Midday with J&W: Should Kansas City host a world cup game?

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Wednesday, June 13th

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Edit title for a Wednesday halfway to the weekend. Woke up to the big news. The big story. Here in in 22 other cities it was that the United States Mexico and candid. Will host the 20/20 six World Cup and why does that matter well Kansas City is one of the finalist cities to host. And host what does that mean is hitting game is practice I mean JB you and I arguably or honestly. Are not the biggest soccer fans but getting the World Cup on this stage in North America as a really cool. Yet seems like a really big deal on and get an ounce plate was getting today we know even though we don't appreciate it as much we know think of a soccer and artists yes you hear about that a lot on it there's a lot of confusion about how does that work about how many different cities those gains would go to and the timeline of similar in those things. So as you mentioned we have big gas. We have a huge gap to lead us off. Let's not oversell the big gas refused to sit at the microphone records he Sheila if she wants to speak Dixie youth use at their cash to the computer screen is is that it can we turn the other yet. Jake we had to slide Josh over because Jamie can't see over the computer screen him or let up a I just telling her your mind Kansas city's morning news in from our sister station six cents four I did in the other seat when I do that drive I that's my nor new right adults are need based callers have been edited it up maybe it. Big news I mean yeah we knew that the US Canada and Mexico this united World Cup for 20/20 six was a possibility. How the voting how close were we to not getting the world. It was about two to one in favor of the United States they're pretty pretty significant oh win over Morocco for counting and that is it is a win yeah I thought I. I thought it should have been no brainer I think I know they want us for these things out but Morocco was gonna have to spend sixteen billion dollars in infrastructure and stadiums to go ahead and put this thing together. I've jokingly said that we just need to open up arrowhead. Make sure there's enough concession stands are open wipe off a few seats and we can put on anything right and and and America can kind of do that do we have all these built in stadiums already. That we don't have to build anything new it just makes so much. It's it it feels that way for the Olympics too late we have the infrastructure we have the facilities you know the US should begin getting consider. Considered for the at these massive worldwide events. Mexico's gonna get three allegedly 33 of the city's. Real assays are Mexico three or in Canada whether or not they get all three from each country remains to be seen I think is quite pretty good chance that I'm thinking what's gonna happen is. There are a banner left with seventeen US cities that we battling out for I don't. And they don't they haven't said how many spots. We know Kansas City will be quote unquote involved somehow. That doesn't mean. We're going to get World Cup games at Arrowhead Stadium would have these ice bats the whole. They are looking for for training sites. For our media sites for. Rougher we Hampson. Those types of things. Up a little bit of my fear is we have a lot of really good soccer facilities in Kansas City including the the sporting KC it's called a medical training facility. It is fantastic it is top notch. It is. Capable hosting multiple teams and they also train rougher reads your round that's part of that part of the stoic. Some like okay they're gonna see all these great practice had yet. And the big and children's mercy park which you began the practice and you and say well that's a good that's a good trading facility let's just that and not get matches now Abby. They can see sports commission obviously heavily involved with this Cathy Nelson told us earlier today it between now and 20/20. They'll be deciding on meet the game venues but that we will have some type. Of activity. I'm just hopeful that it does include matches and I wanna I want matches that at Eric say the united at a here right stadiums ago a great spot to be hosting. Tell about what that means in terms of impact how many people we haven't town you know what's. Why should people be excited about that possibility. International stage. Showcases your city. All those things that we talk about even on on on a national level you know getting a draft for instance getting an all star game. All those types of things in the impact it has now it's multiplied. X number times what you can do across the world showcase Kansas City is another. Great sporting event for Kansas City that will mean. Big time dollars I don't I don't have that the the dollar figure but the other 70000 seat stadium is gonna hook would be able to host multiple games you had teams in town I think if they get. Matches. There also be able to host. Teams to train. Yeah partial matches my work we've all my facilities are I think we can do at all which makes Kansas City I think a really great destination finesse. Looking at the at the list of cities in America LA New York DC Dallas Denver Houston Baltimore Atlanta Philly Nashville Seattle the bay Boston Cincinnati Miami Orlando. Not a lot of midwest cities right to Chicago is not listed. I'm with USA to that I earlier today I think that that has to factor of Chicago's in the Mexican go look at everybody wants your LA and Chicago here ago again. There's not a lot of midwest dallas' first Dallas is a for sure is a 100000 seats stayed Dallas and Los Angeles are the fur shorts. New York you can say yeah. Shall eat probably ABC but maybe you could have those cities via beat the quote unquote involved because they're on the same general area if you want to spread out across the country you want midwest. Worry it. It the other believe the Midwest City on there was Cincinnati MNN I don't know how passionate with the facilities like in Cincinnati Jay Beagle argue Ohio's not the midwest but. It at another time I've ever since Cincinnati's. Other coming soccer market and they are moving to a Major League soccer. Are coming up they've had a really good they're out trying to reds well and there are in my. They're they're the minor really watched the rest I don't there but that they're out drawing the professional baseball team and their minor league soccer team has done a good job yeah wrong but. You feel like does that rewarded now or we were gonna reward the soccer hotbed that of doing they're doing really big things are now at Lan has been incredible. As a Major League. Major League soccer market in just a couple of years they've obviously posted big time event. That would make sense I need to sit down old houses that are that midwest either I think from a midwest quarter or. You know they want. Perspective in the the country we got that too. Does it matter at all to them that. We don't Campbell era that's kind of an island out there in terms of hotels and restaurants and things like that we talk about that a lot about people want to move in now the royals on top of whatever does that matter at all that your. A drive out from the good stuff downtown. I don't think for this so much. I think hotels a factor in everything right at every event were trader trying to attract the question mark as we have and places for people's day and I think that's. That's valid it being isolated though now a I especially for the World Cup. If you if you following the train at different. Places then coming just for the game in them Intel think you could do that to whip if if you needed hotels and facilities you have we have other cities within. A few hours and that's what they're pitching to in terms of the the practice availability they pitched Columbia. I'm Manhattan. Kind of the kind of the area. Which is treat you could treated team sounds like they they were they're kind of ironic college campus type things rehab facility plus. Probably an area for teams to stay kind of thing. And so they pitched. Colombian Manhattan as well become a factor in so the the whole region could be kind of involved in this but to me out I want I want teams that are at first it was a big race. And we can do it. But first and foremost let's get some gains here. What's a press conference at arrowhead lake right now is just to announce that they're one of the sixteen or finalists for the for the ten cities 23 finalists for the sixteen cities and and we are part of this for Giuliani six probably a little bit about what their what their pitch can be. I'm I think that that's the next stage it's funny. They were. Discussing. Kevin Nelson was discussing that to our focus was being unified did. And I generally sets and out now our own than an hour started to fight it out right out it was a big dividend let's waited for the Buick has rescued Canada now like we're offer our offer ourselves now let's give the city on the map so that's their focus now I know that the other this year's World Cup starts tomorrow right in Russia correct and it took a total denial as the US and also we're in the World Cup this year you. As a host as a host to get your team and so I'm itself so. We're and yeah or when he tees it up I might be to Mexico and Canada will also get bids to be in automatically correct and real quick the number of teens is going to be going yeah right there's going to be more teams in 20/20 six that we have this year which means. More opportunities that. So up to 48 teams now. Wow so there's more opportunities probably for a for this to make sense for a lot of universities calling thanks so much rent so let's get it done we've. I well I I bra covering every event Kansas City I I love the center of the hole yeah I want ever lived for altering them all a game that whatever it just pulling their. Up from 610 sports ready also you hear a month during Kansas city's boarding is that certain about appreciate gym fighting time you're very busy schedule off course and I are meeting now. Yes already progress very busy news. Are how would you sell Kansas City to fifa. How would you sell hay or to the united bidding process what would be something he would sell the Kansas City 576. Was or sell about Kansas City. 5767798. That would make it attractive. For the World Cup to have teams. At arrowhead he's right in the cool to have the practice stuff and you gained two matches at arrowhead. Tell me in my ear we're talking 20/20 68. Years from we have dear Watson terminal and a single terminal yet streetcar will be going all the way to the plaza. For sure by then and probably by that point where plan and further south at aptly any yet ons those are two big things that make gates. IQ did you get under play the idea the streetcar three like for like will be up yeah hotels the convention hotel convention hotel will be out of and I believe and so that helps a lot. On I I think you can. Soccer fans are looking for you know I don't know and if you are soccer fan you know what I asked you about this well but what makes you. Rather go to Dallas and there were you know I mean what what would. Celek for you what you want in like days are you going to attack for Ali. I mean in theory Travis what are we guess about. Three matches four matches somebody 48 countries spread over sixteen cities and 33 or four days are those are like in the same. God that's normally in in days so we'll have that they'll probably you know up three games and in one day and one stadium. Am. So to me if you got to sell it as cure the other things that you could do during those three or four days. And that's where as being a little smaller we might have a little but you gotta build solid as hey you know you're gonna come for the games and here's all the other stuff you're gonna do wire here. And helped plan events also. But I think you know we before a little Iraqi is that he kind of has marketing identity. Mom yeah. And affects 5767798. Also took on FaceBook how would you sell. Kansas City. To host the 20/20 six World Cup matches as part of the united bid between. Canada the United States and Mexico by 767798. He texted at 22980. It's also up on Twitter and FaceBook or read some your answers coming up next 21 minutes after tenure on a Wednesday thanks again Josh Wheeler for joining us in studio 5767798. The the World Cup is coming to the United States Canada and Mexico and united front in 20/20 six. And Kansas City is one of the finalists. To host along with Orlando and Miami LA New York DC Dallas Denver Houston Baltimore Atlanta Philly Nashville's Seattle the bay. Boston and Cincinnati Mexico will likely get three. In Mexico City Monterrey and Guadalajara. Canada Montreal Edmonton and Toronto. And it kind of put this up on FaceBook and and I'd like to know. Our people proud of being from Kansas City. Are you proud of being from Kansas City I'm not originally from Kansas City under review no that are not Jamie's not originally from Kansas City. But it is our home team he's been here for about a decade. I've been here for nearly three years. Edit an and it's where my wife and I planned it to put ourselves for the foreseeable future sorry. But it would seem to me that sometimes. When asked about Kansas City and that the question is on the table if you were selling the idea of Casey. To host the 20/20 six people World Cup what would you say. A lot of answers on the tax line mimic what Rick says on face. It sucks some nice buildings but crime and violence are high and Nolan seems to care. Are you. Proud of being from Kansas City are you ashamed of being from Kansas City and living in Kansas City I was I mean I'm on a two and a half years almost three Jamie. I'm still learning a heck of a lot about this town and I really enjoy it so far. But it would seem there's a riddled negative to outer attitude from people that year. And I dispute that comment I don't think the people don't care about their I think are working on it about that it's not Los on anyone that we have crime intensity. And so don't don't think that just because it there isn't a dramatic decrease that they're not they don't care that they're not working out and I think there are. On and I'll tell you that I and I said this before site. Why August it'll be eleven years wow here I moved child forget it because I moved here three months before sprint center opened. And so I don't know Kansas City before power light. Opens on because that's always been open but I was here for a few years and then left and for a year and and came back. And I never would have come back if the city had not kind of evolved in those ten years we're not the same city that we were eleven years ago when I first came here. There is so much more going on now men are used to be either so much more to do. Street cars there you know center for the performing arts now is is where it is in and west bottoms is developing more I mean everything Kemper's gonna be reused. We're just and we got other parts of the city now to other parts of the metro that are moving in a way that they didn't used to use at work on on your I don't know if you noticed. That your city has a lot more going on an east because I. Wanna sit here and say hey everybody you have to love everything about your city but in an honest question and and maybe getting away from the selling of Kansas City to feet. Where the united whoever picks the World Cup's. Do people do not enjoy living here. Now to enjoy being from and living in Kansas City. And the surrounding areas may be year from leavenworth and you've never left Levin worth and you you anything. You know. It in the big city as terrible. May may I don't know do an and it does question. Deep do you enjoy being from Kansas City are you proud of. Homes or a few tax now of course and crop from being in cash drawer I don't know this person means I can tell you guys are not from Kansas City that's fine what does that mean. I think this is a great city with a lot going for it to work and better about it than a lot of people who lived here their entire lives so maybe it's good that we're not from here because we can appreciate it more going to be meeting was enter their entire. Here's the thing about not being from here. You when I go and do the things here are more that a lot of people who lived through their entire relaxed maybe. You know because we it's not just where we grow up we don't take that granite we like that and there's no wrong answer if you wanna say no I hate here and I think it sucks and I wanna leave but I'm stuck here. That's your opinion I just would like to know. Are you proud of being from Kansas City what would you how would you sell it. And if not if if it were not acting something to feel for and eight years we can work on it you know what needs to be there by the time these gains were content and I don't. Know how long Jamie you have to live here for you to beat you mean you've been here I'm over a decade not from here that's fine. It's good to see a 91 KM BZK state. And your phones kinda choppy bro go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. That are. Actually in that. The boot them out. I mean. And I. I. Did a good idea how good. At. The. Steve I really wanted to get to try colonists back Steve be your phone is just too tough to understand what it is you're saying. If you call us back we'll get you up for sure. Jim Cunningham. I want you living Kansas City twenty years okay are you proud can't sitting. Yeah that's yeah. Does not and are ringing endorsements. Well I just have to think of a lot of different aspects about it that make me proud and I think the other cultures the thing. The they've probably I liked how the most when I have like somebody in my right scheerer some items shuttle into the airport what are we got. You think we beautiful World Cup's up here. And so now I think with a hotel improvements we've made and I think about that should be obviously Chu will be done by then I think that is certainly that's what drew the that knocked us out of the running for the Republicans. Convention so NHQ two and yeah them know. Eric it's more phone calls and and just a straw poll. Lifers people who labor 1520 years like Jim you proud to be from Kansas City are asking you right now how would you sell. Kansas City to be found to the picking process that goes four the 20/20 six World Cup. Is it's gonna be a joint effort the united World Cup. Between the United States Canada and Mexico three cities in Mexico three in Canada likely and in the United States. Kansas City is on the final a finalist list along with. The big dogs you would expect LA New York DC Dallas Denver. Atlanta Seattle Houston Baltimore Philly Nashville San Francisco San Jose. Boston and Cincinnati Miami Orlando. But the first comet came in on FaceBook to Scott just kind of took us in a different direction Rick writes it sucks some nice buildings the crime and violence or I know it seems to care. Is that most people from Kansas City field are you not proud to be from Kansas City I mean. That. I act it seems to me based on half of the tax lined a lot you are embarrassed and and not proud to be from from Kansas City and surrounding area. By 767798. And a missing you have to beat just wanted to kind of get the pulse go to the phones and talk to you Carl your 91 came BZ brief from Karl. You probably from here. OK that why you think there's such a negative connotation come from so many people from here. I let the like a lot of people we take advantage of what we got our work in bar in and I were acceptable and meet a lot without errors. Throughout city. And an outlet you were all talking earlier there are great about what they know that you'd learn a couple of years jurist. And you know the local people I don't think. Paper or appreciate. That that we have built a department diplomat and how it felt like people are compared to where they're from but we have. Small an outfielder also have a lot of who went Altman you know number you were number three in the world. And probably people in the city probably seen in. People on here. So you think a lot of people that are from here that are from. Levin worth the blue springs or whatever take it for granted we got in this town. Oh yeah I met a couple of we get from Nashville are actual in January and a beautiful. That international often and they were raving about it in the city market you know just the real art. Different but it did you know the World War II museum and this thing that I'm me I'm in your look or have been in these. Students. That is the national World War I mean yeah. That is one of my favorite things I've I've I've been able to do in kansas' go to the liberty memorial. A Karl thinks and we appreciate phone call let's talk to Rachel. Originally from Kansas City. Bought him rape here I'm and it would I'm in tune in Arizona. And they are on their way. It can't get any and I grandparent Boehner a 101 ears that hear that they well that's a long time. And it has grown and grown and we're very proud cap cities that you can't get any are there. About I that there it ever get bank there's little out of out of that it now. And if you badly in and I hardly any of that at the lab. That that 33 years ago and he's back Egypt backed merit Donny and him being in fact happen. It said no I'll come back home. I think people dog Kansas City that are from Kansas City. Well it out at home a year. Big everything available and we can be Trout and Ali PR. And the people they have a lot of money in Kansas City. Yet aren't so. Grace it at all but at helping it built a cop and that spread dinner all the would be rehab. We have a lot of wonderful wealthy people can't teach that it would generate it. Thank you over the phone call Rachel we appreciate it Harold you're on KM BZ where you from Harold. Are you wondering now are you originally from this area. Yeah I have not been here thirty years thirty years. You know. A distorted view about Cuba although he would've ordered the city and everything and offered. Awful what I am now probably is city it is clear that so much. Harold. They reached an embryo that you have crime traffic Lucian can you name it the people when. And that that that turnaround percent. It's intimate you'd you're on the wet spot on Saturday morning all shops all the people who trucks. There on the Bible Friday night it it's amazing and stop and talk anymore. And the people friendly it is great thing to do. The world that barbecue. You know and that started started on them that I'd start going into the city war on lighted. Edit or opinion in they'll find reviewed a lot of publicity that that border is my whole life. City takes some of those people are to start getting out enough. I hope I haven't I was one of those people and wanting to do it because. Of the stigma that was all right. Eight Errol. You're one more person whose mind has been changed. Things for the vote commonly appreciated and I'll see you and and in other movers and Dunston I think so much. Let's put him on KMB easy we're from Pam. Well Nancy Boone everywhere. Clearly brat. My I was actually born up in the north west. However I think Elaine it's firm here. And I've I have by and large lived here I've been intensity 95. To say. Even elect imprint in year out then. Go to Florida to feel less salute a lot later orbiter where. But in my opinion. Even as he can grow in this city got the reputation of being. Hospitable. And regardless of the crime and whatever color man. They're still doesn't it Allen left very hospitable helpful. I've been asked when it lands what is here's what you can have to offer. Totality. Human culture we've got to restaurants and got it let's sports is capped at two. You weren't. Here a weird way I digest I try to sell it as they do bursts. Place QB. Beat you know you know what with the people with the securities of Federer. You. As far as what this city has to offer yet personally. We would sit macro issues. I don't care where the president. As nothing to do with. It but the city has to offer. And the effect it has stay here. Basically means I. I am proud to be here but that makes sense. It absolutely makes cents Pam thank you for your phone call. And I we go to deeply donated Ivan your personal life but that we appreciate you jumping and let's go to Max on KM BZ map where you from. Drop it was big city are proud to be here. You know it it's got out and it it was generally speaking it's it's it's a good place to live. I would argue ability Kansas City should have been shouldn't. It all into more of a Chicago. If you look back to history key to turn create pressure and so can only. Metropolis in the union one of them want only. But so are the fighting economy there's you know jazz. Go to Chad start here although credit to him city. Wouldn't stock it based on orbit cleaning. Or equal or the ski. It's not anywhere near where it needs to be herbs and Trout all the money I'm attraction or. I think it's quite another controller. Open century. Revitalize the city it can happen this could be to be here. It's still very short of what it needs to be in my partner Roche say. It's secure I read article recently about Q does this is the worst place in this country that mr. pork. Could make minimum wage to the eighteenth district and should decide that it has it's the worst place to beat. So you know I. I would expect. Wanted to make sure that's not on the slogan when they pitched Kansas City for the World Cup are looking at it at that but at that thinks that Matt. We could have been Chicago and Kansas sucks if your or bring your soccer here yeah. I've never hurt and I think every call. Jamie and all my time here I've never heard anyone say they wish Kansas City was more like Chicago a lot of people are gonna fight that a lot of people are glad. It's not like Chicago and I'm not say Mets right or wrong. But a lot of people don't mean. I'd like to visit Chicago I could never live. In downtown Chicago I couldn't ever do it too big too crowded too cramped for me. I can I know you can. Thrive on that but it's that comes with a it's you know it's also incredibly expansive that is very very true a final word goes to Jim. In Kansas City jail or you for a case. You. Couriers 73. Years are you proud of the city. Oh absolutely it's like 00 like people with Saint Louis. They would wedge jumped over here and said it would have been it would youthful but aren't short on. Third it there are thirty places. I don't know that all withdraw we go back to work we don't applaud that. So currently it was about auditor meg. Walked. You because. Are there spoke on the rush agree. That it's a new place. Yeah I look. They're going to be people who will only site that negatives about Kansas City and and it's not perfect and Jim thanks for your phone call. There's there's issues we know there's issues but look at all these cities I've read off that are that are vying for the World Cup in 20/20 six. You tell me which of these cities doesn't have any crime. A large amount crime. You know financial questions LA New York DC Dallas. Denver Houston Baltimore Atlanta have Billy Nashville Seattle San Francisco Boston Cincinnati Miami. Other cities have issues. Its current level at Kansas City. I just happier to Petit. Get out and it might just be not. Honey your thing and that's fine but that doesn't mean are really pull things here the weather is amazing it's for us held us in the weather is amazing to you because you like it to be a hundred. Well the weather I'll ask this weekend is going to be a great weekend weather wise not going to be awesome. Better than living up north were spent the last twenty years. Where it's warm three months a year in that signaled a get. So. I have to read a bit of a red its story to you coming out. About what a guy fed to his friends. They didn't know about it. It might gross you out I promise I don't mean to do it but this story is incredible. To hear about it next. This. Jamie this is the part were we warn if you have children this may not be appropriate. This appropriate for adults. And they give you one chance to tell me not to Regis. I think Cuba already I I can read it I think that's teething so Travis yeah. Eric. Get I get I wore you don't have your children around. It is about her FaceBook page if you'd like to see the visuals that go along with us. Got out of vice dot com. And any Redick post somebody by the name of shiny. Was in the car accident he was riding his bike and a car hit him. His foot was shattered the point he would never walk on it again. When the doctor asked if he wanted MPT is one question was can I keep it. The doctors said yes. Then two years ago three weeks after the incidents. He invited his. Ten most open minded friends to a special branch. Eight apple struggle. Quiche puff pastries fruit tarts chocolate cake drink G eliminate punch and had the most sense. Travis have totally to hold my hand through this because this gets a little bit weird. The main course came out they Hedo the heat tacos made from the severed human limb. There is no law in the United States by the way there's no federal law banning cannibalism. Idaho's the only state in which these simple act of eating human flesh can land you in prison. Non. He documented this the entire way 38 year old guy. He wanted to have a tax derby didn't freeze dried but it would cost a lot of money sell. Hospital. Many hospitals have policies of the gonna release your body parts to you because of some religious. Are some religions where you have to be very hold all that so he sign the paperwork is mom drove and pick up. I goes inside gets the full any red plastic bat. Brought to the car and put it in a cooler. Went home he froze. But it ended 12100 bucks to freeze dried things set up I had the money it would of I would have done it eventually decided it cast a plaster use it as a door stop and captured 3-D rendering to make little key chains kind of a Seiko. But he got to this house seats at the foot out. After the hospital was covered in blood and and I dying cleaned off and surprised how pleasantly preserved wise. It was elegant preservative formaldehyde you think about it. Beef which can be dry age for months makes sense. I fore front of me at the time it was all surreal picked it up playing with it doesn't seem like it just seemed like an object at a piece of the person. No emotional connection I can think yep that's my foot but it wasn't but there wasn't some deep part of me that felt weird out. The weirdest part to it was the fact that it wasn't weird. If if this make you uncomfortable I can completely stop and his friends came over. He invited eleven and he said remember we always talk if we ever had a chance to it ethically eat human would you do it one calling you on. We're doing this or what ten people said yes I just wanna go around to a view. Would you ever do anything like this is Travis owner in me eat cheese and apple pie that's very very true you won't miss you you definitely won't. Yet he told the ship is idea and thinking about it for a couple of days is that lead students the final tally was his shaft his girlfriend his ex girlfriend a friend from college to friends that have he had for a couple of years into we known for a long time in one of their daughters. He marinated it overnight sauteed with onions peppers salt pepper and lime juice and served it on corn tortillas. With the Toma TO sauce if you wanna see pictures of this it's our FaceBook page you can see this. The dates the most obvious question how does it taste. People think it tastes like pork because in movies we hear it called long pig that originated in places like Papua New Guinea where they eat wild war. Not eating our big fat domesticated pigs that have white meat Boerse don't have white meat. The particular cut was super BP it had pronounced him very pronounced beefy flavor of the muscle like that was tough but surely taste but yet experience wasn't the best. One friend had a split it into an Afghan I cannot even fathom a friend of mind coming to me and saying. Go to dale. I just lost my foot in a car accident but don't worry guys I had the doctor cited over to me. You and eat it like that to me is. On a different stratosphere. Like what kind of sick though is thinking this is a good plan. This guy. Now most people would not just. It gets even weirder and more grossed. Why tell it now he was asked why tell the story now it sucked. The whole experience was pivotal transitional time he says quotable middle class white boy. I've never to struggle for anything in my life I've never been tested properly I didn't go into the military and never been pour the struggle for food I've had it easy recognize that. Before exact accident I didn't properly appreciate my life for the people around me the outpouring of compassion and empathy my friends my loved ones after the accident. Really helped me on the challenge of this big change in my life so I was taking care of his body part that took care of meat for so long I was paying homage to it. And giving it a proper send off. I just find this to be so. Freaking. Weird and it's all over the Internet now that is needed this kid he's 38 alert I am east east decided tell a story about eating his own foot and serving it to his friends. I don't even reaction to it it's a straight right. It's. Has been tested for stuff. It's a good question and I don't know. I mean the way he explains documents doesn't seem like the verbiage he uses is all that crazy. City like text into 2980. Never asked this before the every human. We ever at I mean I've seen the movie alive with a soccer team crashed in the Andes is pretty extreme case but if I mean they had to to survive. It is this is this it's got to lol I would assume we asked to be alone. It it's not illegal what he did. It is not illegal laws against murder buying and selling human meat corpse desecration make cannibalism difficult but technically eagle eagle in 49 states. It's rare symbol and able to consent to being eaten meets someone interested in eating them but even that's near raised ethical questions. It was just fascinated when I read this story yesterday. Like how do you decide I'm gonna freeze my foot and then thought an intern and and tacos and I got ten people. And open minded people they're gonna come over and eat my foot. I wish more for us and it's it's I can't even does believe is right now for if you wanna read the whole thing it's a long read it story we posted up on her FaceBook page you can check it out. And also there are pictures that are there. Of this I mean I don't know the strangest thing I've ever. Eaten in my life I mean I as you know I'm not much of an exotic eater the strangest thing ever had. Not human obviously the shark the shark doesn't you start around I saw Travis crazies think Hillary and not human then maybe orchards. Oysters but there's not that crazy down.