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Friday, December 15th

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Happy Friday to you joining me in studio all morning long and into the afternoon now we have an extra few seconds on the dump button for yo. Oh yeah Ed Randall Mike Allen on this at different. From the morning showdown on the buys 965 we say alluded Danny boy. 615. It's whenever you have a night again into the studio. I'll talk more data about the difference between working down there and working here now the bosses Carty said. Make sure you tell him about the language difference and allowed on KM BZ as opposed to the buzz out all the Olympic did hear Percy and is that we're very ego at the fifth but I'm not I'm not gonna come on here and and you know get everybody in trouble illusory sponsorship that's when I lose my it's very true so very very true. We jump right into the big story yesterday evening we found out it was just you know. Putts on on Twitter IC that the case CI vote went nine to four. The Kansas City City Council voted against the memorandum of understanding proposed by edge more. I thought this was just going to be a mere formality but nine to four the Casey council votes no and we're here both sides of this. Joining us right now we welcoming Kansas City councilman quit Lucas. Counselor Lucas we appreciate the time so much thank you again for coming I didn't know yesterday was kind of hectic day for you. You know good to be with you guys always it was an interest in de. Before two explaining kind of what we're all about. Counselor Lucas you were one of the of the nine who voted no in this and got everyone questioning why what was the reason it and let's just go into this. Was this more than just a formality that we all thought was going to be the first little hurdle after we all were thrilled I mean. As a guy who voted yes as a guy and the radio was banging the drum for yes. We really thought the the meeting about the W was just going to be act it all right let's just sign off on this but it didn't turn out that way. No we didn't file my background I'm actually a contract lawyer and so. I think now what we were doing was trying to make sure that we are protecting the public interest law tour. Are certainly enable you to actually burst after the sort of contracts. But I think what you saw from the council yesterday it was in no way folks trying to say. We ate the project there's not going to be who airport terminal or anything like that it was. The fact that they were so in terms of the deal that we just couldn't live with. We wanna impugn you appreciate. For some reason that hasn't happened over the last several weeks and so therefore we thought the best start it was kind of start anew on the W. And try to come to better negotiation position. I know there were some concerns expressed about the vague terms community benefits. First let's talk about dollars. This thirty million dollar idea that's hanging over this project. For those that are listening what was the conflict what was the problem in and how much did that factor into your noble yesterday. You know I think it was a significant part of the no vote I mean the idea is this. Aren't born without the I will be reimbursed for expenses in the event for some reason they either go just as members -- collect. It's like a severance payment or somebody was fired or contractor. And while that is routine and our business. So those are questions on the council Wagoner why aren't we pay. All four costs that were incurred prior to the elections were example warily paper costs were incurred in connection with covered up of some sort rendering. As you might remember Robert Donnelly from jail electric cable with their own rendering engine acts and those costs. We were wondering why worksheets that he's a few million dollars and also what attorney. All these things that the beginning the but developers are saying they were doing at risk. Announcing what the public restored to reimburse I'm so it was giving people call there was another reality though which was that of course colonial last contractual arrangements. In the morgue at the very popular thirty feet. And what we were saying was what will get Bashir for some reason let's say that there is a cause for a those separate way as more something broader or we do. Do we want to always actually have to have that thirty million dollar Kurt. Sitting there and so while it's one that progresses over top. I think he's been from the start the idea that we're paying expenses spectators from September to now are paid millions of dollars expenses Macaulay got all noted. We don't know what some of those are going to. Maintenance calls there it's once that's more questions about it. Now councilman Lucas I am just filling in here on the show so please do forgive me I'm a bit of a village and it okay. About right I think the village media perspective is an important one here. Because so I absolutely understand and appreciate you looking out for the finances of the city on that level. And you know personally. I don't understand why these extremely wealthy companies ever get some sort of out from a city. I also kind of feel like from. The idiot perspective I've watched this go back and forth in the press and it's almost another black eye for the city in that. We can't get this done and I was against how this whole process started from the get go with the birds and McDowell even though I'm sure it was a above the board. It felt like. It wasn't and so from the get go I was questionable but I do understand the need for a single term I'm all for it. How do we get through this process how do we get everybody on the same page. How do we moved Kansas City forward. There are others that very question about the walk under votes from people. Lawrence Kansas this mourners PP VQ. Very simple birds. And a short. Over obstacle I you know I disagree intensity start pretty. Strong instinct you know editorial their corporate that is accurate. There were suggesting this could be two years of delays. All types of other horrible conditions. That's not true I think there is no on the council of Percival once open. For an accurate processing goes through in the months of delay that we. So I think what you're going to see the next several. It does come together once again try to work on what it is that we want it's. For example perhaps some specific financial terms we can protect the flying public. And the city's interest long term. I think which are all associates a stronger definition what community in agreement. Mean Q arms means a majority of the council were to look back and frankly I don't want to accept it get on the court press. And so you know I'm I'm leaving a lot of Twitter unfortunately. I know you're OK there are excellent. But you know that are suggesting that it would not in this is the worst move ever ever and I respect what they're saying but here's the deal. We're gonna get the new airport the voters approved airport the council's support the new airport is not an end around on mask. All this is doing is making sure we get it done right and up front. It was or years from now we're not looking at each other and wondered why something went wrong and nobody questioned again. Councilman quit Lucas joining us or 91 KM BZ. When it comes to the community involvement and reaching out towards minority companies for hiring for construction. Was there a specific debate that was held that that you had in the rest of those no votes had a problem with. You know there's a lot of frankly it is the debate there isn't some outsider. What some of the talked about yesterday but I think it's opened the minds of so so. There our labor unions and issues to think about it connection with this and they want. Has a reputation as they could. There are minority owned firms have known firms what the situation. There's this reality is yours be one billion dollar plus project. And so I think you have a lot of different interest groups. They're trying to be part of that and you know argument that's their job. And so I think he might typical error expect different reasons. I know I had one qualities that he wanted to be transformative Woody's side at city creating jobs for people who. Another colleague it was all about the labored. Other colleague Richard Burt the doll and so your right to secure that he is different and disparate in the interest. But you know the hard part of viewership is just say you're doing things are pretty united. And so I would hope that over the next few days it's culturally Justin byers so many others. Two great leaders on the committee. Get a chance to work toward I think what is it consensus. And how we go forward and we've actually go according to bat project possible. Council and another is a sky is falling attitude like you said on on Twitter and part of the the the facts that are coming out is that. One member of the city councilman councilman Barnes has introduced a resolution that would end it immediately and further negotiations with edge more. And move on to the runner up which was eight become. Is that a realistic possibility could we be saying goodbye to edge more in like you said you wanna get it done before Christmas but is that a realistic possibility. You know I think the answer to that is that there are number responsibilities now and on the opposite that you probably. Early real witches. And I hope that receive simply get a chance to talk more you can order. Yet however the council decide. We're past that point negotiations workers there. He would look at the number two I think in the other option would be you'll procurement about it wants to do. And so you know you're looking at there will opportunities. In terms of the cardinals questions. I don't see why there has to be. I mean. We'll see what we can also in the room today. On Monday notice up the public. And come to some sort of decision and courts are supposed to think about what is he. Worked. And so I think you're right to ask. Why don't we like to get it done now they can be bought right now is way. Is this process still troubled we had a vote would just break for you to. And that's where it all interest there and make sure we're well. Lucas thank you so much we appreciate it has been a relief fund long drawn out process we hope it ends very quickly and if I don't talk divorce right exactly. But but with a lot more airplanes. If we if we can exchange talkie before Christmas and hopefully to do because I think most people. Want this resolved before Christmas if we don't talk before then every holiday Acer. Hey happy holidays to you will get this done berries photo. Op. Councilman quite Lucas joining us here on 91 K Emmys the reaction by 767798. Nine for the Kansas City Council should stay out an agreement with edge more. This does not mean as he said were opening things back up to a long. Process all over again. They could get back to the table as early as Monday your reaction to what happened yesterday and what you are thought of what's counselor Lucas had to say. Comes to dollars some money that edge Moore didn't disclose that we're gonna put the city on the hook for before all this began 5767798. Texted at 22980. And Eric line item for thirteen thousand dollars a month for travel that I got air travel budget like that there are some board numbers in here which we were gonna bore you with the witness first of our FaceBook page to one region some of these numbers because we wanted to get some answers there from councilman Lucas he voted now. Councilman Joseph it's our councilwoman Julie justice boys a yes vote yesterday she's going to join us at 1130 Danny boy from the buzz is it may might wicket Jamie's back next week right here. 1015 and 81 KM BZ happy Friday happy holidays to you our thanks again to a Kansas City councilman quit Lucas for joining us last night nine to four the City Council voted no. To the edge more memorandum of understanding the recent dollars out there some vague terms insufficient community benefits that every several members. Provision the debate edge Moore thirty million bucks if that deal never actually closes and you never get your single terminal. And reimbursement agreement that congressman Lucas was quoted in the Kansas City Star talking about. Some numbers real quick before we go to the phones and you heard they're 5767798. Again thanks to Danny boy from the buzz going in this morning which and to make up that I. Actually it's they're gonna have five toy and Erica had a concert last night well buzz Christmas too. To do we have like several because like nine more god forbid we organize like one Moses no valid and that there was yet on tonight Saturday night Saturday night born and that's a good time. AJR's Biggio age I've seen a JO RTI haven't seen on their cup there on guys. They're pretty will be some out in Napa they remind me of another band whose name I can't say. That you could say it. But not occur outside. The earth are you just go ahead right there's no use in you just react to this great idea that exactly. That is tomorrow at the Midland. If yes thanks for coming in I know that if it's a bit different here talking to the saudis as opposed to the buzz morning show audience missive I can say that word record. No yeah. And it's more traction and varieties. Some numbers in the financing structure this from the Kansas City Star. The financing structure was flexible and nonspecific from edge more and this and it's designed like not edit it's better to read this again. It's financing structure was flexible and nonspecific and is in its design didn't exist until I. After it on the contract. Unlike burns and Mack who had everything specified out some council members. We're perplexed the edge more memorandum still. Had no firm outline of finance proposal so my knee jerk reaction yesterday were to go right to the phones when I saw this Dave -- of star tweeted it out. As I was just putts around. I have my own informal best or worst movie ever quarter pole and like Dave Helling tweets of the kind of like well it's a bit. I know a deity are talking about tomorrow. And I thought. Why would they vote. And the editorial board as councilmen Lucas. Wrote herbs are you said that the editorial board stars said that the council turn their back on the Kansas City voters. That was my initial reaction until I learned some of the things that that were in question. Council members question reimbursement agreement that edge more pace and its partners up to thirty million for worker for a performed in the Casey project in case they can stitch together a final agreement financing package. We pay more. This city would pay it more thirty million if they're like we're gonna get this to unseal later in the walk out we fired them. So the other costs include pre construction work three million bucks architecture and design work nineteen million bucks when they lost art Mandalay I don't believe so a a 165000. Dollars for travel 220000 dollars for community relations. I understand some of that and Mike and I you have to always take a step back. As opposed to going with your initial gut. And and get the other side of the coin Jolie Justus councilwoman will join us she voted yes. Where she's gonna join us at 11:30 this morning by the way the yes votes to me read Julie justice Kathryn shields. And mayors like. That voted against it 767798. Greg in Jackson thanks for calling your 91 KE MB easy. That I'm just wondering. And they're definitely do that airport hangar for a add more not gonna do have some real doubt that it it will have to come up. Probably vote again. No it not now it won't know a bit of the plan is and actually this it's interesting you bring that up. Jeffrey stricker is the managing principal for edge Moore has been quoted in saying they wanna sit down and discuss additional issues were happy to sit down and discuss those. But. Councilman bars. Introduced a resolution that would immediately and further negotiations with edge more. He's got a big fan of edge more. But said there already potentially drawing work or paperwork up to go to number two and I guess that's the way it works out and war was won in eight. Was the second choice of the council. I have a question about yeah. To like I don't know this flexibility your item coming in your ability satisfied I'm I'm look at it a Picasso and I'm doing like we're all idiots right. And to me it's just kind of an interesting thing. Win one person votes against something and immediately as a proposal for somebody else it always makes me look at it. Because of everything that's already happened ma'am are you kind of scene behind closed doors haven't seen behind closed doors. When that happens I'm like are we watching the game at thrown over the natural progression like you said. Mayor James was commented commented in the star and said some of the folks one at eight. We didn't get them there now constructing a way to get what they want that's what this is about in my mind so much lower Bayless is right and around so little finger everywhere everywhere. What you're seeing is really a lie with the Kansas City government recently is that there's this fragmented vote that it covers it's it's usually pretty close. And then you have to people saying two sides saying two different things that like well they wanted this already before they went and they weren't open minded it's a really interesting. Dichotomy that's happening in the let's go to Stephen and only failure on 91 KM BZ hi Stephen. I would no longer. Here on in the culprit was sold on the fact that we were gonna have local. Control the old money was gonna be locally with burns and McNamee. And I don't bear went. Let's Maryland. The Maryland companies say I don't care what a California company say why. Why India's shtick it would again that would that would the one that brought urged. And and keep that money kick in the money local. Politicians can't. Then again I can't change you know they've they've what what where where all. Hey you know and Steve did that annals say hey. More as local projects in Kansas City as well as war it's something they have built around here and employed people around here. The City Council the ones that we trusted the ones that Kansas City residents Jackson County residents voted in to make this decision. They went with edge more they thought it was the best deal and they still may finish this I'm assuming that we're still gonna finish with edge more but I am idea. The the other part of that is. Remember when split slide James was standing at case CI in front of all Mac people. And all CIA employees agreement we're gonna get this done. Bernie Mac is gonna pay for it and I remember coming out the year that Jason. Boy this is great privately financed airport not gonna cost taxpayers and Michael burns and Mac it'll play local companies and no fault lines were flooded with. Where can they be open up competition they could not win operation Mac and the city could not win. Well he's certainly you like any other case the guy NASA for years you birds and acts like in the mine Adam dating you means like James international airport and I got a title Stacey. Do you look at ours that is going to occur in care. I could sit down plug my phone get a beer at a restaurant annals of the and I agree I agree with Steve grant view. Bet when he's talking outsourcing are in the city money is like almost a professional sport here right. We don't know on the plot we've done around here now you know it helps that the we'd like it was even that level. But when it comes the birds in Mac like user when he showed up like Siegfried and Roy in front of the white tigers are playing public. Here. I immediately thought shady midwestern politician out. You know after they said okay we're gonna open it up and and people like okay cool let's open it up in the didn't go with birds in Mac everybody's like. That was. Ice. Up first prize element. So incidentally and will get ST you can read about the story by the winner FaceBook page. Steve hang right there we argued against TU also today is the end of an era and another piece of our youth is gone. 33. Merry Christmas happy holidays to use. Jimmy soft today to DC is phone banking or Kamal Harris again yesterday was Kirsten Gillibrand today Kamal Harris. Idea any Boyd from the buzz morning show is in. From the tax line went make sure read this correctly for you at nine. The that it. My radio boyfriends are on the air right now I love it oh man and that phone number I don't know your new wife congratulation. Congratulation on getting married that's fine if you want him to talk about what irks oh my again not you. The protects your way for better at this is her phone number but I know it's not my lights so I nights ago that my way with. I. Conversation Brooklyn with Steven Green view here is were talking about Casey I vote yesterday. City Council shot down the memorandum of understanding with edge mourn 94. Talked to some who voted yes on that councilwoman Julie justice at 1130 but Steven Green you've been hanging on and Steve we appreciate your patience. Game and what's up. I think were under selling the value. All of that out quiet in recent days. They have a vested interest in repeat business with the city. We get. I felt like it more coming here and built our report. And whatever they want to give us is what we did whatever they built that will we get that aren't bought they're gonna build another port tenure down the road. However what he'd use the whole town client they have a vested interest that you look this city on a daily basis. They know how it works this will be business as usual chores contract language goes. And they wouldn't be trying to. This sneaky stuff the thirty million for a for a non you know for. For a non built anything that would be an idiot because they have a vested interest in the repeat business. And and taking care of their own now nobody can build cheaper nobody can build a better that we can do it ourselves. And I would say to that is. It's great to love your hometown but the bottom line for these businesses I don't think burns in Matt cares if they build in Kansas City or Saskatchewan. It's about the dollars and and and if they build a good airport and make people happy than the reputation grows in the build another one in LA or Paris or wherever I like how Steve isn't like old fashioned business early sure it works out. Give me one and done. You hear this is the relationship you know more old and fifty were mad at each other all time. It's like we can look at each other public you know like you just kept working with me as I hear Steve's point. But that's it's like. Like degrade a Hosmer gave us the thought a six year deal worth ninety million dollars as opposed taken that six year deal worth 225 league as he likes Kansas City. It's great to say that. Look these are businesses. Are right or why businesses worth billions of dollars and and it's more wants to build it so they can say look we built Alley acts are part of the only act's expansion I know there was once was in one of the New York airports they had a hand in. They've had their hand in world wide airport building before. It you're not gonna get a hometown discount. And they're the near port wouldn't be maybe it is that it burns and Mac ads more aecom I have no idea. But again it's dollars and cents and what ever eight. They're gonna do the judge think though that there is built in cause he's a thirty minute we got these like reactionary things to say in today's business climate has become a point where. Companies know they can go to cities wherever especially those midwest roots but we're not. We're just tired it has taken a job and I think there's a lot of hyper sensitivity. To being taken advantage of me see things like these expenditures. Why you need to UT are you trying to take advantage of us might not we are trying to build a good long term relationship GAAP. Right. You know I got divorced once. Well I just. Anything to Asia has everything to do that it. I I just having burns and Mac could come in and and there might have been some of them that they were upset with that I I just don't know at this is just frustrating because. I idea I've I wasn't a fan of single terminal then it became a fan of single term after reading about it after. Watching last may when people including Jamie were coming to a wedding in Las Vegas. And had to sit on the floor to drink a beer before they got out playing as Randy seats in the real bar is open yet. I mean that's embarrassing I mean that's enabling alcoholic leader. Right I did that raves in the late. Indies race on the floor and sipped a beer in like an old warehouse in Detroit. This is art are right well not everybody lives you jet setting Lancelot I guess related. Rival as goes the leaders is that in July as of August here. My yeah the hotel where we got married looks like it might be putting bankruptcy soon I was like great oatmeal atom and it was a great it was a wonderful wonderful marriage it was a wonderful ceremony wonderful setting. But Mamas that are speed. Look at what second thing that City Hall at the courthouse that you're good for a lot. Part of me wish I did what you we have thousands of more dollars to our name right now I can promise you that. But if he box grow up. And dinner margaritas after I think our. And her wedding license was more than fifty bucks at Las Vegas I think it was 85 in Vegas to get maker. You know late in the client demand to 80000. Weddings in Nevada. The year. 80000. Can't be that many in in Missouri in Kansas elements and how we got to get on that wedding dollar exactly. Exactly but as I write. As silly and people that listen to the show you know that. I am pro single terminal and you might not be and that's why I've pros single term that are right. I've I've voted yes when I saw I got out of a movie it was a movie that night I got that in the car and I checked twittered I got home. Sub 7525. Mike good job Kansas City I know all the new guy in here for almost two years. And I'm like this is what this city needs this this is great. It could lead to more conventions. Can lead the World Cup outside shot at Amazon. And then for this whole process to take as long as is it has and for it to be. As bumpy ride as it has its bit annoying me Denny you watched it yeah ever since the hockey team promise I don't trust any promises your list of things that could come. I don't trust anything till it's in my hand my step dad Jerry Tommy money's no good NTELOS in the army or hand. He's had an interest. For things like a. And and now this just adds to it and somebody on Twitter. One of our listeners on Twitter and camping that the name on it he said. Does this pretty much rule out Amazon. Yeah I would Amazon wanna deal with this. Why would Amazon when a deal with this especially if this is not resolved before Christmas and that like it's going to be resolved before Christmas which by the way. Is a week from Monday. Yeah I got diss it too late to order from Amazon that delivered on time you can do the same day delivery now dude if you order before 930 annual crime. You get it included free. If you don't have private or before 930 it's nine bucks and to have it delivered same day about this we give Amazon the subsidies they want but they give everybody in Kansas City Johnson County Ajax can't equate cac prime. Is that the provision that Annika and I mean we pay for prime as it is I guess right now it's on her FaceBook page good check it out that the the process continues and again. Republican city councilwoman Julie justice who voted yes coming up at 1130 straight ahead a piece of our youth gone. Ending two day and also how old Disney vying to wait for century fox could be good for royals fans. Did ably from the buzz in Virginia money selling I'm like like it here on K amazing they Friday. And the holidays Julia and Danny boy from the buzz in four urging him on is selling here today Mike wicket. Are behaving. Let's I'm behaving well you're 47 minutes and I mean the boss. Having the conversation yesterday with the boss he's and we got through it and yesterday was Erin from the point appreciate your communities said. As safe choice and tomorrow any from the laws and and the boss and his pop in his Antony. But that is set but he said on. Its interest in the. I personally vouch for Danny did any you know I have history I know Danny no longer like since the old building passage you're a boy I boy though. Now he's Danny did deity divorced and married again Danny Dan has now I'd like to point out I am going to be taking I'm going to be hyphenated mine game as long as well as my wife. And we ended up going to be Covert or are outside it's a wonderful thing we have. Broadcasters habit in our brains here and we have a cheapen our mind. It allows us to. Adapt our mouth to our environment so I mean I only lines on it is okay you go and I have no worries. We extended delay on that I don't I don't know now because I've really good times like all right here right rednecks. That extra bright. Did you use to use AOL instant messenger yeah I think everybody it was a requirement race I think so yes it's our. It would it growing up he's eight instant messenger before face because there was no pace but obviously was all able Ol and he had little guy down there in and it was the way that we all communicated. Ice to take as AO LCD's like before even messenger member before even like so be it now. All those CDs you put him in and he started in chat rooms are remember when it's on top when it was aim for the first time when you can communicate with some one on one you would never met. Oh horrible you could get into it. A whole new world. I I mean I was one of the first people I think in the ninety's to be capped finished because of a allow instant messenger. And it was bias on seventeen year old French purse French girl named Marguerite. No real doubt it turned out it was mark. Tired I've met a girl admitted chat room. And we started AOL instant messaging and I. Wendell I've my dad drove me your house and yeah I'm older than you have them play yet dad. Dad drove me over to our house. And and I didn't realize she had one arm. I think that states that I didn't realize that she had one arm what a chance to be progressive and in Iowa is quite progressive for that. Two hours that I knew her and goes god it's so interesting because I'll say this we have the conversation. I have my friends and we were talking I was actually go over there I mean this seems like not a great idea marker reads car and read and liked it's and they were like no you have to go it could be. A French woman named Marguerite. It's inviting you over to an apartment like dot in my Volkswagen van Savannah on yeah yeah. Listing grow that just in case you've got got a four wheel drive and I drove over there and winning and instantly despite decent starts tingling. But I'm I'm seventeen. I'm I've I'm in American pie fazed okay I'm not him I'm not experience at all. The mission my idol Lewis and Clark felt like facing certain doom them mission must go ahead. And I knocked on the door. And nothing happened lights were out and I was like this is weird. And I knocked on the door again and all of a sudden your paper like this under the dark. An icy and being shopped from under the door this is all AOL instant messengers fault my parents have no idea or right now. There's no cell phones I'm there note on the door I read it and it says there's no Marbury here I have mark I'm a man. You can come in and in the note went on a little bit and I looked about it. And I thought this is a joke. Or let. Segment that she's still in there is an idiot. Your princess it will waits behind it close to war ended drawbridge open up that you through the door as he was so excited. She was like yeah it is total war. Oh man it's Marbury there. And he goes there's there's no Marguerite here puts his hand in his face and closes the dork I'm such an idiot where was Salt Lake City, Utah. Make it happen while. Had only then that's my experience ain't so yes I have a special place in my carport. Today. It goes dark today is the end of AOL instant messenger I mean I really know. My old co host my mother and my father the only people I know that haven't in an AOL. Email address this to actually use America Online my dad does Berkshire C. But we don't immoral we communicate so instantly with phones and FaceBook is taken over the world that people use G Chad we used G check here at the radio station nap what sapped. I didn't know what those are Sarah knows. It into trouble apps that those are it is the end of AOL instant messenger as it it goes dark tank and it was actually it was written an interesting story about the the history of instant messenger. And it kind of it was invented out of accident that these this group of developers. Came up with it without telling the bigwigs over a hail well they were doing it and it just takes the load. And and then he got into away messages all that kind of stuff all by accident. You're way messages I'd never changed it that was way too much pressure of what you'd put this song lyric. Yeah like some depressing weird song lyric about how you're feeling at that particular moment every. Rose. As it's Morgan and that's your away message about people who like dot artistic and are away messages and wants an apt symbol dispute could even read it it's gone. And was lust and use a and I am side. 1999. Exact thousand via maybe early on in radio 2003 when Zynga was still around before MySpace what is sang. Is some of those archives is still argue on talk about you wanna read teen angst. You wanna read white people problems that Google's thank god every some of those opposed. That's a debt that's a dive into old school social media say. I remember I I my first social media use. Was FaceBook. I didn't do MySpace because they had no idea what it once and I wasn't in college I was already in my I was young enough to use it but I was already in my career right work with older people like what I got into radio I was nineteen. So I didn't mean it may be too when he when I forgot my first full time job so I didn't have the college experience of FaceBook and MySpace clippers came out and then I got on this thing called FaceBook one day. On the I was taken a train from Detroit to Milwaukee. And like I guess on FaceBook generally know it is so like I did it and then my boss by regulators and he might you should check out this thing called Twitter. Think people are really starting to take to it and that is basically all the consumes my life. Yeah if you liked K if you like cocaine you're gonna love crack. And that's what's great. And the downsides of what they elect Twitter via we have so many ways to communicate them but aim was the original and deserves all I mean I the only thing I can equate this too is like win street cars went out of fashion. And you know we brought those back we we're trying to we're. So we'll come back in aid fifty years after the Kansas City Council votes it down several times after the photos of her bringing him back too soon institution man who sued real quick also this from. The star some free agent baseball contracts will be signed this winter worth hundreds of millions of dollars Eric are probably one of those guys. But the biggest of the could affect you was the big Disney. 21 century deal 52 and a half billion dollars or whatever the merger does include fox sports water fox sports too but Disney's gonna acquire Fox's. Eighteen regional sports networks now that it allows fox sports Kansas City. That of course carries all the royals games and sporting KC contest. And this is an interesting story interesting statistic about this. Yahoo!'s Daniel Roberts writes that Disney's CEO Bob Iger. Is double down on live sports television rather than backing away from it as some analysts have suggested or predicted that Disney might do. And although local channels are now potential boon. TE SP. That means that it probably will be fox sports Kansas City anymore probably will be ESPN Kansas City. Which. Is still probably a much bigger brand in fox sports. And now there could be regional versions of sports broadcast. Nightly show for the royals chiefs sporting KC is UK state KU. And also the royals and sporting KC. Their content on fox sports Kansas City could be used on streaming ESPN plus which is set to debut a little bit later in the spring so this probably a good thing for our. You in terms of the branding. Fox sports Kansas City getting you know becoming now ESPN Kansas. I guess it's a good thing right I don't want I mean luck because they call me old fast and again call me a village idiot again and I want instant messenger why I want my as a messenger back. I wanna drive 55 on the freeways now I I'd never think large mergers are good idea. And I don't think it's eight at like its and so that no funds own on this. I get it probably would be good sort of for Kansas City but we want is neat it's gonna end up being Disney. Vs CVS. Vs Amazon that's it for earth met today. I think Disney was gonna take over the world now believe Amazon will take over the world with a strong showing but yes Amazon CEO Japanese those remember when he started selling books and with a little skinny guy yeah uncles and the deal that occur the the royals currently have now with fox sports that make about twenty million bucks a year. Sam alliger reports earlier that the new deal. Could bring fifty to seventy million dollars a year to the royals so they air the rebuild with this idea went ABC Disney's. Is acquiring all the fox sports including box when you don't have to spend it to him. And I. And now. They could spend on the team they could make it won't be this year but it could be next year that the editors say money's no good until it in your ass.