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Thursday, September 13th

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One I'll form a day with Jamie wicket on a Thursday wickets out today he'll be back tomorrow Jason Evans and afternoons from 989 Iraq is here hello and house in studio with us is Monica occurs who's the director of the Kansas suicide prevention resource center out of headquarters ink and she's your part because this is it national suicide prevention week. And also because if you follow wicket on face but he had a friend this week who've committed suicide and you just unfortunately had couldn't be here tonight. For different thing but it was just another reason trusted to have the conversation and sometimes we've been guilty. To me is media of only talking about suicide after we have a celebrity. Who has committed suicide and and we don't come back to it when there's not that particular reason to so we are going to today. And some Monica I appreciate your being here. Can you first just talk about some of the resources that your agency provides. Absolutely and thank you so much for having me on today and for really continuing the conversation about suicide prevention and when we can be proactive. Rather than act capsule which I think is really important. So headquarters ink is artist in Lawrence as we've actually been around since 1969. And really shifted focus for kind of supporting folks who were experiencing problems street drugs. I'm chip crisis counseling in suicide prevention in the nineties and so rejoined the national suicide prevention might find work. In 2001 when I'm off the ground and and since that happened to her 1820 for ratings second week. 365 days a year act confidential counseling on the phone. Both through a local mine and enter the SP on. So your listeners may be aware that number it's shared a lot especially around suicide paths that's 800. 273825. We had a nice little media on plaster and released a song but our number as the time it was really cool. And about eight people a lot of people don't know that that national number is answered by local crisis centers. So what we are staffed and repeat primarily. Volunteer counselors. And they can throw a hundred hours of tree. Before we let them get on the phone so there really prepared. Once there's the hair. It's deal with any concern and so we really encourage people to not just call in. You are yourself thinking about suicide I also took call in their work outs. You know I think a lot of times folks noticed changes. In their friends and their numbers maybe inner. Books that are going to school or working land in and don't know what to do it. So with them asunder a fast if anybody has questions for Monica I'm anytime we do a segment like that's where we have an expert in studio on the topic of suicide people have questions and if you have them feel free to tax them 22980. Are you can call 57677. 566. Why cannot the right I 7677 I say I say it forty times today by 767798. Am and will hassles on tube if you. Are seeing symptoms if you're wondering if it's something with your Q did and what Everett as well we'll do our best two informed here. Yeah I absolutely apartment turned up when you in the right direction. And because we know that there are a lot of questions out there about how to help when someone is thinking about suicide. So that's why I'm the chances who's a prevention resource center which is my program. Really has a focus on educating communities. And schools businesses. And a lot of different partners in what can be done. And to help folks to use and prevention says some things the force that settles Potts ever start. I'm or how to recognize morning's rains and then what to do once you recognize that it's. And serve for example we were local school district this week doing some presentations for students. To help them think about how they can support for patents affect. So. This is a topic it's very personal to me now. I lost my brother did for Mother's Day last year and so. We are two. You talked about being proactive vs three active. Will. I am with the with the passing over the last year Chris Cornell and sound garden and Chester from Lincoln Park on the rock and decide on that. That's obviously anytime I come out of those songs are human you know. This last weekend with. World suicide prevention and all that I always give out the winner to 73 talk numbers because it's like it's become sort of my platform but I guess like. What might my inquiry is like how do you. Do you work with people in terms of like those that are against dealing with survivors go papers. When you lose somebody Greg my brother was in. Two real quick story that. Am I he was kind of an expatriate got to Mexico for awhile got off certain medication and and that's senator downward spiral he and the first part of April of last year called me and says I think and help. Which is the first time we've ever broach that with me you know he had a conversation my mom. And for six weeks very much as proactive in the trenches have been in Johnson County mental health and then took him to a place in the late. And so for first we were trying to keep alive and he very much was like I don't live anymore and I'm tired and really tired. So I went and met with him and when the counts as it is place late on Friday afternoon. Moon and and that following Monday column is like to releasing me and I'm like. Very much kind of in shock about this because I was just there now. Three days before hand listening to someone that does not let yeah. So and then I'm like why why are you calling me this why isn't. Does facility calling me because I was he hit buckets on compliments when it was sort of his caretaker. And so I had to call in fact on this lady and talked her mother doctor spoke with them and and we feel like he's just fine. So he was released on Monday and then that following Saturday that's when he checked out. So I mean. How do you mean. Yes there's what we wanna try and prevent this but when you have somebody that is so good Conning people that they're able to get out within. Three days I mean how do you it's how do you work with folks like that as well and I and I am assuming it's the sum of all parts here is that correct. I mean. It's it's just I'm trying to understand like with what would you. I mean survivor's guilt phase and as we have for me to describe it and I'm just moving forward. Yeah we often talk about hindsight yeah these situations are really being 22 money which is incredibly difficult to Acadia. I mean obviously you did everything he knew it means for your brother. And it is devastating that his wife's ice via an I think that more people and probably most of us are really comfortable thinking about haven't experienced regained try to get now. Which is what we say all the time rain if you're happy about that Susan there's hope of mail all your feeling depressed there's hope available and that's true. By getting help is not straightforward it's pretty complicated for and things don't always work right away that it takes a long time. Sometimes we have conversations with folks who tell us that they are safe and that changes the pretty quickly. What I tend to tell people is I tone. I don't really think that people. Tell us now. Whether or not they can states. But I do think that in a person's ability to stay safe are connected to life can change pretty quickly. And so now if that person doesn't have the support they need in that moment despite -- available. Can get really lethal and that's devastating for those of us. And so we do at the hotline I definitely encourage folks who haven't believed race. Attack to call and get some support a lot of our volunteers are attractive to us because they have some sort. An action suits and maybe their own societal thinking attempt and or they've lost a post under par two Sunni sites now. When you call you can be assured that the person on the other end the house so my idea about what you're going right. And the other thing we'll saints as a really great resource hearings in the city called say yes ma'am yeah SAS. They said the walk on Sunday they just have a lock on Sunday fifteenth anniversary. And they've been around for Al data around by himself Bonnie McKee sweets or organization. And Andy to an incredible job offering support groups for those who of Ecstasy. Because unfortunately what we've mind and sometimes. When folks reach out for help after a suicide and there. Mean I always feel welcome and other great support groups can be typical walk into agreements in my. Room. When you're in a room meet us there in the wrong. So it's nice to have an attack that space for that process as they create comes on what's. And is is really. Unlike anything else experience. And someone you Zoloft and estimates. And team members to operate things can totally different experience. And sound. Getting back and support is really important as we stand. Now when someone lose things and I think it's. A close friend or maybe your test. And the winner of someone who's this type I suicide pact can increase your aunt's. I forsee was right and so it's really important that you're connected to some support so that we can TU. Poster which right after. Action. I feel I feel like after the the anti board Dane and Kate Spade episodes. That there was a lot of talk about how suicide has increased over the last couple feud decades or whatever. Are we will mean in in your humble opinion we over medicating ourselves and then finding out that word now becoming addicted to drugs that we can off of every our precious society coming on and has so far down that public. It's too much and it added that the political climate I mean there's there's a thousand things you can point to doubt what caused this you know. Wasn't purchase is designed to see a survey or study that said 2017. Was the most unhappy year. For people I don't know I mean Jack it's at. Lester was a rough year a lot of McCain to take you take into account vets I mean I know that there was there was a big movement at a year ago or so there's mig 2122 bets a day will blow because of that we we're so gung ho to get and that young boys and girls into the service but the months. When they're. Whether they get injured. Or there are discharged or whatever there's not a lot from my understanding to bring them back into society. Bryant when you're usually illegal war torn country and how do you adjust to being in roles. And pork. So this conversation. Is exactly spot on because the reality about suicide is that there's no one client's right. Even at an individual well we know that it's a lot of really complex factors that come together. So that the CDC put out a report in June and 12018 and their vital signs. That looked at the increase that we've been experiencing incidents across the nation. And so in Kansas from 1999. To 26 team we experienced that 45 per cent increase. And in suicides and in Missouri and was just looking at up before it came on here. And misery her knee out of 30% increase in that time frame an agent now. I don't think that we can point one thing that's true but one of the things that the CDC point. But I think it's really important. Is that about 54%. Of the suicide path that they booked. And did not have a mental condition at the time. So we see it on terror stressful. Kind of terrible like it's repeat repeat it it's. So financial. Relationship breakups tend to be ethnic line some sort in Haiti crisis some media or something about two weeks out here looking to. Back can be significant. Risk factor or contributors since. So we see that at pictures really completes. And we need eighteen really robust. Programs that. That to rest. This this priest it's because it is it's a growing public health problem. And and were starting to see national well folks are talking about what we need to do without ants. So your listeners may or may not be where I maybe only one winner because you know if every. And by the congress and the president can sign in nationals whose apartment and improvement. So they are skeen. FCC iTunes. Seems to take a look at what Aaron need to read kitchen. And and like 911 hitter and a mental health issues. And then they're also looking at whether or not they're adequately funding programs like national suicide prevention might fine. Most folks don't know that we only get about 2500 dollars a year. To keep program up and running a statement. And I'm just happy they're for a second I'm were gotten a ton of calls and we've got a lot of Texans are coming in with questions or take a quick break we'll be right back if you've got questions for Monica hers and Mike occurs of the Kansas suicide prevention resource center out of headquarters thank. You can Texas 22980 organs call 57677. Enable it to your calls and exits 118 ranking and easy ones might form a day with Jamie and what cannot Thursday afternoon. Where in studio now with Monica occurs is the director of the Kansas suicide prevention resource center headquarters incorporated. I we're taking your calls because it's national suicide prevention week and we'll get your tax here in a second. Quite a Stephanie go right away who's on the line Stephanie your floors doors. I Stephanie. I think we lost her she's been on hold for a little while there are still free to give us a comeback Stephanie let me to several quick. For Monica's were classed if you're gonna call and talk about on your story connected to someone dying by suicide were gonna ask that you. Leave out the message I'm thirsty science behind that that we don't one time we went with a method on the year between urgent call. I'll try hi Rebecca. There time on your. One thing where a look. At art here. At. The open it up. That would help out of our. Actually have mental health disorder such as cheap yet see by all her. And and it's art like that that might prevent and at all. I mean people aren't long before it ever are key for it like back when a child I was given information right. Well if you eat rat or you know things like that lies a lot of a lot of people just like north sorry but coming up. And if it had been hurt and that may have right by. Bank. The medication I also wanted to leave it out but maybe from there ERE. Okay. But that lack the fact that at some point it's not the end and though. When you go out fertility. Either in how people let you know about your issues. Like that that you like it. And once you get out and make uh oh I'm fine with all of them are mature at the end. Particular medication order. Of the Yelp app. You get behind them medication. And then your back. And ended its huge. Huge issue with people being very judgmental about mental health and you don't know who might have firm and that will hurt the like perfectly into contention like it's supposed to me. Current and and when people say things like oh my gosh are they getting a little or do something crazy or not. To actually you have it and they're gonna make a little more frustrating because it's like you know. We're not on the people lock out of the facility and we did we don't we don't go into the facilities and say. That's important I have to do to get out of here. You really want to be healthy and you really are our partner to work but there may not be that support system behind you keep. Now for a quick response but it just wanna say. Thank you for sharing your story because they do think. There is a huge stigma around mental health and experiencing mental health symptoms. And I think there's an even bigger stigma around suicide and happiness in those spots. And but I totally agree that it can get people do want to be healthy. And it's just harder some days than others see you know annual and we'll share with you gotta aim also someone who struggles with depression and also someone who's medicated for it. And when I go into you community talks and when I'm talking to schools when I'm talking ten. To folks and the community I often disclose that because they think we need to send a message about it. Men experiencing difficulties determined to halt doesn't mean Q a bad person it's not a character flaw it doesn't mean you're not capable doesn't mean you're not Smart. That that we really need to hear from folks about what works for them to keep them one home. And and also we need to talk with each other about how we're getting help for those things because I think the more we talk to each other about how we can't help. The easier it is to ask for a when we meet. And on that out of given your questions as call 5767798. Or 2290 with. 134 mid day with Jamie wicket on eight Thursday don't forget tomorrow city spotlight on Lee's summit takes us to smoke brewing company that's at 209 SE main street. We'll be there starting at 10 o'clock and and am parks follows from two until six we would love for you cannot and say hi. Food and restaurants there's a story out of the pits and how illnesses as the first court or develops. Food is leading the charge. What more restaurants on truce to get you to spend more time over there. What the source says that over the last couple of years traced has seen a surge in both traffic and new businesses. Boards are coming down from shop windows neon signs are flickering back to life and drinking and dining establishments. Seem to be leading the charge here are some examples again and over there lately out last November ruby genes kitchen and surgery opened up at 3000 forest. Two months later were shot and Justin Clark opened their urban cafe at the corner of trees and I think are closed. I really are is cafe and maybe I'm wrong remember looking up I think they went straight to a food truck wow okay the stories to the results of that let me check prime. I'm not with him. Now that's decent and started from 98 on a rock and I'm the clear you are not like it I am not matter that all eyes and that no since then both businesses have boo. Un. So much so that yes urban cafe they say it outgrew their location they're moving a little further south but they're saying on truce okay. A couple other restaurant tour is a followed soon or recently getting residents of the truce court or more options for dining out. In April. Danny's African and tropical cuisine the city's first West African eatery opened next deal urban cafe location in and day. Rate day catching Jamaican restaurant open along fifty fit block of tourist and they say. Other talk to Cecil Edwards who owns reggae kitchen and he said trees was an obvious choice ice as the area is growing. And friends of mine said it was a good spot and to check it out. Yeah I mean you got great grand I would assume there. And this is. Typically when you look at I guess this would be. Gentrification right a performance that at least. And typically it's. I I'd. As somebody who lives downtown new hangs around downtown like I I've been hoping for a growth of trees in back effect. But the wife and opened up a little a retail price in the west Baden is but the but the teachers Terri was definitely you know and they. As as a place that we're looking as well. But I think what's gonna be consistency is is this is gonna happen especially with the streetcar extension because if you look at where this regard and dumps out. It it comes out. It dumps out east of sort of me if I understand Carter and try to look on line here for where the matches with that that the plan. But. And then you because it's based advocate the college campuses and got you Casey and rockers college there. All of that's pretty walking distance from the registry cards in and out to troops now. You get Emanuel Cleaver today. Sixtieth whatever that's it's hard to call that like the dividing line and we think of because all that areas and develop so much always has been developed and ecologists and on both sides of troops there now pressing and getting down into more like the 31 area and into the twenties and Alec and stuff. But what will be interesting it's Ecstasy is. Can they continue with the growth that they've had which has been a pretty sustained growth and there's still a lot of pockets and he'd be filled and that's and that I've been advocating for a long time is near the surface parking lots get to the surface. Vacant lots in the buildings mean you you see with a don't have to Wonder Bread facility rent you mean I think it's you know Casey's build that facility. On their by the hospital on twentieth or whatever but now they're going to be implementing a prospect Max. Who prospects got a handful of a pretty well. Known restaurant of your food and in terms of places like out you know. How that prospect Max is gonna fill out. When that gets completed and how the independence avenue redevelopment. Will fill that out soon because to me that's gonna really. That's gonna take that growth from east cross roads and all of that and push that towards that direction. But I know like I got a partner mine he got a house on 24 and park that's. That's in the that's in the whole okay bonds that area that's also stone's throw away from Beacon Hill. Which Beacon Hill is in the same zip code as the westside Riley and the crossroads and all of those homes. Are being bought up a level because when you get over there the Beacon Hill area you've got an incredible view of downtown. And and some of those homes over there are they're not cheap and and there are also brand new so is all that's of sorts to get develop. Yet you're gonna probably see trees give Philbin I think also as you have more people that moved to Kansas City and settle and millennial especially. They're gonna look. Can I get a house and maybe that maybe they don't wanna buy a house in May they wanna read something but the that you wanna purchase a home. It pretty much priced out of Columbus park at this right you're pretty much priced out of the west side who at this point. So where you gonna look you're gonna look at the Mannheim park area right known the family over there that they all. Moved into a block this atomic kids. Big ass house super cheap mortgage you know and then you've got dead that the the northeast area so I think yeah I think that it's your gut. Food it's always a catalyst for for people to get together from different walks of life. I think it it's going to be it'll continue to happen along truce with Canada. So I assume most people are not me. But I don't live downtown and I will go just about anywhere for good fruit and so if one of the things I thought about was well is getting good restaurants on tourist. The way to get people who don't live downtown to go spend more time on trips in hours as we try to fight. Sometimes the mister tech does is earned but sometimes it's not as we try to change the perception of troops there and try to get more people to go there that don't live there. Our restaurants the way to do it you know we talk about eighteen combined doesn't have enough you know you go to the museum once that's not enough to get people to go there with restaurants do it LT restaurants would do it for me. Restaurants and breweries. Breweries are pop out all over the place but there's still quite if you its pockets. Became the city that don't have one but they're going in no strawberry hill is getting in case he is getting a breweries in a meat facility as well. You know I mean and and if you look look at Kansas city's thank projection for the future. It talks about areas to fill and that need to be developed you know and so. I mean. Need it it's like others have been over saturation in the NC star once read an article about like other could be over saturation breweries. But and you look at other places like Minneapolis and Denver that you know that have breweries microbreweries everywhere and they do draw people because there's. Beers. That what you're doing in the in the east bottoms and to be a whole new development could be a whole destination there's so was all that stuff is people circling back into the city. Of course. If it's if if your idea of going downtown is the plaza. Didn't trust isn't going to be for you and I talked to people like I loved one that's over you go oh I go to mccoys magnets. Let's that's Westport. Dot com. That's that's not downtown. To me it is a cable where you from talking not okay. Did you you'll stick to your bubble to places you know and that's just what. But the people that are explores that like to debt debt debt like to get about and I think I've always been an advocate of if you can improve mass transit and it improves that. Since moving back to Kansas City I've watched the street cargo in downtown I want somebody who took a whole Europe ms. Clark just because I got tired of drug. Like I've seen. What happens when you have viable mass transit people get out walk and especially if you we'd like. When you're going from Allentown to basically applies if you take a streetcar Lou and that might move motivate people to actually get on the bus but there's a lot of people in this city that still have never been on the bus and for whatever reason. It's like to. I'll take it when I can at any time there's like I'm I'm excited because now there's a bus I can take when I leave work at 7 o'clock. It's fantastic. So it would more restaurants untrue is to get your bare all our. Could they do nothing that would get you guys it is is the perception of interest just kind of ruined due on your gives golf I 767798. Or two to 980 and if that's that's OK if that's the truth trio that the perception is just so much that IE because you have a lot of options. You don't have to go to the one that has the perception of crime. You can go to other areas where there are good restaurants with a treat over the weekend I went to forty restaurants and 72 hours last weekend at at and none of them were downtown. They were all outside of the urban core because I'll go wherever you are trying to restaurant so you definitely have options. But would would new restaurants untrue is to I'm excited when I saw this I thought how I need to go yeah I'm gonna go ticking now which everybody rape I. Coach you can go I solvent on. Sad but now maybe seagate seagate Gooden didn't record at the net for trying to cause there's nothing better than just a box of his innards. From coach sic ago when little side of mashed potatoes and overall. I don't I don't I don't I don't bigger and bigger on the it's good to go anymore but it but it debts that I would go there. I used to go in the seas was one of the first exposures I had to solve that in this town and that was where it you know chicken and waffles and Mike how this is. These countries as a spot on that 31 the main. It's so would when restaurants on trees be enough to get it there or or is it. You're just kind of written off now despite it was a Pollard has texted united fees that something I don't feel I. They're the quit I would have yet again yet I just need to think of what I'm looking for a place to go out art it's not 144 Jason Evans of my what it came easy.