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Tuesday, May 15th

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I tell that your next keyword to cash. This hour it is job at JOB job detects the word and a 72881. Eleven other 52 minutes do that plus we'll have another word for you just before 1 o'clock here on KM BZ. This is our poll question by the way we'll get to a little bit later around bloody Mary or the most. What's your favorite wrecked this cocktail. Right now bloody Mary getting 50% of the vote on the text line. You can text bloody Ramos said two to 980 this story comes to us out of the Washington Post. Should parents apologized to their kicks. 57677985767798. And he just texted at two to 1980 when a fellow parent told me how he believed parent should never apologized to their kids I was not sure how to respond. He said quote we're the adults and adults still absurd adults don't oh children apologies. He believes that regardless of his mistake no apology was necessary ever but the writer of this story Jia Miller writes. I make a point of apologizing to by children to demonstrate that we all make mistakes and when we do a sincere apology is necessary. And no neither Jamie or I have children so this is where we ask you to jump in at 5767798. Is it right to apologize to your kid's story one of those staunch people it says I do not tell my children and college. But as a parent do you feel like you ever do anything wrong do you feel like you government mistakes. And if you make a state. Do you feel like it's something that you should apologize for and the reason I ask is because. You're teaching your kids the right behavior and and setting the example for them later and so don't you want them. To know that if they make a mistake that they should apologize for and that that. Practice exists even when there is a hierarchy. You know that even when you have clearly won one person in control over the other. Or feel like it shows weakness to apologize to your kids and what I think it's. Since you only are attempting to become pregnant and I think these questions are valid for you should be think about. Alex you guys think about the approach as parents how you guys feel about. At what age you know that it does a three year old understand apology as a five year old understand an apology. Obviously teenagers going to understand and upon but don't. Does your five year old note to apologize when they do something they shouldn't ma I'm sorry I took that toy mom I'm sorry I yelled at the wrong time. I think I think kids very young are old enough to understand. That you when you do something wrong. Whether or hurt someone or not if you just do something you're not supposed to apologizing is the right way to go because they feel like if you or. You know kids emulate their parents especially young children emulate the parents they copy what they see they see apparent saying it's okay. To apologize to admit you're wrong. Or two to realize you made a mistake that's probably healthy for the kid right. But is it weakness some people fight the other side and say no place so if I shall we just like children a girl to be weak. And then they'll be tied pod eating condoms snorting skillfully I don't think they've got the better of. They'll think you know if you admit that you did something wrong made a bad call what have our belt thing on. Like they'll have to argue with you next time. Because you were wrong about something in their four next time there's room to negotiate 5767798. Answer with Stephen Kansas City on KM BZ Steve. Is it okay to apologize to your kids. Absolutely it and then still aren't up to it every day and take responsibility toward it not gonna weakness. It's that kind of actual strength of the important detail is wrong. And I'm part of. Comedy did you got. He got on how old. Important for you to apologize your four year old yet. Yeah I thought you'd gone out and buy you a letter saying. It wouldn't hurt it didn't it was a joke one time of the dog. My wife moved competent not you are part of the year vote you know. And I believe it didn't hurt that you know I'm not doesn't mean that then hey look I'm I'm. I'm honored that situation or I react to road to Wear it out on the back. And on guard Daryn and I hope we broke up the deal would say hey you know what it's my ball Dario. Steve thanks fogleman appreciate that I just think there's an important lesson in teaching kids at some point. Two up two to apologize for the things that you have genuinely done wrong. But don't feel like you have to say I'm sorry for everything that is it your fault either he knows because we have kids and we have adults that Judas. That will just apologize for everything all the time what it's really not your fault you know be aware of something you have done wrong and is actually your fault that you should apologize for. Vs something maybe you just feel bad but the two didn't you were. 5767798. Lead to Damon Chris and live double and hear from you as well texted at 22980. Is it okay to apologize to your kids should parents apologized to their kids or is it cited weakness. If you say no to more your phone calls more your text it's next and came easy to forget about our keyword cash this hour the word is jobs. JOB job text the word in the seven to anyone got a. Forty minutes left dvd will before 1 o'clock talking about a story in the Washington Post written by one of their perspective writers GO Miller. When developer told legally parent should never apologized to their kids that was not sure how to respond. He said quote worthy adults and adults don't ul children apologies. And quote. He believe that regardless of his mistake no apology was necessary ever I make a point of apologizing to my children to demonstrate that we all make mistakes. And when we do with sincere apology is necessary but about 25767798. Or to the phones. David in Kansas City on Camby easy game and yet kits. How many art of five children less user. That. You yeah I I think absolutely sit out I looked quickly. Eighteen years later Ohio now iron caught out not that are one drama and I had to order you know I'll start because. I congress in two. And you know are out pretty arts owners in our banker I will Wear a I don't know a lot Al. The status of the year where outlook on the quay it's no bit. While I'm out working on in the living where you got particular you guys have to be able to truck where you guys are. And there you're doing what you do not you know where are certainly doing an arm wait. Stock kind of figure out and hurt. Your law part two years account it. The beard. And wait to learn not to order you know why you know when idea. I want thank you I apologize. If you've not war. He ordered the air India and went to go it was brilliant. Daryn. I was just trying to make sure you protect it and and that. You know that you stated you know very narrow and not be an industry in the east didn't do. And you don't see candidates really are sure to note that. I came back later apologized. About the security does lack idea. And outdoor out all right you're alone become cellar where. You were all acting. Used to always come back and apologize to your children get that you want the if they'd be probably come back in theory is that there are in the regular prime. Well let let Eric thought. And David thanks Ben appreciate the phone call it's got me thinking also about. My take my point of view on his articles that it's written in terms of should you apologized years young kids and as I've I based on nothing but that's the way I read it. But we several people that have texted about they got apologies from their parents as adults later for things either being absent a war. What ever wives not being there are enough I'm sorry treated you this way out apologizing as an adult. T or adult children later for things that you get like not just in the moment honey I'm sorry I yelled hey honey I'm sorry IE yeah now. Whatever whatever that was it felt like Iran when your kids were little but the bigger stuff. All right well the more. Oh. Dysfunctional family stuff what about the apologies that may become later in life addictions yeah alcoholism. Abuse abandon whatever it is whatever you off fights in Al grudges that bill. How many people. Could half that and say I wish my mother or my father would have apologized for. Bull Lang right I think we all have that right we all and the difference that that can make your relationship with an apology comes. Let's go to Chris in Kansas City Chris thanks for calling yet kids. Yes do I have a forty year old daughter. You know I definitely know an apology. She grows because it's. I am bipolar. And I felt in the good behavior. Well rather. Either inappropriate torturing situation and what I'm depressed the look and medic. And she's understand it. Because. There are parts of bipolar that I believe or merchant that it and I need her to realize (%expletive) goes. Those feelings are validated they're. Wrong. She can talk to me about those things. I think it's good for you meant it to knows that and and your circumstances obviously different than than many other people but I think it's it's healthy that you know that Chris thinks the phone call. Let's go to Linda in Kansas City on KM BZ kids look. Yes I have four grown children. Seven grandchildren. Four great grandchild. Wow that is some impressive roster you've got Linda. Yes inherited and I have to say that's not yet certain questions. Because absolutely fair and have to be an appropriate apology. But children learn everything from their parents. They and they also need to learn how to accept the public. I have to go both ways and yes but that apologized and I don't children. First up you what you you apologize to your adult children for things of the immediate nature or. Stuff that Arab and back in you know fed 1015 years ago. Boat. I've sometimes sang it at. I'm sorry if I did things wrong and I hit a spike. If things weren't right and there were a lot of things that weren't right. There I think ever really goes through that Linda thanks for your phone call appreciate it. Let's go to use Stephanie in Kansas City on KM BZ was up Stephanie. Am I out there in Ireland show. I. Had it hit my own at six and I got year old boy and and currently pregnant or heard. All. I revoking my congratulations. That the. I worked part time and I can Whitney under the by now I'm really tired I bet. There have been several and a lot our program not yet really cool a little bet. And that's not appropriate. And I expect certain certain behaviors or my blanket. And when they actor Ron you know like track them and I like it will be very hypocritical of me. And there I'm. Behavior and way and not pollen in it. It. You know. Yeah I think that's one of the great lessons they can learn it and and Linda made the point earlier to his learn how to accept the apology and. That's a really good point with racism and I you know I forgive you mean there's a lesson in forgiveness yet is that also that works both ways for sure. Think your phone call Stephanie and hopefully get some rest and let's go to homer in Kansas City over things are calling your 91 came BZ. That would be. Seizure. I. And we'll peopled have trouble apologizing for things we all know that person can never Sam's car or anything. We're. Not. Sure. I think you guys so. I'm I'm well. You get. It out. And order situation. It would. I. Oh. Yeah. They. It didn't sustainable homer and and we appreciate you get my friend. Because it would seem to me to be pretty easy to say but there are plenty of people out there that would saying you never you never show weakness due to kids. Arnold there's cutoff age. Uttered a few EUU apologize you don't apologize because you wanna be the strong figure maybe not attend to get fifteen they look at you a different way at I don't know what that so. Just think they're never wrong now some people just think I'm the parent. And I do no wrong big day yesterday for Missouri governor Eric Wright miss. The case was thrown out this is the one about the photo oh man. Snapping aunts and invasion of privacy. It was a big day around what 5530s. Like that when the word came out and we're joined now by the Kansas City stars Brian Lowry. What exactly happened yesterday late afternoon. It would open bar scene in which the programs work side that it happened but on. So around 430 or so. I'm in the courtroom at our other orders and it was security blocks and go a long day are obligated. Including grill on each side about whether or not it could be impartial. And all the sudden so. Activity. A member of the prosecutors to exert to reach something great team sent the objects. That you'll virtue of the judges. The cure it is quarter and they have that slight bark and they will not sitting back. The sense well what's happening ticket can look at the the tent up and potentially what happened was. Prosecutors that dropped the case now. They are calling for special prosecutor be we get there in the disagreement about whether. Now he struck at the circuit Turkey just. Quick what herself or whether it be crew but I. A court order but they're calling for the peaceful picnic at the prosecutor but current and Steve says it can be up to the sole discretion and all that special prosecutor. Whether to charge in again so absolutely mail but actually it's just that stoically and no longer patent. The engagement privacy charge in the trial we call but expecting. That had been months and months of investigation and you'll free trial. Court wrangling. Forty days of jury selection in just shortly before legislature but beacon which bustle let's. The group he's great he helped people so like. You were integrity of the ball and get what its people. Well. Can explain why the decision was made. To drop the charge. I'll eat it cut a couple recent poll of most important one. What does that picture I article read you what great Eads team who. The circuit that would be clear. That what the team and as a technique eating circuit turned up let's concede as letting her because all the stand. There's the issue of whether investigator. Who worked on the case commuted. Perk period atmosphere has let that. So the judge. How to read to allow beat deposition war. Sort of the attorney can appear in court should you sworn. Testimony regarding cell. It would gonna put the circuit very typical position where you can now practically any weakness in the states. Choose the action and essentially you are stopped turning it over so well and that. But in the end the circuit during the opposite side at that flop charge. And you pursue that avenue the popular male or eighteen. Has argued that he actually got. That motion that caused them to drop the case. As early as. Monday morning. Well it was clear that prosecutors still that let's you list autograph a summer. Well this case a circular. The governor couple club count if not you'll. Any in any evidence of so. Great team argues that you'd want you it's that you vote for the prosecutors and people also. The weakness of the tree of the credit beat them now but. To click basically the story that was all happened yesterday. You know under the radar where the attorney of both sides at the judge's chambers. Go back important that you had been doing with the order appeal. And win the Gartner seeing the secretary can partner to dock at the heat and from the Court of Appeals. Denying their fuel that decision. Around 430 did actually meet in this this very well. Action. That's the case that. I would Brian Lowry of the Kansas City Star here at 91 KM BZ how well or how poorly has Saint Louis circuit attorney. Kim Gartner handled this. Well I think he's cute. The Elop. Crucial part of that's. You know I didn't want the computer people who will hiring the Mexican based private investigator. I mean willing to be Q conduct the investigation he's the man. Cool page these allegations. Of perjury either it cradling. Partly that it should come under. The lot of scrutiny. Are the obvious the governor you know the weasel or a group of the political. Nature of this. I would be so workers out there with a skeptical of in dirty needle out. Perhaps. That I was just got greater indictment and you know should proceed at whipped up her seat and there are very competent. It's special prosecutor. Little. Pick up this season and into a Turk governor Dan. Bayard street he would be a model toward your. Com and we can sit in the case not just the circuit at turn. Remember that the attorney for the next in the game or. A lot all of these allegations like that attorney ended up becoming eight in the case because. The circumstances regarding this 100000 dollar. He did he receive Wear them out is can. He looked at it yesterday so that it should. Call the Bernie that the direction. Allowed to be turning up the woman. That a governor let stripped of people instead of the circuit a term that I mean. I'm not immediately or. Cover. Trouble for. I can never seen anything like that where. All these lawyers bolt in the trees because of various things to keep becoming witnesses in the case that there are. Brent what effect does this have does this at the dropping of the charge what effect does that have on the impeachment proceedings are out of their word for a but the fact that lawmakers are gonna gather starting Friday night. To start considering impeachment what effect does one have on the other. Well if you let them lawmakers as less likely they have a stack. I think it probably. Does a governor quite a bit speak to him and we're. Hit back against its critics and Q. Eight that will reassert his innocent obviously it is eight jury has come down with eight guilty verdicts. In this case that would have been also wrote however lawmakers are just. Investigating the governor. Beat on the dollar decent involving the photographs. There's also that investigation into this Terry grabbed the still pending. Criminal charge on that street Louis. Stop an attorney general investigation. And little gentle and so among lawmakers. That that's actually the stronger he is so much slut so Lisa's case. But eat what more will we needed to use that he does governor because you can poll thing if you let it to become elected. And then it also the ball filing false information on race or after you became. Governor so. The fact that they will lawmakers might do is they need you we try to hit it too accepting cease. As the consider impeachment. It certainly complicates the politics. Or Republicans. Lawmakers. Now that this. That's one piece and dropped it been a prosecutor takes about. That he changed things but for now that this was. A victory for the governor. But it doesn't necessarily. Get him out with. Last one rankings and you gotta go but how much of a smoking gun is that photo is the linchpin going forward and is there a chance the special prosecutor. Changes the charge from invasion of privacy to even something along the lines of sexual assault. Well you know are desperately want but props to do you don't need a special prosecutor. Eat yet that no one's been appointed yet so I will wait. If we could probably typical. Peruvian visa credit is charged with Al. The order. For her remember you outlook or crap you still need to crew group. It particularly our consent that was it was streaky. In that it's the liquidate the that it lynched. But so. It can adequately distance and the ultra. Consider typical. To approve the invasion of privacy church. Right as I was we appreciate it we'll keep you on retainer for the next story the next linchpin the next piece in this in this entire case as we continue to move forward with governor brightens. Without water quality and influence he would be pleased that the. It's now. Buying up. Brian Lowry from the Kansas City Star joining us here on KM BZ. Is 1244. Kevin apple to elect. School district got Lawrence is deciding to potentially dual weight with. Is it Smart when it comes to raising money for your kids to say goodbye to sort they would it is coming up next. Pretty nine here on May Day with Jamie and wicket TV money selling my quick hits we are ever going door to door to sell stuff for school rights. I think a lot of kids. I mean we sold wrapping paper and candy bars and magazine subscription is all try to raise money. That may be changing though in Lawrence customers haven't Lawrence journal world at one school board on Monday. So support free draft policy that would end door to door fund raising for district activities may 29 as one abort take another look at that went. The pot isn't policy would forbid district's schools classes teams or clubs from soliciting money door to door. Does it strip recommendation any previous strap of the policy that was shared with the board last year. That would band door to door fundraising for elementary and middle school students that would allow high school students. To continue doing so with adult supervision on safety is the issue here he school board president Shannon Campbell on board member Kelly Jones who were on the board's policy committee said. It was safety concerns. Jones said she has done a lot of work in social services made hundreds of at home visits in Lawrence during her career. Most times she says it went OK but there was time where somebody held a knife on her in a situation she says. Schoolchildren she was trained in how to handle situations like that. So I know a little something about knocking on doors it is my professional recommendation. That we not our students in that situation. Although parent teacher organizations and booster clubs. Would not be subject to that door to door ban or other rules in the policy they do hope that. They would conform to the best practices and maybe not quite so much. I wonder if this is going. And elsewhere. Or more places doing this are are are more school districts saying hey we're not gonna do this anymore is it at a safety concerns. Because as we were talking about this earlier my mindset on this completely changed and feel free to jump in 5767798. 576779. Hater texted at 22980. I. There was some value in a lot of value in the eighties and the early ninety's of going door to door in you whether you were your parents and they were you know behind you would look up to the door yourself. You knock on the door and you try to you know your neighbors your friends parents whenever he solemn. Whatever crappy product your tried to get rid off. But that is we talked about it more. It seems like especially in today's digital age which everybody has a FaceBook page or whatever. It's probably smarter for that fourteen year old boy you're fourteen year old girl with a FaceBook page to say okay. And reach out to a year height greater 200000. Friends or whatever isn't saying hey. I've got candy bars for sale let me know if you oneself or if you wanna check out the order form for magazine I think it's a Smart move actually do. Parents have the safety concern about taking your kids store door because I think. Your with them there can be safety concerns mean somebody who's crazy made on the other side of the door. Is still gonna be crazy even if you're there so do you have safety concerns about your life about letting your kids go to going door to door selling things. So Brett the concern earlier collar person we talked about those that. As a home owner you are hesitant to open the door for somebody that knocks on your door selling things because you never know what it really be going on. And not your point I think there is a good lesson to be learned for kids and managing money and and learning that you got to raise money for things that you wine. But as I think toward everything is a little date it I think there are better ways for kids to make money. Ways that can teach them some real world business classes being that that. So early we're not going door to door selling vacuums anymore either that's just not the way that we reach the biggest audience on the about the safety issues that they bring up in the story. 5767798. I just don't know I mean. When I did it my friends and I would do it it was never safety. You know I'm back again things are changing. Things are a little bit different these days the woman and in the story talked about a mental disorder a person of the mental disorder that that. Attacked him with a knife. I don't know mean bigger picture he brought this up Halloween. Are we gonna stop letting kids go trick or treating because of safety fear. Or are you going to not let them do it as young or are you not going to drop them off at the end of the block like our parents used year in how they used to take us the end of the cul-de-sac. And they would just sit there let us got a right around are you more likely to go with them or not let them go out by themselves as young. Exit you know as a kid need to we have to dad's all the dads one get people on the I think the Radio Flyer wagon. Full of hair and threw it to be in front all the dads a Beagle and you know back behind you drink in some Beers and you go through the neighborhood that's the way it was. I mean what else do you did we used to go door to door doing. That you don't do anymore Christmas Carol never did that or. We would sit and hospitals. We always there and as such a good person and we did it out so that we because my mom worked in a hospital and that's what we dead. I peoples to keep the house Carol and I have no idea people don't go to doors anymore. Italy game I mean I answered or. Well we're apartments are so it's different Elijah. You know you you know it's you've followed fronting on the order and meet kids wiest and run up the door and knock on the door. All the time now it's you call you taxed. You know you don't want people coming to your door bars and less I know you are in the door see if people a lot too injured to. Not on your door. A random people saying hey you we got this or work on somebody's house. Across the street. Here's a discount or we could be used since you're living in the same neighborhood yeah I retinal camera roof is fine. To people go to the dory or 5767798. Could Amy in Kansas City thinks colony era KM BZ. Here. By day and. Seven fundraisers in one year. Very. Well I have a whole fact that it was. There are out of debt and yet. But buddy a parent or a body the way the thought is that before so let there. There yeah. Yeah yeah I don't look that bad are yet that. I doubt that that's easier. I mean that's. And eight era where other. Well as a. Good lord for elementary to say before the phone call. Kerry evident neighborhood we have neighbors right kids in the neighborhood. Kids come knock on your door resilience not to stay at it don't need anymore. That never Carrie Everett girl's got to never knocked on your door and I'd be selling magazine the only time I've ever had somebody was like a bug guy who came and we are outside. And he was selling out. Pest control service thing and we told him essentially what that Dornan said no solicitors and you left. Also that sign up I know several people that have the sign outside their door saying no it's a litter it was listeners and back in a couple people that site the city code. In which it says no solicitors because they don't want you knocking on their door selling and stop.