Midday with J&W: Was tazing the 11 year old to much?

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Wednesday, August 8th

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They don't forget your keyword test this hour mouse and you as he mouse text organs 72881. Is the two year anniversary. Jamie and I coming on Mir together and it's then a fund two years and were up in little. Mid day for you. Asking you the most popular topics that you hear that the top eighty answers or the board number one and number eight. Are off the board. Or the most popular topic it Jamie and I do during midday here number one. President trump comes up often obviously and we we speak about it line. And number eight on the board is on does the punishment fit the crime fired or not Fieger. That little slalom pops up we got four people on the line like the family on the feud. So Ritter reset. We're clear the the slate no strike so far. Against six answers left. Pretty good hole. Iran KM BZ and hope like. I hope I'm sure you've heard that now 1000 times I hope he can figure out the most popular topic that Jamie and I talk nobody on May Day. I'd stand and end based. Guns that is. That is correct as the number two answer. Did guns last hours of matter. The school shootings also on the board and its name that's nameless but fortunately hang right there welcome back to you. Eric you're an KM BZ Eric what's the most popular topic that you hear here on that day. Our our. There. She'll meet kids and curfews and a curfew once again a year usually. And that usually leads to plaza conversation on race. Again it kind of seasonal. Easily get in that. Eric to go anywhere. Air dropped off 57677. On it back to Allen came BZ Allen the most popular topic in here on the day. To. National League Casey. Gates was a hotline no I don't I and a definitely Casey I definitely there. There writes it's the C but with him on hole that would bring in Don again. Does things are being in buddy can you name one of the most popular topics that we talk about here on midday. Appropriate here show me social media. Act very good we're doing very well here we're doing a rail here that was the number six the answer on the board. On old Pope Pope giving other answer we always hear about here on TMB easy during the midday program. Add your garden where the show me and saying. It would very very well or rocketed Roland how people think and yet beyond like this week yet and yet it's actually. And exactly bad iron to number seven on the board all right let's see you laugh he would do very very well. Two left to inserts. The if Allen can come up with a one of them. Alan we got two left on the board what we always chat about around here. I. She'll days are now. So much. For brief tour for a period of time gas but it hasn't really come out and lie and lie down and it doesn't yet. As much attention people who arts. Live in downtown and that district but let's go to Doug Dutch got one strike onion but are yet give me answer here without Brett. With what's helped her prepare shall we house pets from. Two strikes two answers left. Two strikes and it comes down to hope hope there are two answers left got to be carefully got two strikes here. What is the most popular topic that we talk about here. On mid day that requires that was just answered give me another answer please. Pick up the entered. All respect it takes it. Sexual education show me sect said. That is incur acts. Sorry oh that's a third strike. The last two answers on the board thinks they're ready for pointing Alan thinks Doug thinks the whole. One of getting six strikes but regardless we got through some of these not not on the board. Kneeling for the National Anthem that is been a big topic for the last year and heavy duty yesterday and I complained about a kneeling. And eight companies if you got any easy answers we would giving you credit. Bullying suicide or usually it's all kind of in that area. That always seems to come up because unfortunately bullying is coming back this fall we know it. Didn't really go away yet I just we didn't talk about it for a living is to Drexel which is actually a funny thought I had. Is schools superintendent of coming back together and talking about how to weed prevent you know. Teen suicide is up I'm like wow get kids out of school for the summer and we forget what was going on their lives. Before they broke for summer break. So a lot of Roland trump number two guns at school shootings of three social media number four bullying suicide but the lights the five. I'd kneeling for the anthem six KC guy number seven parenting. And number eight. Fired or not fired if the punishment fit the crime and sell those topics that you guys seemed to really get into. We try to straight you know space those out but does this become awful lot and we appreciate everybody for the last two years getting in of those. The other stuff that's in Somalia curfew plaza. Last port and all that's. And it combines a part I'll be a good time. If he can make it down there that would be great. If you can't make it down there for the caring for kids radio Thon for the Salvation Army children's shelter that's OK too but please donate these kids taken out of some. Bad situations and the air place hopefully in better situations. But that costs money and were basically shilling for. What is that fourteen hours to try to get as much money out of you as possible. Tomorrow from 7 AM till nine live video at Oak Park mall. We want your donations and actually let's get the donations started off on the right foot Purdue and it. Today so you India's donated their suites. Fourteen Mars chief's game for the radios on so they've got sweet tickets several pairs. That are available for tomorrow's game for a 500 dollar donation per pair. Each pair will get it this week orders refreshments any gold parking pass the game tomorrow night 730. If your interest and here's what do you call crests at the Salvation Army. The number is 8168030935. To completely sold on it first come first served basis again looking for 500 dollar donation or more. Perk pair of sweet. It's pretty good deal right there first chief's game get to go see my homes cosic Cal's ego see. The new wide receiver that they just signed by Ken I think of as an interest Sammy locked in thank you very much. To get their league is they don't play a lot that second quarter and beyond. But if you wanna do the the donation 500 bucks again as Jamie mentioned call Chris 8168030935. It's a big a lot of money but is Google's long way to help at a bunch of kids do it today the info by the way also on FaceBook and Twitter. I did this officer do the right thing to an eleven year old will discuss coming up next during 91 Camby. You got about two forty minutes or so to text in this hour's keyword to cash. The sour his mouse and Mo USE mouse texted and the 7080 Washington. And don't forget if you want to lovemaking generous donation for the sweet tickets for tomorrow's army we have left but weird we sort of the day with ten and we have less than that now 500 bucks to the caring for kids radio Thon which is tomorrow started off today with a 500 dollar donation we'll get with a pair of tickets in the UN be banks week includes food and beverage. A gold parking pass for the game tomorrow. Just call Chris 8168030935. Over the Salvation Army and we'll get you hooked up again 500 dollar donation. Big time donation for some kids that are really really appreciate it. Next story comes to us out of these Cincinnati Enquirer. Cincinnati police have identified the officer who used a taser. To stun an eleven year old girls suspected of stealing from a Kroger grocery store on Monday up 55 year old officer Kevin Brown fired his taser the girl. After she placed items from the spring grove village store indoor backpack and tried to leave the store. Officials of the girl refused to stop at browns commands. The police chief Elliot Isaak is open an investigation. And acting city manager Patrick do Haney told City Council members. That that has happened the vice mayor Christopher some government says there needs to be complete investigation it is hard to understand. Why an eleven year old would be taste I expecting answers in 24 hours. Brown was working an off duty security detail and investigating several young girls accused of stealing from the store. He approached the eleven year old girl but she ignored the officer and continued to walk away. So the officer hit the girl in the back with the taser and if you Ortiz or works right it gives off an electric currents. That is designed to destabilize somebody and and render them that they can't move on and and that's what happened he hit her with that electric current and she came to the ground. And was not able to move after that she was arrested on charges of theft and obstructing official business taken a Cincinnati children's hospital medical center for a valuation. And released to aid parents by the police chief said we are extremely concerned when force is used by one of our officers at a child this age. As a result will be taking it very thorough review of our policies as it relates to using force on juveniles and propriety of the officer's actions. Other apart policy basically says that taser should not be used on anyone under the age of seven or over the age of seventy. Or anyone who is pregnant on that Parker also as a policy about body cameras and heat this officer. Did not have his on at the time on their supposed to be on any time they're responding to any kind of event. He didn't turn his on until after the taser was used so they don't have his body camera account of exactly what happened. 5767798. Was it right this police officer to use eight Cesar. On a girl that he suspected was shoplifting when he approached her she walked away. She's 115767798. I don't have much of a problem wit the officer felt it was necessary in the report will hopefully come out of the next day or two obviously. One thing I do you know is it it it Timmy was not. Tase or let her go out there should have been something else. You know another step take it like. Chased down the eleven year old girl she's eleven. If if you was a police officer can't catch an eleven year old. But I've questions about whether you can catch you know 25 year old guy that you're chasing down streets on she's confined I believe this happened in store. So the fact that he couldn't just run after her and catcher and then put her in handcuffs. Were you lazy you know what was going on that you felt like the taser was the next step because I don't. Nobody has said that she had a weapon so it's not like he felt like his life was in danger on used a taser makes me think while your your feel like you're. You're threatened which I don't. She was ignoring commands. But she was either running in his direction and it's not Mikey he had a Dockery and get away from her on the fact that he didn't just chased after her. Is a little on I don't understand why we jumped from point eight appoint half and the Caribbean off. Now that. Al agree with you now. Now that's a little ugly in turn about a camera and it didn't didn't you say the policy is anytime they have to engage in something after police related any time you turn it on and you do that police do that for their own defense also that way if there are accused of some kind of wrongdoing they can improve no we did the right thing. You can't prove that either way. She was accused of east of shoplifting. To a Kroger cop shows up. Tries to. Talked with her she the doesn't rhyme but she leaves she walks away she won't stop cop opens with a taser on the an eleven year old girl in the back. Was the police officer. Right was the police officer. Wrong yeah and some just made this point to on the tax sign I seen on various amounts in terms of the number of volts that these. Get out I saw 50000 somebody's telling me 90000 whatever it is. It's what they're they're designed for adults and so on I don't know how big this eleven year old girl is bite. That means that she got the same amount of electricity as an adult it. You know as you would use on a forty year old guy that's running from you use the same tool. Enact. Case. I have a tough time going against the police officer here. Who is there to stop crime and he believed she was committing a crime was it too much that's debatable. But oftentimes if you like the police officers their damned if they do and they're damned if they don't if he lets the person go well. And this shoplifter and gets away. But those weren't his only options I I announce via I don't is only options weren't you let her go or taser. It is said he too he was brought in to. Deal with a group of girls who were shoplifting I wanna know this in this report. Was he trying to talk to three at the same time in only one of them went away 81 to keep the ball there I don't know we're gonna find out that 24 hour how did you know for sure that she was one of the girls. Can I just because she had a backpack doesn't mean that she was one of the girls suspected of stealing 5767798. What do you think led go to chuck and KM BZA shot. They got power now and early early hours that covered space in your mind. If that's where fresh look at the ensued and the officer with the grabbed the little girl maybe. Taker down or the other bruises. That showed up but from some sort of physical altercation between the duke. Would we still be ever in the conversation. And I mean. If the police officer tackles her and she's beat up our we have the saying that the officer used excessive workers have to tackle on why not just chase or put her in handcuffs. Okay what have you had to use the beat somebody who's running away from me. While how to how to police do it every other time they don't tase or shoot someone but chase someone and put him in handcuffs. You either follow. All these and they had the officers' orders or at you know you're put on the ground in some sort of force right. I don't know that you need different force for forty year old guy who's 200 pounds that you do an eleven year old girl it probably doesn't take a whole lot. I agree with. Let's just days she would not now does he go app ever grabbed her arm like the but he said earlier. What achieved billion Oprah sit there and that that leave the situation. And it did you can keep jumper an adding on what if what if what if what if what F but the fact is in this case he chose to use a taser. While. I don't know maybe next time she says that they you know somebody that the but it ran. You know all that she was just afraid. You know she's eleven years old maybe this is the first time she's ever done at the backpack was full of food maybe she thought she was doing the right thing hopper family. She's never encountered police before. She doesn't have the same exposure that we do in the same conversations that we have about what to do when you encounter police and she took off because she was afraid. And that's it. It still doesn't make what she did right allegedly dead. Allegedly did remember it was a group of girls at how do you know you have the right girl. But you just said she had a backpack a food. I don't think you'd know that at the time he didn't he does he was in the back acted on that 798 the phone number you can also text in 22980. As we're talking about a story out of Cincinnati Ohio. So there is. An off duty officer who is assigned to work security at a Kroger grocery store and I somehow. It comes to light to him that there is a group of girls allegedly shoplifting from this earth restore. He sees eleven year old girl or or girl that he thinks is one of the shoplifters and he gets commands that she ignores we don't know what man's work. It must event for her to stop because she doesn't and instead she blocks in the opposite direction. He teases her and the electoral girl falls to the ground because that's what happens when electric currents and your right. And she's not because that's the point she i.s taken to a hospital first and then is released to her parents and she's facing charges shoplifting now. I you got the vice mayor now that wants to know why on earth we are giving a taser to an eleven year old child Ani police chief. Who is promising a full investigation. 5767798. Was it right to use a taser on the girl. Or is it too far let's go to Steve on KM BZK Steve. Hey guys I have stereo. We can take an extra art so low only. Strong bearing because you have an eleven year old child the that you don't know where ticket character to protect and so ought to GAAP. You last year I mean. She didn't but you never do everything go more mature. It is all that we helped elect shall we the other offer to trigger happy Whoopi dropped to eight or don't do reverend image. That's what you've been out here you open it do we cut the pink baby the all fallible this just wall up. Can't figure. State statements are disagree with me that's OK I disagree with you. I didn't think we have the you don't have kids card played all but yet and already are again it's hard to play it's when somebody doesn't like what you have to say about something the first thing it says. We don't have kids you don't. If that's that's the mean. I'm not I'm not pro tape easier. But if this police officers saw someone committing a crime. And in his mind the best way. To bring that criminal to justice was to use neat to be looked criminal justice or acted like she easier now a third or a guy that put out steel and TV to get it. And Edward or acting like this tastes are was at 44 Magnum that was used to attend to kill her I mean but it was electricity that was used to take her down right instead of chasing her which he could've done and put her in handcuffs. She did a hospital visit before they can take her in jail and she didn't need to be incapacitate. He could have could not catch. I mean is is the united shaped copper some of the not chaser or grocery store and kept her by the arm and. And put her hand she got a taste I think via the the caller a little while back it was was correct I mean. Whenever he wants to Wheaton put somebody in handcuffs they have to be forced into that Nolan just stands there and says I'll say yeah you know I understand that over power as a cop an eleven year old girl. I got questions and if there's a copy you can't you know. Control an eleven year old I got questions about your ability to be a cop I can just picture that video of her screening him grabbing his arm him bruising are now he's got a different problem and exact. I can picture that is going to be cops are damned if they do and damned if they don't like he had other options here and he chose the mark Strickland. So and by the way. Did you turn about a camera and. That I don't understand what he's doing everything right I'm turnabout camera a 5767798. Let's go to Samantha on came easy I Samantha. I am yeah ahead on it I mean yeah. You eat. The acting. Eat eat. Eat and then we are. Heat she. And she. And it. Should be a. I'll tell you Don of the storm and myself and eleven. I started staying at home alone when I was ten over the course of the summer there was a grocery store within walking distance of my house I could've gone by myself and eleven I could not. With no problem absolutely now I spent eight hours a day over summer by myself and by the time I was eleven for sure. I know that most eleven year old could not. I I would bet if we were to pull people with eleven year old kids that they would not let their to go to the store on their own reminds you like Macaulay Culkin in home alone. You only Turkey you. I I know is we talked about it on his program the age at which you leave your kids at home awhile and. I mean just because you tellem not to doesn't mean they're not gonna Samantha thanks for your phone call let's go to Vicky and can be easy to keep things are called. A cap on the police are already outlined. It'll it differently teacher at the date that child. Ever that child. Are you on here is an adult trader on our girl try out. I think any of their maybe how that ban and Latin factual error. And then grabbed her. I mean you don't give you is that cater young child. You really. Are there. It well they're probably at Gilder. Our shop we are staying. Power mayor there in their little bit yeah contrary now. Q what could do it typical. She was stealing. I made victim Vicki would you rather the police officer does let ago he couldn't get any couldn't catch. Yeah absolutely. And I may. I'll around out there where there are planning a liar. Hey here you know I'm sure bet there. Thanks relax a jury ethnic not by Indy ticket that never get to capture it you'd say there. And and the whole you know we'll what do you do just let her go on and on to a lot of stores just let shoplifters ago. Because it makes more sense to let them get out and try to make the scene of a sending police after them because it's less of a loss to let him now. And we've heard the story. The person that. And Home Depot. And they got deep like this story got mad because they used something to stop a shoplifter and he was fired for I think every we took sterling after months of letting her down is not the worst thing in the world either Vicky thank you for your phone call. Lance but it tidy and came BZ was a tiny. I take out. I'll act as a spot right now are I believe that it's actually I am not cute any ourself within until lightly this dole. Yankees don't know that they didn't intend to put the stuff back. Is anything and certainly the story which ties. If you don't they its decision to land it oust Britain or you'll. I'd org also well as the mighty. White at the front door yet suspiciously like too lightly and it might be that are like you know I think they're all. So in your mind at the officer acted too quickly and should've waited to see what the girls end game. Asia to just start out the situation it understand. It actually deal with Angola and partly a result they aren't just electric. Bill. The likes it. And time thanks man glad it was more for the quick break here and Steve Biden KM BZ what's up bud. Very. I just wish I am listening in on the show and I agree with that maybe there is another. Wait match she definitely could have. Do you and then girl outnumbered and start up and cap on and girl sunlight and today's society. And the senate should aren't going to claim that you will all. Solar heat or so he can't on the Nokia as a regular job is not so he can't chase and Hancock any woman that runs from them for fear that shall claim sexual assault. No not at all then why then why why you're here. Are so a child's likely to claim sexual assault. And I don't element. At the line is that a concern. How much sir Richard Roth sort. Is he. It's it's gonna be taken as well it's going to be. It is it's we're gonna. If we're gonna go and criticize them were. Kate and the girl out pat how do we know that. We're not at the same sort of criticism and apple you'll talk and charm that's what does the actual all sorts. Turn your car out on and we don't have to have the conversation I love all the possibilities of chasing her down to get her in handcuffs. I didn't think of sexual assault Steve thanks for your phone call but I do worry about. He chases her down he tackles or she's got bruises and all of a sudden then he without body camera of course he now these. It's an abuse of power. Heard Bonnie camera on that's why we have so that it's not considered an abuse of powers so that you do your job the way your training tells you. Chasing her doesn't mean he has to tackler to the ground and you chased after her maybe you catcher in a corner and you grabbed her hand or something it doesn't mean that. 400 pound guys got to land on the hundred pound girl and tackle her again. Camera. That's why you fighting you on. A total. I thought a theory that we have when we speak with most you know what when cops pulled the trigger of a gun. To this coming up next you could jump to it will squeezing your calls as well. Fred your leadoff hitter 5767798. Wrap it up. Our conversation with you at 576779. A couple more calls to get to about the eleven year old girl who was tase in Cincinnati. Police officer thought she was stealing knew he approached her she went away she moved away walked away in the police officer. Pulled out a taster and a teaser and hitter in the back with that shot her in the back with it around eleven year old girl was been taken to hospital she's been charged with. Being police and now possible this burglary. Theft theft is what would be. She may or may not have been any other girl that was cheap that the guy was called for a was the rattled by the police officer will squeeze in before we ended up to date and parks also over the keyboard cash forty coming up at 5767798. Fred thanks for hanging but you're on the air. I think technical percent Pollard. Thank you you could hear it took effect then put the ball well it's public street or policy was. There were from ages 7% of the world version so that cater I guess that I'm eleven years old and about all the law. And that seem to be appropriate to say vehicle by results or to. The ten the number that matters and I don't see. What the results or did wrong you could argue that about a camera on a boat full story that. Well ordered that the observant moonlighting in the industry option at the time. Well that he would be required to Wear the body camera and have it on from the view or inefficient passing apartment. So well he turned it on after the incident. When a child. Out and reassess the situation and so they probably had a chance it recorded I mean. You've got to look at his disposal he restraint to view that he felt that that was the that's with the fuse situation. And thought the girl to get in the way too and about with his command get that we'll see this year yes. And all due respect their small children that I would your argument justifies every incidence rate police officer says I felt threatened so it was okay for me to fatally shoot the guy. And we had people call us all the time report but it does it because we have people to call us all the time and say well you know. How does he life was threatened while department policies as if you feel like your life is in danger you get to fatally shoot.