Midday with J&W: Should more companies allow workers to show their tattoos?

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Thursday, September 13th

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Well that day was to meet on nine view on OK and easy. Way to start that out there Travis thinks partner like that little many elements and. He did that on purpose right for you. Jason and Africans from 98 on Iraq is here for the next couple of our cell oh text you were very nice easily and I thank you for that we've got somebody doing today she did a fantastic job I asked you to ice and you are. Here tonight. Your normal cells if you like on. Coming up in an hour in all seriousness. For just 12 we're gonna have on some talk about suicide prevention week which is this week and we're gonna have with us in studio. Monica Kurtz who's the director of the Kansas suicide prevention resource center headquarters. And she's gonna take your questions if you have them. We wanted to do this quite frankly was because we are often guilty of only talking about suicide when someone who was famous commit suicide and we need to not just talk about those things when they're in the news and given that it suicide prevention week. She's gonna then and and if you've got questions for her feel free text and now he's can't do it in our feel free and and we'll pass those onto her. I think I'm pretty good that's not your life. Who else would you Wear it where I began well with what I know is road trip with the instant yes yes it says this wasn't bad so. Back in June the day after rockers the wife and I as you know took off to Chicago except got a great on who lives there who is a 91 Euro Catholic nun. And so my mom had a a plane ticket to burn out from that Arizona so she flew in from Phoenix. And we kind of did like a you know for generations photos and it was it was a good road trip I mean after about like four or five hours. Pickles was getting uncomfortable in his car seats we've got to stop off on the way there we stopped off an island and went back we stopped off just outside Saint Louis but. Overall he did pretty good in the car so it got us thinking like. We can do like a family road trip because the bug was with a she was still in school and so that we decided I let's do it let's let's do it over Labor Day weekend. That way we can maximize the extra day and so we. We rented an RV while the other rented an RV. We left out so the first night I was opening on the roadway at 8 PM leading up to 1030 yeah. An agenda -- yet what las loading everything and I think his with a situation where you've got to bring in everything whatever your cooking with whatever you're gonna dress the beds with your clothes on that kind of stuff was the first time running an RV. It's without him yet I've done it before like many many moons ago like I've I've travel and I also traveled from like. When I lived in Italy and I drove back this 1981 hatchback Honda that that wouldn't go over 45 miles an hour wanting at Saint Louis and made that trip and today and I've been up. I when I start my radio her Manhattan Kansas went out to San Diego you know broad rotated with. Me in my code is at the time and and a sales guy like sleeping in the back of a minivan likes I mean I I've done some cross country stuff just never but the family and and so we'd get on the road tubs and thirty. And end up stop and out some some routes out of Columbia and then the next guy beat you can't doubt small town. Eastern Ohio. And we certificate and said it's a Jersey City which is just right across the river from Manhattan lower Manhattan which as you know New York City. At the island near exit and the island of Manhattan anyway and we state injuries it is an RV park so so. These places it's great to go and like drop anchor hang out. But then we went up to the Adirondacks which are absolutely gorgeous I work words were near the border of Canada and centrists and here goes. Issues that are coming across like. There are people sneaking across the border from candidate and state nobody's talked about building a pretty a wall of there but I digress. But the we get the Adirondacks and where we stayed was great it was a KOA campground which is pretty popular across the nation. And I really nice facility right have fun is great. But then we want to go see things like our sable river like John Brown's farm like the northstar underground railroad in order to do that we had to unhook everything and take this thirty foot camper is thirty foot RV. All the right so you know in in hindsight if you ever do a road trip. I would recommend getting a camper attached to your suvs you don't have suvs did just wrap one's sort of thing because in that you can you can you can drop your anchors so to speak and and tool around town because and you get those. So what's the deal like that the upper you know northeast of America it's a lot of lot of map means mountainous region you know it's not like. It's it's you have to travel by car payments everywhere and others in you could. It's so yeah I mean that's there's a lot of bikers and bicycle with things like that but still like to go to. You know. That lake George but that they made a movie about that makes him plain good. Lake Placid good to downtown Lake Placid Italy inputs. That you added I'd be a good yeah. We definitely over act and under prepared put. You know. The the amount of of of of petrol you have to use is amazing. Like I I kind of had a budgeted of what I thought we're gonna spend on gas and go now I don't know. So we definitely over overspend on this I'm. We're look like it's that we over packed and were under prepared. A great learning experience had a lot of fun we just do it again. We will it will that we were already kind of planning for next year's trip but we're not gonna go as far. Like I've got a friend of mine and she's she's an actress up in the Saint Paul Minneapolis area and her and her boyfriend to kids that are around. Pickles age so. And you know that's a six to eight hour drive at most you'll go back to probably Chicago we will go out did to Colorado and obviously. But like. Neither one of us care to go to taxes. Nobody cares let's your side trap. Texas know Texas nobody cares go to Texas and Lester from their own excited for you to come here. I would I would I would go down to like San Antonio or Austin which are fantastic places but Dallas to me as you know I lived there for awhile. Dallas to me is just like a I know I oval apartment steroids and and much bigger here. I used to love you man. I. Seven minutes you've been in studio has already better but you know I speak the truth I mean. Is bigger now deep Helms great agreed bills fantastic. But I mean overall I mean Alice. Dallas one and you listeners if you might go just just let me know. Oh hey it's going to be again. Oh we are cool map so to speak do we have got the eggs without that not since it. People you know kids he'd like to jab and doubts. Mission. And you let the present company excluded. I I someone's gonna tell you Iran belfry that's it. Tommy lived hard and Texas expect him now. Like like I would go my my mother my my biological mother says we should check out west Texas because there's some really nice sort of like a beer is out there okay that's fine. But I mean for the most part I think bull focus on Norton and eased him as before. Some days they already had too much review well thank you. That might have been me yeah. I our Jason Evans and for Mike like that cut back to university which I didn't know is the biggest university health system in the country. Is making a change and loosening up what nurses can Wear out when it comes to tattoos and hair and they're letting them be. A little more casual seem to think about that coming up next it's 1216 hearing came easy. Talk to anyone midday with Jamie and what it on 91 K and easy don't forget tomorrow will play out in Lee's summit for city spotlight at us smoke brewing company to a nine south east main street's outlook and I'll be there from ten until two. Didn't join us until 6 o'clock so be sure to come say hi out in Lee's summit Jason and after news from 99 Iraq is here and were played all of game. Called Texas and Texas if he doesn't just to the game Texas or flow at that. And it's just split on the tax on surety to get into a travesty that is now coming. Let them we are off there we did we did meet in the middle on this one I idol I love San Antonio and I was there I've enjoyed Austin I've been there I'd lived in Dallas about a year and a half I lived in Houston and was subsequently like kind of homeless for awhile there. And so I when I do when it. I think of Texas overall yet I mean that and the negative aspects sort of rises up but. I've been to that place that's in between San Antonio and Austin and it's a great country and it's beautiful I don't know what I don't know is there again. Think that's the Flint hills near Manhattan Kansas is there's the foothills that is called down there here's Texas a countries and I'm in Missouri right at. I'd like certain parts of Texas but like this southern part of Texas yeah I. Always say for going to visit Texas and you don't wanna go to doubts because it's here typical place to go to new do you use it. Definitely visit Santonio he's. By San Antonio does that. Older like colts are topping but the rebel Walker's. Like the best and yet it's it's river walks fantastic via via bright I live in Austin if it was not a hundred degrees there. Because I'm from Chicago and a key. If it was not I would live in Austin a second so you can you you don't have a problem looking at the city's heat I do run in cities and I feel that I feel like in cities Heaton texas' heats almost the same mean it all comes up like yeah here you know basic deal living in Houston yes. Absolutely now I don't whine about it all the time there do you aria. Can't stand wicket looks at. Yeah I mean it's like that was the one thing when we got back mar road trip that we did not miss was the humidity I mean just because does that mean your in the mountains snow writing in. There's no there's no heat but. Yeah it's brutal so I'm act like Texas heat and mean. Yeah Texas Keene city arts a Texas or Florida. In terms of if I had the lives in our general. Time. Will probably Florida. Probably flirt with north up the bath salts. If I don't like what part of Florida united in light probably and give you that I'm I've probably done a Miami region like elect has I've lived. I mean yeah I've had I I had an ex girlfriend who lives on Anna Maria Island which is outside of Tampa that was okay. I enjoyed my time there I slept on the beach in Galveston before and that was great pace signed join our team at Texas is a beautiful little kind of placed on there that most people are familiar with the that's not bad but it. Probably probably Florida there's no state in the universe I would less like to spend time on the floor really asks what is it about Florio like everything. And get. It's only like that everything that they that's like that like if I close but I hit my. Tampa was cool yeah and I like Saint Augustine Saint Augustine is is one of the prettiest towns I've spent time but. Between the humidity. That might again it's humid I mean crocodiles. Should I don't like that the creatures in Florida now my my my biological father lives out. Florida with his with his crazy fourth wife and and and and they don't celebrate birthdays because of their religious choice and pretty much has abandoned all of his natural born children and adopt it is is that children credentials and it's a zone maybe play to go there and Kyle laugh at him that. Now I don't really anything I like about Florida I can get somewhere else that I. Like more than that yeah Cipro and that's but it's the critters and not swamped and. Yeah some of the some of the politics and now I don't I don't need for. I just I mean it was good that it would become its own country that I'm down there and that's why it's there are yeah it's okay that it's down there can kind of do its thing downer but I don't ever need to. Spend time. Just gonna budget time down there have been sent cinema to time to Mississippi and Alabama. And then turns in that area because it's. Close by mean Florida an idea have you been a floor van by the end of that. The bar that's add on before it got wiped out by it was it. Hard way to. What are extremely. What but yeah there's a bar that sat right on the border of Alabama and Florida called floor Alabama and and it was. It was I mean I've ever going there one time though the guy looses this design. I will save my worst experience in Florida slash Alabama. Kind of near like the Gulf Shores area yet. We went through at some grass rank him permanent name and I ordered this it looked so good of the pitcher he he'd like a Mac and cheese from. And kick in in like Filipinos in all this crap like anti like Mac and cheese you like this this. C shale Mac disease. Or they bring it down it's a box of Kraft Mac. And I in the computer comes in and he goes hey you know here's order in no bail is American check on yeah. I haven't touched it goes on the wrong ago. What is the pitchers. Sea shells. Crack yeah I think you you. In our regular cheese a week. Are you so instead of telling you that when you place that order they just tried to scam right. That sounds cool you all recommends he be afridi C it is a bit of freedom isn't it and I it was not to pay full price of that. Which is that you read pay full price for the the mile so I didn't pay for he said year notes are about that if he had free dessert. Partly due to selling to friends and that's gotten cool Asher asked. I agree that. It's like maybe. Are sort of the story. About loosening the dress code for nurses coming up next are now. 33 in the day with Jamie wicket on Thursday Woodley back tomorrow tempered will be out in Lee's summit at smoke brewing company for city spotlight but today we are raised with the presence of Jason. React and presence he had that to sound self antsy. I think you know any and all eggs or gone forever amen to me it's I'm gonna go out now give. Shouted to it may not mean and now this is new jacket I got that wealth on my family road trip that idea I got there is a it's called zero kids in Jersey City by the way if you're one of those people that are always wanted to check out New York City which are kind of like overwhelmed by the idea of being on the island now go to Jersey City. You've you've got it's it's it's very much kind of like. And you got all architecture and it's it's a great location hazard literally. The path or the MTA or even a ferry ride away from going to lower Manhattan and you can easily access statue of liberty and Ellis Island and but it's very he's very what Kabul very differently you know it very much has that kind of old New York feel without so much tourism which I knew that we were tours but you know. It was a great or spotted there's a store we rolled into called zero kids and found his jacket there after trying to on a bunch of different things and figured. This is it's easy thank you it's it's it works Korea thank you think. So. On your team that was the story that I signed in multiple places that we inning nurses shortage out the last time right now on the show feel like talking about. Industries that we don't have an of people for. And nursing is definitely one of them and what that it's it's one of the reasons that multiple hospitals now. Including a Mayo Clinic at Rochester and Minneapolis they are now changing their dress code so that nurses. And other members of the medical profession don't have to be as strict about what they Wear. As little late this is out of Indiana university health which includes sixteen hospitals. It reels it recently announced it ditched its fifty page dress code in favor of a five page document earlier this year. In the process they've next rules that stated nurses cannot have unnatural hair colors or have visible tattoos. Catherine exe to Elizabeth Dunlap whose with HR and Michelle Janney who's the chief nurse executive explain the policy. Is part of a larger focus on moving from eight rules driven organization to a values driven culture and so far they say. Employees have welcomed the change Dunlap told today show we have one team member was very excited. About being able to dye her hair pink in support of breast cancer awareness. In the past in have been against our Brusca because it wasn't a natural collar. Another employee US tattoos on her for arms was finally able to switch to a department she'd always wanted to work for. But which requires nurses to scrub up meaning she would have had a role upper sleeves and reveal her tattoos which was previously not allowed. Some are surprised to learn that's dress codes even on. That nurses even acted to face some of that other is a guy that wrote a FaceBook post last year saying he was shocked and confused. About hospital policies regarding tattoos explaining that his mom is a nurse with the tattoos he said. My mother has more tattoos and I can count and it's never ever affected her work ethic that was shared 121000 times. So what they're eating is hospitals that allow this are getting mourners is to apply for possession shocking you know because it's it is less strict and yes having tattoos on your arms has nothing to do with your ability to do a job. To do people still feel like that I mean like it I guess in this listening audience and how do people feel like if you have. Tattoos and your just a degenerate of some sorts and he. I was none and feel free to text or call by 767798. Are your job still. That you are on comfortable seeing someone in if they have. Like sleeps why do I know I've been out west or reported seeing some of the Westport police and Casey PD with full sleeves. And that I seen I've I've also heard like in certain police departments I think more on the Kansas side they have to be covered up QB that can't be seen. And again I just don't like if you're stopping a robbery in progress. I don't I don't think that having a sleep but tattoos. Is gonna be like he would stop that guy if he didn't have Bugs Bunny down his right forearm so with police. What people say is that it looks intimidating. And that it up. Well ice bag to stun gun and out of Billy club that got itself. Didn't sit at our dog. Ivy. Had arms of his sex if you can call I would love to hear more about that somebody just accident 3851. I work for a fire department. We just now can show tattoos. So interesting that. It didn't surprise me that the fire department at a lot of four but I'd be curious to know on what week it is and I asked for alarm fire at half the squad didn't have you know. A yin Yang symbol wander and there's shall I mean it just seems kinda ridiculous. Of course this is coming from someone it's tattooed right my wife has more tattoos and I do and she's you know it's a pretty good on a hole I think I mean to. Not allow visible tattoos because a quest trusting. Somebody else that's a sign I may hospice nurse I have sleeves on both arms. I have to cover them up what I'm doing patient care and when I'm around patients that involves wearing a very hot lab jacket. In 100 degree weather our other jobs that you feel like and if you're one of those jobs that limits that limits your ability to add to show tattoos. Are where you're a little more uncomfortable. You want to have the president of the United States with a nice we're out what you and I at that point I feel like. If some order run and had the you know they they had they had a sleeve tattoos. That that I that I might I might listen closely to their policies just maybe. OK so you just add you have a child so what if your kids elementary school teacher. Had sleeves he had issues seem. Pakistanis sex and a lot of teachers are not allowed to have lots I just I feel like I've seen anybody uncomfortable with it especially if it's a teacher and a little cat did not know. Some people are. Uncomfortable with back just with with the look of that it's not fairer but some people don't like the idea. On the line Scott. Do you have any tech is. Now I don't thank. Though I had any problem with people taxes their own bodies that you are they want. But you know its little perception is reality especially different generation not a change people aren't. You know larger social settings. And your pattern up with fleas. Now the reality is. Certain people are going to be perceived you it and make it get like. Not really something that individual can puke. Anything at all. The business. Where she is okay other up perception is reality has an affect their their their. And that's the actor Kirk you know human. Natural traits like how people are gonna perceive. Jack it's but I've seen I've seen an industry that out that's I thought Scott thanks but I I've seen like some of those like. You know pictures of like. In ER's third and in the has insert off these is covered from it at full sleeves full contestants like this guys this is in this guy's done 28 heart surgeries or whatever it is I mean there's. There are out there in terms of like. I think tattoo is people are dying breed and I think the people at the I don't sing I feel like I feel like now more than ever. Even if it's just something small and I feel like you view if you don't have a tad too you're kind of one of the rare people of the world you know and I I mean. Maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm in the wrong room here but it just seems to me like. A lot of people that I know. Have tattoos text or said it speaks to the professionalism. Not the ability to do a job. Greg I've heard people say before it speaks to judgment. Bet your judgment in getting attacked you and something permanent that you can never take away. It into my schedule each year if it's done right then you're you're telling the story. And it's not on your face it's not that judge. Look I don't like that there's a different let's let's not let's not get elected if if you're if you're gonna go on the face or the neck. Breathe in the hands you're all in on what ever your profession is yeah but like I I got a buddy of mine named Lance Ariza very very good pal of mine we've been through thick and thin chatted things that. At one point I think he was a little under the under the weather network these banks. And got and got something on his neck right now he's also got a theme he's covered. He's also the most amazing talents drummers owners in in my life and a member of like your happens late night conversations and talking about his father he's. Father passed is thirteen and a lot of the problem. The point is like I was like look you're all like you're going to be traveling down is when you're you're you're going to be musician the rest of life and that's it right where do you teach it with your performance where the you know whatever. And he that's what he's done he's in his time back imports from hearing going on tour and he's all in his profession he's a musician and you. If you connect to add to your doctor you better be at the end good doctor. Does and many have on clergy members they now pastors or ministers were idols I don't know that well it never been to his church but I know the guy. That that does and is that don't think you if you had seen that yet I mean I think the that the church itself has says to a vault an depends on like like. I was raised Catholic and I think about when do a Catholic mass and I saw you know the priest with that that I would be like that's pretty crazy rant I've been in the church cents a graduate high school yeah simple like funerals. Weddings and stuff. But I think like when you're looking at some of these like nondenominational. Churches and just does whatever I think that to me that makes sense because they're moving so forward into the 21 century. To keep and retain. Block. Let's go to you teeters on the line high tenor. Don't go happy on Thursday it's easy to work in DC. Although I used to work and washed and BC yeah I do the work for member Carter so they'd much like this that and yet you guys are all but you know their in the military previously. They also leave I mean we milk but you know like lobbyist for other higher import people. And they all sleep in order I mean that they have the ability to are present people what you know the I'll be out tapped to get the way of pop up well. Do you find it all the attitude about that is different here than from when you're there. Yeah I mean. I think it should come up at west values they the East Coast maybe a little bit deeper values and know what we're used to here are a couple of building it for coltart. Now thanks a lot for the called tenor. Let's get another one up I hear before get a break cameras on the line hi Hannah. You would not my eyes and credible and I am by a marker payment. Drummer answer the same thing that case and bam a minute ago. About he you know haven't felt completely out because he knew that what he wanted to do it via government is now getting out and that's why it was gonna deal. And kind of let things like I'm gonna give it to my body in the picture. I'm going to be. Yeah I mean most people think that that's the thing through like your judgment you. You have entities know that people remember the text line and you to listen for a while the U remembered that I have talked about it and crystal not Don it is. I EU to get you have to go to a process to get detected I mean serve while I was like nineteen I want to know they want a little fun. You know but but but since then I've thought about one I won my god like it sounds silly. But I am trying to create a little family crest for me in my mind and my wife my two kids because. It's it's a long weird story differs a shortened version of laws and I'm adopted. My biological grandmother had a eightieth birthday yesterday and then little newspaper in the small town citizens like she has X amount of kids and I was not my grandkids and acts and I'm a great grandkids I'm like well. Right. You act like you don't even that we don't exist today that I had my biological mother doesn't exist exist and so like so that this is weird dichotomy like the and we formed a decreed basically from within its I'd like to make this crest that idea. And put that on. That's gonna be very painful to sit through this again to sit through this process of not only deciding what to do in the coming over the but then. Sitting down and getting tattooed it is not like. Okay yeah I mean. It does take a judgment and it's not a spontaneous and some people like. You know I sat in the longest ever sentence careless. Five hours and hours and I was sick for two days afterwards La so I mean it's yeah I. For the people that what you. The same people that collect those. Pass judgment on on on people would tattoos are probably this into the mavericks who have left their bubble even for vacations sort of like when the Ozarks. Part gets a warrior calls offering and Jimmy Taylor on T next 1246 earned came easy. In what hearing came easy. Jason Evans from 99 Iraq isn't studio hello pal Al and we're talk about the story about nurses and more and more hospitals. Are loosening their dress code policies of the nurses now for the first time. Can show and I have to hide their full sleeve tattoos or they can you know if they wanna go pain care they can. Or you think about that and is there certain professions that you are less comfortable. With seeing the full sleeve tattoos although a couple of you said you'd rather see tattoos and piercings that Pearson's make you more. Uncomfortable and some of the tattoos duke Taylor was kind enough to an online through the break Taylor. Yeah it's. I. Thought. It had shadow. I what a place where or a government and I worked in mental health. Oh lead. Her to her told to cover up I thought you. After about them on the policy change pretty quickly and we'll act up did you show. Is that bond is that like them on the we are pretty straight jewelry policy that we contract and facial hair and decide and both. Our. Like earring or your ear. And they're pretty great. One quite flat out and elect mark cried and it. Facility a man out. There are a lot more strict about covering up your cap is. So what should I I understand from the government side there are a lot more lax and expecting. Rather then privatize factor. You understand the reasons for the restrictions. You because. Later we will explain. That pre Internet population and they'll. We did that they didn't want art how cute too. Got that connection and our conversation. Would be cured that. I would like talk about are now are also. Some of the attack is going to be on the is older population where it is trying to more I think you'll. Not some other reasons why are the cover up. And that being. Mindful where the population it works or not not per fairly because we didn't let professional. Thing that. I think if you work and mental health facility I can see. Him and I guess I guess and just kind of imagining you know like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest which is maybe not the best way to Matt Blunt answer typical press but I mean I think MB for honestly that's got oil and how we first and you know react to a I can see that being a concern just I don't know if it's triggered the right word mean as the and you might. And I probably might actually yeah Turner's Arlen rightward. Up for on the line I'm Fran. Oh great so what do you think about tattoos. And nurses. Eric Bell. I believe and could be re Erik I'll I mean Bob May Day and I see all sizes and shape it is what I'm talking about. Today that last is old. There's nothing really lucky as that cat is on sagging again. So you don't do you don't have any. Okay yeah it's not surprised I. It's thought if they thanks a lot of friends friend very much fit varies political prisoners in like I'm serious she's a lovely grandmother you know. I'm sure that she Biggs really well. I can have an opinion now it's funny because I've been tagged repeatedly in photos showing. Elderly folks covered in tattoos. And it's always like you know like what how I imagine Nivins and and Alex my life to look like an eagle putt. Are looking at your assignment and you know again tells the story as opposed to you know. Judgement and and oh well let's yeah that. Is on the line I dimming. Hey Larry yeah not great so let me think about tattoos and some professions. You know. The problem looked at our doctors by derogatory. All which. And then I think the and I mean our program but sometimes the clothes that some people where we're. And it again piercings in your ears to Wear their ears looked like donut. And then. A little weird and there were. And reject anybody that trash dump it looks trashed the foreign and that's. He kept Orleans on his arm loosely. He. Got a partner. With American. And green. His history children's page picture on the ball and it's been good. It's. Something you could look at it it's almost like art instead. The other thing. And summer that in my workplace currency or restaurant that I need it just looks and. That's usually just that using someone's cheap attempt at being a tattoo artist I mean the whole idea behind tattoos that they that you you're into walking piece of art yeah I'm like it's it's your your your. You know him. People wanna look at it in and end in the observance you're all of us there you know I mean I think that I seem we all Sinbad I mean you don't. Had to sit. You can gonna certain rock for essence he spoke with that he adds that to go to certain. I mean certain events you're gonna seed bed tattoos that and that unfortunately. Those exist you know that. And and not everybody can pitch for the royals and Clinton at a price to be at tattoo artists you know I don't disagree with that at all. You know I mean even from the sounds of it Jimmy who called there and his son had a very well thought out tattooed he's got his is union on them and these guys kids and Latin American flag. But it sounds like overall James not a fan of tattoos period and even though his son put a lot of thought into it and it's pictures screening kids. He just. A bad thing that comes down to personal preference.