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Tuesday, March 13th

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We have a keyword to cash for nearly 1000 dollars. That word is Nikkei and EE EEE need Texans a seven to eighty you've got all power to do so give me another one coming up at 1 o'clock. Well Rex Tillerson is out as secretary of State's Mike Pompeo former CIA director will take his place certainly has been a busy gay. In Washington DC let's go there Karen Travers here on 91 KMB easy Karen thank you so much for the time we appreciate it a bit of a bombshell about three hours ago. Yeah that is really taking a lot of people in this town by storm and quite a surprise including Rex Tillerson. The White House says that president can't ask Tillerson. To step aside last Friday he did he felt like it was the right time to make this move. But the State Department on the record really incredible statement saying that the secretary did not speak to the president. And it unaware of the region. Now there has been no secret that the president did not see I I would like killer and he himself said this morning they get all the different mindset at differently thinking. That's not even just a policy issues they disagree on the line North Korea climate entry to need to from the big ones. But in the present actually talking of the leadership in his cabinet. A chemistry really like Mike Pompeo because they're leaders seem weak link capital needs as secretary of state. There were aware of my Pompeo of course because history in Kansas but what do you know about him as far as what kind of secretary of state he'll be. I think the speculation right now is that. Would be perhaps more in lockstep with president or from the those key issues that we get mentioned. That you read about the that the senate confirmation that the not a done deal chief counsel to replace that the CIA also would have to be confirmed. The president is set to want to do this now that he has this new team in place before. He potential upcoming very high stakes talks with North Korea. What the quick timeline and they want to do this they like that meeting happened by day senate that looked pretty quickly now Mike Pompeo. Let's just gonna say how does this affect the relationship with North Korea South Korea what was Rex Tillerson relationship like with the people in North Korea and the leaders as well in South Korea. Yeah of course. If the South Koreans at their meeting winds and the president said blocked property wanted to he'd kill it in to how far on the issue that was a statement he made public so. We know a lot of rumblings of what you said in private. I'd ever since he could be scary out of the loop last week when he was traveling in Africa. And on Thursday morning our time and he said that the administration has a long ways away from negotiations with the north Koreans. And that they actually beat talks. About talks on an actual sit down between. The leader currently on note that the couple hours after that went out announced the president has accepted an invitation to meet we at. We're Korea's Kim Jong. There you eat development. The next day Tillerson tried to say that yeah diplomatic speak talks are negotiations. But that the president iTunes right candidate. Carrying it was what yesterday I think or just last week the Rex Tillerson called the poisoning of the ex Russian spies. An egregious act that clearly came from Russia. We know that there is still investigation going on with the relationship of president trump and Russia did that have a factor in this. That would last night and you like this. Isn't coming back from his trip to Africa he caddick short. And that definitely is a statement that was very different than what we heard from the White House yesterday that we heard and their standards that he should you know. We're waiting and seeing how that played out there's an investigation under way and help her key allies the United Kingdom let's not take any push for action just yet. Pleasant thing is that Russia something's not done well of course asking. With that Tillerson lap and because it's something he knew in my becoming Norway in its final straw for president. What do you know as far as Gina has bowl perhaps becoming our new CIA director in a she was deputy before or currently he has. Her caption that current deputy director or she has extensive overseas experience she had. Served as a patient she found several assignment abroad to bicker intelligence specialist didn't he can keep in 1985. She of course will be the first woman to lead the IEA if she is confirmed. Karen thank you so much we appreciate the time enjoyed today's roller coaster. Karen Travers from ABC news joining us and there have been other other firings today. Trust personal assistant. Got fired today. I was a background check issue now as like he was escorted out Smart and he's under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for serious financial crimes and also. The undersecretary. Of state was fired because he contradicted. Wind Tillerson found out he got fired. Nobody got that. I had so many have been fired on the way out well we're gonna give you a little recap of who has been let go also. Straight ahead after the quick timeout we're gonna ask you was this the right advice and what advice do you give to your kids. When they want more playing time but instead of just reading off deal. Who has been fired. Indeed trump administration we put it all to a song. For you and wanted to you'll play for you here as we go to break through in 91 KM BZ. Even better until I send my colleagues I'm Jim Jim Jim Tony rubber ball go home all right zug com. Johnson Liza Rodriguez all these guys are killing us North Korea's artillery oh boy here you go into. It's not antimatter game might does he's selling EA is. Hope the big scare our Lucy and Gonzalez then those guys we borrow drug lord god someone Dodd newborn third Rendell visitor called bullies that animals. I'll just say goodbye. Rounds team is all five are. It's always good and it doesn't team you. I didn't go on to Nevada. De La I didn't send news tries to this drums team news of hi there. Hello win there's dozens team did so. Parted Tuesday twenty minutes after twelve we have a keyword cash for you this hour the word is me cake and eat eat me. Text that were in a seven to anyone that seven to 81 eagle and a thousand bucks. So other story over the weekend and we were great until yesterday but. It's from my web times it's a column. On opinion column by a woman by the name of Christine I'm sorry Crist in her radio. And she said leery you just a little bit of it here. What are your opinion on some of these fatherly advice for she witnessed a father talking to his distraught daughter the daughter does not currently getting as much playing time as your teammates and she was upset about this. Instead of going complaining all the parents in the bleachers are going to a coach to complain the father asked his daughter these questions. When was the last time you'll bend to the gym to work on your skills. Have you been working in the weight room. And had a got a good attitude have you been working like a team player. She could not answer these questions for her father he that responded herbs by saying this is one person's problem. Yours you need to make it so they have no choice but to leave you win because that good and you're that valuable to a team. She goes on to write a wanna give kudos to despair for putting the responsibility back on his daughter and making a life lesson he did not handle this all too common situation. By engaging in the whispering bleacher banter or yelling profanity is that the coach throughout the game. This father chose to put responsibility on his daughter to make realized that she needed to improve for performance and her attitude if she wanted to increase her playing time. It seemed to me like this is pretty good parenting advice pretty good coaching advice from a dad who is like. Look we don't want to think our kid is the next LeBron but as we like to say your kid is not. But you know if your kids not working on being better at at their gamer at their skills are there at this. Boards houses and it does that's two cents like Jesus. I assume I assume that he is telling his daughter to talk to the coach this is probably a little older. Com. That she he didn't say go talk to the country he did say no larger cuts and Anderson that not instead of going to the coach he asked his daughter those questions. On do you tell dot go ask the coach what I can do better or why are you putting Myanmar. If for no other reason then maybe there are things she's not doing well that she can be made aware and you know controls situation be little more proactive. About it and ask instead of just. And it's good advice to do everything you can't argue working hard enough it's always anti McCain complains about them and it's always good check and make sure that they're doing it supposed to be doing yes. But I worst by some world and the world to go habits for hurt I'll have a chat with the coach not. It's it's got to be. A tough thing for a data remark and to do especially if you still believe your son is going to be Eric Hosmer. Or you still believe that in your daughter's gonna go on a plane to WNBA and she's eleven. 5767798. Would you think of the dads. Answer to win his daughter complained. About not getting enough playing time as her teammates. Doesn't say what sport by the way so I do not know. I'm going to gas basketball mind that's kind of sounds like basketball. An and have you ever had this conversation with your son or your daughter who wants to play more but you know decades not put in the effort to get better like. The other kids. He's an ally or your kids' activity next LeBron James to you about it moon and they still deserve I mean. They're not playing pro ball so I think at that point it's still should be a matter let kids play you know yell let it be so competitive at that point. That you all that good kids play. On I like the idea of asking the coach what can I do better you know there's also released today. There's a really good lesson and that about teaching young people the best way to handle authority and the best way to. Like confront without and ask questions and conversation without. Without whining about it I think that can be really an experience that it. But it's a great start to say what would you be doing better because you know you could ask you do work out five days a week you're doing is doing whatever. I guarantee you when she really thinks about it she's probably goes at. I did blow. I had tango they practice this we look at them. Because it in the younger level and socket 8678. Everybody should play it should be fine but the older you get you shouldn't feel and this may be as the generation. That you're entitled the playing time they just because you're there you don't talk about the entitlement generation that. You. Know just because you are part of whatever that you should get twenty minutes a game or you should play six innings a night two or anything like that you know it. You should probably. It did I think it teaches a tremendous last to a to a kid 5767798. Get asked a lot more playing time dad and dad and that go to the coach said. When was the last time you've been to the gym to work on your skills have you been working in the weight room have you had a good attitude and even work like a team player. Anybody have a conversation with again by 767798. And coaches. Wouldn't you much rather that this conversation happened. Then Jimmy's dad comes pounded on your office door or picks up the phone grabs your ear after game. To say why isn't my kid get more playing time 5767798. Becky in Kansas City here in 91 KM BZ. Do it all right what do you do for what have you done when it comes to youth sports. Well I coached well over twenty years I coached volleyball. And I who this dad's response to the trial. Because that was on the fourth most coaches will tell a child. What they can use to it in after reform plan or and things like that. I'm an attitude is huge I know what the coach if I had a kid that tried and tried and tried and try and maybe it was just happened a little lacked in the bill that would work without it. But at their attitude went bear. Get more playing time even at best player with a poor attitude. Did you ever have mom or dad come to you and just say I want my kid to get more playing time. You times that I can't how long did it and I at the same school for so long kind of knew what what how I was. And I would just explained to repairing it. Basically what. I you know these things after out of work on there they're not working on them there. Gregory and practiced there they get out of another standard there's got to got a bad attitude. You don't get that they're not comfortable as a kid. Have difficulty when they grow up into adult life I Ilya. Sir believe it thinks of the phone call Becky we appreciate it let's go to Lilly. In Kansas City on KM BZ Lilly did you used to coach as well. I would be cheering crowds to my husband what the coach. Approached our children are underinsured eat dirt under a ball and ballot absolutely Hartman how am I I would watch it now. I'm fighting in the piano like you that I. But you were putting in the work to be strong and actually be some of that she wouldn't deposition and she would be eligible. Explain it you know you put in the work you get a peek at our. And into the side of that to opt out of it my sons were there dedicated at all and my husband. A lot of he can return here because they get. You know they would get cute quarterback their running back or whatever. But they're opening of the work and we'll be an advocate that. They want you know they were performing as well so it's at it's that it was not a small and block the parent Annika too but count on your team back. Keep it fair credit for the parent out of it for awhile. When rob Bennett field I'm prepared us. Like to shoot down your own he. You doubt your own kid. But of course there's little. Anger at her from her. You know maybe even go that they are by no means that you are erecting. You are like your arm carriage. But we'll talk about it. It definitely taught her life not to expect any thing you're not I don't think YouTube to right are you have to work. And it's leopard category pass Amish keep it current high school college. Well congratulations on a fantastic thank you so much for the phone call Lilly. Kerry stick right there would be too few more your phone calls I've 767798. Daughter once more playing time she goes to dad and says. I want to play more in doubt ask when was the last time you were in the gym working on your skills spent in the weight room and he had a good attitude and even a good team player. She couldn't answer yes to those questions. Just offered at a coach for non knocked it out I'll take care take care and if your senator your daughter who is playing as sport. Once more playing time incomes TU instead of asking the coach at. What is your answer well one dad from my web times dot com columnist. By the name of my doctor Kristy and her radios overheard at dad's saying quotes when was the last time you've been in the gym to work on your skills. If you've been working in the weight room and get a good attitude and even worked like a team player. She could not answer these questions he then said this is one person's problem. Yours you need to make it's they have no choice but to leave you in because you're that good and valuable to the team what do they get the stats parenting. 5767798. And he didn't go to the coaching in say I'll I'll be right back it's not the Dodgers. Yeah I mean it was good advice at the very least it it asked her as she was complaining will what are you doing about it you know rather than just listening to complain all honey I'm sorry. I mean actually asking her it was a very adult way to handle knew it was a very good lesson ever. By 767798. If you're coached you would love to know. What is it like when a dad comes to you or you have these conversations or observations of the a good players. Go to carrying Kansas City thanks for hanging carried the floor is yours. A lot and he asked. I think it victory. The at all you know like soccer and soccer and Ian Murray. And I connected with how the world really work she thinks everything it didn't mean. Like it at keeping at it they knew that game at their ever. I mean eat the parties after every. Win like that happen. Yeah you know that's not really hot and and he he will either cool or at it the air at school there she automatically makes BP and matter play. So but she as well see that some. Errands get angry cannot be light while I got a bit. You know you'd have he'd play volleyball this year on Nightline know for a fact that you're Ali. Oh. Great I'll you know all week though it even each Earl. About I. You should probably be working on your drill alert you didn't get out over the weekend and out here coaches that Q. Haven't. To be after the Internet and at we didn't get there. Response to. You know she did sit there at night. In and see you know it panic carrying out your home work right now. You know app street going out. Homered. Or so it really pretty buried under at less likely it. I had ten minutes were up at car lot I like like right Curtis did it because it worked ten minutes last night. And you know we're like you know we are trying to range to be a good person now. Because you're all you have to eat that person girl. You know you have to be there at that you know for eighteen member. You know you're gonna have to meet a coworker. And leave that room mate you're at it could wait for our girlfriend. You know we're trying to teach she would be good in the rest your life. And the first thing injured I think it eat it right now it's eaten etiquette member. People are going to see what the route you if you are not a good team member. So where that I think he'd like a cat and it's great. Because she has they have to eat they remember people to eat willing to try. You'd expect to pool or wait. Absolutely I mean there's there's a lot to be you know we. We talk about what sports really our partner metaphor for life and in a lot of people's opinions and and you worked with teams and you try your hardest you learn from failure. And and you have to. What do you do. Can benefit or hurt somebody else and that an attitude is what you you have to have is you know are you in the gym enough. Are you doing your math homework on long enough for whatever the case may be. Gary thanks for your phone call the kind words we appreciate it Ronnie Kansas City or 91 KM BZ. I support the parent I think there'd be inundated by. Child that they need to work our basic. And I support the Greer I think you're bored while they're all children now and I quote. Or eighteen years at the competitive level all right. I think he made the right. Back early on that it you know that I action on the artwork. Sure absolutely there are no doubt Iran thinks the phone call and it starts at a young age you know and I remember how. I was a coach's kid but I didn't play from my dad other than one or two years in Little League. And I remember he coach athletic push of blue league for a long long time and we would go we would do drills and he would say hey. You know but I was never good item in I'd I would practice but I was never any good I learned. You know what the the the biggest dimension you learn your from your failures in sports and alert at a young age about failing and letting people down and I did one year when I was. Eleven or twelve years old and I've I've always thought about that day. You learn a lot from these things you learn a lot from from playing basketball or volleyball or hockey or baseball or whatever when your when your 101112 years old. So it is about a FaceBook page you can read about it FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ. I have to its breaking news for you but happened in the last 92 out on the first is that Rex Tillerson. The newly fired. Secretary of state is set to make an on camera statement. At 1 o'clock central time the roles departments and taxi and on camera now so we well. Executive decision that I remember Nancy takes the Mike will hole. And. Also go on. As we are about talk about the story about the video out of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland which was the sites of seventeen people's doubts on Valentine's Day. Prosecutors have announced they do plan to seek the death penalty for the shooter in that case on we knew that was coming where we knew it decision about that was coming we knew that. The shooter had offered to plead guilty. And an order to avoid putting the families of those seventeen people through trial. And it just now it's all over Twitter that prosecutors do you intend to seek the death penalty for that she. The little boy. I'm looking to see if they have given more developing story yeah I just got them on line absolutely I we will let you know we get details on that decision. I took seventeen lives. And he's still with us. It do you think he. I am I mean I'm not I guess I'm not a death penalty guy but am I happier feasible or on the planet earth he's incarcerated for the next 400 years what's. Better sentence. Having him behind bars for her. Putting to death I want you that Florida's not afraid. Know Florida is guy is not shy about putting people to death and state it it's not Texas. But they're not shy about putting people to death and a fireworks hall it was the prosecutor deputy prosecutor was plaster was first asked. They said we haven't made decision. But if there were ever to be case that would warrant the death penalty it would be just one. Yeah are right I mean fine mean. Another tightly floor I can't tell you about another man's other than Orlando. On you now where we didn't have someone there week in charge. You know it's pretty that we have a match like this that we can put the shooter on trying to move you know usually the children's dad. You know in Vegas and dad they're often we end up they take their own life extra fiber diet in the process somehow and so. I play. I am not a penalty. Person generally it's just a product of being from Illinois where the Republican governor of Illinois before he went to prison on. Put a moratorium on the death penalty because DNA evidence had cleared so many people on death row and that plan said the system's not perfect that's not something you get wrong. If there was ever going to be a case that was gonna sway me. In and get me off that stance. For eight case it would be. Let's open it up to people of 5767798. We you gonna bring record conversation about the video that was. That is debated and being debated on Florida right now about getting released we're giving the details of that and do you think the shooter at Parkland. And Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. Should be given the death penalty by 767798. This is not one of those from looking like we wrongfully convicted in the guy like you're saying and. I think is I mean isn't guilt and it. Is it yeah he going to be found guilty yeah Lee I don't know Yemeni counts he needs to be found guilty in order to on get the death penalty probably just one. Isn't he got isn't isn't by asking for the death penalty isn't he being put enough is isn't that enough. I would think I don't know what I judge I don't know what did you how lenient judges going to be is it better for 250 years in prison or whatever or to. And this seventeen year old boy's life. He's nineteen she's down nineteen year old man's life. On glass. He can cite them Bremer he offered to plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence. Prosecutors must know they've got it you know date they know they can get a guilty verdict but I I just wondered do you run any risk of an insanity plea. Or. Or him having in mountain coming up with some kind of technicality. Death penalty for the park when shooter and you want the video released we'll come back to that a little bit later on as well by 767798. And we plan on hearing from former secretary of state Rex Tillerson when he when he speaks he's scheduled to speak in. Seventeen minutes. We'll have that for you coming up here on KM BZ. But it Jamie and wicket at 1249 Euro and any one KM BZ we are awaiting a former secretary of state Rex Tillerson to speak we will give you that update. He could go two minutes in a prepared statement could go fifteen we're gonna have it for you coming up at 1 o'clock right now though breaking news the prosecutor in Florida asking for the death penalty for the park when shooter. Cassel apartment shooter. The man in the nineteen year old whom I'm murdered seventeen people and murderous summoned publicized on Kirkland. Odd that shooter had initially offered to plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence ought to avoid a trial for the families of the seventeen victims. Prosecutors at the time had sad we've made a decision yet but man if there was ever an opportunity or ever case that would warrant the death penalty this is probably yet. And yes prosecutors today filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty against. He faces seventeen counts of premeditated murder in the first degree and seventeen counts of attempted murder in the first degree. All what do you think death penalty 576779. Eights let's go to and a ain't Kansas City thanks for calling any on KM BZ would you give the death this can the death penalty. Yeah definitely. Why I. Gotta get like I wish it didn't consider it like anywhere they. They like you know. Sure understandable. You looks like sounds like gives him that a deal with their in the back probably let's get to that and a how about. Jeff in Kansas City Jeff feeding this kid to the death penalty. No. We hit it to be a 23 years ago most of the day blow up. The Murrah building nine years later it was but to get this kid. Screamed out for help like (%expletive) aren't they everybody. Can't say that on the radium a friend let's go to Carol in Kansas City on 91 KM BZ Carolyn do you think that this kids get the death penalty. I brought in the manner yes Caroline Goran and now I didn't interfere. That's clutter thank you earlier on the radio do you think this kid to death penalty yeah. I do I think I'd probably enter the didn't help me at that point it out bogeys. Three years of dealing. And that they convicted printing totally totally agree crime. And I think maybe six months and then nascent eight acre. Fair enough Carol thank you so much for your phone call we appreciate it. 5767798. Let's go to John in Kansas City on 91 KMB easy death penalty for nick crew's job. Yes death penalty. Because I don't I don't think they should stay that long armed so either is back to the 18100 where. You were tried convicted and hung. There are 346. People as of the middle of February in this state of Florida. 346. Offenders are awaiting execution. Does he go right to the front. That tried to. You go right to the Frontline. All right John thank you for your full comment appreciate it. I do. There are reasons why there's so many people on death row. Because they're they're trying to get out of that they're trying to find a way to prove their innocence of times their their their their wrongly. This kid pretty much set I did it you know what I mean he agreed to a guilty plea for a life sentence. And I'm going to bet. That those are that are pro death penalty infiltrated jumping to 57677981. Of your big reasons why. Why should my tax dollars go to fund this kid for the next eighty years. To stay alive in his state prison. Here. I'm not believe this guy but what someone can answer to that question and and several of you are on the text line although now predictably the vast majority of USA. Things I can't even say sunny yellow I think he should die awards honors and a lot a lot of boards we have to dump the Byron allowed on number one. You ask yourself what's the harder punishment. You now does he does he ultimately suffer more in spending. Seven years behind bars which in theory he could. Suspect he will not be treated kindly behind bars. I I would bet that you think the prisoners might have their way with him a bit in my week killed fourteen kids. That doesn't go over well. Behind bars on and now may be because of that as I argument argument maybe because of that day blade. Taken somewhere else they would protect him a bit because the other prisoners are gonna laughter and you now on. I want to back out to the point the point person made for we have done that. About because it's worth putting on the table. The idea that. This was an actor Macaulay kid because he's nineteen years old but had a troubled past. On and did not come from the best circumstances I'm not saying that's an excuse absolutely he should he's going to be found guilty an absolutely he should be punished for the rest of his life for winning it. But the argument that. And and this and that that this was this was somebody that it. Handsome and had some rough times in life and I get it adults have that to him. Annie's not a kid he's not eighteen he's nineteen but a lot of you'll tell me you know we talk about a six funeral what are almost an adult while he's barely in adult. And then I asked myself. What kind of productive life is gonna happen behind bar he's not you know what's 'cause he's never know you're Canadian and seventeen life's terms he is now Larry NASA herbal bolts guy I GA exactly. It out and so. Mom pop we get Larry. Larry Nasser das. I didn't kill people but. Eight at 9000 years. He's gonna live any productive life either. Nasser and crew should bunk together in the same sell now and you have an interesting question though what punishment would be worse. Death gives him the easy way out via gassing Decatur electrocution or whatever they do and in in Florida. That's the quick easy way out in theory. Seventy years as a known seventeen time murderer. Living amongst the the inmates living behind bars. Which bundle which penalty would. Be harder for Nicholas crews to go. And it's interesting because. This one of the rare cases he didn't commit suicide note and it was suicide by cop and mean he wanted to get away. And and maybe it's it's the years and am. You know with that might be afraid to die I mean maybe that was why he awfully guilty because death scares them. Unlike in a way it would see you know maybe not scarcity and paddock or something like that. Yeah what's thought what's the harsher punishment. And I am really having to force myself to remember the seventeen people. Because I think on. I think why not just put him behind bars forever you know why not just let them spend the rest of his days in and part of me thinks. The reason you don't do that is because he will continue to get attention. For the next however many years and he goes up for a while caught for parole by over the years you'll continue to get attention and he doesn't deserve. A year from now he'll be on ABC news. Five years from a five year anniversary of Parkland or at least the story wealthy exactly but there'll be an in prison. You know five years later the in prison interview. With. Jake Tapper in duet you know what I mean like that will happen he'll get notoriety you'll hear from this kid again and if you're the families when he won. You know to really give you are the families what do you what do you want. Some people would tell you death is an answer you now that Ling answering definite that answering dealt with death is not an answer but that's not. Because that doesn't bring a seventeen people back no you now and announce that we're talking about forgiveness that something that happens happens with that you got Jeff doesn't accomplish. I don't know how you Fergie of I know the most Christian of a school will be able to forgive at some point. And I don't know I I I I have I could never. Be in those shoes I'm sorry I have never and I don't ever want to be in the issues. For sure what needs to happen between now and whenever this goes to trial is stick him in a room without their best. Yeah whomever and study. Can talk to him and. Let's learn something out of this from Twitter death penalty is too good for him. Men's Brohm at. On facts writes yes yes yes for the death penalty. And be able Kansas says I would want to read is psychology reports about him.