Midday with J&W: Should bullies get punished?

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Wednesday, February 14th

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Pathway to the weekend on a Wednesday glad to have you and happy Valentine's. Day. Hopefully you're doing so especially if you're single and alone today sorry. There's always like GRE well why is something to feel bad about you go out if you're single on Valentine's there you stay home and while I don't. Neither I've been using a lot of Valentine's Day and didn't feel like my life was horrible because of so are you doing anything tonight I think if you're seeing on Valentine's Day congratulation. You can do it's why and you didn't settled as somebody yes implants. I believe we are clicking on there any. Did like four days of plans while we were on occasion you're in the death so given that and four days and nights eating out I think act. I think my exact words were don't make it. Or restaurant Valentine's Day it's a first for a problem right not an ideal. Or do a dog or the dog park later with that with our pup. And then having we're gonna go play Tino at a bar. That's basically romantic that's right into their romance America probably come home to launch the godfather to. His liaison a gangster movie kicks out of the big plans for today happy Valentine's Day do you into yours. Our first story comes to us a possible law actually in the state of Missouri. And that being named Kenny is a lie in honor of a teenager from mid Missouri who committed suicide in December of 2016. And what this bill would do. It's all the problems that prosecutors are having these days of knowing that you have someone. Who incited. Someone else to commit suicide on bullying as what we're talking about this particular case. Prosecutors are having that happen but they don't have a currents. Framework of law to prosecute that person. For inciting as a person commit suicide so senate bills 791. Would fix. It is before a state senate committee right now and it blades on charge someone. With second degree involuntary manslaughter. For quote knowingly inciting someone to take his or her life. The wait we got here was because of my guy named Kenneth Sutton who was seventeen years old when he committed suicide. In December 2016. Bullies had targeted him through out his life making fun of him for being overweight. And for his speech impediment stories out of fox sport you wanna follow along. On and so pennies lie is being proposed on because not only was he being bullied at school. But then the bullying began at work from his box and at that point he committed sue us. On after his death last year there was a coroner's inquest that was launched to learn more about Atlanta what led to a suicide cores and class is basically a really big hearing. To look into not just the biological causes for death by for what else might have been going off and and frank flows. Last polar I was out of her name to say other corner for Howard county told fox four. He was the poster child of turning the other cheek he was bullied constantly through school it took until he got to the workplace. Where it was just too much. They did a six and a half hour hearing at this corners inquest that focused on ball and is that this is not just. Bullying at school now like a sad that this is all power and or aren't at work. That eventually tipped the scales and and and zoos waste so so witnesses sad at the boss Withrow burgers at hand and they can get down and clean the floor on his stomach. So after all of that this seventeen year old commits suicide. Out the prosecutor in the case April Wilson. Announced this month that she would not receive second degree manslaughter charges against the boss because she didn't believe she could convict him under the current law. Hence now the proposal to change the current line and senate bill 791 would do that. On by the way that box at dairy queen which is where he worked on is facing charges of third degree assault and harassment. Sponsored by jubilant as she got to Saint Louis her mother died from suicide and she says I'd I'd get it so again. It wage give the chargers secondary involuntary manslaughter for knowingly inciting someone to take his or her. On life and if you remember back when late last summer we were talking about Michelle Carter she was the woman that sent the text messages to her boyfriend to get back in the truck and finish. Committing suicide. Now this kid was not told to commit suicide by boss or he bullies at school. But it was the bullying that they believe contributed. To this kid's different victims of the victim of bullying. Commit suicide. Should the bully be prosecuted. 576779. Nader texted at 22980. And the interesting thing about this that is different from some of the other bullying stories that we've done is that I don't know the age we find it pretty quickly of on this guy's boss at the dairy queen Hartley brand on it is as his name. It's possible that a seventeen year old boss at a dairy queen is seventeen or eighteen I mean it's possible that. That person's worked dairy queen long enough to rise the rank of managed. She is 22 Hartley Brent isn't as a female parlay as I don't Hartley the man's name okay. So this is an adult and the interesting thing to me about this is that this is not just bullying and high school or grade school that we talk about. This was bullying in the workplace. That ultimately led to the seventeen year old staff and it got us talking a little bit more about. Bullying at work. And on it some and we don't talk about as much I think because. We think as adults that it's just something we should just deal you know that it's just part of workplace culture and just take it and if you don't like it go work somewhere else. On but this this seventeen year old was bullied by his boss at work and now this law. Wait charge Hartley grand am with second degree involuntary manslaughter and ultimately give that person a much harsher sentence where they beat it to be connect. The hard part for me on this is if the kid was bullied at school and the kid was bullied at work. Who gets chart how I was more than one person is at the umbrella is that the managers and coworkers at three kids at school who did the most bullying that's where this is a very gray area topic. Yeah and and let me be. The jerk for a second on because I said this when we talked about the case of the woman that that bully her boyfriend and committing suicide. On we've got a problem with teen suicide in this country we've got a problem with bullying and heaven knows we are talking about it. But ultimately. And I know how this is gonna sound and I apologize for how heartless it's gonna sound but somebody's gotta say somebody's got to put the idea on the table. It was the seventeen year old kid who ultimately made the decision to take the action. And it's different if it's an adult maybe and maybe I should be saving us comment for when we have an adult at bullied and adults. Because an adult has. More mental strength hopefully. In in making that decision. But you are charging someone else for encouraging someone. To do something. On now we have other charges like that we have on like conspiracy charges and and and things like that but it's on. Yeah I mean you're you are treating this as agent. It is a contributing factor to this kid's stuff but ultimately the kid was the one that decided. The action to handle it. And I'm I'm a little more torn on this one even though. My heart aches again I talk high school this my heart aches about it on. But legally it has to be sad that ultimately. The decision to take your life falls with that person. 57677985767798. Of a victim of bullying commit suicide to that bully be prosecuted. The story by the way is up our FaceBook pages of Missouri bill may call for that are having and is the discussion right now. We want you to jump in we'll take a phone calls Kyle sandy to be a leadoff hitters next 798 text into do ninety's Gerald a victim of bullying commit suicide should the bully beat prosecuted there's a Missouri bill that is calling for that called. Eddie's law it is senate bill 791 it's before a state senate committee now and for someone that they determine knowingly incited someone to take his or her life. And networking is important knowingly incited. That person could be charged with second degree involuntary manslaughter it's based on the case of a seventy year old kid named Kenny. Who was bullied at school firsts for being overweight and for having a speech impediment and then who went on to be bullied at his job you were to dairy queen. Where is 22 year old bonds was accused of throwing hamburgers at hand and forcing mentally on the floor and clean the floor with his stump with a short. She has been charged with all this second and third degree involuntary manslaughter something along those lines I thought I was sought as we were not to the mound and chancellor point. And a prosecutor basically sat I would like to charge her with more room but I don't think I can get a conviction under current law. So they're looking at creating an unlocked. Should the bully be prosecuted. If the victim commits suicide 57677985767798. Right to the phones we go Kyle in Kansas City your leadoff hitter Kyle. Should a bully be prosecuted if a victim commit suicide. I do believe so I mean. Absent from the market school and you can preschool in yet fully. And age it. We have been a different world now I mean 1020 years ago I mean it was different kids or will mean our parent raises the greatest art art art art art is different and apprehensive. The kid can't let me stay out so someone don't light skinned probably and be you know. And I mean it was just different than we dealt dealt with a different Hitler a little more sensitive nowadays. And you know especially mental health issues and get regular schools and have been problems it's just horrible. Is a question on. What can we do to Adam that a word for it but to make kids mentally tougher. I've I'm not advocating fighting that's not the direction I'm going what do you as a parent what can we what we need to be teaching our kids because it is a problem. Like we have never seen. I don't think it is really submerged apparent since. I'd hate to be this way that our kids there and sports and I'd be participation awards a year at every every one of them gets its image as they. They assume. They they I don't explain how explain it or not. They they they don't learn how to fail. Why exactly they don't know what an avid they take responsibility. Or step by. Upper control their lives. I think that's part of it and Kyle thinks your full comment appreciate I think that's part of it but I also think. I don't think kids are softer I think there are more ways for them to get hit yeah I think that's partly right. I think when we were in school the difference because they're reasons why was all I was school and I read an emphasis on problem the difference now is that. Kids can be bullied 24 hours a day when he or seven there is there is no escape from on. How or isn't that something that we as adults can fix. Can't wean and when I say we mean those of you that our parents or working in schools can't we limit isn't our job then to limit kids' exposure to the things that can hurt and isn't social media an easy thing. To cut off is that if they're seventeen. It's that this kid was seventeen but in other cases the kid is ten or twelve or fourteen and in that case that it doesn't happen found out that it doesn't have access to it doesn't have to have access to FaceBook yet I think this is a little work is controllable let's talk to see Indian 91 KM BZ sandy should be prosecuted if the other victim takes their life. Absolutely. It is right and I would only in my that the and I all the Al. And I'd lie. Bought. It was more global like it. You're at it area. And she like crap that it was right. It would be 11. More left image and that there was not ready. There. When it what what went on with workplace bullying. I'm really shocked me. I would he yelled back. What age trick out. Bet in Asia it was the way she made the deal. Was it different than how she treated other people because I. And yet but and an after he did that she let the hype and you. Happened to get on a bad guy. You are great because that whatever it was right. Though there were other people in other other. They knew it. Actually it and they get it and that I think I went out awhile surgery and get made it but I feel better not be. Feel better. Not having it at the note that it is an op and it be at what on. She got the I I I if I act or HR. And while they have out war. They caught me they don't like oh well I'll aunt they get hurt. And I got out later they are that they were. Out it is that we're like that. And so that the happen. At right now I'm back. On the. Alleged that out of that toxic situation sandy thank you for that phone call I mean is there dimension workplace bullying and just being a bad boss so I think it's. And keeping in mind that bullying doesn't have to come through your boss. You can be bullied by coworkers on. Define it a little bit on bullying in the workplace and to do that I'd loved her more stories from people who have dealt with workplace bullying on you. I don't know I think we need to define it a little bit I I'd certainly have worked with people that. Worm. Jerks. You know for lack of editor we work pretty closely together in an environment like this and I certainly. Have worked with people that that we're jerks but I. Just thinking out loud to me a bully is someone that kind of hesitant for him. Yeah I I somebody that targets you I don't feel like bullies are policed everybody I feel like they'd pick. People they find to be weak her because it's about a power struck down a bullying is about power. On which is why often comes from Abbas but it's somebody who feels like they have power over. Or like if there if you're not in the click in the office right if there's like an office of ten guys or ten people or ten women or whatever and eight of view. Are our friends and go over each other's house is neagle out you writers the two weirdos that nobody talks do they get like. Dumped on a gay crap on they get that the extra work on that nobody talks to home. What is that it to me on not being lights. By somebody's not the same thing as being short by somebody being ignored or not being in in the click is not the same thing as being 5767798. Pol in Kansas City should have bully be prosecuted if they victim takes their own life. You know I think that in our society today. We just has I have left Atlanta in on personal. Goal and accountability. And you know. Do we want to encourage that kind of behavior. That if somebody is so mentally unstable. That it. They're gonna kill themselves just because somebody in that. Do we wanna throw Barry. Only outlet for the person in jail or. We encourage. The white guilt. That stand out. And stand up and become a surrogate end up for themselves. We ever bullied. Yep I want because I was. You know I. Went out bullied at learn by our learned from bill. We know that it's funny when we talk about bullying often. A lot of people and not singling you out posing Iran you're right but a lot of people say learned to fight. What unify your boss. In this case talking about you're gonna you're gonna fist fight your boss. Robert. But the problem and indebtedness is the former teacher in me talking and and parents feel freed up arguments me if you want but what what I am when I was tot. In getting my education wise. When you teach committed to fight as a way of to resolve conflict. How do you on teach them that as an adult that's not okay. Because as an adult you can't do you're gonna be charged with assault if you do that as an adult. Well not that. Certainly this fight adjuster yet certain is that stand up for yourself. I think we got to be clear on the difference and you say fight a lot of us here throwing punch out. It's it's more than and it just it is it's happened at. A certain. The stand up for yourself around. Of all the when you're seventeen and you haven't made your first job and lets you get picked on at school we all everybody got picked on at some point. But that you go to work and you think I'm gonna be used for four hours or five hours of work in it dairy queen I'm not gonna get picked on and here's your boss just. Hammering you and throwing hamburger you would make me clean the floor and your. Is it me so I wonder if Kenny if the kid in this case had told mom and dad what was happening at work. And how mom and dad would have responded because I think there's a lot of shame involved in bullying this could have been bullied in high school and network and might not be telling mom and dad. But what's the advice that mom and active that in that situation quit the job or a bit after. I am thank you policy and you got to stand up for yourself your feeling they can be your being treated like crap work like I don't want you one time I got treated like crap or write to the that the big boss. He is actually listening on the deal and I got picked on on the radio or whatever. And the next day that I was all because he acted professionally it was and at the station it wasn't good for station morale so I get standing up for years so. Do we look down and on and snitching too much on the penalty killing too much to kids see that as as cattle and FAA tell somebody else are being bullied. Does it does a kid feel like I'm because I can't take it. And I see be able to take some. And and the gets into the question about turning the other cheek right standing up yourself like Paul saying right. Or blowing off we're telling somewhat higher than to say way to win narc me out bro. What are you doing yeah. To be more your phone calls coming up. Nobody else get bullied at the workplace by who by coworkers by your boss. And should you be prosecuted. If somebody takes only because your bully by 767798. Should you be held accountable legally. And prosecuted if they bully was RD victim takes throw life following your bullying 5767798. It's called Kenny is law. Yeah I and it was brought to a senate committee based on a guy named penny who at the age of seventeen had committed suicide. And it came after he was bullied in school first. For being overweight and for having speech impediment and then as he was working at dairy queen his 28 year old bonds. Was bullying him there was forcing him to I'll lay on the floor and washed the floor with his stomach with a shirt. Through hammers and allegedly and the prosecutor felt like she was in a tough spot. And couldn't charge that 22 year old witness on a tougher charge because she didn't she get a conviction. So she is charged that 22 year old with a lesser charge still felony and lesser charge. So. Now this Lott proposes that you were charged that person with second degree involuntary manslaughter. For inciting someone else to commit suicide go right to. Phones and talk to John in Kansas City John your 91 KM BZ TV prosecuted if someone takes our life for bullying. Okay yes I'd think you should be and church thing. All I can see where you're coming from when you say stand up for yourself watch in the workplace is you know yeah culture box. What are your thoughts come in the room you're ill you. You're gonna get fired. Not your boss gonna get intro you're gonna get fired for insubordination. And everything else. Another thing is that when you were talking about gambling limit. He. They broke cortex Bernie praying that our kids get their younger. Yes and no because some school system now and they actually have any messaging system. When you log onto the computer or somebody can just look to your name up in that school. And you'll get messages like no other around. It's. True. It's very true they John thank you for your own command we appreciate it let's try Gary and independents and KM BZ Gary. What do you think. Much probably at about. Gare a year on KN BC sorry about that Gary go ahead. Largely name Jerry. I think they should be prosecuted. August 19 the 117 my wife took her life after being repaid repeatedly. Work. She worked for federal entity and every time she went about our bosses edit it out war. Can you talk about what seed he went through what. Behavior she experienced. Oh it was always oh you have become it worked that Saturday. Because. You may mean pat and it was literally goes where work. You may need matter weeks you get become an in law filing. A law school. 08. Months maybe ormat. Before my wife took her life well. And we. Don't have our own for that but we do have a couple more questions if you don't mind and what. Do you know all. What it. Steps she took. Before the final stat did she go to HR did she seek counseling did she search Florida. And and I don't mean to sound the way it's gonna sound but people are asking. You know where there are things that she tried first before stick that final step. Oh sure there were they aren't sure where to look ought or ought she went to the apartment. And after a bat and it always got work. Wishing getting wishy getting reprimanded from upper management or HR for going over our bosses head. Yeah yeah they are white sheet got old. Just leave it alone it. I. Sand. She got she got reprimanded or really big on all eight G. And GG girl. And is over the course of three months of being bullied for. I mean what what was the initial reason that she you know this albeit at a decent three months what was the dead of the catalyst for this. Well they had gotten new management at the federal entity. And a lady you know how to do her job at all well why would try to teach our. It was more know Iraq where I don't know how he's distraught. Well quite frankly you're going to manage. It didn't know they jot or Eric. At these people. Had no idea what they were doing so went what would try to GT they took it very under. Have you interacted at all with that boss. Since your wife. I thought. Aren't allowed to contact that it. Her I would yeah. That aren't yet VI RY. Because I got old are up. I am. And sounds like there's not a lot you can tell us Gerri because and you don't want to get yourself in any more trouble. It it just I mean it and I understand it it sounds like it's it's kind of hidden in some secrecy right now and stuff that you can't get into. Well now I generally idiots do it but aren't you out. Per your show I get not exposed the federal. Right here right about that at bat and Gerri thank you for your phone call man IE. I don't know how your. Getting through each day to try to stay strong in and we we send our thoughts and prayers and our our heart goes out to him and why take general lies. It's six months ago so we talk about and and have for the last forty minutes about how kids need TV. Stronger and how we need to teach kids mental toughness but I think we're learning that. It's not that simple or that easy as evidenced by the fact that we have adults who were suffering from a also. Go to John in Kansas City and 91 KG MB easy John should be able to prosecute bully. AAF Sar should someone be able to prosecute bully if somebody takes their life. Yes they sure. And we need to change the rule in the rule of no fighting there between on a punch and fighting. I had a liberal family out or tell us want to. The only way he'll ever stop the bully. Is punch them in them. Either. Currently. They hear it immediately. Yeah it does not put out. Would you do the same thing work. You. Don't punch a bullying boss or co worker in de knows what because it is the only way to get it right away probably with what do you Verlander. LA. Currently all. And your tip. Now seem now. He's saying that people keep saying what you can fight figuratively know there's a difference the they're not the same thing what's a figurative punch in the nose. If you are highly coveted employ an issue. That ought it's got to be reprimanded and probably fired. OK so let me ask this again which onshore well. Sit it out in the public eye bots could be and I highly productive. Employee just like the last fellow got ripped bless his soul. It by highly productive employee that was being involved. I'm gonna ask again is like an answer to. Two part question what do you do for a living. Would you punch or boss in the face if you felt like that person was bullying. Well. There's no difference if music punch I mean punch in the face. That's. I. Hope it doesn't matter. Does it make a political background. Typically. Are passive and don't fight fight I'm I'm. Asked about you and not about whoever you got advice from. Take care John you have yourself a great day my friend. As a matter political background to make a sound diet any opportunity to bring that in depth and calls people while biking gear in TU that a fight punch our boss in the nose in our boss is only yelled at us one time once once you guys for Alex I'm an attack if it isn't all bad. My bad concerned ever act its Ari I never when he was disciplining UN nine. I never at one point was like. Jamie we got punched his son of a beat the note are you tell women to punch their their bosses who might be twice their size gun Huntsman announced or vice Versa like like in our newsroom Kara is Michael Rhonda bombs boss and if Kara just run bomb off. It's right if Michael run a bomb. Smacks care in the nose you know if you hit our boss and because you felt like to be able to you would be fired you would be charged with assault and might ever work in this business again and a small world. But squeezed to or in real quick here Jason Italy thought Iran KM BZ Jason begin prosecutable. I'm hoping they issue that comes. I myself when I was seventeen. What suicidal and it was only that school. And the friend that taking my Lai and the they ended up charging up the bully at school no one would've known that I really would have killed myself because I was beaten the belief that home on my dad. And that's that's really what it would of been nobody would've known as relaxing. That's the real slippery slope if he you know can they can start charging people with. You know other things in which you know of where the other person is and quite involved as soon as another bite might know about. I think we talk about bullies we do it often Jason thanks for your phone call more sleep most of the time we focus on kids at school and social media but it is as were as we're talking about in this particular its new spin on it with bullying at the workplace and Jason and some being bullied at home. Yeah you are ever in the in the mood to take your own life make this phone call first it is a national suicide prevention lifeline 180273. Talk it's 80273. Talk make that call Jason we're glad you can take your life you're still humans to got a on how. You do and I think that's the problems sometimes I think there are a lot of its its like when incredible woman and abusive relationship. She doesn't know to get out she doesn't who would know to want to get out she does she doesn't realize that there's an alternative to. Yeah he's he beats me what were some good win for good doesn't well I think it's it's not knowing that you deserve better I think that's often a problem with women and and often their kids involved and there aren't there other. There's a disruption of of a routine that is involved but you feel like you don't deserve better you feel like is they told you. You you assess. And a bit of Jason grew up. And kid this happens all the time kids grow up in a funeral in a father son relationship just for example. Re the dad hits him in the ire of the face of whatever more than spanking more than that line but that's how you grown up with it. And you feel like garbage but that's how you've grown up with it you don't know to get out of that Jason we're glad you stayed with us. To bullying is more about verbal abuse especially if we're talking about home. I you know. Child abuse is when it goes beyond spanking bullying to me is when your being talked down to and put down all the time in being treated differently than the other kids and we're just like the parents evidence or. Which is a horrible situation for child Jason thanks again for the call let's wrap this up real quick with the airing in Kearney airing you get the final word. I call kind of similar trajectory and I would. Where would greatly abused when I was a child but a little heavily bullied at school and I would also into the Foster care system and when I was an ice cool idea that can detect. Like I've worked greatly on all. Thankfully outward got a bird a way to go to court but it now that it. By Heidi I absolutely believe they need to be prosecuted. Make. What I hear so many callers say that the victim just eat it and Brigham now. Because. I tried that at the kid and it does that work in it gets you beat down in front of people public shaming. Most bullies. They don't well you because they're weaker than tutored a stronger constitution. They only view because they physically yeah. And and standing up to them can beat some of the worst things that you can do and that's just build education. The effect that bullying is so much more important. Then and educating the victim. That that blows my mind it at that argument. Errant takes the phone commented I'm glad aspirin didn't work for you. It's not a FaceBook page continue the conversation their welcome back to this little bit later on. It's 1046 coming out. Government run blue eight. Or support out there it's being discussed will discuss with you next week on social media yesterday. What do you think of a government run blue apron style food delivery service for the pork replacing food stamps that sell budget director Mick molding you described it. From the trump administration's proposal to replace nearly half of poor Americans monthly cash benefits with a box of food this would affect. Households that receive at least ninety dollars a month in food stamps roughly about 38 million people and we're gonna read you what this would entail. We looked at your reaction to it and if you currently. Horror for previously ever have received food stamps you and your family for whatever reason. Have had to survive on food stamps please give us call and tell us your thoughts on this 5767798. And what it's like I. I wanna know how hard it is I have no concept of what it is like to not have enough money. To get the food I need. I've I've just been fortunate I've never had that problem I don't know what it's like to fear about providing for children from what is it like to survive on food stamps would have an untold story and then there was a threat that Dina right had to re tweeted on Twitter. On for if you have an in your computer it's at Hud who wins is the Twitter handle and it is a series of about 304050 tweets. From somebody who is bent on food stamps survived on food stamps and describes all the flaws in this play his IE. Initially thought well this is probably a good plan and then you start reading about it and you think well I'm not sure it's a good plan and feel pretty join us 576. 7798. Or text into two nannies or the story also up on FaceBook and Twitter it's called USDA's America America's harvest boxes bold innovative approach providing nutritious food people who need assistance beating themselves and their family. According to agricultural Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said in the statement it maintains the same level. Of food value as snap or supplemental nutrition assistance program. Opera has been is currently receipt abiding states flexibility to administering the program and is responsible to the taxpayers. Instead of receiving all of their food stamp fonts. Households would get a box of food that the government describes as nutritious and 100% wrote and produced in the United States. The harvest box would contain shelf stable milk. Juice grains cereals. Pasta peanut butter beans canned meat poultry fish. Canned fruits and vegetables and be valued at about half of the snap recipients monthly benefit. The remainder of the benefits of the then given to them on electronics benefits card as before. Now we don't have all the details yet on how Phillies would receive the food boxes in the states distribute them through the existing infrastructure partnerships or. To elect directly to residences. Throughout the delivery service according to the administration. The proposal would save nearly a 130. Billion dollars over ten years. And the administration says it would improve the nutritional value program reduce potential for brought. 5767798. Do you think this is a good idea. Under president trumps administration. To. Basically do away with most of snap. You still get a benefit card with the remainder but they would have predetermined pre selected. Government run blue apron. For the pork. So married to use and tweets on again Dana and this is up on came easy radios while I retreated a cent Jamie came easy on there is a person named pat hug women's is their Twitter handle what a look at it. Who tweet a couple of days and now 4050 tweets in response to this plan and let me summarize feel a little bit of what does percent say it might deepen your understanding of some of the problems here. I starts off with so is someone who was covered monthly food budgets with food stamps. Let me write a few things down for you because a lot of people haven't. And starts off with food stamps are incredibly limited. What I had to work with was a bit over a hundred box and that's right right. So we put out that. In in delivering these boxes of pre selected food for people on there are no fresh fruit or veggies and he's not at all paying any. All canned boxed or something you would donate to a food pantry basically is what's in the spot it's this stuff like Christmas that you plod your cabinet like I don't need this right. So he points out first of all you assume that people are going to know how to cut what doesn't app talks. You'll say and they are going to have the tools to cut it like a can't open or aced well which is not always an extended stay motel at a place like that. On it doesn't account for allergies and a family it doesn't account for likes and dislikes. Kids with autism might have text her issues with food but that doesn't account for. On again it has no fresh fruit or veggies. He says on that. It's just that that food stamps are only covering just food it's it's just a box of food. But there are a lot of other things that families need that are not covered by this no diapers no fan of products notebook paper now shampoo. Things that you actually need it or not going to be covered here. Actually after after reading his threat and hearing the story you just read it really seems like this plan in an effort to save money. Is giving food stamp recipients the cheapest and unhealthy just items that are health care and healthy eating is expensive. It is more expensive to eat healthy than it is to eat jump. 5767798. I would throw this on the table before we get to news symbols are taking your calls after news of Dakota and Sharon and meg and Colleen hang right there. Why is it acceptable to have a government run. Food assistance program but government run health care is a no no what happened to. Give them the freedom to make the choices on the foods they want to provide for themselves and their family here's one. Because we get. Judging about people that need help and we feel like if you want help from us it our right to put what ever conditions on it we want. That's what I got a bunch of other questions about this like what if you're homeless. What do you don't have a physical address to receive the box. What have some of that food requires cold storage yeah any form or you're warm left overs you know. I I would if you don't have gas or electricity or microwave. What did what what if for whatever reason it snows in the post man can't get your box to your home and is it just your ass oh well death. And it's in the month and you need the box are way too many questions about this for me to get I initially I thought good idea but if you dive deeper into it and you play the what if game. It may enlighten you. Maybe it's good idea maybe it's a great idea.