Midday with J&W: Wait you want to arm kids in school????

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Thursday, February 22nd

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We were just talking about the other women's hockey. We last night in the shoot out and somebody down the hall was listening to us underway in and just said to me. You know that that the girl that scored the goal her name is searched sure I don't know last name is. Look more rude David said Jocelyn immoral Davidson. Her legal pursue it like this left and right left and right and she has a name for the goal. The move a crack it's the oops I did it again. I didn't so that. You can read. The stories that are on right it's the groups like it whereas the drum for him for credit for. You can read that on her FaceBook page watch the shoot out there as well. That attack or Marco Rubio on from yesterday and him getting girls but just crossed on CNN. Take aghast at how much money. The marched for our lives campaign has brought in so far all I know they'll find it some this is going to be easy. Okay because I know I was. Ironically I was talking about this with lead the other day and if you don't know the march for our lives. Marches would but the kids in Florida putting together and they're getting a lot of love L 44 and he's not including. The donations from Oprah and Spielberg hand Clooney ladies I thought I saw was that they were going for million and a half and as of a couple of days ago there a million bucks. So it is three point seven million dollars is what they have raised in three days not include including that does so yes so that it oh million from some big names that will no doubt got a lot because you'll have more Hollywood names that will put more money. So one point seven million is just from average people. Not celebrities. On that's so funny campaign and then there's a separate go find me campaign that is solely dedicated to victims funds. That's brought in more than one point nine million dollars in six days keys so the organizers of this unmarked coming up and 24. On have said they're gonna use that three point seven million dollars to organize marches in DC across the country. Any left over money is gonna go toward those victims funds affected by the shooting realists know who'll pay in for funerals helping families out with costs paying for grief counseling back and I thank them. So now interest thing. If anybody. Watched CNN last night. Because those kids that into the marches for that are putting this thing on. They were in Florida yesterday. Add so a town hall a twenty minutes away from Parkland they met at an arena. And they brought in. The the sheriff sheriff Israel we've heard speak that we played parts of his side some of his comments. They brought in a data Lohse or lash about pronounced that correctly from the NRA. Ali brought in senator Bill Nelson from Florida he's a Democrat he brought in senator Marco Rubio. Who is the Republican probably you remember rubio during the other presidential run. And he got to grow real. And ET. Part series in the Marco Rubio got so slammed is no. Presidential candidate took more my that was in the running during the campaign last year got more money. And Marco Rubio and a lot of people believe the NRA is to blame or is got blood on their hands or partially to blame. For a lot of these these shootings. And that it it's not what it's about if we're gonna burger we're gonna listen to some of the reaction because coming up weather wise the students. Talking to senator rubio. Whether it was parents talking to senator rubio. He got beat out and he just took heat lucky since he took it in and he said some things that. Distance himself on a few fronts from the NRA. He said a few things that I thought were good. You know like we are not allowed to change our minds in politics really changes mine and a few things and you're gonna hear from senator rubio some of these kids some of these parents. It's increase was an incredible watch on CNN last night. And you're gonna hear some of those comments next to senator Marco Rubio he. He got brutalized yesterday. But I applaud him a 1000% he knew he was going into lions Dan. He takes a lot of money from the NRA he is the senator in the state are deadly shooting happens he's also one of the faces of Republican Party because he ran for the Republicans. Take it very prominent face Republican party for sure and yeah he listened to it he and de easy so get. Replace some highlights. An and a lot of different topics were covered for Gutenberg. If or Guttenberg is a a father. Who lost his his daughter and was very vocal and he was on all the shows yesterday. It was an exchange between Marco Rubio. And this bother they were discussing among other things the age limit to buy gun. I guess we'll since your opening and thank you I wanna like Q. Here's the problem. And I'm a brutally honest person so I'm just gonna say up front affair when I looked like you you know what they want him to secure you know. Your comments this week in those of our president did pathetically weak. And. OK. Okay. So you an iron and a lot of because I want to like you look at me and tell me Dylan's. Worthy factor. In the beat hunting club out of work kids in this school this week and looked at me until we you accepted. And you will work with us to do something about dot. Fred. Fred. I'm not first of all what let me explain what I said this week and I'll repeat it. I'll repeat what I said. What I said and I'm detail we're gonna do. We're gonna talk about guns and we're gonna talk about what I said this again here's what I said I said the problem is that we are facing. Look look let him speak at that we need to hear I'd say the problems that we're facing here today cannot be solved by gun laws alone. And I'm gonna tell you what we've done already when I hope we'll do moving Arnold Klein is the factor absolutely the courts do work. And here's what the weapon of choice didn't say that. Number one threat. I absolutely believe that in this country. If you are eighteen years of age you should not be able to buy a rifle and I will support a law that takes that right away. By the way later on that it Il he points out that is against what the NRA. Has said the NRA does not believe. In that by the way that that part they're from our guru. He spoke and our president. Spoke and part of that the Smart and take a ninth nattering. The most of any presidential candidate 2016 and now he's not in the top three or four overall. John McCain is number one I believe Ted cruises in that commerce accident awhile but Marco Rubio took more money during the 2060 and I think the NRA got behind him I don't think they've lived in trump out of the gate. A grand and it may throw quickly should have. But Marco Rubio took heat and of money. He was grilled about that NRA money by one of the kids. That survived the massacre. Senator rubio. It's hard to look at you are not looked down the barrel of an air fifty. By the way real quick. He's standing that the dad was in the audience this kid is on stage like from meat to you with a microphone in his hand. And they've a pain like a lob Lear might the it's the little on the EC second a lapel usually so he's staring rubio down. Four feet from his face. You know not look at Nicholas cruise but the point is you're here and there are some people who are not. And I need to ask two things you number one Chris Grady can stand up. This is my friend who's going to the military I need you to tell him that he's going to live to make it to serve our country. And don't get to the other. Not only got to live to serve our country you and you and all of you have a chance to change our country. Change not just our laws that the way we talk about our lives so absolute. Thank you and guys look. This isn't about red and blue which hand to people because they're Democrats and boo people because they're Republicans. Rick anyone who's willing to show change. No matter where they're from anybody who's willing to start to make a difference is somebody we need on our side here. And this is about people who are for making a difference to save us and people who are against it and prefer money so. Senator rubio. Can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the NR. I wish I was checking it as. I was I could've done. How effective spoken. Highly secular. The NRA lady in question. I was the -- really I could have talked to because I would ask her how she can look in the mirror considering the fact that he has children but you know maybe you wouldn't. I don't forget. The question is about and Arianna so number one the positions I hold on these this is the Second Amendment. I've held since today in an office in the city west Miami as an elected official. Number to know the answer the question is that people buying my agenda. And I do support the Second Amendment and I hope to support the right to view and everyone here to be able to go to school and be safe. And I do support any law that would keep guns out of the hands of a deranged killer. And that's why I support the thing that I ask the court. I. He he goes on to say cut off their buddy goes on to say that he will accept money from people who support him which I understand. He goes on to say that we we lost that their butt. He does go on and I think any candidate would say that about any lobbyist any backer whether it's the beer industry or whatever. He got he does go on to say house I'll accept money from people who support me. I'll accept money from anybody who will give it to me pretty much that's what that means pretty much anybody who will help fund my campaign I'll take the money from. Sort do you think and I'm sure this this was some backlash. Against the audience. Are they being fair to rubio. It would it let us know attacks on if you think so because they're there in erupting there's bullying a meanie but you know going into that din. What Europe against you didn't have to do he did not act given tons of credit for that and these are people who elected him. Or didn't but at the very least these are people that live in his district that live in the states. And so he has to be accountable to them. Is it fair that they booed Knoll but so wise and you know what too bad so. Here is a park Linda surviving teacher asking Marco Rubio why she should be armed. And with all these talks of gun control laws and everything that you guys have been up there saying to us of what you're gonna do about it. A lot of being flat but I'd been getting back from my friends and from a lot of other people that are around the world is. The answer to the gun problem is armed teachers and when I had those hundreds of terrified children who were running at me. My question to that is in my supposed to get extra training now to serve and protect on top of educate these children. I'm on how to beat these eloquent speakers that are coming up in presenting issues Q. I mean I mean and my Swiss have a Kepler best of my close to strap it's my way to put it in my desk how am I supposed to go that way. Now president trump earlier in the day suggested not pushed for. But there is the conversation in the White House here's what Marco Rubio as a response to that question was well first I don't support. I think I join everyone here and saying what what you've done is incredible heroism. It reminds us that teachers are heroes every day not just on these days investing in the lives of all of us to. And I think that's the thing. I don't I don't support that and I out of Nancy right now I answer that as much as a father that you as a senator. The notion that my kids are going to school with teachers that are armed with a weapon is not something that quite frankly I'm comfortable where. Beyond that I think that's practical problem. And I'll share what they are. And this is really about the safety of the teacher as much as anything else imagine in the middle of this crisis. And the swat team comes into the building. And there's an adult with a weapon in their hands and the swat team doesn't know who was who and we have an additional tragedy that was unnecessary. And so I I understand how some people are saying that and I am not belittling them. But as a father and as someone who has talked plenty of teachers including the three in my family and the assistant principal on my family. I I don't think that would be a good idea in my view. That was some of the Marco Rubio comments yesterday there are so many other things. That were that were brought up I wanna play one more before news because we had a caller named Ron who called earlier in the show about the size of magazines. And people have been saying don't limit the guns limit the size of magazines and a student. Asked senator rubio about that. Bring Chris Grady Brack. Cameron introduced us all the him he's a senior and he recently enlisted in the army and thank you for that. Chris great. Here's a question for senator rubio. I would just like to thank you again for coming out and listening to us because us a lot more than what can be said for our so called president and governor. I believe I see. For myself and my colleagues in the never again movement when I say that we might not see I die on a lot of these issues. We need you. And your colleagues on both sides to come together with us and find compromise. If we are batters to solve this epidemic. That is. And sorry this epidemic that is they plaguing our country. Senator rubio I believe the big issue when it comes so the debate about semiautomatic. Weapons and automatic. Weapons is so large capacity magazines. Would you agree. That there is no place in our society for large capacity magazines capable of firing. Of over from fifteen to thirty rounds and if not more. Personally thank you for your willingness to serve our country you're doing it tonight and you're gonna do it in uniform we're very good. I'm glad you asked that question. Because I traditionally have not supported re looking at magazine clip size. And after this and some of the details have learned about it I'm reconsidering that position and I'll tell you why. I'll tell you why because. Wallop. It may not prevent an attack it may save lives in an attack. An outlet and I'll let the authorities discussed at the appropriate time wise they've got. Let's suffice it to say that I I believe that there will be evidence that at a key moment in the sense that. Three or four people. There are four people. Might be alive today. Because of something that. This deranged killer did had to do and and obviously it's not for me to make law enforcement announcements I don't know what the right numbers. I don't know what I know that there are for example handguns and have seventeen. So we'll have to get into that debate but that is something that I believe we can reach a compromise in this country. And then I'm willing to reconsider because I do believe that in this instance. It didn't prevent it wouldn't prevent the attack but it made it less lethal. Was senator rubio and I think that's a great answer to say listen I had this position I'll listen and I'll reconsider mine. For the benefit but still protecting your Second Amendment Rights it's a political answer I mean he's he plays the game very very well. The governor Rick Scott of Florida did not attend he stayed in the governor's mansion president trump was invited to not attend. Democrat Bill Nelson was there as was one of the merit representatives from the from congress. Was another Democrat it was and we get the name up real quick. Should I can't find it but it was an. So there were a lot of people there taking a lot different questions and also representatives of the NR game. We're back to a conversation we had the 10 o'clock dollar because one of the things that came out of yesterday was the idea of arming teachers. Would you what armed teachers at. Your school everything we can learn and we're gonna go. Starting about two minutes after this meeting we're going to work this is a long term. Situation that we have to self will solve it together you've gone through extraordinary pain. And we don't want others to go through the kind of pain that you've been through who wouldn't be. Wouldn't be right years ago we had a mental hospitals mental institutions. We're a lot of them and a lot of them have closed two is a sick guy. And he should have been nabbed a number of times. President Donald Trump yesterday in the White House he had a listening session with. Parents of victims survivors kids around the DC schools and teachers. Venting explaining their feelings after last week's shooting the latest school shooting one of the things suggested by president trump on and a lot of others as well. Is arming teachers so we wanna know from you at 5767798. Should we arm teachers. I wanna hear from teachers yeah you're who this affects the most you are the ones in schools you are the ones that. Have a big job already and an and also have a lot of fear about that job and about protecting your kids what do you think about. This step as something you be required to get it. There is a poll question on Twitter too you can vote right now that poll is just should we arm teachers yes no we're not sure. 20% yes 65%. Note 7% not sure. Where do you come down let's start with airing in Kansas City area and should we are teachers. I don't think. There are thought to a lot of heat. And most of them and you 9% of that now. You want to our teacher. There all wallpaper on paper little fire so that. Glass. Who. You're gonna take a future new and posturing. And you know and educating their first and clearing program. Now that the former coming in this year and put them in a position now they have their side should. Then you also have the thing of the future getting shot one. This student error at least I'm in general are and it just you know a good guy what kind of music it. And I am 100% agree with the last thing you had to say their air and thank you for your phone call I'm writing outline now. A good guy I think god is not necessarily good shot. Again if you I I don't doubt that we've a lot of people that are capable of hitting a target. With a handgun. But there's something different between going to your god range. And but having a guy with the and AR fifteen or whatever weapon you wanna say is shooting up a hallway with kids screaming. And you have to get the gun and fire at someone and by the way you might miss and kill a child. The act or teacher or you might not want to. Or in that moment you can't get your gun because maybe it's locked out maybe it's in your best. Let's go to Jim into speaker Jim do you think we should armed teachers. It's not a question of should we are teachers should we allow them to be armed. Those they Kagan should be allowed to do so though there are bullet which shouldn't be mandated to do. It is that there are people that can't solve the problem and there are people that want to make sure that you can't. So this is one part of that solution that can work if allowed to work but it only one small. Small art. Give us your quick question and and I'm I'm you know I I I don't think you and I are in the same page on this but. Do you think that Steve history teacher at at a local high school is capable of taking out. The bad guy in an active shooter situation. Appear at the teachers you know in my life could be. But the majority of them could not because that's not in their trip permit to do so. Most people don't meet again the guy that came and it's. I know what percentage is I think for your vocal Jim. I wonder what percentage would be like let's take Shawnee mission north. How many teachers are Shawnee mission north 6070. So like that forty I don't and it's Maher that's pretty. Decent sized cars a say there's as they have to there's gonna run a hundred teachers and how many of those teachers have the ability to take down somebody in active shooter situation or think they wide yeah Google the point. I think on I think a lot of people. Want to think that they could but that's. That shooter could be kid that was in your class. You know that kid that is running around the hall shooting could be a kid that you had in fifth period history and didn't like you because you gave them an ass fortunate that you lights. A kid that you all you tried to help good point and then you're supposed to shoot that kid and take acted down teachers are not trained like police officers are. You can give them deep physical training and how to shoot a gun all you want that doesn't mean you're instilling the mentality of someone. Who in that moment could shoot a child. Go to Chad. You're nine anyone came BZ go ahead shedding teachers should be armed. So I do not I bet on this I feel like. There should be an and I go wit here and I'm gonna argue on Twitter and on that charter shared that aren't people elect candidate. I feel that. We need to get back to our veterans because there's. Numerous hundreds of thousands of veterans that are out of jobs and that are hungry. And there need to be in this position. To take care. A situation like that because only those people are better and that crisis situation and to be able candle. Something like that it detonated its future but doesn't it could be disputed. It needs to be better and Dmitry need to get back to them as they opt for a. Thank you for your phone call no argument for me Chad could follow me on Twitter at my quickest Jamie's it Jamie KM BZ follow a school. And level definitely file you back. Because that's got to cut the money's gonna come from somewhere you're putting additional two veterans and every school. You know to help with something like that and that money's gonna come from somewhere and I ask is that enough. Toy 300 kids went to the high school where this for a shooting happened. By my with my plan that would event like 48. Would have been nine security guards on the campus with my big idol land. It's a big high school if you want to see my plan follow me on Twitter my wicket. It's also became easy FaceBook page with a lot of animated conversation that. When apple on with a two by animators do you mean hateful. And ugly on it all up yeah let's go to Bruce in Kansas City Bristol and armed teachers. No. I think it teacher with a gun would be just like a if somebody comes in the school India gunfire in the classroom and more students would get killed. I think they are stopped from coming and just like to do at City Hall. I think there's some people out there that would say definitely have metal detectors to go along with that is that look I can even. Let when I go to City Hall to go to my tags renewed they have metal detector the second you walk in. There are not stop them right there even absolutely thanks Bruce appreciate and am I 767798. Or text in a Tutu. 980 yeah it. I think. Every student goes in or somebody goes into a school knowing it teachers are armed you're gonna shoot teachers. That's reared on first to it to make sure that those people can't see you then you're gonna on your spree.