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Monday, May 21st

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Adam Monday happy to have you thanks so much for beginning your week with us have a chance at 1000 dollars the key word cash haul. Is the word BOW. Foul ball text the word in the 72881. For your chance to 1000 slots. I get to today there was a story in the Kansas City Star body disparity in traffic tickets for white people vs black people in Kansas City. And what the attorneys that was quoted in the story is going to join us Stacy Shaw will be in studio coming up at 11 o'clock but we begin. I don't have a dog in this fight kind of a naming rights discussions. And he's Eli would like right. I should get this news. That broke last night that quite honestly I cannot believe that we are talking about again but it was all over Twitter last night it does affect a great number of people in the city. On there is a citizens group an eleven member panel that was appointed by mayors like James last month to determine the best way to honor an okay. And we story why you work on wicket that on a couple of ideas and emerged and and one was surprising on. Seau is a really popular idea but the airports at the new terminal these single terminal. Plante at the airport that that the name different market does it lead to emerging ideas. Out my eyes that TCI to signal terminal was emerging as an idea. And now in fact on this group has decided to forward on some mayors like James. You recommendations. One is that the sale because there is support for Easter reits to be named in honor and I'll tag. And say there is clear support for the airport is one. Mayor James is set to according to start talk about the recommendations this afternoon at a press conference. A final decision will be made by the City Council. I don't mean to start off with the government's role. It team trying to sort stuff out stuff but it's not quite as simple as the City Council just making a decision. If we're going to you renamed these single terminal TCI other than Casey guy by the FAA. Gets to weigh in on that well and gets a decision on that although the F tends to agree with a local decision and so we City Council vote in favor of naming the signal terminal for Casey I. Would signal to the FAA yes there's local support and they would probably go along with. There's also a group of east side ministers aside from the eleven member panel. That favors the sale and they have indicated they will continue to gather. The 71017108. Valid signatures needed to put the question on a citywide ballot that could be in November. The City Council could decide to take a vote before then okay. Could make things interesting there hang on but that vote if that would happen would be an up or down I assume on whether to renamed the sale for not acting come in November. On this points out that again the mayor could move forward. By sending one of these recommendations of the council before the election or he could wait for the results of the citywide vote and sale. For the life of me I do not understand why the name being single terminal for a I do not under us and well all due respect OK all due respect to the civil rights leader and the role that he had in his country. But I'd go. If if that we are the only major city in the country that does not have a street name for a lot of money and I'm fine. Have a dog fighting knows. It now other than the money it's gonna cost to replace some signs which can't be astronomical. Fine. One airports are getting away from naming. Terminals and airports for people now today is as we've heard over and over and we've heard from our friends Casey and I. Airports now more and more are being named for the place where they are located so it's not confusing so you don't wonder where the Eisenhower airport as you just happen to know what city it's and all know that is that airport is named there's an hour airport but. We don't we just have city we have airports now they're named for cities tank aside from that if your name and term. I don't know. I just made this and it put us up on Twitter just now so. From the article in the star and everything the options are one Saito. UK's CI 63. Hour I wrote ever will your choices on Twitter what should be named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Is one of those three or none of the above. Yes those are the options that this panel on the market that's I think what we need to hear from. Our people feel strongly either way on any of these because like you I'm like. Man if the City Council which has that I it is pars I can tell. The Kansas city's City Council has a lot to worry about right now I don't know a whole lot going on in Kansas City that we got to get figured out. Regardless of your political affiliation you'd have to be able look at that can't panic City Council and say. How began we got this we got that we got this. Why is this coming to the forefront is because somebody wrote a story that's at the last major city to have now topping named after Doctor King. It's because a group of local. Religious leaders got together okay and started on noticed that we weren't that we didn't have something named Fremont mom. They started talking more. Then the mayor because we had the the parks commission that said that waited and that we had the mayor that a panel together. On and that panel that was made its recommendation yeah we have really huge problems in this do that we spent a lot of time talking about. And if you want to. On the other hand. The mayor together to make a recommendation and he's gonna talk about right and that's what the panel is now the mayor gas doesn't have to forward that. And of that recommendation and has to go on the City Council he can just sit on them. And we can wait and see if this group gets the 17100 signatures needed to go on the ballot in November frankly that's what I would do I'd let that vote play out. I would I would keep those are the city council's business for right now let bankruptcy if they get the signatures have an upper downed the sale in November. And then make a decision. I think. To me of all of these options Casey I'd say a 63. Of those three options. Casey ice seems like the easiest and I say the easiest. Because if you change a streak everybody's address has to change and that's a lot of people lot of directions lot of maps leveled at the same day 63 at the sale. A lot of stuff would have to change to meet you can just build it stamp it. Boom the many things they named the airport was on. And it's just the terminal on that would but that's the single terminal right the major part of Casey Britain it would still be officially Casey I with us with a sign that you would still have you the name now includes an OK so anything that has keys on it. I assume would have to include an ice and that's not an easy fix by the way that would be done nationally more is changing road just beat them locally but announced but is the airport still technically going to be MCI I have no idea that if you. It's only going to be MCI when you type it into reserve your flights win. Air traffic control is talking to pilots it's. CI eight I guess it's the least. Intrusive I think invasive but it's it doesn't make any sentence. It doesn't make any sense it if if if you have a conversation about to name a single terminal after we can't act hammers it home but just I. We're back into Iran were saying it would not name on it. All is there. And I just part of the reason that the single terminal idea you not afford this panel. According to the star was on several members of this route met with high school students. In generational. Rap which is leadership program sponsored by our broadcasting. The meeting was arranged by herb Wesson who was editor of the call and as a mentor for the program. On and I guess several of them like the idea. Of the signal from it. So. Advisory members of the fifty or so teens overwhelmingly favored. And you feel strongly either way about any of these. If we have to name some that after we want to name something after Dr. Martin Luther King KC guy to say you know 63. None of the above. Real quick you vote on Twitter KM BZ radio things when in right now. We just put the substance barrier what's your last option Casey guide the CEO 63 none of humanity about I can easily 63 is actually railing yeah I mean it's very close again 37% of the vote but. Vote on Twitter KM BZ radio dial us up 57677. Raking news. Just happened over the last couple of minutes out of Lawrence. There has been a change at the top the athletic director Chilean singer is outs at kgo. Yet we bring in mark Lavoy because that is just broke here in the last few minutes he's been there since 2011 mark what have you heard about the story. Well basically the you know he was scheduled for an interview this morning and on air interview with our sister station 610 sports and strangely said I'm not gonna go to make a free economy with the chancellor. That's what happens apparently by the end of that meeting US without a job and so now morrow playing catch up and learning about Sheehan singer and basically you know it. One of the things that they said in the statement was that significant progress was not made in key areas. I don't know if that means football but you might think football. Every squirrel seemingly. I know that KU fans loved basketball degree basketball traditions in the country is isn't Laurence. But for the most part every school's big moneymaker is especially here in a major school at a major conference like in the big twelve is a football. And this has been the worst this is the worst. BCS level. Football also is is that in your mind probably what's pushing this is that that the leading company of the crew. Yeah you know a few years ago when when there was. Realignment all these schools changing conference yes and I thought. This is. And that's when he really new football rules everything I do like north the north Carolina's of the world Syracuse. Duke duke yeah that's about Duke's football team. Everett apparently everybody does when it comes to the money. Like when Syracuse join the ACC as powerful as the basketball program was it about football and he football is is this just they can you. Reaction to watching all the other teams. Get players get wins go to balls get more money is that your mind of the biggest driver in this shot Italians this is 100% speculation on my part guys it's just that it's always good news story exactly K it's it's a brand and destroyed just seconds ago or maybe five minutes ago. And KU is being purposely vague here because they don't wanna you know say too much at this point. And we do it Thursday on a website that does point out that his employment agreement is terminated without cause per that agreement will be paid two years of his salary. Which is 700 grand plus health insurance premiums for a total of one points fourteen million us deal I have here right have a totally screw up and can't do my granddaughter. Two full years that's where one point four million the area that's what we're keeping you on that drive thanks mark. We'll have more updates for you can read the statement from KEU it has been put out athletic director Shang and singer is outs in Lawrence. A lot more on the stories comes up to and including at the at the bottom of the hour. Other right now we're going back and taking your calls about the story that the panel that mayors like James put together the eleven member panel to study the best laid on our MLK in Kansas City has come out a couple of recommendations for the mayor he's gonna talk about those this afternoon at a news conference. One of those is to renamed to say on. The other is to re name or or name these single term all the new single terminal act TCI. 63 street also has been a pretty popular idea. So this is the eleven member panel and we should point out there's a group of ministers in town that is working to put together and he 17108. Signatures needed. To put the question about renaming the sale on the ballot either August or November and that would be separated from if the mayor. One of the council to make a decision. 5767798. Right to the phones Dennis in Kansas City right KM BZ Dennis what you will be naming. After Dr. Martin Luther King. Well first all by the by watching see you need your smog out ever by. So where they want alt. I or so we have your your are more. Prepared are. You. All. But I or why not use their 71 freeway or set out how elaborate or out. That would be ready to change. That's an idea I mean it's not on the table but it's a definite idea. And I'm gonna bet they're listening to all the idea itself. Dennis thank you for years meant again. I don't know I really have a dog in this fight it seems it would be easier for Casey I but you're telling me it would not be easier for Casey airport officials have pointed out that given that the airport is known worldwide. That even though it's as the terminal your renaming not the entire airport that that would be. Worldwide marketing that would have to change of my guess is that's a bigger deal than changing some street angst go to Joseph in Kansas City and KM BZ what you think Joseph. Yeah armor growing up in the radar indicated Tuesday and yeah I have always thought. Well maybe camp I'd like fidelity Kansas City. But there's actually some conflict when your name here or goes. You're at radio and TV. They didn't want anything starting with W or cake is competent radio. Terkel. And so they didn't view key team nobody did you and Casey could be a part did you eat the guide because that's for it in the Asia. And I'll cave is for alt in the Mediterranean. And then there is in the continental or national airport or that. Our international accord which. That absurd thing with a guy in Kansas City and can't hear WI CC. Which targeted certain that. You're making my head yeah you know I am not gonna like. Us greatly respect and a name a few led. Definitely does it complicate navigation like mistaken they would also they're gonna do and I'll cake as confusion and you don't want a pilot. I GNOK and also on your flights against the Vietnam directed towards alt. And 63 street is also a mainstream they used to navigate side. Most mile stretch like 63 seven it's so. So. Just going up as navigation. You run. I mean and that's something to it it never fails and we start talking about TCI and saying case yankees yet it never fails will always get the tax. You guys know it's MCI arena we that we understand we understand. No one calls MCI. Appreciate the phone call Joseph let's go to Shannon in Kansas City I'd KM BZ Shannon what should be named after Dr. Martin Luther King. Don't think it should be the Havoc that take away Graham I'm. The culture are ready 101. Culture. I am ferret named after a boulevard at Max has at ten mile stretch. It sold boulevard in Camden city and I guess you like your life from one culture chip represent. I'm somebody else. And I think we're looking like between Albert the great help we're seeing that much money and cheers. I mean it came on something that would in this school or something click on education. So here so you don't like any of these options that are on the table as your start Shannon at the bet that a fair and fair and health chanting to for the phone call final word on this goes to era in Kansas City airing go ahead of Laura jurors. So I've called anonymous on by the the money and sent on what they're obsolete and money to do it. You know six people are sure it fine whatever separate it and number psych guy are great in the city and we're going and then at the I think they are bigger bolder some great building all. He blighted area or community center in. Let you know help the community what does remaining. Lure. The year for gaining the city except. It doesn't help. With any of our. Priority number going on in. Our look at something or lack. Of renewed. Aaron you're the phone call up a FaceBook page you can check it out in us also our poll question what should be named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Do you KC I have to say 063. Or none of the above let us know and vote on Twitter KM BZ radio when he thinks when it right now Jamie. I'm missiles and on about 43% it has taken a strong Natalie is the number of votes has been really increase I maintain yeah I I think it's going to be nanny about to send 33 big breaking news that happened a little while ago the athletic director at KU is out Chilean zinger. He has been fired joining us right now from 610 down the hall Buckman Bob Tesco Bob and your KU grad how shocked are you with the news. That athletic director zinger is gone I don't really know the nom. Shocked by the news I think that it's really odd that all of a sudden it came down today because he was supposed to be on her show the smoke it's 715 I like sports I canceled yesterday 5 o'clock A got a text message that they a meeting that he had with the chancellor had been moved up so we could come obviously is scheduled for Wednesday night Sheryl have a lot when they have like. Talk about like why why why are we what are we having him on fourth and said. Well we're we're just kind of pushing the message that were done being batted footballers time for word for us to change the move forward to starting now we're going to be you know work our attempts to be good football and cool my mom whatever today you know that you you you got FBI thing going on idols are very now and I'm very there's not a well I multiple college football they're trying to raise money for a new stadium and what not and obviously that's not going so well of the athletic director has been fired. So you aren't as familiar with the goings on it K you can explain why he was brought here and kind of how things have times in 2000 and not not that. Well I mean he's hired Charlie Weiss and David Davies is two football coaches and they have not been good he had a fire Charlie Weis and then now David eighties in charge he's also hired a woman's basketball coach. And between the three of them they're eight and 109 in Big 12 Conference play. That's not good block all that that's not good and you know save the men's basketball department and and Bill Self and that's a self sufficient department. Obviously there's not much else that's going right your job as an athletic directors to raise money and build buildings and you can only get so much money at the same donors you eventually to cultivate new donors and if you're not winning in football nobody's gonna donate who's who write a check to help build the stadium for a football team to kick it out of its own fate. I mean you're watching all these teams go to all these bulls the final four the semi finals. And I don't know what they are in the last five years but in the last three KU football is three and 33. Yeah they're not very good and it if you read the letter this morning from the chancellor to his colleagues at the University of Kansas it's really I think incredibly says. According to a form of a leadership change in Kansas athletics this morning I met with Ashley and zinger formed a number leaving his duties effective immediately. Shawn Lester will be our interim athletic director. In addition earlier today I spoke with coach David Beatty and shared my expectation that he will continue recruiting guarding getting his team ready for the season. That's the only coach that mention. How. Point three hit so that they're babies probably gave them the chance to I would assume probably tell them now. You know put up or shut up time for you to. You have to wait in football and happy because I mean is great as basketball program it is and it's obviously wildly successful that the final four. Football drives it's yeah it and it doesn't matter how great basketball baseball track hockey whenever. It it comes down to football how worried should David they'd be right now but who ever replaces. The former ED a very where. I mean David Beatty job is now officially on the line he's on the clock I mean the chance and that's a long letter that was just part of the letter that I read. And it's a long letter and there's no other coaches signaled out in the singled out mayor other than David Beatty and to everybody knows this is about football. The the athletic department shall we say is like the front forty university everybody knows you based on athletics enrollment goes up we make final fours enrollment goes up when you make BCS games enrollment goes up. When you make the college football playoff people wanna be part of that atmosphere and have a football team that has been so bad for so long. And has done nothing since singers taken over other than pay off coach and they wrote a check for twenty million dollars or Charlie east and my feet. It's ridiculous how much money they paid to get out of bad decisions. That have been made and I think the well is dried up like I talked with a prominent booster today and I had a season was fired in the response was finally I mean so. Like that people have been ready for this to hacked in and ready for this to take place at the university Kansas. Look ads and a lot this is me speaking as a lump I'm tired of sucking at football it's time to start winning it's not that hard. Tee to win a couple of games in the Big 12 Conference every year it's not that hard to not be a national embarrassment week in and week out so. They've got to give an athletic director there who can right the ship not on my word up building a stadium or turf practice field or whatever the hell they're trying to build. You've got to win games and that stuff will build itself if you win football game. Contracts content from chancellor president great as it's called is called the power she parachute wow. That. At one point for now as we don't get you the pan out tonight by includes panel to us. Does. Not joking and medical bills including the Nazis getting a nice little loan package to go away bit you know boring gray little hired him. She was clueless when it came to the athletic department totally clueless I don't know she was good with the English or chemistry or math or whatever was a chancellors do. But when it came to the athletic department she was not clued in not very good. At at running the athletic department if you will and from from my standpoint with her. She gave her guy golden parachute on the way out the door he should thank our decorate little for a. He brought in in the first place it was how how great was the track record at at Illinois it was studies I followed him for years. Yeah I mean I don't know what the tracker I know we cans and he's from he's America on nosy and is he always said. The states never been known for football what is known for doing there is increasing the standards when it came academics for and I think he probably did dedicate even mention them but nobody cares about them I mean honestly got to help errors. Actually no more for volleyball scenario house and. And he's he's a Kansan and he took over for Lou Perkins and he kind of came in and I think com Warner from where Lou was with the tickets that the winner and comic usually Perkins fans here in the wrong guy about Lou have always been a big. Big fan of Lou and and I but he did some good things for the university. When he was here when it came to it to building buildings and kind of getting the athletic department back on the right track. From where was under Al bull and and Bob Frederick and whatnot so. They needed to kind of right the ship a little bit under Lou he was a prominent athletic director very well known no one of the best eighties in the nation was hired brought a dream team of athletic department individuals in they've done a very nice job and in some aspects but they never figure out football and they've got to figure meaning the excuses are done amended the golden knights are going to the Stanley Cup finals in 277. Days of existence. Kansas can finally win a football game is replacement part of the nationwide search they promote from within while they they have a nationwide search already and it's gonna be led by drew Jennings who's interim athletic director back in 2003 he was on the job for one week. Any higher bills stop tax assets and are literally took the job after they got rid available until they transitioned into Lou Perkins and during that week time is when Roy Williams quit so they hired bills and that's what drew Jennings who always go down a known for the hiring of Bill Self has had basketball coach. Think that this will be some money pluck as kind of in the Illinois State mold smaller school Mac school that level. And and promote them to the big leagues or they go pluck somebody higher up maybe but at a bigger pro I say a Michigan or Ohio State. Alabama I I think Shawn Lester the interim guy now who's now the interim guy for the second time it that the university campus I think he's got as good shot as anybody did to get the job and I think to take a large hard look at Sean. And see if he's a guy's been very loyal for the university and has been around and is it very well respected I know buyout by a lot of folks and so can raise money. I I don't know that that's the angle on oh yeah that that that's what you don't know yet you have to be a fund raising you have to be. A slick dude it's ready to go out there and and raise money because that's what it's all about winning games and football building stadiums raising money. And if you can do all that you'll you'll beam you know employed forever and a day. But they can remember it. Bob fiscal problems extend down the hall Shane singer out as the Kansas athletic director he's gonna get one point four million plus full benefits over the next two years. Yeah pretty good he got. Two years' worth they got to pay out the rest his contract so one point four million is what goes to hand. And university not saying a lot aid to put out a statement but. It basically was on lack of progress was was what was mansion. It's the three and 33 record at all over the last three years or at his three hires as Bob mentioned. Two football coaches in women's basketball coach eight and 109. In big twelve play. That's pretty damn bad and a rate there. It's up out of FaceBook page if you wanna read the entire statement. From the chancellor over at KU it is there. Go to FaceBook dot com slash 91 KK MBZ midday with Jamie wicket at 1042 coming up. Have you seen the singing cop out it to peak you're gonna hear them coming up next poll question we've got going on right now. What should be named after Dr. Martin Luther King in Kansas City there is a debate going on whether it should be the new Casey died saying you know 63. We also give the choice of a none of the above on Twitter vote at KM BZ radio Jenny would things what is. You are correct 44% of those devoted so far. I head over Twitter and vote at KMB. Easy radio also 11 o'clock all the special guest in studio. So we're allotment honesty she's Stacy shop was a local attorney whose firm specializes in traffic ticket cases on there's a history of Kansas to start this weekend very well done. That lays out the numbers in terms of who is getting traffic tickets in the city black vs white. There is a very obvious disparity between the two and a story points out that there's one particular zip code in Kansas City. That accounts for a lot of the tickets are disproportionately. A lot it's also. 90% African American I believe that zip code is. And spacing and the story points out which she says is not a race problem but an economic problem and shall explain what she means by that. It's a part of town requires more police because it's higher crime and when you have more police there and you can you have more people getting tickets. There's disparity between who is getting tickets for speeding vs who is getting them for other things like expire plates and that kind of thing. She has a couple of suggestions and the thing I appreciate about her the most in the story at least is that. Her answer is not to tell police right fewer tickets she totally does approach it that way. She really sees it as an economic problem please gonna write tickets and if you have more police out in higher crime areas that's what we want they're gonna write more tickets. But we do have a problem with a disproportionate number of blacks getting traffic tickets and wait till you hear some of the numbers of the number of tickets that some deep. All have piled up politely that at 11 o'clock let's let like most in the story in the star that and and thanks to the two writers Aaron Randall and Kelsey Ryan put together the story is she just doesn't say here's the problem. There are actual actually solutions. Veteran Eric is oftentimes people just complain that we don't have any answers other than just a problem but no solutions. She gives some we look forward to having her in studio coming up after 11 o'clock news. Do you and he ever watch James cordons carpal karaoke. Where. C three picks up by he's the guy that's odd after. After called bear gays after called bears late night show I usually asleep with it but is that carpal karaoke usually makes it very viral makes it everywhere. And it's been Madonna it's been Bruno Mars it's been Britney Spears it's been all all kinds of different. Musical artists sit and doesn't interviewed between questions spacing and they generally will sing songs of that artist. Just for fun this was police car Kerry you know key this is Kansas capitol police officer LaMont Jackson. Schilling is part of the carpool karaoke. At the video here from our friends over at fox four in on YouTube dot could play some four. On this bugs come. Polls going to Obama on the song yeah man. You don't know I think McCain and I do. And only then. Okay. We haven't been. Oh man yeah he is not. Yeah. You. Yeah. Mean. Well and I'm. Months. And then my attitude. Just imagine to police officers driving down the road one sink into the other in this carpool karaoke now now. Admittedly I don't know this song. Love ballad by bill TD Newton. I do not know design unlike the other guy like the guy driving I've never heard it but. Business. No it. On this story out of luck to peak. And it's in response all those that the James Gordon will do. And given a chance to watch the video go and check it out because it is is pretty darn funny. Do legacy just you know we talk about police and oftentimes. People debate. Police and whatnot. Some lighthearted stuff out of the capitol when zoo which is awesome deceit which is really awesome disease known eye shadow to those guys people on FaceBook. Pretty funny gladly give up a lot of FaceBook page FaceBook dot com. Slash 91 came easy somebody said that he's noticed the singing cop is he don't have to because the singing cop. Not to me I've been ever in he's not and never heard it. Never heard it. Adds about a FaceBook page you going to look at that FaceBook dot com slash ninety KMB ZX. Let's senate's debating making news. Did. Don. And now. Well it's text or his carpal singing is back it's not supposed to be home to. It's. Cheerio is Smart he used Kirk that's what it is you know he's singing is bad. It's a because you sound when a car or in the shower by the way. And that's the is that he's not supposed to sound it when he has. Any thing else remained with love I love the first reaction that excellent you know that police officer can't think he's probably stop on the the other the other action thanks for showing videos on the radio did you. Okay.