Midday with J&W: Should the death penalty be available for minors?

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Monday, May 21st

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We are asking you right now now he did that question on the table is kind of the answer is no he won't be. What do you think about these Supreme Court ruling they minor. Cannot be given the death penalty this after we found out that these Santa face shooter. Will get parole. Do you eat he could get parole in forty years we think it's Texas it's Evans Texas State law he can't he can't get life but he cannot get. The death penalty. Because according to the Supreme Court it's win you committed the crime and he is seventeen for at least a few more months. So there's 2000 frock 2005 Supreme Court ruling that says. If you are younger than eighteen. At the time of that you commit crime you cannot be given the death penalty. And there was a 2012. Guess it was a 2012 Supreme Court ruling by juveniles face in life and present. It must say that if you're under eighteen you also can't face life in prison. They considered to be cruel and unusual punishment. A minor to get the death penalty Texas State law 2013. Band life without parole for miners so that means that. The person who killed ten people and injured thirteen others in San effect. Could be out at the age of 57. And we don't know exactly when he turns eighteen that within a year obviously so he's not that far away. The idea behind it was that got us a hard line somewhere and we pick the Supreme Court sat under eighteen you don't necessarily have the cognitive ability. To understand what you're doing and by the way that ruling came down from in Missouri case in 2005 that made its way to the Supreme Court. Interest in closer and we Knoll. Legally he can't we understand flights. And man it got us talking a little bit more about you know we have special categories of crimes. For people to tell police officers and people cattle. Firefighters as well. Should we be taking a harder look at the penalties that we get people that mess and commit mass shootings or shootings committed at schools. I'll say it again I can't wait for kids to be on summer break. Coming up and tell you a few details from a survivor now we've got possibly can't just some things said by this kid some things that were said some things that were done. What do you think of that rule 5767798. Should remind her who executes ten people at a school. Be given the death penalty giving several leads changed 5767798. Tyler thanks so much for hanging your first up on KM BZ. Yeah hey Al my opinion pretty short quick I think. Anybody would do have a premeditated idea as to what they're doing regardless of page. Dheisheh automatically. Death penalty and the down to them if they appendectomy which. Back it happened as. It was a random act. I would say you know maybe be psychotic break who knows what's going on in the kid's life but even then I don't know that I agree. With the idea being around the death penalty if somebody that has and other lives and injured thirteen topics. They're not thinking of the phone call Tyler let's go to crate in Kansas City. On KM BZ we think cranked. Craig. Dot. 5767798. I don't feel about this answer but I think there's of people that would agree with Mike on our FaceBook page. You commit premeditated murder you deserve a bullet costs of destroying a body ten bucks gas and a match cost of housing an inmate for a life sentence per year. 31977. Do the math taxpayers should that factoring we're talking about a kid. Now be asked me. If that's the case then. We have people who eat now who have done also terrific crimes that we have left on death row for decades. So well let's work I mean we we've got other cases like that. So I I don't know if the economics of it should make a difference on and the tax line. Absolutely not said he got that penalty out weaken the age of eighteen for reason and we need to stick to it. There I I write I get that ticket agent and say it now that this crime offered Allen. By the way on FaceBook Ralph says why is this even a debate he killed ten people why this is H batteries punishment. Because we set rules different for kids that when you become AT and because you're at all rain is not as developed as somebody who is older than eighteen and you don't necessarily understand what you've done shelled you're next up I 91 KM BZ. You. I agreed part yet and that he brought this eight year that having dealer on. They could see it he had a brain can open and that meditated back. And if you're not giving ground sit there and kill kids choir under eighteen that it okay. You're not going to be panic stat that you can go ahead and cares and people are back at school is right. Pretty neat I think that you can get that debt and then he and it can be hectic there are other teenagers. What is planning to do with some big right there. Shall think of her local she's a doesn't matter do it 5767798. You agree with Schaub. You disagree Michelle give us a call it is 1213 coming couples tell you some of the details from. One of the girls that survived the shooting and some of the taunting that went on. Last Friday in Santa Fe Texas. I'll take a few more phone calls as well should a minor be given the death penalty for school shooting like what happened last Friday by 767798. Keep cash this hour is the word hugged. Each UG text the word hard to seven to eighty line leaving him when just before 1 o'clock. We're talking about the shooter from last Friday at the Santa Fe Texas school and used in chronicled the story of the weekend. You can read about it on her FaceBook page there's a Supreme Court law that came out of the case. They had to do with the murder in Missouri back in 1993. And eventually the case made its way all the way to the Supreme Court in 2005. In the ruling is. But in America a minor cannot be given the death penalty. Payment under the age of eighteen when the crime was committed. Cannot be given the death penalty and in the state of Texas. That miner can also not be given a life sentence this kid may get parole in forty years then. Or asking you if you agree with that 5767798. A couple of details real quick this is tennis and gruesome stuff horse eerie dark stuff for here just a warning. We told you last week that the kid the shooter. Opened up the door yelled surprise before shooting a student's chest in the arc room some other stuff. He shot a girl named Shannon or Shane. She adds four months of problems from this point he kept making advances kept asking her out she repeatedly told him no. He didn't like that it's she actually. Stood up to him and embarrassed him in class. The gunman also repeatedly taunted students during the attack this according to a survivors. I'll post on FaceBook. He could be heard in a classroom yelling Wu who. While shooting the gunman would come back into another room and hear him saying are you dead. More shots were fired by this time cell phones all over the class a ringing. And he's taunting kids in the closet asking do you think it's for you. Do you want it coming answer it's. Yeah there was one parent who set her daughter that by the time police got there her daughter to lying on the floor for over thirty minutes next or deceased classmates. We don't we know that there seems to be about thirty minutes. Is kind of time for and looking out although police don't think the shooting went on for about long. By the way we also heard on Friday and and we heard more about the over the weekend that he plays or someone had placed pressure cookers. Filled with nails in the school. And some other explosive devices but that I guess were not able to be detonated. One student said on Good Morning America today he was playing music making jokes had slogans and rhymes and every time he camps every time we kill some one. He'd say another one bites the dust. And his kids get the death penalty 5767798. Legally he can not but. Nonetheless I think it's worth having a conversation but it tailoring Kansas City thanks for hanging tailored to think of minors should be given the death penalty when they killed ten people at a school. Yeah definitely. Hit it that it hit it himself meaning and named it the way he did. A horrible but. Yeah. Keep it alive that I mean it didn't really glorify it where the kid. We're thinking about being in I cannot accept that there and you know. Is scheduled to influence influence and I sat. So he's never I don't think you'll see delighted day do you think that just his. In his story his case his news cover little influence teenagers because there's no way this guy's talking to anybody else. Yeah I don't hit that back they old alive wouldn't. A move every bit of the arrived in them I don't know if you will be. Yeah. We'll probably. Never know. That might be a little while I won't vote. Taylor thank you for your phone call we appreciate it cranking Kansas City should a minor be given the death penalty in America. I think well yeah. I'm currently. Quite. I wanna do it made. It out there are early early yeah okay. We we have them because according to some science that you know fourteen year old brain is not developed until a certain point and we deem that to be after your twelfth year of education or thirteenth year when include Ella a kindergarten so. We do it because you're not only an adult yet thinking like an adult according to some science. Until you hit a certain point and we deem that to be eighteen. Right but also a war but they're buys cigarette. We're currently get broad numbers out there so. So how do you make a determination that. How do you decide. Yeah exactly. Got to be done it like a base there. Yet again. What fired once. It is going to be. It will make the better to sit by now as our listeners not to assert it probably. Yeah I I I I don't know and I think most states it's eighteen to buy cigarettes. A lot some summaries that it KC Mo is is 21. Lot of places and racist point one. I think a lot of that has to do with. Two I. Your your health and and whatnot that's another road to go down but. We threw that number out there Craig thank you for your folk commonly appreciated. Let's go right back to the phones let's talk to John in Kansas City on KM BZ John should miner be given the death penalty for an excuse she liked what happened on Friday. Absolutely. Sure and and that gave them there's a case where the act yet no wallflower I think parents. Also. Should bear some of the bird's not there. They're they're not curing the weapons. You know if you're gonna definitely need to be blocked out. I mean that gas that's another avenue the work week everybody was wondering how kids get it done look at a gun was it would kind of guns were used to how the cape get it. We're still waiting on exactly how the kid obtained the guns and if they were locked up properly in the parents' house is this gives again. Nobody likes it when I say this this gives cut good gun owners responsible gun owners this gives you a bad name and his kid Cottam for. His dad somehow that gathered dad's right yeah they were not yeah they are debts yap on and I believe the case out of Dixon Illinois from last week with that school shooting. That was just where the kid was killed. Those came from mom. Yeah its. It's worth putting on the table what we're looking at responsibility here he would not have the ability to shoot ten people. Fatally had a guns not been available to. Let's go to Logan in Kansas City Logan death penalty for a minor. A banker oh no here. Well and going in and normally people now couldn't you he kind of computer not. You know hit it off. There are so. And no I mean either that. You know. You're great you know and there you are. Yeah well and Margaret Kirk are quite. Well. I think that I absolutely think. It. What we're gonna get geoghan maybe yell yeah. Logan think of your phone call Ben in Kansas City your next up on KN BC. Well. Here's my. Part stop yes they'll probably of course. Back from some of these crimes that you heard about that commitment aren't miners. The compartment on the dole. Took it away from like being a. So it's a little confusing to me I saw one thing that said he was born in August of 2001 which would put him at sixteen not seventeen and everybody else is quoting him to be seventeen so we know within a year turning eighteen. But that Jarrett also have a the right to decide what is gonna. I'm at an adult. Not not according to that not according to the best not report or the Supreme Court has said and it stems from a case in Missouri 25 years ago. The Supreme Court five to four was the ruling has said that you cannot give anyone that commits a crime at the age of seventeen in 364. Days. You could not give them the death penalty. Well I'm offered in the past but I don't like the Georgia department were to try who has. Doesn't matter right I guess it's a drug possession charger do you guys yours you know you're there there are that the bank rob three you know felony of some kind shore. The punishment. It comes down. Death penalty cannot be given to a minor Supreme Court rule 7798 UEFA locals who are jumping you can't get the death penalty if you're a minor this worried she just broke out of Texas. Boss came Annapolis this. So I don't know where league city Texas is specifically. Or Boston it's near the Santa Fe high school. And he's from the text or he worked in the Texas organ Houston it. He says that a student this out of a channel two down in Houston student who brought an unloaded gun. On the campus of League City intermediate school was arrested this morning. What. I mean. What what in the world. Why. Your surprising to brag on the school. President Obama 72 hours after we just had a shooting now I mean. This just gives this go I mean we talked about how the kid didn't and it on Friday that killed ten people. How he obtained the guns somehow from his dad we don't know if he was given them broke in the door was left open. Can't bring. It was I can get a hold of a gun to bring to school. It would be on high alert if you're a parent to the Kaufman got the last and he said you know my dander so locked up so tight sometimes I have trouble getting to them. If I would assume that after every one of these keeps happening parents reassure reaffirm hey don't touch my gallons. And and put an extra level of security at least in their head but not touch it. Wicket not every parent thinks their guns need to be locked up. It's some parents think that if you're genuinely going to have them for protection that they need to be accessible TU. And are not as accessible if they're under three layers of blocks. So you gotta make the choice that you gonna make them easier for you and your child. To get a hold and lock them so that nobody can get a hold apparently summer making a choice that. There are careless about it or they're just not pay attention are and who knows reject it on greenhouse. Us and we know yet about security at the school loans and a fair right we don't know yet how he got everything and the school that we don't know doctors and that kind of stuff and other choose a resource officers school in a one of them was injured in the shooting. But we don't know how he was able to go place pressure cookers in the school in the pipe not a and that kind of thing not gonna hurt. That's right and that's well authority to release its possible they know they haven't told us yet. On out we need school to be out we knew we'd be on summer break. IA I completely agree with you this is getting. It's been out of control since sandy hook but it's getting even more. The governor. Greg Abbott does this governor he he is calling for forums and for public meetings to be held to evaluate what to do about school shootings. This is a new. Yeah now it it happened happened now in Texas but we had forums after Portland and after every other school shooting we've had. And it forms are gonna get us anywhere I don't necessarily. So. I think there are other conversations to be asked what's that discussion like did you think do you think the governor rabbit invites. In experts we like experts at these do we bring in experts and bring in psychologists superintendents. We bring in do you bring in senators and and and members of the House of Representatives of the law and tigers. 'cause somebody's gonna think is under and has been done before apparently I don't. Know what the right answer is you know and and the big issue is guns Evers is mental health but I put together a list Jamie. Of of everything that that. We have blamed. Vs what we have not blamed. By some. This like a big pile of stuff. So wait and does matter. I saw that that's an on and they are women matter was that Oliver North yeah. And Oliver North the incoming soon to be president of the NRA trader. Is going is blaming at a Rawle. The Texas lieutenant governor. Blamed too many towards the access point congress talked about that too many towards. Ollie north also by the way blamed culture growing up in a culture of violence with video games and movies and whatnot that's by the way Ollie north once pitched black ops. For PlayStation or. Whatever that whatever video games as the I don't know that it can't sell. I don't know that discussion is like I mean we blame mental health we blame parenting we blamed on is the number of don't we don't blame guns and united. Number of doors video games movies TV music the news music videos medication unarmed teachers social media women who reject kids that's an trying to pull happened police and the media crisis actors. I'm curling does on top of that all of it has to be in the congress. Should why is it when we talk about school shootings the vast majority are committed by young man and an ambassador committed by young and don't know. I do not know the answer why we got that market cornered why do we rarely ever talk about a young black man or or any black person committing mass shootings. Don't know. I'm not sure what it is I mean. We we got down on lockdown for some reason some stupid reason it just so so go ahead and and they can have their discussions and they can have a panel discussions and they can have their summits of their meetings level we're still not getting anywhere. I mean we told you about part of this. Being about a girl who said note this kid that was a mom that said her daughter mom was targeted in the shooting. Had told him now. He had asked her out against multiple times and pursued her and she was an interest and and that was one of the people that he target and that goes back to the. Parenting thing doesn't it I mean. No kid. At. Seventeen. Or maybe sixteen or fifteen over long he had been interest in this girl she and a no kid. No boy. When a girl tells him no. Should take things out in a violent manner. Is it possible that his parents did now and it is a possible that it didn't tell mom and dad hey she's rejected me nine times I don't know as possible that the parents didn't have any idea. But that's hit the shooters parents act. Yeah on an -- see on Twitter over the weekend there were a couple of people that have been retreat by people like follow on who sad you know deciding that conversation to have with my kids about this over the weekend or people that sent it come up in church. There's one mom in particular that told the story on Twitter about how her young son is 78 years old maybe become or one point and sad. And little Jessica Alexei you know hey I I I asked us out she said now. And he said you know what what do I do now and moms of what do you know you should do Lisa Jack keep trying until she says yes and the moms that. Except like that's the first time that's one of the first times you can reinforce that idea and mindset now. You take no for an answer and you respect her decision and leave her alone I mean it sounds very rudimentary yeah. And it it it sounds like wow that's but that's a powerful statement you know and and maybe that's where it begins is saying no you don't. And I know he's poised and so it can work both ways it's a matter of respecting what someone tells you to be true about how they feel. They say no you don't you don't pursue the many. Like if this like like you said David at the shooters parents didn't know that the kid was getting rejected over and over again but to your point. It's exactly but I think it. That respect factor for the wishes of other at all no matter who it is should be ingrained and executed a young age Michael it goes back to the parent did this kid at a young age learn. Respect for eight and just from his perspective to before anybody plays equal sex opportunity thing your relaxed and did he learn to respect women. As a young polite. And did he learn other things that did did he learn self esteem ditty learn self value Diddy learn how to deal with rejection did he large Al. All of those things that we talk about I. I know they were investigating bullying at the schools being a possibility I guess I always consider that to be a possibility that you know he was targeting the kids that he didn't like. Was he targeting the people the bully him I don't now. But it and is that a parenting fail. So I just aren't it's got to come from somewhere. It seems like a bit of a parenting fail because somebody. Along the way or this kid along the way. Didn't learn how to handle. Being told now being told no all I mean to. And not and this is the first time that we know of in school shootings that this has Ben related to a caucus you know was the rejection of a girl. On buy it may not be the last that we heard I was an interesting conversation we don't we don't know exactly we don't know how he chose the other people what he shot. On and we don't know why he let other kids ago. You know he was keeping journals I he was writing about his plans and journal's parent to teach your kids girls. I journal as a kid you look deep you know do you look through your kid's bedroom. Urge you consider that too much an invasion of privacy are you looking through notebooks that are in your your kids about him to seek that actually there was a grandmother in. Washington State might have been in Seattle area. That her grandson was there over house or she had custody and he had plans written and notebooks -- school shooting that he was planning she found them she turn amend the police. I mean that simple act averted a mass shootings cash machine was glancing through now. I mean I didn't have a journal. I don't know my sister did. Growing up but I would think that if your kid writes. I mean maybe get a check her tablet maybe we knew we don't know by the time to get to a certain age got to. Open up their laptop open up their computer whatever chest secede because who knows a mean kids are so Smart these days that everything they haven't technology. It might be able the to type stuff I'm very I yup. Find an unforced with that requires is on you. Being suspicious of your own child. Which is not easy for most people to ask you checking just in case and and nobody wants a thing that's going to be their dead. But nobody you know in relation necklace crews thought it was going to be him and nobody in relation to this kid thought it was going to be hand. So. Archie better off checking and and then your your gleefully surprise when you don't find anything. But are you better off checking. Against the plans were in no. These want to commit suicide I was in the same note can we know we didn't do it it's his want after the mass shooting to commit suicide was in the book to act. Soaked so clearly the arsonist is there that somebody mast. 1244. Off a freak you know he's jumping a 576779. Nader text attitudes United's you'll be too big breaking local story that happened. Half hours ago we'll recap that with you coming up next here on KM BZ I did you the keyword cash coming up just before 1 o'clock the big news earlier today the word came out. Chain in zinger the athletic director at Kansas is outs he has been fired at. Bob Tesco from our sister station 610 Sports Radio joined us earlier and no one of the things we got right into. And I asked the case you grabbed by invesco whether or not he was surprised by this time I I don't really know the nom. Shocked by the news I think it that the it's really odd that all of a sudden it came down today because he was supposed to be on our show the smoke it's 715 I like sports I canceled yesterday 5 o'clock A got a text message that they a meeting that he had with the chancellor had been moved up so we could come obviously the schedule horrendous. Day and night yeah terrible album on Wednesday a Mike. Talk about why why why why are we what are we having him on fourth and said. Well we're we're just kind of pushing the message that were done being batted footballers time emperor for us to change the move forward to starting now we're going to be you know work our attempt is to be good football and cool my mom whatever today you know there you you you got FBI thing going on idols are very now in the primary there's not a oh I'm miles talk a little college football they're trying to raise money for new stadium in. What not and obviously that's not going so well of the athletic director has been fired. So aren't as familiar with the goings on it K you can explain why he was brought here kind of how things have times in 2000 not not that well I mean he's hired Charlie Weiss and David Davies is two football coaches and they have not been beauty and fire Charlie Weis and then now David Beatty is in charge he's also hired a woman's basketball coach. And between the three of them they're eight and 109 in Big 12 Conference play. That's not good block all that that's not good and you know save the men's basketball department and and Bill Self and that's a self sufficient department. Obviously there's not much else that's going right your job as an athletic directors to raise money and build buildings and you can only get so much money at the same donors you eventually have to cultivate new donors and if you're not winning in football nobody's gonna donate who's who write a check to help build the stadium for a football team to kick it out of its own what I mean watching all these teams go to all these bowls the final for the semi finals. An animal they are in the last five years but in the last three KU football is three and 33 the other not very good to end it if you read the letter this morning from the chancellor to his colleagues at the University of Kansas it's really I think incredibly says. According to a form of a leadership changing Kansas athletics this morning I met with Ashley and zinger form the number leaving his duties effective immediately. Shawn Lester will be our interim athletic director. In addition earlier today I spoke with coach David Beatty and shared my expectation that he will continue recruiting hard in getting his team ready for the season. That's the only coach the to mention. I. Point being hit so that they're babies probably gave the jets are well I would assume probably don't look now. You know put up or shut up time for you to. You have to wait in football and happy because I mean is great as the basketball program it is and that's obviously wildly successful at a final four. Football drives it's yeah it and it doesn't matter how great basketball baseball track hockey whatever. It it comes down to football how worried David they'd be right now about who ever replaces. The former AD a very worried. I mean David Beatty job is now officially on the line he's on the clock I mean the chance and that's a long letter that was just part of the letter that I read. And it's a long letter and there's no other coaches signaled out in the singled out mayor other than David Beatty and so everybody knows this is about football. The the athletic department while we say is like the front and forty university everybody knows you based on athletics enrollment goes up when you make final four enrollment goes up when you make BCS games enrollment goes up. When you make the college football playoff people wanna be part of that atmosphere and have a football team that has been so bad for so long. And has done nothing since zinger is taken over other than pay off coach and they wrote a check for twenty million dollars or Charlie east and my feet. It's ridiculous how much money they paid to get out of bad decisions. That have been made and I think the well is dried up I I talk for the prominent booster today and the eyes of the season was fired in the response was finally I mean so. Like that people have been ready for this to hacked in and ready for this to take place at the university Kansas. Look as an a lot this is me speaking as a long I'm tired of sucking at football it's time to start winning it's not that hard. Tee to win a couple of games in the Big 12 Conference every year it's not that hard to not be a national embarrassment week in and week out so. They've got to get an athletic director there who can right the ship and I'm on my way to building a stadium or turf practice field or whatever the hell they're trying to build. You've got to win games and that stuff will build itself if you win football game. Contract extension from chancellor Burnett agree that it calls these were the power she parachute wow. And that you know one point four million now as we don't get you the pan out tonight by am includes penalties so. Does. Not joking and medical bills including the Nazis getting a nice little loan package to go away but you know bar and a great little hired him. She was clueless when it came to the athletic department totally clueless I don't know she was good in English or chemistry or math or whatever was a chance please do. But when it came to the athletic department she was not clued in not very good. At at running the athletic department if you will and from from my standpoint with her. She gave her guy golden parachute on the way out the door he should thank our decorate little for a. She brought in in the first place it was how how great was the track record at at Illinois. Studies I followed him for years. Yeah I mean I don't know what the tracker I know we cans and he's from he's America nosy and is he always said. The states never been known for football what is known for doing there is increasing the standards when it came academics for and I think he probably did dedicate even mentioned happened nobody cares about them I mean unless the guy to help errors. Previously known more for volleyball scenario house and. And he's he's a Kansan and he took over for Lou Perkins and he kind of came in and I think com Warner from or Lou was with the tickets that the winner of comics usually Perkins fans here in the wrong guy about Lou have always been a big. Big fan of Lou and and I but he did some good things for the university. When he was here when it came to it to building buildings and kind of getting the athletic department back on the right track. From where I was under Al bull and and Bob Frederick and whatnot so. They needed to kind of right the ship a little bit under Lou he was a prominent athletic director very well known no one of the best eighties in the nation was hired brought a dream team of athletic department individuals in they've done a very nice job and in some aspects but they've never figure out football and. They've got to figure meaning the excuses are done amended the golden knights are going to the Stanley Cup finals in 277. Days of existence Kansas can find a way to win a football game. Bob Tesco it was in studio earlier today from our sister station 610 Sports Radio down the hall as a KU is on the lookout for a new AD. I'll firings Shea and zinger earlier today.