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Tuesday, February 6th

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As it turns out colonials don't like living downtown at the story is out from Smart asset dot com. Moline heels like only the Kansas. More than any other city in America that is where more colonials are buying homes. This again Smart asset dot com it's on a FaceBook page and follow us on Twitter you can read there as well. So we know we have similar deals that listen and oftentimes you take the blame for everything but we're gonna give you the blame for moving out of downtown and into a late. We like to know why we just don't we just for the escalation because we pointed out before the break we've got Travis who chooses to live in Johnson county and is. By definition a millennial right now right now bull's eye. What and who's on the old man of millennia but you always lived downtown always and so even when you were more and the heart that generation you're living in downtowns. Travis to save money and see you know does that and doesn't wanna be around a lot bars wicked who likes being around a little more activity. So we're trying to find out those of you that are avoiding it's an album the suburbs those of you that are avoiding the suburbs why. And if you're crept taping of the suburbs what we her was that maligning eels are buying houses we we thought that. That colonials were putting their money into experiences but may be now that shifting a little bit. 5767798. Let's hear from noble ideals millennial hour welcome illegal Tuesday let's go to want out only thought ironically one your 91 KM BZ. Holding one. 23. Young female to hand out cash and how do you live do you rent do you bot did you buy. Are all current element part but my partner. Actually Archie are urged all of you know that old. You can enter your first 1023 that's pretty on you read Mike I could barely pay rent to 26 CTG. Talk that process and I I you got to that point. Well. I'm in Asia and don't upper upper guerrilla. Art. Oh are so subtle ultimately it was a I'm more convenient for us. We. You know I'd say the belt than Burton and and saving them. Leader they've got for the cashier and then you know make the choice from bottom out. They want to let me ask you where you are you when your partner from Kansas City. You both from Kansas City OK but don't tell me what company but where do you work where is your business. I am sure in. All right what cities are you near a lease did you does anybody downtown. Currency you're right there yeah you it's it's one of those things where you live right by where you were do you miss the downtown experience. Not. Entirely you know all the kind of what sport for the future well you know Britain. Esque goal like that. We have a patent generational. Well. You know it's a plan to be a fighter I'll use that never worked out so. You know we worked at a into the future. You know. I gotta tell Leah won 23 year old Mike wicket is pissed off you are 37 year old Mike Mike has actually 36 for a few more months. He's a house paid off before you buy your first abstract this is giving out. True. Or. And and. One good luck to you guys man they is much for calling your head of the games let's go ahead they're only thing and other things for Colin Heather how old are you. Thirty threes a year earlier and yeah you're right in there where you live. You live in only the rent or buy. You bought congratulations. We're did you live before. Are angry and now in the tear out of town. Why did you choose Elaine Levin and when you moved our. Bigger school. And and the job opportunity. And everything out of my husband works for you yet and were trickier. And my pilot must leave this school in a job opportunity Leinart can't be able you know have accepted that anything he needed. And we figured what the perfect preference. To us you were out and Lawrence. Okay hospital okay I I was unaware of immediately it would I didn't thank you for clarifying that so you work downtown. And your husband dressed for UPS. You live in a late you you have kids. You for kids. You beat everybody's head that I can start and like fortieth in line here. But I guess that's its once I get wanting to live in Johnson County for the schools. All have and I like your ten and a half years a feels far to me. We're not bringing home. Everything is right there you know we are quite neighbor and you know couple miles I'll never heard it on the chopping me in the. Error. Heavy ever end union has beneath urban city folk. Current now you know not only that I I do I do whether you're ahead of the game I think is much for your phone call we appreciate it. Yeah 334 kids how's it relates to Susan chooses or is based on schools like network in adults do work in the hospital saved lives yup and and him. Tonight meet the boy is ago and it smacked out at speeds and I get back. Last columnist goes to coal and Lee's summit Cole how old are you. I am 25. Selected then I'm not saying much were those so. Where where he lived poll where we. All right well I say do you get called the U do you have clients give grander visions to to buy or you cool renting Lee's summit. Yeah I'm getting kind of tired of renting discuss you know all the neighbors knowing that I a plan and actually trying to go in on. Yet the house next year you signed the Netherlands nearly so. Aren't going to be more courts go out toward the country. More than go in court this city but it did not expect grew up in the country. Yet you also said week who are you were two or you're referring to them. We. Attacked I got you there in New York I dribble like Lee's summit is as doubts as city as you'll get help back out to the country. Brad yeah like we used to live and apparently summit that's pretty nice being able to walk you know down at the bars and but I think elect long term power to buy outs but lets get. Little further away from the neighbors and what not so. And that there I call you may not be saving lives remain out of four kids you're still ahead of the game at 25 man good job. Lee's summit is pretty cool. On and and deserves more credit than it cats for how cool for honey that downtown is now they've got the W bar and they've got on third street socialist really guidance to really cool little area that. Is on otherwise it's on my gosh Lee's summit is far but that doesn't count. Is cool all of this is. Is any of this on the streetcar line is a late or Lee's summit is a going to be a streetcar stop in 2045. Or via card sign went up but I think if we can safely say it like the metro goes to maybe 179 or something like that at that point. You're at you know 700 streets and the street cars partner to get my life in order it is 1113 years resulting nick could be done for himself check it out on her FaceBook page straight ahead let's say you won half a billion dollars. But the state says everybody's got to know your name what would you do will explain next would you do if you won over half a billion dollars in the lottery. This from ABC's Sherry Preston for the powerball winner out of New Hampshire. For what sort I'm Sherri Preston shouldn't the winner of a big lottery jackpot be allowed to stay anonymous in New Hampshire woman matched all the powerball numbers last month making her the sole winner of a 560 million dollar prize. But do lottery rules stipulate cheap apps to come forward. She made a mistake that. I think all of us who do you get so excited you know with a ticket to put your name right away and he's reading all these details like oops I shouldn't have signed it. That's him soffa owner of the store where the ticket was sold he says the woman could have kept right in any secret if she informed anonymous trust but that option went away when she signed the ticket. Papa says he gets it distort its 52000 dollars for selling the tickets. And I'm already getting emails and phone calls every day tons of them. And I didn't even went so I can only imagine if this lady becomes known she's gonna be harassed a lot and. Three winners lawyer says she likes her community wants to remain a part of it without anybody knowing she's now multimillionaire. It's up to New Hampshire to decide how to handle what it's worth Jerry Preston ABC news so if you miss kind of how this worked out we have a New Hampshire woman. Who has powerball ticket that is worth 559. Point seven million dollars. And New Hampshire loss as a lottery winner's name town and prize amounts are public information. You can avoid that if you write the name motivate trust you can shield your identity by setting up a trust in writing that name down and stat. She didn't know that she thought that she had she she got her only choice was to be public about it. And she signed the ticket without consulting a lawyer first. In contacting the lawyer the lawyer said. You hit your identity by setting up the trust but it's too late you parties signed the ticket and you can't take it. So now she wants a court order allowing her to stay anonymous saying had she known that. And she knows all for now she never would have signed it she would have to set up the trust and stayed anonymous. She's being identified as Jane doubt she filed a complaint last week in Hillsborough superior court in nationalize saying that she's on the back of the ticket. Following the January 6 drying the nation's eight largest lottery jackpot she thought she had to do so. On she's not undertaking yet but she did so lottery officials a photocopy of the front. And that's a lottery officials say she said they told her she had to disclose her identity if someone filed a right to know request. Her lawyers argue her privacy interest outweighs the insignificant public interest in disclosing her name. In New Hampshire lottery executive director odd turn in MacIntyre said we respect her desire to remain anonymous. But state laws and lottery rules clearly dictate protocols. And she has not followed I want to know why it has to be state law has to go public White House to be public Jack I don't either I don't that. Now I know it as you heard insuring Preston's report she likes the community she lives and I get the sense maybe it's a smaller mean there's no big community and cancer but but and she wants she doesn't want people to know that she won this money and I will be if she succeeds at best. What we're never gonna find out if she if she's got to that is how she is spending the money with no one noticing. You know how do you. On change your lifestyle. And have people not know. How do you just continue to fit in when you've won that kind of money you gotta do something with the sort of putting it all in the bank and not spending a dime. How are you gonna keep your and ebony but it is. I can't figure out why state laws says your your name has to be public. And if you learned anything here people it's that contact if you won the lottery cult lawyer for you doing right at at a Sawyer told her. You could you could just create trust and sign the trust called trust every why does after every name on it and then you don't have to sign. Your name I mean the fur if I ever were to win and I played pretty much every week twice a week and people's say you're wasting your money but I don't care but if I were if I were to wind. I don't know why has to be public. But man I sit back I mean I don't know is there and there's no timeframe on it really can I just sit back and nods and not alert anyone that I won bully sit there and say. The route that 500 million dollars or whatever goes unclaimed. I don't know what state line here says on by. I think there are some people that are gonna wanna be public about it. As you just want a really really large amount of money. And you're gonna want the world to an Ali you're gonna know Jamie your your first inclination is going to be to tell the world about it but it's interesting I. I don't get why state law says that has to be public. But they're allowing an out by setting up the trust on but I at the motivation. Hi neither side you know to to wanna be public or one and never talent and I mean the nation and I'm telling lazy you wanna make and after it. You you don't you know patty like every airline isn't it. You're gonna have cousins you'd never. Talk to eat me up and your doorstep wanting a thousand dollars or 101000 dollars they can start their record company. Or does hurt our dealership or whatever her. I mean every person with a scam tell Ryan is gimmick com and get you and you're never. Relatives that you're never that you've never met are gonna claimed to be relatives and claim that you you're gonna have people filing lawsuits against you people are gonna claim they fell in your driveway. Well like I did get you to settle it and and also from a non family related you know point of view. York life might be in danger for any place there could be violence coming your way because. You have 500 million dollars coming your way or after taxes you have 250 million dollars coming your way. OK I need some of the help we think this out on a couple of textures of sad which now that multiple people are saying is I believe it to be true on in Missouri you have to ask to be public. In Kansas you can remain anonymous. And several people said that I kept it it's a 180 days to claim powerball I'm wondering if there is a statue limitations on. Changing from being private to being public about who it is. But on the techsters said the laws designed to give transparency the lottery. I don't get. I don't get why. I understand that may it may be because if I win three times out of four. There's something fishy going on there yeah I mean if I can somehow show that they're not favoring anybody right act that makes that that does make sense I guess because if miraculously. Travis walker wins the Kansas lottery. You know wins 40000060000040. Million in a matter of a month all of the sudden eagle like wild eyes just a lot he is number gas or ever. If that's the case then there needs to be this the law needs to be the same in any state that does power because you could choose to be public in one place but have your name on a trust in the other. And and then you know I'm saying I guess in some states every private and other states you would have to be on. That means to show that that they're not. Fill in the numbers you know that there that that you actually you really did win and that they're not lying to you about it if I would meantime I'm changing my name. Yeah and for tax I am absolutely I mean I I would guess that's that makes sense but. Don't know how you I don't know how do you win that kind of money and hide in plain sight. Well how do you not for the people not know if you guys that kind of I think if I. Edward you know when I go buy my ticket later today unify with the power ball tomorrow or whenever. I'm telling your and others to things I do well there's three things they do one I call you would tell you I'm not coming into work that next day. But or ever ever again is telling me tea and I've got a cost an endowment and tomorrow and right and abruptly quitting your job. Signs pointed stick around for awhile I also Spanish it's slick. It's pretty. Deep lie in order to. Ask questions I can at putting your job I would on what's. I'm doing it's I can't tell you only a very well thought out lie I'll just keep your signal a code word it would be like abracadabra. By just by text you abracadabra that you have on the powerball and never working here again what you told one person that I'm telling everybody I know it'll be on the and healthy as the next morning if I don't now how do you keep that. Just hurt because most people gonna make some kind of dramatic change well you're gonna now the first two things I'm doing one I'm getting now lawyer. Aunt aunt and I'm good at the figure out who's the right lawyer to call and then the next thing I'm doing is I'm hiring a security guard for about a week all right I'm hiring someone to roost literally stand outside by the war in my apartment and that is his job and he'll be 65320. With this CCW. And he'll be standing outside my door. Until I can figure out how to get all my stomach packed up and my dogs and I'm outta my mansion in Fiji. And I am I'm almost on breaking bad where he hits a he hides its. Hides eighty million dollars in drug money in barrels in the desert like to do that without money. Nobody can track it at a signal and one big logs on you want to lump sum and then bury it in the desert and that lump sum is and not spend. First thing I'm doing I'm calling US bank I wanna transfer of 260 million dollars I need a bagel with a gun outside my door. Jamie abracadabra. And a move to Fiji lawyer like ours my plan right there and Jamie's she's got to win the money she's going to Bay Area is so blue man. That's good. I. I mean that's kind of I just think like I think I needed different a different product and that is people would immediately connect as doctor green I thought I don't. It's such a good boy and can read about that what it is utter FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 98 Lloyd. KM BZ she's gonna try to remain honest I hope she can. Meet him again you keep her little quiet happy little life in town. Are coming up next trucker band has a message for use drivers sort of why this is mostly you Kansas drivers right as I got on the Missouri side this morning. You're gonna hear that coming up next well if it is the cold. The threat of snow. Yesterday was it the main Noble's flurries on my way home from the vet went to the dog bear. There's so many here with the way people would drive right about now here in Kansas City in and around. And normally it's just Kansas drivers to me but this was in everybody yesterday and come from the plaza get on 35 eventually. May nobody's using turn signals everyone's got about twelve miles an hour. It was it was some it was ridiculous it was absolutely no once let anybody in Nolan will anybody merge. I don't know that was the threat of the snow Jamie but we got some real issues here app that's not you. This is yesterday is not an anomaly for Caster or because of us now. Trooper band of the Kansas Highway Patrol this is I don't think it's under based on page but it will be and it's from fox for. True per bed is upset with the way some of you people. And I'm talking to you get on the freeway Jamie ever try to get on the freeway does matter and that matter where you are so. And signal experience this morning on site recently moved north plan so my drive and I'm requires quite a 635 on my way and yeah. It can't decide like it was on the Missouri side to on if you are my ear if your head on 6:30 fives out this morning. Did toward Mac Catholics say you were in a gray Dodge Charger I'm like man. Idea gag you and I might mean for you 15 minutes this morning June worse lingered in the left lane you. And they just not traffic gets explains Eleanor there was just enough traffic and just enough trucks that nobody can get around you like you single handedly held up. Traffic is there anything more frustrating when they win the three lanes of traffic are all going the same speed yet there is there's retaliate it is. And a trooper baton. Is upset with the way that you people are getting onto the freeway. And this is it's actually bad around downtown. Is some reason people are. Getting on the freeway. Fool at fourteen miles an hour and decide they're not going to try to speed up to the 55 or the sixty or whatever. This is from Kansas Highway Patrol trooper. Ben Gardiner. To use its call it acceleration. Lane people when you give it to the interstate you've gotta accelerate. To be at the same speed. That people are traveling on the interstate at that and you to Jack appears beating go way above the speed and they don't that. But they need to be good at this speed limit. As you merge into traffic because it totally Jack's everybody out it's in the lanes traveling down the road. Greece or Wear your seatbelt and accelerates. All ramp to get on the interstate system now is it limits. But what everybody else should be traveling on the Iran be safe. This was a video he posted while sitting in his squad car that has been viewed. Us what how many to only see how many let's see it's been viewed by now more than a million times on social media. And sadly. It's not gonna make Philippines are different so. Another example of what he's talking about on am going home until it does also show. Going. What direction north on Mac have to got a 635 to go home. You merge onto six you're you're cumin I must be my 35 where your emerging from the left. Into the rest of us that are coming up Mac app to create 635 yeah the point being your emerging from the left. What he's talking about is you need to get your speed up to what it is going to beat. As those people from calf which I think it's 55 of them becomes 65 so the police she need to be going fifty. Because the traffic you're merging with is going 55 also and so wise clog up that left lynch is on in. I just cannot stand. How slow some people draw it and I I'm not a guy who goes ninety. I I've I luckily don't have too many speeding tickets on my record knock on wood but he is right why is it when people aren't getting on the freeway they don't understand they have to get to 55 by the time Italy emerges. As opposed to. They guy. Pretty. On an honor to the benefit of the doubt I'm not a little bits. On in that if it is a range Horry emerging point that you don't travel very often. You may think that plane is gonna end you don't mean. See emerging from the left you're looking over your right shoulder to see if there's a spot for you to merge and if it's during really heavy traffic. You're gonna slow down a little bit to make sure you don't hit a car that's because you might stop anyway. However that's if your planes can and if your plane is gonna keep going you have. And one of the places were that is really bad I mean one of there are several a lot of the disorder that things when I first filled in with you all over a year and a half ago. You know is just brand new to town and you said what do you think Kansas City is one of the things I've noticed in I live downtown and drove around downtown. Voice of the on off ramps in this city short they are very very short you've got to make good decisions. And that is another reason why you shouldn't be going thirty miles an hour when you're getting on the freeway like you have a death like the one especially. And it gets on the seven deer gets to 35 to four emerge on the seventy. That accurately is about ten feet like pretend B long I should say you've got to get up this. And also and you live in a weird part how to do where there's I can't keep straight which Anderson is what you it which spears and me section because changes as you got. But if you're coming like I 35 south in the town army because I 35 by 29 south in a town. South right yet and so you're gonna pass by river market and you're gonna be downtown for about half a second and you're gonna jump on I 35 rope like yeah. There's a lot of emerging and changing planes in assets are very quickly. But you gotta get up to speed when you do it and you know what I was. Whereas I was driving up near Casey I think KCK the other day drive it in the same thing I'm behind. A Jeep Cherokee years something. And we're going thirty miles an hour is we're trying to get a lot of it it was a Jeep Cherokee and what. Pretty much freeway eighteen of 55. Or sixty your whatever it was it was just. Need. I'm like yeah there's like six a sixteen Wheeler coming behind you was gonna be barely doubting your grass at seventy miles an hour and you're just. He's. He's bill. Really the maddening thing is the guy that sits in the far left lane of traffic. And goes right at the speed limit off. And that's fine that person's gonna say well it's called speed limit for reason relate that's fine go over the right plane and what it's called passing lane for a reason. What you do. When that person is going 62 in the seven. I do is I'll let you describe it like it I do best. The same thing everybody up I I don't think it's anger hands go up in the like. And like the everybody like my telling grandmother used to do you like them. You know you hope you get their attention and their rear view beer by putting both ends up in the air because that's more dramatic than the finger to me more dramatic gesture I. And it. And I'll start using one hand like pointing plane like. Your rights. Or or I have adjuster for speed would just to push my hand forward like speed. What I. Like to do is I will then pass that person on the right now in your demands on them in the rearview and where I come back a break in front of them and then my arm points over to the center lane like one of GOP's -- immigrants sometimes I'll do in the summertime when my sunroof is open it'll be out the wind out of under that are taking a seat so they can see point towards the middle lane more sense than the rest of us the dispute in the rearview mirror and hope that again so if you if you see a white kind a goal and barrel and by you while you're going. He'd in the left lane. And there's an arm that goes sticking out the sunroof this waiting for you to get over and asked me a right as me. Our it. Texting your biggest pet peeves about drivers might not conserve Levy or doing it anyway teach united Europe. A professional truck driver here my biggest pet peeve to write a consistent speed stop speeding up and slowing down eight that is adequate with Christine know I have to do yeah yeah pretty. Common device year kinda there was a police officer down the Shawnee mission right now. It. You're listening. The pleasure chair reasonably who's Alvarez next time you go buy gas pump I lot of states have. Left lane laws where it's illegal to settle after handling in traffic and realistic about why do we have yeah Missouri's got ugly Kansas does to him. Where it's that's a law that's never in mourners have power in very useful ass war. I mean I've seen guys get busted for scalping tickets were that I've seen men and nobody gets in trouble for scalping tickets. Let's see in the tax line it's idiots messing with their cell phone forty minute commute every day I pass idiots paying more attention there found and to the road it makes me scream goodness I walked out. A fellow woman now found out I was on I was iMac cap that was a Mac app for some reason and this isn't a more in what the hell I don't know what our students are converting him I capitalized. And there was a woman on literally putting on mascara Helmut. Like you think people. Mean I admit that I you know but I don't I've never make up Albright and good at. I still. Put on lipstick without. You know really paid attention that Liggett and on mascara while riding. Skilled. Women that means you. One I is out of commission and I am you gotta deal looked up both eyes have to look up and pretty precise little maneuver there one eye looking up your other eye somehow has to still stay on the road one out and is on the we all right Andy got a hold your mascara the others got used the why he's the problem what is right. What some people talking about foods you eat somebody said they eat cereal while they drive. I'm tall enough to steer manes. My legs are at all I'm not tall enough that my knees will hit that my knees come while and mr. Nelson that that happened I guess that's what those people. Shout out to trooper bad you the man got to ask you demand your prevent that we feel area thanks for speaking for the out of that popped up. Speaking of driving you never believe what the French are doing to combat texting and driving. And again this tis the season we have more concert announcements coming to Kansas City we'll tell you bottom coming up next as we're talking about driving before the break. And. Prevent cancer I would trumpet out of video he's the man. Awesome on saying or thinking about what the acceleration lane is used for when your merging you need to go as fast as the lane that your merging into use of that goes. Seoul. And we're talking about women. Putting on makeup as they drive your pet peeves while driving and I that I saw a woman the other day on Mac have who was putting on mascara out while driving. Which I'm not good at putting on makeup to be able to put on mascara while driving the same time. We got this text. Guilty I'm putting on my make up going down the interstate I have two toddlers to get ready in the morning so halfway to work a look at the mere realize I'm a mask I set my cruise control me. As I cruise control he goes up to skier and throw on a little make up. I just want you to know balance story I get it I'm I'm very upset with you. But I looked up who you are you doubted the story I doubt I wanted to do it to associate the name with the story. This person's name is Brandon. Now bring in our if your dry if you are looking in the mirror realize in Europe mess and throw a little blush a little mascara. That's that's so well in good brother I had no issue with that but. I think hugest catfish to us and we caught it I think huge is made up a story Branden. We know about Brandon hey it was a marine. I'll see here. Works at plumbing studied sex at your mom goes to collar should hope as a yeah. The class actor writer. Interesting guy a year but I'm calling BS on that story and he was trying to be funny and to pay women in a bad light and wicket caught it and I caught you bro. I'm inside baseball here how often do you lift people up on FaceBook that taxed us it's somewhat regularly because most. I say about 70% of the people I learned this from from Nivins from the rotten. We see your phone number when you come in. And. And you click your phone number in your FaceBook page sometimes people do some but not everybody does it but some people do and even I was not as FaceBook saudis are we know maybe a awareness for neo. That if you put the phone number into the search box of FaceBook person's identity comes out. About sixty to 70% of the time that works. Doubled Erica yeah I'm a mean hate. Eight may be up to teach there may be Brandon and his wife share the same FaceBook account if you do I think that's lame but it's. If you do. That's totally cool but I don't think Branden and maybe. Maybe it is out in Brandon life and but brandy looks to be married with two kids and gas in Brandon does not put blush on when he's going seventy miles an hour down 97 the or wherever you go and is it possible. On. Wow look at me trying to find out maybe he benefitted out. Is it possible like Fisher faced the page or something or this was his wife on his phone could be life on his well maybe maybe but who lets their their significant other they can they are follow at this time and today. I mean Anna called BS on it. I'm Colin BS I'm out of this get a secret that's fine that's all that that's the reason most people know that. But the phone number and the crystal. Our lord that forget that it's badly and less David's wife gives birth. Which could be at which could be any day he's gonna be filling in for you Jamie rumor broadcasting live put up on Friday the American royal for the Kansas City. Remodeled guardianship. You're looking at it like amstel are number I order those I think it was the remodeling to dash out. A content. Pointed out before the break as we were talking about some of the pet peeves while driving particularly bad idea that we are merging into a lane as to defend pointed out. Yes that's our branded text back laying that he. Must. Istar Buddy Guy I apologized to go to the stuff. So. Some texted and before the break that the problem is that we don't teach driver's Ed in schools anymore. And so kids don't get some of those lessons about accelerating. And that kind of thing when you margin and I had an old moment. And then decided ask around the room a little bit and T I zero or 5767798. We did a little bit of education here about how things have changed. As we've had driver's licenses for a long time and so you have kids that have been through this recently. Who are getting are getting driver's Ed in school I mean in school like for many drivers that was a nine week course as a part of my school that I took in a classroom and my high school. But I asked Travis who graduated recently that we have we're did you take drivers that. So I took mine at cedars. In Texas on hospital baltics but to Dallas in your plane though and Carrollton all that your bigger city areas. The schools to be than to have drivers said. At the school a grant either go to like a building. You know some borrowed summary in the cigarettes cold drivers that you go there for nine weeks. Or you goats who see years actually have a driver's course for nine and you have to pass tests. Action taking driving and all that different callers was just decorated cars but it's just not in school. Interest and and so I don't know if there's a difference between the education that you dads at you know at a privates. Driving school vs the one that you go through in school but. That is an interesting point that I wonder if the level of driving education has changed. Now what I know is that I skipped school today turned sixteen a reminder our eyes and there's no such thing at I think I had to have my learners permit for three months before hand or something like that. But there's no such thing as a whole provisional licenses and yet of log somebody hours after you turn sixteen for we get a driver's license a lot harder than Easter and I'm cool without that too because. I was so I am I. It was with a friend get a concerts and she brought her daughter who was fifteen and she was telling me how she looks like she's twelve she's and I'm pretty licenses of how recent that Tina said. What do you have to do to get a license they just moved here and the it was you can start driver's Ed like fourteen and then fifteen you can drive with mom and day. It was a there's a lot of steps. I graduated from drivers Ed what you know when I was fifteen. And got my permit that was in 1986. We got it as curriculum in the summer yeah it was a summer class you could take at school immigrant hand. You got your permit when you pass the course at fifteen whatever you can drive with mom or dad. And then in sixteen got her license and that was in the ninety's. It's fascinating because a lot of different stories are coming in on the text line about schools in the area some that are offering drivers that in schools sums only some that only offer in the summer. Which I think would stink if your birthday is not until April and you can only take it the summer before. Or the summer after that would stand. On did you learn apparel market drivers and yes we not why. Well and it feels to me like as a as a member of society. The lack of education and how to parallel park ruling. I'm glad you mentioned that because it was not offered an arms at either. They said hey you can try now if you want but does not gold futures school they did not teach us it was not part of my driving test. And the countries so. Like I. Eventually you know six months after I got my driver's license I was having to park on busy streets in downtown Chicago and had no idea how to parallel park that is a no pleasing to me we spend. A long time doing it and that was one of the first things that my dad tried to teach and I did it with a stick shift to. That was even a whole other conversation that my dad my dad's car was in 1988 Camaro V6 love that car. And that was what I learned to drive and so I'd learn how to parallel park with a stick shift and you know I my drivers test was my mom's car it was a ninety's grand AM. But yeah I and apparel park Kara did come to the heat over the microphone will quicker. Did you drivers that'd school in school it yes the guy at that happens it's one quarter that's ours as one port did you learn to parallel park as a part of that course. Or even like the behind the we portion of it behind apart we see I didn't there was no instructions on parallel park and her you know I can't do it I mean I do it. How well I I'm I'm pretty idle little cart that makes it pretty easy I'm pretty confident about my ability now in fact I consider that's been great success by Kimberly did. Like this space you can squeeze your card the better you doing good you'll find alternate spot you'll die professional I'd get a cobalt in Wisconsin early spot a cart doesn't belong and it's necessary to parallel park anymore because. If you get an I don't know and I well the news coupled that. I don't I don't. It's going to get to the point where in the next Karim Dubai it will. That part that parallel parking is its range is becoming one you know all equipment ever like ten years ago backup cameras were the most luxurious items and now they're standard. Not in the cobalt now they probably aren't. Your 1988. And I don't know belliard. Got a all right Kevin apple to let the French are doing to combat texting and driving which is big concert announcements come to Kansas City as well.