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Thursday, August 16th

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11 o'clock hour we have a key word to cash for you crates CR AT eat rates texted in the 72881. And take your phone calls to the right to the phones at 5767798. Story out of Washington State's and it's our face the page that encourage you to take a quick like there is a very brief video there of what prosecutors are taking a looking at articulate and in deciding whether to charge an eight year old girl named Taylor Smith. Who was with a group of friends this is Atmel falls regional park in Washington State it's a popular place for kids to go to this bridge and jump off into a river below. The rivers 5060 feet below the spreads and you have a girl named Jordan whole person who's sixteen. Who hesitates in jumping off the bridge into the walked into the river and you can see your a look at Ronald that she's not sure. And then you see an eight year old girl identified as Taylor Smith eight year old woman. Who comes up behind her the six year old has no idea she comes up from behind her takes her by the shoulder and pushers are off the bridge. So she falls these fifty to sixty feet. She ends up on her face and chest hit the water first. She ends breaking six red she's gonna punctured lungs she's got a mask behind her windpipe now she's going to be recovering for awhile. She just come out by the way the sixty year old girl has sad she wants more of an apology. And she said I wondered if it's in jail time to think about what she did. But if you listen to the sixteen year old it's almost like it didn't even occur to worm. That this team should be arrested for it it's light it all just happened so fast that it didn't she didn't think that that charges would be possible. And it's something prosecutors Alan Clark County are having to decide on and I think a big part of the question is. Did this eighteen year old Taylor Smith. In ten to hurts the teenage girl when she pushed her op did she realize. How badly this girl can be hurt. What if any charges should be filed 5767798. Everybody hang it on hold pretty tear right now airing your on Camby Siegel had Aaron. So are you believe there should be some degree assault. I mean spit on somebody that Saul. I mean you're. Depend on the degree weaker. I mean if you think about amber on a line drive artery and oh well at critical op I'm about 48. And if he's limit their mind up on it and increase. So if you think about following it you know he bought. Out or let's say. In that you know those are when he went IP and yeah I. Get water deal in the later. Now here say that you know nutrient and some well. You know you. Battle against people accident. You know that younger people. Like all you know are you let. You know you know. I'm gonna get all you know if you. You're right you're right and and that's that's one of the first things we say you know is that even now you know I didn't intend to kill the person you were driving drunk that you still that we still charge you. This feels a little different Timmy because it's kids goofing around. You know it's it's. My guess is that her intent wasn't to Keller. The eighteen year old liked and didn't think about it that much and just plaster off the bridge because she lives she is get impatient that she would just take it to. It's almost as hasn't pushed her friend in the pool. In addition of stability and now this fifty there's nothing at age. Right all kind of done it eighteen year old probably didn't think some like this could possibly and it we talk about this before. About. Two girls walking in a bus comes by yeah. And it broke out and that is the girl your films could hit by the bus yeah but the drug never got charged I don't think yeah early it. It hit by the bus will almost all closed up almost gotten it yet all obviously that's the difference right there it's a great comparison though because that that videos out there to and it also was very sudden the girl just pushers are out into the street and she almost a tip by the boss was frightening to watch the first time through. Out Ron you're on KM BZ thanks cauldron. Yeah well thank you. I think there's any chargers should be public should be charged for stupidity. Kids should be candidates for our or. Agreeing. Can neighbor here at sixty feet down these people are not professional divers. Are just bunch I don't do program. Soared eighteen year old being charged. Well. Maybe they like say it should be killed at the old for story. So they should or shouldn't I'm confused by your call. Well I'm confused about the whole conclusion of what should sheep which should be church. They had no assurance partner or should know Thursday. Ordinance or law prohibiting. It's pedestrian. Only bridge and jumping off that army and other law enforcement that are local law and so. Well let outlet that's one that's not related to should the girl beat. What do you thing yeah what you do you think she should be charged. Yeah I think should be church let. A run thanks man appreciate it. It's probably not equal the jump off that bridge. Thousands of kids jump off that hundreds of kids jump off that bridge every year absolutely no it's no it's saying it's legal to jump off bridges. Rob thanks man we appreciate your vocal they target and they'll be a stranger. Donna you're on KM BZ. Hi I am I'm a little tore night I'll bet on having daughter I think and it weighs. It prohibited the bridge into the water. Carl Mayer. The victims as well as pressure and so you know the night negligible. And that aspect that it. Kurt. Well you know I I don't know that same kind as the chair of the teenage daughter. I'm I would be only that if that happened right then my daughter. I don't know if that girl you know she is concrete and brick yeah absolutely she knew and it would be detrimental or dad. I am water I'm sure EEE in her teenage mind. Hi this tiny exactly like pushing it into the ball. I had chicken yeah and the and are not probably with the intent at any harm. Other girl. Again and the chair I probably be angry I like maybe she should probable is pay being medical L. And and help out you know with subpoenas out for permits aren't Gail I don't think that's necessarily. Like something that should. Donna thank you so much it is one of those you can see a couple of different sides of it and think for your phone call. Coming up a lawyer Ronald Brad stay right there any lawyer will give us his stamp on this. It says on. So they not you're not allowed to do you know at everybody does and doesn't like you're not supposed to you're not allowed to it does feel like the park. Or the state has any responsibility here because you have a bridge that is more than three stories high and and and on Amazon web site and tell your not supposed to jump off the spreads. But they don't do anything to keep you from getting into it. Does anybody feel like. This park in the state has some liability in the fact that they allowed you you know they might tell you not to jump off that. They know that if you fall off that it can be deadly but they graduate can keep viewing for. 5767798. Get to the rest of the people on hold it for their stick rank their text in 22980. It's a day with Jamie wicket. We urge you check out the other FaceBook page seek and seen the video. And do yourself a good perspective on what a thousand bucks your keyword cash this hour EU heads straight CR AT crates Texan a 7215767798. A phone number we are talking about this video out of Washington if you haven't seen it. Check it out under FaceBook page one girl pushes another girl off of a bridge from fifty feet up she Leon's in the water were kids jumpin all the time. But now she wants an apology after a lot of injuries so serves depart. It didn't do what they've completed their investigation turn it over the prosecutor's office who's gonna decide if criminal charges are warranted against this eighteen year old. You know like they were just goofing around him are the kids that go to this bridge it's about three stories up it's it's a popular place for kids to go and jump from the bridge down into the water. If a sixteen year old named Jordan who hesitates and and looks around then and has second thoughts about jumping off the bridge. So the eighteen year old and a video is really quick if you take a look she just comes up from behind her grabs her by the shoulders and pushes Iraq and a girl is clearly surprised. Tries to land toes first but ends up landing to belly flop and essentially in the water and has a slew of injuries. You could see the video it's quick it's on her FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 91 KMB easy Brad been hanging on to the break and we appreciate it now Brad your lawyer. Have you seen the video. All right what did you make of the video. Well basically to cut a liability in all there one's so one criminal. I think clearly the eighteen year old. Intended the consequences that are actually need the notion and I thought it through that's the perception in the law is that what you do you and on the outcome. And. The same thing pushing the child or young person. Off of restoring or six story building. A couple of weakness sane. Hitting the water after sixty or fifty football. Black is a belly flopped the order takes on the picture concrete. It's about the same pushing somebody offered qualified or able. So what. So we would do you think that this whole lined up getting this this eighteen year old girl. I heavy fine jail time I mean you've seen the video several times what your professional opinion. But also being built or questions for the jury or pillage. Sure security is little extra in a critical age to the side apartment on the question. It's not what the punishment should be at this point. The question just what it should there will be a process to determine a punishment. And I say yes spoke credible criminal financial. What is the girl says on. I didn't know herder Horry didn't intend to or we were just joking around. The law and common sense and Colin among them knowledge and every version whether there pulling the trigger a gun pointed at somebody else's kids or questionable for a break she wouldn't be heard it shakes. The girl's skull treatment ticker any cheap shot her in the head. She wouldn't maker say well yeah I attended the shooter and had they didn't intend to kill work. We we wouldn't accept prosecution. Eighteen year old repression bit of a certain amount common sense and judgment. Unfortunately the stage sometimes people get to age eighteen or slightly younger without much training and either judgment or conscience. Brad we appreciate you getting in man thank you so much your professional opinion is valid we think euphoric. Is gonna frank next up on KM BZ francs this girl face any charges. Or and now a little worried about follow earning. What more. I get the point a while ago. There are certain model life. Well that girl girl whom. Quite a bit of my. Own. Weight and what not all other remember for. Are that. Everybody there thought out there. But. Not the corporate. But come and get it done about it. What I'll return the girl who ever that little push. Sure you know by real kind of ruined it broke like over split back in. Poor boy may be out there or their girl back. And I have talked. I wouldn't. At the one. I would that matter my daughter. Are all getting on the other side of that real. But at the quarter up and that it should end up at all. And then. You know government or a bad job and cold water on Oprah and ought. What does she was glad she was terrified to jump at that moment she was having pause and had that girl not pushed her three seconds later she would climb back over the bridge railing. Should should not over the guardrail and. 008 up up up there. You go over. You'd jump there is no turning back he or sixteen year old girl dammit you will jump no matter what. But then I'm paranoid and I might actually pass outstanding year you've willed child. Nat UR Biden daughter that daddy I'm terrified. I I've seen it's in my eyes are shutting and so scared. You know there's no. I'm out here that's by ninety. On. I have no idea the amount of money this girl is gonna own medical bills or what kind of insurance she had. But I assume this eighteen year old girl is not now make it much more the minimum wage or part time job right now them so. She's not have the money to paying what ever glossy you hit her way and and if you decide to hold her accountable. For ball 50000 or 100000 or how much money as a medical bills she's not have the money for. Is it do you do you take the money were checked for the next thirty years got her parents in now I'm she's you know she's eighteen Steve after the parents. That's a question actually do you go after the parents in this case. For the restitution for the medical bills that sucked David and can't be easy it's a David. Yeah our premiere got. Yeah in my didn't that should be a hypocrite and a blanket the victim was in that niche for it would. And it's the victim does not give they should be prosecuted. And I mean it it would make them for Islam. I think it's supposed to. And she said she wants an apology a better our town's other than a couple of text messages that say sorry so sorry I'm sorry. My bad. She wants a little bit better apology. And and maybe that's what it comes down to if she's okay with the apology she did you not press charges I don't know how that works something that I don't know works and I I don't know how much say the victim has here. In and whether charges are five. Sound. Let's go to rejoice on KM BZ. Old you are Joyce your on the radio. And that parenthood at sixteen year old either land and should make significant factor now. Second bout with Pakistan app apologizing for people not having. Actual responsibility. Or what state is it's certainly not the parks while. Or. I follow. Courtney had the incident that began to break it. They're break is everywhere. They're right to trial the gray gray because they're irresponsible people. But it maybe teenagers or young adult. And the eighteen you know certainly is responsible for almost killing a young lady. Or perhaps. Analyzing her for life. I think dynamic that will never be repaired. And deaf and had an eagle one in Europe. Is. Well at least as important you know we have personal responsibility. That that lady is split hesitating. Perhaps he would not. At all and not be critically injured. And at this gone wham. Not thinking about consequences. We did not the puck out there and eat that well. She should be prosecuted. Joyce thank you for your phone call we appreciate it. See we need to him before the news here Kathy you're on KM BZ. I I don't think that the girls for probably. Ran into a little. And it chip that's about it I think that chip it out there. She didn't need her hair but she ran. All things are. It and I got up or wait. Turk and show. It. Not. One Perot is to let out there are I. Don't. Don't think burger. A differently act out an apology it. Kathy thank you last one goes to Chris and KM BZ delight Chris. Yeah I don't object. Rather aggressive spam that that was my daughter I'd be curious. Quite frankly she did which started to jump off that bridge. Herself she would be going into the water properly. But released each course. Be and that she was pushed up I think in an attorney that I think that reckless endangerment. Is probably a very good when it looked at that as reckless danger at its. I'm concerned and access create a schedule that Syria is well physical injury to another person accused them. It is required to try and chew. He shouldn't result to any. Potential arm but acted that way that shoot it disregards. The foreseeable. Consequences. Of these actions and I think that aren't exactly what's going on here. Chris appreciate demand. Guy it did its big girl didn't have the option to jump and land on her feet at that point it was over and done with a good point. I Sadr FaceBook page watch the video welcome back this one a little bit later on coming up next we'll tell you what some Casey remote neighborhoods are doing it. To help reduce crime Jamie's not sold on this idea. May need help to get an out let my initial thought wise I'm I'm just on Contra with the idea. All right. We're trying to figure out ways to reduce crime in Kansas City, Missouri right this is a thing neighborhoods are trying to do. I guess you can call the bank of gagging it given the level of crime that we have in our city yes it is a thing we're looking at ways to reduce its what do you think of this idea coming to us from our friends at channel 41 some years as perk up when I hear the word surveillance cameras. And and they certainly perked up here and I'm not try and god you know. Doc on on a good idea that there are working on an effort to reduce violence but it's the sort of channel 41. Makes me a little uneasy and and maybe I shouldn't be but so the story is thanks to a new grant surveillance cameras will be going up in ten neighborhoods in Kansas City. Surveillance footage is an important tool for law enforcement when investigating and deterring crime Marlon hammonds president of the Washington Wheatley neighborhood association says. Takes a whole budget tools in the toolbox to turn it around. He attended the monthly community resource team meeting Casey PDs east patrols station were commuted pleaser leaders identify and work to solve safety issues. Along prospect avenue court he said. Because crime happens our neighborhood and we see it but we don't wanna say Ernie and let's put cameras up because cameras can record it and there's no retaliation from a camera so that it gets a gets rid of that snitch concern that that nobody's going to Indy got to police and you. You tell them something you know you got to worry about being retaliated against cameras are going to show everything. So new grants that came through combats. Is going to this neighborhood and nine others. Each neighborhood gets about 3000 dollars with the grants and they're they're able to buy cameras for at least two to four of the hot spot areas in their neighborhoods. Connecting for good which is Kansas City nonprofit that helps with digital literacy and Internet access and low income communities. Is leading the efforts on and doing some of that the technical work there. So it can't say police have the ability to tap into the network of neighborhood own cameras once they're up and running. Hammond said we're going three vigorous training on how to do the IP installation how to program on a residential level and also on the commercial level. And besides the cameras the ad hoc group against crime is leading block watch training aid to the ten neighborhoods. And ham side. If you're doing honest stuff you don't care about it being recorded. If you're doing negative stuff you may care and go do it somewhere else that's the whole prop the whole premise behind. These cameras being up. So. These are going to be icing these are going to be outdoors in now at intersections or in alleys or on. Perhaps abandoned buildings that haven't been torn down yet and and hot spots for crime and some of these neighborhoods. First sure we know is that surveillance cameras are going up in public areas in neighborhoods that are going to. If they're gonna be recording all the time it doesn't get that specific. But they're going to record things beyond crime they're going to record anything that happens within their view. And something. About that. Makes me feel weird. And I don't live and one of those those high crime neighborhoods admittedly so. So maybe this is a comfort thing for the people that live there. And I get what they're saying it it'll be a deterrent because people know similar going to be very public about those cameras being up I would. Because that you tell people hey you do something your work and I'll. It's gonna drive people to other places. Which is got it it's not your favorite but it it's gonna be somewhere with Cameron art or it's going to be. In an intersection under different Alley from where the cameras aren't and I guess that's good. Police can happen and so that's dead. I get. And appreciate that that you don't have to rely on witnesses you don't have to rely or have a ton more information because you got to rely on people to come forward you're gonna happen on video. And something about it feels weird. Because you're recording people doing things other than things that are criminal. I'd like to Knoll. A few things about this idea because I think it's probably a good idea. Com. When you say 3000 dollars to be cameras for at least two to four of their hot spot areas. Mean who gets to determine that is it kind of a community. You know outreach thing is just maybe it's marlin Hammond a baby the guy he comes through combat. Which gets money and I believe in sales tax fine but that's from that's a city program combat has so if the money's coming your comment in comment sides work I don't. See anything terribly wrong with this I mean if you're not doing anything weird creepy nefarious. And you have nothing to worry about. But it. Just because what you're doing isn't criminal doesn't mean. I want everybody knowing about it so this would be in on that intersections I don't know because it doesn't specify to says hotspots in a neighbor OK so I. And and I don't know how easily they are moved. So maybe if you yeah and may be of the big problem in your neighborhood as somebody running a red light all the time or four way stop and and kids are getting hit maybe that's your issue. On. You know that the problems that we tend to talk about crime in a city tend to be shootings and and things that are more violence so. And I don't know how wide of reviews they're gonna have you know and if they're just in a whole show upholstery. On. But we talk a lot about privacy you know we talk a lot about and just because what you're doing. Is legal doesn't mean you feel like it's okay for everybody to know about you know you're you're still entitled to some privacy if it feels weird to me that. That cameras are gonna be out in these public views potentially. Recording and we don't know how long they're gonna say yeah we don't know what they're gonna do with it once they have it. But the person that. Is big on on privacy rights is just on comparable derby these cameras opt in these public areas but again I don't live in an area where it wrapped in shotgun for my house generally what about youth that is party your year your world. 5767798. Or give an opinion on a few pretty jump in as well he can also text in 22980. Lake of this is that when he first in Indiana. Is that point the camera at 21 and Indiana at the intersection. Is a go up one way you like their personal questions about does it. If we're talking about it we got this from 41. And the news is talking about it. Do you think that that that criminals will know about these cameras choose to avoid them which is great for that area. Buckle elsewhere in the and his crime pop up at 23 and Indiana right you know. Right I. The reason I get it I totally relate to the retaliation and the idea of of we're just gonna have on tape given the problem the police have. With people coming forward with information police are gonna have more information. On by the idea of an and I know again I'm struggling with at and and a lot of your help me sort it out I appreciate. Symantec client side you know you go to Wal-Mart and you're on camera everywhere your gut truth you're right. And that's public to. But it's to me it's it's more of a controlled setting than me just walking down the streets or me and my car war. That feels different it being public on a street feels weird to me. 5767798. What do you think we'll go to Dakota first up on came BZ Dakota would think about semi surveillance cameras in neighborhoods around Casey now. I am Ireland with Jamie on that. I I think that it's okay collate could be under surveillance that you're like a public store. They're like you know you have someplace where it makes sense what you're trying to prevent somebody like shoplifting or whatever. But it's like the police currently the neighborhood association whoever can start like slapping camera that like on residential street. There are things like that. We're going to be on camera all the time and I'm not. Trying to say is exactly where the lingo like how many steps does it pay. Get toward 1980 wore like how many little apps or they you know put it under a little more surveillance like person. It's you know traffic cameras or camera to record street corners and then it. Let no identification on the cameras and they're like facial recognition. And breach of contract by the government department Matta I'm a crazy guy I'm like now. Think you know that you're not Alex Jones is what. And you're there and like. And mean church reasonable pavlik Taylor did a crime but it lake how how part of ago before we're losing like liberty. Eight of the Dakota without being terribly specific what part of Kansas City do you live in or you are easier and grandiose. Owner. Right right right exactly. But if you're looking at Santa Fe in that area in downtown or Ingle side or would that part. That's where the crimes act and Gramm is not perfect we understand that but if they're trying to end the most crime ridden the most violent the scariest parts of Kansas City. Isn't this a good way to at least begin that and a consistent basis. I think that it good start but it they're gonna do it they need to have ruled in place that limit light. Yeah if Ingram this bad we can go to cameras and need specific locations to help. But the camera app to come down and my. In oh lake. Sharon what do they start work in and let's say that that there's less crime on prospect in 23. It would would be like think maybe we need to get 3000 dollars and get four more cameras everywhere else so. Sorry about that. Out of that apartment that you end up. With cameras everywhere. Everywhere leads to less death and escort him. Or. At all realistic though to think that. That we're going to be able to get to a situation where police are going to be able to watch every inch of public space all the time or we're never have the money for somebody thinks they can do right now open to cameras here your I mean that's conspiracy yes we have cameras up for them to do that. And I guess somebody sent in and we'll get to this with the call here also that you know their traffic cameras that record you when your driving. There Ben a lot of privacy concerns about you know there have been a lot of legal fights about traffic cameras for that very reason that they are seeing more plates you know they are seeing more. The what they are designs. 5767798. Dakota. Preaching to Colin and and we appreciate it to careen wheel gets caring we'll get to Shannon get to Matt and everybody coming up next here on game music. Eleven the key word cash for you coming up just before 12 o'clock talking about cameras in neighborhoods in Kansas City. Source is a channel 41 today about how. Agree money is going out to ten neighborhoods in Kansas City for them to get surveillance cameras and for 3000 dollars each of these neighborhoods are gonna get. Cameras to initially go on at a couple of their hot spots in their neighborhood and and potential but there could be more money to monies come in from combat which. Has money exactly for this kind of thing. And proponents of the so the people that are organizing it say. The biggest reason that they liked the idea is that when police have trouble with investigations that have trouble with getting people to come forward with information they have. On the the big fear degrees a lot of times people don't comport is because they don't want to retaliation for for snitching on somebody else. We don't have that fear now because it's all gonna be recorded in Kansas city police are going to be able to happen of these cameras. I assume whenever they want to be able to look at whatever they need. And I said it's. It's just got we feel a little. A little on easy about it I know that we live in a society where you know Google tracks your every move and FaceBook knows what we're talking about and you're you know you're on camera lot of we've got Google Maps and we've we've just got all that stuff that. But this. To me there's a difference between knowing that cameras are aimed at me at Wal-Mart to make sure I'm not shoplifting. And cameras that are just out recording everything that's happening on a public street and I. Again I don't live in a dangerous neighborhood and fortunate for that and I don't have that worry. But something about this is is just a little weird to. I think it's a great idea especially delivered even if this 3000 dollar investment reduces crime in a neighborhood it like Inglewood or whatever. Or Santa Fe New York you know it eagle site excuse me. If that reduces by 10% if it catches a couple of bad guys. I'm fine with. You're OK drive in on the street log in on the street. Every move being recorded and that video being saved for heaven only knows how long I have I'm I'm fine because I'm not out there committing crimes I'm I'm not I'm not they're committing crimes either but that feels invasive to me what do you think 5767798. Kerry your first up this segment on Camby is eagle had carried. Well kind of bad about it on that day that she can't really. What you're now on out kind they're. One thing you EDD video content and Pickering they'll add the date cumulative. And everybody at the niche that they do it is it apt to be at camp up by or act like they're walk or whatever. Though. They're going to be effective pick and any DB a whole lot better than trying to beat there are being cameras eat it but it around. Com wanna the other point is. Why don't you up a meeting with the current and make sure that they are OK with that. You have nine and it may now not worth it I don't. And and you know the opinion. Angle is just now opening opening line in the morning. They can see your entire living your entire bad earned one Berkshire. And I'm just I'm so with the content with that you know one more bat. And eight each to Egypt built and comfortable I mean it it. Google Maps it's not recording your every sect Google Maps it's recording the moment I'm where they hate that photograph. Has. Yeah how you street. Not according knew all the time. And I get I don't wanna be watched when I walk out on her door and I'm fortunate each creep even me. Okay Karen thank you so much for your phone call glad to bring in Shannon on KM BZ hi Shannon. A couple more on that hole. And on the highway the major I'll get truth that I wrote conditions and and today. It toppled camera that are on the highway. We did that back in and ask for permission to install those. Although recording an all time that we get the road traffic information. Second thing as you have the casino and these are private entities you know all the casinos have all the cameras in the casino. How many robberies app exe look at. Nero and consider here why. Because people know. That there are hundreds of cameras and casino and they're gonna get hot so like I. Late I would leave this'll probably really helped. These dual troubled areas. That there were cameras. Shannon thanks your fogleman. Spring it Matt I'm KM BZ met what do you think. Well they're functional and I don't think they're comparing where gamers to your neighborhood cameras and it's compatible. You know regular track conditions are catching a little bit on. In your neighborhood I mean you're here catcher ever want to sit in front porch so. I almost feel like I I get the idea. It looks like it's an invasion of privacy it mean. If I was there inept at a high crime area and maybe I would wonder. Why. I mean there's little critters you know I I don't like be watched every movement of every day. Look at me instead they are killing it's a waste of money. You know I'm sure somewhere exit the good idea of the good early in the cities. It's great money but without me. It's hot money I Dziena combat money comes from sales tax it's it's dedicated my old are crimes original. For. And like here today you know it's that it's a pretty good handle. The cameras you know I've got a buddy or can't keep her light he'd been shot trying to change out of a street light. In the paper. You know. Luckily it what of these cameras catch the guy tried to shoot your body try to change traffic light. Well not a rocket and because I mean that got cameras getting shot. So I just don't think it's ever gonna work he yemenis you understand reluctantly call light. Well I I don't like because I'm on the other side of view the garbage he's got to attempt a. You can't even eat street wiped out because drug dealers go one of these scenes you know have all seen. If you can't keep it simple street light crude shot out and clear that it can't put. I guess the hope is that a camera will catch the person shooting. And eight and you'll be able to see that image before the other bullet hits the camera then you're gonna have to replace the camera. And it ought to replace it and again. By the way I'm in references traffic cameras. Look at the traffic cameras are in town I was and I I wondered about that about how close there and Casey's got that that is where you can anybody can go to that site and click on the track cameras the light. It's just not. You won't see a person's face and as on those cameras or are from pretty far back they're aimed at the road they're aimed at. At large sections of road so old. I don't know how much they can zoom in but this is a catch anything your doing your car this is catching traffic violations but this is catching you are. Lake Brit phone call map we appreciate it could add on can be easy that we think of the idea of cameras in these neighborhoods. I'm I'm actually forward because. One of the things I feel about it is. Why are you worried about what the camera can be when anybody else now out on the street can also be. Because the plane reported in saint. The night not a brother Nicholas David like don't be there forever and it's going to be accessed by anybody who decide they want to leave it. I don't actually know that I don't know how long they're gonna save her who's gonna have access to it. All of the great who don't have. A lot of space disabled on absolutely it is necessary to be used in court of law it will likely be the burger at all. I. We don't know the now we don't know the answer that. But I. I'm maybe I'm just paranoid. Parent either but just because I'm not doing anything wrong doesn't mean I'm OK we recording my every move. I'm doing wrong I'm wrong either I'm not worried about at but I don't think. That means it's okay for you to just record. I was down I don't think that's necessary ballast pretty boring when a lockout citing go to my car. Right now is that you never know you never know you never know you know what someone is going to mistake or what you're gonna get caught in the middle of an Everett. Read about her FaceBook page. He didn't have a chance to get to you can jump that a little bit later remembering this one back.