Midday with J&W: Was this racial profiling?

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Monday, February 12th

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So last week we were chatting about malls. Danny boy in from the buzz by the way Jamie's back tomorrow. We're talking about balls last week in the changing malls senior at Nordstrom leaving Oak Park go to the plaza area foreclosure coming potentially to independence mall. And now this over the weekend does not help the image of that one in particular yet seen the story to our FaceBook page SpinRite to the top he can read about it. A Saint Louis woman's FaceBook post saying she was racially profiled and independent Applebee's has gone by. After restaurant staff accused her and a friend of leaving without paying the bill during a visit. And oppose the woman said to be shopping with a friend the independents and shopping on the stop at Applebee's to eat. They air restaurant staff accused them of running out on a bill the night before. Sell you got to women are both black. Sitting down to eat played a little piece of the audio and some of the pit the bits and pieces of it is well. And the restaurant's staff says that they were there the night before and they pulled the dine and dash relate eight. And they did not pay the man's voice or getting your in this video by the way is the police officer. Who was brought inner security guard who was brought in to try to defuse this. And the women were obviously not happy they believe that they have ban racially profile and here. And you know he's excited. And how long you really know we really haven't done dominant Venus or something. The only U. Now but I think this incident with healing we have a bit later it is just a mixture that we have not big yeah. I didn't think as you hear her say we have not being here. 49. Times so I apologize for that and I applaud the officer. For trying to defuse the situation because he's trying to keep the voices down and everyone called white. We have now they've had been stuck in endless and I have and I. Still won't or can't fake or this and. Anything like this Google role reversal here and put yourself in much of. Yeah I don't yet hello restaurant and not know an established disease posit that seed Venus and femininity and I mean yeah. During just the tournament. Yes the officer again is trying to calm everything down. This woman's name is Alexis. It was like CA it bears and surrogate that it's that rinse and present Greece ranks reason brown rice and BR I guess Arlen thank you very much. According to our FaceBook page via the Kansas City Star she lives in. Saint Louis it has been viewed millions and millions of times so far. The and the question is was this fairways this racial pro racially profile. 5767798. Is the phone number. This is. Because we if you're gonna make an accusation that somebody. I don't care what color this in. If you're gonna make the accusation in your restaurant that you'd Danny boy were here last night and you didn't pay after you a and therefore I'm gonna get you arrested at a pretty bold claim you better be darn sure. You better be darn sure of that. And if you listen close to the end of this sound bite. You've got the two women sitting on either side of the Booth you have the officer that there. I believe there's a manager and I think that there is a waitress right there from reading I can see in the video and the waitress is the young girl you'd hear at the yen today. Which I don't. Did you know it's a bad basing their college that they could we have not vineyard I'm having to keep still include. And how I. Right and she said I'm almost positive. Yeah the girl probably should've kept their mouth shut because that opens the door for almost positive isn't totally positive let's. She said and then she also said that they were accused of beating enough paying for chickens the day before. And that that it's kinda broke doing the math. And the math came out racists. This is something that Debian been a ridiculous thing that they and they made him they paid their bill and they laughed and if somebody can McHugh and accused you've stealing. As busy viewed never been their reform. I mean come on I can't even believe that this happens to be hurt you can get into the small people show up with money you should be so. Truth who are thrilled me you like it's Christmas money and this all out run him a lot with the cops. We're trying to eat. If they if it yeah if you had some concerns maybe you'd you'll let the manager know he called league you do you you only what you accuse them. If you're not sure. Is because of the color of their scant 5767798. More from Applebee's and. It. By the way the girl just starts writing hysterically. One of the two women who. I'm. Back. And I. I don't. Mean what more snow. On the good yeah I'm out there. 5767798. By the way that's a little bit of overreacting from the one girl who is just crying hysterically but. I'm gonna disagree and I'll tell you why I think this plays and all that kind OK and I. I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah OK in him move there like 1985 when I was three years old okay. My life is very very different even though I'm half Columbia mogul and on the light a year like primal I don't even think. Right now with no ethnic. Onboard now I wanted to different paint job I got this one you're like I. You we don't know what it's like to grow up. Now America period. None of us do know unless you are black. And you know what it's like to grow like America. And for this is why win white people say all of this girl this you got to take into consideration. You don't know what it's like and maybe we should stop talking and telling everybody body should Beatty or now outweigh. The way things are as are listening to what they're saying about there experience because I know in the last segment. I came on and I challenge some peoples or police mice and men and women are equal they should be able to go in the Boy Scouts. That may be different that your experience. Now I listened to some of those people's experiences. But I don't now. I don't know whether life was like I don't know what anybody like that like it's up my counseling somebody challenges my core beliefs I tend to react. However we don't know what it's like it's time to start listening to what people say life is like every day got. All we do is talk. And people's lives. Art the way that we think they are and we stuff like this happens Applebee's really makes me so man. Because. Everybody thinks they now by 7677. NA where these two women treated fairly. Or they racially profiled. By 767798. Lead to more your phone calls coming up here on KM BZ. And this is similar to that basing his college that they could we have not vigna I don't have anything to keep still include. I. That's what. I'm. Good yeah. I. That's cell phone video from over the weekend at an Applebee's and independents the where two black women were sitting and they've been accused of dining in dashing the night before. Oddity has been viewed over a million times you can see it on her FaceBook page there was a security guard who is brought into. Kind of diffuse the situation which you can hear the emotions I think one of the women. Got overly emotional but then again I've never been accused of dining in dashing because of the color of my skin potentially. Somebody under the tax line organ a right to have found that by 767798. What it up reading keeping these lumber treated fairly a couple of good points and attacks line. One person said you don't dine and dash and and go back to the same place. That's really good point you don't commit the same crime twice the same place in a matter of twelve dollars. I mean of all the crimes you committed Danny. I'm in my crimes usually. There are in home crimes of purchased it. All say about that somebody also said that this is not racial profiling it's mistaken identity. That idea that's the Kendra are fair to scan your right to the phones and I talked to billing grand view. Bill 91 KE MB easy bill where these women treated fairly. You know what I like racial profiling banquet. I don't know I wanna go to orbit the bottom line is that the mockery state pitcher hasn't been proven guilty. The women are you a secret NS. That cop or whoever should be written. Because. You don't mind somebody. You're restaurant group that they were wrong. Aren't you proud of it in a group. And that is allegedly the law this country thank you for your phone call appreciate it let's go to like Tom nine have the media welcome our real quick before because people are asking why not why don't we hang out of the that the tape yet. I don't know how long it takes for these restaurants to get tape and you know revealer good policy shop and the only some. I we have security in our apartment building. We've there is in the common room by the pool in the hallways by the mailbox is out front lobby all that stuff. If there are incidents and I've I've become some what close with the management if there are incidents it takes them because they don't run their own tape it's all accompanied does. Yeah out I mean it's all an independent company does it I assume at that Applebee's as. Their own independent company that handles there. Of their their cameras and a security were all that. It takes between one and two weeks to get footage back for our apartment of somebody said hey. As a body and his motorcycle stolen right out of our parking lot somebody each got into the parking lot. Two guys pick dissing apple rolled it up into the pickup truck and they zoomed out of there. They only they they barely have the footage it's just like beard but it took about two and a half weeks to get cell. I'm going to gas that there will eventually be footage from Friday night. That Applebee's will out it just takes time to get it going to be darn sure. That they were there. Terrorized that line got there negativity and Applebee's once little antsy day. May add to jog apple C. All right the phones for Tom and pale and KM BZ Tom thanks for calling these people treated fairly. And I draw and Applebee's ruby real like he never rated these pseudo president. The I'm back in my young days I'm 65 now but when our guys are back back. In there that are pet group and the criminal world. If you go back there and play. To me you know grow. Not only two days erode tumbling within fifteen hours of when you were just there. Black and that. So. It is the only recourse district and tan and well they don't pan out that in the anyway and it. Is to have won the that are already. You know I thought people permit it then on the program. It was there again and that under. There aren't you know. And so. So bay paper and it's about dignity. I repeat no one could do something I've spent two days early on actors playing now on on a little room here on Tuesday. I like the insight Tom Davis into his past life right and I can have an otter we didn't do that when we got in of foolishness when IA when I mean. He ever dined and dashed in your life now I'm weird like I've there's laws that I think are so valid I don't wanna screw anybody over. I do it happens. I'm I'm I'm not perfect obviously affects them terrifically while but I try am I try for Dinah and asked. And I over amen over. We when I was young we went to a Danny's from when your high school you can go to Denny's is it was open late and you used to be able to smoke in Danny's a so we would all go. And we would sit at Denny's. And they would hate us who neither like three hours ordering coax him chicken fingers and remember one time we have big group like sixteen months and one guy stayed behind to pay the bill nobody gave ms. money game this money. Will we found out a couple of days later he had some brand new Jordan's. Schools he would how money for Jordan's. And we wonder about note from his girlfriend that. He just got up at last we give them all the money is with cash everything was cash back then it was the ninety's. And we he just got up and he last and he want to buy himself a brand new pair of Jordan shoes say you're an accidental accomplice right exactly. I'm an accessory to a dine and dash S I tell you buy it no way I used to do at Denny's is this week moved you go there you hang with your friends. And then you see it table girls at top in on it and yes and Democrats hold water. And he tells oases talent helmet sensor elements in her round of data skins. Table four let's go to Charlie in Kansas City and KM BZ Charlie where these women treated fairly. And I'm not sure they're. I lost phone in my seventh round admired in the GP yes. In. So why in particular phone through GP instances was there. Serious claim Fourth Amendment but if you say well if you offer. You know then then you're trying to prove your innocence as opposed to just screaming and crying like I I understand what he's saying it's like. When we talk about texting and driving laws. You know I have no problem with an officer checking somebody's phone if they've just been pulled over or got into an accident because they were texting and driving. But people scream the Fourth Amendment privacy sell I I I don't know or would come down on this. I never get into the twists and turns of everything but rarely if it comes down to it at the girl wasn't a 100% sure and she should have been quiet. 5767798. From the text line the story infuriated me you know the because I have a black boyfriend they've seen how he's treated. Because he's black and I've had to step in a couple of times and shut down MLB person here and air on his behalf in text into 2980 to go to the phones and Greg. In Overland Park here on KM BZ Gregg these these women treated fairly. They beat the manner or on an independent as well. And parked all had to accept it immediately each general manager current rent an accent back camera. All mop that that is well. The problem is it happens all the time and they can come back yet and they'll change their hair. You know a lot for American community where they didn't like that and and that little white girl book book book. Try to do cobra. I don't need to Kroger meat. See everybody I am I'm not surprised that they went back again and Becky actually pretty sure. That are include guilty. If you let it get it's not shame on her. You say it's so this lie in wait they'll have a quick question for you people wearing managing wigs to eat for free this is wary you're at with black people lewis' how. I viewed them as a former. Restaurant person. But it will change you know I mean I. A lot of great friends that are. Smith and sisters Abdullah a whip record Greg so what you're saying is you have seen. People change clothes or wigs to come in and eat free. Not too worried that Buick park there but they don't think people know. You're pretty quick on. You know that were your help I mean. Well an aggregate. Thanks for the phone call. Traps you got the league's UV Uga graduates is I love that news kept calling Afro Baird I. But I'm glad I don't oh I mean is that. Is that I noticing an acceptable term but about liking this by Afro American friend Travis I think it's been awhile since com. That's been used okay. I don't know Pitt and Aniston wearing down for a look at it zero in his eyes in the back let you know he needs right now. A loan prayer I don't know too many people that she made master as of this I think Greg is saying is people change their look now with the intention of trying to deceive people into. Obtaining free things or trying to mask something that people do change their look I think that's what he was trying to say I'm gonna find him the benefit other than the Afro American gods are. I'm gonna bug got him the benefit of the doubt I will not fluke. I'm just trying. Item. Beat peacemaker. To review it. I'll read you attacks when you're you're you tear your answer this you know it's as simple as this stop making it black and white. It's about people and we stopped making race an issue you'll run into race issues any longer. Yes vote he's just stopped that's a doctor might live the king told us this Black History Month. He has said ten races and doesn't exist in one day we will like be accepted. As totally his message I have a dream it's black it's about how you gonna do this to people Applebee's. During Black History Month to. I don't know. Varying tax line some Eagles and it was a restaurant manager we get. Our video back immediately some meals said. Applebee's does not have security cameras. Like the idea of Applebee's security squad that drives around an elegant design apple. When things go down. Lights go off its response teams like a swat team ready to go re aligned I like that idea Mir next gig right. It's going to be an excuse cards out of FaceBook page straight ahead our good friends got Park City here weekdays along with they are right afterward and has a phrase stop the planet I wanna get off only got another 14 yeah. This has to do with a movie having to issue an apology. A movie Danny boy from the buzz filling in for Jamie money selling today she's back tomorrow. The number is always height 7677980. Can text in a 22980. The story from the Associated Press. Is there. Anymore. Child friendly character ever. In Peter Rabbit. Lake when your grown up. Peter Rabbit was like you know lame. Child's brightly right leg. You would think that Peter that was. Not offensive Paddington bears lucky with those movies are good because otherwise be same categories beer app. This is one of those and are good friends got parks often says this. Stop the planet I wanna get off this is another one of those the world does lose and it's damn mind stories. Peter Rabbit filmmakers. And the studio. That are behind the movie. Are apologizing. For insensitivity. Depicting. Characters. Wait for. Allergy. This happened in the film it is now prompted backlash online. Not this is not a spoiler alert for the movie if you wanna see it is still a Sony Pictures said yesterday in a joint statement. With the filmmakers. That food allergies. And there is serious issue. And the film should not have made light of the character being allergic to blackberries. Even in a cartoonish slapstick way here's what happens. In Peter Rabbit which was released over the weekend. The character of mr. McGregor. Is allergic to blackberries. The rabbit. Fleeing the fruit at him in his seen. And he's forced to use an epi pen by the bears got to be black but it's stepped from our Afro American friends analyst for Travis that's what it is. The rabbit fleeing blackberries. At him and he's forced to use an epi pen. The chair group. Hits with food allergies posted awarding about the scene. On its FaceBook page Friday prompting some on Twitter to start using Mac asked Agha. Boycott Peter Rabbit. The group says the allergy jokes are harmful to the community. And making light of the condition encourages the public risk. Sorry urges the public not to take the risk of allergic reactions. Seriously Danny boy I ask you now. As a father of five. And he many allergies. You should probably know this faster than an yeah I mean is die OK yeah I think that's fine yes the probably now if you are you a person who is offended by the joke of the use of an epi pen by the way is very modern joke. That joke doesn't fly in 1984 that joke probably kills and twenty team. I OK so like a lot of your audience are who doesn't like me and so I mean as well Disco Eiffel fun police on this on. A first you gotta think about the context that the joke the joke is that somebody is dying. Like they tried to murder him. And that they use that and it makes light of the condition that Israel and I can only go to my own experience and let me just tell you something diamond our collective. Very very policy very very quickly anonymous medicine it affected my life is. That's why I'm here if but if I if I had gotten hot I was twelve I would be a much more well rounded productive member of society has said I'm here okay. So you see these things in movies like rat race where mr. being passes out and yeah it was funny when I watched it and now that I have narcolepsy and looking back. I know this stigma that comes with telling people your tires. Because they don't think it's the real thing and with people make jokes and when I say I'm tired you don't get back coverage because it's not like a cancer. Nobody's wearing ribbons in the NFL for. Narcolepsy or food allergy and so if you're a family with somebody that's affected by that I can definitely see being offended a cult mind now and I can definitely see why Sony apologized. And I can see why people think. It's felicity apologize it is incredibly foolish that I think we can be funny without having to rely on stereotypes in general for jokes. I I I didn't. Everything is going to being a stereotype that you can't use it to me you have to make fun of yourself that's like the number one thing that is true. That's why truth is so funny. 5767798. Kenneth minute Mendez the president and CEO of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Wrote an open letter to the studio Sony studio. Asking for the opportunity to educate the company in the film's cast on the realities of food allergies and urged the studio to examine your portrayal of bullying. In your films geared towards young audience. And organizations always gonna come match are now lord there are a lot of organizations out there it's a mine field to make content these days that is for sure like that that's increase. Read them it's a cartoon sort of CGI. Think for kids. Take that opportunity to educate him like hey don't forget in case you ever encounter something you're allergic to whether it's bees whether it's fruit whatever it is. And you have told them to have your happy Penn or reach of the nurse knows the epi pen use it as a teaching opportunity did you see my girl. I did member things yeah that kid needed seven epi pen swing. Their way that in my girl. I cry and my girl every time right now to Peter Rabbit which achieves an Overland Park and KM BZ. James should the move the studio apologized. For the use of a joke with an epi pen. I think it's a little ridiculous I have narcolepsy there's been plenty of movies that made fun of narcolepsy. I'll buy out all our clients are similar to content they were just kind of jokingly noted the bathroom. Is being used as you turn out to go to the past sure sure. Nobody heard I can't say nobody I think it's a little ridiculous especially in this. Ya it's our basement cartoon movie. And the fact that they're shelling hey if that happened do you need to have a happy. If anything they're showing yeah I'll pay. This can be serious if you haven't here's analogy that might cause some acute nappy time but at the same time it's slapstick. Well and add a little ridiculous that everyone. Is a pendant Erica but everyone but so many people are. Offended by that. Yeah it prompted an entire movement from an organization to explain or requests they can have time to explain to Sony. To defeat to the movie company like they're gonna bring in with the presentation. It was a freak and thirty seconds of a Peter ray movie. I say we James I thought wait he said was the opportunity was there during the failed to make an educational. You're making of a joke they did and I think that's a very bow way to approach. Writing a joke like that but I go I think it cartoons. I think if things like speedy Gonzales right is speedy Gonzales okay anymore no it's not it should be it's fine but if it's not it I think our Mexican people that offended by speedy Gonzales. I'm not Mexican I haven't lived that way I can't know what it's like to grow up in a white world where everybody tells things that your even lazier running around one at bat by Eva Eva. And that is. But the media does is sheets mines for generations. I and we have to be more proactive I get it on the new employees and although he's mature but the truth of the matter is. Should kids be illegal movie database to. Make some. Are you doing this on purpose or do you really truly feel this way as somebody who's narcolepsy whose narcolepsy played hard into part of the file of my first merit ha ha he he. Because there is a stick mothers something that goes with people not believing you when new and it becomes a punch line it can be hurtful and it can misinformed giddy when you watch a movie and you see somebody new article that you know there isn't a the narcolepsy in the movie in the fall asleep. Do you sit there and sit and how you like and to file a complaint this is a set or use. Can you laugh at it and say how iron there ya get it and move on now I use my position and what I do to actually talk about try to educate a little bit make a more normal just so you know by the way. If you've been living your life and you feel like you're way more tired than everybody else and you think everybody else isn't as tired as you. Talk your doctor about it there's so many undiagnosed sleep disorders in America. You could change your life and not even now. You can talk about it UK and educate yourself on it. Why I mean. I I am allergic to raspberries. And tax all right. People make jokes expense all the time tiger has very in his salad. Hey let's get him you know some some cat your cover as berries and Slobodan as balconies. I do. It's the social circle. It's now my wife is like so what happens if you eat one raspberry and like I probably would get a little rash of buy and more than one probably be a larger rash. If I from around cats too long much you know I don't die but. I don't know maybe I just have a spine La here's the thing to and I like I get that taken care of by the way. They ask him I'm doing this on purpose no I'm not but I will save this it because I am siding on this what some of you will consider to be ridiculous thing of the spectrum. At least I feel like I'm doing my part to kind of pull people toward the direction night I want I think society should be. And my bias is that we should do less of the uninformed stereotype jokes and comedy and more education more Smart more funny more self at all. And so I understand everybody else is pointers or if you think it's ridiculous but. Maybe. May be what the little fork. He tried the brits tried to murder that I spoke to be the good guys. It's an opportunity to teach kids all if you have you know an allergy a life threatening allergy always tiger tee and I didn't see the movie just read the story of the Associated Press to go with me I assume that they know the girls my would you throw. Raspberries that saw the movie text in a 22980. Into lawyer calls gonna chuck came right there to nearly nothing or next Jamie's off today. Gabler from the buzz in studio figuring out and appreciated. I'm having a good time I beg you all are. It or not. I'm excited to 2980. Love and Danny boy today and if you are having a good day this morning in your self esteem was up. So that's excellent brother. I'm enjoy I like those text that I I hit it I love that I got that people like that that makes me feel so good that I touched them somewhere deep inside of Peter Rabbit filmmakers in the studio behind it are apologizing for insensitive league depicting characters allergy in the film. That is prompted backlash online in the movie rabbits are flinging of fruit and mr. McGregor. He's allergic to blackberries. He's forced to use his MP Penn. I 767798. I just want the pilot throws rabbit coat anything ranked. I just I can't believe we're getting upset about this. I can't believe we're getting upset about pilots out of out of I can just see the other side sure it's gonna shock in the north lane and KM BZ shot. Peter Rabbit filmmakers had to apologize. Man there through the area such and subsequently because. You know back in my house going out. They handled things like this we were taught me more struck him and not take things here but I look at that everyone is safe burst was. What you have everybody around the word bowling about this subject and I just looked up at that fashionable. And that punishable. I may have in my in my time let. Where it says. You know superior strength and influence to that somebody. Would force averted what they want is that what this organizations do so. Are they get better around saying that sort of bully. Other kind of hypocrites and. And interest indeed shock appreciate the focal meant. Yeah I mean like I guess you could look at it like that but it's a small and minority group trying to lobby for change and trying to raise awareness. So you kinda do. Make a big deal you know if there's something you've ever cared about and it doesn't matter what it is if you see it online Federer or something and you see somebody attacking it or whatever you think. You care right any carpet bomb. Who amongst us. Hasn't. Incessantly tweeted about it topic over and over and over I have to lead over a 100000 times. Yeah my numbers are stick like I am addicted to Twitter have been ever since I got on I imagine it like there like 101520. Wickets there were just as radical as you. Imagine what it's amazing it's amazing will rule this would be if we go on if there were like where it's Travis would now be the best. I mean more of me everywhere how well a wicked wicked change vote wicket libel wicket cargo bomb. First of all in the legalize pot in this country and care at a the support of two other people in this room when he's my close to that sir I believe. Also I would make in switching gears are real quick how old are your five kids Cuba blended family that he got married. 1098. 54. All right have you had to have the conversation with the book it I'd ought to challenge yeah I did okay how does that conversation go it goes like this. I've been waiting for an excuse. To not let you watch YouTube anymore and I have found it. I. And that is exactly how that conversation started to. I put probably cutie pie up put up with that weird one that ended up joking about molested little girls but the tide pot today I had done I show irrational about this so you've taken away the YouTube access for kids to save them from iPods might. Excuse well look out iPod there's another challenger gonna have to worry about their night it seems. At and again every generation probably thinks of the youth of America as the worst of the weirdest of the ones at the dumbest ideas rightly don't we always say. Oh man that was really really stupid how in the world could they do that. Culture. That was I had won. Your boat jeans I did not have to boast now. So ever that we had the good ice cube challenge in the tide pod challenge and there's all these stupid things the kids are doing an immense talent that is seen them in challenged. Educate your kids. And that's just the name itself. The hot coiled challenge I saw. OK. I I don't recommend watching it unless you really wanna see it. But I'm putting it on our Twitter account right now follow us. At KM BZ radio. And you can watch it. And the hot oil challenge is exactly. What it sounds like like iPod challenge. And imagination you can go about fifty different ways right he could be throwing it. It whatever you wanna do it right domino effect of tide pods landing when he knew about the challenge first came about and read it. And it tests again it's called the hot oil challenge it test how long a person can hold their arm pressed against eight piping hot oil. While inflicting themselves with third degree burns. Imagine electric stove. You'd turn it on. One of the burners. Gets glowing hot red and you try to see how long. You can keep your arm on it. This is what kids are freaking doing these days. I don't. Have a clue and they pick it up and then they have like the quail marks on their arm. The hot coiled challenged conversation with your kids. No I feel like you'll tellem and of the dominant to do that as a walk around a scarlet app for the rest their lives it's in the real. How to Obama. Some of these kids off. I mean I could say oh my first thought was but I don't know is there a darwinism comment coming down here now is it hearkens back to everything we've kind of talked about today just a little bit. I don't even know if I should say it might disagree Jackson four minutes left in the hour dropped another pipe bomb these. People are pork. I don't know like kids doing double AC one video and it's the one. What did you do stupid stuff like this I was terrified to do anyway I was taught twit papering once halfway through. My stomach hurts I went home we would pay per inning and we originally date we what do these thing you go around it and you know we are coming down in the fall. You've got everybody's bags of leaves yeah that they'd leave out in out in Milan struck this works best on dual band it's a mess can act and any driver out and then you can either pick a random targets. Or you can pick somebody you know somebody like though. With the parents and because off the and you fill their driveway with leaves. Like bags and bags okay that's bad. Areas so what's dumbest thing you did Travis. Did you do anything stupid or destructive over itself. In pain inflicting on yourself I have lived who's had years of stupidity right you've played football so I mean you've got enough pain by the way here here's what I'm getting at 1157 and now the stores he talked about yeah Rea in accords Arctic. Check Google it Travis has to monitor all us. But people died and dash. And why you would do the hot question that. Slope. And all together being stupid and it sounds and girls are doing well these guys. Right. Right and girls join the boys now that's for the show us or you're just joining us we've had Olympics girl's joining Boy Scouts. Racial profiling and white people burning themselves and people getting upset about allergies in movies that's it well that's. What a hard hitting show finished bad. But I think what the dumbest thing we ever do like the most destructive thing like. And woods pumpkins smashing. You know it is on Halloween yeah I think wrapping you know just. And pulled paper people out there toilet paper area and we did that lead we would take a bunch of yard signs and Philip somebody's yard with like the vote for the for sale. We drive around and gravel and rolled in and a stigma somebody's yard my wife says takes me yeah you and this Tuesday that he did I do okay and you Mary. I still freon from schools and Oklahoma not to. He stole every. She stole three. So much like me marketable. Did you do anything dumb when you're young Lincoln high school lake. But this kid that the burning armed challenge of the tide. I'd challenge. I'd like no self harm their right no felon the liked Dinah and my guests dined dashes in the felony you know none of that. Now see. This generation man I don't know if kids today kids that day. That enable is in Virginia mine is selling for 965 the buzz.