Midday with J&W: Should authorities get involved over this Twitter rant?

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Thursday, April 12th

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About governor Greg is a little bit later rod wanted to light it up and talk some guns. Wasn't my idea I saw this. That I think it was 957. And you're like hey it's 57 after we should kick return sure we should get in the studio to do the show I said. Sure maybe you. Did you see this. More importantly you need to hear it yeah. I get moral pretty divided in this country whether you're Republican or you're a Democrat went a year. A fan of gun control or the current gripping to the Second Amendment like it's your baby. They'd ever world divided right everybody has their own opinion. I've I've for the most part have no problem with few owning a gun I think it's totally fine. There are some people that shouldn't have guns thing we can agree on that. There are you know you've got people who think that may be domestic abusers shouldn't have guns or felons shouldn't have guns or whatever shouldn't have guns. What introduce you to a guy on Twitter by the name of mock up frank too that's his Twitter handle or should I say. That was his Twitter handle his account has been suspended. I saw this and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It you others in this whole. Ever since the park and shooting. You know the face of school shootings has been David Hogg from from park went from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. And there are a lot of people that hate David off because he's been preaching his gun sense gun control message all over CNN and MSNBC. I think he was on lower Ingram showed first. And then it. As did the movement went from can you talk about surviving to the march for our lives and all school lock outs and all that kind of stuff. He's become an enemy of the NRA and an enemy of those that think that we should are more people armed teachers. Mark frank too on Twitter and again makah frank two's account has been suspended. Is not a fan of David hock. I think he's out in Los Angeles or somewhere in California because as Twitter handle is bio calls in LA where wolf. So I have to just assume that means Los Angeles wearable. He put up a little video I wanna play you there is a dirty word in here so if you have a problem with that I apologize. It's an terrible word but it's one we. Just be aware yeah LB stock went there but I think it's important to air it. So that you beat you grasping at picture a big giant. I don't I've never gone shooting I don't I you I don't know you have yeah picture a big dirt hole like a big valley and targets. On you know one and and there's a table of gods I assume. These guys know what they're doing. And wet you look at this big giant dirt hole I'm talking and fifty yards 75 yards long and 3040 yards lied to build a bigger. You heat your gonna hear a guy by the name of Margot frank to come into the camera. And he has a message I guess for the face of school shootings David hawk. Us district in an odd bit jet CNN new push this site or are you gonna make us like you wanna steal the civil war looks like you feel like even. Hello I'm. I'm gonna let them. Political. You understand what that was he as a message for the little beat David Hogg on CNN and claims that David dog wants to push us towards civil war I think that's absolutely insane. And then what you don't see what would make for great radio is the camera pans to the target. And it's David hogs head. It was unbelievable. To see now that account has been taken down thank goodness Twitter did what a lot of people wish FaceBook did more often. And that is take down a video depicting violence towards another human being. How to get to that point how we get to the point where we are mimicking. Shooting. People because we disagree with their their points of view does. I think this is a big deal did you guys here are 57677. Dying does anybody think is does this is getting a lot of reaction. And regardless of where you stand on guns. I was really take it back. On. The fact that. I think we can have a conversation about whether this is considered a threat against David Hogg and whether that is something that can be charge double. On but if you think this isn't a big deal and it just idea is this guy just joking around and first of all it should say something to you that they took it down. On he says it down yeah yeah which which would indicate the seriousness of it. Don't makes a big deal out of the house do you think I'm making too big deal out of this Jamie how do we deal how big a deal to. Think it is I was honestly I was worried I was like wow because it I believe that he's not the only one that feels that way that would have a heart like. Would have a target of David Hodge head at a shooting range like I oh boy oh boy to the saints know the deal more than cities yeah attacks that you can call me names that's fine I don't care I think it's in reference to them but I need to know what the explanation for why you think this is no big deal because what I understand is. On you know David Hogg did this voluntarily. In terms of putting himself in the spotlight absolutely it's not his fault that he was where he was at the time it's it's. Certainly not his fault that he was you know apartment and mass shooting like that. But it was up to him to decide to be in the public. And as we well know somebody in the public eye while knows it's not all flowers and roses it's not all right pieces unsigned. On and and I get it if you don't give him a pass just because he's seventy he's almost an adult he's in the spotlight he's he has put himself now. What I don't understand is having to go to this extent because you don't like his political views and and sit today. Simulate shooting him I ate. Please I'd be taken a lot I mean. If this was. Anybody. Anybody let's say it was your neighbor let's say it was your son or your daughter that this guy didn't like let's say you were David hogs dad. And you saw that this guy. With a high powered rifle. Arnold pentagon it is not to make a claim. Is is targeting route or shooting at a target with your your site under your daughter your sister your mother your Brothers had. Help make it somebody you don't know what it was and other public and you know person what if it was senator McCaskill oracle is senator blunt. Here's who it wide right who cares who the person wise or what this guy's beef with that person in the kids. It is a person with a political view who is Ben outspoken about it. Who you who you just don't like you just don't like him and you don't agree with his years and why do this 5767798. Us district in an odd bit jet CNN new push the site or are you gonna make it right plus U and a civil war looks like you feel like even. Little room. I'm government. We are chat about a video that we found about 9:57. This morning at about 950 it was taken down as was the Twitter account Gavin and ammo Mogg frank. To what. He is not a big fan of David hawk the face of school shootings. I've gotten a district in an odd bit jet CNN new pushes you towards your you ought to make a what does he does so more looks like. And and the camera hand to his target which was you know seventy yards waiter whatever I don't know why is and there was a picture David hogs that. Com this is in my opinion no different than the Kathy Griffin picture that was posted because the Tex lines and you know I I thought you I thought we didn't cover it and I thought no doubt okay Noah yet Negroponte actually condemned her and said that CNN tasked to fire her in his will do a lot of damage to her career if not real and it and it should. But wait your liberal I know I it's amazing to be fair and bass it's amazing. That should have happened and neither should this I mean we all have to chill here with the violence. On yet keep in mind she was investigated by the secret servant yeah making that was considered to be a serious threat against president rightfully investigated. This should be investigated as a threat against David hot. 57677983. People who wanted to bring up Kathy Griffin mysteriously all just hung up there that's fine. Let's go to see it in Kansas City here on KM BZ would I think this this is video hears it. Well I think that the bigger dictate score obviously but I think the bigger issue here it. They. Aren't going after gun control going after all right. That's already been around forever it's not it's all right thing and they would hear that the hike about the bag were. Are you don't let David Hogg is going after who are we say he Hillary referred to. He's going to Africa patrols were out of comedy that animal out. Future that we get the right people get on screen before Uga and I understand the book that kid's school shooting in it are getting bigger and their parents. What do you think about the video clip let's stick to why this guy. It staples but again as an avid shooter I mean I've picking targets of Osama bin Laden the top ten. What we have aren't and I don't agree with publicly putting it out there like that it's ambiguity view. I just don't get that part of it but it's being done apple side saw that. What's the other what do you mean it's being done both sides is somebody else on the other side putting up a video. Of somebody who is a data lash yeah gap is somebody put that up on a target shipment that. Yeah and they got it right there I would have to research orbit. I don't think it's spirit bring up but from as a trophy that was extreme but. I don't like this I think it's being done or shock value to people talk about it. And we are and Twitter has taken it down. Sipping your focal man we appreciate it thank you for your service Liz in Kansas City you're on KM BZ. It Liz what do you make this video from a models ranked too it's a great day for you make a mock afraid to use video. I didn't I didn't think I think he is married to a normal. Yeah I training. But very adamant about not Oregon people are app. We call you responsible gun owners. And there are there are I don't don't want to hear. That back. Aren't. There. You billion out of don't know it yet. You know. Eight guy like that I can't. Exactly. Get back. You know we called her. I was. Yeah. Yeah I mean they the FB the Secret Service went to Kathy Griffin's house and investigated her. And she was subsequently fired from CNN and lost a lot of gigs in a lot of hotels wouldn't Booker or resorts wouldn't Booker. Which is probably the right course of action Liz thank you for your phone call it sucked acts in Kansas City Hatcher and KM BZ. Yeah I got a question or when President Obama. Was run in the country under a lot of people. That he used payment to target I didn't hear anybody complain. The network and you were listening to his a lot of people did complain about that. Thought I remembered so does that because. They may have just attacked. But it does that make this okay with this guy's going David. Not one bit which you may wanna buy the bat yes. It is saint Pete or want cute and general off. They probably may have bad and if if if there ever videos of shooting at the face of President Obama. They probably should have people coming their way as well from the FBI the Secret Service but I can guarantee you there were planned T. Of demonstrations with masks and doles of hatred for President Obama I'm about to quote my mother who'd be very proud of god two wrongs don't make a right that is correct. 5767798. William Euro and 881 KM BZ think strangling the head. Yeah and our guys are first saw the video out really distasteful and I think that his Twitter at should have been was suspended all my question is. Yes absolutely my question is I guess familiar with their eyes they're crawled well reasoned NFL running back. Yeah IB as in April well. Crow well yes excuse me he. He present a very. Old image. Probably about a year a year ago a police sought are being decapitated. Granted it was taken down their ankle while and as they can immediately and suspended by keystone social media. Why is aide democratic Missouri. Helplessly as member who has publicly called for the assassination of adult trumped what she's still have a. I don't know asked Twitter you'll have to ask Twitter YouTube she. She she debated whether you count should be taken out if that. We don't determine that the question is about. Frequent question I'm asking is whether police should be charging the sky with the threat against David hi I'm wondering how we get back to civility. And. That's the question I want to know I'd. I love all the people on the right coming out and say it's bad but what about this or people on the left saying it's bad but what. I'd like to live in a country and maybe I'm absolutely insane. I'd like to live in the country. Where guys named mock up frank to art posting videos. Proving their point or trying to prove their point where they shoot two. The face. Of a of a seventeen year old kid who's trying to figure out a way to stay alive at school. I'm not still live in that world. I want to live in a world where people are making dolls decapitated dolls of the president I wanna live in that world. To quote the tax line why can't we just have different opinions and not be violent about it thank you that's regrets the greatest text in the history of the toilet that is the case of the easy text line why can't you attack. The opinion and not the person making it why can you not just be critical of the message and not the messenger literally shoot the messenger. And as case I just. Act like you are going to you I how we get. Back I don't know if we were ever civil. I don't know I was I'm I'm I'm I'm a product of the 1980s. I was born in 81. I don't know the eighties were civil I don't remember the ninety's being terribly civil the two thousands early part or not and we sure as hell are not now. Am I just in my in my being should have bury my head my bury my head in the sand thinking we'll ever get back to civility. Not everybody is this guy. Now all I know that not mathematically is this guy. And if he was out to get attention he got it he got hit by it. He went too far which is why his count was taken out and so good jockey got for a little bit by it. The only reason we have the audio was because you have on your phone before that it got sick now literally like a minute made a difference. I mean I I took my phone held up to a microphone and whatever studios to record that's why it sounds a little empty now that it would sound great from cell phone in a big canyon with gunfire there led. And I just knots is that is that what it is I mean the guy got attention from the FBI or Secret Service whoever's gonna go there and investing. Obama has gotten yet because there's concerns but those will be I think they do need to investigate whether David Hogg. Is the subject of a genuine. The gaga genuine threat because just like what he's gonna say is he was joking. But let's say you're getting but it can still be considered a third down down. Right can you talk about this story about almost act. So we've got up bright and big guns to homelessness. I just so interesting to this is very weighted average Iraq's elected and some of you would be very happy about on there's a story at a DC. About a homeless man who is making eight genuine a run for mayor oh boy can someone who is homeless the mayor. Legalities aside how would you feel if someone who was homeless. Was running for mayor because in DC the guy to get on the ballot. 57677985767798. We've talked about governor brighten as we've talked about guns now Jimmy wants talk about homelessness. I finance fast cash. There's the star of the Washington Post about the race for the mayor of Washington DC. And you have a homeless man who is among those trying to go on the ballot to run for the mayor of DC I've never hurt. I'm someone who was homeless making eight genuine Ryan for the mayor city particularly said he does large. And I would love to know your thoughts on us about whether you think someone who was homeless let's say he is still homeless. When it if you selected what do you think about someone who was homeless running for mayor. And becoming mayor of a city 22980. Or 576779. I gonna source the Washington Post out with no credible opponent challenging mayor Muriel browser for reelection. The campaign's most assimilating drama may be whether a man who says he sleeps on sidewalks buses. And in homeless shelters can qualify for the ballot he is 32 year old Jeremiah style on bock and he believed he had earned a spot and the city's political stage. When he submitted 2040. Nominating signatures to the DC board of elections. You need 2000. To get on the ballot for the primaries he got 2040. That's what's required of Merrill candidates. In the city's democratic and Republican primaries in Jan. But two other candidates also little own challenged the validity of stock box signatures. Forcing him to show up for a mediator recently and fight for a spot on the ballot as last night. Steinbach was wearing a button down shirt overcoat and Redskins cap as he sent any reception area before hearing at the board's headquarters. At his feet was a duffel bag containing clothing and other personal items that you blogs with them across the city. He said they these people want me to fail I came in with all these aspirations but I'm homeless and they don't want to. He calls himself the homeless candidate says he wants to expand affordable housing in a district which has one of the highest rates of homelessness of any US cities. When the current mayor bows Iran for years ago she pledged to address homelessness. As one of her signature issues. So he said he spent the night before his hearing. Beneath an outdoor table at a shuttered down sound downtown restaurant after having nodded off on the seventy bus which he so it was jam with passengers who do not having permanent address. He was feel Ty said he didn't show it when he got their fourth mediation he is higher Rudolph McGann elections board attorney presided over the hearing. You've got us slowdown he set as McGann tried to explain mediation was about to begin your Roland I did two cups of coffee. The channel two was petitions was filed by another mayoral candidate Ernest Johnson who was represented by three silent candidates. Here's the is working out with signatures. And a system board of elections registrar informs Don box that. The other candidate in question 385. Of his signatures the board she said now considered. 1755. Of his signature is valid or 245. Fewer than you need to qualify. His next step he can either with draws Tennessee or asked Fareed formal hearing to settle the dispute. Run as a writing. Which he may deal. We don't know exactly what his answer is out we know that there was another candidate that another challenger who also. Questions some of these signatures but then withdrew his. It is filing against him. So this can run as a write in candidate I don't know what is chances are of getting on the ballot. Going in the primary on again the current mayor's running for reelection. She maybe hasn't let up I don't know. But what somebody who's homeless running for mayor. All right 5767798. Compared to jump in a put up on Twitter as well if you wanna read that KM BZ radio the whole thing it's an interesting story. Heat if he gets the signatures. Fine. I'm not voting for white I don't care who the the other candidates are a voting for one of them. I don't know what put him in this position. But if the man cannot. Hold down a regular job which requires a little responsibility. If the man cannot hold down an apartment. Which requires little responsibility. Combined with having that job and again maybe he has and a substance issue maybe he lost his job. If you can't hold down a job. That he does a required to do a lot I mean he could go people always single flip burgers or whatever. I am not trusting that man to run my city I don't care if it's Liberal, Kansas or Kansas City, Missouri I don't care. If it's big or small. I'm not vote for this guy. What was his choice to be homeless what if it wasn't a product of him being irresponsible or can't hold a job what if for whatever reason he decided that's the lifestyle he wants is to live on the street. It's good for him. I'm not voting for a guy who chooses to not to be a part of society. To chooses not to be a working class human being just not not where I'm upload form. But he has a firsthand account of what is a major problem in that city. He wants to expand affordable housing in the duster come which has one of the highest rates of homelessness of any US city. Who better to have insight on how to fix that problem than someone who has been homeless himself. Then joined the mayor's team. Be part of the mayor's administration. Reach out to list the mayor's name memorial Hauser and reach out to Muriel aunt and be and beyond the that the affordable housing committee you're not how. He has good ideas and and doesn't trust someone else acts acute and what if he's the one with the ideas of how to fix things and he would rather leave himself. And for the list. You know and maybe not you know having great transportation around the city he's still got 2040 signatures on petitions 17100 of which have been clear ballot. So he's willing to vote for and we get your vote. I want to know more about the platform I wanna know why I I don't like somebody who runs on one issue I wanna know more other than affordable housing. But I would immediately Rolen out because he's homeless. By 767798. Let's go to Dennis in Kansas City Dennis when a homeless person get your vote here. You're on here. The other is here in the city. You know they almost person running for prayer. Would be that. It's a person cannot advantage there ordered search to the court to take to keep a roof over their head. How could they be trusted and it didn't bears to the city. Let me ask you the same question I asked what at what he chose to be homeless wasn't what if this isn't an issue of irresponsibility. Or not not about him not being able to hold a job what if this is the lifestyle he chooses. You know that probably. Not. Such a program work maybe not the character that I would or in person. That would be managing the city as he may transfer his own opinions of our ethnic or 0%. Are two others. I think that's a really good point Dennis I I think it's as if if if he chooses to be homeless. I think we can agree you shouldn't choose to be homeless. Right NBA maybe maybe aren't that. I some people that like to be that don't like to be tied down to a particular address don't like to be I don't know I I've never been homeless it's not something I would choose but I don't necessarily think. That everyone who is homeless got there because they don't have the ability to hold outage. It's possible there are a lot of people were homeless who do work I would just don't make enough to get an apartment. I would rather that mine mayor isn't saying hey I've made it being homeless and for some young person to see that and think and you know why. The mayor made it and he was homeless I guess I shouldn't go out and get a job I maybe I should it may guy can choose to panhandle. Maybe he has a job but he doesn't make enough to be able to ice in DC runs pretty high. Ellis he's saying what does and doesn't make enough to afford an apartment in a really expensive city in out maybe he maybe he is working. As some in com. But doesn't have enough to get an apartment there 5767798. Air and your 981 came BZ. Dave all England you know at any moment any worry about to become on absolutely everything can happen. All I get my take on that is that the man has signatures. It ever right to run you know the news he is elected positions. It's like the presidents you know anybody to run for president you know there is the only requirements are are name age and citizenship. Same thing goes four for congressmen and a lot of different governor should whatnot. But. You know. Coming from the military. In and spending eight years within the federal government's okay. I decided that to quit my job and go back to college okay. And I are looking at almost beaten on myself. Because he's being college. Nobody would hire me because they always said I was overqualified. And they wanted need to buy her miserable for I had a critical part for me is that they want it. I ordered some sort reeks of Robert so you know the little things in my built along the way. But we don't know that it backs. You know and depending on on what is what is. At points are whatever you know I would consider what the litigants he had certain background is that and what he's been. They're not Erin thinks the vocal what do homeless person would you even listen to a homeless person. Who was running for mayor he is effort in getting more signatures. He better redo the whole thing it would seem. Well the signatures that he has are valid he just needs more of them and so his his options at this point. Are you appealed to the board of elections in DC or he can just go as a write in candidate and get on the ballot that would. 5767798. Pretty. Interesting points being made we'll get to Kimberly coming up we'll get to DOS. From firsthand knowledge of something like this we'll do that next. Get your vote toward talking about your midday with Jamie wicket 5767798. 32 year old Jeremiah Steinbach is running for mayor of Washington DC or the very least is taking the steps to try to get on the ballot. It requires 2000 signatures to move forward Al with the DC board of elections. He initially got when he and 2040 nominating signatures and through a series of challenges the board of elections there. Declared 245. Of his signatures to be invalid meaning he doesn't have enough to qualify for the ballot. There's some other state steps that he can take that could eventually get him on the ballot and get him before voters. The mayor Muriel browser is running for reelection so he would be up against her at some point. On but he argues that part of why he's running is because he understands one of the biggest problems in DC which is. He wants to expand affordable housing in the district which has one of the highest rates of homelessness. Of any US city in fact he points out when the mayor ran four years ago. She pledged to address homelessness as one of her signature issues so it's clearly a big political issue in the city. Who understands that better than someone who was homeless 576779. Acres today a homeless person get your vote that sucked Kimberly in Kansas City on KM BZ. I don't regularly yet. My helmet interesting issue you brought up on why they're not sure if he called. Her little I would that was someone I can comment but it is in our boy on the toilet and do I want someone who is who would not be responsible. People on both of my current. Guys that that be a no vote for you. Our. I. Looked up. I think today. Tablet now aren't we can't make it negative judgment because they're they're not indicate Catholic and hounding each have had the strength too and quote that on the on the top. What you want someone that only in the middle class and yet the classifieds dial. You know maybe they became homeless because they were helping other. You know. Where you listen I'd I would I would I am Alabama territory ears alone. Can we work how it got how you got to that point how you got out of because I hope that there. Meaning Jones and others. I was giving my assets Eric and it came and other that would. Why did you choose to do that it's interesting. That as other people are more important. The article and children involved. But what's so. You were working I assume and you spent all of your money and out and all of your assets. You gave to a homeless shelter to people on the street to a combination of both other. I gave it to people that. It came to me and Paul made their store but it beat him are people that became friends that we're having a hard time I really helped them get on their feet especially when it's. So involved or elderly. Did you living a car did you live in a shelter or did you sleep on the street. An unbelievable deal the heart of gold I don't know of another person that I will ever encountered in my life. That would do that that would go homeless helping others what is she had to run for mayor while she was homeless. She was not almost her entire life. It was a product of her helping other people what if she's such as almost for two years. What is seizing for your aren't there litter car for two bankruptcies mean so what if two years into being homeless. She ran for mayor. And told that story. And story tears your heart strings there's no doubt I don't know the qualifies you to run a city the size of Washington DC or even Kansas City. But it's a great story what doesn't qualify her. Is it irresponsible what she did. Was it irresponsible to give away Oliver assets to make yourself go broke to make yourself not have a home. Because she wanted to help others it makes her look. Like a great person. But he she did she take care of herself at a hectic really interest in angle from deep we appreciate it deep thanks so much. Stephen Kansas City Iran KM BZ would say yeah a homeless person give consideration for mayor from you. Hold Oprah's ability to her quickly apply. Folks. That full well what America right now people if you would give up our obligation to date look joke you'd rather obese and rich. And which weirdo elected governor and actual also provoke war now. Colonial billion dollars would be grab and warm and KJ put him and all that and some little guy that's just fellows who. What will would you rather go watch cheers. I don't know how this guy got to be homeless walked in and again this is a big there's a lot of what if that a mystery if he does get on that let's say gets on the debate stand Steve. Someone will ask him how did you get into that position what if he got there after. A dozen years of crack cocaine use what if he got there because he became an alcoholic. Very of their agreement in my number and be sure you're sitting here. Sure absolutely. So how could this guy being more equipment column on a mean. Don't let a look iron. A lot of eight year oftentimes it's a it's a good point to bring up your oftentimes brought a born into a family the Kennedys for example. The clintons whatever you're born into a family. That's no matter what you do your bit of success look at Donna and Eric trump they were born into Regis yeah this guy wasn't. Does that mean he can't be a good mayor. I don't know. I yeah I I think captain. Ask yourself you know what qualifies a person to do a good job as fair or what qualifies someone to do that job on again. DC is one of the most expensive places in the country to death as I'm guessing that's partially why they're almost population is so large because rents are so high. And it's so difficult to get somewhere to live. On. Is he qualified I would wonder what job as he had in the past you know white. Eagle anywhere after high school has he lived in DC is entire life eighty graduate school I would I would give some credit to that if if he's thirty he's 32 did he grow up in DC and spent his entire life there and I would rather that over somebody who's relatively new to the city. But maybe has about a resin and. I mean. All all kidding aside. Would you rather. A homeless person replace like James. Would you rather EJ backer replace like James. Regardless of your politics. I think you would vote from EJ for morning show or Allen from our morning show or Jamie or meet. I also questions about whether he can raise money. Because it'll be an X and I am sure it's gonna take money to run advertising it's gonna take money to get them are on the city to do media interviews. Your any different signs that kind of thing so can he get enough backing to raise money and yeah a lot of you know. Are asking residents questions you know I don't know DC as a residency requirement that state of Kansas doesn't ever residency required as a kid up in Maryland that wants to run for Kansas governor so does he have the ability to prove where he lives and is that necessary. What a homeless person get your vote or would say Jermaine read quite Lukas were Jolie Justus. Three Kansas City Council people that anything equal run for mayor when sly is Dunn and then. I I don't think you would have a shot at winning at a negative any shot at winning Jay in Kansas City urine came BC could a homeless person to your vote. Absolutely. And this. Address. The human couple of a billionaire. With apple and a billionaire. Also brought. It did the mayor at each other suns yeah eight yen and. LA did did not go very well for him. Yep and Jenny up. I was certain that it's almost. This governor pat that and that. What what is well wait a minute I'll die while drunk and there's aren't the same plane the woman dean who called up who gave all of her belongings away and she became homeless but she was trying to help the homeless or someone texted and said I was homeless for eight months I believe my house because of domestic violence. Yet again you can read it and of course that. I. Can't. Do it and expanding. Just create it. I don't know Gregory the last part. I don't I agree with first part I I kind of agree with if he knew how to fix the homeless he wouldn't be in that situation but maybe knowing how to get himself out of homelessness doesn't necessarily mean that he knows how to fix it for every one. And and again maybe he has a job. But with DC rent being so high it's not enough to afford rent.