every president does Democrats that when he did things that were gay for the Republicans Republicans cheered at some nice touching moments. It is what it is that the state of the union. No I did not see the women this morning I didn't even know as a thing I was with staying. And I was getting ten I looked outside and clouds were blocking my idea so I did not see it. There is a train crash that is trending that was carrying members of the GOP. Now one person was dead after an Amtrak train carrying the congressman to a retreat in West Virginia. I hit a truck the truck is on its side its front of the train looks pretty banged up Roy Blunt. Senator at a Missouri not on the train. He was driving to the retreat. Representative Ron Estes. Was it has weeded out that he is okay. Kansas represented of doctor Roger Marshall. Is on the train it or was on the train is okay and is treating people because he is a doctor. A lot everybody basically on the train was okay sadly. It's in the one person in a truck lost their life. That's about Mike Fisher is turning I don't know that is on him to be if I'm right this is amazing. You're a lot this entire eight tell me if this is the same Mike Fisher that is married Carrie Underwood he's a hockey player. Denying that I should win an award and this is. As do hockey. He would let us cities hockey player but easy to wonder some of these are aligned how many Mike Fisher's play hockey. Wouldn't be the same one married I guess he got to imagine. I Fisher I'm glad you. Guys aren't the same Mike might save one area. Teddy points for javy today seem he's coming back to play for the Nashville Predators. That's the big and I guess I guess I stare at them yeah. Trade Audi is decided to retire. He's not going to be our running for reelection once again. That's all it dreading today that's about it that's it. Okay. A lot easier to a story that we Sodom Illinois but it's it's a really interesting debate and I can tell you what generally with the laws are here but it's got us asking you're 2290. Or 5767798. What is the appropriate age for eight hit Tuesday home alone unsupervised. And why because I think we're gonna get. A lot of different answers that question and I think a lot of the answers are going to include it depends on ticket. Because some kids are more mature than others a ten year old Jamie not a selling and more mature than a ten year old might work out what jobs. Just aghast actually ten year old Jamie money selling is probably more mature than 36 year old Mike wicket gas and I used that example because I was staying home alone at the age of ten. Wow and it was partially because I was only child Paula you holy ten and convert our corporate night that was the first summer that I stayed home alone during the day I want my parents were were. And I think it was in part because the family network caregivers for meat and it was tan on they decided to give full time jobs and not have homes they carry more. My mom was kind of like well she she's old enough she's responsible it was a very responsible tile. And we country in a release a part of the world and so I think it was a big deal but I now I think that's too young. On and it tourism part because I Illinois lawmaker and I. The law says any child under the age of fourteen. Cannot be left for any reason unreasonable amount of time without adult supervision so I mean fourteen and Illinois. Generally speaking. On and there's a national groups that advise and stuff like this at the age as well that's generally thought to be agent wedge. A kid is is okay to start being laughed a lot. I'm yeah and so I get why there's a Republican and a wider the lawmakers suggesting that it lowered to twelve but what's eight what's age at which it's okay. For kids to be laughed at home alone. 5767798. ED texted at 22980. When your kids stay home alone and for how long too because we get our point you run out of gas station rhetoric back that's one thing. Right and so is an hour OK but three hours is not is there a difference between day and night. On is surge between whether the kid is home alone verses with other siblings. And what is no siblings are don't. I had an older sister I'd did not yeah I have an older sister and she was. Well she was the bad one itself they didn't just. Yes yeah after I got back by sister Megan on the boat right now growing up she was the bad one. Now she's the one that's married two kids you know Susie homemaker just got her first job and long time. But 767798. What you can stay home alone you can also text in at 229808. Were allowed to stay home. When you are young and when your kids stay home. Are chewing your healthy lunch over there I am just had couldn't breather for a second problem odd that. So he's speaking at the age is twelfth on their national associations that advise and stuff like those that say. The age at which a child is generally. On mature enough to stay home alone and supervised is twelve. There are a lot of states that have laws like this on Illinois is one of them it's fourteen right now in Illinois that seems to Ole. On these are kids who deals in home. Alone younger than nap others out lawmaker there that's pushing to make it younger. So it did us talking because everybody's kind of got an answer to us what is your kettles announced Camelot let's go to the phones Georgia Kansas City your first up an 81 KM BZ I George linking your kids. Stay home alone. Indeed born and yeah. My idea probably good an idea what eight we need. Or were wondering your driver's license. Basically in my opinion. You're kind of in this day and you are home. Kids that you're on the war but he had taken that that. So. I used a little Bagram I would let my home. In the sixties. So when congress. Seven. And the younger. And I'm in. Something went wrong I couldn't do anything. Because I was not old partner. Like one time one of the little kids pop. I into the trash it and who came in in this year in light that we were is staying in I tried to unit it a secure and across the street we got a then I went home and look at too so I'd say your kidneys field to hear her so first. Indian probably need wheels. In the that's gone. And revoke comment appreciate it let's talk to Julian relate and 81 KM BZ. Jolie when should kids be left alone. Well I'm just tired at that government trying to legislate common and it. I don't think they did make any a lot about it I think they simply that says that here. I liked it quite. Hip but everybody in the off. I mean I think George at the great great break. It every bit simply than that and and what the point if something bad happened that it the government the opportunity to. Legislate in Blaine and condemned the parents. Do you think Julie do you think that's the point of a law like this is to condemn and blame parents. Well I kind of got to wonder because. Otherwise why aren't they just had a public service announcement. On that. Radio TV and paper that he parent you know we think maybe it's not it's how it. But I think if you tell a parent they should leave their seven year old at home alone. Don't most people generally know that anyway. And purpose. Right so why do PSAs telling people about that the people that need to know that the people that need to know you're several sit and stay home alone are gonna brick outlining. So what the point about why as I was about to say I think the point a lot personally is because you do have people and getting texts about it. That will leave it there are child that I think the rest of us was could consider his way to young's home alone seven or eight. That belief their child at home alone and theirs and something goes wrong and they're the reason we have laws is to punish people for things that we generally think are wrong. And I think a lot of people think there is an age at which it is clearly too young too eager to come along and it's a you can prepare them for so they'll stop doing that's the point of of most laws. It's it's to prevent you from yourself sometimes I mean I think. You know if you make if their dollar field on a law being thrown down which can't be left alone need twelve or thirteen or fourteen it. Kind of side would Julie on that. But we have laws all the time that are preventing you from. A lot just. And we have lost to punish you for doing things you shouldn't be doing. That's why the logs and in the tax line at teaching Chinese Euro my parents got on me because I refused to leave my sleeping infant alone in a hotel room. And nine now toddler alone so we could go on a walk for a few blocks. My dear friend is left her eight year old along with their five eagle recently for a couple of hours that is not acceptable to me. 85 year old a problem for a couple of hours and gets too young. 85. Yeah that seems young man I'm telling you like. Refusal levees is my point referenced even that key alone but maybe you attend Jamie. One more mature than my eleven year old nephew year old nephew wouldn't have his head on if it was an attached he would forget it. He doesn't have a lot of common sense book Smart as hell very Smart get. Reads all the time it's aids. No street smarts whatsoever so it. Case may be that loss and say you know make make the laws say eights and set of fourteen that way. We leave the gray area out of it that way we make the line no younger than what we all agree is too young. But how does baby sitting at thirteen lot of people were so my sister probably was not on Friday nights in charge of two young kids at thirteen. So you got to work to these things does it change now here in 2018 and when you and Ira grownup in the eighty's and ninety's you don't emulator are we more protective of but would you let your kid along with a thirteen year old girl on. We conversational why is it is the world more dangerous than it was when we were kids is a little bit if for no other reason. Then social media has created more predators and when you stat and makes it easier to find kids and take care spending Easter. And I don't our neighborhoods not as safe as they used to be. Do we have more crime that we used to. We have more weapons on the street seemingly does that same thing could could lead to a I don't know it's great question 5767798. Is the phone number. What age did your kids stay all of could you starling in Kansas City and KM BZ sterling what age. Okay well you know I think yelled at 1213 not bad you know there as there they're getting and bait you know. Due to babysitting. But I wanted to follow up on one person's. That just the couple called ago withstand it you know there shouldn't be any government there spared the tired of the government fearing. And it reasonable person wouldn't. Wouldn't do you know whatever yes you know all I used to be involved on the homeowners association board of where I live. And some of the people on the board. You know we've you know come off these rules and regulations. They say well you know a reasonable person wouldn't do XYZ. I think you know we wouldn't be sitting here. You know coming up these rules and regulations that everybody was reasonable that's exactly why were sitting here with these rules and regulations because. Everybody is not reasonable everybody does not which you might call common sense sometimes we have to have these. Pesky rules and regulations. To protect ourselves. Yeah reasonable person wouldn't commit murder either true we have that on about extinction the phone calls sterling Kyle and Casey. Yet kits. Well yeah and the Italians did. You three dollars. Malone. Do it. What are what or almost thirty and then I had. The seventeen year old and a almost thirteen year old. There's a thirteen year old almost thirteen year old saint Milan. And I'm like illegal pick up the other one from school. But I'd like I'm. You know the that snaps that video with here. That they're scared they don't like to be alone. I see that. I think I think the phone call appreciate doubt the country and just neighbors on the two sides it was kind it was was remote but I see it for the Turkcell at at thirteen I could see them being alarmist go to Britain Kansas City and KM BZ Brady got kids. Yeah I'm pretty well everywhere. Twelve year old on beer there are reports Kyra. And he's actually a little Yonkers and very sound very good little younger hours normal. I'll water where do you use. And we really weren't Smart search are now all our. And I think you've looked at maturity that you wouldn't say you're a either way and certainly our order. Market that roar up at her oh you mean well Brett yet you would be both. It probably does vary wanna stick it one more before the news and it's April and independents to the final word people go ahead. Your I am. A color but our camera to the cardinal and I would rate that bad neighborhood I would block child for school what I eat. But today's society at the weight or different I'm there apparently like it. Thought you look back on that when Jiri elect I actually did that. I think the phone call April. Let us on FaceBook it's about Twitter as well you could check it out. We're gonna play a game coming up. You ready for another edition of song that name and on and on what we do lists on that name we play a sack at a time of a song we play it backwards. You're the first to figure out today's song you have a six pack of tickets coming your way. To Kansas City remodeling guard and show coming up next week at the American royals center all you gotta do is figure out what's on it this is. And Dallas up at 5767798. Here's your 12. I've 767798. 1229 voted to your calls your guesses Lexmark although I know mark Lavoy now. Do you know the answer mark thank you do after what sect and I never know these don't ruin my game mark well I probably way got a six back tickets on the line of the Kansas City remodeling dar and show coming up it is next week February 9 through February 11 at three days to shop compare and save with more than 300 experts Holler one roof. We have a six pack of tickets to win if you don't win a beacon Bynum and save two bucks Casey remodeling guarding dot com. I will be broadcasting live there on Friday I don't you Wilma. I'm I'm. Lots and sure figures friends that the our our federal lawmakers are are friendly representatives. Get the federal budget deal worked out mean doc I. He is what is the latest deadline for that to happen because I plans to go to two national park starting on February 9. I need those parts to the open and good luck to you while I fly it all the way out there and I will not beater celebratory remember president trump. Speaker I rise in. Where Atlanta Claire McCaskill. Handle all of line. Get to war he had to or don't I got a week that the budget of docket do you have Jamie's vacation all shoulders. But that's your last all that it's I mean I sort of shut down but it shut album that now. NASA and our class. Or plain song that name I got to do is figure out what song that we've got a one backwards to give you second at a time is expected ticket is on the line for you right now at 5767798. Glad start with John on Kenny and easy John song that name. Is it onyx slam and and it is not so how about Lind on 91 KM BZ lives does song that name. Linda. And is it island girl. And is knots. About who seconds may be two seconds we'll help ya. Billy on a 91 KM BZ Billy Sunday name for us. And remember. All I want. Mark global they had that he said he knew going into the news. Is weddings and stuff he works pretty of course he knew it Travis does that song out before you were born. I don't eat it I don't that song beat it when it came now I didn't I. What I know going forward. You realize this one. How history. Shutout Mike. But that ever does not sonic I got off like Florida. All right we'll Billy Idol get tickets for you for the Kansas City. Remodeling Garden Show coming up next week and the American royal setter if you're gonna go on Friday stop by and say hi I'm sure it was going to be their. But at some point I'll. I just got today is another way to look at the tickets are booked and you I. Adam missed it live shows I've missed one already he missed the Eileen in Africa and ignored the city spotlight we did you see the snowstorm that Rocco gap didn't I didn't know that. And I had no idea. The though I missed a city spotlight you missed. I missed a comedy show a missile at the one we did last week I missed holding Garden Show you have probably Christmas song and a. Out of these games. Really worst person out so no Billy line I was happy to Billy one. Adding one. I just why. You know middle ground know what you it's either you or extreme force segment game or two caller game directed us to summons Travis you need more on your plate. He's very I did not rock. Hall. Earlier in the show we got into this a lot he won and it attest to talk about it again and we definitely want to do that the story comes to us from Fox News. And it has to do with eight Southern California teacher. The name is Greg Reese LC ego he has a history teacher. Who by the way is also served as an elected Pico Rivera city councilman and was once mayor. Heat this whole conversation is captured and is really a conversation I guess it's more of a model. And it began when he noticed one of his students. Was wearing a camouflage. Green and Marines. But he just said Marines over it. Any sort of asked him why he would Wear the Marines but he and as it turns out the kid's dad was a marine vet as were his two uncles. I fought Afghanistan endeavor desert storm. And Vietnam. So. This teacher. Get his name is Gregor resell see though decided to go on this little rants. About the military completes three different sections of this sound bite you can go see the whole thing on our FaceBook page this is number one where he basically says. Anybody who joins the military is dumb. As a as a guy who works on the radio and asked to hit the play button correctly. So. If you can't let you know what you yeah. And stuff. Pushed up was at our. You know where are you oh. And didn't want to get you out there and let it go out. And and yeah it's. This is that you got there and do your course. That's OK I hate it. When he an emergency plenty east west where might he crash. When you can call when you go home why are Afghanistan. And Italy going to be. I mean are you aware yeah he gave us through what you're. You guys didn't do well what should mean I'll certainly do it he. You know and I. He that most people he. Maybe we'll and I. Happy. Don't. Years ago. And equal love hearing. It's. Yeah I mean. He. You have no. Other options you'll have to jump out a second story window is that what he says hundreds Torii Hunter story window because you have no options because according to that teacher. Your parents didn't love you enough. Or you do love yourself enough and you have no other options. Other than joining the military. There's more here is. Again el Rancho high history teacher Greg resell see those spots on. What kind of person. Joined the military. We ought to be and I dizzy. We can't speak only do anything in growth in China. These you know. And you know because you don't believe grip and and I like how the whole thing is yeah people that actually look you know what's so I don't know morally. That's right it's. Is. We know how to we we have be intense winds and wrote Da Vinci. Yeah. Couldn't interview and he's there it's been all right. It's going to be men and women NBA yeah okay growers. Is that you wrong. We appreciate him for breast cancer. We believe we know. I me and I think I yeah yeah. Well all Rose Parade accurately. Why after the match we actually geez I don't think. Yeah is now on him and hopefully it coup. These these. It's. And it. So he claims to be done but there's more and a little plays that he's coming up after the break can he stop saying a word freak in Lilly also says smothered and I doubt if I. Even with the exception of this does it network on year. I mean to me that's even that's even too much to say on the year regular basis does he have to say that word every four sentences. Yeah the first text the Cayman is this Mars and we pads and why this person I don't know like I had teachers like Mike are my auto teachers he was mr. Duff. Right it was an auto teacher you know until one heads trying to learn out of it OK he swore a little more than the average teacher but not like this guy. And so coming up we'll get your reactions are we will get different holders while I 76 or teach 5767798. Or 22980. With what he sat. And do you agree with where he sat at and let me throw this out there what he had been saying the opposite. What is with such passion he was saying the military is the only route ago and if you don't join the military you are not a patriot and you're not an American. 5767798. Your reaction to what this guy had to say. Love to hear from veterans or active military and also he had some thoughts on military recruiters. And you're gonna hear what he compared. Military recruiters to. Next we ought to be and that is Yahoo!. We can't we can actually do anything in Rhode Island. But he's good enough and you know because you don't believe it yeah. And I like high it's yeah people that actually look you know what's so I don't know morally. You know. Yeah. That's 677 edit the phone number that's Al Rancho high school history teacher Greg cells seat oh weird talking about his rant that he went on when he. First shock kid wearing a Marines sweatshirt in his class. Asked him you know about join the military went on to say things like you just heard that. Think about the people who are over there your freaking stupid uncle earlier whenever they're dumb believes they're not high level bankers. Before the phones a wanna play one more piece of this and he had some thoughts on it. I mean I remember when I was in high school there are you know are the army navy marine they would come and try to recruit you. To come join their branch. He'd like that either. I want to be imposed against him. So I let him. These. Very happy and you a yeah. Oh. Global reach. Furious is in college we do. Now that's bull and lazy pigs you. I mean here you know. And closes in the world. Yeah. She and editing application. Some of its excellence at how we get this audio the kid or one of the kids had his phone out it was just recording it like you see basically is lag yeah you do is seeded in these kids lag it. To somebody recorded it are you kidding he took it home to show just mama act mom posted on FaceBook and it's been seen over a million times I've frankly. This is one of those days where I say fine I mean somebody needed to see exactly what this Baghdad you reaction to what this teacher had to say and at which the same reaction at this three you know his rant was. 1000%. Pro military if you don't you're abandoning your country and going to colleges don't. Think of it that way 25767798. Doctor Robin Kansas City rob your thoughts are with the teacher had to say today. First raw I am a veteran. Who's served. Quietly to resume receipts. And to be. Bluntly honest you know I thought so that this man to have an opinion. They should be his opinion on in educational setting you know I would much fairer and more acute. Are kids that school looking up to a military member. In news. Core. Fundamentals. And sent somebody who's cut thing and using that language that he. Any teaching aspect. So truly I have more respect for someone who may not have scored higher in than out. Then I'd do it personal and educational setting that post to be directing our children to make proper decisions. And be able to wade decision that they have to make not only for their future or work. Future rules. The nation and they're the ones are gonna have to protect and that means to stop and realize. For him to be able to stand in the classroom step for him to be able to get on the City Council. Members of the military gave their lives so that he can have that right. And that's where I think that he truly needs to reflect on himself. Rob thank over the phone call and thank you very much for your service we appreciate it sucked Paul in Kansas City Hall here on KM BZ polishing the teacher's comments. Well a few things of interest. In and out professional environment and just swearing at all is just. I mean especially not OK to start. And then I think it's sort of comment though. Will there like like call form it said there hit comments. The other that's that's his opinion and he's teaching history class he's been teaching history not. What she thinks they're his interpretation of how things should be yet. I just not a place in regardless of what you're saying somewhat truth to look at archer. You know it it's not his placed vocal voice an opinion to. And he anyone in that type of environment minister. Point. Thanks for your folk a man we appreciate appalled go to Jim in Kansas City Jim your thoughts on the teacher's comments. Yeah I have no military background but I think it it shows intelligence level the teacher acted the last resort to that kind of language. The fact that he's using a power position that he has over student. To basically be great values the student be great student. That is absolutely ridiculous and it shows that the he. Jim thank your phone call 5767798. Again 5767798. In line open for a double background pick back up. But you make a good point and that on students a class or kind of a captive audience. And don't have a choice on whether to be there and listen to it it's not like they can just get up Wednesday. Know your being a jerk I'm not gonna sit here and listen at us on and and you're right he he really subjected and I like we're beret I mean he went off because what this kid sat on his undershirt. Which wasn't it affected and it wasn't fair than the subject the other 2.5 thirty kids to you does. I don't that are too important rain. But on a site little language. Face but you know put on social media tell your buddies in a bar but don't don't force that on high school students go to war and Bergen talked Jenin KM BZ channel which they into the teacher's comments. Me her you know military background and I'm on his cap and my dad is and that kernel my husband is. Well I'm basing it apps are in now civil service. And my uncle was in the Marines. And all of the spot dairy area art or not believe that teachers right. But all people right in the country you have their personal opinion LA that the teacher. The best platform to deliver his opinions and thoughts on and Kurt and and then. Is you know probably not the best place to do it and in it you know we'd probably wouldn't plan. It was one of those things he solid shirt or sweatshirt and it went on trigger by. My annaly and and has fought very hard and an old military members regardless of back and you know. I'm an active duty or Serbs or or what branch. They all got very hard for all people out there and you let you know whether they or anyone else agrees with that person or not. At least he does have the freedom to do it thanks for the military. Whether he'd leave. Right wrong or has any supporters or strong opposition with a and he's he probably did not no he did not is about platform or their appropriate form you conveyed them. Jumping over your phone call and thank you your family for all of their service we we greatly appreciate that Eric in Kansas City your thoughts on the teacher. I believe he has the right to say what you want to say and I actually don't happen issue with the platform. My son as a marine. It's one years old and could be more proud of being. I don't agree with a lot of what she said. Our children especially in my opinion how high school children need to be open to other people's opinions and you have them. They don't necessarily. Have to agree with them and I would. But by the time in high school they don't want to follow any. So I think having an argument from the other side it's not all coordinator named Larry and I actually agree with me. When it comes to the recruiter an odd school. No I have no problem at the recruiters being that are doing their job there. But outside of the job there I don't feel that they shouldn't have any other white to that school they subway but more or anywhere else. Slob that the only job and a career just like every other type of employment. I'm albeit more dangerous. But. I think actually be ordering doctors and other than that challenge this week. So our problem was some of the things he's sad about saying basically. It's only people were stupid and went up in the military. Like it but I do not agree with what he sat on except for the there. That they recruit part the recruitment park I got to eight Aaron thinks the phone call me. Yeah you may nine he says. Think about the people you know or over there you're freaking stupid uncle Leo when they're dumped leaps. They're not high level bankers they're not academic people they're not intellectual people there the freaky lowest of the low. Does he have the right to say it. On. I think if you're gonna do that in a classroom like that you got to show both sides I think you're right it's OK to show opinions the kids are not familiar enough with but you gotta be fair about it you you can't just. The classroom is not your personal pulpit it it's not your place to rant this was more than him just giving his opinion. He was being passionate and forceful and demeaning and and root an unfair and and the other side was not represented there.