Midday with J&W: Wait a minute....There are BEARS in Missouri?

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Wednesday, June 13th

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Story across the country big story across the globe is the World Cup 26 announcement will be a united World Cup Canada the United States and Mexico. It was a big press conference down at arrowhead today is Kansas City is one of the finalists to host. A couple of matches who knows what round I mean it's got no timetable as far as we know. Joining us right now from the press conference from our sister station 610 Sports Radio you've seen her on TV she used to play the beautiful game and now she talks about the beautiful game welcoming Julian Carroll. Gillian thanks much for the time we appreciate it. Hey I like yeah I think in part that you aren't very. I know that there are soccer fans going crazy all over putting together the road bigs like sly it was do and try to get HQ two to come to their city but. How cool is this from your perspective as a soccer fan is somebody who grew up playing the game. That it's going to be a joint effort USA Canada and Mexico. Yeah I articulated. I don't think that in my life forever when it comes to the United States in 94. Our young men but it really wasn't on the floor yet let me ask me in the night at eight. And our current soccer another American Eagle pass and I think what they thought of course. I can't hear me baseball and football and hope it will that hurt us and went about half came near. You know it really is seen. I mean you'd be and that is something that I could be about and then of course. Venus female player back or two and 99 cut. We're the United States open line. That they're me enhance that dream big outbreak in bank hack at it hired you're really it. Means everything for me personally though it is today is right up there links I don't feel like Christmas again. So talk about the other cities that are in the running and kind of how Kansas City stands out amongst that group we're wondering do we have a chance. Yeah we're looking at what they. I really needed in her back at the fact that everybody on the on the collaborative team. Really wanted to focus on who we are at this city and being confident that we are what Bernie and not really. Worrying about the competition thinking well I really appreciate it you're like that technically mayor game. That we can keep our. Well in the city I can't happen me being perfect airline bit crap that support faith which means that you think is can he get the or else. I appreciate that effort by Utley like okay they're competent and who Google don't worry I think well. EE I think you know when. We need to be considered and that what I mean by that is that you can't get. That it got after the on the West Coast. I think they'd whack if you look at apple here is one of the emperor who think more aircraft is probably going to get. And then act is. There are biased and correctly or in and record the technical and there's situation and not think I worked for air hadn't been in time by my bears they'll. Your diet with the caliber of that game you. I think we'll have a theory theory is of course the fact it. And then think on any other kind of anger that. Eric and could be different levels of acted that would so for example can host about I total. I think we got back if we can get grant and knockout round that's not that great that we now like to eat. I am I we have let it take to the host. More than one. More than one. Though it sounds exactly even earning but I want it by air. Julian Carroll joining us talking about World Cup 26 as the United States Mexico and candid double lot hosts the World Cup eight years from now. Was during discussion at today's press conference that may be Kansas City is looked at as a practice sites but maybe not a match site. It certainly isn't optional now there will be heard cities that well being named format it doesn't book that I also get as I. Actually eight camp or even. Yeah or even. He's standing by at error. I do you think that would feel there is leaning back in Atlantic. That you know. That is an option. So talk more about. You know how we how we sell this and what people get out of Kansas City. Are preparing just we were talking earlier about the way is solid you know the other side we have here. Omni at. If you look at that thing really is certain amount of air and street and there. Is what class and I think that ends ground that the game Lamar Hunt. And were seen at that scene in it and people don't like now aren't so passionate about. Getting back here community participating being active member that wants it. Big news that where. Multi right now obviously for the scene at a problem and what how it actually. Who called wolf how are held at airhead here you know now I think that we offer copper and not hurt not. Top of the line being used Al at all within a world class training facility. I asked if Allah help inspire and support they need in her name as a host city and it was thankful that obviously. Her leadership and him. Really amazing organizations. Supporting Indian that he certainly they cannot. How. It works facility. That was going to be a C a piece of value for our for our ball. What challenges and solutions were discussed if any today a press conference. Yeah that our I mean anything like this they're in the town been armed. I think. He at apple and hurt I had over. The I think it is in charge. Get back to work on a day. Prior. Day when Mary. It was eerie. Can bounce back Kyle and now Arafat that he won't be RA and I think they also have challenged. In the fact that we want you want to say at mayors. Here to other night that it is a parent can see it maintained that what. At this forward. The more I think it would be costs if he can really completely different you know that they are art world. Kind of world. In. Or they're mentally you need. And now. In our favor like her at eight and July when he. While becoming quiet children are part that can make together. In the deeper you go. But he'll bring high high level. Back in the city they'll. He is being late hour Clinton and Al. Killing appreciate it so much things are carving out a few minutes for us. I. So I Julian Carroll friend of the program our friends at 610 low under to us and we can appreciate that very very much used to play the game you've seen her on TV. Julian Carroll joining us here on 98 on KM BZ and it and it's one of those things like to think about the challenges and solutions and where this city will be eighty years from now. Yeah I think our glory years ago. You know we were just a couple years and haven't power light Kaufman Sutter was not there yet streetcar was not area in now on by the time we get to where these games are going to be. We'll have the new airport terminal one have you convention hotel. Heaven only knows how many more restaurants haven't just come by and on and the city's gonna grow by then as well so. But and temporal. If you read about the the bid for the United States and the subsequent cities that are trying to get games and matches she's soccer matches. Heidi get matches played here in Kansas City the other cities as well around the country need to Mexico and into Canada in yesterday this time we talked about. The pickle slushy from sonic. I had it. I. We'll give you a quick review will. Also will tell you. There's why animal the rise in wild animal sightings of particular animal in Missouri. That we're gonna tell you about coming up next day this time. We are talking about the debut of the pickle slushy. From. From sonic. And some of the other flavors well. Jamie I happened to do some show research yesterday. And I on the way home I would for the second day we do the sonic off of at seventh street whatever is on the right after the state line. And I were to myself burger and Fries from sonic and got myself a select my drink to be the pickle sloshing. And the guy the windows said the lot. Maybe he didn't know the menu items and eight hits via. Sawyer did the pickle slushy and actually I put it in my cup holder in my car. Because I didn't want I wanted to sit down. And breathe and avidly just Unita and just taste it don't want to make sure I had the full eating experience. With pickle slushy so I get home and sit down to the dog out. And it's a back down at the table and I've put out burger and Fries. And the pickle slushy and I treated it like it like a normal drinks are led off with a pickle slice. Actually he followed me on aims to grammar on Twitter videos there might very first step. I got the medium size so it's a decent sized slushy from from sonic. I'll probably never ordered the thing again. They are right it was at bat by any stretch of the imagination it was disgusting it wasn't grows. It's just a lot. It is a lot of sweet and take and it definitely tastes like pickle. And I could probably handle about three ounces of it bordering the twenty ounce medium. Was probably a bad idea what you expect me. I don't know what I was expecting you know I mean as X. May be set closer to of that pickle chips yeah. Pickles slushy like it. Yeah I and it's all in your mouth the aftertaste is real. Yeah and it only gonna want to buy them generally like one pickle that good so why would you want. Keep drinking that the number when you leave to go to him you know to go right your aaron's got a bottle water. You're gonna wanna put that in your car whatever he could have a drink with you or soda right. You're not filling up year you're Getty travel month. It pickle juice and some ice cubes. And alleviating your coupled talk tried to I imagine dropping MI but try this evening you martyred on at least do. Is it more like the sour. Salty pickle or is that like your relishing pickled to put on a hot dog typical salary with a sweep kicker. OK if that makes sense yeah it take it doesn't taste like relish it tastes like your sandwich pickle your pickle spear or whatever. Anybody else tried this thing text in 22980. Is again. It was good for a couple of sips just like when you go to the refrigerator and you throw up next year sandwich that you make yeah. And yet a couple of bites. What you're not make it a mile pickles. Writes you're. Lesser pregnant iMac and Mac are really in the detritus because I like pickle juice. There and like for football percent on seven tournaments we would drink equities as our Gatorade so is that true. Good you have a lot of electoral lights and it and stop you from cramping I don't know that's a while I accuse. That's when I'm hoping and it is yet what would you say it's a hot day. You chilling by the pool you'd Moehler sit there. You pull up pickle juice politics out of it a shot is not a whole lot now. I mean yeah yeah. I like your suggesting what it's better with a shop went right what he's battery back what it is that are sent James. That is a shot in this blog yes Jamison yeah I've we have told this before a manifesto that that the club a dirty deed was shot a shot of whiskey shot a pickle juice yeah it's actually it. For whatever seed again. It's a shots I probably wouldn't make a pickle juice cocktail. Right like I'm not adding. You know some Tito's millions of lime juice. At some pickle juice that's not go together for me my dear come about being pregnant someone goes pregnant here you're gonna make me about it. A yeah. Somebody said. We found it week week yeah it's not overwhelming. You know you hear it it doesn't blow you away were you you have to kind of take his. Step back if delegates at doctor pepper or anything like that it's just a pickle juice flavored. Flavored slushy little sweet to somebody else ready yesterday it's too sweet thank him again thank. Remember others what are the things that you and I Bonn over eight coconut. Hand. There's a liquor O Jin Jin Jin is that difficulties engine yeah. Get to sixty things I don't like put it. Not gonna happen. You know yeah. You wouldn't I don't hear that. Pickle juice in June and so now. I would give it I would say it was good but it's not like I've given up a five a given a three men because it's not something I would wanna travel like. Hey we got a three hour ride in front of us to double wine honey let's stop its sonic and then I'm not ordering the pickle juice slushy eaten but if it was just a smaller Watters said it's not bad. So I turned pickle juice every day it helps with cramps and dehydration. Okay teacher said that yeah football a couple of things out there that I don't. I don't usually expect to see when I'm driving down the road. Ayers. I definitely worry about Ayers in Missouri but for some reason. Bearers are subtly showing up. Dead and alive across misery you know why an expert says it's a large part of male bears looking for love are we all. Wire they get to habitat they wouldn't normally get into usually bears that out of their normal habitat are looking for food. Now because there were tearing down trees or two whenever we would do to take waiter. They're natural habitats they Glenda other inhabited areas they wouldn't normally is anybody having. Bear sightings 5767798. Beacon texted at 22980. Out where and what you do a 400 pound male black there was found dead. Over the weekend in the current river near the southern Missouri town of van Buren. On Monday. One and maybe two players. Wandered into a mobile home park south to Saint Louis and three times in recent weeks. Bears were found dead on southwestern Missouri roadways. Do we have bears in Missouri is this thing where apparently. They're missing that. At this from channel line in the that next line is the one that I guess confirms that. Missouri's bear population is slowly increasing. Big is in Missouri. And what were the places you just mentioned how. It. Missouri Department of Conservation bear expert Laura humbly. Says it's the time of the year not the rising number of payers that's causing Elvis sightings. In late spring and early summer adult males roll around in search of breeding partners. So they just chill in south Saint Louis or whatever. Hanging out locking up and down roadways like. I don't think I've ever seen a bear in my life in person outside. Is to. Wore a circus. So is there advice on what to do with them if you encountered not I do not according to channel line just reported Tuesday that there are players out there and you're seeing the pair outside of this do everything never seen a fair but what in new eight. Year. It. You what to do everything they just they run free like Wright and across the imagine running into a beer with your card the damage that dare we dude your car. So this is bear Smart dot com. Which is the site the best to prevent an unpleasant bear encounters to avoid it altogether bears usually avoid people lately so he had the advice is avoid errors. To ensuring surprise or unpleasant encounter with a bear avoid moving through bear habitat silently OK but what do you do that. This is when it happens all the key players is avoid bears remain calm and ready you'll bear spray. Equity that there. I stay together if your group you'll appear larger and more intimidating these are together trying to figure out whether the mayor's grizzly or black their idea. Idea. But it's him and I guess because they tend to behave differently in given situations or it helps to know which species you're dealing. If possible try to determine whether their cubs president or whether the Bayer is defending an animal carcass or their food source. OK now you know dealing with a cute bear on the trail or your campsite stop which are doing evaluate the situation. Identify herself by speaking in com appeasing. Why. Okay I'm wicket. Mr. And by yourself I wouldn't. Calling attention yourself at all. Back away slowly preferably in the direction that you keen. Zoellick back away slowly walk don't run keep your and the bears you can see how it will react in most cases the bear willfully. If your in your campsite or the please please look at the difference repairs and grizzly bears black bears carry. On it or this is important. If your your campsite or they're please spears shouldn't be and you harsher the mayor's black bear. Consider trying to move it out of the area. A year ago here's here this is from bear Smart dot com. That's Sodom. The grizzly bears for now its shoulder on which the black bear lax also has a concave or dished facial profiles smaller ears and much larger clause. In the black there. Black mayors have tea Blackberry is obese a flatter Roman nose pro as a Roman now larger ears no visible shoulder up in smaller clause so when the bear what you want when your campaign so why. The other. Which I've never seen so I'm not right know the difference so when you're walking into camp site on accident any giant. Bear of some kind stands up and is it beat idyllic. Number check out that shoulder got what we see Richard island. Due every Roman nose profile. You really important that gives us. Because never try to move a grizzly bear. But if it's a black bear consider trying to move it out of the area. Oh ensure there is it clear and safe escape route with no people are obstacles and it's way stand tall cannot be real website net. Stint and look at directly and the guy out there comfortably. Your bare. But you're not telling me that's the advice he can't pepper spray ready in case the bear approaches to closely. Sometimes they are feels that it's threatening an act aggressively to defending perceived threat. Let's see the closer you are the bear when it becomes aware viewed more likely it is to react defensively may pop up its jaws are swapped ground and they lunge at you. Travis are you writing this down so I'm not the smartest guy on the but if you look black bear. There's the all black and or you get it like kind of a darker shade of brown if you look at grizzly bear at all. A light shade of brown. That I can tell also movies are liars because in the movie though is a laid down and play dead. Elevate his stand up and yellen. Up and say okay. Don't grizzly and black can't tell your shoulder hump is telling you roll over and played no role in your stomach and cover your neck in the back of your head with your hands keep your legs and elbows wives of the Bayer can't flip you over. When the attacks stops. Remain still and wait for the deer to leap so it's the bear is done mauling you. Relax. And hang out engine. Do not get up until you're absolutely certain there is no longer you have to wait a half hour 5767798. Let's go to Ashley and KM BZ actually where are bears. There are all over are our train main national forest. All of the late. Are likely to. Bear population like in Missouri. I don't know exactly what it's like but I mean that we're not been likened to chat and things like that I seen them outside our cap and when you're camping you wanna make sure and keep your stay in or BO. And then about the vehicle you'd never ever keep stating your stance. We get a big mistake people make and I read and hiking and backpacking magazine and they say actually get that belt on your shoes. They can't appear on the trail that way you won't startle the air he'll hear you coming in usually tell right off secretly are about like that side of what about Blackberry. Lol have you encountered one. I've never encountered one like eight straight talking on the trail I happened before which when it's going to be not striking comment but my life. We opt I have outlined all of our military. What would go globe that you encountered a motion. She gently or ice. Boundary waters in northern and my brother and I were reportedly can do it went up on our shoulders you know we're walking through. And around the corner and they are very big minutes that we did a touchdown and an early on. Oh my lord. It's like a scene in Jurassic Park it is I'd under the car to the giant has hit eight little. To everybody in the universe. That is shocked that we didn't know there were bearers of misery. Calm and relaxed backsliding and he's. Like oh for heaven's sakes grizzlies are much larger than brown bears. Blackberries or 500 pounds last grizzlies are so much bigger if I'd never seen a Boehner. I love talking about I don't know what a bigger. Did seem to me without seeing them to each other and with the bigger bear it is good I got two great gains that live in my apartment building. Things look like giraffes to me I have no idea. It's just a 500 pound black pair watched. In the world are you talking about and just. I have no idea Mike and K and easy like you run into bears. Yet are not intentionally in Tennessee. If they're driving tour and the mountains. And apparently. They are. And we took our. Leave government. There's there's more rare at all or up through the air for now. On the same trail element or. Are there and there are popular in Europe where. You'll. See that black or turn. On and after. Certain reports. So is he more scared of you in your opinion than you or him. Yeah I I I imagine a thinks the phone call might appreciated. I 767798. I I love the bear stories keep comment. Where you run into bears where are they in and around Missouri. Everyone relaxed she's not a big game went very time I heard somewhere that there periods attract bears. By the Australasian. Well that's just great. He it and payers. I put my whole station in jeopardy. About bearers. The bear sightings are apparently up. Dead and alive across Missouri. A 400 pound black hair was found dead in the current river. In southern Missouri. Two days ago one maybe two Beers wandered into a mobile home park south Saint Louis and three times in recent weeks. Pairs were found dead on southwestern Missouri roadways the bear population in the state is slowly increasing. But Missouri Department of Conservation bear experts. Caloric kindly. Says the time of year not the rising number of banners that's causing Elvis sightings in late spring early summer adult males. Roam around in search of breeding partners. They do that all year and a power and light around 2 o'clock in the morning at 5767798. Where you see in bears in Missouri what you're into outer or the Bayer like. Failure on KM BZ thanks for anybody. Yeah I'll say I haven't seen bears of Missouri but some years ago Yellowstone National Park. And looking over scenic overlook and now belong on him. A river valley creek bed there there was any grizzlies in two cubs walked and Ronald on the wherever. Grow these are not in this part of the country bear habitat is from yells to home. Nor can last up in western Montana. Glacier National Park have been the candy you'll not encountered are grizzly bear. And if you ever do group reserve where dangers they will attack you they're they're the most embarrassing and wrong quit there that are fast movers on the ground. Do you have any shots if you stare down a grizzly like I can you out Ron can I help run a grizzly. Now what he would try that they're very powerful prayers mean. And they're related to poll numbers and Kodiak for all of the same generic there. You dead if you run into a grizzly bear. Well. The outcome usually are not good just put it that way. I've gone way you'll stop or grizzlies with our power. Weapon of some sort. But it's one of those things go wrong I mean they always say roll up them the ball and cover your head. Elite athlete played debt. It thanks for the info fell. Jamie makes you're carrying a high powered weapon when you look into Canada and he's running to a grizzly bear I just look though at how after the bears' run 35 miles brown. To look at what. The fastest human on earth can run threes that mosque and at the same mosaic bit grizzlies can climb right. They can grizzlies have injury so I have learned so you ready to a grizzly. Another reason just to stay inside watch movies and just ran into a grizzly you're done. You're done. Karina high powered weapon with your. Josh on KM BZ we're BC bears Josh. Are better. Not a currently pairs of black bears over the note. Like the Ozarks. I'll I mean. Like anything help at all depends on how much city element dale. And it that's not what Jamie was saying earlier. Piggyback off the last caller. That Bear Bryant is a real. Like up in Montana they sold out like. No tomorrow. And that but it widget high powered pepper grade or spoke to use but or use that weapon. To deter the ire from Vietnam on your. So you're supposed to spray the thing in the face and hope and then and do your best to get the heck out of. You're basically poke a spoke to spread like what made like a cop would eat out somebody else but it. Not data networks suspect with a black bear is they're very English. Like a whole stand tall and yell I'm as well make you feel like you're bigger than a buyer I would recommend it. They'll. Obvious it's not worked out well for you. But yeah I mean currently there are extremely. Ever come up on that you look so failed to meet the Lockheed. Eagle bear hunting Josh. I have yet and there aren't being denial counting numbers are up lately it was up mock and that it up there. Okay because I know some is that. Is it legal hunt bear in Missouri at some point. It's not that I'm aware. OK I got sick and they should focal because I got friends up in Wisconsin are that would go to Canada. And would do bear hunting site I didn't know if it was legal to have to hunt bear. Or Bayer's. Patent in Missouri. They probably in Kansas to go with any bears and learn about it but it's possible and let's go to Murdoch on KM BZ were you increasing bears Murdoch. I'll and I see they're I'll let Simon into the city of course were kind of barriers that I'm talking about it the. I'm gonna have to put John all they know or this is gonna go Murdoch. It'd. And out there are about to you know it a little bit more aid to an error. In ink I would argue that. The Irsay does not now. Google the term fair and game now never a packed. I I asked if that's where where Murdoch was going I had yeah yet did yet ago I didn't in now saying. Really classic a larger. Hairy ear man. Who projects an image of rugged missed masculinity. But is gay. Is generally a bear and a friend Michael halves of the north land is a bear would totally affair. Think you Murdoch for dragging her into the segment into the toilet we. It's definitely appreciate it did say that Travis. When I asked have you seen a bear Missouri and they say yes that's fronting as it checks Xena Bayer not that there. I blame you for distract us. Travis you have to fill the next 92 division and it would would you talk about things you did that to us I'm scanned through worst US of these eleven. We're getting here from Josh Klinger. Former sister stations extend them all with a big news about the World Cup Milwaukee. Go. Springfield Missouri at number eight point Lewis isn't as well what's the worsening. Memphis say three people Detroit Michigan number do you try to get try to. Inflation number twos Saint Louis number three. So where's Kansas City on the list and ends up CPU this week. Hey man. Sackett Lou. It up Oprah on the other side. It doesn't. Myself it's cancer and so that I Brazil's president. I ever spent any time and I've driven through Springfield once either haven't spent a lot of time there now so I wouldn't I wouldn't have a clue just pulling her coming up from our sister station 610 Sports Radio. The big news is out of that the 20/20 68 years from now. The World Cup will be a unified.