Midday with J&W: Social media is not the way to fire someone, right?

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Tuesday, March 13th

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We are awaiting Rex Tillerson to speak. In DC the former secretary of state under president Donald Trump was fired via Twitter and today. He is now five minutes late to get to the podium at any time now I am right. It's. He was like go via Twitter today. CIA director Mike Pompeo. Will replace him. Pending of course approval. Now which comes at a very interesting time with the I ran deal they were getting close to to a deadline on yet Randy will also be I'm meeting between Donald Trump in Kim Jong. Who knew that there are also climate change talks that are coming up soon and Mike Pompeo. Has publicly ban against climate change an expert there. On so he will be leading those types as well. A report keyword cash this hour is blanket the LA and KET blanket text that word in 272881. For your chance to win a thousand dollars. If you missed the breaking news we'll get back to that spot assuming. That Rex Tillerson doesn't say anything groundbreaking that we need to spend some time on. We welcome back to the news that came out the last hour that. Prosecutors and the fatal shooting Marjorie Stoneman Douglas as one part one have decided to seek the death penalty against the shooter in that case. Seventeen counts of premeditated murder that was where we lost fourteen kids and three adults. Again you that shooter initially offered to plead guilty in exchange for avoiding a trial. Quite honestly it seems like. Maybe because of his age he really was trying to avoid death and he didn't he didn't commit suicide during the shooting it was suicide by cop he offered to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. They've decided to seek the death penalty in the case so we'll get back to asking you whether. You think that's I think he deserves. Somebody texted a point I thought was really interesting it that will bring out a little later abouts on. What are this was entirely his fault. As we wait for Rex Tillerson earlier today you president trump what address the media briefly he actually went to California today to look at prototypes for his border wall. Rex Tillerson. Is out Mike Pompeo is in president trump earlier today. Wait let me. Relationship has been very good dad dad that's what I need as secretary of state. Highway wreck that was good well. Gina by the way who I know very well who I've worked very closely will be the first woman director of the CIA. He's an outstanding person you'll also have. What did go very well so I've gotten a lot of people very well over the last year had. I'm really at a point where we're getting very close to having. The capital it had other things that I want. But I think Mike Pompeo will be a truly great. Secretary of state I have total opposite that it had as far as wrecked buildings and I'd very much appreciate his commitment that is service. And I wish him well. The president in the former secretary of state butted heads and a number of things the capital Jerusalem. He Paris accords. Charlottesville. There is some some beats between the two that people or keep it in nine on. And this this seemed kind of imminently it was going down. Happening but it was interesting so we talked earlier today Karen Travers from ABC news on and she pointed out that and this is something he kind of alluded to issue debt. Trumps is part of the reason why is or at least part of the reason that he likes Mike Pompeo is that he likes it better. Like part Griese ease get a job. Is 'cause they're more like we do which is code for he will be loyal to me he'll be horrible on I can control him. And perhaps he was having a hard time keeping an armor source was interesting is that Tillerson was on CBS last month on sixty minutes. And hiring process he you know he was being hired for the job or gonna be offered for the job when he first met president trump so. One leader he hadn't met before December 2016. Was Donald Trump. Tell me what that first encounter was like. We met in his office and trump tower and he just begin by asking me don't you just kind of talk about how how you see the world. Shall we just we walked around the world for about an hour and then after that but it kind of went a little bit of a sales. Pitch with million. Set when should be much secretary of state and I was stunned. You didn't know was a job and her you know I didn't. But that's. It had was also asked what it was like to work. With president Donald Trump tell me what it's like to work in an administration where the US has walked away or threatened to walk away from a number of commitments. That has to be hard for someone who believes in the code of the west. While some of those I think it's important to keep in mind what the level of commitment was so we have agreements that the congress never had the opportunity to weigh on long. And so president trump was elected by the American people as many of these free issues that he ran on. Also. One of the many things they touched on was in on some of the things. What are the beach side so they some of the things some peace. And did it Rex Tillerson. Call president Donald Trump. A moron. He was asked. Why didn't you deny calling the president a more on. You know that's a really old question do you understand that by not answering the question some people thought you were confirming the story. Other coverage of the question. You think you answered the question. How branch of the question. Did you call the president a moron from London to dignify the question. We got so many bigger issues that we could be talking about. I'm not from this town understand this tell much to talk about a lot of things are really not important. And he you know he's got. Nothing to lose right now but they get out let's go to Rex Tillerson now speaking at the state. Parker an orderly and smooth transition. They are at a time the country continues to place significant policy. And national security challenges. They're such effective at the end of the day. I'm delegating all responsibilities of the office of the sectors. To deputy secretary of State's all of them. My commissioners secretary of state. We'll terminated midnight march 31. Between now and then how to address. A few administrative matters related to my departure. And work towards a smooth nor we transition. For secretary of state designate Mike Pompeo. I'm occurred Yuma policy planning team and undersecretary some systems sectors. Those confirmed. As well as those in acting positions. To remain at their post. We continue our mission at the State Department. And working with interagency process. A will be meeting. Some members of my front office team and policy planning letters notifying them for their service. That I have been extraordinarily. Dedicated to our mission. Which includes promoting values that I newspaper report but those safety and security or State Department personnel. Accountability. Which means treating each other with a honesty and integrity. And respect for one another. Most recently in particular to address challenges of sexual harassment within the four month. Phones big anomalous State Department colleagues and to our interagency colleagues and partners that DOD. And joint chief of staff's most particularly. To mop or observers officers and civil service colleagues. Would Alter the same oath of office. When your career. Employee or political appointee. We are all bound by that common commitment. To support and then the constitution. To bear true faith and allegiance to say. If you're faithfully discharge the duties of our office. As the State Department were bound together by that oath. We remain steadfast. Here in Washington. And opposed to across the world. Many of whom are major players situations. Without their families. The world needs selfless leaders like these. Ready to work with longstanding allies. New emerging partners and allies for now. Many are struggling is democracies. There's some cases to. Are dealing with. Human tragedy. Crisis of natural disasters. Literally crawling themselves now those circumstances. These are experiences that no lecture hall and academic environment for a think tank can teach you. All about people going to the front lines to serve. Committee vote this kind of talent. Two men and women in uniform. Until for the first time in most people's memory. The department State Department bills defense how to close working relationship. We're we're all agreed the US leadership starts. With diplomacy. The men and women in uniform for the fifths of the leadership of secretary Madison general Don for. Protect us as Americans on our way of life daily at home and abroad. As an all volunteer military that they do it for love of country. They do for you. And they do it for me. To for no other reason. As Americans we're all eternally grateful to each of them and we honor their sacrifices. The rewarding part of having leadership and partnerships in place. As you can actually get some things done. And only due recognition to the State Department. And our partners. For a few of their accomplishments. Under this administration. First working with a allies. We exceeded expectations of almost everyone. With a DP RKA maximum pressure campaign. With the announcement on my very first trip as secretary of state to the region that the Arab strategic patience with over. We commits the steps to dramatically. Increase not just the scope but the effectiveness of the sanctions. The department under that they global campaign. To bring partners and allies on board in every country around the world. With every embassy in mission raising this to the highest levels. And every meeting up head throughout the year this has been on the agenda to the coast. The adoption the South Asia strategy. With the conditions vice military plan as the tool to compel the telephone to reconciliation. The peace talks with the Afghan government. Finally equipped our military planners for the strategy which they connect to keep. As opposed to a succession of sixteen. When your strategies. This clear military commitment. Attracted the support of allies broadly. And equip our diplomats. With a whole new level of certainly. Around how to. Prepare for the peace talks and achieved the final objectives. Another four progress has been made much work remains. In Syria. We did achieve important cease fires and stabilization which we know has saved thousands of lives. There's more to be done in Syria directly with respect to cheat in the piece. As well as stabilizing Iraq and Cigna health the government installed. The more broadly in the end it's our global campaign to defeat vices. Nothing is possible. Without allies and popularly partners. Much work remains to establish a clear view of the nature our future relationship with China. How sure we deal with one another over the next fifty years. And is sure period of prosperity for all of our peoples. Free of conflict between two very powerful nations. And much work remains. To respond with a troubling behavior and actions over on the part of the Russian government. Russia must assess carefully mr. couch actions are in the best interest of the Russian people. Know the world more broadly. Continuing on their current trajectory is likely to lead. To greater isolation on their part. The situation which is not in anyone's interest. So much college and State Department and interagency much remains to be done to achieve our mission only have the American people. With allies. And with partners. Are close by thanking his hall for the privilege of serving. Beside you for the last fourteen months. Importantly to the 300 plus million Americans. Thank you for your devotion to it free and open society. To acts of kindness toward one another. Honesty. And quiet hard work that you do every day to support this government which your tax dollars. All of those we know want to leave displace there's a better place for the next generation. On our return to your private life. Private citizen. Has a proud American. Proud of coffee up had to serve my country. God bless all of you jobless where people publisher. He's got her future Iraq won't be. That is the secretary former secretary of state Rex Tillerson when a prepared statement didn't take any questions afterwards as he was fired at. Via Twitter this morning by president Donald Trump. She apparently spoke with trump. By phone hours after that we hours after he was fired as he was due Luke. As as you would hope one would get the institute. Yeah so he is handing at the end of the day. Duties over to his chief deputy he officially. Leaves the job march 31 act gives the senate a bit of time. To hurry up and confirm my campaign now as secretary of state. By the way. Now seems like it's time to get to know more about him he already girding Iran from being from congress out of Kansas but the Wichita eagle just put up a story on a website don't tweet out. What's behind Mike Pompeo as rapid rise he is a steady hand from central casting. Is the headline on that I'll. It's pretty good reason that if you want to enjoy and it's a battle to lead it out Jamie came easy. Just to get to know a little bit more about us and you're going to be seeing a little bit more of. It's 20 minutes after 1 o'clock relate for a break will be get back to our conversation about the park when shooter you wanna react to what you just heard you what did you think you can a 5767798. We catalog actually quite well but we disagreed on what you look at. They are rotten deal I think it's terrible I guess that it was OK I wanted he's Greg did or did something. Had he felt a little bit differently. President Donald Trump earlier today secretary of state Rex Tillerson is out Mike Pompeo will take over. Nicely and talk about that for a Y old there was a statement that came out. From the undersecretary. Who also by the way has been fired and because of this statement the secretary had every intention of staying because of this critical progress made in national security. This is colleagues at the Department of State a foreign ministers that he's worked with throughout the world. Secretary did not speak to the president and is an aware of the reason but he's grateful for the opportunity to serve blob blob blob. Some truck didn't tell him. It was on Twitter that trump fires to his secretary of state. The other one that was fired and what are. Yeah another. COLT we was fired on TV has not eating rice was fired on Twitter. I think it's not the first time that's happened no president from Amman so well. So that we should we tomorrow. Right after another the first and sad to tweets and she's anti tax cuts are trump fired him via Twitter that should tell you everything you know about trot Howard. The next tax phenomenally and to whom and why do you have emphasized that he got fired by Tweeter Twitter. It doesn't matter how you get fired I get fired now it does matter. Or how you get fired up high it's about respect it's about being as the person called him not a power to. If your boss in your about the fire someone. You called him in your office or at and and you. Man to man or boss to employee. And you tell them look we're moving in this different direction you can give a reason if you need to act I don't know I'm sure every firing is different. It's a cowardly thing to do and speaks to the character of Donald Trump. It's about leadership yeah. It's about I am not afraid to tell you that were going in different directions it's that I'm going to give you the respect you deserve. I don't owe you an explanation for why am firing hole but I'm gonna tell you to your face instead of ace of how on her first ranked you know that's there that's high and it apparently what you do and not management but apparently it's what you do is you make sure the person being fired is the first to now. Instead of the rough. Of the world that's what happened here I mean it's it's spineless it's embarrassing it speaks to Trump's character or lack thereof. We're not talking about Mike quick it's tool and die. Where you know. It it's just there's 36 employees were taught us secretary of state who probably. Was not on Twitter the whole trumped read it and had. Employees of his Colin Angela and fire exactly. That's okay he he's gutless. The president was gutless with this move to fire his secretary of state I'm not afraid of Rex Tillerson ebony Steele in this game. I mean I don't think Rex Tillerson and oil billionaire and one of Trump's backers early. Was a real capable guy for the gig it began I don't know what it takes. Be secretary of state as a man this was a gutless spineless. Lily liver removed by the president of the United States to fire a guy on Twitter busiest 45 he wanted to embarrass him. Because he knows there's been a beef between he and Tillerson for a while they disagree as you heard trump on the way back talk about the Iran deal. They they're big they're have been disagreements the public starting to know it and he won the last laugh he wanted to publicly embarrass his secretary of state. On the way out. That's why you don't you're 45 million followed her job on Twitter. That's an N goes immediately to the news outlets are now becomes hundreds of millions of people who know what before you it was a gutless move get a keyword cash it would 1000 bucks. Blanket blanket the LA and KET texted and 72881. Got another one fat answers to your reaction to president trump firing us secretary of state. Us Rex Tillerson this morning over Twitter. I think it is absolutely gutless and I understand. That there are people that he if trump stood up in a church. And kicked a puppy called people the N word. And pushed and onto the ground would still support him I understand that just like I believe there were blind followers of President Obama. But wow man oh man in. There is hit some of you like this person. I need to get my finger on but yeah. This is from the tech slide right to the phones at 5767798. For a thumbs down to clarify something about the timeline OK everybody arguing about it. Make sure you know what happened. You know if you mother. In the media were critical of that answer and word liberal piece of Obama he never would have been president. And a happy my dad to you sir. Accept and six Stefan said then at 98. Is the phone number so quick what's the timeline how this all go down well. He's saying he wasn't where Hitler we offer. Now Willingham was fired on Twitter on Friday. Chief of staff John Kelly spoke with Rex Tillerson was Africa at the time. Spoke with him by phone and said president trump intended to ask him to step aside but in that call. The chief of staff did not specify when that change might com the next day. John Kelly chief of staff called Tillerson and on Saturday. Expressing once again the president's intention to replace the secretary of state Rex Tillerson did not find out he was fired. Today until it was out on Twitter this morning around 745 Kansas City time and then several hours later. That was when president trump called Rex Tillerson to talk about it let's talk to rot in Kansas City rod. Your reaction to secretary Tillerson getting a hand on Twitter. That's his prerogative you can fire whoever he wants to fire that played the president of the United States of America. And you were not in the room when he was fired I would not in the room when it was fired so nobody really knows the facts political somebody get the spineless on the radio. There's really not responsible on your part because you weren't there you don't know the fact. Yeah actually I do right rob I do know the facts in it it I. I I'm going to read T I'm going to get. I can't answer you feel just wars if you don't you don't you don't let me tell you. A statement was released by his office. By the undersecretary. Who also by the way was fired. Then he did not know this was happening today to get did not know it was happening today so. I mean look if you're kind of boss that would publicly embarrass her when your firing because you have a beef with that. That's fine. That speaks to your gutless character as well. That's your prerogative I just think it is ridiculous for someone who is in the position as the president of the United States of America. To fire one of his top foreign relation guys maybe the top foreign relation guy in the secretary of state to go to Twitter with it first. I just think it's it's a matter of respect can he do. Away. You know he didn't get a call from president trump until noon bright. It's I think it is disrespectful. For any costs to tell everybody else you are being fired before they tell you absolutely. Actors and I would say that about any box it seems like the right thing to visit skin in the game I don't care. A buffer for Rex Tillerson. But that's not a cool thing to do to your to your employees. Go to Deanna you're 91 KMB easy Vienna which I think the firing Tillerson via Twitter. I think it's really ridiculous come my thing here as I was by IQY. And and growing gap I'm I'm proud I think he'd please how many more are looking in. And that way to show and on the BTU. And what are we teach old kitten allegation if we didn't have cellphone we're going to ask. What are we teaching our cat. That it's okay to do what ever. And I intend. Now I do feel like you don't think they're great space and look him in the eye and say hey. I think it is wrong. Let's put it we. He's a bad role model for kids. Yes. Totally and and and go near my markets and even now. Yeah I think he begin. Or let out. Early. I'd look behind my president because I actually got. But it's hard to wean you hear all the steps and he's not be me what I mean to every. He's he's just he's not a good person I mean look in three years or in two years of these garnering six if he's gone. And live and not my oral NK is exploded. And I can find direct correlation the president and my 401K in your for a one K I'll be thrilled I'll be satisfied I'll be happy. But. He's not a good person I guess there's a difference really classy act any human at a good human being. And being a guy who in front of a bunch of people and get picked up by the media says this about. Another human being. I'm going to Meet the Press. I showed now headed by sleepy guys Chuck Todd. Best sleeping his side of the bed so today. That's the president of the United States. Again if you don't care you care about your 401K in the and that the unemployment rate. And that's your number one goal that's fine. But the president should be someone that you could look up to. As a good person your kids should be able to look up to. And Donald Trump Floyd frankly is not a good person. He's not let me just say that's. We talk about nine different things and Sam. We've both been called. And names. Why is it that this. Is what brings out the ugly. Unlike. Anything else it's not Republicans people go off. The deep end when we talk about drop. It in ending more passionate once I get them or ugly and passionate the other side dance and I don't. Little of me I don't understand. There's one thing to give an opinion and there's another thing to use some of the language. And I just on. But that's why talk politics. I understand this is always the president embarrasses the secretary of state I've firing him and doesn't call him for several hours mean. Was 745 our time when it happened or so. Put an 845 DC time. And Tillerson didn't get a call till noon. Attempted to be told by the president and he was being busy and let go it's up on. Let's go to Carlin in Kansas city car earlier on KM BZ would you make of president trump letting go of secretary Tillerson via Twitter. Well it doesn't surprise me because the man never conducts himself like he has any collapsed. I am very surprised. You look at coercion and I'm not a trump Fran but I will say this Tillerson and every time I've got to listen to him streaks. He comes off. Very he's very articulate. He conducts himself. Actually more presidential than Donald Trump ever could even though even though he's not the president of the united shaking out like he could be the brilliant match staged. You know and especially important about repeatedly in the cabinet. And because he wouldn't against do the things that trump wanted. Which a lot of them torching a collector. Really he's been he's given a lot of our daughter in Peru. But note George and I was shocked I was actually shocked that they. Let that man go back he he conducted himself as a statesman at all times. End education and you know you've got an in the White House right now they're. You know people don't wanna admit they do they all supported a being listed. Reality TV's celebrity this is what you get when you vote for someone like that guy is a clash. Thank you for your phone call 5767798. We do if you or your phone calls and if you're OK I'd like to know why. But why are you cool with the president using his 44 million followers. Today and get his word out and he knows going to be picked up by everybody MSNBC bright part Fox News ABC ABC CBS whomever. Mike with its blog and have one. But everybody's gonna pick up on it and that's the way you fire someone that you're busted dad told everybody. And then it got to you. Is that the way you want your your your boss to operate. I've eaten for each art shop door and that's. That's how it happens around eight or are. H cars and other shows that. So I've ever. I mean I've I've never seen anybody fired here in my short time here but yet I've witnessed in the company I. Why should 677 and. What is most important is to ensure an orderly and smooth transition. There at a time the country continues to place significant policy. And national security challenges. That is for secretary of state Rex Tillerson and earlier this hour as he was fired via Twitter by president Donald Trump today. He got the word like the rest of us right around 745. Via Twitter via social media and all the reports and then got called out two and a half hours later. Or sell from president trump asking your reaction to the the firing. The way it was handled by 767798. Tony in Kansas City thanks for calling her a 91 KM BZ. All he did it. I only get straight support this the president debt we all knew what an idiot. You know. It doesn't surprise me one bit our our what you say she can't you know. He shot about what idiot is. You know that's just Smart dark ironic that so I had this day. Tony thank you very much for your phone call let's go to Darryl in Kansas City Darryl would think about the way president trump fired secretary Tillerson. Well I. Would really like the whole story here edit then jumping to conclusions. There are well heard us say let. First let me say that I agree with what you said earlier gaining there's no need it and he's in foul language to be disagreeable. You repeatedly stated as fact that you know how he was fired. After two phone call from the cheek a the president of the United States saying Mr. President content to replace Sheen. Delicate mr. Taylor and did not offered his resignation at that time. Exceeded. Oh well I don't I don't I don't know that either just like you don't know it Tillerson did not not too well and milk a day. But I don't like Dan. Conference and let me. Undersecretary of state is the per inmate that they. Not secretary gale and yet you quote and it's sad that this is what happened. Because I'm seeing it from multiple sources that is why that when I see it from multiple sources I do believe. That the chief of staff John Kelly informed him on Friday that was coming at some point informed him on Saturday that the president intended to replace him. But I believe because I'm seeing from multiple sources. That Rex Tillerson did not know he was going to be fired today until it was on Twitter this morning and then president trump called him a few hours later to talk about. Tillerson was notified of the official termination this morning I mean. I don't know why people don't believe I don't know why you would want to believe that I mean Darryl you're member James Kobe got fired right. He was fired Ollie was at cal he was fired. Think that was completely justifiable as well. As job. To hire and fire advocate the country. I I agree with you Matt I think it's the method that were taken issue with the bat it's the fact that the gutless president doesn't on social media or puts it out without confronting or talk he did the ranks supreme this he did it James called me now he's done it it to to Rex Tillerson. If you're OK with that just say I don't care if the president publicly embarrass his his employees as. As he has done so far with at least three. There's a difference to the way he does it and the fact that he is the right to do it surely as the right to replace whomever he wants. Arnold in Kansas City here on KM BZ. Are you Doreen. And are being be terminated. Right. Let's talk to Sherry in Kansas City on K and easy or what like that would you make the way president trump fired secretary tellers and sharing. Not an actor. I may have been and I had a company that I worked forward and I hear they're out of work they decided ago. They call her in and tell her. And then they call me an irony. Irony. How did you feel about that that you weren't the one to know it that you're like to know what a. Yeah it can be tried and it can it get worse it was it was a sit there you know battle. I'd like you're an actor from what what exactly your point here and court this particular bot is slipping off. I want to get out there would have to get added no way to properly and yourself on any level I. You're hired somebody take it out what the person you're gonna fire you let them now and being here announcement she'd help you at the other patched just. Cheri thank pogo we appreciate it let's get air and in Kansas City upon KM BZ would you make of the way president trump. Fired secretary Tillerson today. I understand that he has the right to do it by a part in that many times by. Somebody like the secretary of state. That should have been handled behind closed doors and initiative and brought to the public out of our art. Twitter should have never been involved even if Jill and nick and I would I would never Tillerson and well that was the placement. Or own personal gain because that is I. By that's still just that's not a way you conduct. Any type equipment and supposedly use them are conducting bit. I mean now I guess you can feel like everything he directed bankrupt. Aaron thank you for your phone call to suck the Scott Kansas City on Camby is he's got would you make a way that the president fired the secretary of state. First or they get pretty irrelevant do. Of course alive only at city. Impact you know you baker and a. Enough mean am I gonna get it but I think. Doesn't it the at the public opinion matter though in your mind Scott the perception of the president and done the opinion of his voters and I. I think Scott's Donald elected things your own comment thing was gone there. But again there is a core of the trump gains. Better out there. That literally. Trump can do anything he wants and there are so there was a quorum the supporters that did the same things that you wanna play what about autism. I'll play at all day long but there is a quorum trump supporters. That no matter what the man dies. It inning in his own words I could shoot someone in the street and not lose votes and he's talking about you. Our right he's talked about you that he it'll literally don't matter what. Because I want the president to be someone that my children can look up to know if we hire fortunate enough to have children anytime soon. They will know who Donald Trump is as president of the United States well. No it's possible I mean maybe possible I don't remember Ronald Reagan in office. She. I remember being yeah I'd view. Your two years older than right so why am I mean I remember being young I remember the election of George H. W. Bush didn't remember that. And I remember him but I was born in 1981. Whoever the president is I believe that. Your kids your son and your daughter. Should look up to the president as a role model as someone who treats people with dignity who treat people with respect. Who's not a coward. As someone who was kind. This guy's not. He's not he might be a great businessman apple C. All all all check on the economy again in two years of the early in my 401K is due in two years. Look at the unemployment rate look at deals made look at trade look at all that stuff. But as far as a kind good person he is not. He's just not. We who who goes for the crowd and calls chopped got to have a son of a beat. Is it just to get a rise out of people that's as fresh and stopped justify it unless your justification as he's president he can it would every once I mean. It up if you're guide the end to the bar you call me an SOB. It's not and it's not this president's millions of people watch him every day. Any treats people with a lack of respect. It because he's not a good person. I'd be great this Mabel find out.