Midday with J&W: Should there an age limit on marriage to 18 and older?

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Monday, March 12th

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Artist while the way don't forget we have a keyword cash for you this hour you can 1000 dollars the word it's fast FA ST asks text the word in the 72881. Child marriage fitness out of the Kansas City Star child marriage is defined as anyone under the age of eighteen. In the loss for such marriages vary widely by states. Missouri. Is the only state that requires only the signature of one parent even if the other parent objects. For ages 1516 and seventeen. Like affable states Missouri has no minimum age to marry but it requires anyone under the age of fourteen. To get a judge's approval fourteen and under his team judge's approval in Kansas smearing at sixteen or seventeen requires approval from both parents. Or one pair in a judge Mary you're fifteen is the minimum wage in Kansas that requires the approval of a judge there are eight states that kid's fifteen or younger can Mary only if the brightest pregnant. Or already. A mother but then so opposed to this story on FaceBook over the weekend and so brought up an interesting point. And the privilege of being at 5767798. It's from David. Who says why change why change the law should there be a minimum age for marriage. In the states. So here's an and we'll take your comments by some 6779 or 22980. On because the headline on one for started a couple versions of us. And what I'm looking that says Missouri's a destination wedding spot for fifteen year old bride's. Meaning and Nate they tell the story of a teen out of Iowa. Starts off in the dark before sunrise high school sophomore Brittany whole sermon belly bulging seven months pregnant and feeling like that how. Tucker sultan the borrow white prom dress that would be her wedding down the I would teen did not want to be a child bride but the cops were coming. She was fifteen not even old enough to drive on around Jeremy rock her boyfriend and father of her baby. Was 21. On she sat in Iowa 81 on your old having sex with a fifteen year old. Is statutory break and her she's got the baby to prove it. So I cold morning in March 2014. She piled in or car with her family. And then went from Little Rock Iowa near the Minnesota border. To Missouri that allows fifteen year old still wet and it was on it she said it was to keep them from going to jail. Of the Dalai they got married all. Because. So old. So yeah that was an end because we don't have the minimum age and other states to. They come to get married and they say more than a thousand children the same age as Britney married and misery since 1999. Howell more than a 1015. Year old girls. Have gotten married in the state of Missouri the last eighteen years. That is a lot and they've all stars got a lot of stories here pretty interest agreed I doubt about. The number where we are getting no where the majority than marriages are happening on that says which misery county has the most fifteen year old bride's. Saint Louis county had fifty Jackson County had the most at 64 writer no interest. Douglas County where Donna boot hill also had sixty. So on. I I appreciate the question. Of why. We should even having minimum age to marry. And I like it because it's a philosophical question that debt in my head I go. Well of course we should have a minimum age to get married like to me that's one of those things like well why don't we just let generals get near an outright lied as Wednesday have. On. But if if if you wanna play that out you know why do we even need a minimum age to get married. And then let's talk about that on my initial reaction when you asked this morning get on flustered a little bit with this one because to me it's it's a common sense and a fifteen year old should not be getting married but why but why nots on why not let it ten or get merry band on and to meet its its a little bit of it comes to. We have defined eighteen or or seventeen and some states but we have to find an age of consent we have defined. Largely eighteen as the age at which you are an adult at which. You are legally allowed to make decisions for yourself and do not need someone else to make decisions for you lose. And so to me that's. Part of it that's why we have something called statutory rape because we. We have decided that. If someone over the age of consent has sex with someone under the age of consent. You are not able to give consent so we consider that to be a crime because that person is older and that's the adult and they're supposed to know better. Why not let fifteen year olds get married because because it gets an issue of well then why not out just fifty year old have sex and babies and all the time. That doesn't and that sounds bad to write that that sounds bad 5767798. First of all did you note that Missouri was the only state that says you just need one parent. If you're fifteen and wanna get married. I didn't know that you don't need both the misery. And should there it was should block change. Should there be an age requirement to get married in the state of Missouri. 5767798. You can text and at 22980. And it sort of frame it this way as well because parents out there. We we we set a limit to drive we set a limit to bide smokes we set the limit to buy beer. Do we need to set. Eight limit at age required. Do we need that add to the why even enemies for anything. Why we sent 21 is the age to drink and eighteen is the age to buy cigarettes and someplace that's what we have and a made for anything because not every child. Is mature enough to make an adult decision and we consider marriage to be an adult decision mom because we are you responsible enough at fifteen. To marry somebody who filed definition you're supposed to be with him until death do you part but and that's not. There are also legal implications to matter it's you know that that go beyond just what you're feeling your heart if you know there are there are long term legal implications to. By 767798. And think about this there are parents out there that if your six year old boy comes to you and says mom. I think I really a girl. Or ten year old that says mom I think I'm really a girl. We don't have a problem with that you know I mean we we let kids make that assumption some people do. That because. They identify and eleven years old as the sex they were not born. Parents often will allow them to go through that there's no age limit requirement for that is there. Know a lot of people saying. A thirteen or fourteen or fifteen year old is not does not of the life experience to make this absolutely and and make it by 767798. Missouri is the only state requires the signature of just one parent to get married for the age of fifteen. Does that need to change should there be any age requirement to get married 5767798. Get your phone calls next. About forty minutes left to text in the key word cash. Seven to 81. We're Jalisco. Out got a look at it ads are constantly you like what's the workers are a fast FA ST. Asked text organism to anyone if anybody else today's Africa Monday yeah governor national mapping day act because nobody got us. How about that later that was just a conversation with somebody about daylight savings time but that. Right now we're asking you a 5767798. Should be a minimum age to get married child marriage defined as anyone in the age of eighteen. And the laws vary for such marriages by state very very widely. Missouri is the only state in the union that only requires the signature of one parent even if the other parent objects. For ages 1516 and seventeen what do you think I've 767798. Sucked Lori in Kansas City. Lorie thanks for college degree to minimum age to get married in this country. Yes I'd. Only. Buried right after I think our day that would act but it. We're rant here in Missouri where you are in Kansas. Actually. Lie lie can. And I. Let it. Adds. I knew it OK but. What adult. Add. It. They are other options are either Harry or or. Why were those the only options you were given. All by what eight strict Catholic. Ed. That a year ago. Now. Grew up at our option that. They're very organic. It is having a child out of wedlock was not an option. I I. Thought it. It that high. OK okay. How did. How how did the the preparation how did your life. Get affected by that. At what the error error because. Or. Why. I bet right Mary. Actually start the day. The day. At work here at banner. Yeah. I. Bet it. Or. There are a lot. Like. It. I. That I write are. Out there about it. In. Or I. I. I bet. Not killing. But added a young age. And granddaughter. And at. That hurt it. Why. That at bat. And we'll act. Up. Like. That. Or. It. Oh okay. OK. Eight at port at the pregnant. The odd. Or it or yet of course. Know. Her well. Or. Create child net I have eight children on. One or ZR. Or. Early art. And Eric that. Our. Court. And by. Rocker Kurt. And or are. At. It attic. Or her bite your lot. Yeah it. Great aunt outrage. You look at that they broke cycle. Where adding that there. Are. Eight race. So LU. Or or that. Or. We got it right let me get a cool thing at the of course. Or. It very. I'll go get in order. And pat. That is that is very true and Laurie thank you so much for sharing your story and so are you had to go through all of its snack as she's talking the thing I'm thinking is on. That's. And it and it worked for at the fact that her mother put her in an impossible. Choice to have to make neither one of those choices is guide and selling it was the lesser of two evils there. Honestly reduce somewhat the Starr report yeah ours won the result you Lorie I'm so. Again. About 8350. Kids under the age of eighteen and married in misery since 1999. 85%. Generally across all the states are girls and terms of who marries under the age of eighteen most of whom come from poverty and remain in poverty. They endure higher rates of psychiatric disorders health problems and physical and sexual abuse. Majority of child brides drop out of high school and rely on government assistance they are too young to run a car. Or even drink at their weddings. Fifteen year old bride's face more obstacles too young to drive on their own full time jobs or get a GE. And thus vulnerable to the demands of their spouses or a parent who might have forced them into marriage in the first. Ice. A lot of those fit into the story Horry just told us let's go to John in Casey and KM BZ John do we need an age limit to get married. Here we're what you think it should be. Ordinary case related to Elvis. Or your yeah. Problem is that can actually get certain people. Google still on the that it clippers and people you want to drill start on the month. You did very well aware record right away. That little religious thing. Follow this story in socialist states and became ambassador part of it is. Is that you keep them can't keep you very thought I'd be in that mean. Let your on the agility at the guys in their thirty's and forty's when America very material girl. I I wonder. I'd like to see evidence of that I mean I have not heard that once a woman is able to begin pro creating. That she is often forced into marriage I'd have to look those statistics up there are other countries perhaps the I don't know that happens but I and if you do John it's a fight that link. And send it to is on the tech trying to 229 at zero because I'm not calling you wrong I just I'd like to see that statistic please lead to fewer your phone calls including only show. Or asking you about an age limit. Should there be. Mean age requirements to get married. Should there be an age you have to get to to get married to 576779. Agent via requirement to get married rather have a conversation with you as we are just going over story in the star over the weekend that. Missouri is the only state requires just the signature of one parent even if the other parent objects for ages 1516 and seventeen to get married. Missouri has no minimum age to marry but if anybody at a fourteen once fourteen under wants to get married. Believe judge's approval I can't imagine a circumstance where he thirteen year old kid wants to get married in the judge says it's okay. But I'm sure it's happened. I cannot imagine that any jet edge anywhere would say. Let's see here you're just an eighth grade you get married. Yeah ha the sixteen paso I can't. Imagine a scenario. Where. That is in the best interest of that child witches which is what the judge is going on and you only do it comes to mind is like if both parents are killed in a car accident. Am I pregnant thirteen year old is I mean it would it would be. A perfect storm of circumstances and I just can't imagine what happened very often but. Yes several of you pinpoint under the tax line. On an if you're really in love and the reason you wanna get married at fifteen is it your really really love then you can wait. Yeah you don't you know if it's that if if it's that great of a relationship name you can hold out for awhile. I thought it was going to be with Christine forever I was seventeen yeah she's now married with two kids and I'm married if you don't like it. In her high school I understand it's the biggest thing in the world to have the boyfriend are out the girlfriend. But man if you think I objected kids get married there to what it is you should really hear out. Oh Asia in Kansas City you're next up on 91 KM BZ do you think we need an age requirement to get married. Oh absolutely and I was gonna have a point now kind of what Jamie. Finish reading an article that studies that show. That. Under age children that do get married have a high risk of domestic abuse. I hired as poverty. And there were some other you know unsavory statistics along that as well but you're just setting them up for. For all sorts of issues and problems later on. Absolutely anything is B 1718. I mean eighteen seems old sixteen seems young. I I think 1818. Yes they can't buy. Cigarettes are younger than eighteen now see how. Mary should be. Less. Responsibility than that. I'm gonna Lisa thinks the phone call let's go to Michael in Kansas City here on KM BZ deleted age requirement to get married in this country you think Mike. Yeah I think I think it should be eighteen. I don't think. Really eighteen that you don't buy anything written that you don't have elected me as to make that they didn't because marriage is very artwork. Not merry acting department and of the but I didn't think about your cell. Of the person and we don't have been even. Gotten what it is to have to think about other people. So I'm an American work a different set of nearly impossible. Think for the phone call Michael. So at the surf points out. This fact that I know either this is little further down the story in misery Mary minors under eighteen are not allowed to filed for divorce without a parent signature either. Oh boy so so you get dad okay you get married at fifteen and let's say you realize that by the time you're sixteen. This was a bad idea you can't get out of that without that same without a parent signature. Meaning you have to is so it's entirely possible that isn't the story we and we had them it's entirely possible that it was the parents' idea for you to get married as in the case of you abort the baby or you marry the father. And in that case than if the marriage goes south for whatever reason whatever is going on it's it's not a good thing mark. You'd then have to convince that parent. Who suggested you get married in the first place that you want a divorce so the lot is bizarre to me because it says. We consider you to be immature enough that if you wanna get married you need a parent signature. Well and doesn't tell you you are too young to be getting married and the parent has to sign off on. On both getting married and getting divorced than aren't you probably too young to be doing it anyway. I would think so you know made it yet and were acting like as long as the parent says it's okay then it's okay. And it yet gap there's ton of information there about how it's it and man that line about being vulnerable to and dependent upon and your spouse and you now can you and your parents is as a tough one Andy maybe we need to be talking more about teen pregnancy. A bit mean and they're probably connect and I'm guess and I mean we did the teen pregnancy story earlier to. It's good to Ollie in Kansas City and KM BZ Ali do you think we need an age requirement to get married. Not being good in goma is gonna solve a lot of things because what the difference between having a a boy Trevor gov and at that age unbeaten knotted at that age. I'm sorry say that again what's the difference. I mean it earlier ones not legal binding contract that you know you you Ed Ed sixteen that you would be locked into and all Leo you know a divorce decree in. And signed papers and legal jargon we get you out of it Italy you realize all that against. Depleted at at the age sixteen. If but the thought they actually let this good that would that ought to get into sixteen or seventeen going out and speaks. I think is okay put their food is sort of speaking to get my I don't BS somebody take your business sports put him. Fair enough man they give the phone call 5767798. I think you'd. Are looking past the huge legal ramification of when you say I do to me that's on parents that still take the legal responsibility. Born child until they are legally it's let's talk to Steve you know late failure a 91 KM BZ. And cute I think I'm page remember it's. Our tax revenues that this flavors and move again workshop. All. That's what we're gonna make Obama. I think I'm mature a dent in Asia. Literary and drivers and child and that in its okay Clinton. To implement. Come on. Some things are a joke about I'm not and I'm making jokes about child sex slaves. My apologies. Chewed shoes Steve let's go to Liz in Kansas City on KM BZ go headless. I don't argue it till today. Am I. At and I am going. Mary after. The funeral and he really out. You've got. And he like really. Even. Though he had to have a hearing. An op. Did. It. Right. Yeah. And there really. And so I am I. Your mind. At. All. Here. I look I I don't. I don't think that there is anybody out there at other that would say it's 100%. All the time a bad idea to do it but I think the success stories of kids getting married at seventeen or eighteen. Are the they're few and far between twenty years later. I just ask why is it necessary if if the relationship is that good and they're gonna be married forever number number why isn't necessary to get Mary when you are minor. I. Yeah. Summer we picked out our. You well all. Year. Viewed the ball hit him right. Well. Like our choir in eight or. You can do apart Kurt. Now I like it worked out so. There are you and don't be. That they're really there is. It. I mean I'm just thinks the focal again I I'd if you can't say no because as you know. People get married seventeen of zero chance of it working for twenty years or thirty years or life but who agree that's the exception now she's the hurt her sister's the exception gaffe and and right now there. Disgusting acutely happy but will they be that pay in 2038. And I think that's not what the laws designed to aid to deal as I mean the reason I think. 49 other states have laws that misery does not is because of you know and does the force issue it's the idea that. You know that then you have. Children that are being abused by adults that banning marriage makes that okay. You know allows for that to happen a little more so it's it's not. The happy forever and ever people that we worry about. It's 1243 wrap this up with a few more your phone calls by 767798. Next greed at Missouri is the only state in the union. That requires just a signature of one parent AF either parent objects your 1516. Or seventeen. You think there should be an age limit or age requirement I 767798. Let's go to Patrick you're on KM BZ Patrick giving wind and age requirement to get married. Yeah I think he'd do but I mean a lot when I was curious started it's your stick it would accurately at the tape. You're trying to you're your own adult. I I Diaz. Legally I gas buying and maturity wise not necessarily the court we have to decide if that's what's best for you right. Lori Gottlieb debated here as stated. Technically your adult so maturity wise. Like I get that but could based argue that your let me get your habit though correct. The legalities of emancipation your network you're not an adult mature on your own. Like you don't you don't have to be under the rules of your parents but still you can't go out and vote kinkle by lottery ticket you can go out and get smokes. Bit about that and there's a difference in being an adult and being you know out of the some of your parents out from under the thumb. Yeah clearly I don't I believe there should be other age limit my opinion I got Maryland mostly large new date team. I'm 32 and now divorced so. So. Edited out there there should be in April. I got it thanks Patrick appreciate it yet there's that mr. being. An adult and and not NB emancipated. There were stories as as. Any time what it used say in your twenties is too young to get married yeah I'd get on the tax line dirty stories and Heatley got married young and Helen Evans a merry. I still think. Particularly. If you are in Newark teens and you were both getting married I get it Ian Allen and my grandmother was one like that that you know got Mary when she was. Eighteen or nineteen thank. It happens but I just think that's not. And less likely to happen and things were different when they were you when there was a grandparents'. Time of in time in this world right. Yeah it added things are a debt would might you know that was the expectation. You know it it was just the expectation that you know you you meet the guy in high school and you get married and using it you know you stay married for fifty or sixty sit out babies white picket fence. And. The expectations change shall go to Barry I'm in Kansas City nine KM BZ what do you get married. Well I was putting hardened my wife with certainty. When he letting your life was seventeen how did that Gaudin was a year in Missouri. Or are okay how hot conversation. Go. I almost kind of Leary. From our president does so is trying to be defiant and let him do what she wanted. All credit I have to ask. Was she pregnant at the time. Now we don't have it we're gonna matter and year ten years OK this is. There are about that in OK was it hard. Not happened how it waited. Now and aren't. Why are we're arming and give them better. Level it was for a while. You're 31 and she's 27 or thereabouts. And 32 okay I got you or. Did you mean how the last ten years been for you guys. I don't let up and down. That we can. We spoke English and waited. A kind order. Gotcha you guys you do. Well yeah I mean I'm sure. Being at when she was seventeen years when he won I mean that your year and you could have gone a lot of places she was allowed to go. It's a bit that was pretty difficult. Yeah who didn't go where. We're still very poignantly. Free you man congratulations on that that's fantastic. Yeah many as many people are playing out. Just because you've stayed married doesn't mean it was happy or easy all that time and doesn't mean that it witness may be an easier hedging out a little bit more about life and and that you but you tend to get better relationships as you get older because you've you've made some mistakes and learn some lessons you can I would think that you wanna go into a marriage. With the best you know kind of in the best place you can be and it will run all those count sound. Thinks the phone call to wrap this up with Caroline. I will call in a head I didn't. With the right now my and then we started eating weird seventeen earned high school there. And we did not get there until last year and we are now come on point nine though. There is no reason they'd get married and married for children get married in my opinion. Anyone under eighteen is a child so. If it's gonna work and it's gonna work whether he get married what you're seventeen when they get at least twenty likely. Fair enough. I think just because it there are situations where does last for really long time doesn't mean that justifies getting married at sixteen I mean because you can't and doesn't usually because some dude doesn't mean you well very very true I care holding your rear phone call and congrats on your first year marriage. It's on her FaceBook page you can check it out it's also on Twitter at KM BZ radio so what's happening national is national napping when does that happen 238. For me by the time I get home let the dog outs. Take a neighbor's dogs out and then he had that now book of about 230 because it's funny. Maybe I'm just different or how you guys fell. Where you really messed up by the daylight savings time spring forward Saturday night Sunday morning also. Takes a day or two later acute and this is so first world by the way I now we know it and that's fine that and like I I don't. Some nights early is I don't sleep that well anyway because I slept later on Sunday morning that I normally do and then have to go to bed at this and trying not as tired as I normally am on Sunday night. So you can imagine when the clock read you know 930 and I'm thinking not. Publish it ready for bad but in my head at 830 and I've only been up eleven hours and so I'm not ready yet. It was I was op. Ice I was up 45 times during last Travis of the. Now it never really Macedonia I've never local ground viewers like while I can't believe it's his time. I was somebody down the hall during the the new news he's he was messed up by it he was messed up my it. I mean granted. I would upper snake Saturday and that party continued till the evening hours so I didn't even I remember when I woke up and rolled over my phone it already switched normally. I just slept until you know 730 year 830 year whatever laws like I don't get how people can be so messed up by just a single hour. It I don't get what they say by being mass though like what do they mean because when I woke up at eight. It should have been seven I mean that's diluted it didn't change anything or. Because for me again I. You can sleep until your normal time on sound like I didn't wake up an hour earlier on Sunday teen comedy for the fact that I was going to be going to about an hour earlier than my head is used to it being so I slept until my normal time on Sunday. Whatever was nine and Terry. And and realize. Dang it it's 930 by the clock but my head's still is on and old time so. And it's just weird that it's light out later it's fantastic. And the others say it but the but it was weird to be having dinner with the still light out. I get littler at Boca take to take but we out I walked her outside. Pitch dark and had like 7 o'clock lake well that's your late. Time change Fiat. The feds and think I realized eczema and make an overstate on Sunday morning it makes you not when I get up in the morning as much because why would always wake up and it's dark but for those of you that that hours and different as a moderate to light or dark and you don't wanna get out of bed Bryant you don't wanna get movement as fast at there's some people think this whole. Daylight savings time time change is dumb deadly Arizona and not do it. Couples it's couple states don't do later Florida was talking about just doing it love it but it's an adjustment yeah that. I don't know I just I got thrown off by it and I just wondered if anybody else I don't think any as a as a Indiana I think directed at any manners and con. And there are state all the time to talk about flippant to be at one time on your line it doesn't really seem to pass anywhere but states talk about it all the time Kansas has got some than proposed right now so. We'll see that it would really messed me up because of let's say Missouri changed her kid Kansas City both states Kansas Missouri change. And what time we stuff the honor we always on the eastern time zone you know what time which football begin Travis is of the issues that we really have to come together. Yeah that's very true I guess tyrant thing about that especially when they played like in England or something brighten UA covered it well that's not what they're supposed to play like the oval is a 8:7 central. 87 cent about which one in my on these are these the first world problems that that I go through on a daily basis. Now yes and you realize there's personal problems very well everyone I've talked to today is tired. A kind everyone's at least slip that great basically be your brain takes obviously last night isn't weird I I. Admit I was couple I had a little more energy at 1030 than I normally would. By. Yeah I'd a pattern it's weird to have his average every year though every year right you'll appreciate that someone. But it's still light outside I used to me just when I worked on early like 1 am and the batch of for ten years my idea and bad like literally like between six and 7 PM in order to get six hours of sleep. It's difficult to go to sleep when it's light.