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Thursday, March 15th

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The key word cash for you if you wanna win 1000 dollars yet if Texas were to seven to 81. Take TJ KE it takes tapes. I'm all. Slip and take. Four letters requesting my own. He AK Texan 781 just needs to be stressful it is now is now we do it every hour for 1212. Hours. Texan 71 or you can an hour. To do that. Where's the east as beef up to now give me an hour chasm in other words. I have a question for you act and this might be a little personal. Club right now that there is now others on air and your personal please stay in between the two you mostly away but. It could effect that it. Which is here this goes. So we often go to dear prettier right 'cause it's fun we love dear prudence. It's one of those advice columns that we are all eyes like hey here pretty mind blob blob blob has a blah blah. Well this one. I can't read the whole thing isn't a dear prudence premium subscriber hopeful I'll which you get the gist of it supplies. You get the gist of this. Dear prudence you might think I'm overreacting here but he an outside opinion a few weeks ago a stranger. Exposed himself to be in public. Since then I've been very emotional and having panic attacks. My husband is trying to comfort me but he fails to see with the big deal is it was he calls it. Just a flash here I don't know what is made me react so strongly. Should my husband. Reacted differently Yassin to Austin to get through a flasher. I'll comment this actually is do people. As anybody actually added latch or write that down for second just after 5767798. A woman what a guy had the trench coat Donnan. And everything flop and now. Mean for starters it's a crime for reason gala and so yeah regardless. So I've never been married wicket feel free to and educate me I night for months that are what we almost almost a year to be here inmate on. If she isn't sat. About eight then the appropriate course bronze is not it's just a flasher. In my opinion the appropriate response if you ever it is honey I'm sorry I upset you that stinks. Is there and I can do to commie how hot is just a flasher you know they happened to me I've never had I mean I've had. Deep accent. Okay which no woman wants on why are they heard on. But that is never that is never happens we have never have I've never liked it walking by got on the street and all the sudden he just lets it out down you know that's never happened but I can see how well. 41 and or for anybody you know that's that's a startling. Experience on and maybe. He said just a flasher easy the husband in the story says it was just a flash are home now for you might still reversing those words Cologne now. Right like that never to that's not gonna get the result you want I. Remember the first time I said that to my admired colonel one to my mother is in my apple I've probably thirteen. Never a good idea to say call me down just gonna. That's never have the desired. That never getting the result you want no person no person ever if you say that to another person ever. I don't care who it is is ever going to calm down just because you tell them to. Especially if you say which just calm down bro that's not ever gonna have that desire that basically is saying get more mad. Right that's exactly a yells down. And I know if maybe he's having a hard time relating because that something that. If he were to be walking by. That particular thing yeah or any bright yeah maybe that's not as startling for him deceit. And indicated that reversed and he had been slashed by a woman grants that not is startling but for us I think it it that feels. You know that's that that is. Troubles and to see like to those just happen to you before give us a call 5767798. Have you been flashed by a guy looked as guys. And trying to keep the license here yup. We go with that of and what it decides they're going to flat check. It happened I mean how often are you just watching a tiny right I mean that's about it yeah I mean let's be honest doesn't run women the vast majority of you know if if somebody is going to be charged in the crime at least in my experience in working in news for half my life means that the vast majority that is men are men. Flashing there you know why somebody watching yeah and it could be it it doesn't seem to matter if it's a man walking by or woman or somebody with a child. It would be my concern if there's a child locking with that person kind of get this ever happened to you. War Barbara I pray that you stay on hold through the break whole war and a the look and Jamie's face it she's read there's. A it's sticker. It's everybody stories is it a big deal when you get flash what was your reaction to your significant other have a reaction to it. Like the guy that you're pretty stories said it's no big deal it's just a flash. And by 767798. Texted 22980. Will get to your stories acts 798 before we go to the phones. Someone. Vice among multiple people have called in to the studio two to complained Travis us yet well you. Home and the you didn't you can well yet you didn't spell the word. Home like guys you didn't spell you did not spell the keyword cash I'll give you the opportunity right now. What is the key word cash this hour twin 1000 dollars. Word. That at the past workers. Is taped. C saying. KE ETV. Because there's only one what you and all outward that's that's hockey take. He AKE intake. And we'd like to take a break but the odd about a text the word and to 71. Very good. Now you understand now and I are good ones are now. Take TA KE texted in seven to anyone. We are talking about. Flashing there's a dear fruity whatever favorite places to go because oftentimes they'll these stuff that you can relate to and like to bring it on. The radio here Soria and this one is dear prudence might become overreacting but I need an outside opinion. A few weeks ago a stranger exposed himself to me in public since then I've been very emotional. And having panic attacks my husband is trying to cover me but fails to see the big deal he says it was just a flasher. Stop I guarantee you she would be less emotional if he wasn't acting like it was no big deal. And because somebody we are asking mount the response I mean in my experience you know. Happy relationship 10 one's as you validate your partner's feelings even if you don't agree with some which is not what he did. And said he acted like it was no big deal and telling her to calm down is not the way to get hurt on. The way. And also by the way the tax line. There's a difference turn the radio data via children yes there is a difference between flashing someone and use seeing someone masturbating while driving. But let me tell you how many store that would. I think it. The difference there are right. Take your stories this is never happens I have never. I've never bend usually you know you're watching on the street or something you know think about the times we're somebody would be arrested for for public obscenity. And that's I've never had a guy without her indecency or -- c.'s indecency that that's never happened to me cell but. Man is it happened to you or we are gonna start with Barbara in Kansas City Barbara has someone ever decided as a guy ever flash geo. Yeah. I live. I'd be slash. Twice. In fact they live in is in fact that until the happening is that. Always taxes isn't it I know it's always axis. It was the metal it was the middle. Of summer. And we were on our lunch hour my my girlfriend and I and I had archer and scout which of course lets us. And wait or a walking down the street on our lunch hour and before you know it. It was lashing out he was completely. They get underneath that changed how. Well. We we Winamp to the next then definitely we help them in their honor that they need to call 91 while. Let that I was doing that. Oh OK guys as Diddy daddy ever like did you laugh and amber. Make fun of them are just aren't. At wayward after such shock you know that there that it was even happening. And and so we didn't it now we we just thought well you know this certain right. And then I cannot. I was at a bus stop thinking of the city history. And I was I was Dalembert and so the only time I mean some male. You know part where it wasn't what happened babysitting little boy I'd never even seen as an adult. Pina and and a guy I was the bus stop waiting to go to work and and eking by in he was. Yelling at saying and he definitely want to meet at the and I I didn't really know what I was looking at to begin at that. And I realize how bad does it really right. And so anyway. I've had a doll and N ballot yet. Doubt we'll get used gut feeling I was praying that the would get there. In a very short time limit that I would dot. Right around the block M and try and take me. Mary. Specific reasons for feeling like that because it is not normal it's not right. And it makes you feel very. Very afraid. An uncomfortable and it just makes you wonder you now you just have this moment of gosh what you know what's. What's Barbara thank you for your phone call we appreciate it were quick to take up from my fellow tech it's always Texas twice attacking. It's this hot air sometime together take out some players what allegedly thought it's okay maybe not but let's see here who note from Texas and yes Barbara was it a black guy that you know looks like Travis may be of God's big guy with a beard and a and a mustache that it was. It in taxes for awhile maybe a couple of the guys who some mean today. It gets hot get hot I think I go to Ed in Kansas City and came BZ cat is your wife ever been slashed. Yes it the victory. Don't know or even about reporters ago. In a big Kmart parking lot. For whatever but this signaling it would. The majority population. Density that is you know dropped out and expect that problem. Pharmacy. I did it store. To store parking lot. You're out side in the park. Yes we can pick it up and you have received an opinion that you talked on that particular that that's what the signal opposite. As you don't want them. Think they can get appreciate the call man beyond notes on some lines are coming and attacks on that would be good responses of that ever happens to the stock to Susan in Kansas city's Susan a year Irvin flashed. Well. Claire I. Between flashing and masturbating. Well timed at one time violent last. Time it was. Slandering and now. I know effort and I was a little girl all. And I currently in the back seat my mom you know where I. You know men in the Alabama. And Hamlin got by way over at that track get pleasure out. Bob you know it to where you know he ready to. It's intentionally putting it in your view. Let me ask you there. The making. My in my mom actually file. I. And I would go there a plan. It will be error. And got a little girls or men at that time it happened though I was a comet that. And the and time and Eckstein. And at lashed you actually addiction in the C where he wearing short short. And kicking out short. And what he. Could be a lot and counting their money where it was right and then where. Hagel I this is right count my money this is always a gaffe Opel. That he would that you don't you want me yeah I don't know what do I. Read eat. As I'm talking here now making shape I'm. They you know it does it. And I could you explain your whole day Michael hooker that I had you know a girl young. I like oh great. Me and I don't know black. Problem with these that they're it strikes against that you actually end. Ailment and less and in that game change back. You know land back at Florida. As I hadn't called yeah. He probably knew he was doing something to make people like usually your goal. It's it's you do it wasn't for people see it now defied the purpose of flash and it's just keep up banks the phone call Susan I'm will get to a few more Denise you're gonna be our lead off hitter in three minutes right. Few of our phone calls and then. We're gonna move on because it's getting him comfortable. Or talking about slashing. There's a dear pretty that we read to yet where a woman is very emotional having panic attack she was flashed a several weeks ago. Husband says it was just a flasher and not a big deal were asking you your experiences. May be your life's experiences. By 767798. Denny's in Kansas City have you ever been slashed by a man. He had that apply to college and looking out at the clot walking toward the guy say icon on medal table and you get thanks. Everything out and look the other way he put him and he keeps talking and I keep blocking and I think I can't come about it like collection directly the time. Just tricky yeah. Here you're right back and Patrick that cable. But yeah flatly I am library. Latina girl college there at the year. I mean again that's against a lot and in ads that's public decency nobody ever arrested. Not that I I know how to accommodate it like I think yeah I can't they can't hit me the ally and flat hitting orbit. Yeah I think that's drinking. It's just tricky issue. Just can't keep it together. Eads. That tricky Ricky isn't as a fun guy at a party with a think for the phone call Denise we appreciate it. Joseph and independents or 91 KM BZ. Hey guys. That paramedic from 43 years and I could tell your main sort like that but the one that sticks out in my mind and I was condemned in Mississippi on an ambulance. We got a medical call. Quick stop. And the guide gone and bought can't chilly in the senate on the counter and cashier at the turn your are right about ninety degrees to get to register. When she turned back around he had laid it out on the counter. And yet when I agree and I mean yeah and so. She reacted so quickly she grabbed the Canada Chile and slammed it. On the and off. At all that we're it would just barely hanging on by portrait of yen a relapse and wait at a hospital. We cannot only take care of the guys in your lap and part. I. I mean driver that quickly send I eat a little he had two of them and I gas. I can't believe that you might have dueling charges there and. Re guy. Scouting guy or a little a little uncomfortable goes story. Joseph if that's your lead off story I don't wanna hear the rest of your million stories that you have from being a forty year paramedic. I'll. Think he's gotten this conversation would really just took a turn. Go to the thinks the focus all our lean. Your game of the easy I've early what do you for living. Well I am retired and and I are record and I grabbed a ma am I can't. Ask. Men. Oh I don't I am confident man in the actual and I can't I am not in last Lionel named man and a narrow columns of I it will buy the that the only thing. It act. Yeah actually. Did did did did I have to quest where quick marlin. Did you say this was just the way that in your day they flirted horse that would they told you. Yeah I. Bet there. At pour it on the now. And now. At the arrow. And it just slapped Adam did you it out and popular. Bear bear smartly. I'll bet though there are simple and to her point I'll bet there are some old guys. In the nursing homes that are losing it and and we'll do it in now. Music and not work anymore I don't know hook a part of it. Well I mean we've talked on this story before the leading rise of this TDs is an account is in nursing homes. Thank you for your phone call mar lean. A couple more here let's get to Kathy Kansas City and KM BZ go ahead Kathy. We have looked actually accurate that my birth month. And frankly crap or an avid learning how to cashier in the guy came in had a little running short. And that under the loan now that he respite is. Junk. On the calendar. And then then the gal that actually can't share them that they do about it a couple of candy bar. And he reached injured in the short to get them out. And and pulled of that he was. We would carry it. He went somewhere inside running short resting on the bunker. So visuals from these stories are are interesting and thank you Terry. Let's go to. Would that. And one more that was Kathy this is Terry and KM BZ hi Terry. Failure bill. Into the subject here I was at that as they look. In my wife and she. Ago we were gonna go to that the doesn't you know that apartment like a miracle. And I'm down a street corner where the old beatle but the pick it up and take about the David and my wife says look at that motel there. People lighten their ethnic. That aura where you don't sit out at the top. I looked over at the white but the weight belt and a small moment this moment and I mean like a totally. You know they'll always that always crop. She stood up and walk real well MG I mean I'm telling you this girl could have been a bottle. She walks straight across real slow and I figure to burn me. Up a democratic. I had that is you have perk in my the rest Wednesday. Could argue about you know. I mean that's a good vision to have in your enemy could have been a guy. Couldn't get out and I mean it went on brother I mean I actually went about it but it. People want that shock value and I think if they must have been watching and god I want this you'll hear. And the white looked away and changed not that I took away analyzed by a bigger tournaments that I. But they were wanting to get that shot value just so curry did the dark I mean that women. At a wedding party stand up you know provide base. Been over a cheap one day drive him and armament and have been over and that's one thing you know that was you don't seem much. You know you got to point a little bit you know to study it but it was up and flash and gone either really get the vision that this one here was very. And she wanted to clear where a major player and by the. What what city was this and that the Louisiana. Would you like me again on my that's on it I think they to Saint Louis at Travis and sent those places like to go well it was the layers and he says he's got a blink in this study it yeah. The last. I can't stare at it and you do have the option an outline of Sarah and that gets us banks of the vocal Terry then I mean again if that is the image is a beautiful naked woman is burned in your brain. And next the image is in your head I mean there're a lot worse things that could be burned in your brain right somebody just like convenience stores need to raise the height of their counters after the segment increased. Get rid of powders altogether. Just have flat walls and jokes that. Began sending an 0508 you're making me laugh accurately can happen in time right now so I'll open the tax laws it's funny I can't I don't. Well wickets standards are different and my medial and people are making that job every he's got the same joke about Chile. Story you can you can you can think about what that joke. Bus and on the counter and alienated chili dogs now. Now. Yeah well that's and now now they did to guide this on a quarter foot. Yes I. Many many. Many outs there. I don't know where we go from there. Up. Typically they blew up. This. This did it feels like a Friday to admit you like to find out here tomorrow Monday or Saturday next week yeah I'm sure feels like yeah right idea. And a sound feels like Friday to veto it Friday night at I'm. Confused about if we do that. Go to back to a story that involves landlords and what you should and shouldn't tell potential renters out of the New York Times. I've been David Jamie wicket also coming up next hour we will of course have the keyword cash Regis before 1 o'clock we will also. It back to your she eighty shopping stories. We'll explain after the news here and came music. Here in the zoo fan or K state fan or you went to Wichita State you don't really like hearing this. Not well those three teams all play tomorrow KU plays in which Donna bit. They've got panda. Daryn I think one of the biggest point spreads favorites to win of any team in the NCAA tournament. And Michael brought a bomb from our news department was sent down to power and light. To go you know hang out into the game will be on the bigs. KU fan gorgeous day outside. And skip work for the afternoon especially went case a lot of people here. Apparently it's empty. It if it is empty down there. I don't know like for the big twelve. It's Jane you know that for that matter is whoever's playing it was always it was crowded last week. Data KC live so. But radavan goes down there just calls us and said there's nobody dare I mean I'm sure there are twenty people there at thirty people so he act. You know. Wait so did you tell me what your ex well it it's still Thursday. You know people still early in the Turkmen people still have to work you know usually half day. Probably start now for a lot of people's they can get homered into their watering hole or whatever to watch the KU game. Is a play in a bit against Penn. And then you'll take tomorrow off the sick or something. By and take tomorrow off. You figured they'd be down there with this weather but. It is hand it's not really gain you expect K you to lose by any stretch although. If you followed Twitter there are a beautiful okay you fans on Twitter people are freaking out. A sixteen is never beaten a one it'll be an embarrassment when it actually does happen one day. And the game is also. In Wichita soul I'm guessing if you are afraid and you went to indicate you game what two hours two and a half hours to Wichita. If you're picked and you win that's right you took the day you went to the game. Or perhaps your listening to you may be you put the item. I'm a little surprised though that it's empty doubt it Casey is so weak we're gonna get a line around to describe. Is not happening out there and I guess he found one guy that's active because you know cares looking for now running 1 o'clock we've got to find the store got to keep carry out these. It's it is looking for the one guy. At its Arctic is he Gary the door is that is the. Who writes for the Kansas City Star I ai or follow him on Twitter. I he says on Twitter there are so he's had a game in Wichita. Is that there are so many KU fans here they're now behind the pen bench as well as the case you bench that is going to be one heck of a home court advantage. You know I placed yourself right. The new TV is there a beautiful. With the probably sixteen. Set in 69 degrees outside like the perfect day over why are we skip work. Descriptive stuff nobody here nine hours nine minutes and I get a spot on my couch reserved. If for NCAA. Can go watch it somewhere. Out by it was two years ago my wife surprised me with the seventy inch HDTV. Yeah the day before the NCAA tournament so sentence and it's. It's still wonderful. And it's an instant I think you are cheaper yes yeah are you have a case of your getting colder right now and Travis went to lower watch basketball and not care about the tournament at. You probably Pardo brackets I can do that. After him like he does everyday right now you know you have to work out priorities and some. Great. The goodness. The occasion and today the Zune Florida State tomorrow Wichita State and Marshall tomorrow. And also a hasty Creighton is tomorrow as the NCAA tournament continues. We have a Twitter poll by the way how party have to see you going sweet sixteen. One and done final four national champs 44% of you picking the jayhawks to go to the sweet sixteen. And that's where their tournament run well and follows a vote on Twitter and came Beazer. What's up computers. Now. You're making that that mad face and in a dramatic tax line for. Calling you the C word or something. Happen today hey big day. They dated and that was. And it's the same notion that I give to drivers that old please me you'd get my hands up in the air. It but it did not what it's supposed to like you. It's an arsonist and that the we're talking about this earlier left to hear from you at 5767798. Story in the New York Times magazine. I ever rental property in the neighbors next door are extremely racist. We didn't know this when we bought the house we have had both white and Hispanic people as renters. The next door neighbors harass the Hispanics until they left the white family had no issues getting along. But did hear the racist rants I cannot legally do anything about this behavior. Am I obligated to tell any prospective renters about this problem. Right and the next line is my favored in his guts and heart we're talking about I don't want people to move in without knowing of it if I do how am I phrases on not perceived as being discriminatory signed analysts. So picture duplex something like batterer a small building where you you know you want the whole thing and the renters that you still have and one of those units in your mind based on whatever it is you have are racists. And have driven out other renters you've had next door to because she points out we've had both white and Hispanic people as renters the next door neighbors harass the Hispanics until they asked. Now they have maybe open open half of that duplex now again and they want a rented out and they're wondering it sounds like. In her heart she feels like it's they deserve to now yeah elk is you would want delicate loving and you would want that a factor and maybe you wouldn't. But but you is now but I think her business lines some bad idea might be dragging people away. She is wondering am I obligated to tally prospective renters about the problem and we talked about this earlier we had several people who on rental property real estate agents. That gave us better information that we have on her own about the legality of that but it got us talking a little bit. About on how you find out the stuff about where you want to rent that they won't tell. Because she you know if if your answer is why actually buy it why you shouldn't be telling her because what it you know what's wrong. What if what you perceived to be racist is not. And somehow they find out the told the new neighbors that they are racist and that and get in trouble so we're wondering you know what are. What's involved there what you do and and if you own rental property and that was you want to rent out the space that you you know when a drive people away so. Common sense tells me now well don't don't talent even if if your heart kind of says show. Because you might keep people out of there. And it really good point earlier what if you. Are like flipping it and think what if you live there and they're not racist what do you do with race. Yeah yeah controlled one that are their first. 57677. Nominate anybody ever had this happened to maybe your rent or maybe your real estate agent and you know the neighbors are questionable. Maybe they're dirty maybe they don't clean up after themselves may be their loud maybe they're racist are you obligated to tell. Potential renters about them just to give them a heads would you do it. Would you tell 57677985767798. A line is open for you because if I'm in that position and and legally I'm not sure you can elect to update what is the free fair housing. These are fair housing I don't think if if they're like yeah. About that house over there I see that that woman oh walking out what you know about her is she she cool you know are they good neighbors. They allowed. And go every hour of the night what's the neighborhood line eight a lot of kids the bill thing. Seniors in the building and it's fair housing shortly to think the people that sometimes real estate agents and I don't know this is not a real estate agent. Would just kind of like to sing in animals and people. Primaries. That are right there dirty or they're always partying late night just asked the other people I sold them their house and it's unfair because you are. You know your your punishing that other person and and they have a right to be there if if they're being. To what ever fill in the blank to rent from you gotten an address that. But as far as. I mean you're now uncomfortable with a certain group of people and you want to. While lines are nothing like down. We're looking for those stories of that and and what do you think about her question about whether she should be telling future renters is she obligated to do that. 576779857677. And eight Josh writes on her FaceBook page she says that. Obligated no would it make them a decent person yes. If you're legally allowed to write that no question is did you get in trouble for doing him. It's severe phone calls and also your text messages coming in and 22980. Com. And I can't read that comment on the air and then I could go down that. Somebody said scooters scooby sorry Scottie. Scotty says that at your job to prescribe intent on others make your own decisions about people everyone else to the same what you see is racist. Someone else may not as racists because of ours is someone else might agree. That is her heels might think what you perceive to be is racist someone else might say no I think that we too.