Midday with J&W: Senior pranks come with consequences

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Thursday, May 24th

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Good morning out of Thursday. Glad to have you got a bunch of stuff to get to we have some breaking news. The meeting. Between them. Supreme leader Kim Jong-un and the president of the United States. Donald Trump is off it will not be happening president trump sent out a a letter canceling said meeting today. Can reach the whole thing is good or FaceBook page you can check it out of FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ. Part of it reads like this as very much looking forward to being there with you sadly based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement I feel it is inappropriate at this time to have this long planned meeting near. Their four please let this letter serve through represented. The at the Singapore summit the double parties but to the detriment of the world will not take place. I'll feel free to react to the meeting not happening a 5767798. I'd be remiss if I didn't asked Jamie for the kubert cash this hour. House and that also stands up 35 texts asking guests Stuart gases item ITE and item text the word in the 72881. The entire letters is not all that that long but basically I. From what I can gather. Vice president Mike Pence was basically comparing the Libya situation. To which will mar Gadhafi. I'm twenty some years ago decided that he was going to they would be nuclear I Libya. And everything would be all well and good well that didn't exactly go too well for Gaddafi was killed. And Mike Pence cited that. And there's been some back and forth as you would expect. Between nine Kim Jong dude in vice president Mike Pence. Let's see here in North Korea attacked vice president pens calling him ignorant and stupid to. And therefore with those words ignorant and stupid led to president from canceling the meaning. I find it ironic. Incredibly ironic that. And inflammatory comment would cause president trump to be upset I find it amazing that someone that's said something mean. Meant that this meeting that was I see the difference is JV between you and I I believe the meeting was actually gonna happen I use at all morning this doesn't surprise. It might not on Travis is there is a Mike issue over there that's not goods Eric and Alex had yeah we. That what I Donald. Summit I asked and I'm. On I just it's not I understand that it's news that that the meeting was canceled by it it. I didn't have a lot of faith that this meeting was gonna happen anyway it it seemed like. I don't know why my guy just sad. Something's gonna happen before that he's gonna make it that made me think these two sides were not that series about meeting anyway it it just seemed too good to be true. So I'm not. Shocked that it was canceled on an if you read some of the language in the latter that was sent to my president harmony read some of it and but it's. It now. You talk about your nuclear capabilities but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to god you'll never have to be used on. I felt a wonderful dialogue building up between you and me. It did it yeah well now there's no wonderful dialogue opening up between the two year. On Sunday very much look forward to meeting you in the meantime thank you for the release of the hostages are now with their families. If huge mine having to do with his most important summit not hesitate to call me or right. Well it's that it tried week yeah well it's an excited that they were gonna go to the meeting right. Oh yeah. He. Kim Jong-un didn't do anything to cancel leading gas truck canceled the meeting so reacted I mean. The the news has traveled obviously around the globe hand at the Huffington Post is reporting. That South Korea was a loss for words after president Trump's announcement that he was scrapping next month's planned nuclear summit with North Korea. We are attempting to make sense of precisely what president trump meets that according to south presidential spokesman. Kim Il yum in a statement. Also from the Washington post's. In a fit of field or for field she's made. She's Tokyo bureau chief for the Washington Post. She tweeted this out. South Korea's president has just called for an emergency meeting at the blue house summoning his chief of staff and national security advisor. Foreign minister unification minister an intelligence chief. Oh by the way it's midnight in Seoul Korea right now so. So CNN as a big segment on their site not entirely a surprise that it was canceled problems I have my Papa France paid only on. And here's how they explain it North Korea has offered diplomatic openings to United States several times over the past decade. Only to return to threats even after president trump accepted the invitation to meet and march. Most administration officials put the likelihood of the summit actually happening at less than 50% and administration officials grew. Increasingly sceptical sceptical over the last week they'll say US officials are grown increasingly skeptical. Of Pyongyang's commitment to denuclearization. Yeah no kidding me I think we were all pretty skeptical of that commitment in the first place. On Wednesday CNN southern charm administration was looking to have additional high level talks for sure answers for him to complete denuclearization. Before the summit went ahead. And then the lashing out pants and here we are. I I just an. I'd love to know more of why it sounds like. He was hurt by some words said about his president about about his VP. And that's why like if that's not snowflake I don't know what is perhaps to be more to it than just the words said mean things said to dependence. Or. This is. What our president thinks is important. Now it's it's it is perhaps that to him that is bad enough. That I will punish you by saying. That was a bad enough infraction the call is made and maybe that is what is most important the president. What like I do need to point out too by the way Ed and I I've I've got. Mixed feelings about this. I really did think he was actually going to be. At a meeting between these two that was gonna go along way. The you know when all of a sudden wind. This announcement this meeting was going to be planned you know we found out two months ago or whatever that they were actually gonna talk about this or said they actually talk about it. No it seemed to be bringing up the fact that the mountain. That North Korea used its nuclear test site. Had collapsed. That that was that that the turning point in all of this that this site where they actually fired their missiles from was not terribly stable and collapsed then sell. You can read into whatever you want from both sides I believe that was the real reason North Korea's like oh. And maybe plus you don't wanna be the most hated world leader in the on the planet for the next fifty years you're like the lead he's younger than I he's a quality. The other question I have about all of this I I guess now is to say this is that it props to president trump for getting them to do what he wanted. Without ever having to sit down in Singapore may be president trump. Did this just happened to be right after when they allegedly have. If that's the case and didn't try to get this done without having to really do anything. You know I mean now is they they they dismantle their nuclear site today or yesterday or whatever and that's the case. He got it done. I mean. I've I've got. Are there. I I asked I will say this now based on the reaction coming at a North Korea now we pissed off North Korea and we've given I ran freedom to do what they want. Sell. It buckle up everybody. So president trump is set to speak at some point. CNN is calling soon and that's a pretty relative term the president trump is set to speak at some point after canceling that North Korea summit so. We will on air that. If and when we are able to. 5767798. Writing Kansas City what do you make of the cancellation of this meeting between trump and Kim Jong-un. How would Zheng wouldn't surprise that it looked. There and they first mentioned it I didn't think it was I don't throughout it was also vote by. Honestly I don't really see why everybody in the bigger picture widget. That. Truck load of like a letter. Like it was high school. His job before he could work out with a drop. I. Really don't know. It won't be in I would be surprised. I think the focal. Some truck break up letter before Kim Jong-un to break the break up letter is hilarious and it. But trying to people that were not that series about getting together in the first place. It now a a break got it like it was like to two people in your high school that everybody thought should date and they're like okay. Stride and you were that excited about it. And it didn't take very much like they were both just looking for reasons of Paula today. From front reason I like the analogy let's get jolted Casey and KM BZ was a joke. Out front and every possible way and he does so many good things I mean he does so many good things the left actually taking can't do anything right. I'll come down trump can come up with cure for cancer. And. Date they'll let wouldn't complain about him not here in every particular strain of cancer. You know. EU each day you know I don't drop anyway. I'm mean then you tell me that yourself. You know I mean. I don't know what does that mean you know there's no reason would be great downtown and effective. He's different in that keep up with the same. Status quo that their bodies and happy. You know do you do the same fault and all the other present then everybody I'd be happy. But he can't the American different direction don't like to act says that Gary America great again I know my track because they're not doing their thing that. They need unfortunately AJ he gives Hollywood director of liberal people I'm sorry to say today I mean. On the night you don't know where her particular. Political persuasion although he's liberal like you work but I huge conservative water really don't know. I mean. I'm sorry to say these things but that's where out of plea deal. They joke. Joke I'm yeah what's my name. Are. On digital phone call just so that's okay. Well lately is just elect Joseph you still there. I'm here right right what's your favorite thing that trump has done since he's been in office. All of. I don't know about a paper but I hate summer simply as damaged good. Don't run pick several you know women unemployment slower black unemployment slow or Hispanic unemployment while. I'm not a he's a businessman and acting business. You know he's a dealmaker. Variety but Dee Dee you know that the black unemployment was at a record low. Under President Obama and and so was female unemployment and so was Hispanic unemployment. I know that Barack Obama what more to dark and made it straight up. Why what rock Obama does that mean I'm not worth a darn. Okay what about it you would follow this money to. And I ran it on that billions of dollars on the plane you know. Yeah money that was in the first place. I would probably are obligated to back it was I ran still we got a world got in because of that deal. Now. A okay Jiang and Joseph look at. Friends. And he's supposed to be here I would love I mean that the five hours and he did this morning was not quite enough. And you know. Favorite tolerate there. Yesterday she so I noticed a teacher or where and I yeah I noticed what value where I appreciate that somebody got really mad about it in the video I NN pays but it was an Obama may create a golf ball and made America rating and a shirt that I wore yesterday and liberal radio. I don't even I mean. Obama wasn't worth a darn I can't try to do and I can't name anything trump is done but he's done so many great things. Trump apparently cure cancer I applaud I get a little note when a liberal I can. I don't hate that he pulled out of this meeting yesterday I think that things that he does it to. You don't I can't name anything. The Yankee cash this hour is so item ITV and item text the word in the 72881. Like. A few more phone calls it appears president trump is canceled these summit with Kim Jong-un in Singapore. Sadly based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement I feel it's appropriate this time to have this long planned meeting their four please let this letter served represented the Singapore summit for the good both parties. But to the detriment of the world will not take place you can read the entire statement from president trump to. Kim Jong-un on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ. I'm a little surprised that this is not going to happen Jamie not so much not shocked went so far I'm a little I thought it was. I mean I'm kind of happy it didn't happen but I'd a little surprised. And puts as potentially a bad spot we your reaction to it including Sarah in Kansas City Sarah thanks much for calling what do you think of the cancellation of this meeting. Well first of all I do you think it was gonna happen I. Can't at every now. Making it happen Kim done and it. Not you and Eric. Pat what record is everything working and he beat Federer bear employment Torre or by Greg and inappropriate and it would protect important. Coming he said that gore could be a hand. Carpet I I think yeah I mean you know what there are the Willie. Heading down our vice president and I think that. Our president get it right and crying not meeting because there are gonna. And keeping the upper hand. And he anchor Kyra. And I knew we had being. In a way air you try and if he felt sorry you go at him and I don't think it. I'd definitely incorporate into college he should not. It really. Actor and really got Edgar was an important meeting he doesn't get a ticket area you can make an area. I. Every. Sarah just Kim Jung and insanity about ants out. No it was not Kim Jung and it was a director it was a whether representatives. Did it did it. Reported. That it was in the words of Kim Jung and. OK so that he did not say that. Okay and why. I'm gay and I feel that it. Get hurt by the marketing money on it. And it came around they did it come from. Somebody that spoke friend. Does it matter to you every Arab I mean does it matter. Should because it should be the thing that should matter is that it didn't calm from Kim Jung himself in at a. Well OK to get out there and should not at. In my opinion it did a really legitimate. Big deal. It's huge question for you whether Kim Jung and senator nine. I I mean. I want to ask is not just wanna ask you something why do you support then. Trump's inflammatory comments calling him little rocket man in fire and fury and the and enable C devastation like the world is never seen our. Natural about that dramatic words coming from the other side. White you know because that point every comment that pot there are no luck on the beach. It means that kind of dot. And they are now speaking. Am unilaterally toward one another. And in certain. Areas and they're trying to you know hundred turned out. Dell I think has seen here is derogatory remarks toward them. There we got you to news I just I think it's it's incredible that we don't have a problem with with trump saying mean things. But when they say wind wanna make sure get the person's name correct here it shows on employee. Says you know that trump is ignorant in Stew or that pence is ignorant and stupid at a political dummy. Bomb were okay. It seems a bit hypocritical but again. That's only that's my my two sets are so it senior time senior graduation time in they're been some pranks that are made the news. Usually you think indeed his son data really lame one they toilet papered the school went to hasn't done that before XX one now yeah. Mistake that for anything else there is 11 school in Wisconsin they took half a car and if on the digital artist they put half a car next to the principles like door or window in the age rule would look like a crash. They've been fooled police thought it was it was hilarious. This next one comes to us out of Independence, Missouri were a senior at Truman high school not be allowed to walk in the graduation because. But Frankie poll. And we are working to get him on the air at us today so that he can explain what he was thinking a little bit so she put an ad on Craigslist on Friday. That leaded that listed Truman high school for sale we're in and just let. What I wanna I wanna tell you what was and it and then help them get into it just a little bit more. A huge twenty plus room facility newly built football field baseball field of the southeast. Newly added four modern day rooms has centralized air heating plumbing next to Wal-Mart for convenience. Huge parking lot great for party goers looking for somewhere to park bigger the normal dining room. Or dating and multi stove oven fridge and other appliances in the kitchen reason for sale is due to the laws of students coming up. Named after hometown resident US president Harry S Truman and a Stanley listen for a 120 yeah 121725. Dollars. And the reason I got the attention of school officials is the one line reason for sale is due to the loss of students coming. It's to be taken a couple of different way is that because it was taken as a threats. I think if you don't know exactly how it's intended to you now then. That's what authorities had to look at due to the loss of students coming up in two days. Day and age. The school deem that to be a threat the kid's name is Kyle I Kyle and shield. And how it is with us right now here in 91 KM BZ Colin thanks so much. What made you decide let's go back to the beginning here. When you're free hearing out what you were you when your friends are gonna do for your senior prank what made you go to Craig's list analysts Truman high school for the bargain price by the way at 121725. Bucks. Well honestly I woke up so how are a lot technology. Unlike Ernie and I drove who'll. And thought my girlfriend. On the phone and heard in years John Wharton bird get a tank where a recruitment personnel and they make big Heidi actual coast they're critical. Like. Lou I need to log carrier Crowley wanna. And now we were at Barrett. Good lord so you have been suspended for the rest of school her how much time. How much sodium left in school or how much would you. It's today and tomorrow Lou I'm out. And yet it the broker an expert at that than it will here. OK I gotcha and you're not allowed to walk in the graduation. Because of the prank that you pulled what your reaction when. Authorities contacted you. I I'm. Quite you're actually. Gays. Doesn't account for about it went. Our separate I'm not been out. Lot that opera my outward there twelve then fully armed and that because of the neighbors down the street decided it. Cold eke out a local would be in charge you about negotiating Eric. And let it up again like oh it certainly for. What it idea. And what was what was their explanation then when they came to the door. They. Come here because a lot of reports. They'd they'd rather humorous while doctor luck chapel and that would you like opera in the dirt can. I know all the doctors pretty much. I hate make RPI didn't object copyright and copy and have adopted new thing on my back yard it is. Bright enough accurately. Huge church that they them. Et Al. I not like out the optical sign. It is more the talk guard who ordered them out in actual argument where they drove in the cards. You. The progressive it's. That big money one look and I'm like do you recognize that like yeah I it is. And root web they're sent such questioned why. And availability. They're like hey. Or. And so. I didn't take him down. The weight when you have to now you can't walk with your class for graduation. You know you do you think that punishment fits the crime for him because. Obviously you see what the way that you worded it like some people might believe that's a threat but does the punishment fit this do you think. On that. Are people that. Some people. Who really are question can you give it the word make it that that was a lot of people look at all. Graduation. Is here at the conclusion is actually. How can words written word of the I don't think it. Created gauging or even though some movement iPod like it. In court and don't that they did a lot of. It Thailand just add to instead play fair here on you know that were living in a time because surely there are way. Where school threats have to be taken more seriously and we spent a lot of time on the show. After we had a school shooting talking about the signs that were there and social media and and you know you you look for I'm not saying all the that's what you meant. But we look back at that go wild they sent a couple things that maybe we should pay more attention to did that thought cross your mind at all. Regardless of what the prank in your head wise. While I three point nine GPA graduation is a big deal maybe I shouldn't do anything to put that in jeopardy. Yeah. It is or doing. Great and tired isn't quite on and honestly you totally forgot about crank that far I didn't think much about it. I mean. It tech at second I'd probably do it like I wish I type everything by it. Didn't whooping it she bought her dotting is and I think there and did not call it or I'd done it. Did they get a lot of calls and complaints that you know. I'm like good little. One person who's into of calling duties. Filed approach for a split into Spartan or pain. 11 person called did and now you can't grad you can't walk to class. And I know. Goodness what did you learn from all of us. Who look you know great something. You'd better clues. Opened it for. Maybe now. Check out what goes on. And the world. Lamar. Yeah no idea what because you're not the first person in the world pulls senior prank give an idea what other people have gotten as punishment for doing senior ranks. Our I didn't. Not Iraq here now. Chip well good luck to him and we appreciate you coming on with us and and sorry you he had to learn this lesson of in you gotta you gotta make sure you phrased things correctly can come back to bite you winter graduation party. I graduation Tony. So graduation party that the Al graduation bluntly that it occurred British party. Is think being but it like we read. They're your you're going to be the only with a seven the party does not going to be at actual graduation so good luck but that meant thanks again for coming on appreciate it. I'm proud. Tiny zero or 5767798. What do you think about a ship with a three point nine GPA. Not being allowed to walk to graduation because of a prank on and specifically. A prank where you post a school for sale online hop hop. But there's a line and it that says the reason for sale is due to loss of students coming up. On several of you on the tax liner saying that. And back out treated you when I graduated from Truman in 2008. They told us that all ranks would cause people and not walk to graduation. While and I. Think that's entirely unusual because it's the only thing to school can take away from you with that point I mean a three day suspension so while it's your last three days of school. You weren't going to be going to class anyway. But if you're at its real all of things that they can threaten you whipped with a punishment that's gonna have any meaning. And you know we get their being kids and I toilet paper is all whatever but those. Our pain for the school to clean up you know I mean those schools don't want to do that and so not blocking graduation is the only thing they can do you. On I know they kept saying you know my lesson here is to phrase things correctly I think the lesson is supposed to be think about the consequences of your actions. Before you do you now on. I did think this punishment fits the crime. I think he. And again the way he worded it makes you raise an eyebrow reason for loss is cute as a reason for sale is due to the loss of students coming up I think he deserved the punishment somehow home. And suspending him for three days is gonna hurt. And this is what you can do and he about anybody else in the regular credit for coming on the year this is not easy. But he let anybody else knows the climate that we're living in I don't go to school every day with that threat you'd do. If anybody would have awareness of what might cause alarm shouldn't be that kid that's going to school every day. But if nothing else three point nine GPA and walking graduation is a big deal why would you do. Think Jeb. Guys you walking graduation 5767798. Can name Tyler we just talked to him he put his school up for sale on Craig's list which by the way I think is funny. But the line that got the attention of detectives. And police in independence. Reason for sale is due to the loss of students coming up now he can't walk with his class he's been suspended for the rest of the year which only a couple of days as. And I knew what the school would've done that lineup and this not required police involvement I wonder if you sort of analog bock. Or they would have just said anybody that as a prank you don't want graduation. 5767798. Does the punishment fit the crime in your mind you can also texted at 22 nominees are we wanna hear from you next. Right thanks again to Kylie and shield for joining us here on midday. He is the scene year with these three point nine GPA at Truman high school and independents. I was not going to be allowed to bazaar was not going to be allowed to walk in his graduation because he pulled a prank he put the school up for sale on Craigslist. 121725. Bucks huge twenty room facility newly built football field baseball field in the southeast. Extra Wal-Mart for convenience all these things that we're good. Well one thing that caught the attention of the police. Reason for sale is due to the loss of students coming up. For those are confused about why that might get your attention I don't know if you're just trying to make a point by in a time where we investigate a lot of schools threats we have kids bringing guns to school when you have. One after another school shooting. You could be hiding within your and I. Loss of students coming up could be a threat about a future school shooting. Graduation where you're gonna have a handle on. It's it's kind of an odd. He means the building is going to be anti because students are leaving for the summer right but he doesn't say. And so since he doesn't explain that. That line alarmed whomever he says it was only one person could be more we don't know that on and it have police at his door. But 767798. Other than that line I think it's a whole areas prank but that line. Eight HS screens premeditated mass shooting. It's what it screams which if Europe police in and look if if let's say I don't and the kid is not a school shooter. That we know he's not a school shooter. You know if you are the police though where you are the FBI. We complained to the FBI didn't get nick cruise correct and in. You would have to investigate this and it's and it as a potential threat. In this case the kid didn't have plans to shoot a school. But you've got when it when it set off alarm bells like that you've got to ask. And it it didn't need to be in there and and I think. Two it would didn't help his cause when he told us which is not in this story is he would have the police in his house before this because he and his friends were seen shooting off air soft right Paulson. In the backyard or on the street or whatever yeah and sell. Somebody may have assembled this guy has those guys in this we have to look into it. I think maybe a couple of days suspension but after it was deemed not a threat should label items set so they've said we're college graduate college a block which are graduating class. Now on it's also they can also say we told you not to pull. It out district police resources this tech school resource at a time we're schools really busy. That was wasted time 5767798. Let's go right to the votes sky in Kansas City right KM BZ what's up guy. Eight and a heated rhetoric and when structure. Tell them like it may out of it at and maybe there's not a make it a lot. Up you know. What I meant I should be the and it under the Berry Corcoran grammatical structure. We got three point nine GPA is bowl. I think is guy and and Jimmy pointed this out he spelled dining wrong spelled. He admits he didn't think about it that careful woke up in the morning and decided to do it and I think maybe that's the problem he didn't think about it carefully. Let's go to any in Kansas City and KM BZ the company what do you think of young pilot. I missed your whole point because and I heard it. I couldn't seem trying to as far as I know that there are trying swear was just great you have. Channeling moving Al areas and maybe schools that have high population. Don't anymore. They moved out farther suburbs or something. And students around the island different school. My. Only spot that comment was made there are you worse due to a because you're. And only having children in that age group are living in the area. Ray at all August figure out what was I sticky wicket at the statement that. It seems like it's almost as a premeditated. Threat. About a possible schools shouldn't. President we're touch off your need to because president trump is speaking right now at the White House. And where to go to that right now after his canceled the North Korea summit the meeting with Kim Jong Hoon. That has been canceled and coming up you hear from president trump again he is speaking right now after reading the letter transparently ABC 53 is looking for CNN. ABC's beaten again. By North Korea. But they are willing to shoulder much of the cost. Of any. Financial burden. Any of the costs associated. By the United States. In operations. If such an unfortunate. Situation is forced upon us hopefully positive things will be taking place. With respect to the future of North Korea. But it stayed out. We are more ready than we have ever. Been before. North Korea has the opportunity to end decades of poverty and oppression. By following the path of denuclearization. And joining. The community of nations. And I hope that Kim Jong-un. Will ultimately do what is right not only for himself. But perhaps most importantly what's right for his people. Who are suffering greatly. And needlessly. All of the Korean people. North and south. Deserved to be able to live together. In harmony prosperity and peace. That bright and beautiful future can only happen. When that threat. Of nuclear weapons. Is removed. No way can happen otherwise. If and when Kim Jung on chooses to engage in constructive dialogue. And actions. I am way. In the meantime. Our. Very strong sanctions. By far the strongest sanctions. Ever imposed. And maximum pressure campaign will continue. As it has been continuing. But no matter what happens. And what we do we will never ever compromise. The safety. And security. Of the United States of America. Went to make that statement. Feel very very strongly. About it. Our military as you know has been greatly enhanced. Will soon be at a level that it's never been before. Our approval of 700 billion dollars this year and 716. Billion dollars next year largely due to the help of a lot of the people. With me. Today and standing right here we appreciate. But we had to do that for our military and we've done it and hopefully everything is gonna work out well with North Korea. And a lot of things can happen including the fact that perhaps. And would wait. It's possible that the existing summit could take place or a summit. At some. Later date. Nobody should be anxious we have to get it right. OK with that being said we have something else. Which I have to tell you all of you chairman Mike and everybody. That was a big deal until this came up here. I don't know where is my great where I'd like to exact congratulations you did a great job but it doesn't seem so important now. But it is employ.