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Friday, February 23rd

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Happy Friday. Kind of a slow news day early lot going on Jamie if I cloudy out like it's a Friday. A 4 o'clock yesterday or so word came down that to Missouri governor area greatness. Was indicted. Four felony invasion of prop of privacy. Potentially jeopardizing his tenure as governor of the state of Missouri. There's a bit of showing your head hit. What did I hear from Elena why yeah OC use today was just a lot. We retail governors are pretty often three governors so far and a house majority leader in the state I come from have spent time behind bars. This is sexy gown but the surprise the south does this all different. Joining us right now from the Kansas City Star is their lead political writer he is Brian Lowry Brian we appreciate the time I know we talk with you last month after the governor's state of the state win at the allegations came down and governor greatness. Admitted the affair but not to the photo be intake in and the transmission of said photo how'd we get to this point yesterday were the governor. Was being led out. And taken into custody. Well shortly after we first spoke on the street Louis circuit turn it off announced that they were going to investigate. Be black male politicians. Against the governor. At that you know investigation moved forward do you actually even have the news that investigators were working. For the circuit heard about the street and going to pay pal. Talking two lawmakers. In and then it was starting to spread. Throughout Jefferson City. Yesterday that they did Clinton didn't do the that investigation. Though. We got ready and yet blow to hold the governor was indicted on eight felony invasion of privacy charge despite the military declared despite Granger in the governor's. So far has been complaining that the if this isn't that the prosecutors are Democrat and the as a political wedge shot but it was after. The oh by the grand jury to respect and the indictment came down to them. The governor was arrested at a range he has currently. Cult. When you do have a number. Members of his own party who are target now you have to step down there all the if you knew what the allegations first. With the allegations first surface you were calling for that. But that course is growing and because of actually launched is that we will be launching. In an investigation on the road which could be the first step toward impeachment if the to pick out that these allegations credible. And we'll get to that here in a second because I've questions and summoned to shut up my FaceBook feed about what seems to be a complicated process for impeachment if we were to get to that point. But just for those who might have missed a couple of details can you explain for our listeners. On the details of the affair as it pertains to the the privacy. Charge. Sure sure so I'm obviously that would appear to split before. We go before Britain's governor. Really around that time he was thinking of running for governor 2015. He has would be needed to be fair. It didn't first surface to be not because the woman yourself. Went public. But because her husband does that give an interview to Cambodia on television and in Cleveland last month. And basically. What is alleged. To have happened. Is that the governor so he photograph of the woman Washington is needed and at her and bound and hurt her case blindfolded. In in basically sort of blackmail her if if she were to talk about the affair and so. That's that's where the invasion of privacy charge content now. Because let's be fair he has denied the blackmail but he won't actually deny heat seeking the boat people you see yes or no. We have here. Went past. Have you taken this photographed so. That's kind of the good the governor has been defiant seat action put. Though as people called for his. Resignation at supposed to. His book last night that. Commute personal is that mistake that he did not commit a crime. And these equity. Allow that to deter him from his work. Brian you may know the answer to this but on people are asking where's the photo were or people are wondering if degree injury has it and if that's the proof that he invaded the privacy. I can't I can't say for sure on at this point and so. You know. I've you know I whether or not the photo. Is still in. In possession I don't know Miami's grand jury. Proceedings are sealed. So it's it's obvious were kind of public and we will see more evidence information coming out and you know the coming weeks. But this really. If he's really now makes it difficult for. Greg to effectively upper. Navigate inside of it and make the point as you know Illinois. But with all the problems. This is old hat for Jamie she's taught me this if you're. A Todd wood Brian Lowry lead political reporter for the Kansas City Star ER 91 KM BZ. That from from what you know was governor brightens blind sided by this yesterday or was this something you may have seen coming. Well I think it attorneys. Did what they're having Tuesday yesterday. Was going to be the day it is you know bet that it I'll put my surprised. But it turned certainly knew that Granger process was going on. Remember you had the lawmakers getting interviewed. It and one thing that came out leaked late last night. What was quite a prosecutor's office governor Creighton. I'm attorneys that he had actually thought please let up apprised that. Meeting to discuss. Some of the issues in the case for the prosecutor's office that quality is gonna change his statement that meetings not to. Not necessary bombs so I didn't think he certainly knew that something was. It was imminent whether they knew it was gonna happen yesterday. That that I can't exactly side but I mean we are you. We had a pretty good idea that was coming down maybe about peace. You know an hour or so before officially. Came down we were we were expecting OK there's been there's been some development in this case. She was let out just like everybody else will be a perp walk. Because it was that because it looked so amazing I'm guessing. Was that for political gain. What I mean he. That's what you do what you or I mean. It certainly hurt him politically and I don't don't mistake that there's there's they political ramifications. It. But you know that's what happens in person gets arrested so but now you know the mug shot just like everybody buckshot is is a matter of public record and so. YouTube if you Google the search Eric Gregg now. I thought was gonna come up and that can come up you know for a long time. Right let's talk about what happens acts I know. Again as you as you mentioned the cars is getting louder of lawmakers calling for him to resign. Two questions on as far as if he is and this is looking down and wrote a little bit bite on as first how this could end. If he won't resign if he says something like I'm gonna wait and see how the trial plays out Irma I'm await to see if I'm found guilty. If it is found guilty is there anything that says he has to step down I mean are we in now obviously if he has sent to prison but if they work out some kind of deal. And I am reading about a very complicated impeachment process. Right away I think impeachment process it's fairly complicated. And are believed he would happen believe people would be do you foresee that that'll let you would not think that. Would be very difficulty with actually found guilty of a couple of points. Four while the legislature not to act that they think you know legislature will probably. Have to start to get there in the process before. It turned out to be clear on the governor's attorneys have a lot of emotion in this mess and so. You know one of the first things can happen as the judges you have to wave out motion then I think there are some Republicans to work hoping you know he. Available map motion they can do about that. However if he doesn't and it continues on that's going to be a you know collect and process that could still be. More charges there's no there's no restrictions that the circuit Terry can't file more charges in the case going forward. What will happen in health is the help people have to first have an investigation. Before into territory about impeachment votes or anything like patent it might happen to let that. Operable mop up the count and have to conduct an investigation decide whether or not to to go forward. You wall but he is Missouri legislature has. Started impeachment proceedings before the number actually impeach. Governor and I believe we found to yes the only time governor resigned. It was a big purple I'm more happy reason of going to the US department that was in the 1850 so would be really. Fairly uncharted territory to this particular we got a point. Brian appreciate it we'll catch up more of this develops and volley on Twitter Brian Lowry three. You noticed that there is people always coincide with these storms. It. Dorm have been bad for governor race. I greeted me I connection quiet thanks Angela appreciate him and take care as Brian Lowry. Of the Kansas City Star on Twitter Brian Lowry three aren't let's asking UTC united zero or 5767798. Said the governor resign 5767798. Also it's up on Twitter on FaceBook for you check out as well. On and also still to come what does this do long term. For governor brightens the day with Jamie quick and happy Friday when your premiere next. Crichton's. I'm a navy seal. The businessman Miami native Missouri but most importantly I am very proud husband and father. And he's been indicted. For a felony. Investigator governor brightens the investigation has been going on for awhile. He was indicted yesterday for felony invasion of prime privacy. And rescued you right now at 5767798. Should governor brightens resign. You can vote on Twitter KM BZ radio you can jump in on the phones also you can texted at 22980. I. It doesn't look good for governor right so tell you why. Any problems before us airline he had gone after Republicans in his run for governor and so he didn't make a lot of friends as running that race. Which is a problem right out of the gate it means that you're you're kinda throughout the Republicans under the bus to win your job. And when you do that it's tough to expect those same Republicans to support you. When people in your district are calling for him to step down I I don't know. Quite frankly I don't know how he survives this I think guilty or or not guilty as a verdict or if he pleads that are or current or whatever even the charges are dismissed. I just think it looks to back on again a grand jury. And we don't know what evidence they had for people are asking where's the picture where's the picture it's a degree injury has protection they don't tell us what evidence they have on against him. But keep in mind there are already concerns about hand you could mount a case between the dark monies that we talked about before. And one of the first things I got about last night was the texting app that he had deleted the old messages there's just a lot. There's a lot there beside the onus on. Yeah I I don't know how he effectively govern at this point 5767798. Let's go to Josh in Kansas City Josh do you think the governor should resign. Yeah I think I think the prime. Is there ago why. I mean he he ran on being moral family and and all these other big but he got no friends at Jefferson City and actually although there are tracked on. Because if you think a judge in Saint Louis county is not gonna get the only way to move forward. I mean we're talking November 18 is just going to be political out of the political support ought to our supper. Oh that's every you know like you bring up a really good point Josh and I think if you are the a democratic challenger or yours senator Claire McCaskill who's going to be running for. You know offered for her reelection. You try to link whatever Republican and you can do it right things and and say look at the person of that party that's a really good point Josh. Yeah I mean you got from. And yet brightness you can make a great picture of used equipment that voters be buried at their rhetoric. And you know what on the other side of that. This country elected a guy who had been accused of some pretty horrible things in the past and so and as many of you reporting on tax line. Our standard for acceptable behavior has changed. Yeah on yeah you're right about that I don't know if I agree with that. Although it sure seems like it a challenge given what president trump is accused of and but maybe it shouldn't and maybe this is the time then to get it right hand on and it is interesting what Brian talked about about how. He and you know he has not denied the affair and it's not illegal to have an affair. So know anybody that wants to go after her that woman or him for that reason it's not illegal to have an affair. It is illegal to blackmail somebody as a result of it and that's what he is being accused of is invading her privacy by taking this picture. And using it to blackmail she blab about it and keep in mind it wasn't her that was public about it it was the ex husband that's what. So strange about this whole thing too is she's not the one that went to anybody she's not the one that put it on tape it was that guy and it was this call right at me was this recording right here. In a call are the woman who cheated on her husband with Eric brightens had the affair with crichton's it was her husband recorded this. You know are still. A little bit of you act. Or both. Convert them into my game but anyway. My life that it has a black male. No. Word. I mean that right there that didn't cut her from him and I know some people will sable she Guinea. Does that make it okay with you she's not the one that came for Timmy doesn't budge and right it doesn't make. What he is accused of doing any last for regardless of who decided to make it public doesn't make. The action. Or alleged action any any less true you know that's just how it happened a candlelight. He. Put on FaceBook governor right instead said that the indictment was a disappointing misguided political decision by a reckless liberal prosecutor who uses or office to score political points let me remind you again. That she was investigating crichton's Kimberly Gartner but it was a green injury that ultimately decided to lie to indict him. And he said this will not for a moment deter me from doing important work of the great people of Missouri. I don't know if if that'll be up to hand I think he will try to get stuck passed I guess. And it'll be up to a lawmakers to decide if he gets anywhere and and. Yeah I'd I'm sure the techs on is blown up with this because I heard it right out of the gate with the news came down. I'm during gain in parks yesterday immediately turn to guys on its elite here want to know the callers are saying and yet there's the innocent until proven guilty part. Absolutely and your rights in America. Unlike other places you are innocent until proven guilty. But this from Republican senator Caleb road and route in and out of Columbia said on Twitter he was disgusted to learn a grand jury. Bounce sufficient evidence to indict the Republican governor on charge of a felony invasion of privacy. I mean that's a Republican governor you know that there are a lot of people in this state legislature that are gonna say. You know it is until proven guilty you'd think they would back their guy but go back to what you said earlier. Gripe is ran on the drain the swap style of campaign the politicians are dirty and I'm not one of those people I don't have any scandals that was the. What do you re on family values family value ran on family values and somebody has made a really good point on into the tax on tobacco bat Josh holly. On saying that it might hurt Josh holly keep in mind he's the leading Republican in the race against clamor council percent. Think it hurts just Colleen has run against Claire McCaskill because he refused to investigate governor brightens and now governor brightens as band indicted. Yes this can have other political ramifications that sure you know Claire McCaskill needs to be an all out on innocent until proven. At X he's innocent until proven guilty absolutely should he resign him before this plays out on in court. I don't know if he'll have a choice maybe it's not fair that he'll have to. Resign over something that has not been settled a court yet the that's going to be up to your political leaders that'll that'll be two Republicans in the house and so do you think that he. Get a hold this woman do you think we've hear from her. Eat she spoke out I think is that I in this that if that he. But it was later it was she was refusing to speak initially we didn't have gone and then later she can she why people leave her alone. On but I I suspect he has to resign I I I because Republicans don't have enough reason to back. And. Between the dark money the confide app that you were talking about the affair. For political candidate or politician who ran on family values and the picture that is or is not still in existence and transmission. Of that picture. Air brightens who was probably set to make a run at the White House mean conservative navy C well I am a man good looking guy a great look and family. Well spoken and educated. Maybe maybe not in twenty Tony. But in 20/20 fourth this could have been the guy. Air if if and I don't. I feel like he's gonna have to resign if he does. Air brightens political career is over I imagine that aren't done imagine that are coming out of the end of the military. Peaking as governor and then just. The flat line it will have nexus is this is his legacy now. Incoming and a FaceBook page also we have a Twitter poll for you should governor Eric crichton's resign. Let us know on Twitter and votes early about 35 votes seniority thing rapper now your options are yes resign or know they'll resign 80% yes resign 86. 86 vote on Twitter and let us know at KM BZ radio. Straight ahead who've failed who is the latest person that we found out it failed when it comes to the Portland shooting. I thought good guy stop bad guys maybe not in this case we'll play about that next. It's 1033 a Friday. Utley got a good weekend planned thanks again to Ryan Howard joining us earlier coming up ads at 1215. Dave telling him from the Kansas City Star is going to join us with more on governor brightens. And his indictment yesterday and now that story but up next. This is. I shall many emotions about the story Jamie that its its its disappointment it's sad and it's it's anger. We're learning more and more about the park when shooting. And the fact that there was a guard. On sites on the premises. And the guard didn't enter the building when the shooting half. Okay sir rubber we we've talked about this part of it a little bent about the fact fraught for many people after this happens at this high school a lot of people side while wide in the school have armed security guards. It did there was an armed security guard by the name of Scott Peterson. Who has banned as a retired resigned every one college is no longer with the Broward county sheriff's department he was a deputy without sheriff's department. A who was working at this high school. And there's video of on his role. Or lack thereof in the shooting that unfolded now keep in mind shooting an accident at that high school went on for six minutes. And there is evidence that this security officer art school resource deputy. Never went in the building on went outside the building and stood for four minutes. Manning a position outside the west and treat to the school. Never went and oh boy and a Broward County sheriff is not happen. Here's a shares got Israel yesterday speaking with the media he was armed. And as our command staff. Moves forward in this investigation. The response. And actions of deputy Peterson. Will be looked at and scrutinized as well everyone's. What I sold was. A deputy. Arrived at the west side building twelve. Take up a position. And he never went in. The investigation. Will continue. We're not going to. Disclosed the video at this time. And we may never disclosed the video. Penny on the prosecution. And the criminal case. As is his right. Scott Peterson shows to. Resign. Because he has the necessary time with the agency. And meets the requirements. Of retirement. He resigned and slash retire. After seeing video. Witness statements. And Scott Peterson's verio statement. I decided. This morning. To suspend. Scott Peterson without pay. And he subsequently. Resigned I Yasser and so does to be clear. That was the Broward County sheriff. And who heads sad that Peterson and discard should have gone and addressed the killer and killed the Keller that was that guy's job was to do. And instead he waited outside for about four minutes. Got on his radio and took a position where he could see the western entry of the building. On and Israel had sad the sheriff had sad as as far as how we felt in watching the footage quote. Devastated sick to my stomach there are no words these families lost children we lost coaches. I have bent of the funerals I have been of the homes I've been to the vigils there are just no words. I 76. 7798. You know we were talking a lot. Over the last we've been talking alarm last week and I'm sure we will next week as we learn more and more about this that's another thing to mean we want you know yesterday conversation came from the suggestion of president trump who by the way reiterated to date armed armed teachers. If you are somebody. That doesn't mean. That they're going to be able to jump into action that you would be able to jump into action. That you wouldn't freeze. I mean or just failed to do the job that you are there to do you did I mean it was his job that was to go in and find it Nicholas crews and end this situation the best he could and this hasn't just. For lack there of that term a civilian hired as a security guard does is it thirty year veteran of the sheriff's department how. Coup on I don't know how long he would then working security at the school but this was an experienced law enforcement officer. Whose job it was to go in and get the guy. And he didn't do anything he sat there he watched a door and and watched. Assuming I assume he was doing was watching the entry for the guy to come out. Maybe to get him there many as soon as he walks out against the guys like you wanna get the benefit of the doubt maybe he was standing there waiting for the cantor the guy to come out and shoot him. Apparently what his job wise according to share applies to go and and killed the shooter. And he didn't and so yeah it does show that you can put a gun in anyone's hand and say it's your job to fire it doesn't mean they're going to. Up by the way real quick on. He's not the only one that that there are problems at the sheriff said that two other deputies. Have been placed on restricted duty sheriff's office investigates their actions during calls the gunman's home for the shooting. You recall and they are a lot of numbers of the number of times police have been called right. Cousins 2008 he said. The sheriff's office was involved in 23 calls involving either the shooter or his brother. During some of those calls which were handled both in person and on the phone deputies met with the now shooters mother. I sheriff's office identified these deputies on and they're looking to see. If anything was not handled correctly in those calls. There are a lot of people on our FaceBook page. And feel free to tackle these on the phone lines are in the text line and I don't know. Iceland I can't read all the words. Asked. Dan. What a coward. Pack. Can't read that word on the air. Brenda. Coward. Whether that was is presidents were also the president of the United States. Called this thirty year man of law enforcement. A coward and you call him a coward. Absolutely I would call him I need more words than that bank Howard on. You could argue that. I'd need to be careful. Seventeen people are dad and this guy didn't do his job and many many people have said we need more obscure parts that's the answer we need more security at schools that'll keep them safe. That did not keep the schools having an armed security guard did not protect the lives. Of seventeen people and all those who were injured and all those whose lives were spared. So that didn't that was not effective here. I see in this to me. I don't know what I would like I'm not gun guy. I'm not. Protect and serve guy that is not. You know I I applaud police and security guards of people that can do that every day but that's like you don't do that job but that didn't this guy should not abandon that position. And does the tax line and find I guess this is fair a thirty year veteran who lost his nerve can happen anyone police like teachers are human and make mistakes. Some pretty big mistake it's it's and did he lose his nerve that's a good question maybe by. We need to. If that's the reason I lost my serve you stood there for four minutes. You know not thirty seconds not a minute you stood their performance now did he not know what his job I just did he not know that his job was to go in and and get the guy. Haven't they've been through active shooter drills an active shooter training to know what to do in that case. Your job is to protect that school this guy did not protect that school and what's frustrating to be about those among many things is that. How it happened. That in this particular case there were so many ways. This could have been stopped ahead of time there were so many layers of people that failed these kids. The FBI who didn't follow up and investigate lawn forced lenders that were called this guy's house multiple times the security guard that didn't go after. If at this point the survivors of the shooting. Have addict as far as being angry and upset and feeling like so many different people failed to. Bet that could've prevented us it's like every step of the way. Something went awry down every step of the way somebody failed to do something they were supposed to do that could've stopped this from happening. 5767798. Gary in Kansas City you're on 91 KM BZ what do you think of the guard who didn't go in Gary. Well I don't have a lot of respect for them out and that's his job and all that what I was kind of concerned that this is sure making the comment. He sure shot to cure all and I don't know of any police department that term or officers shoot to kill. You sure to stop him from doing whatever action at the door. She's Shaquille. That's really interesting that you say that because what we have heard is the opposite often when we talk about police involved shootings we've had plenty of people tell us. That if an officer is feeling threatened your objective is to neutralize the threat and if that means shoot to kill you should kill. Well that stroke back to neutralize that match if you spot a spot on purpose or whatever. Taking. He did you. I understand. I am not sure you're thinking oh. Totally well. There are better trying to shoot and kill. You can't just pop it. Whatever their that are in the killing. Just look Gary let me ask you this real quick we gotta get to a break these the did the video that popped out two days ago. Of the officer that shot and killed the kid in the minivan and Overland Park. That van was veering towards him at a pretty quick pace but he shot and killed him was he right to do that or you're wrong. Shot to stop the camper DioGuardi is now. And that the kid got killed in the process that happens. I don't know department kill people or shoot to kill you just don't shoot the stop him from doing what. Hey Gary thinks the focal manly to Steve who's a retired police officer who has been in shootings before he will have a hell. Other perspective 5767798. This. Crazy man who walked and wouldn't even know what is it that's it. I bet that's a rather have somebody that loves their students who wants to protect their students then somebody standing outside that doesn't know anybody and doesn't know the students. And frankly. For whatever reason decided not to go in even though he heard lots of shots being fired. Inside I don't wanna have. A hundred guards standing with rifles all over the school. You do a concealed. Carry permit so this crazy man who walked in wouldn't even know what is it that's it that's good. Dump bed that's good. And it teach you wouldn't she got the hell out of him before he knew what and. Eric now turn. I'll listen and others as I I understand. Trump speaking at the C pac conference and again that it's. It's his base is trying to rile up but all of that was justice. Oh well that was just the beginning part alma. I'd rather have somebody that loves their students held by the way teachers if you don't have a gun you know let your students I'd rather have somebody that loves their students who wants to protect their students if you don't have a guy you don't wanna protect your student since somebody standing outside that doesn't know anybody and doesn't know the students. And frankly. For whatever reason decided not to go in even though he heard lots of shots being fired. Inside I don't wanna have. A hundred guards standing with rifles all over the school. You do a concealed. Carry permit so this crazy man who walked and wouldn't even know what is it that's it that's good. Za bad that's good cocaine. And a teacher and wouldn't she got the hell out of him before he knew what happens. There. That's is that it's the conspirators listening to that so for those guys who are just joining us we're talking about the latest out of Florida because we can't not on there is there. Many people asked well why wasn't there an armed security guard at the school in Parkland where this happened on their wise. And heat took a position Scott Peterson's his name he took a position outside the west and three to the school and stood there for four minutes. And as Scott Israel that's yeah share your Scott Israel on. Basically. He resigned or he in ninety the Scott Peterson on. I guess was at the point where he retire and has done he initially was suspended without pay because the the share of sad. He was he was going I mean he was supposed to go until the guy get the guy and instead. That armed security guard whose job it is to protect that school stood outside that door and the only benefit the doubt I will give him. Knowing nothing about what he was told her what his duties were or why active shooter training told me was supposed to deal. The only benefit of the doubt I will give him is that. Maybe he thought the guy's gonna run out and I'll get in and. That's the only thing you can think and and and people are all over the FaceBook page calling this guy every name in the book Howard. I'm a bully this a blank that probably powered trump public power. Wanna talk Steve in Kansas City Steve is a retired police officer Steve would you call this man a award. No word. And the reason being is he did everything you post your. And computers. Of course are very fluid. Yeah. In India this year you've take a good punishment ever. If you wait or respond in order you at least at you people at a minimum of two people aren't into a situation like that. Yeah maybe waited for him maybe you know needing help you do what he's exposed to do. People are cold in the hour. You know these are the same people and I shall record your credit want something you're not willing to give. I'm but let me point out that the Broward County sheriff also criticized and to the point that he suspended without pay I assume the Broward County sheriff that's a job he would've been willing to do. Well and and you know there are a lot of people that little. Where I could or accurate when I was on on the road. I had my fair share intranet where I was involved in strategy while. During my career 700. What what police force Steve did you work for release day. Well I won't say because we we didn't part of the best of terms. I'd I'd be change me liability treat them because I would load computer whether people are. Okay I got you the set injury involved in have you ever going did you ever fear for your life and those shootings or did you feel you had the upper hand. Well. I hate you all your your life and fortunately. I don't yet typical reaction and he would required in order to make sure that you know the credit. I like the former car caller says. They don't think we cultures he shouldn't feel they cultures could fire until. The credit stopped in the that would bulk of the person dies and that's the requirement. Unfortunately you know not everybody sheet you know. A 100% although I'm so. There are a lot of things that come into the actually like there's a lot of psychology. You know. People are that your quarterback you know a lot of alt country so they should've done that they shouldn't earn that. Well unfortunately the people are drinkable one side everything and they've never been going entered never go. They took it somebody with a guy and it never been our. You know and by land. You know what it is clearly well. And Steve due respect I have two thoughts as your talking number one. On again the Broward County sheriff who is his boss decided that he did the wrong thing so that somebody in his position that decided. That that can stand in judgment of hand and and dead and the other thing I'm thinking about is. Everybody defending this guy I'm thinking of the seventeen people whose lives are lost and and what you say to Dan. Well your regard truth this year there are there any crime occurred there's a shooting. Or any department. All heard given the opportunity. That you saw him under our volunteer. Given aren't you. Kind of bleak group of people to come out on the road. There are elections about it. The department will and immediately gave people with or without pay until internal investigation. Occur. Let and that he can explain it learns what you all through painting white gateway EPA. I'm think like that yeah Portland people got killed. Bill relies EO it was it was a perk store. RBI agent did. Immediate call deny it audit trigger. The issue with a man doesn't Anchorage at cap. But the critics are the guys in. A good time out on the road you know he's probably getting close to retirement. Already figured out that's probably why international or appreciation or were not beauty. Where you know make yeah. I'm minimal amount of money that triggered supplement his income because of the actor's ego like he can be upon their role model for that great. You know unfortunately it happened eighty you know. I can't get him anymore and you can't trained that well didn't think that prediction maybe you thought the children would come into the way. Did. I call telling him that you're telling everybody in the world everybody who do you. They're born he think Howard didn't do I am eager Gupta are your job on the air. We'll talk for Ottawa house I'm gonna I'm gonna respond your comments that we need to get to news we can stay on time here on. I would have none of us information if the deputy if the if the sheriff in that county had not come out and said he should have killed the shooter. That didn't come for me that came from the Broward County sheriff. On and I did say I start off by saying I started off the segment by saying. Let me give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe the reason he stood outside that west entry was so that he could shoot the shooter when he came out. It's exactly what I sat.