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Tuesday, June 12th

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The biggest story in the world is the meeting between president Donald Trump and Kim Jung who yesterday in Singapore. We will take some phone calls on that a little bit later on if you'd like to tell us what you thought of it go to our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ and George Stephanopoulos sat down with the president's. This is courtesy of ABC here is part one of that interview here on 91 KM BZ. Mr. President thank goodness thank you very much and so we saw you signed the agreement right in this room you also said he does that develop a special bond. We can describe that on blows that are very intense day and as you know we discuss things over the last few months. You didn't spoken yet so I have spoken yes I have spoken to him I've spoken to a lot of his people is as you know is. I would say very tough person was at the White House last week. And so we've developed a pretty good relationship in terms of getting something done. It got I think it's a terrific document it's a starter but it's a terrific action and I think far more and there are things that we negotiated it appears that document. That are also very important you're going to get rid of certain ballistic missile sites and various other things we're gonna put that out later. But we have. The framework of getting ready. Two. No hitter and the freeze in the darkness complete denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula does that mean. That the nuclear umbrella that we have over South Koreans on the table from the good enough and that means that they didn't get rid of that nuclear weapons we never even discussed yet they get get rid of their nuclear weapons Cilic and I think they wanna do it relatively quickly now we're gonna see you didn't so what can immediately what their work with South Korea we're gonna work which Japan would it work which China. But. It really has been an incredible lexis and set the bar for nuclear agreements by. Criticizing Iran reveals his worst deal ever made a terrible thing that any deal with the North Korea has to be tougher than Iran deal. I don't think if you could be softer first blown up and 150 billion dollars okay we're paying. Nothing from that standpoint other then. You will see what happens I think is going to be great partnership with. Japan and with South Korean president moon has been terrific. But they have to get prime minister obvious they have to get rid of all their nuclear weapon if you're looking up we will I think they will I really believe that he will add that into. No however short period of time yup ships to dig deep you can I mean he's he knew in the old place finish in just a very quickly I think he's gonna start now. They'll be announcing things over the next few days talking about other missile sites because they were. As you know they were sending had a lot of missiles it was a period of time where I was saying. What are they doing every week it seems another missile from the data beginning would have sites if you can stop testing. Can step testing while he already has you know we have how many matches have been to a seven. Where there's been no missiles going and you can give us a lot like Arnold had up again all he's committed to not do that it won't happen that won't be happening. He means he really wants to do something. I think terrific for their country and it's the only way can be absolutely competitive. Well you know. If you look at. If you talk to the experts you can't just do it immediately forms takes you can really attack was somebody said fifteen years if you go rapidly. But when you're in a process of doing it purely dismantling you know what you can't do anything during that period of time but they have a process for getting rid of nukes that does take a step like looking we'll get rid of them tomorrow just can't be done scientifically. And what they gonna do it didn't start immediately that really your study that they blew up a site which was the real deal site that was their big side they've blown up. They getting rid of things that haven't been mentioned in the document they're getting rid of certain missile areas and then I can be sending its missiles up in Honduras announced that in confirming as well these additional steps. Said that the north Koreans were gonna announce these days yeah that is going to be announcing a very shortly they might have denounced them already but this came debt after we sign we agreed to. That also. And I'm doing something that I've wanted to do from the beginning we stop playing those war games that cost us a fortune you know we're spending a fortune every. Number of months were doing war games with South Korea. And I said just cost. We're flying planes in from Guam and were bombing empty mountains for practice and I said I wanna step dad and I will step that and I think it's very provocative especially Jewish since. We getting along and numerous other inferences are sending something excuse me talk about pulling troops out US troops now to discuss that now but we're not gonna play the war games ago. I wanted to stop the war games I thought they were very provocative. But I also think there were expensive we're running the country properly I think they're very very expensive to do it we have to fly planes in from Guam. At six and a half hours away big bombers and everything else has said. Who's paying for this man who put his foot in order to. The practice of signs and so you're one of the things that I suggested and I wanna do is whether this up the war games or less for some reason. We're able to go for what other kinds of security guarantees that you offered to put what we've given him out of work talk about it specifically but we've given him he's going to be happy. His country does love him his people you see the fervor they have a great fervor. They're gonna put it together and I think that it end up with a very strong country and. A country which has people. That date is still hard working so industrious I think if you look at South Korea someday. Maybe in the not too distant future it will be something serious people love him just a few months ago you accused in the starving his people and then listen here's the rub. Kim is a brutal dictator he runs the police say. Forced starvation labor camps he's assassinate members of his own family how do you trust a killer like that the Jewish and given what I'm given. OK I mean this is what we have and this is where we are and I can only tell you from my experience and I met him I've spoken with him and I've met him and this was. As you know starting very early and has been very intense. I think that he really wants to do a great job for North Korea I think he wants to. Without that there's nothing to discuss. That was on the table at the beginning and you see a total denuclearization. Of North Korea is so important. And he wants to do the right thing now with all of that being said I can't talk about it doesn't matter we we're starting from scratch was starting right now. And we have to get rid of those nuclear weapon. He seemed to you or me. I got done with that after dirt or nerve to president George W. Bush and you kill our. I do find it ironic and I and I give props to acted George Stephanopoulos there. Few months ago president trump said that Kim Jung starves his people yesterday. Kim Jung who has people love them you can't have it both ways and it was he coming up back into a corner Eddie's Eddie Eddie played the eight were starting from scratch carton. Okay I know a lot of your fans will be will back them up regardless. But you sound like a hypocrite and that's why so many eyebrows get raised after a summit in a meeting like this where. You have a terrible human being leading a nation that he starves and in his own family he kills people. And they control everything that they see and read and hear in media and then you like to. Yeah just keep. Lot of innings were Newt that's what really gets me is a killer app. All right welcome back president trump and can juggle a little bit later rod what you sound off on what you saw yesterday again there's the second half of that interview. We're gonna play for you next hour. And the first question Stephanopoulos asks him is how can you trust Kim Jung booed. You'll hear that answer next hour straight ahead the ruling from the Supreme Court to came down yesterday. About voting rights shouldn't use it or lose it. We'll tell you what the Supreme Court decision was and how it affects you coming up next her on KM BZ 1118. We are happy to have you. The snake story is a really interest he went came down yesterday at the supreme court's. So states can target people who have not cast ballots in a while an efforts to purge their voting rolls as a five to four vote. On the Supreme Court and it was it a case again it came out of Ohio. And so the court rejected arguments in the case out of Ohio that the practice of going through those voting rolls and purging to block who haven't voted awhile. Up violates a federal law intended to increase the ranks of registered voters. So there was just a single leader of sense for the court that Ohio was complying with the 1993 national voter registration act. And was joined by four conservative colleagues an opinion that drew praise Republicans conservatives and president trump elected as well. I of course of particular interest because it's a majors Wednesday men and so on so the contested voter purge comes from a requirement and federal law that says. States have to make an effort to keep their voter rolls in good shape I removing people who have moved or died. Ohio moves pursues its goal more aggressively than most relying and a couple things. Up voter in activity over six years encompassing three federal elections and the failure to return cart sent after the first missed election. Action people to confirm that they've not moved or continue to be eligible to. So Ohio election officials sent notices to end this is what that the new the new plan it is as a 54 Supreme Court ruling. Ohio election officials said noticed anyone who fails to cast a ballot during a two year period so you don't vote. And say you're just choose not to kick it off work that our country. You don't do that the absentee. You're gonna get a notice. People who don't respond and then don't vote over the next four years including in two or more federal elections. Our drop from the list are registered voters. That's what happened to according to the NBC version 'cause there's a bunch of different ones under the Casey started a great great version of this from the Associated Press. A US navy veteran named Larry Harmon. It was a software engineer in Ohio was turned away from his polling place three years ago he found out he wasn't on the list. I looked and looked I saw my son's name but didn't seem my name so he joined the civil rights group in suing the state Ohio said. He was sent a notice but he didn't get it. Federal appeals court ruled against the stake including roughly 7500 Ohio voters. What were wrongly purged from the list B 26 team the election. I'm kind of porn. On on this idea because. There there's one argument to be made that. This is hurting the low income and minority in the minority voters that's the argument from the four dissenting judges. Who voted against this. And I can kind of see that especially if you move from place to place. In house you know for whatever reason you can't get mail or don't get mail or you lose male or whatever. As opposed to those that are you know more financially well off and established. The other side of this to be it is and I and I think the reason for doing business. Is to say hey look we ought to encourage people to vote you know if if you wanna vote vote. I know you can re register. But is this a fair way to go about it is it a use it or lose it. Sort of thing because look let's say that the last two elections let's say president Obama's last you know the reelection bid. And president trump in 2016. Maybe your just like in the final like any of these candidates I don't wanna vote for anybody should the state be able to take away your voting rights. I think that's wrong. I think. That's a rights that is given to you and you don't have to do it but just because you don't doesn't mean the right should be taken away. And I don't think it and yes you can re register. But what about. What if hill are what if you'd understand you know Travis up before what do you don't get with the issues are about in those couple actions what is your travel and what if you'd spent some time of the country who knows. Who knows what your reasons but just because you haven't. On taken advantage of it I don't think that that's that means they should it's taken away from etiquette you instead a register but there's arguments being made that we should make it so hard. That it should just feel right and we should make it as easy as. Possible because that's the other side of this too is why are we making rules to make voting tougher I don't we make rules to make voting easier and a voter fraud is first thing becomes people's mind people who vote three times in the same election adequate content totaled. Nine people in Kansas I think Crisco box effort about nine people or whatever in this data Kansas. But why. But I get the side of the GOP to say hey look we want to get rid of because. Part of this plan is to get rid of dead people who were what lining up on these voter registration lists to make them a lot you know more fluid. Argument now get the dead people off the list they're gonna vote anyway. Yeah and people moved out of your state yeah shouldn't be on your list either. I I I don't know where I fall on this I've pondered this for about 24 or. So channel 41 or collected. It looked at Kansas City Lamar closely and so and and they did a very simple job laying out when's the last time you voted that question can be more important after the Supreme Court ruling in Ohio you don't vote in two years fielder respond to a notice in the mail and still don't vote in four years. You can come off the voter registration list. And the Supreme Court said that's a pet so in Kansas City they talked to the Kansas City board of election commissioners. And they said you have to have not voted into federal election cycles which means two presidential elections or eight years. They said if you're in an active voter that doesn't mean you can't vote the process is just different they said if you've not voted and you've been removed from active status within the system. All you have to do is fill out the information re register and you thought the information and sure that your vote in Kansas failure to vote does not what you want and an active list. Okay so our. 5767798. Should your voting rights be used it or lose it. With the caveat that you could re register. Let's go to the phones 5767798. Dog your first step by 91 KM BZ. And he. I'm younger than ever happening here is that merely earned. In the last. Presidential election. Today attempted you had my vote and in the city. But the informed that I said yeah. Reassigned to new polling place. And lord which I did. I didn't know so when I got my polling place they gave him mail in ballot. Wish her that was never counted. You know I went on the web slavery in the code has had to actually be counter. That never happens. Though if and four years. You know the same thing happens and it's going to appeared that I haven't voted today in eight years. And like it's the that would be an issue. I try to voted midterm or something like that. You know at area registered at certain that the polling place. Which is good at that time than they did in the counting votes. I'd stinks. I don't know what I mean your situation is exactly what we're we're kind of we're kicking around here. Yet it just seems like and I'm not you know I don't file into one of the categories. That you've been talking about it or is Blake. You know I'm not a minority. You know on the very cute girl white male. This is happening beyond not just minorities and having everybody just. There's it and it seems like if it's happening in Ohio. Didn't hired great big hit here he Republican candidate. They've probably got policies they're gonna drop it from the voter owner Alan just the way that. Well I hope that doesn't have dear Doug thank over the phone call other states will look at this ruling and I'm sure. They will do the same and as many right especially if they are red states swing states to like Pennsylvania swing state huge Wisconsin's swing state now. Ohio swing state Virginia North Carolina will definitely probably take a look at this. Thanks your phone call Doug good area not 91 KM BZ what's up there and what you think the Supreme Court ruling. So. History and over here. Voter rolls I know several people that I am showed up to vote and we're told there are no longer. Notable. Which they'd voted in every prior election and I know these people and I know. The mobile user opens it right you're hurting the that that the people who matter. Are they noted that certified mail or your regular mail it how do you prove they got that note. Good question Lotta people just take and and some people say if I'd send you snail mail Aron. And you just take it dump it in the garbage that's on you right. Well but there and so. Now milk or your away email. I mean they're I've gotten you know a week later after you know spoke Beagle ever think that the law in the mail carrier. So who. And cool if you're gonna take away similar. Yeah right. There should be a paper trail little early are we game but it does commercial rapper and we're cocky which you can do anything it so that's in the morning. Well in the that also being heard is with these cases are thinking and where crowbar after people or nine people I think yeah I'm a registered Republicans all. White elderly people. So who murdered and co are really going after his own party. In the other Republicans are hurting their own parties it seemed more than the minority which under and that it indebted to give minorities Q. Talk about the US Supreme Court story right now yesterday giving Ohio a victory in a fight over the State's method for removing people from the voter polls in a 54 ruling. They have decided. Decide with Ohio a fighter of the State's method for moving people from polls practice that civil rights groups said discourages the minority turnout taking your phone calls 5767798576. 7798. And also texting in at 229 Ichiro. Ohio election officials sent notices now to anyone who fails to cast the ballots during a two year period people who do not respond and don't vote over the next four years. Including into a more federal elections are dropped from the list of registered voters is this right kind of a use it or lose it thing at 576. 779 meter texted at 22980. I just don't think. Who why is that the federal government's role to decide how often you should vote. And to decide that after not voting into presidential election cycles. That's the point or it at what we're gonna concede consider you to be in an active voter were gonna make it harder for you to vote again I don't I don't like that somebody else is deciding. How often I should vote hop fashion. What if they in. In 220 I'm just like I'm fed up with that I don't care. And getting 20/20 two ended the mid terms or whatever. I'm like I'm fed up with it but then something sparked my fire again and I ate you know. And and I didn't get to notice that I was unregistered power I was taken off the list. Tick people off the rolls fine. But just from that if people like just to go 5767798. Steve on 91 KM BZ what's up Steve and. I absolutely look it. To cut down on the trot it cuts down on B the people who are are still don't have been ballot it's being down on the people little. Walking and without my. What they know it and bode I'd say absolutely. And it will you or will it and I think that. Unit or. Registered you're so you ports we Knoll LA. It's using or organ a make it harder for you use it. Or no like just go back and dirt and lies. So it. You're you're there. But I I was fried some time about. It it's never packer Q what we're. Eligible. At this point OJ yeah. Well it's doing is gonna take a lot for you not about. You're punishing the people there doing it right but just happened. Yes you you're making it harder for the people that just decided to skip a couple elections. They just did a couple and your making it harder on those people which I think is unfair thank you Stephen for your phone call. Lance go to lead and anyone came easy highly doubt. What do you think the Supreme Court ruling in Ohio. I think it not are. You right I'm an American. I get back it did it I. And there is a wonderful shot at it again it actually are a lot and and I and cowardly act act Gramm. He's well act and the BB. And other people actually Google ought. And our country based on the fact that Turkey opt in. And couldn't he couldn't. Take it. There aren't very unique way it. Or maybe. It. In. Eighty. Today you'll have been working eight. I need quite. Eager. Leader thank you for your phone call we appreciate it 5767798. Larry you're on KM BZ what do think the Supreme Court ruling Larry. I give a lot of pomp. I talk about. Well voter fraud but much answer this courage slowed he would take Horry. Promised that gonna bachelor count down do you know according to admiral imports gonna want first of. You don't think that. This is a good idea in any way be more rights are being taken away. Or. I I don't know your rights are being taken away. I do think that. You know going back to Steve is called we kind of got into a little bit with Jamie I. It feels like we shouldn't make voting in this country harder. It feels like we should make it easier yeah. I I get your avoiding fraud and then goes through and removed. On the dead people and people have moved and people who've moved but don't improve people's simply because they haven't voted in a couple of elections like what is that person done wrong. What if I didn't like Romney or Obama and I didn't like Hillary or trump you just didn't want to vote and that election. And so it couldn't or. Larry it's good point man thanks appreciate it digests on KM BZ Jess what do you think of the supreme court's ruling. I kind of liked it carmody can demand a more green were there to hand. Like you're just any media like Romney or Obama or Hillary or Trout and the other one trying to. My body heat it eat it bit my hero anyway he voted for my it would just bet that went blank and he figured it begun in the bow. And said he didn't like any thing any of its eight. Turned in a blank ballot and he's but it still should be trying to promote so now I have an eight crew needed to turn and about it. Yeah I mean you don't have league when you get that ballot it's got eight things on it you don't have to check every box you know like if you like is that if you went in. And you all was he lived in Missouri and you were voting for Wright is a cost her her body for blunt or candor. And you like idol like Hillary I don't like trump I'm not vote but you could still turn that route and absolutely you can't pick for the full comment let's go to Katie and KM BZ I Katie. We think the rule from the Supreme Court 54 knelt in Ohio. I'm I'm thinking that they can easily. Take away all of this debate portion. If they can have everywhere like we have every ten or so years. By the way if you want to give me about being you have to go it is not only have voted. It's everywhere and it. Also that it is via re upping. You want to take part in the election about the patent cut down on those people who have their independence transferred. There voter ID to that new location because they don't feel vested in wet that the election it's that area oral like these as they before. They don't have a dog that channel that they really wanna vote for. Fair enough. Thanks for the focal appreciate it you know it's like let's say you moved to a new area I moved to Kansas City you know. Was I a equipped to vote the first time around I got myself equipped. You know I I I've read about all the different candidates but there are a lot of people that will come in I mean we is Travis is an example the guy who's not totally politically invested but he's learning. The vote this mid term I believe. But if you go somewhere in Travis moved here from Texas and you don't know. The difference between. You know they've blunt and and and candor Costa written brightens. But he's still one of I mean again that I see again both sides of it's it it's infuriating to me that actually puts a. Why do you and it's an outsider comparing this to your driver's license and that they make you renew your driver's license driver's license every five years or whatever it is driving is a privilege not a right. It is though it's also for safety rights it's to make sure that you haven't got blind since the last time or or whatever that is and sat in your picture still looks the same is east you. That's a different thing that's to make sure you just to check and all kinds of things the safety. Our roads depends on how some could argue the safety of our roads pads that which candidates get in there. As well. 5767798. Right back to the phones we go a year I 91 KM BZ what do you think the supreme court's ruling Barbie. Well I mean that it all sound like you are. 08 I cannot believe that they're going to try and many. Or not. I mean it not get that maybe they didn't like whoever lines maybe Baylor. Maybe it happened and to get to where they couldn't I mean. Greater right to the speaker didn't vote on the tight knit state. If state thought that they share. While some got somebody will argue to you are either taking it away. And it it if you don't vote but you still can revote does that factor Indian. Are you could still re register to vote. No we get it still telling them. And I felt like coming to mean I mean I don't want our country can't. You don't want the government telling you wait when you can't I can't vote. If you don't like this mid term election. Italy anything in Missouri don't we don't want a vote for McCaskill or whoever. Right but it we know it's gonna be on the Republican side but it let's say that you don't wanna vote. And they need it then you skip out on Trump's reelection year billed automatically you're gonna get two letters over the next two years committee your house. Saying hey vote or your off the list is. I've I think Missouri Kansas we'll definitely follow Ohio sleep. I believe that to be troop final word on this goes to Tammy I'm KM BZ go ahead ten to the floor source. Acting is. You know I IRL. Ear. You're at are. You a while now. Urging. Them play. Oh. Yeah that. Either read read her more content or happy about it in the Indian. In eighty and not cart back. And now. I don't you're. Right that you need it makes it. Our number. Who actually out there. Thank you for your phone call Tammy can read about the story on our FaceBook page it is there FaceBook dot com slash 91 K am BZ. Coming up after the 12 o'clock news to hear the second half of president trump with George Stephanopoulos but straight ahead it's everybody's favorite four letter word. A new tax in Kansas City. And as proposed by mayors like James clay about it next up at about the 12 o'clock news these second apple president trumps conversation with ABC's George Stephanopoulos including the first question is how can you trust Kim John ill and we'll get to that after the news talk it's everybody's favorite story out of Kansas City. Taxes. To fund free checked out early childhood education out of the start Kansas City mayors like James and top officials with the greater Kansas City chamber of commerce along with others. Are pursuing a plan to increase sales taxes in order to fund the expansion of early childhood education or pre K in Kansas City. Or early in this process but the outlines would have Kansas City voters in November. Deciding whether to increase sales taxes by three eighths of a cent enough to generate thirty million dollars a year apart of that thirty million. Would expand the availability of early childhood education public schools charter schools private schools and private child care providers. That mean education and curriculum standards the idea is to make affordable early child education. More accessible at four eligible four year olds in Kansas City where there's a lot more demand than supply it's also a continuation. Other mayors pursuit of improving educational opportunities in Kansas. The one line that stuck out that you read it just. Flashing red lights. Up portion of that thirty million would expand the availability of early child education. What what how global how big portion. We lawyer would echo and what's the other portion and go to no idea and that's what scares people so much. That's it right it's another tax I mean I know people in Kansas City you're sick and tired and tax people our viewers a tax but. When I saw the story yesterday thought another taxed in Kansas City it's per great cause you know to help out pre K but I read. A portion of that thirty million would expand the availability of early childhood education public schools charter schools private schools private child care providers to meet the education and curriculum standards. All good things but if let's say this this three eights of a of a cent increase generates thirty billion. If twelve million is gonna go to that cool where's the other eighteen god that's my big concern is as. Italians act now I mean it's early so before you get to vote November you're gonna know at. In other not just gonna say we're gonna raised thirty million were the attendant to schools and twenty Ortiz what are we want to that would never pass that way. So they're gonna tell you what the rest of the money's gonna go for at some point. It better the majority of this better go towards towards pre K if were gonna raise another you know raise more tax in Kansas City. It is better Beagle to a good cause I mean we've got a lot of different things going a lot of different ways to get the tax for the streetcar to get the text the roads the bonds the go bonds. We get attacked from the sidewalks. I wanna if it and you're right I'll know when I go to vote. If I'm still living in Kansas City, Missouri although when I go to vote. On you know whether or not. 20% of this whole thing is going or or 80% of this whole thing is going I wish to be 100% but that's pine this guy right yeah. So they talked to Javon rose who is head of the mid America regional councils early learning and misery head start program who said initially about half the sales tax proceeds will go to offset tuition costs. For pre caper writer so here's how it worked. Families would roll their four year old child in an approved pre K program. That provider would get money from the tax increase. Tax increased offset all or portion of the costs for the child to Rattan. The family doesn't get the money directly. The families just end up paying us subsidizes the famous thoughts essentially sir that money would go directly to providers. On. An and then look at. You know how how much less that family. Which we knew we were worst it's it's just unclear right now carried out there right up for earned his story after half the sales tax proceeds go to tuition assistance 20% will go to capital improvements for child care providers. Another 20% would go to quality improvement supports like training coaching and curriculum for child at this all goes into. The act that those are those and what it says. So all thirty million is going to end of the remaining 10% would fund administration of the tax valuation marketing. Which is necessary so 90% of this is going into what it sets but it sets out to do and the other 10% is going to implement those hits and misses a three eighths of a cent increase on sales tax within Casey now. Yes. 5767798. When you hear that. Would you support it 90% of the big dollar generated would go in to effectively helping families in Kansas City, Missouri. Get their kids through pre K a little financially easier is that something you would support and LT. Eight taxes on but the sales tax. Which is not property attack or you only pay it if you're going out and shopping in places which means that people that don't live here at that happened shopping places have to pay that you. Pre K education is critically important. I mean the sooner that you can get kids in school and learning and learning to reading it in batter Matt the earlier you get going on all that. The better those kids are gonna do for the rest of their education and so the more we can do. Not every parent can afford but the kittens and pre K now on every parent dies on. And so. Yeah the more that we can do to supplement those costs the batter. The combined sales tax rate right now in Kansas City is eight point 6%. So where were moving closer to 9% sales tax which. Really doesn't sound like all that much less the sales tax amounts and I don't know I know in Clay County it's one point 25 in Missouri it's four point 225 a look at this right now. I did not memorize this in Kansas City it's 3% Seattle that up the combined sales tax rate in Kansas City, Missouri. Eight point 6%. Yeah and in Johnson County ranges from seven. And three quarters to nine points out a lot of that would make it as high as it is in some ways Johns is at like the big circle around Dana's house. This that or that it's a hyped just. It's for education but that doesn't always make people just wanna spend money on but it's targeting kids at their youngest you know you catch him early. And then given complaints that people have about Casey my schools I would think this is something that that would help with accreditation would test scores and everything down route. But it doesn't come free. You what you say that for those that complain about Casey most schools but do they care enough. To increase taxes to help Casey most holes it's like with the roads the roads in and around here have their issues but do you care enough to raise the gas tax. And don't talk to raise my taxes but a lot of roads fixed right you know naming. Let's go to Don and KM BZ thanks Colin done. Everything they can call. I like to know the club the masters this car number and in part to. Similar taxes that either or that kind of education program that thing. How they audited Caltrans. The outcome of what they proposed vs what actually happened the public. Good question I think to the phone call obviously we're gonna have more details in the story in the Kansas City Star sunset that attacks possibly ten errors would be part of the proposal that's deeper into the story. If you wanna check that out so there is some of that. In the discussion and I don't know the second happier question I don't know the answer we would know is we got closer to the dated to November. As we know where the tax money goes. You know you're OK with that you pay a 1% tax if you live or working Kansas City and you don't control of that money goes necessarily. But that's attacks that you're willing to pay back that's attacks that you voted on to play. And I can't and don't hit the button and I mean you complain about it that you don't get to control that and it doesn't necessarily. Coated John real quick Karen KMB easy go ahead John. I'd I have our hope that improve being. They can do mystery school buildings. That our kids go to there raggedy their line now. I I need your Google we voted for the lottery money would also go to school and I have seen. I don't think any tax Payer and it's in India that money come from lottery to improve our schools. Thought I'm really hopeful. Big a big chunk of that money goals to improving. Their structure the building on the inside. The cut our school explained bracket. You need some help on the infrastructure it's noted John.