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Monday, April 23rd

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Happy Monday you'll leaders of the great weekend happy to have you. We've got a doozy of a show today with lots of stuff to get to this hour but we begin with the main headline over the weekend and that was. Shooting at a Waffle House near Nashville in Tennessee over the weekend that left four dead joining us from Nashville. From ABC news we welcome in Jim Ryan on the news line. Jim appreciate the time so much take us back about 36 hours and exactly what we know so far about the shooting at the Waffle House. All the 24 hour restaurant I think all the Waffle House fronts are people were having breakfast at 3 o'clock in the morning when. A man that stepped out of a pickup truck in the parking lot opened fire killing two people outside before walking into the restaurant. They're continuing to shoots two more people beat fatally wounded two others will be hurt including. Andy James Shaw junior. Despite the breaching bullet wound to his elbow. Ebert goes are you low in the gunfire reached up and grabbed the barrel that they are fifteen to red hot there'll be ar fifteen threw it over the can order. Try to wrestle the suspects to the ground the suspect or police identify as Travis linking banished to your way you ran off. He was naked by the way when he shook the place he had the eight pre checked on. Are you during that it's coupled with the with the diner in their shot he lost the jacket ran away naked apparently made it to his heart that. Applaud subculture of recent hands and then escaped again program called police searching for the percent. So still on the loose what do people what do police know as far as I'm motor. Course no real motives in mind that they think that he's Dutch and some metal bleachers metal health issues. Not too surprisingly. He also has previously touted with the law. The federal level we know that last July. He was arrested outside. The White House in use or is it restricted area championing the tried to get and it talks the president. The Secret Service to to the custody as they also confiscated four guns that he had vast hole. He worked with his father big will return to his father's father's that he would keep them for acute the boy facade. But at some point along the way his son managed to get begun to back and they have the police say he used one of them yesterday killed four. ABC's Jim Ryan joining us here in 91 KM BZ from Nashville for people are dead. Teddy near Nash bill Waffle House what is the police presence right now like in Nashville and and is it any soccer what was the name of the city actually. It's Antioch. It's Yakima severed down south as south east of downtown Nashville or about eighty police officers working this case. With the international itself. There are also state officers state Highway Patrol that bully TF FBI agents who have to point at this manhunt. And there's there's simply trying to track this person down and so we'll tell what you what they cut albeit daylight. You do it to track like him he may or may not have another politically left the pickup truck sitting near the parking lot about they may have gotten the other vehicle somehow it's also thought that he has at least one god bless him. They've been able to count three of the four weapons that it's that the investigators knew he had to. The fourth though the handgun still has not been found there's so assumption is that he still has its liking as a it shall but he's not afraid to use their firearms people. Can you tell us more about James shot I was reading somewhere where she said. That wasn't even his first choice of a Waffle House to go to that he when he originally went to endeavor one that night. Yeah he had been at that that's what they you also quite bluntly admits. Look I'm not trying to be heroes and try to say ever but that struck. I'm just trying to save myself. Edgar anybody doing so you're the CEO of Waffle House he's been here. And he congratulated. Shot he thanks him deeply says you war hero. And while also. It's yell Waltz immerse says these are minor he wrote music people's lives. So whether Shaw was trying to dig themselves receive or anyone else. If fact is that there he's being hailed as if you wrote for or stop and that's gotten about or there's stopping mysteries. Jimmie does the next step include going door to door do you look for veto it in any sort of appearance of this guy in schools and then how does this expand outside of Nashville. They've they've been through that they've been searching schools campuses all the in this area have for the last part just make sure that he's not hiding it in any school. So the classes could resume today. Actually school buses running back and forth so the assumption is that that they search that they've found nothing they its schools were deemed safe ported or. Canvassing the neighborhood has been underway this guys suggest now cleared out sources that there will be helicopter launch before too long. To Jordan that's on there but it's it's just being done. It is very meticulous way of a lot of you go around here a lot of police officers there's statewide PL the lookout for him. And the surge could expand well be on Tennessee. That third suspect it has connections in Illinois. The trouble striking also slipped in Colorado. Julie appreciated so much will catch up with you again when we get more details thanks for coming on. ABC's Jim Ryan you can follow him on Twitter add to Jim Ryan TX. That's Jim Ryan TX and boy what a scary situation. So again if you missed it on the police are still looking for him I has and is pictures out all over the place and that 29 year old Travis Ryan king and again the reason we know when he looks like it's because he's got a history of law enforcement. But as you heard Jim Ryan mentioned he'd they do things he has at least one weapon and with time and so is considered to be armed and dangerous. And it's interesting that they kinda you know that they were able to track his movements a little bit and he was still it still able to go whack. Imagine just sitting there you're an evening here of wall's house at 3 o'clock in the morning and in comes naked guy with a green jacket on start a fire. And enemy in my he mentioned that the guy didn't wanna be. Known as a hero. But he really is an absolute hero mean for because who knows how many more bullets he had an NL I've I think urgency earlier that he had two magazines in the jackets still. So back guys able to reload we may not be talking about four we could be talking about fourteen or even more. Yeah a little later will place money because he was on The Today Show today and and he's been talking all over the place I'll just read you what he sat. When I first heard the gunshots immediately it's like out what's going on type of feeling Izod gentleman that was his word gentleman near the door at the Waffle House that I jumped. From the high countertop seats. And jump toward the bathrooms the bathrooms seem like a bad idea kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. He's I felt like Ryan can was going to get a meter way he waited for the opportunity to. Act when I saw the barrel down I saw an opportunity I tactics that get worked out for myself and others were in a Waffle House the same time wow. Did you merely giving TV wasn't trying to be he's a definite here even three he had set his debt the first Waffle House idiot not to that night was too busy he'd been out clubbing that night what are Waffle House the first when he went to was to pack so he went to this one instead and get things. Give rebar about this on her FaceBook page it's on Twitter at solvable update you with some more as we get more details coming up next an ex NFL kicker has angered some with the po a photo. Posted to social media. It involves his daughter going to prom and what he is holding we'll tell you what it is coming up next it's eleven minutes after 1080 or 91 KM BZ. We'll get to the NFL player's story coming up a sack but does that popped up during the text line is we are finishing up with ABC's Jim Ryan going over the shooting. In Nashville over the weekend a four people dead. At a waffle house of pretty simple question. Why is this Waffle House such a big story there was eight triple homicide in Kansas this year and it barely made a blip on everyone's radar trying to assess the same thing it's a good question we don't even know exactly what triple homicide you're talking about because if you just glance ads and I'd look at the crime section of the star it sounds. See I got arrested I miss anything bigger over the weekend. And we got a Judy river market left two people hurt and a gunman on the run act out they'll out there can by the way. Here's what rightly in my bubble in river market there's that's supposed to be shootings in river market we've got the diet the murder suicide and Lee's summit. That happens. With the perfect marriage we've got the plaza Apple Store robbers that were caught in the act. Got the 39 year old woman found shot to the last week onside block. If you Google triple homicide Kansas and just put those words in I've got three the last eight months that come up so I'm not sure what the person's referring to. I'm not rocket attacks I'm just saying in. I've got one that happened in in September. At 41 and Adam's I've got when that happened in Kansas City at the 5900 block of Indiana. I've got two teens dead after a shooting in KCK like I've I don't know which when they're referring to it should maybe talk about the one that happened April 2 April 2. Okay two weeks ago and two or three weeks ago. I don't know if your question means why is it getting so much attention nationally buys a lot of stories such a big story nationally. Has a right it's it's what's on CNN right now on as far as national news. It's interesting for a couple of reasons and and getting a lot of attention for the fact that the gunman is still on the loose the word manhunt. Is pretty sexy on TV it's it's pretty sexy for news. He's still out there he's armed and dangerous yeah. It was at a business in the middle of the night that was crowded he was naked he was naked you the elements of XP hero. In our guerrillas in your own that was able to step in in the Middleton their son some gun. Talk to this one that's how Phoenix if you had a history we don't know what the motive is it's got frankly it has all the elements of a good story that would. Be followed he was a rally Jim Ryan told us he was arrested. Outside of the of the White House demanding our item a meeting with the president of the United States a year ago. Frankly to say this on. Not every. I mean if if you listen to news and came easy you're gonna hear about those crimes you know you're gonna hear I know I know I've been hearing about the Apple Store in and you hear a murder suicide and that kind of thing. But sometimes it's tough to make the call on how much news attention each of those threaten their unique. Let's be real if we get this if we talked about every shooting that happened in downtown Kansas City or KCK. We wouldn't have time to get in other stuff very much if you and I broke down and we had. Sergeant Smith. All these different police officers on it we went to the crime scene and we sent Grady recently ran a bomb in recent all the people out every shooting. There would be nothing but shootings because this city has a as a shooting issue. In fact I remember and this was probably. Eight or nine years ago when I was working here at the morning show and I remember us under a different under different leadership at the time. We had to have some discussions about how much. Our newscast should be covering shootings the man you know and and how much attention those deserved on when there. When they're happening every day. Remembers having very long meetings about how much people want to hear about those. About how much you how much you care I don't know if a person that lives in. Blue springs is going to care about a shooting in case he can't. Yelling you you ask yourself about your audience and what your audience cares about and and what they wanna listen to it's it's a tough call sometimes. We covered Adam appearance in for awhile. It is there any reason wait we did that you think. Lyndon when the guy that the white guy went out to their car and came back and shot two Indians or shot one India and look and now they're white guy when Indian kick I was dead you know I have. Because you can deal with race issues that are pending deal with ethnic issues there this Nashville shooters were white and the victims were ball racists. As somebody pointed on the tax line when four people are that's officially amassed shipping. Okay all right so triple homicide is nabbed at a Mathis and let's get the for Brinkley it happened on the weekend and I think it's worth it I think the fact that he is still out there you and I were talking during the break yet and if he had been caught over the weekend it would probably be less less of a story today. I would agree with that I if if if the shooting happened and he was gunned down by good samaritan or police officer who was later captured in his home you know being weird. We may not have heard of this the story too much other than hey there was a shooting at a Nashville Waffle House for dead. But your point is a good one it's a great Travis is point is a good one techsters point is it got one that you do wonder sometimes. Why some events get more attention than others and it's it's it's a question of what. People making those decisions feels like you're gonna pay attention to your. It's what makes a better story unfortunately sometimes it's. But bigger right at the point you're making us that some of the local stories that do happen often that aren't unique still deserve the attention and and that point is not lost. Shooting at you know that side of downtown Kansas City Mallory to spend ten minutes talking about that one right. No because unfortunately. Downtown Kansas City has a 180 murders a year removed. We now disgusting. And and needs of we need to figure a way to change that but it's a great point to bring up. So continue to follow this on again it's. Well they'll wait and see when I catch him. If they do but he's out there if they did you know he may have taken his own life at some point we just don't know that it's completely possible. Our that story comes to us out of a bunch of different sites but it has to do with a retired NFL kicker by the name of Jay field. Oh it's on season friends can't. The story comes to us my versions out of the sun sentinel out of Florida neverland now. The rest is as old as the hills but it was one Austin or about guns and lefty feeling the former NFL player turned CBS commentator doing a little explaining on Sunday morning. And issue a photo of the former kicker tweeted on Saturday night if you haven't seen a picture yet island urgent Google take with FaceBook page check it out there. And of an issue of the usual prom night snapshot Hugh standing between his daughter and her boyfriend. With were around his daughter and the other holding a gun at his side and he wrote quote. Wishing my beautiful daughter and her dates a great night from hash tag. Bad boys. The response on social media were exactly what you think they were swift and critical enough that he tweeted Sunday that the picture was obviously intended to be a joke. My daughter is dated her boyfriend for over a year they knew I was joking. I take gun safety seriously the gun was not loaded and had no clip an and I did not intend to be insensitive to that important issue of gun ownership. He's an end to spot that I think from the picture of the kids know it's joke if you look at the picture. It's expressionless face to be honest he's kind of not doing anything and it. But the doctors on his laughter his arms around her she's looking at him with like half little smile like hot hot dad very funny. The kids on the other side with kind of half smile like cop very funny. But no looks terrified in the picture. Yeah now my I think I think they get the idea. But man does he get angry for. And you know like in in IE. And I don't know all right come down on this IA it what points like I were overly sensitive but everything but in this climate or in right now. Is it. Is it okay to make light of not a threat. Put. Understand the tone coming out of this photo you mess up with my daughter you hurt my daughter you try to do anything foolish with my daughter on prom night. I'm going to shoot you that's what these this'll that's what this picture in first so who. Upset about this is it. The people that don't like guns that are upset me is that where the majority of the grief was coming from who's you know is that. Commits. I don't know if he did it to just get. Attention I don't I don't know this guy I don't I don't know a lot about him I don't know who is audiences now in terms of whether they're gonna care. Played for about seven seems in the NFL whose kicker Kevin played front seven different teams all over the country. Decent following on Twitter I follow him actually on Twitter. I don't know is is it just a joke or is it it is it inappropriate especially the time marine right now fight is about 576779. Right it can be dolls he can mean it as a joke. And also have not. Thought for a second that this is not really a time where it's OK to joke about guns from. Especially when you're dealing with high school prom. You know it's probably not a time to be joking about anything dealing with kids and guns maybe you add another time that would have been a little more acceptable but word period of history right now we're sensitive about guns. And he acted like he wasn't aware. In tweeting about a. Aren't trying to put myself in a bunch of different places we love the hear from you 5767798. Is is posing with. And posting a social media because that's all we ever do now. But Jay Feely former NFL kicker pose with in between is a daughter and her boyfriend on prom night. What of the captions say wishing my beautiful daughter and her date a great time at prompt hash tag bad boys. To get a handgun and unloaded handgun with a safety on down it kind of right to decide not aiming at anything it's point towards the ground is it inappropriate or is it. Just a joke 5767798. If I put myself in the in the got in the boy Munich in league let's say I was his dad. I really start to wonder about. Mr. Lee over the air cooled my son is dating and her dad. And is he serious or just joking and easy you know potentially get a not look my son should behave appropriately there's no doubt. What is right for this to be posing with a gun with my son. Here's an interesting taxed these kinds of jokes are lame somethings in life should be elegant like weddings or prom pictures hated it. I'm gonna bet there are some. How to put this past. Some rural proms and have a lot of guns in the pictures. I would that there are some country boys out there that have a lot of guns in their phone in their prom pictures. But. But this. I don't desk with that like does feels wrong in what I don't want to overreact. Feels wrong for the times feels unnecessary. 5767798. 5767798. Inappropriate. Or just a joke I 767798. Forward FL kicker Jaycee Lee. Getting a little backlash after posting a picture on his Twitter account his daughter is in her prom dress to his left her boyfriend is in dad's. Or is on dad's right hand side and his dad's right hand. Is a pistol now it's aimed down allegedly that safety is often put this completely empty. But he posed it say wishing my beautiful daughter and her date a great time to prom hash tag bad boys Travis that is a reference to the movie bad boys for bad boys two. Two reference about boys two others at the scene where the kids is gonna pick up Martin Lawrence's daughter for date. And the opens a door and just kind of interrogating him and it Will Smith in the background is like. The crazy all cool so he comes in there and as a second interrogation and put that has gone. And goes hey. You know you take care of my knees ball. And that's where chief who the is probably getting at because later on he retreated back. Exacts okay catch. So people are out. And in response I he tweeted out on Sunday. The prime picture I posted was obviously intended to be at joke my daughter's dated her boyfriend for over a year they knew I was joking. I take gun safety seriously the gun was not loaded and had no clip then and I did not intend to be insensitive to that important issue. I think he meant it as a joke I I think it's clear he meant it as a joke. It's just we're in tricky times right now when it comes to guns and kids and schools and joking about using guns. You might mean it is a joke but right now is just done. And did you have to do that gorilla like maybe this would have been a year to skip that joke yeah maybe you now for rights era might have because he just saved himself a lot of grief. Robby writes in a FaceBook page you wonder what every would say if the boy's dad had his gun against dad stand for threatening his kid. As a joke. Mount could question. I'll run FaceBook also this is from Angela who writes this is a joke it's been around for years as she religious and political jokes all the time I find repulsive and extremely offensive as a grown up. I keep scrolling and don't my panties and why. It has been using that phrase this morning that all right. And see your Terry writes I find it inappropriate to joke around with the gun and the very least disrespectful to the young man. And his parents this father feels his daughter is not save this young man the BBC chaperone the date. I have two daughters I get the joke but if the mother of the boy that my daughter was dating took a picture like this I would believe her to be mentally unstable. By 767798. Let's go to Brian in Kansas City Brian harmless joke or something offensive. I think it's about who harmless joke I think I or you're at the Ole. That hopefully declaration on early in the partner. I think people wait too. Offended by saying this is there a simple joke that we are holding back our humor or are hurt you. Just the legal and people are holding everything about because at that point. You can name anything into an it would be offended I think it's stupid the people being offended by that picture of the callers Specter. And that I would you're my daughter when she get the bra are better. If you got to where I am a picture should or that or why. And it's going to be you know. It's I don't know I think people are way to about it. Thanks Brian appreciate it. You said it will be just offended by everything but we please acknowledge that we are in a different time right now when it comes to shootings and mass shootings and guns and shootings this is a different time you can say people are just spent a buy everything and if it's not as they're going to be offended by something else but but please acknowledge the reality of the time or and we started to show off this morning. By talking about a mass shooting in Nashville where four people were killed. And and questioning how we got the guns so. I think this is unlike any other time we've ever had and it it's possible that. Ten years ago this joke might have been more funny but in a time where we're talking about a lot of mass shootings lately involving kids. Still joke but you can get why it's an hour with some people. From Twitter this is from raise green is 5018 KM BZ radio. It's a harmless joke has been repeated by fathers of daughters for ages Greta this particular one might be import taste. But I don't see the harm in it you can read about it up on her FaceBook page if you wanna jumping you can 5767798. Or you can text in it 22980. This is again one of those topics from like I see it as a joke I've probably made the joke to leave that if you know we have a daughter. If we do if we have a daughter and she shows up. For prom and and a guy shows up I'm going to be there with a handgun and a six pack in my hand now. And I. Are you gonna tweet a picture though like us now are you gonna have a second of hey I'm aware what's going on in the war out. This may be isn't the best idea I've probably will have that the moment of pause and and and Jaycee Lee is. Well into his forties so he's not like a millennia old we need likes. Although he is a celebrity on Twitter that does some NFL analyst work com we're just happened I got out of Orlando sentinel Arizona a crack. I mean he's got a high school girl. So he's aware of what's happening in schools. Absolutely. Yeah now you sound he's he lives in Arizona and by the way anybody of these 21 can open carry. Without a license in Arizona thanks to tidbit in the Fox News story let's go to Thomas in Kansas City thinks Colin Thomas here on KM BZ harmless joke or something inappropriate. Copy may. Opt. Duke it can happen daughter did not like it out that it that it got. You're a more protection. Lie. The joke go shoot each. It did it. Problem why people watch. It should start that weight off. That problem bought you know don't look at it but it's not why it got locked up. Thanks for the vote Amanda appreciated Thomas. It pretty jumping on a FaceBook page the conversation continues there FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ. Moving on here and we'll we'll keep a song on here after the break on we have servant the story about the woman from the Delta Airlines flight and why she got the 500 dollar ticket. Or 500 dollar fine. So if you've never traveled abroad and I'm not trying game if you just never been through that experience of nerve and the country on your way back you have to fill out. Eight US customs and Border Patrol. Documents. On and on you have to declare. Everything you're bringing back and it's it's just a cart it's two sided you list where you ban. And series of questions on us including check Yasser. I am bringing fruits vegetables plants seeds foods in sacks. Meets animals animal wildlife products disease agents cell structures snails and a variety of other things that your check yes or no. US customs makes a big deal out of you bring back things that could be dangerous DT United States. And so that a woman was headed back to the United States from Paris and on the flight. I guess she she had like a two part you know she's gonna stop and and continue or flight. She was traveling from Paris back to the US on a Delta Airlines flight went a flight eight delta flight attendant passed out Apple's. She said she Hungary and decided to save the snack for the last leg of her trip back to Denver. She was rain stopped going through customs she said and an agent found the piece of fruit. Which was inside a plastic bag with Delta's logo. She could not declared. This piece of fruit on her customs form. And she sat. I didn't really get light was asked that question that he said it's about to get a lot more expensive after I charge you 500 bucks. Well my gosh she asked if she'd just throw the apple outer eat it at the agent handed her a 500 dollar fine. It's so I cannot tell you how many times I've done this and not to learn I'm customs form and fact I'm looking up and I've got it in front of me. The website for Customs and Border Protection and I've got a sample form in front of me. Because she said and she's saying delta should've warned them that can't take off the plane. A delta spokesperson told USA today to come encourages customers to hear Customs and Border Protection policies and requirements. Cousins in a statement the agency does not discuss details tests and inspections. But all agriculture items musty be declared and penalties can be as high as a thousand dollars. Yeah its clearest day if you on the website for customs that you cannot bring. Any kind of food into the country like that is designed to prevent against Lance hasn't for an animal diseases entering the US. Especially. And things are packaged you know apple that you could have just picked up off the ground and who knows or when a band even look the suns came from delta. She is going to fight she's gonna fight the ticket does she have a chance to win. Also well I don't think she has a shock to we saw the form. Oh man I sit on and hang on yeah. On because should delta. Have warned her. That hey. Don't you know that you on the snacks we get on board you better eat and now or declare your customs or because that. It's 576779. Day she have a chance to win this do you think and also anybody out there as ever happen to you. As this ever happened where you forgot you had what ever in your bag you didn't declare it's and and you guidance in some trouble when you're coming back from another country. I was lucky enough this happened anybody else. Because I have again I don't have occurred to me. Sent to put out of my customs form that they did it. You think about the things you bought you think about the thing like I brought you back from Vietnam all kinds of terrible finally getting some one all awful and wonderful authentic treat the out of Vietnam gross I declare all of these delicate trouble it would hurt me. It's just for later. Delta gave her an apple as she was you know getting towards the end the flight she put it her purse. Didn't declare it and now get a 500 dollar fine this year on the chance to fight this in court she's gonna try to hear from her coming up. 5767798. When he hear from you as well have you ever forgot to declare. Anything when coming back from another country and got in trouble for 22980. Its video Jamie we keep your calls next. Anderson alive isn't it I understand that every day or hunter doesn't want you know certain insects I'm in the US and that's. The Indianapolis. From delta magnet the most important part to take away from the story. Crystal padlock from Denver she was on a flight back to the United States from Paris. And flight attendants passed up apples in plastic bags as a snack she wasn't hungry she put the fruit in her carry on this April when she was. Hungry during the separately ever trip and when she read the US went through customs or bad was chosen to be randomly searched and she city customs agent pulled up the apple. And she had not be declared it wouldn't question about it she explained to receive the apple from the airline and ask she could just throw away your eat it they said no. And they wrote her a 500. Dollar fine for carrying the undo it cleared for. So she sang that delta should have told Dan that that the passengers that hey. You need to eat this on the plane or declare on your form or you could get in trouble. I appreciate people on the Tex lines that are really putting some thought into those and saying. Will technically you're only supposed to declare that things that you're bringing back from another country. She didn't get the apple in France Al shrunk a little while you of that is that. You would assume round. That there is a pretty good chance that dealt time I know were I know we're being detailed in the area. But there's a pretty good chance delta got that apple from the United States only a pretty good chance shares and but there I think there's a better chance of that an apple then delta getting the apple in France is France known for their apples and a real show have no idea so you can I I think she that's a really good point she might have that case to argue but it just thinks I have. Flown over seas. Many times and you've done you know when you do the fourteen hour flight. From Tokyo to Dallas and they're getting a snacks on the plane you think you know I mean you guys on a couple of days because it's going to be a long fourteen hours I don't. I wanna go that think of the the tax errors is brings a really interesting point that the lawyer will probably use that she hires to. That lawyer will research the origin of the apple which dealt against them and and do we get them from a and apple farm in the United States do we get them for an apple farm in another country and then there imported and then. It that's horrible really really good tax. Play lawyer for a second it was gonna steal back. So how much of a danger is it going to be if they gave tours in a sealed bag and she had not broken the CO. So far nothing is wrong there it just sticks they could just to throw it away. Instead of giving her the fine they could've just said hey next time I mean how does this cap. You know where somewhere where normally. Turning things that you don't think about the snacks again here it's nutri grain bars you know Brett Russell and that's normally it's stuff that is and sealed packages. Like it's that often that they give you a whole apple have to bring back share the guy could just not in a jerk. And just said throw it away don't do it again here's a warning. Next time finding five and a box that rules are rules I know how brutal brutal day. A piece of fruit in your bag you didn't document that you didn't declare it what if what if Han. Sometimes you get that act that declaration form at the beginning your. Like at the beginning of the fourteen hour flight I cannot yet fill it out at the beginning. At the time you filled out the form. You did not have the apple the apple so the apple came out toward the end of the. Like I need to see the form too high is frightening because that's again that's another thing her lawyer will dig into her lawyer will dig into the origin of the apple. And and so will look at the the fine parades on the form that you fill Lyndon. I mean you've. I've only gone to the Dominican Republic and Mexico so I never flown to Europe or anywhere late you have. Do you get that that form 'cause in. From the two flights are three times I've gone out of the country and a lot of flights. I think we got the form once we crossed over into foreign waters or crossed over into American waters. It depending on which way you go so that will then be also researched where is the line of where you you were handed the floor from. Between the United States what has become our waters about what is there waters at what time was the apple given out compared to the delivery of the form. A taxer columnists. So she loser global entry. All final yet that's what she really doesn't wanna do. Add to the texture that said she has global entry and is considered a trusted traveler to note of it liberals claiming ignorance forgetfulness doesn't cut it. So he's supposed to know the rules she's got global should even have the one I have she has global entry. Yeah like I've got three Shaq and cool but they might global entry interview is and six weeks I mean I've traveled a Tyson Agilent long before and I. About it you can tell I actually got to fight some minor. I didn't know. It would not occurred to me especially inside the form at the beginning of the flight it would never occur to me crap I need to change my form so I don't get the 500 dollar and 576. I think she attitude greatly appreciate the whole thing. And he got a big activist. I don't know she Leonard attitude I mean wouldn't you will be like really like every caddy let's say this with you and you forgot. And you edit your carry on and they check your bag. You're not that it wouldn't she be like really can't you just let me throw it out and wouldn't you be somewhat in shock that they were gonna ninja 500 dollar fine. Yeah I would I would be. Lyle a Bob I'm quite identical an international leader. Like you know SA. I've been in TSA check on we're going to California comics I think like actually ladies and men but it got really irritate to get a couple urged. Yeah either there's no doubt there's there's nothing better than C invoke the late track and by better I mean I find it amusing im sure this is gonna make a terrible person. But seeing the traveler who you know is running to the flight be the one that gets pulled out a line. That I mean so are just not limited to you realize I ask you dusted yourself I'm going to hear about that guy I'm gonna be cavities searched as next time I get in line. You. Are wife sometimes. You as a talent sometimes make five and stories you guys Evan or. Hurry bets Wii to get flights we we push it and you're out yeah pushed it you'll see that she. Pushes it more than I do I'll always let's get to the airport. Three hours early guy yeah and we had more to do with the damn airport I'd feel better about that battling a one time I'm like let's get there at three hours early we get through pre checked like that. We did everything in a second because for whatever reason it's been dead period and then I am two and a half hours to do nothing to Casey I. You have doom yourself with that statement you are gonna beat a guy be the only one that enjoys it hits a traffic jam in the cab on their way to the airport in Cancun and you're gonna be adding to make your flight. Going to be pulled out of line and a beam me. Good job and act actually it's been more of a challenge at times. Getting back to Kansas City and going to Kansas City is a can control. The morning and you know I can control is getting to KC guy it's. We went and we to run through the Minneapolis airport in how big the Minneapolis airport X. I didn't grab les bad like three bags. No it is shutting the door as were running to the gate. Go to Greg in Kansas City is a revenue Greg. I want an international flight you mentioned earlier about that cut the person could agency had you know all the way and in a letter go back. We owned Oregon on the way compared to Portland airport and we had gone to place out on the coach art purchased. Old Ollie has achieved in all kinds of stuff and abandoned. I hit the wrong and I'll try to carry on the bag that all this stuff in it of course they pulled me off the one side searched the bag lady like. You taken in the. A lot about the dollar proposed last year you were to compromise or. It's for other markets that. Until you know all the way to go out everything still sealed. Check belt back. To get the ball well you know it's been opening you can take. Okay. But you can only a few minutes that you indeed to excel sheet motion to me if you read the article in my idea that. And went down to negate which was a long ways away from where it's endless and I open up the Mac just rearrange everything and up and called on. Back to the gate. In court activity a day in court you can just walk back in here no stay there were open and look at before she turned around and sees me. Succumbed to run it over to me with my bag that he would do in the studio. I didn't put it back in your bag because I'm not out to you you'd put it back and you're in. I didn't I was right yellow. I was. Trying to get about the issue is on. Sort vomiting and she didn't want to do which he he would. Tech guy could've done or a statement apple. Now I Greg thinks the phone comments a good story. It's great you know these they were they were cool about it but you don't want to bend every rule because you never know what's gonna get through. I got busted with a bottling gates barbecue sauce bring it back from my brother in law once nope couldn't bring that through TSA act got confiscated. If you're editing pull out your bag. That. Doesn't answer I've had I I was sparked concerns I carry out often a microphone with me on that looks strange and people and Ryan is that's killing literally gotten attention. Check it out on her FaceBook page you can see at their let us know getting this woman has a case give us your stories may come back to this in a Brit. Kevin apple tell you why a Maryland school has removed bathroom doors from the boys' rooms.