Midday with J&W: New KCI Terminal getting more gates than originally planned

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Friday, April 13th

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Happy Friday to yes. We had an honest up to give to locally here this hour in will get to. Some news about a church Vito getting lift it also. We'll talk about it Casey I delay would our next guest Kansas City councilman quick Lucas is back with us on the news line counts and Lucas thanks much for coming on. Delightful looking Olivia. So it comes relentless let's get right to TCI plans I guess a good problem to have that passenger counts are up and not a case CI that with the new terminal plans. We need more dates than was originally planned can you explain what you learned yesterday. Yeah yesterday we learned from the airlines and it's it's totally provoked by the that in other passenger counts have their. Estimate that they were using or corporate purposes. Now suggests that we should actually start with Cindy you trouble facilities. That would be a 39. Votes or thirty so I think didn't go into the market. We absolutely over the water that would include your life at all or work on now because final personal. But I think you know what can be happy with the fact that it looked like that is normal life because more flight options mortuaries and there are few years. What was the reaction from edge more. Yeah what was the reaction from edge more. Oh you know I think that it reaction to that war was. The understanding of it I think that there aren't we have to deal I think there's just. Give them an opportunity in frankly. Continue on court order to create a substantial change at least. There what was already been planned and that our original plans you have an airport would expand the ability option as anyone goes to go that the case the other. A land as a lot of things. So I don't either making too big Richard we'll have crisis like that look like they're about themselves. And we'll also pushed back I mean obviously if if your. Potentially needing to build more space that may take a bit more time. You know I mean I think you're ugly people let. You have. That call concerned and other them that are trying to table out as you know as well. He is that it. I think we're at a situation where. We are egregious to have some good news is to work with the airport project. Outlook portable forward Arctic this is not a prolonged debate about the amount. Of. Freshman emerald like because it's it's possible that. If everything goes well passenger counts will continue to go up over over the years to come. Does the design account for that on. In that you know what if that we find out next year we may need another four in the folly you know we might have to add more gates on does a design allow for that. Well I think that I doubt that bailout editor via beat it and abilities. It talks. But up to 42 would then of course that we reviewed it even more. In the design of the latest now as we allow. Extricate is the absence just got added to what was beat the wings of the new combo. And so he is a group who then has burned. That it is not a question as to what we determined. Not equal facility I think we'll look at passenger demand that. And the dynamics of the nation is about PR guys its future like the typical. Not just for tomorrow the next you know 3040 years and so you know we sort it out or creates opportunities. Counselor Lucas I don't know if you have the answer to this but let's say like Jamie said you know ten years down the road. After this new new wing opens is who airport opens we need ten more gates people are wondering. Who pays for that. I know our tax dollars are not going to the airport but what about ten years from now is that still user fees is that an additional user fee do you have any information on that. Yeah it would be the exact same part about your outlook. For the album but our laws that it is today. On the airport. Not good for all of it is only you do the other. Veteran curt. I KER at least they didn't work to do what creates the change in terms of financing. This doesn't create change in terms of paying for the taxpayers Kansas City, Missouri and struggle on will not be expo. Consulate as we wanna move on and talk for a moment about. Another thing that has come up this week in some talked about last couple of weeks as far as the power that churches have. To Vito. That kind of businesses that can be near them specifically bars we talked last week about eighteenth and vine. Being a one part that you talk about what happened yesterday what we know now. Yeah so I think. Last week's vote now wore the sources of contentious. Law we eliminated the church veto it only one. Of your court in eliminated eighteen that bond because as. We should make it there in the other corner in the district did which are. Critical level Westport. Rose and so yesterday. I think council just. Change is so it is all in urging districts the idea is that there are certain areas where people for example ego Westport. There have been you know group well as the rest they. And so yeah if you that would create consistent rules in every part of the city. One other point there are some folks that. Is an effort that they wouldn't do we really haven't affinity to this special protection the church's. There was some questions later decided not to try to answer that with their paper this over and you know places. We're world the elimination. Of the church veto. Hilton Lucas did you see or hear from a lot of businesses who wanted to open up in say west sports or other other areas of town. Debt worry and fear of being vetoed out by a church. No I don't actually and we won't question I think a lot of yeah representations some businesses that they didn't want to. Have a veto act now. And so what we saw it here I think I was on the council a group of politics. We'll work it will look. You know we don't wanna create a who who is going to be disadvantageous. You churches in only one ever came to Kansas City. Instead how can at least be there are possible. And so we take you already know that the city code entertainment districts. That are in the district will build the cities as to mightily locked up for our light district for example. And so our ideas well we have it just wasn't supposed to be reachable draw. Bowden who have different liquor or require. And by the way those who was you know what McChrystal everywhere street. While mom and Gruber. Or the look changed by that rule over and crack a fairly small percent. And early I think you'll continue to see is that there's concern process. Every liquor. It could be in your country and so people are popular neighbors. You have to make sure that out of the Arctic we created more equity. One little error of the state premier that's completely in the dark night it might be up only to archer trajectory. Now consistency. In the district. Counts of a Lucas thanks so much we always appreciate your time have a great weekend. Thanks Kansas City councilman quit Lucas joining us I I guess it's a good thing that there's going to be a delay because they're forecasting the need for mortgage rates well but it shows is increased demand for the airport. Which is great that shows more of a need for things like the new terminal on and again credit to our friends aren't easy I just admire and a group or an air for continuing. To secure new service and and the flight that begins to Iceland over Memorial Day weekend coming up next month all star are you as an initial flights I'll pull the trigger to be determined on. 08. Era it possibly okay that would be nice spot up. So so out there you know they're they're getting more flight options they announce new service all the time which is getting more people to fly through the airport which means we need more room for planes. Which is cool but the good thing I am definitely a good thing in and I think it's fair to hoped to lift the church Vito everywhere and I that was one thing when we had Jermaine read in. Councilman as well last week. That was the contention that Quinn Lucas had to lifting that's when he voted no. To lift it into jazz district and now to make it fair it's it's been lifted everywhere else for the entertainment districts in in Kansas City. Are coming up next the latest case of mommy shaming and I don't think I'm alone I say I've done nests. On yes so it's it's some of we intend to get to this yesterday but it's what mom is being criticized for giving her child in a target. That then got us asking kind of different question about the things you do grocery stores so we'll talk about what she wishing for an alternate question. Immediately came to my it is 1114 new money here for me can feel free to jump in a 5767798. Or texted at 22980. Thanks again Kansas City councilman quit locus for joining us. At some point this hour we have to figure out why the world is turning on my girl Taylor Swift. I'm you in Travis once again have a fight on the air. It's got off track just an honor so Jack it's if you wanna take the time solicitors for two and a year it will do this mean it later in the hour at some point maybe the noon hour. Isn't it Twitter and Taylor tickers what does trending and she's a girls' eyes she checked to see why cash and she covered. The songs September by earth wind and fire will play for it later but she covered it and Twitter. I mean when his Twitter ever happy about anything there's never trending on Twitter as a Taka. Got a letter to vent their love for things so yeah it's trending because people hate it. Travis is a little sad that she did it I like the original song quite a bad course and who doesn't who doesn't like that song plumber when Fieger so if you listen to it before we play every one ears that you can judge over we play golf for that a little later we'll play the original play her as well will do little smash she asked can't believe how mad people get about. Is this just in future years to lead it's just what do you mean you can't believe it yet another. It's it's a it's what's god gonna. She ever decide to make the world happy. Tex signed to do uniting our guide. You meet them play you're lax here animals probably for later I has so. You do the grocery shopping. I like doing shopping but we both do I love her I've I would go to versions are. I just I think it's a drug grocery store every game and Breyer a village yesterday. Which trees a mark for happy hour they have one of the best patty was in town until we out there and there's like a natural something and something grocery store brand of like let's all of its funds are what are. So yes I think Russia these. I. Tell me why a mom got chains you to the latest film mommy she does she got she doesn't mean she deserved it. It means that if parents are horrible to each other like we criticism because we don't have kids that we dare talk about parenting. You need us if I ask you want to read I person that we ever and but Fox News got a hold of this on. Street for indigestion I want it took to it parenting blog to ask if she was in the wrong the first mistake she should've asked anyone involved course a lot of went on parenting blog to ask if she wasn't wrong for allowing her for girl dot thirty to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at target. Was criticized for her obnoxious move got that was your first mistake was not was even asking you orbiter and so the woman went on to a New York blog called urban baby. And asked the question as the New York this is going to be terrible she said questioned by telling readers she was lectured by a woman who noticed the child eating the PB and one post read. Your total disdain for the safety of other kids is awful. Beating at PB and for the love god at least Peter in the car if you absolutely can't feed her home. Everything about your post is vial one that was one person that sent all that well. I guess she was getting to you the idea we talk about peanut allergies earlier. Because each child dear you're eating APB and so the Chronicle's report the chronicled Sarah Crocker up San Francisco chronicle got a hold of us the Chronicle's report pointed out that the blog readers took issue. With the mom simply allowing her daughter is sandwich in the store pointed out the number of terms in shopping carts and most read you the worst kind of person. Just understand that raising a child with an I don't care about others attitude means they will be obnoxious insufferable kids just like their mom you two grocery store. There is. Everything a grownup would tell their kids we can't that right now because it may cause another child to get sick period why do we need to explain that steel that was one house. On so apparently the National Institutes of Health. Click new advice out last year saying. Most babies to get peanut containing foods starting about six months. In age appropriate forms like watered down peanut butter or peanut pots not pull peanuts because those are choking hazard. The kids for was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If those of you that have nut allergies. One to call and tell me that a child eating eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the open any grocery cart in a store. Is enough to prompt the allergy of a child your by the as a peanut allergy. I will listen to you because you have a peanut allergy and I don't but that seems. Across to me. Seems insane for someone to slam of this woman for feeding her son in a groceries why. Give her credit for the idea that maybe they were out running errands today and she thought ahead and instead of buying something in the store gift for a child she thought about it had a time. Dot to bring it peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the cat likes. Instead of the kids screaming because there in the store she chose to give it to the child in the store your total disdain for the safety follow. Of other kids L is that you know one is worse course the worst kind of person. I've I I've I've got a bad peppers and. There is a horrible to each other you guys are awful to each. If you're a parent yeah 5767798. Was this woman rightfully Sheen. For feeding her son a peanut butter sandwich. In a grocery Steve aren't Alley for girls shopping cart mom pulls out of PB and for the girl eat while their target. Someone tell me again if you wanna make birdie. If their other kids around with peanut allergies that's gonna get other kids sick argument to be unique to have a peanut allergy if you're gonna make an argument 5767798. And I diversion from Fox News that's what finance area and there are a couple of loads up on her FaceBook page if you watery canned. The comments on Fox News even get to me I'll rallies and read the taxi yeah. Oh man I undefeated kid in a cart only for the germs associated with the cart. I mean the little wipes when you get I mean. Every parent walk around with the stuff they be like hey sanitizing hands in anti anyway I mean. That side. I would not needy kid in a part of the germs associated with the cart. How expectant. I'm no parent idol and got music constantly you and I can see the tax line from the pissed off mom or dad it's listening to me right now. How your kid ever gonna grown immune system if you are worried about germs everywhere like we didn't worry about germs like that. And we turned out I I I set the shopping cart a big part a little park depending how old I got. I mean goodness either wrap your kid. In bubble wrap drop amid a vat of hands sanitized her and release them to the world a guy and find somebody just accident. What if that child at eight he had peanut butter on their hands from the sandwich touched something that a kid with an allergic reactions to the same spot what happened anywhere ever. I mean. And in case. White kids hands down when they're on don't you generally like your kids' hands off after the eat anyway. I mean with just regardless they don't get she what's on anything. Whether you are at home you're in the car park. I mean generally. I mean good or a thank you see all the people that are saying I feed my kids in the grocery store all the time it's that so. Marketable like. Sure when your kids when your kids were young did you beat them in the grocery store like we would go grocery shopping indicate a hungry who's like three or four to pull out food. Now I mean it was because we are trying to avoid anything insists that we were only in for 20/20 five minutes and it is viewed your guy you did the shopping you're in you're out bottoming bottoming. Here calls. Marty and Elliott and David and Tom and everybody 5767798. Was this woman. Rightfully shamed for feeding her son PB sandwiched. Which it hadn't and peanut butter and jelly I guess is that is that issue and that it was peanut butter and jelly what if it band crackers. As is that the issue of feeding it in the store or is it otherwise it just set germs. Germs everywhere 798. Thought about a mom. She was shamed for. Feeding her son and her four year old son of peanut butter San daughter our daughter feeding her four year old daughter. The peanut butter sandwich in a grocery store good lord and they just a target. She went on and and again her first mistake once even asking people of this was okay yet don't don't ask the public never gonna end well as soon as she asks. If she was wrong in doing it 5000 people are gonna tell you yes. But she went on to a blog called urban baby which is New York blogs it Francisco chronicle the reaction to it. And she asked people if she was wrong. To allow her four year old daughter eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich at target or was riding around in the cart you know you're at target there for awhile it's angry she Federer peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And you they act like they gave her poise and and in the way people react. To the blog let me just reject couple and then. Tex signs you are and your great today because I doubt it now series. Because I got stories of everything you have fed your kids in stores. Don't eyes on some is that as a mom of toddlers I don't leave the house without PB and think it was discussing anyway early to get their hands up like every. Each of these thousands your calls. Your disdain for the safety of other kids is awful being urged this island. Feeding your PB and for the love of god at least feeder in the car you absolutely can't feed her home everything about your post is vial. 5767798. Merry in Kansas City year on KMB easy. I. About. I agree she has never actually went continued Nell is the public's. It's good scheme in which there in the store and our mortgage you bringing him answer. I get the impression she brought with her. That they went to target to get toilet paper or whatever else and she was Smart enough to think that it might be hungry she brought with her. You know I don't children and the counselor diabetic and I'm Carol they have to keep a level food in them. Not to become hot Uggla yeah you know oh. Pat Roberts and I'm neither the. It was just can't go to blog at Irvin mommy. Thank you for your phone call Mary we appreciate it Ali in Kansas City you're on KM BZ what do think about mom shame in this moment. I think that it absolutely ridiculous I mean if she would have been pressed her child at target within months. Or other. Probably I'm guessing. I mean I'm sorry when I stand is that target and he wants the baby you are mean I don't. Mac you better believe that pop open that. The fact that she doesn't let it has them while rocker on target so your dad mom that I know I mean it bore that hole. We don't get to a little later about the stuff that you eat. From the grocery store might as she made this at home but the stuff that you know if your kids hungry you'll grab the baggage she goes off the shelf and opening gonna tell on. Which is an issue of that something that is measured by weights because you're giving them grapes that you are not paying for because there's no way to account. Good quietly. Think the focal Alley we appreciate it let's go to Jeffs being Kansas City year on KM BZ Jeffs and his mom have been shamed for what you did. You know not absolutely not Baltimore children. Aged ten and exposed in an outwardly. To the fact that they have their bit deep and split the civil punched. How how do you do that and real quick if you don't mind me asking because we were talking about allergies last hour and some of the things people are allergic to Howell. Often do you run into a situation where you've noticed a reaction starting and you have to jumping in. We go without ever painted a reaction more of those. When we found my daughter had subpoenaed outwardly she walked. We're in the bag toward theory that the cheeky peanut butter crackers. And that's how about she had been an hour. You know all our lifestyle Albie has changed. And she's six year old she'll tell you that spoke Gilman. Okay let me ask you this so let's say you are with your child in target and mom with a four year old with a peanut butter and jelly is near you. How old. What are the chances that your child is going to have a reaction to the peanut butter in that other kids sandwich or at what point would that happen. And we can't hurt at a London. I mean aren't sure that the borrower and watched TV what he gave percent moniker out. And I creamed butter of the draw. It is totally don't itch just taunting them. But not sick because you're nearby with. Roy in my son we just found out here the last couple more. And that's what's funny is why aren't we just conduct allergic to peanuts likened it to nine point 85. And two days before he won an avid allergy test that he had a a snicker more. And the first thing when he found out that he was more geeky called me. And from a small stone and says dad I'm upset I should Wal-Mart. Could like every street market what you anymore. Bomb and that their Bruins Easter Halloween. Christmas candy and his people are pointing out an anti sign an and we were talking about this earlier to a lot of Kirsch restores put out at the front door at the store a bowl of fruit for your kids to eat for free. For that very purpose they might hungry in the store or they're yelling or or will crabby or whatever and that a credible apples or something for your kids so they encourage your kids eat a stork hey here's a bullet for four. They do that at the Starbucks are here and said the target they they have the big bowl of fruit when you pay for your copies your kids can have symphony thanks for the phone call Jeff we appreciate him and 767798. Rebecca in Kansas City your on KM BZ what do you do to correct a Rebecca. And and. OK so you see this pretty often. Well I've been and they're they seen so I'd be kind of reaction. People who work here. And hard to peanut and that it got like art guide he now. Apparently ebitda from an NB a severe reaction. By. Look at. I'd bet there's nobody here you know. The app like that where you're happy and impacting their children that I'd be that it goes straight. I'm personally like you rubbing alcohol. And some of that up and like the perfume that they prayer out and not. Back problems you know not only that the white hot out of alcohol well. All right. Are there and mourning one app back in the world where. You know there are other people. Aspects that are how you like like. But you're all on the on the that you are out. Art it's that the light or bringing. It to the other than that particular app. Goodness thanks for the folk always appreciate it Rebecca. By the way yes and I get to the bottom of those here in a second why there was just the story that set up on Twitter about on health Canada warning of a major at B and shortage. I believe our and it could be in short supply. Like today. Really I'm looking to see if that's. And if we have supplies here oh goodness. Now I'm seeing that beaten shortage in Britain alone now. Even. Looking at right now those of you with. Allergies and that need to carry them and we talked for a price that's why it that there ridiculously expensive. Buying a wonderful shortages are showing now. Two if you or your phone calls Rebecca thanks for years Dexter and Tammy stick right there. It'll take few more your story should this woman have been a mommy shame for what she did and if we have time this hour. We will play for you what our good friend Scott parks calls the worst remake ever. Is he as been up in tweeting about it. As well I don't get it to quit like and commend and they are sales if Scott wants jumping to begin to that. You and Scott faceoff but Taylor sweats. We met who better that we get Travis ankle better I just watch it all happened at a I take it you or your phone calls here as we're talking about a mom who fed her daughter. In a target ate peanut butter sandwich. And for whatever reason she was chain before after she got on line in her blog and pass people because people are horrible at. Because people are awful to each other and if you ask someone was I wrong to do this ass people can't wait to tell you that yes you were wrong to do that then they even say you know admittedly being maybe it's not that big a deal it is someone is gonna think you're the worst person in the universe. Look at votes it would AME on KM BZ happy Friday Tammy. It Friday you know I I. Agree on boat I expect that between the peanut allergy thing in the fact that your eating your child occur or you know I have been at a peanut allergy. So. Are all of these people that are matching the woman because like it another child in the Arctic and and that the peanut allergy you know do we look at every aspect I liked it we look at every door handle your going to touched. I wouldn't you wouldn't go into the target. Are you looking at the fact that they make such closed the immortal had peanut butter touched clothing no league all its common and you kick a light if you about Wear out your kid that it allergy. You liked it off so it does to people are kind of going on the road to think they're being a little ridiculous. But the whole allergy aspect. And then that people that are chasing that poor woman for beating her I don't know her I hit a very small area adoring children walk in the. I'm shopping. He'd be an Indy paying it yet been to be quiet and a bit in the cart I would open up the counter here go to the irony being quiet. And our stores even the height of the barrel at it here pre boot or your title. Apple did a banana in a bill. And once it's annoying in the store noon. It's darker and eager I'll keep quiet you know there's nothing wrong with that woman did about the one person that you're really. The lab bigger. How scared you eat your kid sorry for that hurt you endorse you and Angel there. Never been Hungary lost shocking attack it it kind of that they are as old woman. Mapping to the phone call we appreciate it Tammy last part of this goes to Dexter on KM BZ Dexter. Was this mom right to be shamed. No she wore I mean people are jerks Churchill sometimes. I have a seat who elegy. Shellfish. I didn't find out what seventeen years so all but oh yeah implied forget ready to San Diego. Got over Denver. They are shrimp scampi. Never. Paid it. Mark to row start quote about. By. All about high so much the fate. That order that mark in Denver gave me opt airplane. And dragged out. Cash. For. Never there and you don't think you're arguing walked by. But look into what she quote stopper in the mail that I can you walk by. People terror. Well I am I mean it that brings up memories of being sick or to start getting things going to edit. Recommend seafood counters is sometimes too fishy. You can read about it it's about a FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ Dexter thank you for your call and for your service. So Twitter 45 minutes got you out it was going on swift was trending. I clicked on it see what's going on Anderson stuff about Spotify out their but the thing that the reason she seems to be trending is because people are happy. Is that ever true of no no it's just it's just like the urban mommy blog right docket but he's never. Go on to Twitter to yell about dangerous world and it's always about things are happy about. So she is covered a popular earth wind and fire's. And people do not like it travesty of the original handy yet the man. Yeah yeah. Song who doesn't love this it's a classic song and so where dealers whipped cover those are for what occasion. OK so. She has I shared a unique cover this is from billboard dot com where. She gives that song from nineteen step in the eats. A warm country changed field you'll probably little bit Jamie it's got the war and country feel lane it doesn't. It was recorded in Nashville as part of a Spotify singles series. And she released it along with the new acoustic version of another song that she put out there. It's gonna play you what is up on Spotify right now. This is Taylor swift's version. And shred of volume and it turns in your comment like you got transparent. We're underdogs but that is. Travis a mommy did play I don't know explain the F I tell you what's actually playing. Well that wasn't the one that was supposed to plant will be refresh nationals. I now item here can. Okay somebody else's plane on my computer and I don't know why threat as I was like Paul lo they would be booing her off the stage right now. Parent okay I got it now. Now at least something was oddly playing in my computer and we started over because you're getting two songs playing the same time and I don't think it did Taylor Swift justice. Yes that's terrible. The earth wind and fire is all about. The seventies and eighties like well I think it wouldn't. Well it's a country as well that's a debt they're perfectly wrapped. With country like they didn't like Florida Georgia line it with Nelly terrible. Stop making music is stop making music don't make a cover of assembly's main. Thing. Swiftly and of course you'd think it's it's a good. Scott up parts of our afternoon program dean and parks at worst cover ever to which one of our listeners replied did you hear sweet child mind by Sheryl Crow at. That was here Alina. Well it's the fire is eight. You know funk band that writes not a funk song necessarily and she didn't put on intuit she didn't really put country into it like not. It's not the twang yes I mean it's. Taylor Swift was never the most country country artist ever so I guess it's Taylor's was version of of a world power country acoustic he's sort of a little bit kind of feel to it it's really recipe. And she's trying to make it flowery in romantic you know. National has a lot of rhythm to an ounce for an old man's perspective from yeah. Yeah usually is alive and a seven isn't going to be about something about getting off my lawn I'm sure as you know I I've I am I'm very lows to share my opinions on anything. It's so reserved imagined fajitas. Spicy delicious thing he does take away all the spice. Take away the onions just playing like raw chicken. That's what this song is to the original version of earth wind and fire art I took off so she took the flavor and and everything out of that song. It's just terrible. That's strap onto my computer back a lot of you to be blocked me out of my own computer yes I don't wanna hear the third at nine. It looked like they like but it with a computer. What's that you. At the beginning of its and he wants it appeared to get all this this battle to point literally seconds we have right now I've I have Spotify I have this deal the whole thing does that have a Spotify. He. Seung-Jin. You. You've got to pay until two. And then fast. She's done some cute songs I'm totally. Admit that I just don't think this isn't one of her get something straight. You stick to what. I know we usually don't is not that and if there's an element to write it it's like rock second mark yeah. The dividend. You're still cruising down the street or you're on the freeway just GM in this. I am right blatantly played there when a fire fire version look at Travis of earth wind fire and give the real and the original. I mean it is better than this one there's no doubt but every look at. It's yeah I mean it call it from rash or his part said. The worst of remake ever worse to remake adding that I've heard shots. There again this. Agree with that. I think the worst how. However all times got to beat David though in Mick Jagger doing dancing in the streets that's not they should. Thrown in prison. About this text in what is the worst remake of all time. Texted and you'll find that we can play for you and we have seven minutes yours will be can actually find them text him in 22980. What's the worst remake.