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Friday, December 15th

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Enable life from the buzz filling in that we appreciate you coming in and out. Mixed reviews for your first hour that's fine mixed reviews on the tax line better and I expect him. I'll take hikes and I love diversity. It's the U two's sausage sucked cards are horrible. Often pandora. It was like when you come that saw ready with an insult homophobia. It's like I'd I'd there's like no response to that I don't see in worth like a joke back you're now at a window of that would be I. Now from the now. Right after it you guys make for a surprising bit entertaining pair well I mean I'm willing to admit that this is pure entertainment anything that comes out of my mouth you should never take seriously. Wicket skipped college I went to 29 consecutive semesters of the 'cause I couldn't cut it if it. I would to a school. Yeah. It was a broadcasting school guide I went to a broadcasting school couldn't make it at the University of Arizona for over Christmas that's hard to do so yet there's a lot of temptation out there in Tucson while I mean yeah I feel I'm out ads Asian. He's no agreement to know Collison got a tattoo just a terrible and other stuff when your nose out there. This story can. Who's on the Kansas City Star. The latest. Politicians to step down. Because of sexual harassment allegations. She's right here she's right down the road out of legal entry Ramsey is her name and she's a democratic candidate for congress. Will drop out of the race after the Casey Starr asked her about accusations. In eighth 2005. Lawsuit that she sexually harassed. And retaliated against a male subordinate. Who said that he had rejected her advances. I she was to challenge. A friend of the radio station Republican and Kevin Yoder. In next fall's run at the third district multiple sources with knowledge of the case told the star. That the main reached a settlement with lab one. The company were Ramsey was an executive vice president of human resources court documents show the man. His name is Gary bunk Hauser and lab one agreed to dismiss the case permanently after mediation in 2006. Ramsey is a 56 year old retired business executive from league would Kansas and again was trying to challenge camp he owners who is running with the endorsement of EMILY's List a liberal woman's group that has raised more than half a million dollars to help female candidates who support. Women's rights she's going to drop out to day. There is a very long statement from her that the star put out I'm talking 12345678. Nine paragraphs you uttering the whole thing you can't I don't. Think I need to read the entire thing to you and her boss and get upset. I do watery parts of she writes in the star. When I was ahead of human resources. At a local company guide to make difficult business decisions on a daily basis concerning budgets training initiatives. Compensation and benefits and workforce hiring and workforce terminations twelve years ago I eliminated a and M an employee's position. That man decided to bring a lawsuit against the company not against me. He came to me in the allegations claiming I fired him because he refused to have sex with me. That is a lie the equal the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Investigated the allegations and decided not to pursue the complaint the man later decided to voluntarily dismiss the lawsuit. Because I wasn't a big party I didn't have any opportunity to participate in its resolution. It goes on and on and on if he'd like to read more and more of it. She does take a bit of a shot at representative Kevin Yoder and says my shoppers contrast. With represented B orders that I've let a real life I'd like calculated for photo ops and political gain I have. Spoken openly about adversity including my first husband struggle with addiction and subsequent death. I've lived a full as health care advocate lawyer businesswoman proud mom of two young adults. And the wife of a retired army colonel who served our country in Vietnam all things that are FaceBook page viewing angle and read it. And for those upset whenever we talked about. Al frank in Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey. Whoever you want to pull plucked out of this whole story of sexual harassment the anyone of the things we kept hearing from people as. Why are we talking about women who sexually harass Ment. No this is true with this person is alleging in the reason that. Injury Ramsey is dropping out of the race. But we have a very prime example now of a woman facing sexual harassment claims who has dropped out of the race even though she denies all of this happened. Right. Larry I plan I gonna say it's somewhere else now like I was like oh insulating to rebut and then that's a really good point is that. You you see this happening with the problem with mean and this a I think that I think the great state of Kansas of which I'm a resident of definitely needs. I know he's a great friend Kevin Yoder for me there needs to be a change in leadership I don't care veteran polity of our affiliation that's what I did to me he's like the Emanuel Cleaver. Of Kansas in that you see him every once in awhile but he never really takes a big stand until everybody else is on board. It doesn't really seem to be doing right by the people of Kansas on the forefront of issues such as this certainly seems to run and hide when it comes down to it. But more importantly though these allegations in the climate we're in. I think you're going to start seeing this more in that they've weaponized this. Now like you said she stepped down. She's not running she stepped down she's dropping out of the race the only thing I didn't like about a statement is when she said in the wrong there the rush to claim the high ground on our roiling national conversation about harassment. The Democratic Party has implemented a zero tolerance standard. That they have implemented to zero tolerance standard doesn't matter if you believe that self serving or not they have eased zero tolerance standard going forward. This is actually a very nice thing to be able to grab a hold of in this world where nothing seems to be really. But 767798. What do you think of that zero tolerance standard she writes also ours says. For me that means of vindictive terminated employees false allegations are enough for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee DCCC. To decide not to support a promising campaign national moment rough justice stands in place of careful analysis once and due process. 5767798. Because. There have been plenty of people who have said. They're just allegations against Roy Moore. They're just allegations the picture against Al Franken one picture they're just allegations against John Conyers. Now rehab. Another Democrat stepping down denying that she did anything wrong. But zero tolerance policy. Is forcing her out Smart that's a really good point I do it every day and I fake it for four hours and thank you but I mean isn't it I mean it. And this is one of those things that we you know Republicans screaming Democrats screaming it's just allegations. Get it happens on both so writes sure. Wondering about some. Seems like at the very least now you can go to the even if you dislike Democrats. You can look at them and now you can apply the zero tolerance standard that they've applied upon themselves and you can hold them to that and I think that's perfectly valid and I I I I like them holding themselves not only accountable to their own party. Not only to the other party but more importantly. To being having common decency. And being able to say look you may be accused you may not have done it but it's not the time for you I. I don't edit this I'm torn on it and and we love to hear from you. Do you applaud her for getting out of the race because this is the climate we're in right now we take these allegations seriously. Did you applaud Al Franken did you applaud John Conyers. Are all stepping down. Because some people would say stick it out cited out. What does that mean Al Franken as the martyr for congress. We need to believe women more the power structure of America whether or not you see it because you're a man. Okay we need to believe women did more that we believe Andrea ran we need to we says it's not true we need to believe pilot which are doing here it is a little tired of having a standard. We need to believe women more period end of story. If there are some people who would have been great elected officials but the past prevents them like there's no way I can never be an elected official period in a source now I know too much about you know and I can come others say it but do I really wanna be the guy who. Brings us down to that level and so I do like the footing the setting up here regardless of somebody who may or may not. Whatever happens happens. Could we believe we believe we gulf or the classic believing that they elect. And I think at the end of the day that's the right first. 57677980. Tolerance part as a policy now forcing out a democratic challenger to Kevin Yoder. In the state run here in state represented about a Lee what her name is injury Ramsey she was accused. Of sexual harassment back in 2005. And is stepped down today. For the record we have reached out to injury ramseys office they have declined to join us here on KM BZ. But that doesn't mean we don't have a hold old lines open for you at 57677985767798. Aussie can text in 22980. What do you think it has been zero tolerance policy. Republicans and Democrats wanna hear from both sides. As somebody who was. When I was a child I was a victim of sexual molestation. So I always come from the place and by the way it does get better it takes a while for you to figure out exactly who you are inside and how this affects you. But to move towards a place where people can say things and you can believe them when we come removed people who are. Abusing people who were the subordinates. Beating business or in life. I think that's a positive first step but that is my own personal bias and I feel like people should be able to know that as well we'll hear from you can. A next mid day with Jamie wicket Danny boy in Virginia Monticello. Hit twenty minutes after eleven. Likely did get a boy filling in at from 965 the buzz. For Jamie on a silly she's back next week 57677. Edit a phone number Andrea Ramsey. Was running against Kevin Yoder next fall for the House of Representatives spot. And I she's based I believe would she was accused in 2005. Of sexually hurrah harassing. A male subordinates. They settle out of court guy's name was Gary funk Hauser and she worked for own lab one they dismiss the case. After mediation in 2006. Held been brought back up but in this air worry right now this climate we're in right now ms. Ramsey has decided she. As going to drop out of the race 5767798. She say T zero tolerance policy of the Democratic Party are asking you on both sides. Would that matter if you're Republican or Democrat. Putting this zero tolerance policy. 57677985767798. Oh right the votes and we will talk to digest it and accept on KM BZ I Jeff. Hey there. Well you know it competent results that you don't know exposed it is sexual harassment thing that that could open date now it is. This is how Porter go back I don't think that backed the college does as well I'm sure they're out there and. All my buddies on route Greg in my mind that something could be they could be taken bad. And they you know when I get the lab with sixteen is that that I can no longer recover from that and again. Improve myself report that I the next would be it agent in person and beat good leader for the country. Eventually there's going to be nobody laughed musical look at that they're all the religious people decreasing with decreased over the years so can do that. I'm certainly go to you because literally threw his. Pure hypocrite. And won't have one person put apparently doesn't like that you'll come out very. Well they that there is bigger almost certain your conquer for now. I don't disagree with that at all I don't know what the answer is in my wife who beat yesterday that if we had a friend over. And is is name is Lance and Lance is as conservative as they get is I'd look not Lance Bass notes not Lance Bass the exact opposite of when I got very excited no we we via the link and no we do it. He's a Louisiana guy in wood to LSU is a conservative. And and we actually can converse it's actually really really cool we're talking about this. We're wrapping Christmas presents together for whatever on topic right. We area Christmas season the Sox sexual harassment sprinkled it you'll. And my wife said. And I think we can all agree agree this. Comedy there's got to be a picture from my past for I have my hand on somebody's but upon my hand on I mean. Where we someone go to my boss Alan and say Michael you just admitted that you know there's disposable camera somewhere that is not developed in a box in my basement. Of meaty. Fake grabbing something. You don't mean or lake like the callers said what I had one too many Beers backed by early twenties I didn't say something to a woman how far back do we go. The answer I really I think. There is one thing that going forward we have. That we didn't have before we have receipts. But her emails writes only we have in this digital age there is the allegations supporting allegations is going to be a lot stronger. Also yeah you gotta go back and you got to realize look at the culture that we were raised him right. Look at the movies we watch look at that. Internet and deed delicious digital goods to begin bringing us we were around in a different time but much like society moves forward out like if you go to nursing home you're gonna hear some horribly racist things because some people didn't move on with the times we are definitely in a time of transition. And we are definitely learning how to behave as equals and I don't think there's anything wrong with saying in this time of transition we're gonna get some stuff wrong there is no good answer. But maybe moving forward we can set the standard for people to live to have expectations of what's correct once and for Gary in Kansas City your next up on an 81 KM BZ. They've thank you. Yeah Arctic this is little different Kate already I don't know occasion it's already been on court. Isn't that strange part to me for sure is they already settled this out of courts. So. Q what would be he'll be it sound like what you. So I don't know. All the other delegation's current. Why. Aren't that great yeah she dropped. And she dropped it and nobody in the great. Here. Now I think what he's saying though about that it's been educated is like look at Franken so that was back came out and then Moore came. I think right now Roy Moore stay with animals but there are allegations. And I'd feel like. He saw what up to 78 now I don't know how many. If there is repeated pattern once the dam breaks you do get more if this is a once an isolated incidents. That maybe. Get that but the but at the tech slide right heaters says these are all just allegations. Mean if they're allegations are they just allegations against Harvey Weinstein but I believe. Salma Hayek and every woman who has come out against Harvey Weinstein. I don't have proof we don't have video. We don't all we have is their side of the story in his denial of this whole thing that's all we have break but he also but are okay but he also did higher fee gets enough money to hire former agents of them aside. To get close to befriend. One of his victims to find out information to discredit. And so what you see is you hear about the 1% a lot of the 1% of power is in the hands of man and I do you think to get more. To get. Better in light to get the world to be a better place to where truth really does actually exists that power structure does need to be chipped away and I know it scary for man but we need to let it go it to Tim in Kansas City up next here on KM BZ I Tim. I don't. Know. I appreciate that women need to really do but one of the things that. We as Americans. Really proud of is that where an innocent until proven guilty. But he seemed like the ball it's factually what you're an who are guilty until. Well when I was sexually molested when I was six years old if you try to bring that up to somebody. And do something about it especially at the time in the eighties. Nobody's gonna listen to Europe you're kit. And I think there needs to beat I I agree with you there needs to be a better balance. But I think it's so skewed towards now believing women or victims that we need to actually push hard deal. I just knew it and and I think it's this kind of comes back to the conversation we seemingly Ali's that is why didn't. Harvey Weinstein accusers are Kevin species accusers are Roy Moore is accusers why didn't they come out. Ten years ago fifteen years ago in the case of Roy Moore thirty years ago. If you are mean again. Struggling actress who wants to make an Harvey Weinstein. You know deems that you're the one he wants to watch take a shower or vice Versa. You make your choice you make a choice right here and is it your career or whatever you know it's career or you got to go wait tables in Los Angeles for the rest your life until set maybe one chance. You know that doesn't involve Harvey Weinstein the most popular man in you're powerful in Hollywood. You don't mean a politics. Al Franken. Or or politics. And attacks and says that thing that backs up Weinsteins charges of the fact that well established actresses are coming out waste a lot they have nothing to lose. The biggest house he's never the wrong and you biggest challenge all this is the double standard all around the right visibly trump accuses the left doesn't leave accusing Clinton. I can tell you right now as somebody who's like crazy ability to deal laughed. I believe Clinton's accusers I cannot believe that Bill Clinton is celebrated today is day. So there's little bridge. You know and I can build some radio listeners who would normally give his time today I've loved this Bill Clinton. Face repercussions for. Has not happened and not gonna happen he's got money he's an old name around like dirty right in there. Us make it a money for it into and we appreciate it ma'am I'll order change gears here you can read about Andrea Ramsey and her FaceBook pages there it's also up on Twitter. Coming up next Jolie Justus Kansas City councilwoman she voted. Yes yesterday for the KC I memorandum of understanding. With edge more to build the single terminal. But she was on the losing end nine for the final of vote last night we'll find out. Her reaction to this and why she voted yes. And. Just think it is. A week from today. To be honest Alley off they've likely get a view. Any bullet from the buzz in the studio we appreciate you hanging out a statement I had a good time menaces like it's a little different. Slamming around in here on high on a very sweet there's the current. Radio fundamentals guys don't do that down there and by as drop in a darkness tracked down seven minutes because I want to play for songs that are it was going to the bathroom and have a cigarette no we don't do that on this her husband was we don't have dogs yeah it's growing dogs executable euros at about a man. Last night big news concerning case CI edge more infrastructure and real estate was on the brink yesterday along with the Kansas City Council. Getting the vote to move forward with the memorandum of understanding the M local use seem like it pretty. Normal easy kind of systematic thing is can do everybody signs off on it. The vote went down with the Kansas City Council yesterday 924 in favor of no. And joining us one of the yes votes Kansas City councilwoman Julie justice is with us. I counseled injustice thank you so much for the time. Yesterday it seemed like it was a formality going in for those of us that are on the outside looking in. But it turns out it wasn't this MO EU. Got rejected in thrown out how surprised were you did you have any inkling going in this is going to be a 94 vote the other way. Going into it I was not prepared to vote on it yesterday because I mean that we were still negotiating text more and we out of the council that we fell out of the airport committee had passed that came in value. I'll hide and nothing and I'm in favor of the you know you had passed out of the committee. And between last Thursday yesterday we had council members to express you concerns and that we wanted to go back mark. And out there in the they were willing to meet that concerns. And the fact that the council pushed forward for a vote yesterday before going back ad market that was the part that was McNamee. Why were you not prepared to vote. I was not prepared about it. Because we look at. Basically heard from council member that they would like he's he's more in the MW. So far everything we have asked of them had more they click yes to that would help to remember that. Hey we've got more things that we want in BMW we needed to go back edge more and they are you OK with that and that had not happened yet. You were. The concern with those two things in their obviously whether it was terms community benefits. An edge more and double talk about this thirty million dollar. On clause there for a second. But you still voted yes can you tell us why tell our listeners why. You're absolutely note that Arctic Council has only done one thing definitively. Which is on I didn't think that Augusta this year we packed out and org meant to protect your everything that we want our community benefits agreement. Now please go forward and negotiated and you would act more. And so that was attend Hugo. Of course at that time overwhelmingly the people looked into Padilla after I'm having looked at our issues and of course you and I got out of that as yet. The past couple of years. They've voted that exact percent in favor of the project. And and we were moving forward with Dodi to an agreement on the non by understanding. I voted yes because right now like edge Moore had that yes to everything we asked for. I. They just be clear I voted not to. Have a vote yesterday I voted to make sure that we attic right these poor people made their final decision. Councilwoman Julie just is joining us here on 981 KM BZ we had councilman quick Lucas on earlier. There was a reimbursement situation that he was concerned with and that was why he along with others voted no. Where do you come down on this questionable reimbursement thirty million dollar claws of let's say use say goodbye to edge more or they were to say goodbye to us. Her yesterday and they thought one of the things I want and how much more. So yesterday we had that ultimately look at against the for instance back. You would like if you community benefits agreement that would not and million dollars it closer to 42 million dollars. He had some questions regarding reimbursement agreement but rather than go back. And more and say hey we don't like the reimbursement agreement or we'd like that the which community benefits agreement on that are willing to vote no on it and I just stop but it was preacher. The thing and it might if we want to go back and it's more say here's what we wanted to council an export has no. Absolutely let's reject the M I. And let's move on. But the problem we had yesterday wasn't that it is that the obsessed with preacher. I am I do have one question for you regarding. Some more of this money stuff. Somebody seven you have a generic line item for 151000 dollar mark for months travel and it's not saying who and where and how that's a little vague now. I can see how when your putting something together especially for non binding. Resolution. That you know you're trying to throw something together is this more. Like waste or is this more well we're trying to get this pretty much where we needed to be. There's nothing like sinister happening here that's probably what it cost per month to get this done properly. You have that there is correct because let let's cut it in the conversation as bet thirty million dollars in the absolute maximum. And what they didn't they win an estimated at all these costs would be. We decided to split ways and and what happened and it is the aviation department. Would have to go through and actually look at all of the real expensive. And then they would only reimbursed expenses that were actually spend it and it would document it. That's what sort of a maximum cost Papa with Matt reimbursement agreement I wanna be clear. Where hard costs for things that we're gonna need to do regardless. Of who built the airport and environmental studies. Designed to back all of that sort of thing. The other thing that I think it's important for that the taxpayers in the voting public to understand. Is that all about reimbursement agreement. Has been agreed to be paid for by the airlines and go to the extent that we would ever have to pay any I bet 39 dollars. After we looked at all of the repeat but he and that sort of thing. I'm be reimbursed the following year by the airlines. Kansas City councilwoman Julie just is joining us here on Camby easy one of the things that I think it and I go on to at least one of an epidemic you would have the added to counsel. Town halls before all the vote went down. And it seems like there's a big question about minority hiring union hiring of female hiring local hiring did it or lay out any plans that raise an eyebrow and led to this nine to four vote. Part of what was going on yesterday it was we were telling edge more that we wanted them and I'm out 35%. Maybe you can minority owned business and WB EU which is women around. That was that we got out in August 20 that it and the Palin's account that's what we called on to the fact that we. That we went out and campaigned in product and that's what we have voted out of committee on again with a weak against her. And there were some questions raised by county look at we have more specificity. And that's absolutely something we should be negotiating. I wanna make it clear that our next step their concerns. We didn't fail negotiate with next more that one option we can go back and say hey here every single issue. That I can't have a problem with that argue willing to meet these issues. And that they great and that they're not that we can in our negotiation process and we can move on. Other options that we have one of our our council members actually filed a resolution. Saying he wanted to terminate. Negotiations immediately attacked more and move on negotiations at any com. And then our third option is to terminate the entire process and start Hitler. That last one does not sound good councilwoman battled past would just know that sounds good that for Kansas City club. That is not a good option and here's why number one. I like they didn't do much over 75%. Of the voters voted in favor of this. And if we get that in my opinion it replied that the project down arm and and would not be in the best interest of the city or what the voters want and. I believe that would probably doomed the project councilwoman a council person Lucas said. A win he was on earlier that he had hoped or in a Pomeroy if I miss quoting here please correct me recruitment. He would hope that they would get this done by Christmas DC that is a possibility. I think the only concern that we have is that we only have one. Committee meeting and the ones council meeting before the end of the year. And now we have as a council in in basically a one day. Other legislative actions are going to have to figure out whether we're going to terminate our negotiations but that's more efficiently because one thing I'll make clear. What we did yesterday with the rejection of the memorandum of understanding. It would not terminate negotiations. So we've not been one day basically decide what we're gonna do with the count I think I'd be very difficult when you're taking into account the fact. That we have to that the public testimony on the computer and transparent and open manner. We have to discuss this with our finance and legal teams and we also need to remnants pastor airline's partner. If not impossible and obviously the will of the council of the will of the council. But I think it would be tough to do that in one day. It's on the goods at the will of the council's. I don't I think this would be easiest sales of this is MO you're right that's what we call right right right. We use should have been calling this whole time and highs the are you. And it would pass nobody in it at the time my diet. A council. Thank you so much we really appreciate it we know the ID on earlier this morning during Kansas city's morning news and you did double dip we'll have to send you an extra check for coming on tonight. Thanks guys have a great. You as well Merry Christmas to you that is a councilwoman Julie justice. She was one of the four yes votes Jermaine read Katherine shields and mayors like James on the yes nine council members voting no. And we'll divide it where they go who knows I I really and I hope that they can all sit back down and hammer this thing out. It just stinks that rat this again. It's weird that the leaders and feeling when you guys you know we we need you right here I can't get the airport done like Italy bang the drums so much on the radio to opera ams anyway it's I don't know if you're like the war and I appreciate your honesty. By the way quit and she said she still had questions and was not ready to vote is the council decided to go to vote. As a member of the City Council she represents people like me she's that congress the councilwoman from my district. In river market. She looked at it said 75% of voters. Said we want this so she went ahead and voted yes she at least was representing what she thought was the best intention of people like me you know tactically from now what's that. River market could. Cabin up the board your next hour I didn't put us on the schedule rides but I'll put this on the schedule now next hour. Gonna be able to ask Danny boy anything it's a fun game that we play recast the the normally play ask Jamie wicket anything the people know everything about us. People ask you anything they want coming up next hour or so will definitely do that straight ahead. A president. Trump judge nominee can't answer simple questions and I mean the simple. Question hence this this audio is ridiculous I don't care he voted for trooper not this must raise an eyebrow make your ears ring. You got to hear it coming up next and is in front of 12 o'clock. Any bully in forging new money selling the priciest swing and over year from 96 by the buzz are getting mixed reviews on the tax line having that time. Of my life right. I don't you saw this. The president trump has abandoned nominating. People forward judicial spots and EST fill up the judicial. Committee. This to me is an interesting choice. This guy's name is Matthew Spencer Peters you heard this right yeah oh yeah. The trouble doing everything it can't get rid of unemployment in this country could beat any of this guy job we can all get jobs in the federal judiciary. This is not a Republican or Democrat things is saved your text messages for you know your I know there are budget trump supporters who eat anything negative Akamai about trump. This like I didn't get off of box. Or MSNBC the war any left winging leaning anti trump website this happened on the floor in DC. Right in the senate floor in DC. This gentleman by the name Matthew Spencer Peterson currently serving as commissioner. On the Federal Election Commission was asked a bunch of questions by. GOP senator John Kennedy of Louisiana I repeat. GOP senator John Kennedy of Louisiana. This experience on trials all right. I just want this for five minutes. I wanna play you about a minute of it right so this is a Republican senator. Asking one of Trump's judicial nominees. So. Basic questions. That I would think would qualify him to get this C rightly district pretty important of the stuff listen up. And give try to jury trial I have not civil. No. Criminal no bench no state or federal or I have not. To give taking a deposition. I was involved in taking depositions when I was associates found that white Ryan what I first commitment law school problem. But that that was. You ever have many many deficits which. I would. I'd be struggling to. Remember but less intent yes less about. Probably some word that he ever try to take him a deposition by yourself. I believe know who can. Have you ever argued emotion and state court. I have not. In the ever argued in motion in federal court now. Is qualified is I am. Except he went to law school ships kisses fingers and why I mean that is. It doesn't matter if fury Democrat Republican or independent or what ever you might be. Beginning this. Given trotted jury trial I have not no civil. No no criminal. No bench now no state or federal or. I have not how. I wanted to get a little bit of a different tack like debts. To boss thinks this guy is unqualified. She does like Ayers. I'd like let's just do this list is the weekend I want you to be the nominee because this is her like a federal this is a judicial appointment is a lifetime right. It is that correct I mean this guy on the bed so that I'm just gonna ask you the same questions there are you more qualified. Beyond whatever this dudes name is Matthew and Spencer and her seat and Andy all MSP everybody loves a women's BMI more all of have you ever tried a jury trial no. Have you ever civil trial. No criminal. No Ben Strauss. No OK stand yeah you're in yeah yeah. Welcome aboard let him him. How OK this guy up the yes. How Cold War ruled the in the by the way that's only 56 seconds of it. It goes on for five minutes. And every answer makes him less and less and less qualified follow me on Twitter at Mike wicket in just you would every two would agree to a whole I've and a half minutes. About the 241 mark he starts asking questions about certain basic apparently saying get legal crap I don't nothing to one to try and guess what it is because he doesn't even try. He's like now like to be sure of your book report at school noodles stand up BS and draw big picture used fourteen point font triple spaced everything narrow narrow some of the tax line up I've been a paralegal. But for over thirty years and I'm more qualified short answer yes to any of these you certainly. I didn't try to jury trial I have not civil. No. Criminal no bench no state or federal court I have not. Yet taken a deposition. I was involved in taking depositions when I was associates found that white Ryan when I first commend law school. The beavers in the west wing but that that was. You ever have many many deposition which how many times you were seen law and order. I would. I'd be struggling too old to remember but less intent yes less about. Probably somewhere. Like he thinks he's gonna get he's like when I this is like countless depth is is I mean I can't we got like ten his right. Yeah. If he's like I countless if you're like how many I can't remember I'm thinking in the hundreds Sher and I think it liners like I intend deposition. Probably if it happens every day. Less than ten yeah my jaw drop in her detect fine and then less than five yeah. Ever try to take him but deposition by yourself. I believe no 90. Me income. Have you ever argued emotion in state court I have not. The ever argued a motion in federal court now. Monkey doing on this day and to be a Jude a nominee for a bench job under trump. A good week we can they work at Symantec client and like I agree with you talking about how the GOP blocked Obama's nominations and have a stopping the courts look. I agree with everything that you're saying here. The funny thing is can we just stopped doing V I've got five kids. Okay. I know what it's like to watch as to why it again because he did that to me EST hey what about autism can't we just may. Move. Past that and just take these people were image from presidency like it or not. And I don't like a big argument that we take these people at face value instead of LL poll lead trolling the laughs from the the text line the ABA unanimously rated unanimously rated unanimously rated. This nominee and the previous as absolutely unqualified. It's a meat is a great question the tax line. Are you aware that we have laws that okay. Let's see here have you ever watched Judge Judy there are. Blake have you ever seen the People's Court which do you think Kansas City is ever going to get a single terminal. Now. Is Amazon committee Kansas City. Do royals have any hope whatsoever next year of citing Eric Hosmer. That she speak the chargers this weekend. That's it. I.