Midday with J&W: Should all headwear be banned from schools?

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Monday, March 12th

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Fool who was always warn a do rag to class and she told item line and I feel like we're just. Sir I feel like it's part of our culture that they're trying to take away either saying we're affiliated with gangs. Now the school initiated a dress code banning ahead you're all students are on school property because the school argues. It could be seen as reflective of gang culture. Yasser shot K Clark who is the dean of Stew and culture at this academies sent an email sent out to the student body regarding the ban clout. To reiterate our Nash now do rags Ari direct component of school to prison pipeline. And unfortunately there are also reflective of some gang culture they can procedure hairline. That's not setting you up for success no one can wait say that the school of what was the pipeline is shut. To reiterate our rationale due grants are direct component of school to prison pipeline. Got that I unfortunately there also reflective of some gang culture can procedure airline. At the site I thought it are up on so. OK so they talked to a junior at Kipp academy who pointed out that girls at the school are allowed to Wear head wraps to keep their hair in place. Does managing your says he thinks male student should be able to do this game. On any Hume some really good point. Because we look a certain way we shouldn't be treated a certain way or depicted a certain way in other words don't assume that every kid with a doo rag is a gang member. Which is kinda what they're kind of with a look at I think. That's fair I think it's fair to stated this to criticize his rule. Or just banding because look not every black kid wears a do rag is gonna go mud. And a bystander or hold up a seven. I mean. They're the last and being taught here. Is so much worse. Then the what third what they think they're pushing. Accepts. I have seen schools that will ban and bald caps being worn a certain way to I'd west indicative of gaining culture or. On or or just there are certain elements of clothing that should be banned it so is not to show who the different gangs are in a school. So that they don't have conflict in the school. He's right though if you're gonna do that ban all headwear guy job just banned the doo rags band and he had cover. That would also protect them from the criticism they're getting for their reason your house the now are we the really. Banned all headwear I mean I I yeah I hear what you're saying we don't blow it. But it's a better PR move to ban all headwear and to be. Ice it's indicative of culture. They're not fact. 5767798. Should school be able to band do rags. 5767798. It also text in a Tutu nannies are we put up on FaceBook and Twitter as well. See years somebody on Twitter Smart a dad. Rent it at KM BZ radio says they've banned hasn't banned in us at my high school back in 1990s. We did not have any and there was no band clothing. At my high school. Now remember credit I was I would into a mostly white suburban. High school so. I don't know the reason they would have to ban anything you don't remember for ending was banned. I don't remember on by. And as I made my point read further down they also do not allow cats or headphones during school hours so little pants either. Well but you got to ban all had rat all head where and on development funds that's Smart. Headphones. Is kids a Q does your blood panel bank you now and then not be listening to on line I've ever heard of. The school to banning you can and can't Wear other than. You know obscene T shirts or something like that you know if you view ads and ads said. F oldies or president hurts or you don't just blatant. Poor taste clothing I understand it. Anderson taxed and thank you for just being blunt about it 9259. We should ban everything that white people are uncomfortable. Is that what this is about. Is this banning something that is more associated with black people and that's making people on comparable this is a charter school right John it's a charter school collegiate charter school. So we are pretty Smart school to me could be black girl could be mixed that mattered then matter. We banning stuff that makes white people uncomfortable. Enough time on top. I'm sorry I'm a blackmail and this is stupid. Do rags are not sending you need to Wear to school like wearing curlers for women at school also still producing your ranking for wearing it. Outside of school of course 5767798. Go to Lansing Kansas City Lance thanks for calling you think we need to band do rags at the school. Lance. Lance going wants it's going to ice let's go to Randy in Kansas City Randi do we need to certain banning all this headwear. Alarmed and curious about all hit where it would be also included that you paid immediate future reporter. There that they don't know the answer to that Randy but. Focusing on the students what do you think. All. I'll I don't I don't Indian. Ernie is like any network anywhere I don't see it being all related Ernie Banks. Thank you for your focal appreciated by 767798. In texted too to. 980. More upset about. The first line of Wyatt on that dean of students had to reiterate our rationale the directory direct component of school to prison pipeline. Have never heard in the full it's. And unfortunately also reflective of some gang culture. So if you weren't du rag to school that means you're on the fast track to present that's what they're saying. Lied about it if they didn't want to do rags because they're connected to ankle traditional lied about the reason because there's make himself sound horrible I mean there is. When I was growing up in San Diego I'm. There is. Had I gone to my high school where I was there was a if you couldn't Wear raider gear. You couldn't Wear bull's skier. Because the the threat of of of violence is the threat of being there were certain places I remember when I was young I Chicago Bulls yours Jack jacket on. Everybody loved Michael Jordan admire growing up that cameras wearing it went to go play golf this is in suburban San Diego and I was young. They wouldn't let me Wear the bulls jacket onto the putt putt course because it was. One of the banned items because it was black and red. And because of its affiliation with. Probably the blinds I don't know. Sounding terribly suburban when I say that but does that mean at this school that they can't Wear anything with. You know gang like Randy can or a bulls Jersey or kings. That what do you do about those who are Muslim. And want to where he jobs. I know about that you can't band that's. I'm surprise. They're the fight probably because you're wearing that for religious reasons buddy schools today and argue. Safety. I guess they want it to you. It wouldn't overall but I just want to ask and how about adding about what's. We'll get to your calls coming up Tim stick right there surely you as well 57677. Anymore your calls coming up taking your phone calls 5767798. There is a school in Massachusetts and charter school KI PP academy DeLeon collegiate facing backlash from male students of color. Forward to rags is part of their culture as a way to keep their hair down should be able to band us 5767798. Initiated dress code rule banning ahead here. All students are on school property because the school argues it could be breeze seen as reflective of gang culture. And I love the first line that you read these kids to reiterate her rationale do rags or component. Of school to prison pipeline. And fortunately they are also reflective of some gang culture. They also do not allowed app story today Elsa journal headphones during so that RT kinda got a policy in place where they're not allowing a lot of headgear. Quite frankly they should have just sat were adding this and and not allowing any kind of head covering. Either way and and that would have taken care of it. But they're being asked about the idea that it's associate with gang culture and it's not unusual for school to pay attention to something like go to Tim in Kansas City it's immediately to ban things like do ranks. I need to feel bad to say it to school policy there's noted gear well I would. I would understand where they were there note do now that they cannot understand it's. You know they all want to where there. There headgear and all but it. It could be considered filing maybe in if you are aware figured do you know out. Outside the school you get pulled by the cops or whatever because they think you're. Never regain. This is what happens when you what you want to do and Stephanie. I mean I don't doubt I don't disagree with a racial profiling whatsoever and it is very point. Thanks Tim could you are surely in Kansas City on KM BZ letting the banning of his headgear. And make it. Out on. On earth early on operate anywhere that night and a little bit sort sort a little while. Here and not get me out on the matter. You know our religion. But I mean you're on in the year you're gonna rent it would be walker I think you're talking. Where at Nike great cleaned and then go to. Oh. Yeah I can tell kids that. Number one aware it anyway analysts as a rule that says they can't. Then they're gonna Wear to school Shirley thinks your phone call markets in Kansas City Iran KM BZ was stuff banned in your school Marcus. I grew up they want to carry can't he can't just with African American principle high school and he that you're gonna walk through my front door. President elect you're walking in to a job interview there'll be no head here because you will not get a job where a gear walk in and somewhere so every headgear with band there was no allowance for. Waive caps do rags to wrap for girls that was you walk in the front door lectured on to a job. So girls can even put like. Wraps in their hair. Not make it. There was no rap no doo rag no had no not when you walk in the door like you're ready to go for a job. And the bulk of and we appreciate it which is probably a good thing I mean when you if you are literally trying to prepare young people for the next step in their life room. It seems a bit extreme to say that to a fourteen year old Q whatever I understand that the mindset. Yeah you know they're two schools of thought on that on this is a charter school on the closest thing I have to compared that was land I was on in school to become a teacher part your training as. My college associate with the lab school and so it was on a lab schools basically just an offshoot of the university but long story short. No dress code. Nobel system you had to be admitted you know due to had to apply and be admitted and they can kick you out and the way they they looked at it was. You're kind of many adults you know your colleagues tracked. And we're not gonna worry about the things like dress code and you being here on time of course you're gonna dress like you should and of course yet to be here on time. As long as great or guide or not gonna care about some of those other things and then kids are kicked out of they don't followed so there were you know. Guys and girls that more stuff that or not but my cat out of the house and that is why they were taken great that it care as much on. You kind of appreciates that focus on the important things which is just you know do well academically. Market or some other stuff I 767798. Michelle in Kansas City year trying to KM BZ Michelle thinks Colin. Thank you regret for having me on my take on that end Rhett being that would be a little perturbed about a packed with eight. I didn't read it I'd like the printed. You're right that children are what you. Now at Petit if they had no hit here. Rendered eagerly to not let it be had here but now the children at a high quite different but because they did not. I had rats are due Bragg is debt back. And that we need to keep that the difference. Op proper headgear at a proper. The thing that Howard an eight or are they. Where not to prepare yourself. That day I don't think mother and children my daughter or break a frequent bake it in there that I'm here it didn't. Now at bat and we will find that night. Can it be at the major statement in the combined in the heat rule. The pay okay their director didn't brag but we can't right where again. But I did feel like a little bit arched and debate I'd like to prevent it we're in the school any seat you until you do odd but right. Be productive that the ID add it to a school where are you Wear it where they're at night or. Are in all the major I've got a predict that ultimately bachelor. And they may get shouldn't neglect it out. And it made a policy delegate here it wrapped up in our period not yet another reason why because you're according to read it right. You did make them. Make the rules and Adam and advocate that I've I've but it debate that I'd like a written and it kind of got me. Album artwork for the aid the very admiral about it and get wet air wrapped not a do brat but act or are act. Now I'm not hide under president. So you'd been there the dock every you beauty here covering. And you will Wear it but they can't be beat pop up or opiates aren't the words and way too hard and when not. I'd like that little extra that. Lion dad that would that that line was the part grudges like did you just read that also. Being who ugly judgmental and neat everybody who wears a do rag is going as a gangster is going to prism. On which they don't know that it's also kind of expecting the worst for kids. Which is never good thing yeah that's not hopeful statement you're not teach the lesson being taught in that statement. Is a bad lesson to tee is a lesson that on it you're telling kids that stereotype searcher. It's yeah witch's eyes by the way governor of the website the gap. The school KI PP academy Lynn collegiate in Massachusetts and a picture of the last graduating class all their hand their their hats thrown up. It looks mixed to me it looks about 5050 between white and minority so. There are some kids that are going to be incredibly hurt by that statement and on both hurt by it because it's not true and because they wanna Wear them and Alec Michelle thinks your phone college go to Mike in Kansas City. Mike what they about banning all this headgear. Well. I don't wait that. At that nobody brought up the fact that these and it only got up so far. And your. We need to have that rule banning sagging in all of life not just at high school because I don't wanna see your underwear. Sagging yes I do is I'm not gonna lie I did it in high school. Yeah. Oh. Yet we can't we have that in my school and and I well lied I didn't wearable low lag behind where they were like in the between Mike. You know my waist and Mike McGee they were but there were oftentimes and I would buy payments may be a size too vague and I I am guilty of that. You look back on your life like really denied part or in hell that I do that travesty sag pants when you're young. Stride remember him as I did. It last sort of this goes to holly you're on KM EZ go ahead Ali. I don't like let me hear you teacher. Laura and I live right in the period. Egbert. Laura and I try to teach my children that. And look trouble. Let me or he or someone. You know way to shoot. At oak. They need to. And he what I'm talking about that the war. He went ahead. As they're down he can break it kind of or lack of one is. Not feeling comfortable in the collapse. And that he be at. So long. Any of the other night here. Really doesn't have a late and can't turn them. You know we are. But as a matter actors or whatever they're EP. I. Matter me. A crop the forward equitable. And then also. Quaking out oh. It can be no matter looking acute traveled this year could hear how old are over here and head out. It certainly not in the position to see your not truly. You're probably right eight holly thank you so much appreciate your perspective and you can read about this story. About a FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ coming up next. He believed this sixteen year old kid's story what he did to an animal p.s three got 27 minutes left to text the this hour's keyword cash and a seven to 81 Jamie what's that number sure that's words to show also separate the south Texas and seventy or anyone. Richard SH ELS to seven to anyone. Even Edward looks before 2 o'clock when nine date and parks come your way actually Dana is. Zip lining through Mexico to see that picture did you use. What's wrong with her now no. Goodnight what happened what might normally happen in Mexico. And cause you to have not a fun did she spend a lot of time in the restaurant and would seem she she as well. All on the line. Is talking about her. This on Twitter. Oddly it's on FaceBook oh I didn't need to not have pleasant evening last oh. I know I went and over Michael Mann is here hurt its. But I Jesse great times. And. And not the it sucks it's and it's too bad. We talk a little bit about this earlier Monday over the phone lines back up for you at 57677985767798. About a story. Of a bully in California. Outside of Ontario. Ontario Canada and it out because there's a sixteen year old boy who has been arrested. Four animal cruelty interior California not Canada. As a candidate is ready answer we know the united that's happened from this out of my god on anyway. I lose my train of thought entirely so he'd heard Ben and mr. Graham and picture that we haven't a video that existed at one point that's actually still out there. That shows here and clubbing a dock. A couple of different times clubs a dock and police took that mean animal cruelty. And they arrested him for. The superintendent where he goes to school put out a statement saying that is not actually what happened that would actually happened is he and several other boys are on the golf team colony high school. And that one student's head hit a tee and it hit that and injured the they come upon injured duck later and realize is is in distress. And so then the boys decide to opt out because it is suffering they decide to end the suffering and they club it to and suffering. So we know somebody took the video we note the video still out there we sought on YouTube earlier today and it there's another boy in the video that. Hits. Clubs at so that it so that it is on and so we're if you by the story if you think that he should so we charged with animal cruelty. By 76. 779 A he was arrested on charges for animal cruelty he was then released. You know to his parents. It it that the story sounds too convenient to me. And and I don't know why I wanna think the worst of the sixteen year old kid but it sounds far too convenient that they hit the duck off the IT. And decided that they were going to put it out of put it out of its misery which is your supposed to do right that's basic posted into that. But that being said. Why do you videotape. You video you record it. And you put step on social media that you proud. Are you proud to show that you clubbed a duck to its death. And I think it twice to put it out of its misery. I just I find it very hard to believe the story and it sounds like a kid that sadly we're gonna be talking about the future school shooting. I'll maybe not I mean not every kid that it and it's a duck with a club is going to be the next shooter. It's possible that even if the story is true that they put it out of its misery and that's why they clogged it. Prosecutors are still going to see that as animal cruelty they is entirely possible that you're gonna have some kind of humane society group that's gonna come forward and say. That was not the right way to handle it duck that was a mystery and then they might say. There are more humane ways to Kellen injured animal than to do what you did so their story might be irrelevant. Do you believe the kid's story 5767798. And is this the right way to have handled it because. There were too mean word if if if this story is true and I'm very skeptical what's for being true. But let's say he actually did hit the ball off the tee and the ball struck a dot. Hard enough. To a point or was suffering and need to be put taken out of its misery. Could he have called the front. To the clubhouse talk to somebody there I don't know if you call animal control. I don't know if you call police but. I would have before clubbing with my nine iron. Figured out what the best way what's the policy. Either the golf team that I played for my school the course the city. What's the best way to go about it as opposed to just take in the club out of whack. I could last six goodbye after. Unless. They had been told by their coach or in the air. You now made him playing golf for awhile and maybe they have been told by whoever taught them to play golf that if something like that happens or may be one of them as a hunter. And they know that thing hunting that you put it out of its misery maybe day. Maybe they were using what they thought was their best judgment by 767798. Travis in Kansas City do you believe the kid's story Travis. Actually goes and the situation. We are about golf but I'll be grateful. To the border while driving the bird flight. And with that. What do I it'll work. With lynch put. But that walk up to a dockets are being abducted early in the same thing of course animal that closed yet. And discipline and and think that the group who would call. Pro shops and what I should actually do and let ducks suffered. These kids and spiteful people there that can have a previous record. Probably. You know the public off the purple bracket story. I have. Can't read them in terms. Travis appreciate it. 767798. I know the print that the superintendent is backing him. Again the skeptic in me says is the superintendent is covering for. On me all the the superintendent wade. Make it not. In terms of covering form but I do think the superintendent is more likely to believe somebody that he is familiar answer it now. Tell every in Kansas City here on 91 KM BZ Terry do you believe the kid's story. I do believe it Arctic it all so called upon to though wildlife management category. And Obama and myself but that part come upon it an animal on the injured animal. And it's simply not currencies and I can't do anything to that Alomar that the contact Michael watt light Rangers on them and they take care. Yeah I I don't know what the duck season rules are in California on golf course you know I and that's a good I don't know the answer to that. Yeah I think about it all the same topic at all called upon at the same they need to contact while like manager. So they can tell them what to do with it. And they don't get that make that decision and they don't have authority to make that decision to put that a couple of member ms. or. Fair enough thinks the focal Tyree let's talk to Juli in Kansas City. Julie do you believe the kid's story. I'm not permit it. How I'm a better. For you and a lot they will see Adam. You know. It upon themselves. Diet now as a treat them according whatever. It. Brought bike clinic and they say that. I don't think it would have been legal them to kill welding a that for the air. And able to hold up at all. Andrea fogel Julie we appreciate it will be too if you or your phone calls also your text messages to 2980. We'll be next to cash coming up as well next Ontario California. Suspected of fatally battering a duck with a golf club an incident shared on social media. He was taken into custody and cited as an animal cruelty investigation going on. After authorities were tipped off about the duck being abused by young man at the whispering lakes golf course according to police department out there. Video showing the dot being hit with a club was posted on social media of course. Later on the ducks remains were found they identified the sixteen year old boy went to his house he was taken into custody without incident. I'm issued a citation for felony animal abuse but a statement from the school district says that. He hit the ball off the tee ball hit the docket their putting the duck out of its misery. Yeah and I. I wonder if police knew that already or heard that story already when they went to arrest him and it's possible they may consider animal cruelty anyway. They may say by definition and that was it your call to make. That day had to call somebody else and someone else verified here's what you do. OK then you do that but the fact that they just kind of made that decision on their own it might make a difference. 5767798. A little skeptical let's go to John in Kansas City John does does the story hold water. Not so much I mean that it would try to yes and no I think. Yes they're animals in the fairway users ducks geese Eric in the middle of fairway but not normally. People are walking up and down that fairway duck murder while. He's Spain they walk away walk away. The thing with this is which way he did where was the ducks are now is did she hit her. In our all of that dot. That's my biggest question where would this duck. Did that the video that shows and it's a great question John is that the one thing the Jamie night both agree on whether he believed the story your body is. What happened the five minutes before the video where you see him. Say a prayer or mock funeral whatever way you wanna take it and then there's two beliefs could be names as the miners. It could be swear words. And then the club goes up and it's the the video we have freezes as it's coming down to two killed the duck. It is suspicious to me that any of this was recorded. And the fact that only. That second part of that was recorded makes it even a little more fishy to me it if if really you work you know show the good thing that you were doing and I think you wouldn't solve the whole thing. Not just the clubbing of the animal at the end and so it's it's just it doesn't add up to me I I don't know. It's it's as if you are what you think 5767798. David in Kansas City what is this story sound like TO. Well I've I think it's solvable I can't no one would we work there were no one knows for sure exactly what happened. But I it is it is feasible. It could be either my problem mentioning it in no way in and let you guys and we'll see every day. And next they say this is the next mass school shooter. To be on the market this kid on the ball ping he's not anti social he's not the one host of the radio. Someone else took the radio in broad but it came up on its FaceBook. As a flag there's been no previous history it's able to rescue a prisoner where school you're gonna get in there please. The birds to court a little. Paired up by. If I think you David I'm sorry about that I just win it if and I don't by the kid's story. What I think he did was he killed a duck and wanted to show everybody in the kid has that mentality I wonder what his future roles. That's all I've meant by it because. That to me would showed he would mental issue and so when we would. Sadly I don't want to see we're going to hear about embodied do kinda wonder we're gonna hear about them in in a real more negative. Nicholas crews as well. That is a bold assertions and I'm I'm Blair. By the way we don't know anything about the skins history not we we don't ten race saying my answer is never done anything wrong for we have no idea about. Go to Tom in Kansas City you're on KM BZ Tom do you believe the story the kid. Well they did the problem and this. Eat. I don't want to do the right thing that federal law are so strict on on dealing with the water column in general. I think they're real issue here. You have to have that state like ordered out or a fuel water I'll. In general. You know you have to use specific types of weapons that are legal I'm in your state and appropriate for federal law. He was inside the city limits. Unfortunately yeah a young people make these kind of mistakes but. They were not very flexible when talking to my Kirk who reaper. And you'd probably didn't get a kitten. A fairly large ultra. I mean he's he. And he's right like whether or not he intended to do it there's probably still an animal cruelty charge coming his way could be or trial coming as a player what could be because as as. The woman called up earlier inside you know ideal birds all the time somebody can come up and say. That was not the right away. The way that you killed the bird even if it was to put out its miseries to deduct. Still was not the right way to do it and why are you putting it up on social media because I know look at I know lie right the answer is it's 2018. And this is what we do it and that I understand. But that's just another stupid move Jim in Kansas City right ninety line KMB easy. Up first time caller we shall you gotta tell you I would think in the kit with a little bit indeed it until last. Went shared witness at the end which is that there's no video until he's putting that ducked out of its misery. It's ironic. And I'm about it is not that Matt insanely cool and I want the attention. I'll show you all of it seems to me it's war now plausible that it was an accident date they came upon the injured duck and they did put it down. Think he that they were doing the right thing and let's not compare what thirty fiber 55 year old man would do with what sixteen year old boy it would do. We faced with the circumstances that are two entirely different. Gene and I am so what to do and I wouldn't have them. See I'm coming to the same conclusion that for different reason to meet its the fact that they left off the first couple of minutes that makes this more suspicious to me because they kind of shown on video. Then coming up and seeing the bird and saying oh my Daschle looks injured what do we do about it it's the fact that all they showed. Was the killing of the dot that makes me wonder more about the story. I think it really did didn't stop them eat yet they would have filled it from the very beginning I think probably didn't hit it accidentally. And then came upon it and said let's do it right. To achieve the that was it. Fair enough I think is so much you appreciate the phone call. 767798. Can also text in it 22980. Hole the two people on FaceBook are are coming to commenting on this is well on Twitter including ninety in my eyes as if this explanation is true. Why in the HE double hockey sticks would you record it. Right that's vibe again. I don't now pegged because you are bragging about it I don't know tour. I don't know but a FaceBook page it's there you can check it out FaceBook dot com. Slash 91 KN BC it's also up on. Twitter. At K of BZ radio we will send it up to date in parts coming up just a few minutes over the keyword cash for you I saw Dana's hike who by the way. Now bad not bad at all I'm sure. She's ready or you ward Sharia bill read it later on today but apparently Dana had some bad fish. All of Mexico yesterday happens as a Mexican hike to. 406. AM. A great mind an explosion. Bad finish down eight pounds but up. Whenever I've gone to Mexico. Or or anywhere else they're always there's there's a big chains are gonna have one night word that same thing is gonna happen DO. On sometimes you go to Cambodia and Vietnam and the thought. Up up up and you get it for three or four days sometimes you go to Morocco and get it for nine days some attack. It. Up our you know. Is to get it for so long you've still got to when you get back your trip is. Weird that we go to other places. And and I'm not saying the standards are lower just the food is is is like I'm eating kind of the same food but just. In Mexico and it has that effect on you Lauren Marie. Rocco. Rocco and you read about it and and in fact our tour I've warned us about this there we got there. Guarantee that anybody for America's gonna get some of Waller there and it's just it's not because the standards are different this is because your body is not used at bats stuffing your stomach that that. The way that foods or processed and that kind of thing your body's just not used to it and it doesn't take much. To put you in line. But you know it is a new situation and yes the water could be because maybe it's not filtered as Wallace what we filter ours here sound. Yeah gridlock sorry Dana I did hit it if I get to beat back quite a dance out. If if he's so that was a week and a half that will sock eight pounds in and night yeah. Morocco was the only trip that I lost weight on my life. I came back off I came back lighter than a mile and a.