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Friday, August 17th

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And I may have gotten that wrong I'm not gonna idea rode it out as you were saying it might that doesn't. Look right they need to ask about that orient 72881. Text in the word autumn. The seven to 81. Were to switch up at 115 to go out to them a really hot topic about a statue or wrapping up our conversation with you right now you're just joining us. Here at 1 o'clock hour there is a man who jumped into the water. At the duck boat tragedy. And save some lives and now is suing the right ducks beat. And broke records were gals here is he has Gregory Harris he works for the Branson Belle which is the riverboat that sits there and table rock lake. He heard people screaming you saw what was happening and he jumped into the water he ended up saving four of the fourteen people who survived. That was because he jumped in and brought them to safety. And there was a child he reached but who was dead by the time he got there hit a few minor injuries are heard as backers arm cramp on his mouth. And is suffering from PT SD and is no longer working for the Branson now. And is going after the companies involved who allowed that boat to go into the water when it shouldn't happen the first place. 5767798. We go right to the phones go to Richard and KM BZK Richard. You're on Google had blood. Quiet or I'm not sure but. You. And I. You get in bed. By. I'm not aware. I don't I night you know I can look that up I I'm not a man who knows all about C law but I can have gotten. I'd. Early. I don't. See Art Bell opt out. No but. They'll work. In order. About other duty to rescue under maritime law but I can look that up Richard appreciate vocal. Let's go to bill and KM BZ was a bill. But he. And that it but he thought it. Maybe I've probably been instructed the law while law. So he might get some comic out the place because all the other. Lawsuits that are going to be happening on this whole deal there's probably go bankrupt. All other bankrupt regardless. But I think they're they're part of beat. This sounds awful the sake is this guy is a hero but part of me agrees do you build that maybe he's jumping on the suit trained. Like a lot of other people are. And I I just don't think so. And. Ed thanks now we appreciate it I I hope that's not the case but it does feel that way doesn't mean he's still not entitled to money. It doesn't mean he's still shouldn't be getting something let's go to Michael and KM BZ am Michael. I. I. Got. Water all keep it out there and and they all want. The big money in. The original injury. Negligent. I think it's an idol yeah. I mean. If he saves the four people and doesn't get hurt and isn't suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome. You know Dick does he get compensated I don't know I don't you might not be suing right tactics he wasn't. And is suffering from PT ST and is not going back to that job. On the boat were all of this happened. That time for a few more 5767798. Andrew you're next up on KM BZ. Hey I just got two quick points one. I think that part is what he. Look I think security is their hero. But I mean here as uncertainty and you know breath and a situation like this they're like not like Bill Clinton and I think I'm a neat thing home 1 evening. This guy does we can't agree that you'd probably just jump on training. Com and the second thing don't care talk about big things and diligent on open a pandora's box that next time there's India tragedy. But did it say hey I think I'm gonna jump at it how can that guy got didn't Howard Burton do you think the wrong reasons we're looking for it and. Right I hope. That in the case it that wasn't the case I I I want to be right Andrew and I hope that the cases dot. I'm gonna jump in and on the get paid I hope that people are doing it for the right reasons that he went in not thinking about a potential lawsuit of what could happen. I'm going to assume that the guy that chose to jump in the water and save lives and help get dead bodies out of the water. Wasn't first thinking about the lawsuit that he can file afterward to be compensated for millions of dollars for Ayman aghast that it was a pretty quick impulse of line of thought. You hear people screaming. You hear people saying get life jackets and he Johnson let's go to like Sheila I'm KM BZ I Sheila. I don't I'm actually plumber and materialism and Ali now I'm and I you know as early like. Weight on my part connect my hometown by. Guy stealing. Makes me think you know. Shouldn't anybody else than any kind of incident now. Going to Canada contracted impact just ridiculous. Scene two he is something heroic it really it. You know we don't. Don't get locked it's a firefighters are doing hurt. You know we don't. A million people like on the street that will stop and help people and then I get injured in the PGA at. But at all to. The differences that this incident was preventable this didn't have to happen this guy was put in this position because of the negligence and fault of someone else. And for fires and ask about the firefighter thing. The difference and I hate to say those and an uncomfortable saying it because my mom's a firefighter and paramedic and nurse and ran an emergency room for a long time. The difference is that that is their job that and and my mother would tell you that it's not a job that you leave the office that if were passing by an accident scene she stops and helps because she has. To be out you know and and so she has that knowledge and so she stops and helps. Thanks Sheila but so I get one more in before we switch gears here let's go to Aaron and KM BZ god -- you get the final word. Or would then one caller said about maritime law you believe it cracked they are. Coast Guard crew about dole Tripoli where bill and or customer. They are required now. Other couples whether there are private who are if they distress call. Which there was but I obviously they are threat. I think he's doing their own people. Should be going after war and occupation. And then let Decker in terms go after or. Were whatever settlement is the World Cup. We don't know that he's not and we haven't heard that he has that we don't know that he's right I go back to. You when you're doing you're if you're injured doing your job whatever your job is at it again this goes back to the old thing to that you brought up. His job was not he's not a rescue diver in at a rescue diver. He's whatever his job is on the Branson Belle is that I don't know what his responsibilities. He would. Away from his job title is to jump in and be hero so I don't know if he would have any workers' compensation coming his way I don't I don't. Now workman's comp laws or no idea the air and appreciate the comment. We're gonna switch gears and if there were a lot of people. A lot of heated discussion. Points that were made back in the 11 o'clock hour and we chatted about this we're gonna do it again. Did you see what popped up in front of the Arkansas State Capitol we'll tell you what's on display. Coming up next about four minutes left to text in today's sort of this hour's accurate cash. On a UT UM and auto texted and 72881. Idea already do so for your chance of a thousand bucks in a national contest next story comes to us out of Arkansas. These satanic temple has temporarily placed a bronze statue you a big goat headed winged creature called the moments at the Arkansas State Capitol. During a route the call for the removal of a ten commandments statue already mounted on capitol grounds. About a 150 Satan S atheists and Christians attended the First Amendment rally on Thursday. These satanic temple says the ten commandments monument violates constitutional freedom of religious rights. And the installation of their seven and a half foot tall statue showing the fourteenth century idols seated and a company by smiling children. Would demonstrate religious tolerance. I'd be Forster who organized the rallies sad if you're going to have one religious monument out and it should be opened others and if you don't agree with that. Let's not have any at all the problem is that an an art and science has been at this for a while the ten commandments statute says several years ago they castle law. A lot for the ten commandments statue to go lots and they also have a 2017 state law that says there has to be. Legislation that has surpassed. For consideration of any monument so if any other religious group wants to put a monument I'll there's got to be legislation that's got past. And that has not happened there hasn't banned. That they have not gotten a sponsor for that obviously. And a newer version of the story MC says Odyssey is group remove their statue later in the day on Thursday they just brought it up and a truck elected their for a wildly to go away because there's nowhere for them to places that are they can't legally do it. So they are trying to get in on the ACLU's loss at the studios filed a huge lawsuit against the state over the ten commandments statue being up. A judge has yet to decide if the satanic repeated on the plus 576. Avid 798. If you've seen the statue. Our behalf and I'll describe it and little more detail here. Bloodshed this back is it baffles is that what it is bath and it statue that was unveiled. And the back of a flat bed truck. On during these satanic temples a rally for the First Amendment should it get to stay. 57677985767798. Or texted at 22980. It is a interesting statue it is of a horned goat man. With wings. Sitting on a throne. On the Hyde Park behind him on the back of the that the throne is a star. Inside of a circle I don't know with a significant and the significance of that is. But you might. He's shirtless. And he's got Hooves for feet. On his left side. There is a young boys staring up at him lovingly and on the right there is a young girl staring up at him lovingly. She did this get to stay. Should this get to go into the ground. Just like 810 commandments. Statue past. 57677984. About freedom of religion and this thing is. Being used as a symbol of satanism. Should it get to stay on the capitol grounds. In Arkansas 5767798. It is terrifying. This is not a pleasant statute to look at. I think the ten and ten commandments and shouldn't be either. And and I think they shouldn't be putting out when they're in the first place on and so. But if you're going to how about one and they have passed a law that allows that one that I think you got a lot this one on like it or not. This is a eighties. A group that has numbers that people believe and these this as a an organization with a set of tenants that people believe again. And you might not like it but some people don't like christianity either and that ten commandments statue was up and so it's ever going to be a nation that. Allows for everyone's religious beliefs and and not one over the other than you gotta allow modest 5767798. Brian your first up on KM BZ. Well your arm. My thoughts are my Christian and don't. Do. You know that date and that relent and the churches should be separate that it has been right religious. The states not putting it up it's the people that are members of this of the Christian religion or BC ten X tape. It gives those people that are putting it up on steak around this trust me I will guarantee you. No one in the legislature of arkansas' like you know we need we need a satanic. Temple symbol on our front lawn. Well I don't think it should just be on tape property of public you know the grass brand out there wherever they object Robert. And it did Broward should be. I don't let liken their downtown or somewhere else. Cole but I'm government property. OK Brett thanks man I appreciate it. Got to arrogant talk dealing KM BZ what's a parent. And it kind of thing you're gonna what longer period yellow or the other here you know not get the freedom of religion but freedom from religion so. If you are. Longer do it in your little brother and people that are out there. Would complain about almost any other religion but he elegantly simple little alien like you know whether it. You know. What are you pick but it you know the same people out that people in that. You know it chipped it to people complaining because it's not anyone. And that is a great point I think as people looked at looked constitution freedom of religion you know First Amendment. But I don't want her to be a giant Buddha or I don't want there to be a giant star of David or I don't want there to be. This path of met stature. Makes me and we appreciate it sought to Steve on KM BZ what's up Steve. They're a little bit. Later it. Oh. You want it you're well. You. Use. Oh here. At number on. A certain number in. The well the report. And all. The. I believe that. I believe everything Steve said. There are some though that are that are in their effort for different reasons but I but the majority are using this says hey Christians stop shoving. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ down my throat or what ever I think that that there is some some truth to that. As good of Leslie I can't be easy woods up Leslie. I I think is keeping its order got together and get checked each other countries with sound on. Tenet and current people a separation of church and state. Along with that I'll have that freedom and country should practice what ever say. Religion should use it does not mean should shut out other people. You include a billboard up. However that's all that great area that we capture or we have the separation of church. And date. Now pretty ten commandment. Org. Or written policy or. Lee on government property on or that way. But you have to go and see and what you want it any well. Do you ever kind of in its U. So in your mind that none none of these religious symbols should be allowed on state on State Capitol grounds not on with yeah I totally agree. 5767798. At opens up the phone line for you. Had a year on KN BC what's up rather. I Ariel. And well according it has while giving care one. They allowed the and that's mechanic Beckett stayed because. Patient and get an out and I'm going to be a really crowded area because then and every other religion not like that jail. Well I think all of that is even think men need to be renewed from property. I'm an elected official or a very small town cemetery. And I find it odd week Crable far. Pretty meaty and TV I feel like pat extra in an odd because it a separation of church and say and I don't feel. Mean anything like that should be somewhere where you pray now it's never been said. You don't happen apartheid and as you know Ernie you have to pray expert and public appetite and I'm not pounds and you don't today. And people find out you're going to be. You are the one that didn't press. Not on I'm I would say get the blood doesn't everybody will know and talk about you and and you're the one that's. Yeah it black ball as good way to put it up thanks Heather we appreciate it what do you think should these things be allowed on state grounds this thing is massive it's eight to have feet tall. It's ominous. It's scary. Should be allowed alongside the ten commandments statute it's there in the in Arkansas the capital what do disappeared. In Jeff city. Or in Topeka. Should this statue be allowed to stay it was displayed yesterday for the first time in Arkansas. So let up in response to a ten commandments statute that's been actually one up for the first time a year ago and 24 hours after it was put up on capitol grounds a guy drove a Dodge Dart right into written to strike. He had done this before actually I'm in Oklahoma and so they rebuilt it they took more security around it they've pillars around it's not ten commandments statue is thinner since April. And he's satanic temple says if you're going to honor one religion and you're gonna allow the ten commandments statute that you got allow us to put the stinger to him. It is an eight and a half foot statue of past format. An ominous looking go man with horns and wings Hooves for feet human hands no shirt sitting in a thrown. On one side as a young boy the other side is a young girl both looking up. Lovingly at bass than it is this appropriate to stay because of our. Religious freedoms we have in this country on the State Capitol grounds in Arkansas 5767798. Red back to the phones and Steve you're next up on KM BZ. Lag guys on the show. For. I'm not not on this yet our caller here. Up to caller ago that that was going on about dobbs separation of church and site. A bit. What separates the Turkish state its original intent was an irked members of the government shall make no law respecting one religion or not. Having the ten commandments and so on so forth. Is not. Is not illegal and unconstitutional. What the statue represented I would disagree and say that we are in definitely maybe. To some extent a Christian nation. Putting things like this I think all our it image into the general public it's social you're all bull when we want people live their lives and do it. Between light and been like this securely put up to you know culture it is that makes sense the the truth treatment if you will but most religions have some former number of something or to the bank agreement. And so I think that that a lot of these folks to do these things all over there they're probably I'll probably you know they're very liberal. And they are just trying to you know. Sparked. You know controversy. Rather than just saying you know what we're gonna like a religion most people probably don't like there's so what should we might have this they're. I commitments or your way to live your life let's just do it pretty. And that kind of my take on that. Thank you may appreciate it there is nurse that was seven tenants something along those lines that you went through to make up the satanic religion. I you can find those on line but it you know. From what Jamie Redd earlier and I haven't from again but they sound. Pretty I mean it. When you hear satanism. And you hear the word satanic. You think that the make up is death hatred fire. Pain. Killing that's what you think of but this seven are actually this is the make up of the satanism. If I tell you this was satanism. Yeah you might think oh well I mean who can really argue with these literal fast. One should strive to app with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason. The struggle for justice is an ongoing necessary pursued that should prevail over laws and institutions. One's body is in the yeah browns were subject to one's own well nobody can do anything ouster. The freedom of others should be respected including the freedom to offend to willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another's to forgo one's own. Out of that one belief should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world we should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs. People are fallible if we make a mistake we should do our best to rectify it and re mediate any harm that may have been caused and finally. Every Tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought the spirit of compassion wisdom and justice. Should always prevail over the written or spoken word. Quite honestly the only. The only one of these that I have a problem with this was actually from their website. Is the the struggle for justice is aimed ongoing necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws. I'm I think we can agree that laws should be what we what we follow that you don't that to mean that sounds like vigilante justice tickle on your own hands and who cares a lot sect. Though. Tell me what's wrong with everything else taught Tom. What problem you have with everything else 'cause again I thinking you you hear this the word satanism. And you think. Evil you think evil and I'm not saying it's a good religion or not got a bad rap maybe it's earned it. But how bad rap it's got a bad name now I write. I'm not a practicing. Religious person so I don't have a dog in the fight of I religions better than your religion but if you just read that and say look this is the religion and starting up but here's my new plans. I think most people would've liked those are actually pretty good pillar sets the ground work down by 767798. You're on came easy. And the at that directive partners that all look at bat. A special session. Art. Whatever or earn up. America better in the Specter. Better get on the on the ballot and then by people it will become expect. Where. They actually had. That in law it's a really good idea it's just not how they let it work on in order for them to be able to put the statue on the lawn of the Arkansas State Capitol you have to have a legislator in the state. Sponsored the bill that that lawmakers vote and if lawmakers don't pass it they can't put it on the lawn and the capital that was put in place in 27 to right. That's a lot of lawmakers passed and I sang. I don't see that changing any time. And for this on us they must have and they knew this was coming because the first time you know and when somebody said we're gonna do this after the guy drove the car into the ten commandments statues and I saw this coming. So they actually the number one step ahead of this. You ask the mission statement that's on the record not on a website Al. Martin would Jamie's doing all weekend the mission of these satanic temple is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people reject tyrannical authority advocate practical common sense injustice and be directed by the human conscience to undertake noble pursuits. Guided by the individual well politically aware civic minded sickness and allies in the temple have publicly opposed the west Borough Baptist Church. Advocated on behalf of children in public school to abolish corporal punishment applied for equal representation where religious monuments are placed on public property. Provided religious exemption and legal protection against laws that on scientifically restrict women's reproductive autonomy exposed fraudulent harmful pseudo scientific practitioners and claims that Nichols on. It doesn't say anything about kill and to an end my people will be will tell people are so opposed to dance to this group. As its namesake ism but that's not enough that's the name that got us he's hitting got to stand for something. So either you don't have a clue what they're about and somebody told you are bad and you're just believing that org says you don't like it because the name. I I think it's the name and what's associated with the name you just assume that. None of that what you read isn't there that it's you'll do the will of the dabble. But that's not in here I got to look at it now they say. Robert you're on KM BZ was a Robert. Hey good afternoon has asked. Well normally I have to agree wouldn't game on this topic I'm going to have victory in my. Are we disagree but I'm when we disagree on what's right Robert. Like OK I did it people or com. People have their own opinion they consider their own opinion they can do whatever you know at the freedom I understand that but I helpful agree wit. Everybody has. Their own beliefs on christianity. And the like the protest thing that doesn't bother me in my other people. But why put a statue on a government property. Dispute I mean. That was a little bit beyond. Like in my opinion like I just wanted to know or what in the hell as people these days. Well Ryan let me let me ask you quick question where do you where you live. Oak that. This statue was on the grounds. In Little Rock, Arkansas. So that Robert in Nebraska is calling in to a radio station in Kansas City, Missouri. Because it's getting the attention that they wanted because they want their point to be heard they want to point to be made they want their fifteen minutes or whatever it is and they're pushing. For religious freedom. I don't know if they love the idea of this beast being displayed what they're these people are sick of in their minds not my words. What does what I'm guessing is they don't want christianity shoved down their throat anymore than Robert in Nebraska wants satanism. Pushed down is. And I totally agree with that I would want to push my christianity. On someone else. They believe what they wanna believe that just Al going to be. I may call back again we appreciate it chimed in from a Nebraska man. Thank you so much for your phone call let's get to Tony on KM BZ Tony what you think the statue. Why. Because. I believe that label rated. On the principles of god. I mean we do have in god we trust on the money. That is true some would say god created the double. So that we know about it when Dan. He went awry. Right over contradicting. Anything about. When you put it step to light there. State bill. So we growth and and and and that whole job is to eat. So when you re. But this religion some potent. You know equal justice. The deception. But what about the people in this country that don't believe in christianity. Because we want people. So it would appear Kabila votes but the Cisco at the moment that was the kind of. I don't understand what might you buy converted. To the Muslim faith what is I don't I'd be lost me at that point. Well not quite as OK so so we separate debate in Iraq was muscled body years. And it was such a big issue to a lot. But here it can meet that bestows. Hypocrisy would separate which saw the statue of the babble. Actually I think it's in and. With the the idea of the false premise pushed by certain people. That Barack Obama was a Muslim I don't know exactly compares to the conversation is there about the Muslim faith and its presence in this country. Alongside satanism and its presence in this country and christianity and Judaism and buddhism. And whatever other faith you wanna you wanna follow. That's the conversation. And this is their way of presenting that that is on the same level playing field eager to have this view that. You don't you're you're ten commandments statue here on this State Capitol in Little Rock, Arkansas. We wanted to have fair representation that hour we don't want you shoving your beliefs down our throat we want our symbol there as well. Tony thanks for the calming yourself a great weekend ride and you get the final word go at Ryan. A big fan. I realized that. All the talk about satanism. And our people are confusing me on what was occurring in. The occurring in the sport being. Lucifer. An understatement. All right. So they're getting Iraq. Again the name of satanism might with the principles you read while in the name of satanism that might be the big disconnect as I've never heard of Lou separate ism and what's happening allied. Because I'm seeing it from people that are texting and what's happening a lot is that. People don't like Satan doesn't because the Bible tells them they shouldn't and so they believe in the Bible and they're saying because the Bible tells me Satan isn't as bad. I that's why I hate seeing as well what about people the doubling in the Bible. Not everybody believes in the Bible again. We appreciate it Ryan are right let's lighten it up first rose Friday coming up next what are your first rolled problems that it gives suffered through this week. But I would without power. For six hours once this week we had a light pole catch on fire in our building was without power for six entire hours. What about you your first world problems text amid right now 122980. It's 22980. Dispersal Friday coming up next. Didn't. I guess. It's. Did manage to. I lean on me. I can't get back. You can go. They need to man as easy enough I'm. It's. Let me. I'm okay. Our fans you need me. 22980. Text in your first world problems. Twenty to 980. Last week Jamie you had poison ivy has a goal and I still have was Nidal and it sucks. It is really horrible two weeks now. I'm the worst part of that the moment is my fingers and stole from poison ninety. That's difficult and I didn't irritated and it's. Still there. And it's two weeks. And I've tried everything and now I'm worried that and they have like scars and stuff somewhere won't go away but my fingers actually tackles camping again the fingers it's just that the but the iPad. A finger in it it's horrible. That's my problem. To what he'd do nine AD. Somebody's upset. Is there out of milk for their coffee that's Townsend that is throughout find out Antilles your fingers don't it struck up. From the tax line it cleaned up and organize my basement now I can't find a darn thing. That's what I'm worried about would remove might be able find anything as he put him in everything in boxes. Policies. On to reset I've had no air conditioning for the last three days we'll get fixed till next tanks really on top. I wouldn't go that ninety degrees all weekend men gonna get out. I ate too much for lunch now my stomach hurt. Oh wow we're Julie. Do you know any closer. Personal problem first time home buyer just moved into a house that we loved and were excited about. We don't know in pac we civil would unpack and organize everything for me I. Man iced. The price of an impact from her trip to Michigan a month ago. So I will not at this once we move next week. Unpacking process will be like that it will be born and you still be done and packet. And we the people to keep thanked Texans and he's an arms of music go to the dot non B now I'm getting all the advice on go to a doctor to the federal shot. He gave me a steroid use has done absolutely nothing. No Wi-Fi at home and I just bought an expensive gaming laptop up all that stinks my bathroom towel warmer is broken. That's rough that is a tough life right there and see my lead guy got arrested. But that's a great strategy noted letting this play more out there is play we're fish in the sea it. Let's see. My cable box decided to go through an update during a really good movie. This is that I ran out of free up pre printed labels now I have to write things by hand that's awful like the return address labels are similar whatever good. Let's see in my Starbucks app enough they didn't didn't have enough for my French you know that's too bad. All. I need to be gone back and complain and my doctor give me a steroid shot. He gave steroids and like a pack. They didn't do anything but make my face puppy and he talked to your doctor since I was last week now because he was he like it's just gonna it'll eventually it just go. Great doc it was like it's like there's no cure for it you just it's just the itching. I'm just itching Travis is this you had a bullet that pot no later that you Travis. A couple of go wider epithet that's kept up. Let's say you just bought a new house don't have enough furniture to Philip. Spent three hours at the joke ODMV got one vehicle Rogers registered other vehicle missing paperwork paper or to post office mailman didn't leave notice. Went to get have a driver's license elected at the DMV I cannot hide. That's ridiculous. I realized that my doctor was fraud. Based on every telling me about what the doctor should have given me. Certain call. I would call this doctor app before it. My personal problem happened yesterday. This is a real first world problem. Concerts are too damn long. Which of these Smashing Pumpkins show yesterday at. At sprint center. And I thought it was a big pumpkins fan I'm not apparently highly know about six songs. And we went in but 830 years so you'd think that's kind of like that easily the main act doesn't start there was an opener the main act doesn't start until like nine. We get in about 830 they're already playing really well I look at the set list. 32. Songs on the set list thirty and two. On course from the Chicago show in the Cleveland showed a couple of days before. Man I'd edit I don't know a whole lot of pumpkins songs. Concerts are to be a long that's my first world problem. My concerts are two momentous day for the whole thing. And implied they did earlier I didn't I barely beating happened on the solution now I barely made it halfway through and the last concert I went to. I got bored in the second half of it is cold outside. He's about problems these in my first world problems I think you're crawling girl enough though but you know when you first started Europe going on now lay yeah. I don't know boys I got to get some sleep and tired. Yeah I was like wow man I'm bored I do not plan. Tonight tonight. Although a butterfly wings got to get out here looked out there selects fourteen songs until the next one I know. So thanks everybody forget it.