Midday with J&W: What age group should this kid be playing in?

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Tuesday, March 20th

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It is 1105. Don't forget we have a keyword cash for you this our glue GL UDW. Text that word in the 7281. What item. I was not I was not paying attention to sixty senators that caught my attention I don't. Grant is that right now sixty something for Thursday it was nice weekend by the way because I I was not in town averaged a league in Kansas City now beautiful this week. I call him Patrick stay. Now now we were out in glamour and stuff on Saturday and I don't. Concerts the concert was great she was amazing. On I was crowd. It was you know so. We man I don't know what people ended up paying for surged pricing on saint Patrick's. That kind. Million dollars in the interest. You know just being safe wherever we got out of power and light execs clock and it was normal pricing to get down there. And got the hell out of power and light as fast as we possibly should worry if he and it was quadruple surge pricing was quadruple. The normal rate at 10 PM OK so what is different in my top aides went the game that night and paid. 85 spot. To death according to audit our. If you don't know what that means when they're busy times Hoover will raise these surgeries it could be one point two times the normal rate it could be tight man. Twice the normal freight lift does it too were taken left 85 bucks to get from supporting to midtown gaffe. Yeah I treasure. And you know a twenty minute drive probably. He thought it sent so Saturday night this was Saturday Saturday night Saint Patrick's Day Obama draw got basketball line so everybody's out. There was the concert with K you playing that night you probably were on set yes I remember thinking he was playing in Saturday night and not caring about that awhile ago. You mean the first hour of the Germans are my bracket below in the money immediately I thought you. Yeah that'll be I think Brady got a hold my bracket yesterday I'll look at the ignored is now like. Oh wow you have to have some crazy weekend what are hunting wiggle away he'd. You did I it deems it you know Jeremy Warner for the morning show enough. He it with the with the entertainment points only rule that we have in the building there's like aha there's like 79 people and Anderson like that. He is projected to win the whole thing. Based on who he has slop is not in first right now Erica whenever sales managers is down scores. But Jeremy Werner who produces. EJ and Allen's program he is projected to win the whole thing and it's not even close like by thirty points or something. So just lost it right out of the gate it was a it was tough we are and bananas and after that on. Probably at some point talk about what ever is happening in Austin and San Antonio because the story keeps developing we'll get more details on and is there is 1 situation this morning we just. Heard about something else now yeah it's hard to keep up with anymore. There were the Austin bombings the package bombings and then you heard mark Lavoy talking about the 1 that happened this morning around midnight. The San Antonio FedEx facility and in. Another one was just found. Within the last half hour. And was found to be load with an explosive device earlier like literally less than half an hour ago it was removed and being worked on by investigators this is the second one today in San Antonio does that mean wrecked five or six. I'm starting to lose track. Number the scary thing about yesterday was that on. Today police were telling people to stay in their homes until 10 o'clock in the morning and because it shall dark and they were you know they want to make sure you could see the wires on the ground and Somerset Hamas and so. Police wanted to wait for daylight to deal Gasquet ad inserts to make sure they dated miss. Now it is we'll have another update for you the bottom of the hour began a second. Package at a FedEx facility in San Antonio was confirmed in found to be loaded with the explosive device the early what happened around midnight today good Nass. I mean I it and how many packages come into I mean think about how many. And the distribution senator add the Amazon place or FedEx has a distribution center how many packages coming in on an. Daily hourly basis. Yeah frightening yeah. Very very frightening aren't has that story comes to us out of lathrop Missouri. Great local youth soccer club is crying foul. Over the treatment of an eleven year old with a disability does comes to us out of KC TV five. So is in his coup Walters. And he is eleven years old he has a disability. I his parents say that he was allowed to play in eight to ten age bracket for soccer because they got a doctor's note. And they got approval from the league so today they got it from multiple places that Cooper can play soccer with a younger age bracket and what he it is. So they soon and that that approval would last through the school year but now they learned the local boards as the league hold and it didn't and they wait until the morning of the first game to say so. So his parents say he is not physically or emotionally ready to play with the next eight to play with a twelve world's the boy's father you Walters said anyone who was seen Cooper play understands. He is in the correct age category he didn't score a goal last year or the year before that. He kicked the ball maybe five times this is more social outlet for hand. It is the only social outlet that he can be a part of because of his artistic texts Aureus Artest. He's eleven years old and they say he is better off playing with the 810 and it's some informed. Of the absence of it's and for the details that. The criteria that they were given as far as why the family says they went through this in the fall but when asked for a response. These soccer association for Youth League told KC TV five. We are a say as soccer association affiliated league and will allow the child played down an age division. Once the rules are satisfied with the organizational rules or sense I don't know what that means. But basically they have been denied. Initially they thought it was okay and now leaves a note this eleven year old can't play with the younger age. He was okay in the fall. Because they submitted the doctor's note right. And then he just turned eleven. And now here in the spring and they're saying that doesn't apply anymore because he is too old to be in the 89 or ten year old division meanwhile like you said he. The kiddies is is have it but what it would government as the disability causes autism thank you he doesn't. React well or brown people. But this is his staying at any parent who has an autistic child probably knows there's one thing whether it's a Phidget Spinner or it's. You know model trucks or whatever it is the one thing that makes that kid relax. His his soccer. Sourced and it rolls are we due to rules here. And and and keep your mind initially. They got the doctor's note that sad and you got approval from the league so they initially were gonna let him play with a different age bracket. Should he be playing with the age bracket in which he blocks should they be making an exception for hand to play with eight to ten girls. Because keep in mind and end this ice what you the other way too for from media my a little bit he's not really playing any. You know he's on the field but he's not really contributing to the game he didn't kick a goal the last couple years he barely makes contact with the mall it's a social thing. So shouldn't matter what age division he plays and and frankly with that it makes me thing. Again he is better off and younger age division because the older you get the more competitive that's gonna get. And and the more they might say we need him to play like is he taking a spot from someone that could be coupled with a win. Because that's I would the first things I wrote down was. When does it not become just fun for kids right because I understand when you get to 141516. It's competitive it can be scholarships could be right you know the next level making varsity who knows your future holds. But is ten or eleven. Is eleven years old too old or too young to be in the twelve guilt if he can't emotionally or physically help that eat. I can down to is he taking the spot of someone and him who can help the team and again I know we say you know maybe I can play pro. You are maybe trying to do better and to better your skills and yours you're looking at scouts maybe you're the very least Ehrlich in high school teams or something like that. He's taken this other kid that. Might help the T. But with that is that why you let him break the rules the plate with the tenure or do you say too bad you got to try to cut it with the old spice of. 67798. Should at this Missouri boy who is eleven be allowed to stay in the eight to ten aid group he is autistic. Should be able to play soccer with the younger kids or rules are rules. And I have a question like you think about before we go to the phones after the break. And I don't know this this will be something for repair who has an autistic child or someone who deals with the autistic children more. And I ever do would playing with twelve year old help him mature. Wouldn't we it would play with older boys eleven and twelve year old boys help him mature I don't know the answer so I'm not trying to be a jerk I genuinely want to know. Or benefit him somehow yes is there's a benefit. To teaching this kid about change as he grow up right does he grew up just a little bit yeah. 5767798. K has to autistic children and she's gonna join us first out of the break stick right they're voted to everybody coming up next to. Could we play them understands he is in the correct age category and he did squirrel last year or the year before that. He kicked the ball maybe five times. That's Ian Walters were chatting with you right now about his son who is not allowed to play. In the age group where he had been for a while he is autistic he just turned eleven he was allowed to play in the eight to ten age bracket. In the fall because they submitted doctor's note got approval from the league but the lathrop Missouri young man now turned eleven and the league. On the morning of the first game of the spring season said no you can't play in this league and this year because of your age so. The question is should the league be making an exception for the eleven year old to play with the gates' tenure olds because he's autistic because as his family says. He needs for social reasons he's not out there you know he's eating kick a goal last couple years he barely makes contact with the ball. But it's good for basically it's good for development and ice today he's not emotionally or physically ready to play with the older kids. So should only be making an exception or do you make him play with the older kids. I'd like to know and again this is this going to be maybe Celek a heartless opinion A rules are rules you can't play in the league unless you are you know you if you're that age. And woods playing with twelve year old help him develop help him mature. Yeah that is not a slam or I just don't know the answer to that. 5767798. Let's talk decay. Kate has two autistic son's K thank you so much for calling in do you think the league should make to make an exception for this young man. You know. I'm not cure their happily still look at it and socialization. Is the major problem as they're. Did not scripted. But when we are kept diagnosis with a boyish Richard outgrown. They says ice it's so telling me that there aren't that clear for years behind. And when they get in nineteen your claim they're gonna. You know finally match. And basically she says yes the people at children's mercy and I said and that proved to be. Mostly true. But for socialization purposes. It's important. To have them level with kids that don't make. And older can Euro is probably not going to me on the when you get into your age. You. May have bad especially in that age group and then the heat a little bit our. But that that right he SharePoint. Putting them in with their peers. Be kind and there. And it did not have time at the old planes and not gonna make it big difference. Maybe pretty. Different should be or the I. Adored. Exception should be made that maybe he's not taking place or somebody else maybe ease and extra on the anti. The expectation being that he probably won't play Paris match but he's out there doing something and social issues and being part of the norm. As opposed to an end helped elect a coach that decision but getting out there and you have to have a heart pretty. Have a question about your your son's at. How did they function as autistic he said the older now are they able to function in society and and an OK level. I can tell you we actually were one of the first Stanley in Johnson County that got the diagnosis the old like not just in. Can't you question absolutely one and Mitch is right there are cabinet I have one whipped. It's such. I mean scene memorization skills set. By the time he is nineteen. He had ever the entire book of revelation. And can go out and recite that to church. And and I am another front the so tech savvy that I have to go to him and you let it as. Oh yes they were correct me they grow up and that the English where kids live our commitment and it went on the court there where they arms spectrum. If you have kids that have mild Asperger's. Or maybe just a little higher than man. Yeah out they grow up and they do find they find their niche in the world they're more quiet. There's the general population there that you probably don't I'm not drinking. At have. Have a group of friends that they came list. And they do just fine. Understandable Kate thank you for your phone call. Let's talk to Malik in Kansas City Walid should make an exception for the show man. Molly Molly you're on the air should make an exception for the shot man. Well at least I get ago. But. Honestly. I don't really feel. An exception of the male I think they should. Just you know limit the eight note that put on the air club knowing where so many. Like. Yeah today you know is it your client is Dylan thank you and just. Different people around him current mentality surround it but still able to play pages or temple at the right. And now. It is dad though says that he's not physically or emotionally ready to play with those boys and. You know I think part of it might be it. Maybe that's. Why Egypt at Armenia you know by. As are the Horry. You know. It's more pressure the and it's quite eager and not all at the same thing years. You're welcome and appreciate it let's go to. In Kansas City Iran KM BZ go ahead and a. And Carrie at and I'm not carry a child with special needs. But it does seem like that that's exactly why organizations like national Olympic that best. I've volunteered that you know are numbered years and I know that. Error individuals the very abilities that are playing at the Berkeley for precisely being Greek. Can you educate me for second. Does Special Olympics happened all year you know soccer happens let's say six months a year the Special Olympics happened yet more continuously like that. You got there. Or available. Year round might not always see soccer but there are always activities that are available for about. Especially basic and the typical actors can. If the kids are at and we're gonna a lot of that on the tax line here people are saying what about the Special Olympics. Is that for kids that have special needs. And herb real good or is that just for hey if your kid is autistic or whatever. We take everybody and. I haven't seen that kids and adults of all ability level I'm playing I'm just need it force socialization. There are eight it truly the entire. Thank your phone call and I appreciate that issue the parents in this case are having is that he has already been playing with this group for kids for awhile yet. And to put it in Special Olympics or to put it with a different group a heads up Rutan. From a really stable situation. I wonder if he's been playing with these kids and she was six right and a little I know about autism and says. That would be really disruptive. That man to those kids to YouTube to go to Kennedy operated. Out of a really stable situation. This has been great for him because he's not social he does not like people it is not like being around groups of people this is important to me for and he loves playing soccer. He loves being with his friend. As the parents have Cooper Walt third so I speaking to KC TV five as he is an eleven year old boy he does. In the eight to ten age bracket he is autistic he was allowed to play in the age bracket and all because they got a doctor's note but now that he's eleven. He's no longer allowed to play it should he be anyway. Should they let him play anyway by 7677. And it sucked Julie in Kansas City on KM BZ Julie you have an autistic son. Yet again you know how old is he now you total 822. Yeah that he that when you're young we are joined by Clint Catherine but we never tagged with a little thing. That was competitively. We don't lie you know there. There was more than just a fun thing and it was good program and we did for the same reasons but it started to become obvious that that's where that going to work for very long. And we'd ever Special Olympics. And he'd been and Special Olympics and he worked there won't and he credits sports you're correct here now he played growing pot cheat golf. A softball basketball. Soccer. Even earned them our football. Trap. They offer a ball. It is there a point in our young boy's life at eleven or twelve or in this case ten or eleven where. It's obvious he doesn't belong with the older kids did you ever notice that when when he was growing up that your son may be at ten or eleven. Really wasn't ten or eleven. It did well of course but that's not I wouldn't you trade doesn't belong. I would say there might be a place where he's able to contribute more. Okay that's an interesting question because. The parents say he plays for social reasons. That he on and you know he's not that good but he's playing for social reasons but again I don't know a lot about autism would it help him to be able to contribute more to a team. Oh absolutely and feel more part of that are absolutely. My kernel and through all of that and he still its friends and teammates with the monitor these started whipping out some of them are thirty and 35 he's 28. Some of them are living together. And to me about your own apartment but a couple of the teammates lived and that has. And relay but they still are only sailor. Full circle fourteen years ago and they are their core group and not only that but the parent would need. Other parent. There have better. Great little thing challenges with a child with autism and the lumping about Special Olympics that everybody understand it's not just aren't. Is important to each kid young man at all because they not only. Compete and are able to contribute will be part of routine that the mass support that they get from the volunteers that come. It's amazing he's never been especially good in the second ago. But they can advance the state level competition. And mine are next year. And keep our cool little kid going to compete commentary column team in Seattle than you are national special on. Cool very cool in your opinion real quick Juli as someone who has gone through something like this do you think the league should change their make an exception change the rules or should the parents look elsewhere. You know at. My son are lucky that school districts who were very accepting heat heat and being like the Steelers Q what are. The student council a retired school. They allowed they expect a special Ed representative and he was there he and when he wanted to be a part of the football school. They made an equipment manager. Middle Eastern all of them and her other if you want him to be around. Quote unquote normal cared they're late to put them in that situation and hopefully those quote normal kid will embrace them. And these kids but they're also a place where they can feel. Accomplished in their own right and contribute and be part of something and really be part of something not just. That they jingle if they put him back on the team that he called back and holding them back into not going to be with the same group that he kept. Right eventually those other kids are gonna move on. Julie thank you for your phone calling for your story let's go to law Lorraine in Kansas City and KM BZ what do you think Warren. I'm in that but it let out our I am a fan you've got a lot of them I'm near the lower functional and I'm with global there are typical of he shirt ultimately is it to an actor. Now I kid you are like that echoed the excite gap between the child actor. You're the you're older or eight at eight group I don't see it that they that different and I don't see why are you that. Why it would take at. I worry about the debris of phone call Lauren because it's a good point six and two were obviously very differs six and two and a half. Here's there's the concern I think you would have for the league and half. Your email and up pandora's box if you say well my it has this. My child has been diagnosed with this my child is this disorder what if I just I have an immature kid went by the ten year old Jason being whose eleven bodies obviously still acts like he's denying it. I mean it's it's I understand where the league is coming from with their rules because they they have to draw the line eight to ten. Eleven to thirteen fourteen and up whatever the rules are. Car. You can come up with a set of guidelines. By which you are willing to break the rules aren't you set up guidelines that says if they doctor's note. Then we might consider and and you don't guarantee it but today. Under the following circumstances. The league would consider exceptions sure including these illnesses or including these doctors limitations and things like that. To do it and as you're yours as you are saying Everett is gonna come again. Everybody like I want my eleven year old and a play with a ten year old because he's really he's. He's quite good enough but he's really good as a ten year old he's probably not as good as the kids that are an eighth grade yeah. You know ailing neck issue cover yourself you say we may consider exceptions for these things. But you have to have a doctor. Is something some long no signs that not everybody can Bryant in Kansas City you're on 91 KM BC should delete changed their rules make exceptions or should the parents look. Elsewhere. Well. I don't think I first while they. Well you'll autistic daughters in a poke you mentioned about is terrible but in an annual. And I believe there's certain. Certain. And that B date there. The lower age groups such that you know. I liked colors. Parker. Her move a big difference let's constricted to yes or I can't understand why would that happen because and that that's. Q tip. With my daughter she won't. We can do is she born to lead to important school so many current form. Her age group but when she was the night world. It's it's normal it's almost normal for her. You know that is something somebody mentioned early but we didn't get into is I don't know what age bullies. And develop in to bullies. But there are more when that are twelve. Middle middle steroids as the war then there are when there are ten. I'm not saying ten year olds don't bully but I think it's a great point more probably bullied the earlier the older they get so would you wanna put it kid who has autism. With kids who may may make fun of his speech the ways looks the way he runs the way he stinks it's soccer. I'm all over the place on this because then I say it also would've he's bully you know I mean. He will learn to deal with my guess is that at eleven years old he's not done being bullied in his life. Nor can you protect him from naps for the rest of his Catholic boy this is a way to this is a way to teach him how to handle it. This is also way to teach those other kids not to do you know they get to know not as a kid when they're eight or nine and helpful the autistic kid when they're taught her thirteenth. Can you protect him from every. And so he's not. Indeed you need to wrap them in bubble wrap because he is autistic or do you teach him how to deal that's. I don't know how vital part of this goes to Daniel in Kansas City Danielle go ahead the floor is yours. Hi I actually have used it on and it hang out and I haven't I don't. Care about the event. Now when you need look like not at that time and billionaire I know you're not expected hiking down and now they're typical lot. Added that I wanted to buy apple blinked you can't look at their act that hotly. Currently. I think tiger has done a challenger league at the YMCA. Worked at it. The reason that we do not what we can in them anymore is because we want him should be included. Live a normal shot at all here model that you want and could be around typical kid. That they learn. Modeling behavior at it that lightning and yet there that you have a group that bad kids playing at soccer. You're just kind of leading a handicap them and lately but not relief program. Org while. You put a special needs child and then it your heart breaker in the developmental level where that child is. That children that are active departmental level than my five year old being at a three year old bubble putting him at three year old playing soccer. When give him here modeling and he could building and at a level where he doesn't that psychiatric I know that they didn't want to condition that and developmental. And social cognitive. And normally communication. I don't. Saying that he's got excellent. He got a calendar that may not be what parents want they may want him to become more ink in them. In a normal attic and maybe they don't want their kid shot and bad up there and a lot. Fair enough hey Daniel thank you for your phone call we appreciate it eight year. It's good to get the perspective of a lot of parents like like Daniel right there who have special needs children who have artistic children. I think he's the conversation is on her FaceBook page you can continue their FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ you have sixteen minutes left to text in the keyword to cash. Lou GL you eat glee attacks that were in the seven to 81 and giving and other were just before coming up. Up another concert announcement this time it starlight who could it be. We'll tell you now. What this. Could this be a concert in legacy the B fifty twos. I don't see. Would you pay decent amount of money to pay and entertaining. I think beef dishes before that the funds. But B 52 songs you now to other than that and Rome all three rock lobster a gallery that's it the rest of the time. They'll they play those three songs and in the play those three songs again and get offstage. It's. I don't know glitz and it hits you don't know anything other than their pets for just those views and Alan I'm. OK well they're the they're the second act there the with supporting kind. The headliner for this concert Travis my button won't turn on here can you thank you very much the headliner for the Chicago. Is actually another band that was popular in the nineteen. That's okay. He's. I. Okay. Okay. Yeah Boy George and culture club of. I'm paying less than not. A apple ads pop up again. I think. But after couple signs that the economy over after this and karma chameleon the app. And get what you like I don't know and I'm sure Boy George fans are screaming at their radio right now a lot of. Really a hands Boy George and culture all. Mark little. Marks. Listening to us in the newsroom here he's busy. Travis for sure as I'm gonna Travis have you ever heard this on your life I've heard both experience the proposed these songs they would never get my money well you've heard love Shaq has played at every wedding ever I've heard Roman rock lobster okay. If you Iraq lobster and an episode of Family Guy when Peter Griffin sang it is that where you heard it. Maybe parents thought so. You know it's Boyd Georgia now culture club are coming along way if the B fifty twos. Too I mean. It be cool to go to that show it starlight that's where their kept them out of the middle of the communities are light a refund of any idea of tickets are on they go on sale this Friday. I'm in of that. Closeup will be seventy box and I think in fifty average he had a Brokeback he'll be like thirty years along those lines so you won't pay that much. You're not. 10 NAFTA it's a light entertainment you know Xena will be two or three hours for thirty bucks not bad yeah if it's you know it's a pretty night out. You see it's one of those make your buying tickets but if you don't down. We feel it's a Friday night in down Friday September 7 and Friday night. I did start lightly the weather's changing at that point it might be 900 degrees out or whatever. But a Boy George and culture club starlight theater with the B-52's Friday September 7 tickets are on sale. This Friday Lebanese. I think I'd like to go to now. I'm veer off from what I've done I've nothing else to add today's escalate into an Eagles last night. A little exuberance and last night and begged out how was it was funny Li asked me she says how did your co workers enjoy the Eagles are said honey I didn't go to work tonight. Writing today right as they I had yesterday off. It's not zero hour was called 76 Evans and Robert and just curious as we know it's been sold out for cover and we know you pay a lot for those tickets are now. If they were an annals so. Was it. If you seen Eagles before. How did it compare to the Eagles without Glen with Glenn fry right who passed away a couple years ago. How was how did the show compare between the two because a lot. Mild cohost was just floored when Oakland for a guy and he was you know he'd loves the Eagles on and off the show was the same without him yet so is is that like and I was playing with them I believe that would cents. Go ahead and ease of them for began ominously but he's he queen Ellen for doing country but he isn't really fantastic guitar player that's that's what he does. Not I'm just GA's earth. It means it's only to 170. Foul dollar bribe you pig I think you could I think Gasol last night. On I 250. And if you look for other markets I considered. They're urged congress at some point and I considered for Christmas getting an on tickets to the Eagles yet we didn't consider getting her parents say it's gonna show us a wire until you saw the price is fifty apiece. I was like look him on. Should not independently wealthy. It's that it but I'm not a. Let's see some say it was an amazing show. Who stood at sprint center 5767798. Monica you went to the Eagles last night. It. I never. Let. And will it play it right and who can now. You lie if you don't want it all dried up at Euro zone at. All. I may. Show. So I'm. It might a two hour forty minute. Somebody texted and said they work the show last night there were thirteen thousand in attendance which is not sold out. But but well. Anyway. More. I don't look at her concert deal for basketball it to be 1718 cent rank that if you cardinals got to cut off the end it's still in the middle I don't I don't really know. I mean I didn't see any eat out additional. Ben hill. In Italy and I'm looking at all and now like light and hit solo so while it marked a little stop it a lot eagle. And skill playing one of his own on. And they you know they are of course was Eagles but I. Don't know light and it was it was great. Good grief how close were you by the way. And Alan and and the topic back and see what's really. Like I want a great act. Eight. And out and cheap seat. Eagleburger a huge screen and I'm so. Out it. I only did you I'm. That I wanna. She killed eagle and while money. Can I ask what you paid for your ticket. Yeah I did that. Retail. And it was more about on top. Wow 150 a pop to sit up pie. Man oh man I hope I'm glad you enjoy the show Monica there's not a bad seat at Sprint's honor from Rand Lambert on Saturday night they also the close ups on both screens all night long so I was in the back it was totally fine. So I guess as this out yeah. That's what matters and I spoke at 150 participant I sheiks acts. I'm glad you enjoyed the show.