Midday with J&W: Joe Malkin from WJNO in Florida updates on mass school shooting

Midday with Jayme & Grayson
Thursday, February 15th

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Day after another school shooting are we talking with you about it for pretty much the entire show since 10 o'clock coming up dean and parks in an hour from right now. Jamie money selling Mike wicket with you it is time to go down a floor in West Palm Beach just outside where the shooting happened yesterday to join up with WJ. And owes Joseph Malkin Jill thank you so much of the time we appreciate it. Well not a not a problem. I have to imagine. That in Florida in your particular part of Florida the feeling is very very eerie today what is it like. Sat there all day here it is here's the strange thing. We are in a different county were Palm Beach County this is Broward. Broward County compasses Fort Lauderdale area and obviously arc Wentworth it's happened. And this is probably. You know from where we are the radio station about it and maybe thirty minutes from. And yet. I know I think about four or five people that are touched. By this tragedy in some way one of our sales guys here and I art in Palm Beach. Patents on the go to that school thank god he's flying. But our market managed told us that this morning. Public my close friends that are you know connected on FaceBook. You know they either graduated. From that school. Four. They know someone. Who had gone to that school or is going to that school. One former co worker do somebody that. Let's kilt. Yesterday. And so it's it's a somber day. What are the conversations that are happening on you know because I think it a lot of the country or were not there at the conversation is about. Guns or mental health or what we do in and the politics of it but. Closer to the heart that what are the conversations that you are happening. Well the conversations I mean among other things secure parent like I have been and I I no longer had any kids in the in the local school districts here. But I have. It's as you can almost. Beatle what the parents feel not not the ones of the of the victims that parents to kids that go to that school. And if you leave your major Q school but on the and and you just hope for the best you don't think something like this is going to happen. So I mean some of it in the conversations around. What can we do I mean we just gonna keep every kid home and we just an old school every kid I can tell it. You know somebody was was mentioning metal detectors in every school he's not a big advocates of schools in the movie all the time. You know I don't I don't know that the answer. You know the gun control thing is is that the answer and somebody that wants to do evils that accurately you do right. I don't know now is the time to you know be politicizing it like we're seeing what's happening. It in you know some some segments. Like something's gotta be done you know it. He did have schools cheating what 4050 years ago. Not to be magnitude were having these days as I was talking with a WJ in knows Joseph Malkin right outside of where the shooting happened yesterday. Working for a 1290 down there in West Palm Beach. What has been their reaction to some of the words from politicians I saw. Senator Nelson on CNN and a governor Scott has poking has spoken out at president trump earlier today. How are people take in the words from lawmakers or is it too soon for that. Honestly I think it's too soon for that and that's one of the things you know Bryant not and I am on the morning rush WG you know this morning it was one thing that we are. We were sitting. Today it is not about not about politics we can have a conversation later. You know maybe you know maybe there is something to some sort of a gun legislation a pretty heated rhetoric Scotty Kazmir you know. Have mentioned. You know said EU's. Wants to actively work with lawmakers to make sure that folks who have mentally ill are not able to get done. As we learn more and more information about mr. Cruz you know it does seem. Pretty sincerely that this it is a mental issue at least among possibly other things. So I mean that's definitely sympathize. Potentially be on board with that. I don't know what that you know this is the timed it to start really. Moving towards that immediately it's it's time the morning we get seventy family. Seventeen family. Lost people such as kids. The kids as young as fourteen. Look at some of the under the aegis of the Miami Herald released the names of the winning. But at least officially released some of the victims but they at least have yes the speed of the art I'll. Kids as young as fourteen family and warning there while he lost. I think they deserve that that day. So we are going through on some of the I'm knack I calm gun laws it it would appear basins of what's come out today that Florida has some pretty loose laws when it comes to you. I'll licensing to get a gun and and the permits in the background checks not counting that's available and what I was wondering was. After the Orlando nightclub shooting were there things that that people sat and things that governor Scott sad about changing it now how people get guns and and depending happen after that. I and I mean nothing official league happened. Towards tighter gun control but I can tell you a lot of the conversations on. You know some of the side as some sides of the fence with regard to people nightclub was on the killer side. You know he claimed he was doing it to lower prices so. You know that was one thing and now we piece of the decent and it's obviously was not pretty Islamic terror thing it doesn't seem like. I gestured but but you know you hear about these terror attacks in New York there and and other places with the running. Running over people with Troxel. You know what what's the answer you know tiger's tiger truck laws. I mean it's. Something have to be done I just don't know what's going OK let's make it harder to get it done. It is gonna be the answer because that industry is being criminals. Don't follow the law. They want to get an ar fifteen an ar fifteens are completely legal. They're gonna get Albany are fifty. Very true and that's the minute debate that I'm sure you guys have had we've had all all show long and I'm sure to continue on. Are we learning anything new I mean and others still bodies inside the school is any when it's unidentified or any details that we're still waiting to get. Well we are getting. To my knowledge of police haven't officially released any names well I think they released the one name upbeat. The football coach slash security guard a bookkeeper. His story it's definitely one that deserves to be told the names. Aaron flights at that he worked at the school act against the football coaches security guards. And according to it's the female student there he'd jump between her and the shooter and took the bullet. She surprised he didn't. Stan he leaves behind a wife and an ability response just tell. It needs to get out there. He was the first one that I it was officially announced this morning and sit in the Miami Herald has announced several other genes. But there was one. One student that had been missing. And he just just signed on. Forget the sport but for the University of Indianapolis civilly. Just last week during national signing date and he'd been missing and earlier today in Miami Herald announced yet he was effective seventy you'll look back a bit. So he's sad tragic story to get some of those you know the the one of heroism were hearing about this coach. Unfortunately losing despite the that's the definition of hero. Cajole and and you may not know the answer does that a lot of our listeners they have been asking questions about the security in this school on do you know more anything more than we do about whether it had metal detectors somebody just accident and sad. The school didn't keep kids safe because they deadlock Alder doors on to security guards act I think you know about the levels security in the school. No I that I'm pretty sure they don't have metal detectors most of our schools in South Florida bill and especially when their. A nicer neighborhood it would it would yet understated about heartland. It is it's it's one of those communities. Were you long list it's I mean it's. It's not the most upscale. Community. In South Florida but it is it's on its way they're you know. So we did see it immediately cease meat which considered safe equipment and put it that way. I'm I can tell you bet the Broward County this year and got Israel has said today. That there was an armed officer. On campus. At the time this happened what police officer. School district federal police departments and there was an officer with the gun there but he didn't have any. Contact with the shooter. So there was somebody there as far as locked doors like couldn't beat. Jolting to man we really appreciate it we'll check in when more news develops thanks for coming on. You chilled out and WJ NL radio in West Palm Beach just thirty minutes away from the shooting yesterday. And one of the staff members the GM I think one of the sales one of the guys in the radio station had a kid that was luckily not harmed that goes to that school. I tell you and we're hearing. You got at or any more about the personal stories of what the kids went through and I give credit to a lot of the kids that have talked to the media. As can name Connor Dietrich was talking to CNN right now who is composed and really. I'm telling some stories that are pretty starling who needs it for you David Hogg and uses his last name who had talked about how lawmakers need to do something you're the adults were kids. On end and he mentions the coach that died we also heard about the teacher who had huddled nineteen kids. And a closet she's and I told as many in theirs I cut to to hide and try to protect themselves. Yeah. I just do what you listen these kids you see some of the video so there was one. There's one video I saw of sixty kids hiding in the band room. That was tweet out a beautiful the kids' perspective partly because watching those videos and seen those pictures. Did wanna enjoy to say stop in case the cycle has a phone wants to know where you are now can locate. You know he knows the school also well. Rain you don't I think it was I'm return on us this morning on so as you were leaving. It was literally happened almost one pars yeah we were we not candidate won 57 yesterday and and we were talking about how CNN. Their video coverage was so close and is it just happened and you could see faces Yankee you can identify faces on CNN's video. Somebody asked in attacks on today. Is it like what are the rules when it comes to media interviewing. Juveniles without their permission. As a well. Quite frankly I mean you don't do an appearance promotion but a lot of kids let their parents know that they were alive yes. By doing because parents were being told to stay with the school. So a lot of kids were ducking into the back of wide shots of reporters and were doing interviews with reporters to let their parents know that they were alive I mean that's how. That's how this some of those like Esther was parents watching TV. Saw their cannons. Okay. Can I. Can make the other side of that I mean when you whatever we were leaving the the cameras and we're showing EMTs were working on kids. Right in front of the school on the grass owned the we both like. Imagine if that's how you found out your kid got shot right and there's no good way to find out your kid got shot but that's the mean kids are bloody. Bandages on their legs bandages on their arms it's like Barack how you're gonna find out yeah.