Midday with J&W: Wait did you just say all cops are "Cowards"???

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Friday, February 23rd

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Story yesterday. Broke lately it was funny was right before the great story broke what I cooked yesterday afternoon yeah I know you did. And so and and like kind of involved cooking and so I was away from Twitter heavens for bad effort about two hours yesterday in a teacher is escape the world's for a little bit. IPhone or dinner at six can go. Up. This is just he's broken in the two hours I was whacked weeks. On the other story that broke yesterday we found out that the on campus cop. Did not go in. When the shooting was going down at a high school in park. And hopefully some cuts here in a second of the Broward County sheriff Scott is real but what we know now that we didn't know a couple of days ago is that there was a guy named Scott Peterson whose job was to be the armed security guard. Ford this high school at this building. He was also a deputy for the Broward county sheriff's department and they weren't viewed video from somewhere of the shooting. The shooting itself went on for grand total of six minutes. And what they have learned is that Scott Peterson stood. Outside the west entry door to the school and end the exact words on the Broward manager was asked what was he doing on the video and a sheriffs said nothing. He was standing there with his radio and just watching the door and a share of sad. His exact words word go in and killed the shooter shoot the shooter killed Keller as what he sent. He did not and as a result of that Scott Peterson and was initially suspended without pay and he's got thirty plus years as a deputy with the department. That's the point which you can retire and so he is choosing to retire off. 5767798. Were gonna get into some comments made by the sheriff here employment a sack. And also comments made by president Donald Trump. Eyes he was speaking before she packed today time it is some of his comments at C packed about as. Our officer who was on the school grounds. Do you think this officer is a coward. For not rushing into the building to try to end Nicholas crews reign. As he was firing bullets upon all of these kids 5767798. You can text at 22980. Here is some cuts from a sheriff Scott Israel Broward County sheriff. What I solos. A deputy. Arrived at the west side building twelve. Take up a position. And he never went in. The investigation. Will continue. We're not going to. Disclosed the video at this time. And we may never disclosed the video. Penny on the prosecution. And the criminal case. I think he remained outside for upwards of four minutes. Into the funerals have been to the homes were the citizenship. I've been to the visuals. It's just their own words. Devastated and sick to my stomach. There are no words. Mean these families. Lost. Their children. We lost coaches. After seeing video. Witness statements. And Scott Peterson's verio statement. I decided. This morning. To suspend. Scott Peterson without pay. As is his right. Scott Peterson shows to. Resign. Because he has the necessary time with the agency. And meets the requirements. Of retirement. He resigned and slash retire. There are a lot of people are FaceBook page that are calling him a coward come because. This was your job. Your job was to keep those kids safe and you were told to go in and killed a killer. She coward. President trump says he has. Why. I don't know you know that's out there that's a character issue for sure what he didn't do was the job that he was supposed to dale. And we have seventeen people that are dead as a result of the shooting and it's possible that a guy with the gun. Could have been in that school not some guy with the gun but a deputy with thirty years on the force who was trained in how to use that time on who's got a lot of experience. Dealing with criminal situations on it's possible he could have gone and taken down shirt. There's president trump. Getting ready to board Marine One of hobble foresee packed today. That's okay where somebody was outside. That train. They didn't react properly under pressure or their work hours it was a real shot that the police department. What he did he strained his own life as an example. But when it came time to get in there it is up things. He would have the characters something happen. President trump. What do you think by 7677985767798. Certain atomic KCK Tom was this officer was Scott Peterson a coward. I'm home and yet the eight hour. There is beating up on. Board it to protect. And that are not I think it is right in between children and. I it attic. Our 98 I came and ripped it is light. The other thing that. Bigger picture of the Broward County management at their their order. Between men and pocket it and it. Time they say everybody is a problem from that it is here. Obviously think but I want but this is done is bought and on it out in. Thank thank you for your phone call Tom we appreciate it let's go to BJ out of the legends your 91 KM BZ was you coward BJ. I think he said Dominic Howard if you are not accurate. Or for thirty years ninety days I mean. I think it's about what his throat he thought about Mary agreed to retire at Al you know wanted you know a lot of risk outside. He does play at a moment like cowardice that's for sure. Did you think her whole comment we appreciate it is pressure to ever see able to do a few more calls coming up it is definitely a terrifying situation. To the end. To be outside adored. My guesses you can hear gunshots or at the very least your aware that an active shooting it is happening and that a guy with the gun is running around shooting inside. That is a terrifying moment to think that you've got to go in and taken down and you could be shot yourself. But the Broward County sheriff says that was sister. 5767798. Will be two more of phone calls coming up. I'll reach Amir FaceBook it's your tweets at 22980. Scott Peterson the guard on the campus. At Marjorie stone in high school. A coward for not going in he stood outside the gate waiting for Nicholas crews to come out seventeen people died. The question for second somebody just brought this on the tax line it was something I had not thought about. On Dirk police guarding Scott Peterson's home now there are because he is the subject of a lot of hate and anger. Some may find a text line on that they're surprised that the Broward County sheriff released his name. We talk about Ella we talk a battle yes whether or at least they officer's name and a case like that. Mean think about that releasing his name now because now. Wow who knows why it. Again that happened is gonna have to go to some kind of protection for our fans act or just leave it moved. Can beautifully as far away in or dinner where the furthest place away as a reminder coming up at 2 o'clock dean and parks like the 54 street grill in. Saint Joseph's. So they had to leave like 6 AM from late from a from Dana's house writes luckily in the vent their before okay good as they've done this before it straight up the okay the gas. I thought it was really it crowns and that's why I think that's why it what thirteen it's more of phone calls talking about Scott Peterson is he coward your calls next. I'd rather have somebody that loves their students who wants to protect their students did somebody standing outside that doesn't know anybody and doesn't know the students. And frankly. For whatever reason decided not to go in even though we heard lots of shots being fired. Inside I don't wanna have. A hundred guards standing with rifles all over the school. You do a concealed. Carry permit so this crazy man who walked in wouldn't even know what is it that's it that's good. Dump bed that's good. And it teach you wouldn't she got the hell out of him before he knew what have. President Donald Trump is a bad that's good earlier today he's she'd back. Plain do is base. Re basically reaffirming that he wants armed teachers were talking right now about Scott Peterson he is the army guard that was on the school grounds. Last Wednesday when the shooting happened at the park when high school. Who waited outside for four minutes. During an attack that lasted 810 minutes whatever it was six minutes six minutes so for those six minutes he was standing outside. The west and treated the school. And right now all we're asking you. Because president troubles come out and said he was a coward. A lot of you on FaceBook have called this police officer a coward thirty years on the job beside thirty years as a deputy with the sheriff's department that qualified him for retirement which he is taking 576779. Eights. Do you think of that is a coward. A John into peca and 91 KM BZ John was Dick Howard. Well I'd I think that he. But but in the circumstance that he wasn't in before any dispute got fire he didn't react wage. And the problem is it yes see he. He carried out however you'd probably less likely to be a coward if there were you were freer maybe for the people aren't going in with him. Help them out support him in May be perhaps. That he had an M four burst the pedestal because you're going up against a rifle. You want something a bit as much firepower are equal or better to go against that guy you'd neutralize them rather than going out. You know what does that pistol in your notes you know that felt like automatic rifle and if they would have more people that were armed. They've you know what I don't think it would have been the same for him you brought would have moved in knowing that there are other people as back there in front the guy. And thanks the phone call John appreciate it let's go to look Susie in Gartner and 81 KM BZ. Susie what do you do for living. I and the police are. I haven't for twenty years travel around app for fifteen years in different school district. Wow okay well when you hear heard yesterday or maybe just heard it today that Scott Peterson had a gun. Was told this is your responsibility and Jamie said he was told killed a killer. That's what that was the quote from the deputy I don't know what he was to hold in the moment I don't I don't know what his directions war he denied. A command but the sheriff in the news conference said he should have gone in until the killer. Now Susie when you heard that what was your reaction. Well my question would be there are a lot of things it's CD and find my partner you know Haywood point fingers. Ed when he talked about training people are saying. I only retreat on your life yet. And I didn't turn into the patrol lobster I've been trained at bay correctional lock their. I think during they're thorough and Michael that there were 41 of them have been very poor training in the air clean about being active shooter training. And hamstring did I did he actually did active shooter training did they do camera that they can Malaysian. Which I did with one cold is strictly in New York with the law enforcement agency. It was in the area that was very proactive about in the school district and very good about you know doing drills because that means you. And being I think derail it myself knowing that I wouldn't need it killed it was a drill but I'm telling you why it's totally different. In being on the job could trot they're going in like you kind of know the situation. And how to whatever he dealt with the people saying if you act trolls you know eighty. They go in there not knowing where the person is not knowing what they look like running toward big you know gunfire. It pay them trainee in paint a lot of you know all the hearings get climbing to a kid you know I had actually get that training I have a lot of compassion for the military people that it unnerving. About it is thank you for your service Susie we really appreciate it thanks the phone call let's go to Brian Italy Brian what did you used to do for living. All right he just had Suzy who say was not a coward would you say that he was a coward would you agree. I would say he's a coward you know the when police officers taken of there's there's a priority. Of safety and and life that first priorities citizens. The second as a suspect in the third at the cut there the cops own life. The U make split second decisions and your police officer and regardless of the issue meaner it's not shooting. Split second decisions depending on the stress can elect maternity. That he had fortified minutes which is a lifetime in comparison to make a conscious decision. To do nothing and in thirty years he has had to make split second decisions. No regardless of what kind of active trainer shooting he may or may not have. The the priority like the priority of life in the note is in the made a conscious decision. I think you brought so much and they giver for your service in the past. 5767798. Let's talk to David in independence David thanks for calling do you think this officer was a coward for not going in the school. You know our our pressure to commercial law should call and combat veteran sought out teacher and my comments were directed at that. People who like our program who are qualified to sure I don't. Credibly critique this situation. I don't think that the president calling this man coward and he talked in my man who choked on stage or. He would have the courage to do and you sort of occurred to criticize somebody else other indecision. It is just. All of what me and you know we all electric and we beat her person that would strip are concerned our computer. People say it all the time about it out all guns to protect my family able to come when push comes to show. There's very little that have the ability disk or you can take that chance with our existence self preservation takes expert and so. Thank you for your phone call and and more importantly thank you for your service. If it is there is something to be said about a guy. With five deferments from going and fighting for military to call somebody else a coward. Finally got around. That's fine Alley that 55 draft deferments for bone suffers because I've never served either. I couldn't do it sounds I could not do it I can't call anybody a coward is I I've I've never served. I would freeze up in this situation I would run I would duck I would hide. I couldn't do it either let's good to let Kevin in Overland Park avenue and 81 KM BZ was this guy coward in your mind. I think they'll call. It the counter but I don't think that the IP I think the fundamental breakdown. Within the police or you look at the number of domestic dispute. Being among. The lead out there. It'd be terribly hard job bill I'll it's crappy job and we all that it. You look at the theory here is we act here recently been the majority plea out there but that situation. Would you be acting acting. I don't think he's I just want to make sure I get that right can you think the majority of cops would have frozen or not gone and. I think. And I believe that majority. Art Howard did you look at get on the very issue if you look at every action you watch. So I don't. Are there any right it didn't jerk reaction to your. I'd been elected to. I don't think I think probably the majority of people. Situation. It's easy to play armchair quarterback and they would have been in thirty. That that I'm aware. We need to take a look at the clean up certain that a bit older people read the detention because. Yet or I am and get it out for thirty year there. I'll be getting the package. Is no penalty whatsoever. In. Police outside the door because the deadlock that threatened but it. We need to hire would be that our our. I I gotta catch off your Kevin cut first of August we got to get to the news second of all I think people are screaming at the radios when you when they hear you say that you think the majority of police officers. Our power. Site if you're screaming call onscreen. 577798. Or two to uniting your I need my dad's dinner again if you missed it the majority of cops are cowards and probably would not have gone in that building to find the shooter. I 100%. Disagree with Kevin and I mean do my best not to yell and scream Jamie but we're gonna let you I'll let you do that Kevin. While I may disagree with your point. We thank you for your phone call right back to the phones at 5767798. Tiger about Scott Peterson the police officer of thirty years it was on that. Campus last Wednesday at the Portland shooting did not go in. Building. Waited outside for four minutes we presume he waited outside for decreased to come out of the buildings of any thought he would be able to take him down but. Didn't go win this decided that he was going to was put on suspension and he said he is going to retire he'd been on the force for thirty years. Yeah the Broward Broward counties Broward County has got Israel came out yesterday and sad initially. Scott Peterson had been put on. Unpaid. Suspended without pay and nationally while they sort this out in the them but they've got the video. Which shows him standing there out with his radio outside the west entry to the school and a reporter asked the sheriff. What was he doing in the video and the sheriff says not and he was to stand her eyes so he's got a time on the forced to retire and that's what he's doing. There are enough concerns about his safety that police are guarding his home. Because his name was released. And by the share is a little surprising it is it didn't occur to me insult frankly a someone attacks on mentioned it but yeah there are there are concerns for his safety. 5767798. Right back to the phones and we go to Chris in North Kansas City Chris what do you do for a living sir. Well I'm retired police officer. Europe police officer can I get your reaction of the previous caller Kevin statement that. Most police officers are cowards. But that was my temper and it's you fall 100% wall don't know what I wanna say it's on its yeah upper earners act. You know. Call a tower I I'd like it to Keller ran him but we don't train officers to land like that and you've got you've got to assess the situation and that. At I say I simply trying to go chill and I got award this saucer I don't know what's going on inside. I'm either way you play righteous man units on situations like this you wanna have a back in opposite. If it goes down on his own and operate as a one man unit that's just not the way you kind of artists that I indispensable to go win. They eat your assessment that's directly to the back in option now but I'm not understand it he did he not only when the other officers arrived. At a I didn't I didn't. I'll be honest what we know from the sheriff is that he stood outside for four minutes I don't know what happened that for a minute mark. Well just let guys say that that operate the operative from the fact that you don't. You don't you don't send them and the an operation 101. Way to assess the situation on that was going on. I thought was my child not what party do the same thing I like that got going and. But I know that you go to training I don't know any training scenarios they go away and. You know when you've got options on the back yeah. That's solid. Chris thank you with a phone comment appreciate get to your text message we think for that. I think you for your service as a police officer let's go to mark in Kansas City and KM BZ Martin was a Scott Peterson a coward for not going in the school. Guys personal Kemp an idiot second of all I would previously ouster of paramedics so imagine warm and it. Or response time that a lot are. And for that ostrich or not have a sense of urgency when it comes to that is that they really like the fact that. Orson charges. You know potentially Italy from the parent I know I would do that. Let's cover second if you don't mind actually has a couple of people suggested that that he and on by virtue of not going in and taking down the shooter as as these. The sheriff made it seem like that that was his job was to go in and until the killer where the the shares exact words. Does he bear some criminal responsibility for the deaths of seventeen people isn't charging. Well one with bank I mean when you take note officer checking out that the paramedic here. You're putting. It angers all had at a year. I in that circumstance it felt I had a although such hits rather than putting. You know there wide error I guess I'll have a sit down so. I would think that Egypt say that sort of charges however. Are not attorneys like to. Got anything over the phone call I appreciate it. Let's talk to Aaron in Lawrence a 91 KE MBZ what did you make Scott Peterson yesterday when you heard the news I should say yesterday Aron. You know. I was actually disappointed I am a federal law enforcement Serb last eight years and I I we're seeing country and the will be trained extensively to go in as they go responders during active shooter situation because we don't have the butchery of awaiting Rebecca. Working on Indian reservations. I think will you know dereliction of duty of what part about that report claimed that should I think. The the people involved. Need to get together and file a claim against not only the individual officer. It's partly that department well. I. It that patent me. On on what actually took place here. What did you make or Kevin had to say calling. Most police officers cowards. I would have to disagree respect. And you go. Back on March started to become a top. Would like Howard thank you know there at local beer on and maker is that he go to and if you don't have unity argument. But that's how are you pretty. Stir that the year. And to spew your job you know ago. Two. Protect serve and that sentence. You know it's. IIIR. All on what what I can quit and went out everybody. In and let it happen. But what happened. Or what the previous caller who said that you don't just barge in on a one man show. The previous caller who some news they were in law enforcement for awhile said that you don't just go in without backup that if he would have gone it is but one man show as opposed to having. A partner someone else to deal with that that's not what you're trained to do. We get on that I think that they'll come under treaty give that may be how they're trained in you know in large city or whatever. Both sides we are trained to go in as single response unit because we. We have to go in and in stop distribute immediately because our baca. Could be 45 minutes away working within Indian Country. Got to Aaron thank you so much for the phone call appreciate it. Let's go to Joshua Casey Josh or 91 KM BZ go ahead man. Hello I think that it would be important for all that suit but ourselves. In mr. Peterson. Shoot just a moment. I think that the the character that characterization. Of how hard it is pretty strong. There are very few law enforcement. Officers to begin a career and then the data career that long work hours I bet the nature of that job requires. Admirable bravery. It really does and get your right item you do for thirty years. And I don't know I mean 11 question I would have. It sounds like park when is a real safe place until there's a lot of black crime let less situations were guns are involved. I wonder how many times Scott Peterson in the line of duty has had to raise his weapon with what you know what I mean I I. Wonder how many officers over the course of any career them end up firing their guns we've heard plenty of stories of people who say they went through their entire careers and never fired their guns at somebody so I don't think that's completely unusual. We hear about the times along and that police fired their guns but I think that is the exception not the rule. I elect I mean it like leave one with all due respect to Lee would cops here great people. But I don't know about a hole at a police situations Italy would we have to raise your weapon. Where is in contrast Casey mile or KCK. Where there's a lot more crime. Those police officers are probably more likely to raise their gun I don't know if park when Florida is more leeway or more KCK I have a gas. I don't know how much the likelihood of having. Done it before. Affects whether you're gonna do it this time you know. I I don't argue more likely to shoot someone if you shot someone before I don't know if that's necessarily true. Training may be an issue but that's a different problem that he wasn't properly trained. That's an issue that the sheriff's department needs to address and stuck to David in Kansas City David inning Scott Peterson was a coward. I don't know whether or not user account ordered not. You would make it. He could've done something. He could've done something but I. Wanna I wanna put a little bit of Christian on the right are you are you who is at Calvert. No wire. Well the got to do is look at Cruz's lawyer. Listened to what she said. Coddling the little young man like you know like like you pour a little saying this that think that the ideology. My opinion that's going on in this country. Is it's an ideology of radicalism pitchers. And Putin and me a final Q my way. Like disagree with Q aren't so now have reason to Cuba. And it's that kind of ideology that pushes off eventually it'll sure reporting yesterday that were thirty round clip art tell you what. Can surrounding schools. Look on corner should put concealed weapons and teachers which I think it's trying to creepy. But. You know assorted discreet were present were present comps I get the concept. But that's not gonna work Hebert. What will work either you get it's going to take some time. The change. Ideology that's going on that this in this country. Everybody. Being inebriated at every point. Because they don't get their way so I'm proud. In that somehow there that it purchased no we didn't do aspect in anybody the disagreed with the that mark. David thank you Portman appreciate it got a few more points coming up the difference when it's Mike you wanna jump in. We'll wrap it up don't forget dean and parts commitment to with a 54 street grill in Saint Joseph. Coming up at about fifteen minutes or so from right now writes I forgot it was a first ruled Friday. I was still are foliage so Jim what so many people on the year Travis loves a factor we're talking guns. Every day the big house. So here's our video texting your personal Friday problems. You're not a zero wicket nine and Travis are gonna sacrifice hours and only read yours I'm gonna take calls and number do that real fast and and and. All right so we got a couple of calls to get too personal Friday then dean in parts to live at 54 street grill nobody got that genial laid it out pretty good eggs at ten minutes guards texting your. First road problems 22980. Wrapping ever conversation. About guns today's conversation about guns and Scott Peterson the officer. Who did not go into the school last Wednesday Mike you're up on KMB easy what do you make what Scott Peterson didn't do. Thank you for taking my call I just wanna play number one. I am a supporter of the Second Amendment but I'm not all are not that I think it needs to be looked at I don't understand why people need assault rifles. I also believe a lot of people who concealed carry. A lot of more ground with a chip on the shoulder just give me your read and subtle put as real good either but I think most people who. Would have been in that area it would have been read now what I would say about Scott Peters. There's a lot of tactical situation in my opinion monologue Morse and officer I'd respect that 99% of gardening and even by themselves. Because the determination. Hitler being slaughtered by the end and it was like just a situation. Tried to. These are our people. And determination. I would like to think that I would go on and I doubt on that in that circumstance I think most people. Locker. And Mike thank you so much for the full comment appreciate it last word goes to Fritz and Casey and KM BZ. Fritz go ahead the floor is yours for it's going once we get your meet Fritz you're on your bread. Oh Fred I'm sorry Fred that's the Laura's jurors might screen is wrong I apologize. Partnership call. Or other are strapped this year. That you are actually. Gets. There's like. Go to I would get up and well there are aren't. Stupid particularly. Under this. Guy apart by fire almost. And to report that features character. If you get that in war. That particular got their Ingle. You know. Yeah absolutely Fred thank you for your phone command we definitely appreciated. Youkilis of the Omnia FaceBook page the conversation is there. Lot of people called Scott Peterson a coward you can agree or disagree FaceBook dot com slash 981 KM BZ. I. Guys. We'll start at what's coming TJ Maxx. Your dad had to. Kelly you know they. Smile again. He says whoa man to man as I clean up I'm not. Being. But he's. Friday. On hand do you need no. It's a condensed version. Because I forgot to do 980. Texted your personal problems. Text him in 22980. And we'll start reading them so cellular this week and how to win at poker big bet for Gator guards laughed when nightly take every once chips ask Jamie what happened. I play poker with eleven over eleven and then last week and held me in need eleven guys. Here's what you learn from me in in your in the poker game last weekend so I didn't really well free throw line of pearl. It really well for a lot okay and in fact Chris and I both did pretty well for awhile on and then. I enjoyed playing thinking too much and forgot that I was supposed to win. And so much. I just I it's one day and I forgot strategy I forgot that I was in the power position with a lot of money I have got news that tonight and it's a home. And didn't make. I. Item blacks that they were blast to play. It was or where would you go back I did not infect a discussion of that becoming a regular thing I couldn't hold gadget if they'll have the girl back. There. Sabathia said let's see here my cousin got me Maher rose seventy twos is that a Barbara and twenty sevens. I assume seventy twos are smaller I don't know to 27 is so. Sorry into the right smokes didn't until 980. Is the phone number urgent explanation says. I had watch Netflix on my phone last night because my app might capped Internet at home and out twelve. Probably your your data the idea. That you got. Five days left you have with your cap to data. That's my first I so I opposite problem to see you know my first problem has been 610265. Out. And riding a Honda Prius because it's my buddies went to drive to work three out of Prius actually go to pre I was really on. That sucks and I. Problem. Vehicle here's a good first real problem they fix my service trucks I have to work on a Friday. I mean to make money by. Blows you. See here I had a headache my coworker is all the pro and Ralph. I just got a new iPhone plus it's too big attacks with one hand Jaime can relate to them. My life changed when these became touch screen. He he because when you but I I'd like attacks with one hand no problem not look at it. Personal problem you've done nothing but bash the police for the last four hours my personal problem as your ears don't work ethic is that is absolutely not. And and if so does hearing that they want I know. It's one guy bashed. The cops. And I didn't have it. We don't bash police on this program my friend I wish you Adobe and hearing our year a hearing Jack and memory and here you go. My personal problems my boots gave out this morning psychic in overtime. A minute stinks but I guess that means don't have to work over. The and I think. Let's see it's not a snowy days I have to go to work. This week but not like if you work at a school like that. This week senior by 65 and Smart TV isn't Smart enough my wife says we can get a new one. But we only to 55 inch. Well you know plenty of room. If you can if you can fit you need to exercise your tedium seventy. No clue as ours. It's not sent me. Well not we have nineteen foot ceilings that are living room and aloft so yes it doubles deceit that obviously would we put the T via a year and a half ago whatever we got it might while I said. We could got a bigger one like. She said she bought it a surprise gift to me. And she said with a got a bigger one is illegal at the hundred inch HD projector or we can put it right back at all. I love this the MySpace but news feeds at school was canceled. I didn't realize the post was from yesterday. Kids were not happy oh mind goodness Ottawa apps that. My personal probably can't finish my online homework while driving to Iowa because their cars out of Wi-Fi. That is one hell of a first world problem we have in your car has your car is not Wi-Fi new cars have that cars come with Wi-Fi new cars have that thousand nine's awhile I don't give crews. Christine or is it works at halftime but it. You're sometimes we have rolled out and it's collector when power would just turn itself off some times that's really come in now. For his players to eighty every does not eighties I wouldn't know you wouldn't do that now the bucket of popcorn the movies is too big akin to the butter to the bottom let me just Ilya. You take the plastic cup that the border goes into the hall of Peña as a goalie that is right there. And you put butter in that thing when you get halfway done and then you re apply buttery shake it back up what you just bring like that. Straight with butter and I can I am despray your app I use that a lot if you bring something in your purse or some Nelson is theater.