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Monday, June 18th

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Mud today thank you for starting your day without us things are starting your weekly that's who we obviously have a lot to get sued today. Coming up a little bit later on we will get the latest on now the story that. Took over the area over the weekend and that was the shooting of two police officers. I in KCK both did not make its we will have some details on the funerals and what not a little bit later around. Com as a it was a it was a rough weekend for a lot of people also will get into the immigration debate the conversation going on about the the situation down at the Mexican border because Jamie that was the story that. Is that the World Cup and the US open as far as I can tell that you know people are talking about outside of the case to case situation. So after eleven we'll talk to Jim Ryan from ABC news we've heard from the Department of Homeland Security secretary already this morning defending actions at the border. We will explain to you what's new about office a lot of you on FaceBook have commented that the policy has been in place since the Obama administration. It's a little different now we'll explain why it's getting attention now and why on why things have changed a little bit from how it used to be. Will play for using comments which they were Gilani at trump had to say about over the weekend what are what. Barbara Bush Laura Laura Laura Bush had to say about those while. We'll read your comments on FaceBook they're up there and we kind of know you know what a lot of that's going to be but we'll go ahead and and take some 1011 o'clock hour I'm. Pledge to huge that I will not start a fight. That is going to be my goal coming up next hour in the 11 o'clock hour. I'm going to voice my opinion you're going to those who voice yours and we wanna keep this as open as we can when it comes to the situation and the borders though. We are going to do our best to let you just have the floor. And we get criticized for that some times actually in not engaging in conversation so. Decent conversation. I just one back and forth my particular. As go fix your own country as far as the kids go to bad lock them couples so I'm going to bet the trolls on social media and the taxed. Are not speaking for the majority of the people but I don't I'll find out. Find that out coming up next hour when we take some phone calls on the new zero tolerance policy. And the separation of families that are coming Seeking Asylum safety health and at the ripping apart of it. It's also conceivable this audience does not represent the entire country so if it leans one way that's not necessarily. The entire country as FaceBook comments largely in one direction. And I in a pretty predictable 8888 in line of thinking we school also were president truck has not tirade this morning on Twitter will repeatedly episode. He went on Democrats who have no power whatsoever. Sound a note and also coming up tonight. If you had not heard Kirkland who work. Is nice hitting the area and kinda the air will be some kids are gonna find out Rachel Gonzales. Who is a local marched for our lives case Casey activist she's been in studio with us before before the big in the nationwide march for lives events. She was one of the major players part of this this speaking. Schedules in the march for lives Casey event went on. She's gonna join us in studio she's pulling up she's just tick behind schedule. Eyes she's pulling up right now and will be joining us because the stop will be in Casey cake coming up tonight. Two. You know like I I know there are a lot of people that are so very anti marched for our lives that are anti David dog very anti ain't. But they at the kid's arm going into what a fifty city tour is that what I socket a blasts and going from stop to stop it'll be interesting to see if people like. I congressman Kevin Yoder are going to stop by at the event coming up tonight in KCK at the Riordan convention senator. It to listen and to attempt to meet people shake hands and to hear constituents' we have reached out to got congressman you're by the way. Today to join us on the show we have not yet heard back of congressman Yoder has ten minutes for us today he's been down to the border so I mean two big things to discuss with him. This event tonight. That is going on in his district marched for our lives where the kids are outlet in this issue go away. And also the border situation Mexico shall we do have the chance topic congressman mobile congressman younger. We've gone left some voice mails and sent messages we open the open showed congressman in order to to join us and every. They it is a fifty stopped when he state tour girl's gonna make stops at all 27 congressional districts in Florida we don't know that was just Jack gather everywhere in the midwest that's where they're starting. They were in Saint Louis yesterday Kansas City today Omaha tomorrow Osce city Cedar Rapids Milwaukee Minneapolis Saint Paul there hit and and Bismarck, North Dakota while all over the place before day for him on from the air south. This is where all that money that was raised from the big march on a couple months ago this is where that money is we didn't know exactly generous enough money they raised millions I mean. George Clooney donated you know half million dollars that's where a lot of this money is going used to pay for this two hour. So that they can you can take all these kids and put an Abbas all summer in summer on the country. So we have enough time with Rachel take a quick break to it earlier that when we have enough time to like to get the details on what it what to expect tonight how things are going with this movement and the rest of the tour as well. Rachel Gonzales from archer for our lives Casey in studio is the park and tour stops in KCK coming up tonight. Shall join us next year or 91 came easy. 1015 year 91 KG MB easy midday with Jamie and wicked so I coming up tonight. I can call like a tour like when The Rolling Stones to were Horry notion I it twain's coming sometime soon in the park and students to war. To raise awareness for gun control and some I changes to what we have going on in this country makes its stop in case CK ten night. At the Riordan convention senator led by the march for our lives a group the national student led group formed by survivors of these shootings at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school and back in the march for our lives event a couple of months ago. Our next guest was part of the march for lives Kasey welcome and Rachel Gonzales once again and you'll see tonight in KCK Rachel thank you so much for being here we appreciate its eggs and all right so this is is it is exciting as a Rolling Stones or Beatles tour talk to us about. Why these kids are doing what they're doing why you guys are doing what you're doing going from city to city. It's up to leave really exciting for me and for the students that planned our march realized Kansas City. Because of lead and kind of advocating for the same things that they have been advocating for and to be able to meet them tonight is gonna be really cool experience. One of the reasons why we chose Kansas City, Kansas over. Kansas City, Missouri is because we had the march for our lives are on the Missouri side. So it's pretty fair last to have the this of that on the into the Kansas side also because. We are targeting avenue editors district in Kansas and free congressman Yoder has not voted with us at all. And he's up for reelection in November. And in 2016 Hillary Clinton won his district so it's a very vulnerable district. Can you talk about when you say the things that you're advocating for can you talk about those things you're advocating for a when you say he hasn't voted with you give us examples of the things that he hasn't voted with you on. So our organization and in the national organization. Advocates for background checks mental health screening the for. They and on assault rifle and Kevin congressman Kevin uniter has. That voted against the heat. Does not think even when we try to meet with his staff he was very disrespectful to our student organizers have been. Finally met with them and in just kind. Words that he was saying but he is not to be mean. Two and you guys expect it and sorry if you extend the invitation to cap a congressman you are you expect him to have to show up tonight. We don't expect congressman haven't you better use bella. Have you invited them we have not invited and we invited him to a town hall. Last month. For our lives in the sentry and he declined and that he can he calls it a Democratic Party which is. Very entry because this is a nonpartisan. Organization and that is this is being played and under and even at a time probably had all six of the democratic candidates. And the one of experience in it he was the only one to would you like to invite him now Casey's list. And few listening we would love to have our community. Come on out tonight congressman Yoder on Minnesota between fifth and sixth in KCK. So expect tonight people they're gonna go whites what kind of events who's gonna be there what kinds of things of people here. So we're gonna have a panel. You parkinson's a few keys seeking students and media has from Missouri decides it. And that the items will be able to ask questions have no cars at the right bill passed and happened out at you moderator you ask us questions that analysts apple. If and that's speaking and we hope you. Yeah raise awareness about this next election and about voting in about what we can do you continue keeping this. The I guess people are wondering who's going to be there everyone knows who David all it is is he like a rock star of this two hour. I am hitting it there box. Them out at such a politically perfect answer right away Rachel I know you wanna get into politics that's a good move. I think that. Will be happy at. I can't disclose that at this point. Do you know who's coming. To you know who's coming tonight man. How come you can't tell us. We'll be your first time meeting I'm beating the actual. Those that it is we charge you before but in terms of meeting them in person this will be the first time you this is my first time. In our press release that we initially put out. We said that there is gonna be three park and students and now I'm hearing that there's gonna be. Over eight over eight Coca. Hmmm it sure how many are and he is are they kind of altering who and what stopped yeah F Lee alternating. There were right if you and Saint Louis yesterday. That some of them can't some in some join me and also be joined by Stan. Students at their breed with them from losing that I was their first opposites on the list now. And that. Some violent cities there Chicago Saint Louis and KCK my mom. What was it like an in Saint Louis you know with the turnout was like you know what the participation was like. I'm not exactly sure but I know that they had. Less CD and we will how we will definitely have more space available for people that I'm glad. That's tonight at the Riordan convention senator on Minnesota between fifth and sixth. In a downtown KCK it is the march for our lives to work as the stop will be here in KCK. What is your involvement with this other than this single event are you going to be helping out and other places. So this is kind of my involvement in this tour because they know that my group has been the ones you planned. The march for life Kansas City the town hall for allies Kansas City and so they kind of reach out to us and says he knew when it comes to you. Area could do hopelessly incidentally found the place. They got from volunteers. We've been doing the best speaking and advertises on their pages and doing interviews like these. And ask. And then. I keep this going. Is this happened back in February we're still talking about it here on June 18. I think we just gotta keep it going in registering voters and meet her that and in November we vote for the people that. Support our houses in the boat with us and vote out the people who don't. Are you finding. That when you are are are going from place to place and talking about issue an issue. Are you finding that there is a resistance. To your cause is the other side are the anti gun control the pro Second Amendment always. You can pry the got a gun from my cold dead hands are those people showing up are they doing their form of protest or. Sending questions up do they have a say in this. They are definitely welcomed the commune movement he'd be able to respond to something that they have been saying. But as far as our late march for our lives Casey went. We had a protest section 400 protesters and it was completely empty we had immediately to people body and sat at pictured himself that they weren't a problem and we're certainly not for. Do you expect you'll get questions from the other side to me for covering up for questions I would be ready for some of them and I and I say that because of some of Ramsey. I studied it and I. They're definitely is is an is another side out there that this is their opportunity to especially because I suspect the media will be covering this event and to some degree this evening. That's their way to also show the other side and and try to counter some points. Yes so we're definitely open to their actions it. As prepared as we can be or those questions and that global mine on the board. Are a lot more. Like that we. I think that is a common misconception. Among the people. Land but the fun comments on. Articles and things we're doing. Because we aren't trying to repeal would definitely. Say that again. We are kinder you know affect them and what more time force Rachel ugly ass right European food consecutive. Match and particularly the all people's. We just think that is human people that then. Domestic abusers should be able get them which attachment of meanings. We tenant the selling guns to teenagers. And that's with well. Are you ready with fax. Because. I'm here and just I mean justice shouldn't just to show the other side I'm here in generalities. Wood and I know the other side is very well informed about what the laws currently say. So. Be ready west. Back to match. They're definitely ready with facts and another thing about. Kansas City and in the city Kansas is that. In Kansas there is opens and concealed carry on campus and that thought is some misery. So. And heard their support faster end and that things happen and it I mean he wears able approved that. Cute his classroom this at KU because he is worried about that anything that that is one thing that. Can it be happening happening each and have to be afraid in his own. Passed him. But that's the reality that's mean the reality is you can carry a gun on a college campus. And whether or not you agree with that being the rule. It absolutely is it is the rule so again I do wanna go back to what Jamie was saying and reiterate. If you are anti marched for our lives. Which is insane but if you are inside marched for our lives. And many of you do dis credit Rachel Gonzales was their studio and guest. It if you do discredit. David Hogg and the park and survivors. This is your opportunity tonight to go and voice your concerns now I'd of the question is for many people on the tax line. Will Mike what if I have a question. For the park and survivors for you Rachel. Is it going to get screened out are you going to screen out any question. That you don't find benefits your costs. We're going to answer as many questions we can as we get them. And to be actually do want to have these questions of human side that's kind of the whole point of this tour and this movement is so that we can educate people and how the year. It would be interesting to hear the two sides. Go back and forth I mean not just for them to ask a question and you answer it. But you have that conversation you need to sort of like we attempt to do your sometimes to have the two sides go back and forth and and question each other's backs and questioning each others on motives and and challenge each other a little but I think would be if it was able to be done in a respectful way acting that would be healthy thing to see. We have definitely would be healthy he's a scene that's probably something we can do. And the few chats future events but for this events as we do how the park and students coming week. Once any kind of sensitive. Of the things they're saying no I Twitter paid him a basic page majority have very hateful comments and things. We got into don't attitude and need more we're getting them as well look look look up. Well Rachel good luck tonight I hope whatever goal you're trying to accomplish you do accomplish a few well committed to be. On both sides and I hope that you know when you have the kids that come in you'll hear both sides to keep it fair to keep it. I understand what your in this for I I totally understand what you when you were cider in this war. Op but to keep it fair and to keep a balance would be it would be the best thing you get anyone to go tonight it's the Riordan convention center. In downtown KCK on Minnesota between fifth and sixth starts at 6 o'clock doors at 530. Doors are at 530 free. Parikh freedom public bring your pen and paper and and your questions. I also wanted to mention that it is completely eighty accessible and we will have ESL interpreter or those. Who can hear her very cool and bring your friends. Rich thank you so much and you're busy you're in a media tour six out of the rest of our friends on TV era that are either after Rachel Gonzales for march for our lives Casey. In studio game coming up tonight if you wanna check it out of the park and kids. I'm part of the tour 58 who knows they'll be the Riordan convention center in downtown KCK 82 thanks again to Rachel Gonzales from march for our lives Casey for joining us in studio talking about the event tonight's. Go check it out again it is in KCK Antony Riordan convention center doors 530. Ever moving on here to what the judge Alito was out with this week. Stories before about problems with gaming. And now the World Health Organization has announced that gaining dis order will be included in its eleventh edition of its international classification of diseases. And all of a couple segments here before we talk to Jim Bryant top of the hour and turn to know if any of view or if your kids or your spouse's. Have taken part in video gaming or some kind of gaming to the point did you feel like you needed help and if so what did you do about it. Up because one of the things that this is going to do is it's going to open up. Gaming just order to the extent that they define it. To being a treatable illness on and so as a diagnosis standard they define this is what the World Health Organization does this international classification of diseases they do this all the time. And researchers use it to count deaths diseases injuries and symptoms. And doctors and other medical practitioners use this ICD to diagnose disease and other conditions in many cases. Health care companies and insurers use this ICD as a basis for reimbursement. Meaning. If you have an illness that is in this book of diseases. That it's it's a real illness and it's something you can be treated for and it's something your health insurance might have to copper or something that that might be subject to some of those other kinds of roles. So as far as the features of gaming just order on there are three. One is that gaming behavior takes precedence over other activities to the extent that those other activities are taken. Kind of secondary you know video gaming becomes more important in your job becomes more important and eating and taking care of your kids than doing the other things. The second feature is impaired control of those behaviors so even when. I'm I'm gonna try to take it out of doctor speak but even when bad things happen because your gaming so much you don't care. Yeah any like a drug addiction so it's again it's keeping your work and it's costing you money you do it and it it is it's like an addiction. On and so they sat a diagnosis of gaming disorder means a persistent or recurrent behavior pattern. Of sufficient severity as he marched so it's back. Third feature is that it leads to significant distress and impairment in personal failing social educational occupational functioning. So things like disturbed sleep patterns diet problems on your not getting enough physical activity your personal relationships are suffering because are spending so much time game. And they say exactly we just went out the main characteristics are very similar. To the way you would diagnosed substance abuse disorders and gambling disorder. Anybody get copped. This because I got some examples not much of a video game guy wasn't a much of a gamer after. Sega Genesis that are right that's that's kinda where I'd Nintendo announced I still have Nintendo. And is said a hooked up at a PlayStation one. Never went any further than that and really enjoy the PlayStation ones of my friends. Went crazy and still play Tuesday ordering Travis interest Travis plays a lot of video games. What have you ever lost. A sorry giver suffered from me gamer. Syndrome like this where it kept you from doing what you're supposed to do like going to work paying your rates we take stars of people who it isn't a marriage as 5767798. 5767798. Or texted at 22980. Has it ever kept you from so you're supposed to do and that would happier like. I didn't really want that job. A buddy of mine used to be really good friend of mine still is just haven't talked of a long time has moved around the country. He got a scholarship to the University of Michigan. Very good school very tough to get into. He got a scholarship. And at he got kicked out his freshman year. Because he was playing video game Tony Hawk. Or Tony Hawk to one of the two I would go over hang out and they would play you know would go over to their dorm room or whatever just hang out. And play Tony Hawk. And I'd leave it like 11 o'clock or 12 o'clock whenever he didn't stop playing. They played that video game. Threw out. That night like through 2 AM 3 AM he wouldn't study therefore he wasn't prepped for his classes he couldn't he got booted before the end of the year out he was kicked out of college because of video games. And keep in mind this is not a young person problem. Do people over the age of forty. We'll tell you how much they game this is not a millennium problem now not all about kids the answer to this is not parents take a video games away from your kids. It becomes more of a problem when it's an adult has a job that they don't go too because they game will think. Well when will we generations grew up with video games yeah the kids and how long are put it was us it was jet accident and end. The millennial generation. We had a Tariq Wii and Nintendo right edge Genesis and that it exploded. The super into with super Nintendo a Nintendo 64 and Xbox and PlayStation whatever. I mean there are a lot of people that just have this addiction some people are addicted to drugs. Some people are addicted of did boobs. Some people are addicted to gambling lord sex or whatever. This is a thing 5767798. Brighter on 91 came BZ thinks Colin Brian. And not nothing. The part about them at my job. But what we appreciate you calling on the clock a. And I. I'm gonna say I'd kind of like to know who. I did the idea because I didn't think like you kind of melt because I'll. Quite. After gaga did their work and stuff the holidays are the things like being out just what that. Who do you think did the study Brian. I'll I'll tell I'm telling you the answer and the spokesman for but who do you think that it like Vogue Magazine. Not a suits thing like. Something the doctor and be like hey I don't want money. Like nobody yeah. At that seek but what would've told you it was the World Health Organization which we started the story. It's a big deal the World Health Organization classifies disease is all over the world and they this book called the international classification of diseases which is one of the things health insurance companies look out when they decide what to cover. What would they say is I don't match North Korean kids are playing games. IG American I mean it's it's and it will ever just say I think we all got. Are you missing the point of this bright and that's all right okay. Thanks to the so called Bryant is your time appreciate that. Some female. Female lord knows the World Health Organization. Doctor Vladimir Hosni sounding a female act Vladimir. As amongst those who proposed new -- Let's go to Steve and I dare take another phone call who knows this logo Stephen you're on KM BZ. You know it's. Our logo so this girl but Rome. My biggest worry with people son in law opened up the core horror. No discrimination lawsuit go to murdered girl order call because they're not gonna cloud over Google work under game. And drug users excuse him. When they start getting word from people you know leading hobbies are about them for not doing you still. So eat so you discount this eyes something that is a legitimate disorder that could today that. Like gambling or sex or alcohol or booze you think this is all made up and cock maim. Equipment and pocketbook and I mean it's different from Kirk took over from a cool. That people at the Pentagon. A hard you know Amylin and don't double your article up on. A little. Well everything is on you know while in the rain for addiction is that. Just because it's an activity that in theory you could stop what makes it an addiction. Isn't the way your brain reacts to it's it's the don't mean it's it's the physical and chemical reaction that your body has to having that activity and it becomes something that you need. Like alcohol or or like some kind of a substance you become addicted the activity because your body responds to it in the same way they for the phone calls him. I don't know people are gonna be able to use this and say I need treatment for my gaming. So from his point of view I wonder if this is going to lead to that like what's wrong. That's the point now the disease is to get treatment for something that is hurting your life because people like Stephen and I can see Steve. It's what have you office. It's like do just stopped playing video games are able he could tell the gamblers stop gambling the drinkers stop drinking or the that you know drugs take over your body but you're the one that got hooked on. You know it it's video games we were able to put a lot of faith. I am but what's different we consider gambling addiction thing why is video gaming not considered a similar next I believe it is I agree with like with this study. Analogous and I know personally my friend Matt who lives in the Detroit area. Went through a bad time got kicked out of school because he couldn't stop playing video games my ex roommate lost a job playing cool boarders for. Does anybody remember that the game. Cool boarders it was a snowboarding game he lost a job is one day he said I'm not gonna go. And didn't go to war was a no call no show because you wanted to play PlayStation. Lost his job. It happens I 767798. Up from the FaceBook page it's called bad parenting that's from Kyle. Again more people game over the age of twelve. Or fifteen. Bet more people that are closer to my age game then your kids age. It's I would assume that's less of a problem with kids because parents can say get your butt to school yeah I don't care go to school in L or get your homework done wares with adults. There are you know we can do whatever we write there's nobody telling us we have to go to work we lose our jobs are. Like my two friends Matt and Matt lost their jobs lost the scholarship because of video games. Teresa pat stick right there you're coming up next on KM BZ. And the Booth between them and then didn't. I've put a lot of Mario when I was young. Now wasn't college age. I've watched like the history of video games son a couple of line channels and I I think it's just fascinating. I bet there were a lot of people of the 1980s. When and Nintendo came to houses or win at Torrey was there people being addicted to pong. That probably fell in line with what we're talking about as the world eggs at the World Health Organization. I.'s announced a new gaming disorder. They're going to include in their big international book of diseases the international classification of diseases wedged. Doesn't necessarily dictate to insurance companies and doctors what they need to cover and what they need to treat but it does lay out on. Some specifics about here's what would make it a disorder and one of the things that they layout as we talked up for a that I think are obvious but it has to keep you from. The other things in your life and it has to have negative effects that you into her anyway because gaming is so important thing to note is that those patterns. Have to continue for at least twelve months before they considerate to be a disorders I can't just be something you're experiencing a little bit it's got to be. A long term pattern of behavior. 5767798. Grass and you never bend. Or you know someone. Who has decided that they are gonna play video games and be known not to take care of their responsibilities. Just like any other reduction 5767798. 5767798. To resell your on KM BZ what's up. Yes try. Well I think that he is at least that you can't carry out and graduating from high school you were born here. They're not gaining an indictment. And I got an image I'm really glad that baby green or month to get that knew it was coming out and he had. We didn't know he felt like yeah. I mean how do you it is said it was your nephews so how does your brother or your sister have that conversation with their did. Well I cracked my brother he I can't do anything about it ridiculous I didn't. Because Brett trading block M and he didn't let it. Parent made it. Creeping. When he treatment or now this job now. No. He's so he's eat. He literally is the example of living in your mom's basement not having a job playing video games. Exactly. What I don't need them arrogant sort it out. Poverty. Can't you know can't. Act I'd act. And he would just hanging out at me and wouldn't eat and that person like that. I think you've packed packed camp. I get my inserted. It's there by the time out. I. Mean people are feeling and you know forget the deli meat night I think it a little ridiculous but. So no college no jobs for this kid. Dealt. Yeah I got it genie but I would end. Boy I I hope your your your nephew figures it out Teresa I really go out and you have a great day thank you so much for the call Pak Iran KM BZ. We went through my husband and account and twelve OT with a then. In that that the aren't even and that's why it to the point where you know they didn't have a burst pipe anymore. And. Did you say he did he he lost his first wife because of his addiction to video games. Well yes exactly he lost his first one like that she divorced him because he was too addicted to video games. Well I've got a mini. No he. He didn't happen and he just yet. I've I'm. You're saying life as an LI FE I'm Sosa I miss her joint could not make out which you said and I have headphones on I'm sorry about that pact that. The and I'd call it at the end at least in the hit. Company made it. Adds. I am not going to work he really didn't have a job. It anymore. I'm also working. And it was. Getting the point where. It. In prepared like it happened and then you know a lot of trouble functioning properly that basic error and then it so. Yeah better. And after that I was at work. And credit. A way to get caught up and a technology that they're twelve and that basically he was or something and I packed up its computer. Yeah I'm. And engineering that I I just hit it. TE. And Mike is. There. You know this can't be there. That part and can't. It too and count it like to Adam. They call it a day I look like it here. And they did it okay. Is set fire and I can tell you. Feeling that he gave same could be controlling and a little better and it was forbidden in the place that particular game anymore. But he he still thinks it. Back there and that I'm. Oh. Sounds like you're tapping the phone call 5767798. In his fifties. These are just kids now. Now. That's just it's not just children go to Suzy on 91 KM BZ I Susie. I'll do it all right how do you feel about this idea of the the gamers syndrome it's out there. Well I believe it might be a disease that even a Largo I think his point but that. People will be air wealthy people filing for disability or getting SSI government money for gaining and it will perpetuate the problem. It hit a medical disability border east is there archive rights for people with diseases. And maybe they'll come out with in bed for gaming disorder I don't know for like mad. Or maybe new facilities rehab facilities will bring up. To help people can buy now that people have this problem I have. Stanley said it said that. Is there anything wrong with. They're being government assistance or medical assistance for those with that you know if we can figure out a way to you know lake on go through those steps and figure out who is addicted. Or anything wrong with that. Only that the prediction that I mean think that brought that there is now with. Like medical diseases and others got because. Distraught as people say well and I became so I have a disease I just kept its weak on my doctor in this tiny paper. But again I ask you for those that have written it and just like with any other disease that people. Have there's always going to be people that sweet talk their doctors and anything. Is there anything wrong with that. And now I'm an hour. Up timeout without treatment. But it ought to be your worry that it will outweigh the the bad people we talk to their doctors you think of in this particular will will outweigh the people who actually need the medical attention. I I I hope that's not the case but as we know there are always plenty of people out there trying to beat the system and that's a matter of its video games booze. No whatever. So does asking what medication you prescribed to someone who plays videogames are not things treat with medication. It's true not a winning streak with medication a lot of that's treated with just behavioral changes out dollars and isn't treated with too much Medicaid now it's treated by going cold Turkey. Yeah it's treated by never having never being able to do it and now the people that once your alcoholic you don't. Mean most people do not want to have a healthy relationship with alcohol later.