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Thursday, January 11th

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It's a two bit slick out there take it easy and give yourself extra time when I was driving for everybody about. 8 o'clock the weather went from about 38 degrees. Half an hour later is 27 degrees and windy and it and that's when the roads really gotten past. Yeah so we're keeping an eye on things today we've got radars up in front of us were caving keeping on traffic different attacks those of you can do it safely. At 22980. Where you are and what you're seeing it really is broke conditions on it's going to be. It's going to be icy weather we're just gonna see a little bit more rain as we go through the day this afternoon that's gonna change to snow that's gonna cover that vice. Which is gonna make for a really difficult drive home later are for those of you that are out for lunch around the noon hour today. And so Asher dealing with different traffic conditions we know that we have a lot of truck drivers that listened that are going to be headed into areas out of the natural little bit. Texas at TT 90s0 and doubled its latest traffic weather updates through shall. Also social media lies on Twitter KM BZ radio to snap a pick and tweet it to us and also on FaceBook. I'll we've got to think I think it's Dan wind bombs deck. That is iced over that is the lead photo let us know where you are and what it looks like on social media. FaceBook dot com slash 91 KN BC we'll keep you updated. All the way through because unlike most weather days Jamie we talked about this. When the sun comes up when we get close to noon stuff usually melts the cold front is moving through right now so over the Thames would normally go up there going. Out make no mistake this will get worse as the day goes on it already hat as the temperatures already dropped through the course of the morning we're down twenty degrees in four hours already title. It's gonna continue to drop as we go through the day all that rain that was huddling on 635 on my way and is going to freeze over into puddles of ice so to speak which is going to be really difficult to drive on. All the checking in with not gotten Kate out later to find out exactly what they're doing on the roads and a fine out of temperatures are high enough. To make all those materials work properly the big. Story broke yesterday around here was that governor Eric brightens. But confirmed to TV station KM OVE in Saint Louis that he had an extramarital affair and admission months long after an investigation that news four was doing. I'll play do you more triggers. Reportedly set piece of this report that includes. A taped phone call a charge they taped conversation between. The then husband. Of the woman that governor Wright has admitted to cheating on his white width. Along with the woman in a car and it gets into a little bit it di tale this is from KM OV channel four out in Saint Louis. He's on the navy seal. A businessman Miami native Missouri but most importantly. I am very proud husband and father. During his campaign and while not this governor gray and has built himself a family man but aqsa woman accused his grades of committee on tape. This man says are horrible and disgusting. I think it's absolutely. And human evil. Until the mid provided details to news for a sexual encounter between his now ex wife and gripe and back in march of 2015. News four is choosing not to name the woman she has not made on the record comments for the story. The recording was made just days after Greg and at the moment first sexual encounter. His wife did not know as she confessed intimate details to her husband. So. Before mr. green I did go to his house. I think there's nothing period and that ever happened repeatedly until this snowball. And tornadoes happen but I know I brought. The woman explains that her interactions with grades were sometimes initiated by herself. They met because she cut his hair. Very big weird girl and I instantly had a weak person. She says she felt drawn to talk to him but when he told her I want you to come over to his house she first said no she wanted to meet for coffee but great asset to her. No I can't I can't be seen with you this is wrong and form at all. We think it's cool. Oh my health she agreed to go to his house to talk it's unclear where great and his wife for children were act at this time. The woman admits that when the sexual encounter began that day it was wanted. I'll make people better. Of condom clear. One thing that you proper hello. Cool anything factual and give them perfectly I don't know what was. In my opinion TP win. Wouldn't want me. She went on to say though that some of his actions scared her. You know are still. A little bit of. She then described what grades allegedly did next that made her feel sick. One back. Or. Important in my other life. It's this action that upset her husband at the time. You can put the my life they could have a black male. There's no. Word person and what still upsets him to this day I think it's as bad as it gets. I think it's as bad as it gets when somebody takes advantage of somebody. That's from KM OV television in Saint Louis. 5767798. There's a lot of layers to this Jamie. Yet we should play arrow clicked that governor air crichton's who gave his state of the state address last night by the way most of us are not paying attention to what was an app because this now is the bigger story. But governor crichton's after this report came out came out the statements acknowledging the affair. Did not mention the blackmail. His attorneys came out a statement then. Even this morning in Europe might last night denying anything about the black male parts. But he acknowledges that he had an affair and his wife I've Sheen also put out a statement. Asking for privacy at this time an encouraging those. At least use the word gossip and purging those who wanna gossip or the media to give her family some privacy right. I say if you're in the public guy AA and you're the governor of the state regardless of what state that is asking for privacy. I don't know if you get that when it comes to something like this right now I mean he's been a pretty private governor regardless. I it is a question or asking you and and calls on us for awhile I know lot of you woke up to this news on. About the degree of privacy that elected officials deserve how much is their private lives your business as a voter especially after the fact. Especially after you've elected them. On all it meant that the of this ex husband of being public about this now and he talks about some of that and we'll talk of Warren talk more about that. But he's had this for quite awhile. Why release it now he could have come out with this winner brightens was running for governor and it would have ended his campaign without without question that was and what it I think. I think it would have been hard for air crichton's to continue to to campaign. Especially talking about I'm proud husband and father on with news like that so I. I always questioned the timing of when someone decides to be public about kind of a bombshell like this. So I question that I'll admit a little part of me wanted to note that tape is real you know is is that recording the conversation. That he later released was that real or was that staged later. On and it's interesting because. The atlas was dispatched put out a story this morning explaining. Why they initially we're not gonna do the story they initially just based on and that tape and the ex husband account the fact that the woman. Wouldn't tell the story may say Louis post dispatch not one not report it. It was Eric Wright is acknowledgment of the affair that made everything fair game at this point. 767798. This was one of those are like old man. EU you have to take a step back read as much and right this is the belied the beginning of that story. I'm Eric Wright he's on a navy seal. A businessman Miami native Missouri but most importantly I am very proud husband and father. And I allegedly the bound to a woman and taped her hands to some rings blindfolded her and took a picture blackmailing. That if she ever speak of this I'll post the photo. Let's say it's on. The fire is one thing. He's not the first man or woman in history tab oh there he is not the first elected official to have an affair or acknowledge that later. But the stock afterward about the alleged attempt at blackmail and hurt description. Of that picture that he. Invited her down to look you know a look at his equipment so to speak and and staged this picture that he took allegedly. Specifically for the purpose of blackmailing her with it. That's a dip that's a different thing that's on that's because common and and a little more insulting to. Our Twitter poll is option governor rightness. After admitting to an extramarital affair along with other allegations. She governor Brighton stepped down as governor of the state of misery vote on Twitter. Follow us and vote at KM BZ radio look at some your phone calls your thoughts on this at 57677985767798. Also coming up to each other traffic update will do more traffic than we normally do during the mid day obviously the road conditions there that somebody to latest traffic update coming up next another update for Canada at 1030. We'll keep you updated on the weather as well we'll check in with Mo dot at 1115 as this cold front moving through is gonna cause Havoc on the roads. All threat today hopefully your drive home will be safe. 5767798. Right now talking about Eric brightens and admitting to cheating on his wife and this was before he became governor of the state of misery. And there is it take. From K am old V it's a recording obtained by a TV station out in Saint Louis where a woman says she is sexual encounter with governor crichton's and that he tried to blackmail her to keep the encounter quiet. Some of the allegations are some of the images that are created in your head when you hear about it. He lured her lured unite invited her to his house he invited her downstairs to quote. Learn a teacher to do a proper pull up she got down there he bound her. Using tape allegedly. To. Some rings of some kind. He put a blindfold on her she was partially naked and she says that he snapped a photo of her. And basically said don't speak of this or I'm gonna post this. He later claims to have deleted the picture. And all of this is come out as a result of this woman's now ex husband's out releasing. And a tape that he has of the conversation they had. Where she describes all of us on governor brightens has come out and admitted the affair his wife she also put out a statement acknowledging that they dealt with that personally within their marriage. But here's denied the allegation of blackmail on that law enforcement is looking into it the ex husband says that's partially why he decided to be public about it now. I don't know exactly what crime might have been committed to our knowledge he never released the photo never actually followed through on the black male that he allegedly threatened. On but depending on what happens in that basement with a picture. Who knows law enforcement and finer. I mean it's it creates an image in your head and I'm sure as a woman it's one that you know you never ever wanna be apart and elicits. Get there's a difference between being in as you said earlier the throngs of passion. That's one between pictures that you take essentially your relationship. For each other and when that's all consensual there's a difference between that. And this alleged incidents in which a picture if you believe the story why is sat up and taken specifically for the purpose of revenge. If it were to become. Exhibit 67798. Your thoughts on this now are two odd Twitter poll by the way is reflecting this as well after admitting to an extramarital affair. Should mail along with other allegations should Missouri governor Eric Wright stepped down yes or no you can vote on Twitter I came BZ radio which I think are listening audience on Twitter cents. I'm pretty conflict about it so ominous it's pretty close to 50505644. In favor of yes gas. As were asking you and text line as well many listeners are saying he should not resign and I what are some people that voted for governor crichton's on those of you on the Missouri side that. That voted for governor crichton's what do you think about this news on he ran. Up under multiple platforms. But include under family values I may proud husband and father it was a big part of his campaign. And you can say he just made a mistake it's a mistake many many men and women have made. Many elected officials have made but as as a voter how are you feeling about the news. This is a quick tweet before we go to the phone from Blake is geeky on Twitter at KM BZ radio who quotes proverbs 632. But a man who commits adultery lacks judgment whoever does so destroys himself as someone that lacks judgment mr. Eric crichton's is not qualified to hold public office he should resign. But 767798. Repayment Kansas City and KM BZ hi Pam. Good morning to both the view hopefully your stay in safe their Pam. I you know and thank you. I do what they were signing up for when he initially ran in the first place. One day in office. What ever has gone and is going Torre is our business as a voter. And yes I voted for him and yes he should resign to preserve the integrity. Of the opposite end of that have been very. Am I askew on as as we're hearing comments like on it was in his personal life it wasn't it didn't affect his ability to be governor it was just in his personal life and he and his wife handle it. Everybody makes mistakes this is his mistake I'm seeing able President Clinton got away with it what do you think about those comments. Well how do you run a on the eighth platform family values when you when you cheated on your wife. Yeah yeah I mean I edit the mean Pam that's the thing mrs. You know someone who ran on and on a lot and a strong religious background. And committed adultery I mean how luck and the question for people today this was complete a two years ago 2015 this this was you know 22 and a half years ago whatever. I guess the question there's a lot. How do you feel about it today I mean eight demand committed adultery cheated on his wife. Admitted to that is that is not slanderous left leaning liberal media that is the fact. And then the allegations are there elsewhere but how do you feel about a guy you elected out of on the family party on the party of god. Let your if you tax a response to match on seven for success yes I voted for him an extramarital affair has nothing to do with the job he is doing today. And many of many of you are going politically that's fine 717 so we get the democratic president a pass that crucify a Republican governor got it hypocrites what no one gave the Bill Clinton. It's always what about autism let's focus on this guy and educate I know you. 3470. Should everyone commits adultery in public office resign well it wasn't public office at the time no. Should he have come forward about it at some point I think recent matters in part. Is as a vote in misery if you hadn't illness before you voted. Would it would have made a difference for you come in how you vote to me that matters to them public about it. During the campaign at some point. Know is that it would have hindered it's ability to get elected there's I don't think you would have gone. I I don't although we elected a guy who's a key grabber and there's a tape about it nobody gives a rip pop out that supports Donald Trump but. Getting back to crichton's staying focused on that had he brought it up I don't think it's. I I don't think and I believe cost for use that against him when you know when we all voted a year and a half but it lets him get in front of it and control the story which is the first rule of PRU. If you know you've got skeletons in your closet. You control the message about it and you put another forty miles can be it's. I'd tell you lied that I believe this is not an isolated incidents all right and there is something in the news about governor brightens. That a lot like. Her who cares it's still personal cell phone but what if the evidence was there. I'm Eric brightens. I'm a navy seal. The businessman Miami native Missouri but most importantly I am very proud husband and father. And he's in the middle of a gigantic scandal in the state of Missouri right now. One hour after yesterday I'm serie a last night there was a a bombshell that dropped that. Governor brightens admitted to adultery and cheating on his wife but there are also allegations around at that he tried to blackmail the woman that he had a sexual encounter with just to keep her quiet. There was a recording. Mean but a couple of years ago with this woman and her then husband Dave since divorced. That claims that governor brightens invited her over watered out of the basement to teach her how to do pull up. On and wild out there bound her blindfolded her she was. Pretty naked. And took pictures saying if you ever show he won this a surrogate to talk about this then I'm gonna show these pictures. Or asking you right now 5767798. Do you think governor right and should step down amidst all of this controversy. We'll get to the reaction from some of the lawmakers. Before the break I said there's a reason why I think this is worse than just this one affair. Do you remember the story about a month ago you and I were talking about it we we talked about it for awhile but governor brightens and his entire administration using the app on their phone called confine. In what confide does is once text message is sent to you. It goes away it's destroyed it does not allow you to forward it it does not like copied text it does not allow you to screen shot it. Isn't it a little suspicious that now governor brightens is being accused of a lot more than just adultery. Now let's not forget that part there and there's an app out there that is on his boat. That we know is on his phone. That destroys text messages. That to me is pretty damning of him because we're never going to be able to find out who I mean how many times how many women. If there was more to it if he has kept in touch with her union. We just out there there's no way to know for sure. On an ID. I understand. We've had the same conversation president. I understand the on. There's no way am going to speak badly over about somebody voted for no matter what comes out about witches some of Wyatt. Listeners are saying that it's com I voted for him because there's no end in a vote for a Democrat. I don't care what you do as a result. But how you feel about it now on governor yeah. Like this is not McCann. And making the analogy which we can't appear before worked on your car. He re on a platform of family values it was part of wide and god. On the family and am proud husband and father and he to you about I mean it's it's not a crime to commit adultery. But you'll like he ran under false pretense that he misled you about his values maybe as a onetime music that it was a biggie. 5767798. Go to Jeff in Overland Park thanks for calling Jeff urine came BZ. Erik. Bedard. And how much well Burke while like for me the way outlook. Where we needed judges and a person all of liquor. You Dolly you talk about. Somebody that said that name caught it then you know proud father. Doesn't take away the idea of them proud. Yet in a creek father I mean they have a weakness. You know everyone has all we. Liked. Just John Doolittle park so you don't live on the Missouri side about foreign. I I live in the dirty word. Over a year I just moved over what art. And ask if you've got it and I I did not vote trading. It. The reason and thanks for the call the recent you are the reason you get to judge is because he ran an election. The rules are different when your elected official as far as these calls for privacy I say. You're kids can be protected from privacy absolutely we always agree on that but you're opening yourself up to the judgment. On. Specifically when you ran for election for the highest office in Missouri so it's abs you're asking people to judge you with their moms. And they get what ever information they want to make that decision now and maybe you don't care. Maybe you think this is fine again let's not lose the allegation of blackmail. It in the midst of all of us by one thing the adultery I kept saying that it I don't wanna say. It happens because that's terrible it opens that but it. Happy as elected other officials who have had affairs that you don't know absolutely 100%. Guarantee on both side absolutely. It's the ion. Maybe you just choose not to believe it I don't I don't know whether to believe it either by. It's the allegation of blackmail it's it's the potential for revenge porn it's the fact that. Want force and are looking at it I mean. Keep how far this goes I don't know what on force that's gonna find it seems like a lot of these allegations are going to be tough to prove. If that picture no longer exists this has been three years ago my gases there's not you now evidence at that housing or whatever I think a lot of wide. He is being accused of that war criminal charges could be pretty tough to group at this point but the lawmakers are looking into it. Doesn't like to go to Richard in green valley on KM BZ hi Richard. I argue. That I does not a couple of pot comments about this irked by we will what you're saying as far as. Be a characterization of this person back. Armed he would not have the border there once. You know in in all our. Well we not a full disclosure I should our government questioned him a little while voter. So I don't care whether Republican or Democrat. What's most important to me is the character of individual. I served in the military are locked arms forces. It will be in the reason why Eric Barnes are our. Participated in national and I was so it because they aren't lacking as a leader in west she'll keep. So he shut it off into some other. Activity within the year olds negotiate may seal. Or training. But he wouldn't Harrell out on the seal and and I call. Currency. So. Given that I'm not surprised with what he's out there really aren't sure why. Character. Armed so I don't hear you republic. It's a Democrat. An hour later in terms of trump and also direct or more in Alabama. These people are willing to do character and and just to hear what and why. So I don't believe in movie only relative to. Their character their belief in god and country traveling at all via. So what I try to do our current vote for the person. And if that person turns out to be a disappointment. I won't pull on and outs. There aren't able. Richard did you vote for governor gray. No actually voters toward Democrat and that's a arguing. Meridor who want to order a Democrat soccer because I didn't think he would lose. What. Fair enough there's a guy I voted preposterous well. I didn't have a forever crichton's. Okay tech's third 9338 cent right now these are just allegations it might be a good idea to not say much about the allegations until they become true or proven right now it's just an affair. So eight people and saying. It's not just an affair now. Or or don't use that word just with an affair some would say in affairs a pretty big deal. Just an affair I wanna make sure that we write that down Aaron Avery get up and when you're driving. Roberts just it just and if it's just adultery it's just adultery and promote guy was supposed to have the highest office in the state of Missouri it's just an adult it's just adultery rom. This guy right here. I'm Eric brightens. I'm a navy seal. A businessman Miami native Missouri but most importantly I am very proud husband and father. He still be proud. Of being a positively true. But wait it out we elected president trop. Who had been accused of other things in that knocked in and words that I don't want a repeat its own and and he got elected to the highest optimal and to me I carry more so. Do we not care about the personal lives of politicians that we. Elect anymore on. The industry and president trump and governor brightens is that president trumps. History was known to people before devoted far. With governor right is this came out after the election trail. And so with president trop they knew it and they voted form anyway. And I don't do you does that not make a difference to people anymore are you voting purely on policy ideas and not character. Yeah I think it is with president trump you didn't know policy ideas you knew that he was a Republican and you Wonderwall and be big on immigration but beyond that one of the affordable health care act. Affordable Care Act but beyond that you didn't know a lot of policies of character was a big thing you had to go and you elected a non politician character plays a bigger role there. And so you care right it was a non politician rights but who'll. There weren't these stories that come out about him before there were didn't appear to be a lot of skeletons in the closet in fact he seemed like the perfect candidate for this job. So do we not does not matter to us and does not matter to you. Character and I mean as long as my guy is in there as long nights either if I'm a Democrat as I just want him in their I don't care it only matters if it's the other guy. Yeah it only man oldest the other guy's personal for girls personal by 767798. We carry more do you think the governor brightens should step down it is our Twitter poll data for you can follow this and vote on Twitter KM BZ radio also lead to more your phone calls and some reactions. Out of the state legislature. Following the governor brightens report the table at some lawmakers including one who jumped right to the front of the barrel to say he should step down. We'll tell you who said what next. Right now is 23 degrees in Kansas City and electors to plow right there don't read by a salt truck it out there. He doughnuts and he texted earlier today somebody from outside or who works in the city Texan a show and said there has to be traffic. For a lot of these materials to work I believe to be traffic to grind that salt into the road and so many people stayed home today so many business is closing kids stayed home. What you were told to work from home today that there's not enough traffic out there to even make. Those materials work on the ice. 767798. Is the phone number coming up at 1105 after the news we're gonna talk to the lead political reporter in the Kansas City Star Brian Lowry is going to join us. Out with more of the details and what's to be expected in this governor great story if you're just joining us didn't see it last night. There's alleged blackmail. Going against governor right things after he admitted to an extramarital affair he confirmed that he cheated on his wife. Before he became governor of the state of Missouri. But there is an allegation and it tape from a woman. It says that he tried to blackmail her to keeping count her quiet including. Tying her up with tape in the basement blind folding her and snapping a photo. 5767798. Let's go to the phones terror in Gladstone thinks Colin your 91 KM BZ what do you think governor brightens. We'll get born it's going to say that he representation of mainland and when I make that Bogart and I am like a petition. And that's not something that I and Ford and and I don't don't agree that. I'm I'm a high school teacher I teach government in my teacher economic. Social studies that I try to teach my students become asked me a bulk concluding that contributing voting citizens more and I'll try to tell people. It's the type of person you're going to have in your classroom teaching your child. Next he'll want that person in charge. I think your child's future leverage and try to narrow. They terror if it as a teacher and deal. Portray our leaders. Whether it's a mayor senator and governor do you portray our leaders were and it is the image come off as those are role models. Great they are. And I see. That should be to get it you're pretty early warning that represented you'd say our representation or that there since. And so you whatsoever with that more open about using public more are counting on. Go our constitutional world it doesn't mean at the biblical at some more. Applicable that take to kick the cute bit different strike that. Tera as in your Gladstone says Missouri voter what do you say to the people who say this was in his private life. It was a mistake he owned up to it move on. It wasn't by the what iPad I do agree that aren't trying to like it's a puppet I can people will definitely when they elect people when they look at schoolteacher that go back and do a background check on me. And they go through everything that I effort on our have a deal aren't something like that that's a wrench rank. Can I I'm in a room I'm I'm representing an brought on the minds of those people. You know that there was going to be leaders I want currently are to be drug representations. It changed a lot to get what they will I would do it but I'm just saying that I don't want someone like that represent them. Tara thanks for the vocal appreciated. 5767798. Is a phone number. This from the text line. I voted for him huge mistake he needs to go he omitted telling the truth about this. And refuses transparency be holed another crap politician Vijay and although what about the name calling. Mean he has been one of the least transparent. Politicians I have ever encountered in my entire life not that any of them really open up and tell you everything. Apple dot they'll hold dark money stuff threatening a man's life before the election now this. The confide app on his phone that destroys and doesn't allow you to forward any at all text messages. I mean that Wright Ayers should raise enough of a red flag pretty say that I believe. The allegations. And I double batch. Right is down at 1053 here on January 11 when he eighteen. There will be another and another. More and it went in there will be no let us yes. A navy. Yeah it's it's possible on you know what they say is that somebody who has done it wants is more likely to do it again that usually you don't once it's not your only time doing it so so maybe more will come out. On. Will he resign due to predict he will resign. Well here's some of the pressure from the at the legislature in our legislators in the states. Senate majority leader's statement this. Rama. Senate president pro tem Ron Richard in Joplin district 32 majority floor leader might keel out of Jeff city. This is the majority floor leader Bob on under Republican out of a lake Saint Louis in district two. Like many missourians and by the series allegations shocking concerning get this as the situation is evolving we expect the governor to be honest and forthright. Let's see here senator knew she'd state senator over on the other side of the state Jameel and she'd. Last night 1105 PM. We must end the culture of corruption I'm calling on governor brightens to resign immediately and give Missouri the opportunity to restore some of the dignity. To the governor's office. Strong words. Do I think he will. Let me introduce a name to your request. My parson. Who's that lieutenant governors are OK. Not critics I that he resigns hitting so yup. I think he will I think that it does this sound going to swell enough I I think. Politicians will not let this go Democrats will not like Disco and it's hard to justify it as a Republican. You know is as. As somebody else's servers and the legislature misery I think it's difficult to to justify this and to say this was okay. I don't think you can say this was his private life and and you've given privacy and it would have with his marriage I think as voters. And is hymns as someone who represents you you know you're a choice between him. And other people and based on the information that you knew about him and he gave you about him you chose him and he didn't give you all the information. And he Nestle gee I am a Missouri voter but he missed alleging he ran on family values and then showed a lack of them and so. I think ultimately. I think it'll be tough for Republicans is to say yeah we should keep an office how. Minority leader Gail McCann Beatty from around here she's a Democrat from Kansas City told the Saint Louis post dispatch of about two hours ago. It was too early to call for Greg's resignation she said quote I think the allegations are against the governor. Ups and I think delegations are against the governor are very disturbing. We're very concerned about this but this time at this point in time you know I think our concerns with his family and we need to wait and see that from a Democrat here at Kansas City. Again I don't care so much about the affair. I mean I do. I you 'cause that shows all in now a lapse in judgment. But I'd gets people that say you wouldn't believe how many people have affairs and it's. And your right. But those people run for governor states you know those marriages are different than this marriage those people did not want to lead thousands of people and he did it. So to me you have to hold them to a higher. A higher standard for character. On the other hand again and you meet people of elected and had affairs that you don't know about the differences that you. Most of them probably their office still but that the difference is that this one came out and became public the. Only guy I believed only politician I believe that is in office right now that never did anything nefarious with a woman while married. The vice president who we mocked for his behavior body doesn't out dinner with anyone who's not his wife and woman who's not is like a Mike Pence is the only guy right now Mike. I believe he has never cheated on his wife let it all Bernie Sanders a lake and a birdie probably got a little crazy 87 years old or whatever he is now. I love Bernie. I don't know if governor crichton's I don't know if PR people would have suggested that if there's the skeleton in his closet that he should have been public about it at a time but at least then he could have controlled it. On before the tape came out you know it he may be kind of acknowledged it at some point and maybe he wouldn't have been elected but for Sherri wouldn't have the trouble is having. And you have to wonder and look the woman in this is no saint. Or iced it it takes two but she's she didn't run for governor she didn't run for governor and I think about what has happened to her family. Mean her ex husband was quoted in the story. To edit edit edit edit it I called you called brightens back in November of 2016 before the before the the election. As they were seeking a divorce he called right to home wrecker. This situation between this woman and governor brightens which did happen there is stopped texting and it's fake news. This he isn't he good statement acknowledging the affair be a fair destroyed that family. And she's have to blame and he's have to blame but it's not about who's to blame for the affair he owned up to the affair he ran for governor. It takes to. Fly it on and she was consensual relationship but he invited her over I mean there's a lot of those were he encouraged this to happen she didn't run to be leader misery.