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Friday, January 5th

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Okay. I don't know. Instead let's copying. It's sad that this is. Lean on me good. My yeah. Happy sad. And a man as I clean up my. Being. But he's. Friday I do. Love it and you can read my. I get a nation and 22980. Jamie's first rolled problem right now is for the Wi-Fi in this building is as spotty as it gets to. Pay for Wi-Fi here like we papers are we stealing a. I'm like this is just as well as first rule does again as we rip off targets. Answer the spellings of thing that goes out all the time it goes off. Literally though the Wi-Fi goes out of this building at least one today during this show always it's the first troll problem to ET. Like using that computer that's literally six inches away. This Wednesday it directly. I. Texting your personal problems 22980. Besides the fact that I got you I detect Travis to get your birthday present Yemeni for today. Run and so on myself well I have a southwest rewards card records here sometimes London big fancy southwest cards are used all the time flies out west a lot and I thought. Oh southwest I think gives me more points on my birthday. That was a bummer that the first it looked at that I was excited about it must just be more points on my birthday if you fly today southwest we'll give you a free drink. They know that much they're gonna give me 6000 points when my card it's the anniversary. I know they used to mormons now you get a free drink and southwest and all holidays including southwest birthday and Norbert. Now. So yeah that that was kind of a bummer and I looked out his goal in the second and it's sad. No upcoming trips. On. Plans and stuff it's too bad via text into 298022980. See it the second that's not so here. Now if there this. I'll read it sir go for it I'm Asian and you won't acknowledge my text message. What's let's see what came before lax in the world are you talking about a sixty seconds before that that person Texan I'm. I'm Asian and drive trash trucks and my coworkers. Make fun of me for my eyes I Asian that you guys won't acknowledge my text message goes. Not first world problems there are ticket now. And goodness all right. Somebody's head coach I won tickets to the chiefs game. But I have to pay for parking it it is a real personal problem you've got these value. 200 dollars in tickets totaling forty bucks to park is really gonna suck for you taken over. There right. O'Dowd I was so sick of hearing people complain about parking in this city and oh my gosh only if we don't like so you got it right mortgage and get it cheaper online and guess what every city in every part of this country with every team has to pay for your fan. Parking and you probably have one of the cheapest part. Yeah for us it's good to go market Jerry world in Dallas and tell me a 100000 dollars yeah I mean good god. You'll like that's the reality it's so knowing what I have to lift my feet up when my room that goes die didn't you don't want. I love my rumba I asked a politically in your house I love that thing we turn it on. And you start doing other stuff in before you know it and it gets under the that the digging the dining room table and chairs are pushed it. While it gets everything I would totally recommend getting a rumba. I couldn't afford it myself put my mother in law got forks for Christmas. Let's see I put too much Lenin and why water and now my water is sour I hate lemon water I love sour candy that this like elderly tenants and I'd like they need but I don't like lemon water. It's a big losing weight thing I tell you they tell OK losing weight a lot of and that's. To help you get rid of water and add one and tier wired and idol X is a water so that's one way of and and Alec cucumber water. You are basically. I of these could be basic Ali I. I got to Columbia jacket over the over the Christmas season because I don't have a winter jacket I've had to use one here. So I had the Columbia jacket to my already basic B resonate. I like a few calmer in my water I'm water said the man that's eagle like a nice resort or hotel down and they ain't true. Cucumber water Travis would end of the day on the water with two bigger birthday I did not Edwards if it's like T or you want to ask you as an out and it's Travis it's taken on board made that kind of funny I like this I. When someone insists on doing all their banking at the ATM machine is you're cashing go. I agree with that if you're doing it deposit and withdrawal and three counts inside the damned bank it if I guess you're cashing get the hell out of there. Issues with that and with grocery lines I do you really don't delete that you don't blow in and express line if given carte. Tank that's bottom line to give to write a check and get out of the express line. You're right you're checked before I don't get why she says bare minimum bare minimum. Your ego might tire pressure monitoring system on my card doesn't tell me which tire has low air pressure on dollar to check the mall. While that's about that it's pretty happy it's so cold stories about what's going on with the coal. I'm like real world problems and I. As someone whose card that gas gauge. Is stuck on anti even though the take is all that's not bad because it's called about this one I got a new car with the heated steering wheel it's too hot to use. You're heated steering wheel is too hot and think about that. But. I meals too short I'm all of balance what. Don't quite know what but it appears to expect that. It's a year the battery on my heated jacket is dead. You repeated Jack DF to recharge that are can you just use like at nine volt or like double lays the jacket yeah I've heard those. Oscar gonna catch on fire Anderson Cooper was talking about he had one of those when he was on CNN on now on New Year's Eve. Yeah you need Sox heated Jackie act paints all that stuff wow Land's End that's a lot of work. Yes. Acidity. Placed an order that for Amazon next day air somebody stole it from my porch. I got refunded but now I have to wait for regular delivery. And speaks. Might he only works on hi. Like now that's pretty good that's pretty awesome. God ice is gonna remind grab some from last weeks to reflect trends last week you and I did the whiskey segment in this part of the show yeah I tweet out angels I mean. Because I put that analysts somebody asked angels beat the creator of angels and saw my tweet and app out. Oh that's as invited himself to be on the show and we talk with him like long going to be different to have. Somebody says I got to pull my wonderful package to the championship game on Monday that's Alabama and Georgia. And not a fan of either team. He's a cult like Travis and you hate Alabama probably not a big fan of Georgia but you'd still be all I'll be there are so quick wearing yellow and purple where now you're LSU gear if you via a. I love this one yeah I can't stand how popular it's become to gushed about her heavenly pizza it is. We get an America pizza is good move line pizza is amazing to I miss something I'd love to certain XP that isn't where you from you American. I don't. What I'm more that story. I what's the what happens. To back to who will make you angry about the Bible Belt I want for Amazon we got. You had to get a certain amount of money to get the two day delivery. I was threes and short. We thought bill and he says yeah it sure I did that would pizza hi I achieved because the pizza I won it. The top of the total before tax was 1999. And if you order from their app. Pizza Hut all delivering TV to ten bucks before tax I was at 999. I feel your pain and yeah we'll be here today but now I want adherence like next week I'll have to wait. It's too bad moment in metropolis doesn't get here till Tuesday at my personal problem. Campbell and let's say that to death. I want to read it over the I would love to we're gonna be open to going to have to figure out what to do and it hang in with the in laws. Duty to the us have in particular political lean yes is it opposite of yours yes. Follow him in the book over friends and well. Mom voted for the current well she says I didn't vote trump I just didn't vote Hillary out typical response. So that tells you where she is and she's not thrilled with the current situation. But we she's one of the few she's a lifelong Republican. She's one of the few that she united have a conversation without getting heated and ends lived hard and Brian calling in all of that so I appreciate that about here. Travis in the text line role time. He had to send them back though tiger's. Up up up up. Let us know on its excellent gotten more 22980. So we spun the wheel what we're gonna do next and it was either sex. Drugs or got guns. It's it's Jamie's birthday we thought. You go ahead and pick which what are we doing where it is sex. And it's more like we're not talking times because no. And I'm hot all though. That topic although we got a lot of causes the best is one of those that's coming around and we have quite a bit of work force apple that we have the text. All going on to lead updated I guess you know let us know how do you feel about legalizing marijuana not at all text the word none. Recreational Lee REC rack or medically. Additionally text the word meant so to either nine wreck or mad 22980. We will update that for you coming up but. We talk about sex. And teens. It's frightening. On is on one hand there's one study. That is probably encouraging that I think is countered by the other study good. News bad news about teenage sex next is 118 on a Friday a heavy Friday TU one. So it's time to talk about teen sex right. And you know. It but it's just things where I don't know if this is good news or I don't know if it's entirely yours. And that's that they're the responses to this overnight on FaceBook very interesting to some of them were were pretty dang. Well thought out. Fewer high school students are having sex this from time magazine came out tonight last night. Across the United States the number of high school students who report having sex has dropped. Report based in nationwide self reported survey of high school students and published by researchers. At the CDC. Felt the proportion of students who say they have ever had sexual intercourse. Dropped from 47%. In 2000 off. 241%. In 2015 which is the latest data we have available. The decline in sex among high school students. Is likely contributing factor to. Teen birth rate setting a record low teen pregnancy has been consistently dropping in the study authors say that more research is needed understand trying to help it continue. Why do you think. That lasts that fewer students are having sex in high school. I need series 22980. Or 5767798. For socially those of you with teenagers that are in this you know in this age group now have that in the last ten years at the supplies to. We talked a lot of the program about how teens are less social in person than they used to be. We know that because social media we had a conversation before about how kids don't get their driver's licenses as quickly as they used to they don't need to. They have social media to keep in touch with everybody else. I thought that line would be drawn though when it comes to hormones. You know I thought still somewhere along the way they would want that physical mental and physical contact. But apparently that's not so no we have. For how we talk about smoking a couple of days ago we had some great calls from teams or in high schooler freshly out if you jump back in middle to hear me at 5767798. Why is that number going down why and this is not a bad thing I'm totally on board with that. Why aren't just like I was on board fewer teen smoking why are fewer kids having sex in high school 5767798. And a lot of the answers on FaceBook. Are about social media because kids. While vacated Iraq at each other in that way they don't interact dirt there's social skills. In real life does that. As does that drop that's why I that's why I let wet I don't know if this is 100% good news that they're having the last I see what you're saying because on. I get it you can you now have social interaction its not sexual but to me there's there is a point eight point see their kind of that it's indicative to me of kids just. Maybe not learning all the social skills they need to either now it's great because we have fewer teen pregnancies and we have it now. Sex that is probably better than it's ever been about protection and these are all good things for the welfare of our kids. But we've got to make sure too that. That they're learning how to interact and other people. I'm Eric writes because they have no clue how to interact with humans anymore I mean I I kind of agree with but. If you're on your phone all the time and you're staring at it all the time you don't have that relationship with somebody even as a friend if not more. Despite that despite the ways that you can communicate with people are teams hormones still rage. Change has soared they just not. Meeting that need it in up in Allen in person way anymore and the reason I bring it up is because out of WJ and DW GNTV. Northwestern University did a study that says. Peer pressure is a normal part of the teenage experience but you study reveals how hard it is for girls to say no when push by a boy to send nude pictures. Out researchers analyzed 462. Comments posted for 2010 to 2016. On MTV's a thin line that's an online forum dedicated to stopping cyber bullying what they found. Is that two thirds of girls ages twelve to eighteen said they've been asked by a boy to send nude photos. Girls faced persistent requests anger and threats from boys to send pictures. Only twelve cases reported no backlash for saying now he. So when I'm put together is that fewer kids are having sacks but they're still interest at and they're still trying to get that need need Matt somehow they're just using a different kind. Communication try to 5767798. Real quick this text that is interesting to me. From the tax line shows like teen mom showed the ugly sign of pregnancy I also think the Internet all the access to information or big contributing factor. Sticking with the teen mom. And the sixteen and pregnant I used to believe that that would glorify. Me is sixteen year old mother or sixteen year old parent. Maybe it's having the adverse affect but see just because kids are having babies doesn't mean not having sex. You know I'm saying yeah that could take some of the the glamour of having a baby but the the end of the worry I guess that I don't want to end up like this person whose life is Rua who can't Columbia seventeen year old boy you're seventeen year old girl can't go on to college and can't live the year quote normal life. Because at fifteen I decided to to have sex because I got pressured into it or other. Maybe they're learning a life I can probably of saying this may be their learning a lesson from MTV. Here's what several people are playing on the tax would sat it's part of it is how kids defines sacks. The theory among several listeners is that all does that just ran their course right button. The theory from a lot of people is that more kids are doing. Just before that that Moore to order their town their at. We've got five or six circled around at sad they're getting a third base that just got to get slide you know right they're not going all the way. They're doing the next best thing I 767798. Right to the phones go to Diane in Kansas City and KM BZ whats up Diane. I've got my. Act all. But you're just about. What was called back. You know. And and that did the well you know about. And happy about. How it. People come at you don't. They. Act I. A lot. Are. You at actual order. Aren't you. Got the bat. I. Have. Our. Why did not. Act opposite. Because you ought to other girl. All all the and they are. You haven't done but she's just not. At. All. Op perceptual thing. And what we. And every. Breath he lying eyes out. I want to at all oh my god. You know it it's a good point and I think that's so much for your perspective appreciate that and parents let me ask you send people in general on. I Wear this are you more okay with it. Knowing they're not having intercourse like what do you what do you think of the statement well now. They're not either horse they're not gonna get pregnant. But they're doing everything else does that make you feel better review do you worry about that just as much there's not empty threat. But they're still going on there they're still Sutton and your your wit that's the next thing but isn't the biggest. Oh or or a some kind of a disease like isn't that what you're just as apparent what are your greatest concerns. Even finds some diseases can be spratt yeah without having all the way absolutely and side worry about that too yeah I mean pregnancy is the ultimate worry but. I'd be worried about some of the other things about you now with S. If they're doing these things are they taking pictures are those pictures being posted anywhere are that you now those pictures never dull way. Well let me read you a text that just came in room. My daughter is thirteen. She gets asked for news at least once a day she's so appalled she's made it a road rule she tells the same person twice and he still last she blocks them. On the flip side she said three bowl blaze send her pics of their junk. At thirteen. I am. That okay so that proves the stats to deter them. At it and horses and for sure how much kids are saying how much girls are being asked for pictures and how much they're being sent pictures. She's had three boys send junk shots toward god last now. It's more your calls Tom Mika Steve. Stick right there. Interesting point there from Steve we're gonna get to coming up here on KM BZ. 5767798. Extended to June 980. Good news. Or your children. Corny the United States. And time magazine to. The number of high school students who report having sex has drops why is that 5767798. Back in 200547%. Of high school students. Are reported ever having had sexual intercourse as of 2015 the most recent data available at number is that. 41%. Decline in sacks is contributing factor to a lot of things lowered teen birth rate lower teen pregnancy. They still need to get a little more resurgent there but were asking you right now why do you think that is at 5767798. Beacon texted at 22980. And on the flip side others a study in northwestern university in Chicago that found. Two thirds of girls. Ages twelve to eighteen say they have been asked by a boy to send nude photos two thirds of girls ages twelve to eighteen. So they've been asked by a boy just sent nude photos wow. An and girls reported anger threats from boys of statins and the pictures. So there still interest out there on and sir would you text it and that. Kids are having intercourse as much but they are having oral sex. To which I ask. Is that just as bad or not. Is it something you worry about just as much as a parent or you relieved to find out well these are not going all the way. Could somebody texted and 22980. And sad that. I would be worried about any sexual activity at that aids. At thirteen heavy teen relationships when they break up can be as emotionally taxing as a divorce I don't want my kid going through that five or six times. It damages them emotionally. Yeah. Yeah a lot of you were debating whether oral sex is just as back and and whether dealing with some of the sexting like they're not go all the way is not have a baby. But there's still lots going on there in terms of kids' emotions and getting attached in danger I would. I wonder and hear me out of this isn't that may be a good thing. I mean would you rather that your kid. Who is just like everyone was at sixteen with a raging hormones or fifteen with a raging almost I think twelve and thirteen is far too young but I'd. Digress. Isn't it better for them to know that getting to third base. While you approve of that is apparent just like I'm sure your parents and approve this stuff you did when you're a teenager isn't going to third base. Potentially at stopping there and always stopping there. Better and safer. And smarter for that. To meet the only difference. Is that that girl can't get pregnant. To me everything else is the same your likelihood of disease is still there are still on emotional attachment are still a relationship. You know the only. The only difference is that. There is no chance of the baby. Otherwise to me all all the other parts are equal and some just sat on the text line it's just third base. Right so I to me it's it's. On. To me it's a very. In packed full activity to take part is not all the way that's still a big deal to go to the phones 5767798. Brittany in Kansas City right 91 KM BZ. Oh yeah. Did not IE AM in my early thirty like they are now long ago a scene right Ali. I'm wondering if we're wit you sex I would. Yeah I'll get that a lot of felt like that it started more pressure and boy oh boy seemed to have more reading. I wonder he had some of that bunker with eat the access. Pornography on the Internet. And boy. Having access the bat as opposed to cheer it's going to email at that curbing. Some of that. Oh. Yeah you are one of many people to suggest yes I think that's. Definitely can be I mean that was magazines in video cassettes eventually dvds. Now. It's all right here yeah it's all right here are my phone it's it's a good point Brandon thanks for the local for years that Texas says it's just third base ball I mean. You can still get an as the dealer ST. Five from. The point is analysts say that that the both parties are cleaned. My point is instantly just text and you obviously don't have daughters will kick called down or right. My point is would you rather than it. Your daughter or your sign is going to third base. As opposed to with with somebody as opposed to. Having sex with somebody and Ed Ed Ed fifteen. Announcing it's a good thing. Notes neither is it varies slop and actress in a fourteen meters it varies a land there's there's a moment of relief I guess in an at least she can't get pregnant but. Text her 2995 cent white. I didn't articulate the right somebody said it is the same thing high schoolers of any age are not mature enough for sexual relationship of any kind. That word maturity to his guide it's silly sexual relationship. She can't get pregnant but it still sexual relationship and it's and it's ongoing and there will be. It's it's a step there still something left to Gaza just because they have and sexy Ater have dinner portion doesn't mean and why I to me it's. The emotional and Paxson and the gravity of matter still was still is or isn't noticed. Even in LA so I 91 KM BZ. Yeah I mean I've aged a bit that I am lately and that's why don't he's been their views and I wouldn't take in the public school that was worse. Possible bidding war operable. And I'd give goody girl let chamber. Because of oral sex equals are you kidding me I mean that they're well mature now. Search or essential relations. It will ultimately it will amnesty land is. Scriptures about consensual adults are worse then what Chile and Singapore girl who came into office. I. Not ever get anymore and wherever needed bigger. Should be at least and intimate two and number don't ever job. Now my guy Steven come on now there's me. Now known about the blogger I don't know I would die in the nurse who died earlier now look at guys at some of the same things I I I agree with them what she's can can we ever have a topic or Steve doesn't call and say it's a liberal this and say everything's crazy drivers in the said the thing does not mean lax team it's Friday bra. And now she she was a professional giving her opinion on the radio program. You gave yours I don't think you're insane and in your little crazy but. I don't think you're insane that's my guy Steve that the truck train liar I don't think that all high school students are mature enough for sacks but I also don't think that all of them are not mature like you know there are some people at high school students. High school students are mature enough some more about there are some fourteen year old that are a lot more mature than seventeen world so it doesn't mean they should be doing either. Now moments it's in there comes a lot of consequences potentially come back and kids aren't even in high school. Don't understand all those consequences skits Susan in Kansas idiot thinks Collins Susan your on KM BZ. And he. Then I. I expect that. Part where it that. And look at that the disease bang my words and how much growth there is that Avant. TD in your say or in your route. If Scott they need and out and I'm an adult. I can wait consequences to what I'm Elaine. Where it doesn't think all through that. My car. And let that let out there and say. You know. Until that date if I hit it. I can't. Imagine an eighteen year old. Girl. That many. In the arm out. Me and held by whining even wanna go there. I do. And I can imagine such ideal way to have somebody's. Yeah. Out. And Susan I agree with you on that. What the reality is is it happening. And they they. They're doing. I think. I think some it's just pressure. I think it's pressure I like you know I mean facts about the fact that so many girls are being separate class for nudes on personal texted and saying her thirteen year old daughter. Get asked all the time and he sent deep picks all the time my boys. I think there's just a lot of pressure there. And and and not every child as heir children and knows how to stand up to. Last what do they trickle Susan appreciate it. Last where this goes to Jeff in Kansas City did Jeff thanks for calling era in 91 KM BZ. And we are doing today so I got to kind of a two year old high school. And at the bureau boy and a peculiar old girl both high school. And I'd like about it that they are not. You know like Lisa you know art school. Body wanna do or not. The Aamir is that it is not gonna stop it is oral. That's not where it stops ever. That would normally when you have your conversations with your your fifteen year old. Son and daughter are they active. Know you they actually they want. Actually don't they're well there are. What you are talking to them when did you first start that conversation. Well. Almost boy. We started out at that stage gauntlet now. Start. That. Was somber and it is our. Not anymore oh boy we're doctor. Well back a little bit more that seems. More mum. Right I. Jeff you use you Celek excited that I'm tabulate we have a daughter. Your mum about this. This. Oh hunt go to super big let's have a hunting thing lord knows you continue to receive meat hunting and having the sex talk now. Not how I can get you updated page yet yeah weekend may appreciate that nine years old sex talk with the sun. That pets are great. And third grade now that seems a little young to me but then again I don't assume now know your better rob nine get there. It generally believes he got the talk yeah we didn't I didn't know why had I ever rock's problems on their means and use them. Is that. This is college. Okay our first. Give Posner freshman year when they drug optimize dorm room did. York. That you were you sexually active high school Giles you were. No I've never really crossed my mind I was terrified right I I I. I had a few friends do it bug and that the group I was with. Now we don't like Mike Rupp was active I just wasn't. I didn't I didn't have six closed with played football arteries and halftime though that sounds kind of weird but it does sound the ball is basically like going to church. A. Because that's where you're surrounded by a lot of girls and a lot of cheerleaders that are too right why. Yeah Vizio girls in this bill that we went to parties but it's just I was like the last thing island. When graphics and who. Interest that's again that's surprising coming from a football player in Helmand usually you get I hate some of you could you got all the girls. They did address now I've my buddy Jay drag David you Enid. Dated Laurie son. I understood what he thought. Last year now these kids they could not get it at all because it was 87 pounds to my junior year and hugs or days to. You know what Travis. And I. A little things I will wrap it up also objected Medina and parks it is 145. GB to sell these birthday. It's 149 and jeopardy host this is scary I had and I just kind of cross this you laugh like he got last night I think. Al extra back. Had surgery for blood clots on the ball rainy. But assured fans to be back reading clues as soon as he appeared in the video on the jeopardy FaceBook page. To announce that he had the surgery during the holiday break. Is wearing is jeopardy debacle heparin a real quick here he was Jarrett while wearing a jeopardy. Not baseball cap. And using the same Tony always employees to deliver the the clues to people. Here's Alastair back talking about his surgery that he had which a lot of people new to talk about. Some of you may have heard by now of that during the holiday break. I have a slight medical problem. Subdural hematoma blood clots on the brain caused by a fall guy. Endured about two months ago surgery was performed. After two days in the hospital life came home to start recovery the prognosis is excellent and I expect to be back in the studio taping more jeopardy programs. Very very soon and I want to thank all of you for your concern. That is Al extra back yesterday or two days ago or. I mean when you hear surgery for blood clots on the range at just sounds a lot worse than apparently seems like he's making. It I don't I don't know enough about that and now how easy that is to remove. I was just looking he has 77 years old. He has been hosting a show since 1984. Has she really. And a board that. If you just look at jeopardy it was hosted by art Fleming from 1964 in 19757879. Al extra back has been doing it since 1984. Goodness like. This game show you that one host 'cause I. I don't feel Smart enough to host like jeopardy would be horde to host this first of all you can't flop. You have to be you have to read everything. And there's so many low heard words in people's name and see patients that he's got to get right because it makes a difference in whether a person's gonna get the answer right the question asked. So you going to be. Like now you know more. I don't know how and the. But I want and a more on his back on like I would need to host and this may not surprised I feel like I would want to host a game machine that had more energy. Then birdie you wanna teams. Went down on not a quiz show but it games like I'd. When a host American Gladiators you know or something worthy contestants are actually wheel of fortune owl yeah now something like that. Right jeopardy is to give precious right to be gotten and a Drew Carey who has hair or just replete with these straight. But I still think that's a game shall I would love. That I would love to oust or the old pressure lock or some that would just a lot energy but watch like. Check pretty would be tough to hopes not believe he has been hosting this show since 1984. Like that has a look at it as president. That's what he has done since 1984 there were few other little things he has to classic concentration for a little that an eighty's. He did the National Geographic bee finals for fourteen years from 1989 to 2013 under today he did the Pillsbury bake off which was a TV show for a couple years I mean this is. But this is but the bulk of his that's what his life has been about is the show nobody makes freer no idea. Ten million bucks. Ten million dollars to host jeopardy. We'll see how episodes with battery. 200. And if he does it. Does it have season's. You know is are they only knew the pollen and it's not like it runs all year I feel like there's like the champions in the colleges in the celebrity ones which are jokes they. How many we days we have a year. I mean that's five days a week. Paper they just tape on an Iran a year plus LB all the super episodes I was told there would be no man. We just got to figure out. Three and 65 days a year. I feel like Dana there have been over 7000. Episodes. In his career a pact. That's a lot and they can probably. You know they probably purport to day. And so yeah you know you get a mile away down a couple of times so he doesn't work the entire year and now. What cricket yeah that bad. I and that pretty cool. So are they're just not gonna do episode does have some answers like Anderson Cooper gonna fill I think this is his break and be mean because when they actually you didn't want a couple week break committee sounded fine he didn't sound like is oftentimes you worry about brain surgery here you're able to let you know it is seven effects like a stroke would have it sounds like he's fun. And I want Elvis the shallow I didn't realize he was 77. It's not I don't regularly watch it but we pulled clips from now on what to do and stories and stuff and he seems like. And that's that sure I ever been together and he does it now and so I wonder who'll. Who replace its dynamic properties set and peace have it now McCain who is. Known for being a Smart guy that would host that show for the next fifty years or whatever it's there's no reason for no idea we'll always have interest in trivia shows like. So I don't know who that. The heir apparent is to host jeopardy when he just decide on and on but it's tired or work a 77 making ten million dollars a year you assuming has to be wore it like he's going do that for 35 artists financially sound out you would think money than you'll ever spend as. Well for sure yeah absolutely. Changing gears or equipment attacks like did you guys hear about Carrie Underwood fall all right so yeah talked rather history. And the picture came out back in November she fell she broke her wrist and there was this this statement from her that she put out. The people might not recognize the beautiful gorgeous Carrie Underwood because she had to get forty to fifty stitches interface. So if you don't carry underway on she is. What the younger generation has for Dolly Parton kind of in country just in terms of the look big hair. Lot of make out beautiful costumes she is all she won American Idol that's how she came probably ten years ago that's how she came and and she is incredibly talented she's married to hockey player she fell in November at her home probably national. On an fall back. So early this week she comes out. Of nowhere it seemed and said hey I'm I'm recovering from this fall. And I got forty to fifty citizen my face and just kind of a warning. That things are gonna look at me and I don't know how much this is gonna change my face. Why is this right Alex she's not a must about a host an award showered in like anytime soon. Or as it turns out the next today. A picture and yes she's at the gym with her friend. And I Brent about the picture Adrian gang who I believe his celebrity shelf if that sounds right to use their hang it out it would have a picture. Up and she's there in like a regular Columbia code pink. Scarf and jeans. In less you look really really close in this photo. Kerry looks exactly the same place like nothing. My guess is if you were to either. You know it's not super super close up but it's almost like she still on my on Thursday is still better than one. She's all know make up and here Massa looks better than most of us so. She looks fantastic yeah and it's almost like she knew the picture was coming so she's she made a statement that it before it kind of warn everybody speeder rates. Sunday's race on fly out the picture Fister waves and act. Back bad and mean she's still stunning property and could an old clothes she looks at me right eggs now that is it bad of me if I kinda wanted to see more of a scar. That bad of me I think we're curious to know face looks like after forty or fifty stitches and he'll yeah. I am but there's air brushing so we're never gonna see that picture now unless you this year person. I'm he's still got to host the C amaze with Brad Paisley and eat she's still going to be I know every music video shall still a great she does. Sunday Night Football team song where she walks out right looks amazing. But part of me wanted to see her like. We would like an extra length. Ask for a little exactly. To just a scar under her I like you Wendy Wright like or like a half crescent scar her cheek. Because there that would ever a lot of character on T Al Sasha. On Bravo and Al. Yes yeah hosted by a woman named Padma Lakshmi who was a model before she got into Chevy stop that woman needs a sandwich now. He is still all skinny say she's too skinny because she'd be criticized as she was too Fat Tuesday can't criticizes these these next Tuesday she claims in the course of the season she gains fifteen pounds over the course of a season of a tops out. Anyway she hasn't seen her arm she hasn't been here long scar down one arm at the burn some time and it doesn't she got an answer I Donnie and I. But it's very noticeable and she makes no effort to hide. And it gives her after she said it was part of my life and I'm proud of it and it says I'm not her for often in alum it's kind of a good part of her whole package go and. And it is Carrie Underwood had a scar show. I've been terrible person I know. You for your birthday. It SO I did not really am acting on us. And turns me complaints he Nolan did for your birth you know Koran only care who brought into the cake yeah we are elected and I. Under control so there on now appear to be too happy hours and dinner gives you the rest of the.