Midday with J&W: Millennials haven't heard of WHAT?

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Friday, April 13th

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-- asking you right now. You're on a Friday and a happy Friday ambulance average Syria about the worst remakes in music history. As Taylor Swift. Has remade for some sort of project they're doing Spotify. The songs September by earth wind and fire. Now parts called this the worst remake ever I think it's going to be far. It's just. That it. I'm mark. As mark listening NASA about Iraq chickens are there's Phillies give us your analogy I think you described it best Taylor's was version of yeah imagine imagine a plated your favorite Mexican food and take away all the spice the salt pepper or opt out. Everything that gives it flavor and appeal and that's what you have I believe you compared her song to rock ticket yes it's like a plate of Rochester and now. You don't have this sizzling peppers and onions and spikes anymore. Been really think I quite understand your analogy I think she did a tremendous and it. I strapped for Mike though because he's only plane you know probably the best threes are highly out song that's alive guy but he's not playing. The Angel crap she added. Treats I kinda. Things and. At a right you know she she tried to Contra five to the extent that Taylor Swift makes anything country but yeah. That's. I've never walked out of a concert report. OK but I think if she would play the song are ones that those with contrary I would probably leave laws she's playing I just wanna go to a Taylor Swift concert with you as what is CU and view me hanging out in Taylor Swift show an airline. I actually wouldn't mind seeing her because she I'm sure she's a Bay Area. Bouncing around kind of entertaining performer right yes so that's an attempt apparel like the sea but if you play this outlets about the way that some people have started to text in the worst remakes of all time including at this classic that was ruling by eight. The material girl Madonna. He accused of being made me smile enough. And in and saying it's OK. Maybe they need I mean murderer. Hey. This was awful that Madonna. You know remake Don McLean. Yeah. What is your tissue try to make Italy electronic song is that the great Don Maclean saw an American pie. Not good not good at all now some people said that Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey doing endless love. I have ever heard this before. Have. This would have been OK if you've never heard the original. L railing. I think it would've been fine assisted if you heard Lional Richie and Diana Ross do it that's what's in your head forever. Good show man. Yes it does sound fine if you've never heard the original owner Luther Vandross was a treasure is just battery died so. I have to totally disagree when they remade the one shining moment at the end of the NCAA tournament and it limited Jennifer Hudson who is a tremendous talent. It was not the same it's got to be looser. There's something else from attacks why you know which was just recently. The National Anthem by Fergie all kinds. Of this terrible. And he's yeah. Any day. I want so yeah. And I can join. Drain on me. What they enjoyed it and a different way right I mean when you try to sex of by the National Anthem it doesn't work but does not work. George Michael for. The song faith are never the band Limp Bizkit have you heard their version of vein I got it right here. I. Yeah yeah. The Pope. Well I guess that living. Good to have you back. At. I'd like me it really takes a turn that kind of thing. All night and mom I don't pay. And good name. And I imagine. Headache but we'll let the can you my blood. The longer this plays I. Actually I don't I shouldn't admit this but I like it does get when they were popular item. The ban I would not like this song I saw them perform this before they were any before he knew he came out I saw perform at a stage that was right next to about. Ten stares at the small like concert venue. I'm like I. I actually like the song I know it's strange you wouldn't expect that I'm not as trains actually not surprising at all that. The original. Like comic view I think I can that you you've probably seen this in the shower. I will I probably have other people Texan a bunch of stuff I mean there are a lot Marilyn Manson to a sweet dreams. I hate that it's. Let's see here what else to submit that stuff. Dynamite hack did boyz in the hood they remade the the NWA's song or that. Travis menace yet it's pretty. Oh. I still got the biscuit up the careful on time this is NWA. And mom's not. Pounds ago. I'm just gonna kill an album yeah prior or at least that's my gets in trouble. Especially not for that yeah I get in trouble make it worth it. This is gonna irritate some people I hate to the disturbed version of sound of silence. Really I can't stand it I. Hate it. Pretty good. Was it and find it real quick here I thought they did a pretty good job of it the united something about the guy's voice is great with certain songs but it just. To me it's just all wrong Mavis doesn't grow that song. So yeah. June softening. Since my room. Not as good as the original list chizik to tenors you know singing the risk yeah. Exactly that's so different on I don't like to give us yours text within 22980. How will play a few more of these later on it's basically an honor of Taylor Swift remaking. Earth wind and fire. Can we come back and it were to take a break but multiple people have said I'm not violence remakes but. I'm Darius Rucker did wagon wheel who is the original language I don't now but can we find the original I've never heard the original I've only heard his and people I couldn't see in five or six people sang a hit series records remake. So during a break we can and if anybody knows who originally did it let us count 2901 of media that. Because a lot of you out you don't like the version Darius Rucker did plus. The times it's 1216 Trevor Daley wooded millennial ruined now this isn't just mullah ideals this is Americans. That. So on today is a special day honoring something in history and something that we all heard about the school. An 11% of Americans saying they have never heard this or are sure thing app it's a lot higher from all meals but Americans don't notice this is a major incident in this world history. And we'll tell you about it next. Can't advance. Because. Our big man. So people really like this version by old crow medicine show which a hundred of you sent in to thank you came it came out 2002001. Nathan Carter. Who is out of the UK covered it a year before a few weeks before actually Darius Rucker did it and it was his second single breeders record as a country artists as a solid country artist. It went to number one for various rockers or country like. You didn't. Lot of you can hear it in and mark Lavoy with us is now going to be our measurement for all things Al mark we're gonna steal that. If you marks analogy earlier just so you know. Good things are seasons he has the and the bar are rock chick that that's the art setting. Up somebody's head it's like oh Jerry's records verses like overseas and Fijians. Daughter of I've heard that the Darius Rucker version I know I've heard that it's a good analogy because it's if if the originals little more stripped down this what is. Wayne is a little overdone travesty that the Darius Rucker version of that one. I am that. A mile away and no there. Staring down the road grid and Z band that. The main. Seventeen. Can't call. Came out today even. So. The pact which one do you like. Com you know you're more the original. Original before to I only heard the jury's work version. Both meter is Rackers is more catchy it's more fun to sing along to. Guys the original is maybe more fun to listen to somebody else and re done that song you can partner enemies in the end it like recent. I don't I don't know things out on anything Carter's cell. Darius Rucker and what's the name of the ban on deliberately old old country cold medicine show old quote old crow medicine show they've performed the song together error. At the grand Ole opry that it's now so it's I would love detonate people's and it's on YouTube and at what is your them perform together. To see which direction it goes does it go more series record overseas and or does ago Mort erotic. This is Nathan Carter's version out this is the one I've heard the most. Singing. I demand. The worst of the current this is the what the worst of the three. Of them it's got the rail. That exists somewhere and YouTube we're dedicating this entire segment of the song wagon wheel. Step it up right. This is the worst of the three versions I. Having really no skin in the the country game gap I like the original first and then I'll like theories truckers and then there's this one this sounds like it. Like a garage band decided to do to get away you know they got their dig down the local shot and beer bar. It's a really popular song for people auditioning for the voice to perform. Okay seems to be. People exits happy and it's guy in titled the notes there now if we can't find that's on terms got a new data bank so. I. We're kind of comical and now moving away. Well maybe there again how. The man you'll. We will not leave my hand me down. It went well. Yeah. Who. Back so that was fun let's bet it's not great I don't we've ever spent an entire segment on one song I kind of like it. I can only get into that Zion. Summit I don't know if you tied. And flagging will in the YouTube yeah you so many things to get to hit a swift dancing a wagon will issue saying you have Mumford and sons wagon when you have this duo of old medicine showed Anders broker wagon would probably data is being. Wagon whale. What you're saying is a lot of people like this song yeah yeah I got you on jets Swedes might solar market here. Here are ankle trouble coming up next major incident in our world history and 22% noble ideals and 11% of Americans. Don't know if they've ever actually heard of this it's. It's 1233 it's time to chat about millennial here in what. My generation is ruining it's not this year a good gonna do not assume that everybody. On so yesterday was holocaust remembrance day. And with that. USA today report on the study that is out about americans' knowledge of the Holocaust. On if you needed reminding. About six million Jewish people in Europe were killed during the Holocaust was which ended about seven years ago. About three and a half million of the Jews killed were from Poland's. And employees and accept you because in a moment mentally how few people knew these things to be true. The notorious house with concentration camp was located in German occupied Poland. So Americans about their knowledge. Of said facts about the Holocaust and on just bush just run through some ice I'm gonna be upset with them. The most critical point is that 212%. Of Mullen heels. And 11%. No wait I've yet try to resemble ideals and 11% of Americans overall. Had either not heard of the Holocaust. Or were not sure Fey and 11%. Of Americans. 22% how older kids holding. We are going and he older X twenty to go whatever I am now 36 yeah yeah. Had not heard of the Holocaust or didn't now we're sure if it had existed. Interest pacs alone. Again six million Jewish people in Europe were killed the survey found that nearly a third of Americans and 41% of millennial incorrectly believed two million or fewer Jewish people died. Let that one past. Didn't know exactly how many people died in the Holocaust as you knew that it was over a million I mean it was a big number. You would ask me at what is said probably around eater I don't NL. Big number like I it would have been like 22 guys died don't it was there was in the millions. On only thirty or 37% of Americans can correctly identified Poland. As a country with a holocaust occurred. Apparently we only know Germany righty associate apparent with bad stuff like there were doubts. 41% of Americans and 66% of colonials could not identify announcements. As the lead concentration Kansas says could not I Dennis. It can't if if I said you what is out Schwarz 66%. Of my generation couldn't say it was a concentration camp maybe I'll get on crow may be. We'll get them. Never had a doubt in May be thinks they could identified I'm stop getting my generation that benefit of the doubt we ruin everything. Now let's go side. Let's see you. And an older asked about their general opinions about whether her. How about. Whether results and they don't cost as important and people to care about it and act and think back to the fact that people know about it yes I'm. Why. I'd like to ask. If you're listening what do you think the answer for that is. Four in ten colonials didn't know six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust 22%. Can't even. Say hey yeah that diamond I don't thing or two about it and don't playing crappy education because were teaching in schools is being taught history class 5767798. Why 5767798. There are a lot of comments on her FaceBook page eyes. NC here's Steve claims and maybe we have to have a teacher confirm or deny this. They don't teach much history anymore yeah they do anything that you still take history flat out stupid that's tests. Don't blatantly blanket Lee blame education there were teaching about now. Let's see here. Tracy writes a very sad my grandfather fought in World War II met my grandmother there my grandmother was from Germany give up her mother country to come here. They hardly talked about the atrocities until they were on their death. My grandmother was forced to be part of the Nazi youth she had nightmares until the day she passed. Years ago and from my. The tide pods or condoms and are lazy Stoner wanna get high and have taxpayers take care of their problems should be really be surprised they don't notice. I don't need to iPods items or condoms I'm not a lazy Stoner at that just wants to guy. Don't I you raise taxes. Don't use millennial with children. I mean for the purposes of generations. Don't don't talk like. Don't don't just do that and that's the first thing we talk rubble ideals people talk about iPods I mean you know what you're actually talking about that its children that he tied prods normal meals and gimme a break anyway. Brandon says I don't get it we were taught that people just don't retain information very well yeah that I would believe. The class spent do anything in the twentieth century because of map testing. And at the end of the school year. A question Graham if on. If that many people are not aware of it and and we're getting. Further away from it in terms of years. I've played doubles out of orbit because I want somebody proves my point is that would need to be teaching. Is it something that is important for people to now for kids to know and if so explain to me why. If if if the reason is we're not teaching it if you think the reason is we're not teaching of history your kids are are learning about it in school and is. Is that by design is it not a certainty. David writes this is liberalism at it's best I have no idea what that means Tyler writes is what you get when you reach a censored and rewritten version of history in our schools. If you look at history curriculum from even the eighty's and ninety's it's far more complete. And what our kids are taught now. And people are texting and saying I'm forty united learn about it in school that you don't do we not need to teach about it. Is it not important offer because somebody made that decision to not teach about it in school. So is it not something that is is important formation I mean maybe we shouldn't be making a big deal out of the fact that 22% of line Melanie as the number of. 5767798. Let's go to filling Kansas City and came easy. Phil why do you think that this generation any good portion of Americans have an issue remembering or even knowing about the Holocaust. I'm Lil we were talking about education or I don't think it totally to blame an occasion and memorial. I'm majored in it during college and because I'm pat it by and I had grandparent at the hear about history at. And that. But I think one thing. That comes up as you know idol they weren't concerned about that we need to beat you yet. Can't tell where you're calling it you don't know where he spent and a no show couple days you're talking about how he is Kurt. Well all our founding document during her you know I call him a part in what then Phil all right. And and make it matter all of you know he had kind of an app. And pink or black but you know it's great for the all that. There for them to. App on that knowledge because otherwise I don't like we it's a big that it happened all. Are currently. And I go thanks man appreciate folk all high school teacher just accident. So my house is on as a high school teacher I can tell you absolutely distraught in the school system in Kansas if people are that ignorant as to what is being taught in education. Feel free to look up the common course standards on the Kansas Department of Education website everything is spelled out. Phil thanks for your phone call let's go to John in Kansas City on KM BZ John I'll surprise you that does so many don't know about the Holocaust. I am surprised you that I'm not surprised and it's what the kid who teachers. There is only one hour a day or every other today while maybe two hours of the other day. World. For a student to a sore. Based survey history including seventy years beyond or wore it. That some walk that's a fair chunk of current events that. Get added since I was. Ice and student and an undergrad years world. It's a got to balance the demands. I'm not even talked about on competing demands made by people. Adjusting curriculum here and places like California. And checks. The places that accept that the man or so media requirements for the touch the patient because that the user. You know you make an interesting point that we're not gonna dare get into today it by. As we have more history to teach. At some point decisions are gonna have to be made about what to devote time to and what not you or you're gonna have to start. Devoting more of your schooled in history you know you just you gotta teach more things in the same amount of time so that's an interesting question. Let's see here from on Twitter back to 1973. Writes it KM BZ radio. They really don't teach about history in school like they should anymore I I I'm just. Right it but I I can reach you. Multiple texts that organic and like this one I called BS my daughter just finish this section are history class and we talked about it at great length about holocaust again she even had to read the diary of Anne Frank she's an eight crater about wow did your your kids are learning about and frank. Because if nothing else that is a memorable part of the Holocaust story that you that kids are learning about. By the way the rest just we'd have a friend whose teacher whose daughter is teacher achieve a friend whose daughter is teacher she had to cut back on her curriculum big time I don't believe that. I don't believe that. Really don't. You've never Benny you're never ban to a concentration camp right I have not man if there's ever way you wanna teach your kids holocaust I went to my house and in Austria move. It is one of the most powerful experiences in Iraq. Is to go to visit a concentration camp that has been preserved in its original form I'd like to go to Al Schwartz it's I'd like to go to any of the government house for its but my suspicion is that you're gonna see some of the same yeah out some of the same things. Four out of ten colonials don't know that six million Jews were killed in a study from CBS. Also 11%. Of Americans. Are really sure. 11% haven't heard are sure they have a bit of holocaust are sure if it happened and it's interesting on somebody just sad my husband hire my spouse and I talk about it. With our kids at home. That even if they're not getting the education class. We talk about the Holocaust at home because we think it's important for them to know when that's interesting point you will get to Ramon Chris and Robin Josh and everybody next 1% of millennia olds believe two million Jews or fewer were killed during the Holocaust. For intended no six million were killed 11% of US adults overall haven't heard of the Holocaust. Or are sure if they did why why. Ask them why and doesn't matter thing now if schools if if those of you that say schools are teaching it if that's correct. And schools are having to make a decision. About what part of history to spend time on and you got to prioritize and schools have minimized the importance of the Holocaust. That decision was made so do we need to be teach. I mean is it something that you know and if not you can always you know teach your kids about it at home. But doesn't matter for teaching. 767798. Right to the phones Raman in Kansas City you're next up on KM BZ guard Ramon. They'd a good that it frank what do you wanna be when you grow up. I am going to be a history professor. Ironic that we're talking about a subject you might know a thing or two about. Jeopardy yet. I think one of the major problem is that. Tipped it out days are paying attention to what they're learning. I just didn't turn it. And bill stepped it up. Just long enough to out for that. And then it caught. They're they're not committing any of this memory and I would finish is seventh and eighth grade classroom recently it. Yeah it was it was kind of and talking that we were discussing that double war which. Also very important. And many of them didn't even know the reasons good or thought. What do you think the reason lies. Our. Honestly. You wouldn't believe some of the answers. Are. If that but but but the. They've beaten funny year doubt college student I'm an older college student I am nontraditional. I'm you know I'm forty something. He school. Among college kids eighteen to 25. Have no idea what's happening in the world. Or has happened in the world it's it's truly amazing. I don't know their own history they don't know what's happening. Currently. They'll know here's something. It'd be big enough and on Twitter. It was gonna say if it's trending on Twitter or there's a snap Chad account to follow probably nobody. Light and though no one wild with it without doing any research and what's happening. Goodness and you wanna get into that UN instruct those people. Sadly enough someone out here and glad. Simple fact is that. If you don't know your history about anger people. You know I have heard that one before. I have heard that on before. Raymond thinks your fogleman good luck in your your quest Chris in Kansas City on KM BZ Chris how surprised are you to find out how little some know about the Holocaust. Well first I'll guard orders a sort of all I'm almost about to cry in my Iranian. That that's sad. I'm German and I'm Jewish. And I'm also Italian. I'm proud of minor outages. But then again I'm not. India some people that it or are you Germany are angered others of like well. Obviously don't know enough about the Holocaust and help people were treated back bit and ordered jumped were quick to what Jamie. Kids are learning about inquiry. I've taught my kids about inquiry I've been an inquiry tell myself. Well it's actually pretty that eat that as something in any audience bodies should ever forget about because. The way human being poured beer we're. And yeah you're right there is more history to be lowered but it does and so on then one of the worst massacre that human Meehan aren't in the history. Well. Now it it it sucks to hear the so if you haven't haven't learned about it and the question is why. 576779. Josh in Kansas City guide your 91 KM BZ. Kite gave me which it can get it done. Do it okay just give me a favor turn your radio down please. That is much better we don't hear ourselves coming through until they go ahead of lowers your art. I I'm I went to high school entry in that I greatly. All. It worked out all costs. Let my freshman Erin. History teacher I had I hate all were years. He started my freshman year and we work all the way to might see here. Florida about the Holocaust that you bring in different artifacts order. Clips or whatever you want to call and showed class in adult and that it is the week we had a ticket test. I mean it seemed like that that's what we did to matter a lot of four years of holocaust or World War II. Discussions. But we definitely had it at certain points when I was in in middle school and and high school yeah I mean I don't remember to what extent I learned about it by it. We dead yeah I know we did any get out. I didn't leave high school not having understood. About the millions of Jews that were killed at the behest of this mad. You know I I'd I don't understand how you wouldn't know that. And you know it. Even if you don't learn about it to an extent in school how do you just not hear about it in the general. Diddy did gain of life. But if your parents are talking to you about it anyway I'm content normal conversation. Somebody mentioned big Sonya on you know that with that movie being a big deal here that it could have come up there. But if parents are bringing it up at home or if it's not coming up for some reason in the news I don't know when you have occasion for kids to learn about it outside of school I mean. But they spend the most time with outside a school their parents the parents armory and I don't know where they're gonna get it let. Go to Steven in Kansas City Euro 91 KM BZ epic Friday Stephen. Are you doing to do you know. My thing on on the matter is is part of school it is teaching morals that. As well as education and all these major end. Courtly you've got dark or yet holocaust here slavery women's right all the movement. They courtly one another teaching your that it wrong. You discriminate and to put people people buy it because of their race religion back origin would have. And it is it this bit Q I mean they should absolutely. Be teaching me things. If it only provide a moral sense that it is wrong to use. No disagreement here and mean it again if you're doomed to repeat it. Thanks for the phone comment we appreciate it we put this up on FaceBook tons of comments are FaceBook page go and check it out again. Four at ten colonials don't know six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Care they don't know the number. I'm mark that as one does they know it was a lot I mean you know know that it was more than a million I'm OK if you don't realize that it was you know a certain number vs number on that's fine as you know about it know the basic premise on it. Nowhere happened know why. To me that's the important fact check it out on her FaceBook page coming up next story out of England about a Pizza Hut its gas that we have a story about a two year old boy who has a dairy allergy and mom and dad brought into the Pizza Hut in the UK and ordered a pizza. And made sure to state emphatically that it BV and they can take a neat. Regular dairy cheese regular cheese so they had a they ordered the special pizza. And daddy and double checked when they got the pizza this as beat it right my kid has a dairy allergy yes sir it's the and it wasn't. And a tip went into an eclectic shock had quite a few problems was pretty serious condition their for a little while. And Pizza Hut admits that it was human error we don't know exactly what happened but we know that it was pizza hot spot and they're looking into it more.